September 1968

O ,9, 1 . . … , • : ,. • , <: “:: .’ ..: %’ ¥o!vme ii, !.o. •7 V C • J U (L (..:,: f ” . . ….. I: :..,J g F: < Septem.b~_r 3.9~, r.% I~,~ORTAI{T: I.~ET ~/E CAi’~DIDATES FOR .THE SCHOOL BOAR5 0!’:. TUESDAY SE~TEMB~ 24- at 8 p.m. AT TI~ n~uz.a..ATION Cz,,~2~R. Every- maintaining the na~ si&ewalk. body shd~id come. the seven people on meeting lasted two and one hall houses ‘ your school board spend 85~ of ‘your local and seemed to have identified; i2 noZ taxes. , solved, some of our pressing p:¢oblems. v These are the candidates: ~’.{~/ J~%’ent:~ On August 29th, Don Herdeck; Presi- Redfleld) of the Cabin John Citizens’ Assn., Mari!!yn S. Allen Anthony P. Altieri, Jr. ,• me~:with ~ Mr. Coyle of the County Thomas S. Israel• 0~f!6e ~ O f Community Development to di:scuss a housing, library and “~ v.~ hal ~” WillL~m G. Colman ….. ~ ~, .,~ …… ~c .,_ Rirmie J..5,!ince %,’. set-up for Cabin John. Abraham H. ~}ish : Mr. Herdeck met with Homer O. ACTIVITIES OF ~ CITIZENS” ASSOC~ATIO~ Elseroad and members of. his staff on ~LY TO SEPTEMBER 15, 1968 August 24th to discuss community concern . ~ over boundary irregularities between 0n Saturday, September, Mrs. Rose Clara Barton School and Carderock Kr6u0er and Richmond Keendy; members of Springs School. The meetin~ with the the Montgomery Coun:ty Council, met with S~perintendent of Scl~ools was amiable 21 local citizens at the home of Don but it was made quite clear that the Herdeck. ~ne issues discussed were. County is not about to reconsider the a county ro~d to replace Mac~rthur Blvd., inclusion of the Caraway-0sage Lane a cor.~nunity library and “-5o~rn hall” center; territory in the Carderock School est6~blish:aent of a program using County district. c.n.’.’z/’.)r Federal funds tQ enlarge; repair or improve housing in Cabin John~ paving TEE MoNT¢’O}~RY COUNTY TUBERCULOSIS • Carver Road, getting more teacher~ , and AND _RESPIRATORY DISEASE ASSN. a~. enriched program at Clara Barton .31ementary School; juvenile delinquency …has asked us to remind you of znd recreational p.~ograms; and towing away the follo~..~ing: of abandoned Vehicles and other “junk”. ‘~Iso discLlssed we.s jet noise aba~tement; Has your child had a complete ~.::eaning up the laundromat property; physical? Including:a TB test? I~ only takes seconds and it can mean the difference be~een sicPa%ess and health. ~., There is no age limit to TB. There ~ere 1200 new cases in Marylana last year. ‘ .•7,, ..::. •. :. ….. : ” ‘ ~ ” toll BRIGHTF, N ‘l~-~ COPd~R WHERE YOU ARE,… ‘.’ <‘,.r ~oL:5.i: ton quietly takes _u’.~ . • “,..~lv .Y’ot.: >’–..m~ prevent the nee(~fLess Stevie ~9aittaker~ of 7401 Arden Roa.d~ suffe:~irG? the. waste of life aa.~d and his cousin, Carl Bushong, of RockW.lle,. ;,.~;~,oD~:,’%’,~, __ ;. damage – do your part. were noted recently near Clara Barton School drawing a wagon load of beer ceres and bottles and debris they had collected from among the weeds of vaca~t roadside lots. • …. The boys’ beautification ~”~+~–~ ~ ar~ performed “every once in awhile”~ saia Stevie. “But more and more bott!es~ cans~ and stuff get thrown around than we can find in the weeds,” he complains. These volunteer cleaner-uppers indeed shame the adults (?) who litter our cormimity. lu Montgomery County please reL’ort open burning s,t 7o2,.-000~ dense smoke -re,. chimney at 948-6;%42, and motor Yehicle a-:’~:: smo~ at 762:-1000. ~.~, l.:J£~- ‘ “‘=~ TO ~r~,~ WE E~OUCI:’i’ ” ….. ~”-” . ~, ………. The : .O._saae s Swi.mming Pohl Assn. has enough .:’,oney and men, hers to start eonstruc’t,i~n on t,.z,= ne~¢ pool ~y .:. ‘ ‘~ ‘4~ “~’-~ V be November ~ 5 It ,,z~. .! .ae:~_n~ ~I~ open b:;” !,1o.7 30) 1905:. .~h. pool, ~.zhich locat~-a off Seveu Loe~s Road – IN CABIN JOHN, ~’CHERE FLOWERS GROW,’,. • right hc-ec ” ……. ~n P~I:~ Jo~n~, is ~!.e result • ” …. of a lot of ” …. ~ork by “.n-~erest:~d There are Vand-~is who respect no cit.iz~.~:~ i~ ~he commtmity and snrrc.un&ing ~..~’~-..-~ ~,. ~m~  ill avai!able~ beauty or the money and sweat and devotion area. . ……………… _ … .s expended by those who plsm~ted the flowers but wou'<; ~,-” for long. (:ace people along MacArthur Blvd. -see the ~ ” “~ r~…e.l~.ty~ thef ~ri.–! C-:ab u~, <.~e It is the civic duty Of anyone who ob-remaining m~goershil~s, if you, are serves flowerbeds being:injured or destr0yedinterested in joiI~ing, please call (onthis Govermnent Property) to stop or Irving R0senthal a.0 654-5o12. report such desecration to the Aqueduct Police or to someone in the Fire Depart- ment who ~.~’ll relay the information. DO YOU }~CW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE …RIGHT NOW? * Are they roving freely through the neighborhood getting into mischief~ ,,~ ” Are they being molested by larg~ ~ children or being encouraged to ~et into trouble? ~ ° Are they breaking bottles in the streets that ~/ll~ ruin our tires ‘.. and yours? ” WHAT ~&CH PERSON CA~ DO TO REDUCE AiR’ POLLUTION ” ‘ . ~ • L” ! .- WAN   o’mm  A Our newspaper c~u be bigger and better with more cQ~unity support. S~bscrAptionshaven0t been enough to keep i t going, however. Now we ,’are looking for a business manager whocan•take 0ve~ advertising ~nd keeping the books. A perfect job for anambitious, tied down housewife or mature te~lager. Call Judy Toth, 469-8586 or 296-6310. JETS…JETS…JETS…JETS…AND MORE JETS Call 557-2507 anytime to complain. :The F A A will soon present to Congress i. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ” the tally on the phonecomplaints. DON’T Observe your local air pollution laws. BE LEFT OFF t~ RECORD. LET ‘EM ~NG~ Demand strict enforcement of air WE DON’TLYKE ALL %HOSEDIR~Y, NOISY pollution laws. • Report all violations. Demand more effective air Rbllution laws. Support your T.B. and respiratory disease association. Join The Greater WashinGton Citizens for Clean Air – call 234-7100 f%• “L@.I-FLYING ~TS O’TER OUR ROOF TOPS’. – – .f l’f 1111 II il 11″II II I111 ,III IIII IIIW II II II II III’ TI II I’ 11n I111 II I111 Itlf 1111 II II I! .•’.. VIOUN s nmI0 7 . Vera Hefner Doiezal i~r:one 365-2685 ,;~. 7101 Persimmon Tree Rd. , ‘: . :.. .. q.v- i {, ‘l JETS: w-E.o ? September25 will give those angered by the Jet Invasion an opportunity to make their presence and pressure felt at a public hearing hosted by the F.A.A. This is the first and may ~el! by the last opportunity to whic!~ (~he p~.iC Can avail itself in order tO present state- ments referring to present conditions at National Airport , and the resu~t~n5 Noise Slum in the PotomacValley. Put to the test will be public sen- timent regarding the prospect for further developing National’s capacity. Specifi- cally, testimony wili be presented on the nation’s five most congested airports. The solution which %~ili be proposed by the F.A.A. cguld resUlt in an tunlimited n~mber of operations Perhotu ~ for good weather, and the ~naxim~m of 60under conditions of poor Visibility. The operational day will be lengthened by two : hours, as Well. GIVFAWAYS • .. • very pretty female calico kitten …one all white tom eight weeks old and housebroken. Call 469-8586.- RUMMAGE oALE AT C.~}~!~T METHOD!ST CNH,~H..MACARTHUR AT 77tn T}rURSDAY, SE~TF}4BER 19, ~ to 9 :~ Friday, September 20 6 te~:.9 S~d-..urday, September 21 ‘9 to /4.. e . .. ~._NNOUI CnS CHRIST METHODIST CHURCH “~ ” -‘ Sunday~School at 9:30 a.m. Coffee-Fellowship each S~rnday at 10:30 a.m. During !l a•m. “to noon worship hours, there is a nursery provided for infants. % Both ofthese measures will intensify -Comming sermons: and protract jet noise in the Potomam Valley. Helicoptersare currently ‘.. clanking by in ever increasin~ numbers ….. over certain routeo. The short take-off/ .. landing jets are here for a five wegk trial period• A new terminal, .which we fee~ .is in the offing,-will facilitate the advent of. the jumbos and airbuses, pr’edlc~ceh ~” to. be operatiohal in five years’ tims~ Had enough? Your presense:at~the hearing will be effective whether or not YOU make a . ‘ statement. September 18 is the deadline for si~bmittin ~ written or ~ oral (signify time rec51ired in ~riting ) statements to the F.A.A. the docket will r~main open for communications until October 9. Time of the HeaTing: September 25th, 9:30 a.m. Place F.A.A. Headquarters, 800 Indepen- dence’Ave., S.W. Get together a carload Of interested citizens and attend. Sept. 22,”G0ing to Chtu’ch” Sept. 29, “Hearers of the Word” ogt. 6 (Communion), “Search for – Happines~s” Oct. 13, Laymen’s Day Oct. 20,”Sowing and Reaping” Oct. 27 “Los~and Found” ,j • THE CABIN JOHN HOME STUDY GROUP …needs your help: N0 matter how little time you have, can’t you spare some with the children in the community who need your help. We need tutors, drivers, ftmd-raisers, helpers of all kinds. Home study Program does make a difference to a good many children who otherwise would not make it in our schools. Please Call ~s. Celeste Swedenbu-~g ( 365-7767 ).’ WANT ADS Desperately needed: Lady for genera! housecleaning in Cabin’John. 5 day week – 6 hour day. $2.00 per hour for ~nbitious worker. Call Mrs. Hookat 365-0571. Don’t forget the next meeting of-the Cabin John Park CitizenS’ Association, on Tuesday, September 24 at 8~p.m. at theRecreatign.Center. .! ! .: j’, 5, store’s Glen Echo ShoppSng Center Monday thr,U ~d ~ 8 Saturday ~. to-6: 3C~. ~. • ~ Adult H~irc’.:.ts …. ~-.. 75 Children tuuder 13~, .- :g’-,,f’5 excels:” ~!i. 5″ on Saturdays – .~. Call 656-39.94 .. 11111111111111111111111! !’111i I111111~ h *! I11111~!1! ,I11111|! ,”11111 ”l .”11″ .1 WANTED – Teen age reporter. call Mrs. Toth, 469-8586. 11 i! 11 II II II !I 11 11 11 |1 11 !l I, II II II 11 11 II II .I!11 11 I! 11 11 11 11 :I 11 11 II II II !l II 11 I! 11 ;! The next D~nocraticPrecinct Meeting will be held onOctober 15 at 8 p.m. at the hemei0f Judy Toth, 6611 8OthPlace, Cabin John, ~. 469-8586. Judy Toth and Eleanor Leonard~re the new Precinct Chairmanand Vice- Chairman. Precinc t meetingsare held every month and are open tO the public. All interested voters are invited … urged …. to attend. The discussion at the-next m@eting will be ‘!Humphrey, Nixon er Wallace 11 • Come and put in your opinions of th~ ~ candidates. ‘~ II II 11 II II II 11 1! I1 II 11 I1 II II 1111 11 11 11 11 t! 11 I1 11 11 11 II I1 11 I! 1! t!~’ II II II 11’11 I~ 11 11 Subscriptions to the Cabin John Vill~ge News are $1.00 for one year (~O~sues). Please send your check or cash ~ to ~s. Csanad Toth, 6611 80th lace, Ca~im ~ohn~ We depen~ on you for our•existence’! TheCabinJohnVi!lage News ” 6611″80th Place Cabin John, Md. 20731 • • – . . –• .- • .~.C~ercial ads are $2.00 each o~’ $5.00 ~o.r..I~. ~ months. Want Ads a;’e ~,. ,~O each. • . . . We will publish your organization’s news’.. Please send us in writing your ~.,rticles by the end of the second week~ (. f e-;~ch mdntd~. .- I’ I111 I! 11 II 1111 11 1111 ‘~ .! 11 1111 I.! 11 ~I 1! 11 .’! fl 11 11 11 !I I~ I~ II I”1 I! I! 1! 11 11 11 I’! 11 ” ~.~.e c!a.ra Barton P.T.A. ~ill ” v> h01d its n’.-;~f~ meeting on Mondayi:’ev@~in~ , ‘*’~” September 30, at 8 p.m. in the ~,chobl.~;: “~ Kapian~ the “:~ ‘ ~,~.. Stanley = new principal , Mr~ Beard, the new Cabin. John Recreation Supervisor, sad ~.~r.. i: Blck, the School Board Coordinator of Co~muunity Rel~tions (he listens ” to gripes) Will speak. We arc all out this ye~ir to improve Clara: Barton School in s~. respects. Your interest is imoerative: ~I I111 |I H |I I| I! I| |l tl I.~ I~11 I~ 11 I| |I II I| 11 II II 1111 11 ~I ~I II II ~I 11 ~I I I~II~IIITI| ‘. /’ L, !’i • , •., Voter registration will open again next weekthrough the first week of October. If you are not registered to vote0r know of someone who is not ~egistered, please get up to Rockville. ~For information, help, transportation , oCallJudy Toth, 469-8586 If you are not registered you cannot vote in November…Don’t you want to have a say about who will be president~ • . . . S. @ t • . . . . • 4 i” O” Lu

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