October 1980

” CABIN JOHN CITIZENS ASSOCIATT. DN * , MEETING * • Tuesday, November 25, 1980 * • CLARA BARTON SCHOOL . • Coffee and doughnuts will be served * ~ ~ ~ at-~ ~. ~ at ~t ¥ ~t ~ ~ ~t qt ~t ~- ~ ~t*6~ ¥ * OCTOBER SPEAKER * * WILL BE: * Lt. Taylor or Officer Novelo from the Montgomery County* PoNce Department. talking ~ on vandal,s. * , • , | Volume 14, No. 8 SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND October 1980 I1 ‘ r I I PRES NOTES Crab Feast Thank you, one and all, for a fine event. We must do it again, soon. The volunteers, the weather, and the feasters all cooperated to make our main social event a community and financial success. We need more than one chance a year to work together and get together. It would be literally impossible to thank all the volunteers or to thank them enough. A full report appears elsewhere in this issue. Some people may have been overlooked, because there were So many jobs done by so many people. Others did fer more than just one job. No offense meant – thousands of hours were freely given, and many neces- garlly went unnoticed. IIII PLAN GLEN ECHO’S FUTURE ! Glen Echo’s many activi- ties have all come about with- out the benefit of a plan. But that is soon to change. The Park Service is develop- ing a “Development concept” to guide the future of Glen Echo. They want community advice to help them in this. They are holding a meetin~ at Glen Echo, in the Adven- ture Theatre, on NovemJ~er 7th, at 7:30, for this purpose. If you like Glen Echo, or have ideas and interest, p.esse attend and make you2: opinions k l’l O’,q 13 . NEW PEOPLE I should have been more forth- coming in welcoming the many new people who came to the August meeting. It was good to see you, and I hope that you will all make the fourth Tuesday of every month meetings. Please make yourselves at home here, and make your views known. THE OCTOBER MEETING 1~’o important issues: community security, and community partici- pation through people who will contribute to getting the numerous Jobs done by committee service. Nick Glakas has arranged the appearance of Lt. Taylor to hear our security concerns and needs. Please come to the October meeting and let the police know our needs, it will be interesting and profitable. But security is only one of our purposes. There are mar~y committees proposed by your ~xecutive, to do a number o~ of necessary chores. Come, help shape the c~nmittec structure, help staff the committees, con- tribute some of yourselves to a better, stronger Cabin John. Host of all, please come and add to the October meeting, and every meeting every month. Ed. Note — The following sub- mission has to do with broken glass littering the Clara Barton Playground and drag racing on >~acA/tI,ur Boulevard. FEELING ONE’S OATS “- (and oats and barley) Bzngtng out — it’s What teens do, always have done, always will do. Think back to ~,:hen you were “that” age. The best things in life were your friends, a Leek or two, ~nd maybe a car. %,.q~it if someone called the cops on you? Did you break it up, w!sc up, stop oltcri~g and drinking? I sure as heek didn’t. I would not expect my bids to either. Cabin John is a commuDity for young and old al~:e. Calling in the outboritles to police our finest residents, cur kids, won’t help anybody. Rather thzn think of nm,, ways to drive a w.-.:dge bei,:e~:n young and old: let’s work somehing ovt cmo=~g ourselves. I h~ve some sug~estio~v i. “:”.;~L~ ~,I’c al 0~1…:,..’It, i::’, te,2nr, zc:Jd ~bJt: art:icr’, if you 1,:?rig out in the cVenq;:’.,:, s.ho~… ,.;::is art~c.e to 3.~:’:” fricn.!~,. 7 you’re the p:,,’~:,nt. e~ a te,’n:,:;,.r, put: tl,br, crt-4cle 01: h:.q l:o-t” nt bI~:gtt, r:,::’. Please turn to page 5 THE VILLAGE NEWS , a~ 2 Crab Feast Report **********~****** Congratulations to Cabin John for a most successful Crab Feast. On Saturday, September 13 over 500 people turned out to enjoy the beautiful weather, good company, and delicious food. We had a wonderful time and made a substantial profit as well – $1,620.64 (as com- pared, to $928 in 1979). It %~iI be divided equally among our community organizations: C.J. Citizen Assoc., Village News, C.J. 4-Year Old School, • and Homestudy, Inc. For all those who sold advance tickets – thank you. You are the people who make the event work. Katy Glakas did a fine Job organizing the campaign, with $1,554 in advance ticket sales, and $536 at the gate. A special mention to these zealous people: teenager Nancy Fisher who sold 7~4 tiekets~ Pat Duff (36 tickets sold), Bill White (39 tickets) and Susan Gash (53 tickets). Everyone who attended the Feast said the food was delicious as always, and we wish to thank the real “stars” of the Feast – the cooks. Joan Hook and her daughter, Jan Winslow, Susan Gash, Susan Vogt and daughter, and Dellna Saling worked frying chicken for 8 hours. The special vegetables were from the kit- chens of Bill K~ite, Margaret Coleman, Celeste Swedenburg, big turnout at the October meeting to conclude the dis- cussion of citizen committees. Your ideas and participation are essential for this to work The Assoc hopes for a Judy Duffield, 229-4567 talents, providing help, jobs Frank McKinney, Lois Bar~on, Lilly Gibbs, Elizabeth White, and Claude Clifton. Thanks also to the people who helped wash and chop vegetables: Fran Patch, Pat Duff, Diane Kellogg, Kitty Kelly and Susan Luchs. The crabs were fresh and tasty thanks to our resident crab cook, Pete Hunter. The warm weather made us all thirsty, and beverage sales totaled $574. The beer and sodas were handled by Linda Wichmann, with the help of Tom Green, Steve Walter, and Don and Jean }lay. Feast site construction was super- vised by John Gelb and Charles White, and the set-up and serving of food went smoothly, courtesy of Bill White,.~rle Keefe, Wanda Veraska and Bey Sullivan. A special thank you to our tireless workers who served “with a smile.” Our entertainment was provided by Charles Bookman and the group “Cats Cradle” whose country-folk tunes were a lively addition to our day. The Four Year Old School Bake Sale, under the direction of Lilly Liang, completely sold out and made $145. All the parents who made those delicious desserts know that their efforts were appreciated. The Citizens Assoc. booth was run by Kay Kemp, Angela Coppola, Irene Cra~ord and George McKinna. Cashiers were Ceph Patch and Frank Sordyl, with Renee Fisch- man, Diane Kellogg, Cappie Mor- gan and Dan Costello. The clean up at the end of the day went quickly thanks to all the will- ing volunteers. Ed Clark pro- vided us with his truck; the truck patrol was organized by Allen van E~merik ~;ith Den Vetrano, Ray and John Kemp, Pete Hunter and Nick Glakas. Tables and chairs were lent by C.J. Methodist Church, Assembly of God, Glen Echo Baptist Church and Church of the Redeemer. Special thanks to: Susan Gash for phoning all the volunteers; Merrl van Emmerik for designing tickets and flyers and painting the signs and Betsy Cheney for Publicity; Cabin John Fire Dept. for the use of their kitchen; St. Andrews School for storage facilities; Palisades Pool for parking facilities; Calvin Dove for refuse collection; and Tony’s produce and Sea-Air seafood for sponsoring our printing. The Crab Feast was very suc- cesful – our only anxious moment was at 5:20 pm when we ran out of good – our apologies to those who were disappointed. We will plan for an even larger turnout next year, with enough for everyone. The Crab Feast requires the efforts of many people to work at tasks both large and small; such as de- llverlng flyers, shopping, hauling, saving newspapers and getting ice. These thirds are what makes the Crab Feast happen. Next year we hope even more people will volunteer and Join in – its fun and a great way to meet your neigh- bors. You’ll become part of an event that only happens in a small friendly community llke Cabin John. Merrl van Emmerik Llnda Wichmann Pat Duff 5’hese committees have been propo~ed : T~’~,nspo~ta~ion: bus routes, On2″ pOOlS, zoad and traifJc COndJ ‘t J.o~ 3. Ocpha:, P::,tch, 229-8542 Public Safety: vandalism, liaison with police and fire, dog bites. David M~phy, 229-5794 Community Relations: Cabin John Gardens, Persimmon Tree, Bannockburn, Glen Echo, Pali- sades Pool. Susan Vogt, 229-6479 ~vironment: sewer links, bike path, Cabin John Creek Preservation. Murphy for kids, older resident programs. Glakas Communications: Village News, event publicity. Duffield The names and numbers after each committee are exec. comm mittee members who members of the designated committees. Contact them for info or if you want to serve. Till:. VILLAGE NI-WS -~i FALL AT GLEN ECHO By Diane Kellogg Glen Echo ~ .,; KDVENTUKE THEATRE will be performing DI~GO~Su.~:C on Satv~day and F.und~y at .:30 and 3:30 from October 3.8 until November 16. Tickets are $2.50 each ~ith group xaten avail- able. Beginning Nove~:ber 29 C}~IS’/?4AS CAROL will be perfot~ed at the same ti.~e~: for $3.00 a ticket with group t~t~s svoil- able. Fo~ reserw~tions or information call 320~5331 between 10-2 en weekdays. The Glen Echo Ga.lery will be honoring the artists who have designed the sets and costumes for Adventure Theater ovex the 28 years of its existence. The show will open on Friday, November 7th, from 7-9 p.m. and continue through the mouth of November. There will be sales items available. Not all of the Fail Classes are over. There will be a CIL~,IST~L~S PATCHWORK WORKSHOP on Thursday evenings beginning October 30. The~.e will also be a Saturday morning workshop in ma~xi~g ~TIVE Ab:I-Ii~CAN GAMES for teens and adults. On Saturday Eoveraber Sth, there will be. a PARENT AND CHILD QUILT- MAKING WORKSHOP. A . of the above have a very reasonable tuition fee. To find out more about these and~-~thO~ classes cam the Regisirar.et 492–6282. The ~.ITERS CENTE~,I Ires several classes beginning in late October ~-nd November: TYPE-GRAPHICS, PHOTOTYPESETTING, PLOT AND LCTION and DESIGNING BROCHDRES, NEWSLETTI~S Ah~ ANNOUNCE- 4ENTS. Readings continue on Sunday afternoons and the Vriters Center houses a second–hand bookstore and sr.~al press outlet. For Writers Center information call 229-0684. GLEN ECHO CERAHICS is offering a new term of pottery classes beginning November 17th with a special emphasis on PORCELAIN. For ~ni~o~-mation call Clen Echo Pottery at 229-5585. There are still a few scholarships for persons who are handicapped or elderly in weaving, quilting, sJlverworking, dance or consumer interests. If you are interested in a scholarship for a winter class in ti~ese areas and you are over 60 or in some way handicapped, please call 492-6282 for information. On Sunday, October 26th, at 5 p.m. Glen Echo will host Eovard Fox, Assistant Curator at the Hirshhorn in th.q Fine Cr.~:fts Room. lie w~ll discuss aspects of contemporary art in the United States. Speak.~ng of Glen Echo, did you know that 1,080 lightbulbs ~lltu,tlnate the Carousel? ED CLARK & SON •moving ohaullng eyard work I ~easonable i 229-7811 PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRYOUT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm  ;HE VILLAGE OEWS EDITORS — Betsy Cheney and Chadie Bookmnn TYPING .– Judy Green BUSINESS — Susan Gelb Bee oll eooo~oolllto O~ iIit lle~oo i1~ o~ooa~.~ The VILLAGE NEWS k published monthly in Cabin John, Maryland. Subscriptions are $4.00 per year for non-residents and fi, ee for Cabin John residents. Mail all ae John residents: Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions, and sub- scripti0ns to: Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS P. O. Box 164 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 THE BIKE PATH Reeently~an area resider, t wrote to the County Coul~cil inquiring into the care o the HacArthur Bicycle Path. He found out that the main- tenance of the path — gravel sweeping, brush re- moval, and so forth — is not on a regular maintenance pro– gram, but on el* as-needed basis. This means that if the condi- tion of the bike path is irk- some or even dangerous or hazardous to its users, then they have to bring the condi- tion to the attention of the authorities before it will be corrected. The county office number tu call i.~; /.,6:~-4020. A few tJ.mev phone calls can possibly produce a crew of sv:eepcrs in short order’ While we’re on tl,e f.:ubject, we’ve noticed that the bike p~zth remains grav(.l-free ~:hcrcve~” it i,’,” .,;~p:Iraied fron~ t|,e read by a gv,~:;sy strip. %,~b.ere the bike ,ath and the road merg,,~ ~nto ad tulihter– rupted stetch of Tar~:.cc, thu bike path b:,ct.mo~ covere.d with stones in ‘,:h,~::.’t o.,’~,r, posi’o_g a real rued haz,:rd to cyclists. The suitor/on in obvious – actJou a,yone? THE VILLAGE NEWS 4 JET NOISE UPDATE by: Dan Costello On August 15, 1980 the Secre- tary of Transportation announced a new Metropolitan Washington Airport Policy to provide a slight cutback in flights at National Airport to allow the use of widebodies, therefore, to establish a curfew of 10:30 pm for Jets taking off and Ii:00 pm for Jets landing. The policy also set a passenger ceiling of 17 million per year. Lastyear 15.1 million passengers used National whereasonly 3 million used Dulles and 3.8 million used Bkq. Although the new policy did not provide much needed re- fief, last month Congress com- pounded the problem by delaying until April 26, 1981 the cut- backs in commercial Jet flights. At the same time, the FAA was told by Congress to go ahead with with the Jumbo jets. On September 30, an emergency meeting was held by the Washing- ton Metropolitan Area Coalition on Airport Problems (CAP) to discuss the latest action by Congress. CAP is the Wash- ington area “umbrella” citizens group on airport noise. At that meeting, it was decided that massive lobbying efforts were needed to convince Congress of the seriousness of the problem and to show that it is in everyone’s interests to expand Dulles and Baltimore Airports. National is already operating at capacity with one Jet either landing or taking off every minute from 7:00 am to ii:00 pm every day of the year. If anyone is interested in helping CAP in this lobbying effort or in Joining the organization, please contact Dan Costello (6514 75th ST, Phone 229-7698) or Frank Sordyl (I0 Russell Road, phone 229-6417). Also, everyone is asked to write to the Secretary of Transportation to state that the policy for National Airport must go as a package, i.e., there must be a cutback in flights before the other aspects of the policy are put into effect. Address letters to The Honor- able Neil Goldschmidt, Secre- tary of Transportation, 400 7th Street ~.W., Washington, DC 20590. Copies of your letters should be sent to our representatives in Congress: Congressman Barnes and Senators Mathias and Sarbanes. The Neighbors Opposed to Irri- ta£ing Sound Emissions (NOISE) is another local organization which has been active in the Jet fight. The general counsel for the group is Mr. Joel D. Joseph. He is leading a suit against the PAA and I0 airlines for noise damages. Trial date for this suit should come up %~thin 6 months. Mr. Joseph publishes a monthly NOISE LETTER which provides an update on efforts to curb aircraft noise. To obtain a copy of the NOISE LETTER or to join the organiza- tlon, contact N.O.I.S.E., 1712 Eye Street N.W~, Suite i010, Washington, D.C. 20006 or call 338-5845. In addition to efforts to reduce Jet flights at National and transfer them to Dulles and Bkq, there has been a long standing effort to have a “scatter plan” implemented. In virtually every other airport in the United States, Jets are “scattered” so that no one community suffers un- bearably from the noise burden. Since 1967, the FAA has be~n using Cabin John as a convenient “noise dump.” As we all. are aware, it is at Cabin John where Jets apply “increased climb power” (FAA terminology) before turning off towards their ultimate destlna£ions. In 1977, a scatter plan was pro- posed by the FAA for National Airport but it was turned down by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). Eowever, as a result of intensive efforts by the CAP and other organizations and individuals, the COG has directed the FAA to come up with another scatter proposal. The FAA will present their latest proposal to the COG later this month. The position of Cabin John should be clear. We have been dis- criminated against for the past 13 years and we are not going to take anymore. Hence, some kind of a scatter plan should be Implemented within the next 6 months. If action is not taken by that time, we should go to court without further delay. Again, please ~mite, call, GET INVOLVED. If anyone has any questions, or if you want to help Frank Sordyl and Dan Costello in the jet fight, give them a call. They need and wel- come your assistance. “I just KNEW that was going to happen someday.” THE VILLAGE NEWS . 5 • ~j, • MORE ON.I_ THE SHOPPING CENTER m~–amm~ml~mm mmmmmmn——– n.–.um tO the Nontgomery County Co,ncil, and to the shopping center developer: “Recently, the Cabin John Citizens A~;socinhlon e.onducted a poll of eqmmunity re@Idents regarding the shopping center tP~at is rapidly approaching completion at the corner of l~acArthur Boulevard and 79th Street. “In view of the fact tPmt the communl ty has had only limited . opportunity to express it.~ con- cerns on the matter to the county government and to the developer, I thought you would be interested in review~zg the results of the poll (See August and September Village News). The article describes pressing pub- lic safety concerns and also details the services that the community would like to see pro- vided at the shopping center. “The Village News will be happy to feature any responses to the article that you may wish to make, in its next issue.” BUS TRANSPORTATION The following letter was sent to the Montgomery County Execu- tive, the director of Metrobus, and Congressman Mike Barnes. J “Recently, The_Village News, a newsletter serving the 600 residents of Cabin John, featured a letter to the Editor on the subject of providing b,s ser- vlce to the Cabin John area. The letter met with an over- whelmir~ community response. CoPies of the original letter and letters of support are attached. “The Village News is interested in detelmining whether or not it is realistic to try to ob- taln bus service in this part of Montgomery County. How should the community proceed? “The Villa~e News will be happy to feature any reply to the letters, Or to this letter, that you may wish to make, in its next issue.” Ed. Note: ~Tatch this space next Issue for a host of replies (we hope). A READER WRITES I would like to thank “another friend” who commented last r~onth about the entrance to the bridge, for their criticiszQ. But I would thank you a lot more for your’ help~ For at least l0 years I’ve been proud to do the garden – because I’m proud of my community. But my helpers Imve grovm up and moved away, and now: –The crab grass is awful and cuts r O’ bah’Is; –The su~nmer ha~ been hot and dry; — have a pinched nerve in my ± POTOMAC VALLEY LEAGUE There will be a general Party and Meeting of the League SUNDAY OCTOBER 26, 5-5p.m. at % Glen EchoPicnic Grove-rain- ~ Glen Echo Town Hall. All Civic associations,22 in the are%, will be in attendance. , If you care and would llke to help, I could use: mulch to smother the crab grass; mums for Beauty now; and some bulbs to plant now for Spring; lots of help ~ieeding~ Any volunteers? Please Call~ Joan Hook – 229-2504 Ed. Note: The garden looks beautiful this Fall~ Feast your eyes as you drive by~ Yo make sure it blossoms in the Spring yo,~r editors are goiz~g toplant a passe of bulbs. Continued from 1 2. Whi< the three ~rho,,s in the Clara Barton buJding complain about trash s1~d hro):en glas, that gets str¢:~: about every weel:~ud, the schools sure don’t try very hard to provide an alternative method of trash disposal. The schools should get it together to have a secure tmash can near the play structure and to empty it at least twice a week. If its there, people Just might use it. 3. A sturdy gate or chain at the entrance to the parking lot could keep cars out on weekends. The schools have a lease with the county. They have some legal basis to re- quest that the county install and operate such a gate. Per- haps the schools and the co~unity association should get together on this one. ~. Pe0Ple notice cars. Rather than complain abstractly about “drag racing,” get a good look at the offending ear. Next time you see that car in the daytime waiting for the ligh~ to ~:~n~e at the: l,r~dg¢, tell the driver how be bothers you at night. People pay attention and are polite on a one-to-one basis. Our community isn’t so big that we can’t get to Pm¢,w one another as individuals. 5. Why should i~be_V__i_.lage News be for adults only? Is it rated “X”? There’s an entire separate llfe to Cabin John — The Kids’ life — that goes unreported ~n your pages. ‘Get yourself some teen report- ers to cover local sports and activities. That kind of coverage could bring young add old together. This might make the adults loosen up a little bit, while the kids might become h little more aware that they’re an important part of Cabin John too. Signed — One of the Seven Locks (not Goldi) Ed. Note: Any reporterc out- there. Drop us a line. We could use one to cover Junior }{~h aud one to cower H:Lgi~ School. T~E VILLAGE NEWS GLASSIFII D Seasoned Oak Firewo#.d Delivered ~nd Stack+.~ Full Cnrd $120 Call 469-6276 FOR SALE – 1969 Chevy Malibu, “307; $——8-O0. Call 229-7236 YARD SALE: The Vogts are cleaning out their attic ano basement. ***October 25th*** 10AM – 4 PM – Furniture, kids toys, clothes, interesting “things”, food. Rain or Shine Antiques=and~Collectible9 For Sale Walnut accordian door 7’x8½’, wrought iron fence with gate 168x 34″. call 320-5759 EXPER T AL TERA TIONS CUSTOM SEWING Call Theresa, 229-1404 CRAFTERS WANTED for three- and four-year-old school craft fair. December 6 …. table fee only…call Shefla Gottesman at 229-3344 for reservations or additional /n formation. VILLAGE NEWS P.O. BOX 164 CABIN JOHN, MARYLAND 20731 Co~n~ity Forum of the Beth- esda- Chevy Chase Citizens Advisory Board There will be a Publis Forum for Citizens to express their regional concerns affecting the Beth7 Chevy Chase, Friend- ship Heights, Glen Echo and Cabin John Areas. The Advisory Board is the Direct link to The Montgomery County Gover- nment -County Council and County Executive. Please try to attend and bring your concerns on transp- ortation, public safety, healt: etc. If you wish to speak please call the service Center 9-5p.m. at 656-6796. The Forun will be held NOVEMBER 17, 8 p.m. at Beth-C.C. High School Lets have a rousing turnout from CABIN JOHN SCOTTISH DANCING Every Tuesday night at 8p.m. you are welcome to attend the Dancing at St. Andrews. Begin- ners are welcome and it is open to the public. Please call Margret Stevens at 569- 5975 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Washington Scottish Pipe Band Wed. nights also at st Andrews there is the opportunity to enjoy Scottish Music. The group was formed in 1928. They are also looking for ~r~aer~ Please call Greg O’Brienat 351-3583. AROUND TOWN WelF0me to Cabin Jo’.,,n — Jane & Lee Price and their two boys, Dean 3 and Lito 6. The Family resides: on Tomlln~or, Terrace. Cabin John wlshes Dr. Errett Albritton (Dr. “A”) well. He is living with his family in California. We’ll miss seeing him “running” up MacArthur Blvd. D. A resided Jn C.J. for 5 years. Townhouses will soon be going up on the Po_.i~,ger Tract, ~;est of C.J. Gardens and cast of Dr. Zeilcrs’ Yery’appreciatlve thanks go to Merri and Alan Van E:r_erick for designing and painting our new and beautiful CitJ:.en’s Assoc. @igns and the permanent Cr’a-~ “~’ ::~” Feast s~gns. Thanks also go to silent donors of the p!y~ood. The NEWS thanks the enonymous donors who put $22 in the News cup at the Crab Feast. And yet anoth~.r $I0 donation was re- ceived at the last citizens meeting. Welcome baby Victor Wash- burn Crook, and Congratul- ations to the proud parents. Victor resides on Arden Rd. and was born 5 October. The News is looking for reporters, any age, to dig up Infbr~tlon for the Around Town column. If yo~ have a new neighbor, a new baby, etc., or perhaps 5ave sited en unusually large flock of geese~ drop the Vila$_eeNgj:~ ~ a line. BULK RATE U. S. POSTAGE PAID CABIN’JOHN. MD. 20731 PERMIT 4210

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