September 1974

Vol. 8 he. i ,. i 3eptemb.r, 1974 S£PT~*BgR CALEb:PAR i~ – Arts, Crafts, and Hobby Show 15 – Cabin John United 7.~ethodist Church .~ho~., & ,Sale 18 – Antiques ~ • A~drews Methodist Church 19 …. t. + . 20 -:~tver and Goldsboro Roads 2& – Cabin John CJ.tizens Association – 8p.m. Clara Barton Elementary School COMMUNITY,USE OF SCHOOL BUILDING Working from answers on lest spring’s school survey, e task force on proposed uses for the Clare Barton School building has made significant progress in negotiations with county representativ-~- The former kindergarten room will be allotted to the Four Year Old program, end arrangements for the U.5, Post Office to be housed in the building are underway. Further progress and possibilities will bereported on st the September 24 m~etlng 0f the Citizens Assn. TROUBL~ ON THE TOWPATH …. Within the pest two months, two young women have been forced off the towpath and eeeault.~d. These attacks have occurred JuSt above tt;c +-.;:;bin John section of thecanal. Both women were riding bicycles when they were accosted, For this reason, ~t may be a wise precaution for women and children to use the towpath only in’two’s or groups, especially on weekdays ,”hen there ere few people along the c-n-~., FAMILY cummuN ICA!IONS COURSE5 montgomery County .is offering, through its Adult Education program, some courses .in more effective parenting. There ere groups specially aimed at parents of young children and groups more appropriate to older children. Last year s class of sixteen parents from this community met together for the Family Communications I series, with great benefit and pleasure. This is a supportive, practical course, using a minimum of lecturing and S maximum of role’playlng, situational practice end honest sharing of problems and possibilities. This year, in eddltion to beginning groups, a course For “veterans,” Family Communications ll, is being offered. Cost for+the courses is $I0.00 for ten sessions (Family Communications II is 16.00 for 6 sessions). Check p. 13 of the Adult Education brochure that was ~iled to you last week, or call 279-3335. VANDA~IS~ IN OUR TB~N An unpleasant!fresh of veldelism has been plegulng Cabin Jbhn throughout the pest :year, becoming more intense during this spring end summer. The Citizens Association is concerned with efforts to put e stop to it before our pleasant, smell-town atmosphere turns to one of fear end mistrust. Parents of children from the see of nine into the teens may want to make their families aware of the seriousness of the situation. Whether the children arm directly involved or not, they should know that these ere not funny pranks end indeed in many cases they are crlminel acts punlsheble by law end Isedlng to e police record. Here ere e fewof the many offenses which have occurred over the pest months, They include wsl~d noises in+the woods night after night on ?@th Street, motorcycles stolen on 76th Pll@~-~nd ?Sth Street, harassment of houlll ~n 76th Street, articles stolen from pocch#~ and chothmslines, removal of a large chlldreM’e playhouse (which took Pour boys to carry) ?tom Clbin Road to the+Polltnger tract, bre~kln 9 Of erlvote house windows end of panels @.d llndoel In the Clara + Bertcm School building (eh|Oh I@ .am our community @enter where the Fear ~ee~ Old p~ogzsm end teen meetings will b~ ~,11¢), etRllng from the women’s locker ro~m d~in~ t~le swim (eh~s, T-shirts, b~th|M@ lUl~l)~ destruction of mailboxes, bfe~ln~ i~to garages end sheds. Tht upcoming msetlng+of+the Cabin John CltlZln@ AssoclsttO”, Tuesday, September 24, 8 #am, #t the school building, will have s dtscuell~ of the sltuetlon, end information and Id~i@Q elll be sought from everyone. PI~ll m~e @ special effort to attend If you ere • ¢~t of:iFre-teens or teens, or If you have experienced vandalism. I!11III!11111!1111!iflf111111/IIIIIIIII/!!1 Jk.’E …. ‘ …………… a., …… 3-‘2 ……. ‘” _ ..11~ 7¢e~r The parents of chi.dr~n in the. ~ old class, and ~soeeially Betsy !aas, ar~:, happy to announce that the pro.gra~ V!.. be held in Clara ~rton School thSs year. ~-~, teacher of the “: .as i~, Annette Da’,.r:’s, and the aide will be Jo An~: Bast, who ‘..e!~.~d the ” -* !’h `~ else: ~ ……. ~ ~ : ‘: …… .~ ~,~r ,-,)-e 5 ,*.,:-~.s, a 1~T~rr:”; :.:a’,’,-*,,1 ”- r;,:e and ~ seal.I_.- ~” ch-~ir, :.~r.~d your ,.a, on:+i+: “” .:,f a~L’ o’.” t.;,e.’.:, ! ….. ,s will be appreciated, ..,.:.'” .,.,~-“, the ela’-:; ~. .. :::.~.~:..~ …… .: y… c:,:-:~’::”‘ ‘:.’, :’/,-,,ers “::::o he..D ~+,a+ lJ < i h+,- .~o,,.~,I,I,,, ~.fspo~+;:l,~ + ~,,. pPo~l,P,,, +ol,d-,;.s }k~ s,,,~,-. 4k,.. f~pl,, o.,,~ ,,.o’I” v,,~-ve,.s~. ‘W+.. I’a,,,.4¢+,~,,,,.,,,.~ Co~-I B q a~+ o.,+.. ~s,~-l-e,,.-(. ~.,-~. o+,.p, v,,,,,., @.. ,,4 t,+,.. 20UCATIO “-~ FOr7 ALL Two surburban schools ha~e tuition-free courses for older citizens. Xontgomery College offers free courses to people over 60 living in ~4ontgomery County. For infor- mation call, 762-7400, ext. 280 Montgomery College is located on ~annakee :~t. ~ Rockville. The Tacoma Park campus also offers this opoortunity. Anyone taking day or evening courses at 2~ount Vernon College campus can arrange for free child care provided by students at the college. For course or care information~ call 33!-3~9. //71/1////////////////////////// l~.u~:. ~-*–: ~ Ii iJ.b :k I £11D :Pull-scale dramatic productions are offered to children at pre-inflation prices on qaturdays at Im<acu_ata College, 4300 7~ebraska Ave }~. During the fall and winter, these plays will cost LO cents per child and ~ 60 cents per adult. For the schedule of pl~ys call 066-O0bO. , If/’/ /I// ‘ ,, ////,,’,’,,..,’1I/’/1I,, . 1,,. ,.//I/////I/ LAr,D U:–~ CO?’+.”. rIT’.F:_T.2.E The Land Use committee met during the month of August and the following topics were discussed. Possible types of facilities for the new YUCPP park on qeven Locks Road were considered. After consideration by the Education and Recreation committee~ these i4eas will be forwarded to ‘NCPP for incl~sion in a preliminary plan. The 2ept. work session of the County Council was discussed, at which time final action on the zoning requests of the Con~nunity Plan will be taken. The ~ preliminary lanSscaping plans for ~!acArthur Boulevard were studied, and basic changes were agreed on. This landscaping will not be done until after t~e road is resurfaced. Uses for Clara Barton qchoo ~,ere discussed and the committee made sugges- tions to be for,~,arded to the county task force for this purpose. The Land Use committee remains open to new members. If you are interested, call qusan Vogt at 227 -617 ¢ • GLEN ECHO pARK PI~NS OCTOBERFEST’ October 13 ,> “~ Activities for the traditionalGerman Festival Day include: German folk music and dancing, f5lms, food and beveraKe sales, carrousel rides, arts and crafts sales and demonstrations, children’s art work- shops, and children’s theatre performan- ces. Bluegrass and folk concerts to be presented by the National Folk Festival Association in cooperation with the National Park Service are as follows: Sept 8 – The Bluegrass Association 15 – irish Ceilidh with Mickey Maloney and Eugene O’Donnell 22 – Steel Unlimited 29 – Tracy and Eloise SchWartz Oct 6 – TakomaMandoleers These programs are free every Sunday, from 6i30 – 8:00 p.m. /ill/I/i/I///////////////////////////// BeEinningOctober25, the Westmoreland Circle Concert Series at theWestmoreland Congregational Churc h, 1 ~stmoreland Circle, offersmusic lovers an opportun” ity to hear outstanding •established and young artists oerform in a community set-” ting • at popular prices. The Vaughan Williams’ ~SS IN G MI~R will inaugurate the series. This concert promises music Of interest and great beauty ~th a program composed of all 20thcentury choral music performed by the Washington Madrigal Singers, the Langley Madrigal Singers, and members of St. John’s Choir, Lafayette Square. Among other artists in the ser~es are Donald Boothman, Baritone; the Japan Trio, an Internationallyknown chamber group; and Anastasios Vrenios, Tenor, andElizabeth Kirkpatrick, Soprano, in an evening of light and not-so-light opera duets. ”, Subscription prices for the7 perfor- mances are: student, $10| adult, $15; fam- ily, ~0. For further information.and a brochure, call 229-7766. DANCE CLASSES TO BE OFFERED The Cabin John United Methodist Church at 77th and $~acArthur Blvd. will be the home of the Academy of Dance Arts’ Divi- sion of Ballet and Modern Dance. The Cong- reKation is offering the use of the church’s social building for several classes in Ballet and ?odern Dance:, with the hope that interested members of the community will be ~iven the opportunity to study and re- create within the Cabin John area. Classes will bet aught by two qual- ified and exoerienced professional dancers: Elizabeth Risen Luke, formerly a soloist with the National Ballet, who has taught for the cast two years at the Washington School of Ballet in Fort Hunt, Va., and for schools in :~ont~omery Co.; and Michele Pecora Gressman, M.A. Ohio State 4. University Division of Dance, who has’ taught for Harvard University’s Institute for Contemporary Dance, BoSton University, and local Studios of Erika Thlmey and Heid:i Pope. One hour classes aretentatively ‘scheduled on Tuesday at 5i00, 6i00, and 7130 p.m., Friday°at I0:00 a.m., and Saturday at 9115, 10100, ll,O0 a.m., and 12 noon. Othe z times will be scheduled if needed. Fee Schedule Hours/week Monthly Be~-eemester Per season I 14.00 46.50 87.00 2 28.00 92~50 174.00 3 38.50 130.50 252.00 4 “49,50 168.00 325~00 A family discount of 5 % for each family member enrolled after the first member enrollec is being offerred. Those interested may call 65~-8287 for Ballet and 654-7052 for Creative Dance and Modern Dance. Classes begin September 17, and all age groups are welcome. IlIIIIIlHIIIIlIIIIIIIII1//IIlIlIlllIIIIIIIlIIJ /H/lll/I/I/1////////////////////////!////////, B~I DO~ELLY won second prize, small~bore division in th~ sharp-shooter, Jr. competetion of the National Rifle Association, at Camp Perry, Ohio in August. Afertwards, ~qS. ~q~ DONNELLYAND BILIIerried across LakeErie to Essex County in Ontario, Canada. ??777?????77777???777????????77777.777777777777 /I/I/1/Ill////////////ill///////////////////// .I take this opportunity to thank~all our friends and neighbors for their time, at tentlo and lifts of food. Bob and I had a veryhappy stay in Cabin John because of the friends we made here. Carmen Howard P.S. If you have left dishes at myhouse, please call and pick up or ! Will be happy to deliver. IIIIIII!IIIIIiiliiiitliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~r. and .frs. Charles Smith Sr., oe.eSrated their 60th wed~in~ anniversa~r on t~e 25th of August. Haoov Anniversarvlfll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIilii7t1III1tliii7IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII/1111111111111111111111111111 The !~aryland _ National Caoital Park and ‘ P.ann~ng Commission Has determined that it may be necessary to chanKe the name of the Cabin John Recreation Center to avoid confusion with the Cabin John Regional Park. The Name Clara .~art0n Recreation Center has been sue~ested for the park, but the question will be put to members of the Citi- zens association attending the Seote~ber meeting on the 24th of the month. Can you think of a fitting name? Be prepared to voice some thoughts at the next meeting of the Citizens Association. : -J /IIilIWI, I/III/I/IlI//II!//// , Art, e:,:” severaA years ofemjey~ ~es~- met soaso|:at Palisades Peel, Cabin JoMm mew • stands in danger of loslng the opportunity. Imstances of persomal b~ taken during the program of free swim h~ar8 have occurred. There has been a temdence on older ehildrem’s part to i~ulge in t~o aueh herse pla~ and a lack of realizatiom on the part of paremts that their first and f~emost responsibility is a role of supervision of all oemuom child- ren part&cipati~ in the proEram. These writers s~neerely hope that we will not lose the free ~im~z~ ~ram. !11111111  1111111111111111111 ? The Fourth Amm~al Anti~es Show a~d Sale presne~ed by the United Methodist Women of St. Amdre~r’s United Methodist 0hutch, River ~m~ Gel~sboro Reads, ~ethes~a Meryl~d, will be held S,~tenber 18, 19, 20, 1974. Hours f for the show will be 11 a.m. to i0 p.m. ea Wednesday and Thursday and Ii a.m. to 6 p.m. om Friday,, A delicious Imncheon, prepared and served by the ladies of tke Church, will be avail~le each day. Tea time will be from 3 p.m. with homemade desserts served until olosin~ t~e. Approximately 35 dealers from the Mid- Atlantic States will displm~ a great variety of antique treasures. Among the ma~y col~- I lectorb zavorltles Sheba Will be ~ass, per- I celains, silver and jewwlry from aroumd the world, with much orientalia. Also old books, prints and maps as well as some books about ¢ollecti~;. For the men, several fo the dealers caL-ry a large selection of tools amd farm itemuJ, and for the girls of all ages, ~lls, toys and miniatures. Also displ~red by these dealers, who are all respected amtique specialists, some omtstan4i~ i~rmitur • o A4mission to the show is $1.50 and registration at the door permits returm visiSs by patrons at no additional cost. As in the past, proceeds are ~od for the mau~ Ch~th and Commtmity related pro- Jects of the Women’s Society. L ~ ARTS, CRAFTS AND HOBHY SHOW FOR ALL AGES ~/ Cabin John Methodist Church 77 Shreet and MacAurthur September ~-15 DOYOU DO needle work sculpture ceramics metal work knitting flower arraugementa crochetti2~ photography painti~ models woodworking Bring yotu~ creations to be displayed for others to enjoy. If you wish to sell year prochlcts~ it is a good opportunity to do so. Award,s will be given by popular vote for best in category. Contact people harold ~lew for farther information. | ! If yeu are mot one who croat~l,J em moy the w~k of others. Refresl~mnt8 wall be available for a mimimal fee. Mrs. m~shall 229 58~8 Mrs. Shuff 229 0468 Mrs, Carper 229 0107 Mrs. Hamaon 229 4335 T~ show will begin at 11 am on 14 September and at i p.m. om 15. WORKING TOO HARD “Did I hear you say you’re working too hard?” Let’s see. . there are 365 days a year and you sleep 8 hours a day – 1/3 of the year. That leaves 244 days to work. t~ile you’re not sleeping, 8 hours of each day is for recreation or relaxing. That leaves 122 days for you to work. Now deduct 52 Sundays, leaving 70 working days. At most, you work half days on Saturday, so deduct 26 more for that. Now there are 44days to work. Allow- ing l½ hours for lunch and coffee breaks each day adds up to 28 days, leaving just 16 work- ing days. You get 2 weeks vacation each year you now have 2 working days to face. But no one works Christmas or July 4, so yousee you really don’t work at all, do you! Something’s got to be wrong with that l~gict ////////////////////////////z/zzz////////z/z/zz Mary Shaw has volunteered to take over as treasurer of the Village News. If you would like to subscribe to the news, send or take your coins to her at 13 Russell Rd. Janet Dence will continue to accept fees for classi- fied ads II!111111111111111111111111111/1111111111111111 Many thanks to Donald Fisher who has volunteere to deliver the Village News to the 65 families in the area of Persimmon Tree Rd., MacArthur, and 83 rd. Place, as well as 81st St, 80th Place, 82nd Placeand 82nd St. /////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////// Lentil Soup RECIPE FILE Annamay Nicosia 2 cups dried lentils 8 cups water 2 slices bacon, diced ! cup chopped onion g cup shopped celery cup chopped carrots 3 tablespoons snipped parsley :l clove garlic, minced 2~ teaspoons salt ~teaspoon pepper ½ teaspoon dried oreg- ano, crushed 1 – 16 oz can (2 cups) tomatoes 2 tablespoons wine vinegar Rinse lentils, drain. Place in large kettle or dutch oven. Add remaining ing- redients, except for tomatoes and vinegar. Cover and simmer 1½ hours. Add undrained tom- atoes, breaking up any large pieces. Add vinegar. Simmer. covered, 30 minutes more. Season to taste, (If desired, add a couple tablespoons rice and/or romano or parmesan cheese) 8 to i0 servings. WANT A~DS FOR SALE: i boy’s bike, i small girl’s bike i man’s light weight bike, i studen~ desk and eht.’Lr, 1 five tier metal book sbolyes, 3 assorted tables, 3 cheat of dr~ars, I hm~d wardrobe trunk er luggage ease, 1 Maple ~imgle bed e~lete with spri~ add mattrege, 2 ” single inersprings and mattress sets, i book Ibelf bed wlth bex springs o~T, 2 folding . student ehairs with wide right erus, 2 .gtaek bucket ehairs, I ehrmlo ~D~i~ :ehair, 0%@. James F. Phillips 7702 Tcmlinson Ave. / k, ” im m L_ a~vg i . FOR SAL~: Singer sewing maehiml, exeellent eomdltioL Cabinet and all attaehments lae~ed–~65.00. Ca~ Z~ 3128. SITT~ NEED~): te pl~r with 2 boys, 3 a~d 5 Sm~ 9,30 te 12,30. Phone 320 3299 after 6. AVAILABLE DAY CARE: Licensed.. Part ~Dae in m~ home. Yard with swings. Large pl~ ream. can 2~ ohm3, 8~EEPII~ ROOMS: to remt for $25 per room par week. Board and kitchen privalages extra. write Faw. Susan Teagle, 37 Erieeuon Road, Cabin John, Maryland. JOB AVAILABLE: In Baunockbura Cafeteria from ll:h5 to i:45 daily at$3.71 an hour. Call sek~ol for IkwthQr information. FOR SALE: 6 Volt battery st411 in eartoa. $15. 229-4729. OUl  rooB I OP .’t,,. 5,6. 6 • ° ” I ” i , rip.skim LICENSED DAY CA~E: My home on MacArthur Blvd. Call 229-8862. YArD SALEz Saturday, Sept. 14, i0 a.m. to 4 p.m. Large and small household items inclu- ding double kitchen sink and exhaust fan. Antiques, including school desk, butcher’s bloc block, pine wash tub, bellows end table, steam- er trunk and walnut drop leaf. Sponsored by Vogt-Higdon Enterprises at 7712 Tom!inson Ave. WANTED TO BUY: Inexpensive cassette tape recorder, marian Clerk 229-6431 To plaee a wan% add semd the add together with 50# to: The Village News % Janet Donee 6503 76th Street Cabin Joha, Md. 20731 Ce~erioal ~ are.S3.00 a montk or $8.00 for 3 momths. \ Iq~, 2~-II61 . o,, 339.9II I llAUTY SALON ~m bd~mm ~ All. II i  E/ TIN@ Rqm;,’s. i Village News Staff, Mary Anne Wilson – Editor P.O. Box 186, 229-3397 Janet Denee- News 6503 76th St. 229-73~ June Rose Smith of Cabin John Gardens, who has Riven freely of her time teaching Cabin John Children to sw~z, held a s~rlm fair in her backyard on August 13 and charged admission. As a result of that effort, $25. ~Tas turned over to the Muscular Dystrophy Fund. /L///!!!!!II!I!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII/IIIIIIIIIII Joann Bast, mailing 229-8?89 Concord School – Collating and stapoling ic r q, l cabin .john visual., studies CONSTANCE BERGFORS * DIRECTOR (Mrs. Andrew E. Rice) 6517 80th STREET CABIN JOHN, MARYLAND, 20731 TELEPHONE * 229-7367 workshop LESSONS IN PAINTING AND DRAWING ADULTS THURSDAY MORNING 9-12 THURSDAY EVENING 8-11 OCT 4,1974 – JUN 1,1975 @195.00 per year l! v! t! AGES 15-18 THURSDAY AFTERNOON 3-6 (prerequisite – previous study) $195.00 per year AGES SATURDAY MORNING 10-12 8-15 Christmas Vacation Spring Vacation AN)~AL:STUDENT SHOW $165.00 per year December 15 – January 2 l&~rch 23 – April 2 JUNEI, 1975 The courses listed above are designed to be a YEAR’S STUDY ending with the AN;~UAL STUDEI~ SHOW. I consider ART a part of the real world, a NECESSAHY part for the understanding of our lives. I teach it as an extension of the intellectual as well as the visual world surrounding us, from mlcroscopic totelescojpic. “I~UAL STUDIES enlarges the idea of the ordinary art lesson, takes the cliche frame away, and may allow the student to think of all that he or she seei~, feels and under- stands as part of a world that should have meaning for him or her. WORESHOP is a better term for a teaching sltuation where students and teacher are exploring, expanding their visual perception and improving their ability to interpret ideas in an appropriate medium; a place where students can discover i the meaning of space, form, color, texture, and line for~themselves, and eventually be able to organize their o~rn visual environment in a meaningful i way. Expenses being the only limitation, we can try anything. I will offer i criticism, space to work, encouragement on an adventure with space – internal ~ and external. CLASSES are geared to the individual withno less than 6 in each class, and ! no more than i0. The SATURDAY MORNING CLASS will spend several sessions visiting important galleries and musetu~s in the Washington area. BEGINNERS will start with drawing and design from standard models, photographs, other artists work, abstract and realistic. Gradually students discover their own direction. The teacher will be present at all times for assistance and guidance. Seeing master artists work from the past and the present is important. Negative results are considered useful and necessary as an aid in seeing, i ADVANCED studentswill learn to plan their own projects, how to prepare their work for showing, and general professianalism. PLEASS CALL TO I~ESEHVE A PLAC~ F0H 1974 – 1975.

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