November 1981

II I I Tb eate ., .~:~Ooy-,,:Care ,,Centers r ned ~ ~ Nearly half of the day care centers ope~tihg in county schools will have to clo~<if the Board of Education approves a plat’to close 31 schools over the next five yea~$: Many school-housed day care centers • w~i~ be displaced by these closures. • ~e~need for day care throughout the county : Continues to escalate. The existing centers, even now, cannot meet the needs of all those fam~!ies who seek care. An Alliance for School-Based Child Care has been formed• To add your voice in support, write Carole Wallace, President of the Board of Education, 850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, Md. 20850• Or, speak up at a meeting of the County Executive’s Task Force on Child Care, to be held Saturday, November 21, at 1 pm, in the Council Hearing Room, i00 Maryland Avenue, Rockville. OND ” iNovem~erDec~mS~r !981 “How TolChoose ‘ A Kindergadenl ClaraBarton Center invites all parents of children headed for kindergarten next fall to a discussion of area kindergartens. The meeting will include a survey of kindergarten s in the area with parent reports on the merits of each. Also featured will be a dliscussion Of guidelines:for evaluating and ch0@siDg a kindergarten, led by Ethna Hopper, an educational consultant• Mee T ~T~ C~-~ ~ Oec.1, 7: 3~FM. Return Of The Delight in beauti beautifully crafted items including: ~je~!rY, doll houses, ~wO~carving, pottery toys~<:stained glass macrame~,.quil,ting at iT. Fresh ~bles and ~ill also • Sat. Jet Noise Update by Dan Costello New Airport Policy –A ceiling of 16 million passengers per Year at National (slight reduction) :, –Maintain a total of 60 flights per hour –Limit scheduling from 7 am to i0 pm, but allow a few !’quleter” flights after I0 pm – transportation to Dulles –E:xtend perimeter for non-stop service ~, ,~,. from 650 to 1,000 miles:, …. ‘-A!i0 w “:extra sections” injexcess/of slots allocated~’to airlines. …. …. n – 5 pm, In hearlngs on thls proposed po!zcy thls~ , ton. summer, the Cabin John Citizens A ss~o~Ciati~.:!J~i:~i~i~’::J 4 Year expril~’ssed concern that the proposed rules would …. not provzde adequate nozse rellef, e were …. = ~ -i ‘ ‘ ” . , . . Continued on page. 2 Citizens Association Meeting-~. – Deadline F;rN:exi:i;~sue: Clara Barton School Library ~/~,¢ ~.., ~: ~i: v: !~ 8 PM,:TuesNov~’sERZ4 ==~~ “- -‘”‘ : THE VILLAGE NEWS 2 I 3et No, se—-… L9ck, …… , :,~’~’~t:i’~/la,rly upset over t~he night fi,ghts and :extra sections. We were also outraged that the new policy did not provide for a “scattering” of jets. Nonetheless, we thought ARCHITECTS that there should be a policy so that a cap would at last be put on the growth of National. Before the proposed policy can take effect, it needs Congressional approval, and this has never been forthcoming. No matter what policy is implemented for National Airport (short of closing it down), we in Cabin John will never receive any meaningful noise relief unless and until there is a scattering of jets. In recognition of the unfair burden placed on us and others along the Potomac River corridor, the Washington Council of Governments (COG) voted on May 13 for the testing of a scatter plan. The test was to have occurred for two months in the fall and for two months in the spring. Now we are told by the FAA that due to the controllers strike, no test will be possible until late spring. Nonetheless, we in Cabin John must ensure that there is a test and an eventual permanent scattering of jets. Justice and equity demand nothing less. Law Suit Joel Joseph (who lives in Cabin John) is the attorney for a law suit against National Airport. The purpose of the suit is to make the FAA pay for the right to fly over the plaintiffs’ homes. If we win and set a precedent, then there might be thousands of suits: and the economic rent of National may become so great that some airlines will be forced to move to Dulles. Also the FAA may be encouraged to scatter the jets so that no community has cause for future action. Trial date is set for Feb. 10-16 in the Court Of Claims. ED CLARK 8. SON did ?RU~ II~O i|lmlll •moving ehaullng oyard work x-ea.,~ox,.~aLlla, le 229-7311 :i ,:;: Continued on page 4 …. 1 • i ” QUt  PASTRIES*M £ ATS’CARRY-OUT! GROC ERI ES* BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Thomas Manion AiA 6405 Eighty-first Street Cabin John, Md. 2o8i8 additions renovations new homes solar and earth sheltered designs 229-7000 Santa To Visit Hear ye, hear ye! Come one and all to the Cabin John family Christmas Part~. Mark the date now on your calendar–5 p.m., Sunday, December 13, in the Washington International School gym. Come and share the holiday spirit with friends and neighbors –we extend a special invitation to new members of our community’to join us. There will be home-baked treats, coffee and cider, music, songs by the children of the 4-year old school, group carolling, and (if we ~re good) a visit from Santa himself. Please bring a plate of cookies to share with your neighbors for our refreshment table; and if you can help with the party call Merri van Emmerick 229-8936. THE VILLAGE NEWS ( Glen Echo Expansion Underway The. Glen Echo Shopping Center at MacArthur Boulevard and Goldsboro Road is currently undergoing extensive construction which will add a second floor,for additional office space, remodel existing and new stores, and improve the overall appearance. The owner, Karl W. Corby Construction Company, Washington, D.C. , is adding 9,000 additional square feet to the existing 13,600 square feet of commercial space. The expansion, which is being completed by the Corby firm, is expected to be completed by early 1982. The design concept and plans were provided by the Kerns Group Architects, Washington. According to the owner, no leases have been signed at this time for the additional offices. The drug store was recently taken over by new owners and is being remodeled as part of the renovation plan. The newest tenant, Pepperidge Thrift Store, recently moved into the space formerly occupied by a beauty salon. According to Rene McDonald, Manager of the new outlet, the firm chose the location because of planned renovations and expansion and the rapid growth in the Glen Echo, Cabin John, Palisades and Potomac ~communities. She said, “Based on our advertising and our repeat customer business, the trends indicate any future tenants in the center should be successful.” The store formerly occupied by a dry cleaning firm is being used as a construction office during the renovations. Present plans call for remodeling this unit for a future pizza parlor and seafood store–a possible new home for Sea-Air, which currently sells from a truck at the Bridge. Upon completion of the work, the parking lot will be repaved and other landscaping • improvements will be made so the complex will be a credit to the community. 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Proposed Hufhy tract development (near WSSC waher tower) Report on hearings. 2. Bus service, van pool, etc. Report on community survey need. 3. Xmas Party: Planning and Preparations. 4. Jet noise update. 5. Vote on by-law amendment to allow the Executive Committee to make certain expenditures without their being voted on at community meetings (as currentlv required). Sec. 4(6) to Ar. II, Sec. 4(a), as follow follows: (b) Notwithstanding the the foregoing, the Executive Committee may spend Association funds, subject to the following conditions: (i) No single expenditure shall exceed $50. (2) No expenditure Con~uedonp~e,5. Give THE VILLAGE NL:WS A Christmas Present! THE VILLAGE NEWS JET NOISE **** What you can do We must keep fighting if we want to stop being discriminated against. Whenever you are irritated by jet noise, call the National Airport Sound Complaint Center at 557-2081. Lodge a strong and vociferous complaint. It won’t stop the noise for now but it will let the FAA know that you are bothered and that you expect something to be done about it. Come to the Cabin John Citizens Association Meetings and get involved. ‘Join the Jet Noise Committee and help by writing, calling, and visiting our Senators, Congressman, Country Executive, COG, FAA, newspapers, radio, and TV stations. Please get in touch with Frank Sordyl at 229-6417 or Dan Costello at 229-7698 (home) or 697-0206 (work). We desperatelyneed your help if we are ever to succeed in having a quiet community again. Fin~lly, send in a donation to help out in the law Suit. Make your check payable to N.O.I.S.E. (the organization headed by Joel Joseph) and send to Dan Costello at 6514 75th Street. Remember if we lose, then the FAA will probably keep sending all the jets over our homes forever. If we win enough money, I’ll personally reimburse everyone double what they contribute! Need TRAVEL Arrangements? Business Or Pleasure Call IRENE REDECKE Your professional .personal travel. ‘ consultant in nearby Carderock Home: 229-4469 Bus: 897-5100 NO JOB TOO SMALL OR TOO LARGE CONTRACTOR 320-5623 (cid:127)I(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)|(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)I(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127) IIllIIlllllllIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIII GLEN ECHOES In accordance with the development plan, the Nat. Park Service has been investigating buildings at Glen Echo Park over this past year, and as part of that investigation closed several of the spaces formerly used to house classes. The spaces are boarded up and there is no money to rehabilitate them. The classes were placed in other not nearly so visible spaces. The only class lost was welding. The brightest spo t on the horizon is ~he~founding of the GLEN ‘, ECHO PARK-CLARA i~N NATIONAL HISTORICAL SITE FOUNDATION. Persons interested in what happens to Glen Echo Park in the future should join the foundation. Write a postcard to Nancy Lon~ Glen Echo, MD 20812, with your name and address, or call the Park at 492-6282 to have your name put on the foundation list. Church Notes Cabin John United Methodist Church invites all neighbors to a buffet dinner, Saturday, December 5, 4-7 pm. Adults $4.50, kids $2.25, tots free. Every Tuesday at 5 pm The Ping Pong Fellowship gets t<~eth together at the church. All ages welcome. Community children! Have your parents being you to Sunday School, i0 am, everY week, beginning in December. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUCK November 24th is a big day for Leo “Buck” Worsham of 7910 MacArthur Blvd. : That’ s when he turns 95 years young. Buck has lived in Cabin John since 1939 and worked as a carpenter until he was 84. I. THE VILLAGE NEWS shall be made except upon the fa~i~mative vote : ~f’t~O.~thi~ds”‘iof .~he ExecutiVe Committee. members attending any Executive meeting. (3) Every such expenditure shall be reported to the Association meeting next following such expenditure. (4) The total of such expenditures should not exceed $i00 in the period between reports as required by subsection (3) hereof~ NEW CABIN JOHN DIRECTORY Our community directory needs xour support. In November and December we are doing a door-to-door canvas of every household in Cabin John to get an accurate listing for our new directory. This is a big task, but if many people participate by doing just one block each, it can be accomplished quickly and we can have our new directory in January 1982. Can you help? Please phone Merri van Emmerick 229-8936, or Kay Kemp 229-2018. New Tenant at Clara Barton School The washington • International School has moved into the available space at the Clara Barton School. Classes for nine and ten-year-olds are being held there. The expanded facilities have enabled the School to offer new places in its bilingual programs, for the first time in several years, to pupils at all levels. LET ANNIE THANK CABIN JOHN & GLEN ECHO FOR YOUR PATRONAGE REMEMBER TO C • F U R S E T £ O m LET P i r ANNIE c I K C t FRAME u U P r IT E & D F E R L A I M %’ I E N R G “‘ Anni~ MacDonald 229-1557 The Washington International School is unique in this area in that from the nursery classes onward it uses either English and French or English and Spanish as the languages of instruction. Intensive introductory language training is provided for students new to Spanish or French. For’more information, interested parents are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office at the School’s Georgetown location, 2735 Olive St. N.W. telephone 333-7883. ‘ BUTTON DOWN FOR WINTER Country dancing will keep the chills-away. An area dance is set for Saturday December 5 at 8 pm, at the Brookmont Church. Dances will be New Eng- land contras and squares. Calls by Tuppence° Music by Cabin John’s own band Cat’s Cradle, All dances will be taught, and a good time is likely to be head byall! .= ================,========,.=| .. Expert Alterations • I CUSTOM s mG | ‘| • • • , • ! Call Theresa m_ | ‘ 229-1404 | LnunmunnnnnnnNinuummnmmni~ ground maintenance and gardening by Yardscapes, Inc. 942-4345. mean men • mama • man .alaomellmmmnml • imml • 6 Tile VILI.AGE NEWS CLASSIFIED 50¢lline Reliable Spanish speaking housekeeper seeks day work. Lives in Cabin John. Call 229-7687. Happy Holidays Need room in area to rent, Mon. thru Thurs. Model Basin Employee. Call David Manley 227-1146. Afghans for Sale. Will crochet your special colors. (2 new patterns) Call 229-4097. Part-time help wanted for Real Estate Office in the Glen Echo Shopping Center. Typing required. Call 229-2000 between 9 am and 5 pm. .• Lost: 16” child’s bike left on MacArthur Blvd. “Lil Lightnin.” Call 229-6265.  H.E  ILLAGE.pEWS I=6~” NEWS EDITORS — Betsy Cheney and Charlie Bookman DISTRIBUTION –Veena Titus BUSINESS–Susan Gelb GRAPHICS — Jane Pric~ ……… SIGN-UP SHEET FOLDERS ” ” * * b4argaret Stream Naomi Denell Mary Yarid Agnes Sipes Panya (Pat) Duff Irene M. Carper Jane Hunter Susan Gel b i , w,, i THE VILLAGE NEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: Full page $40.00 .: – “.2 / 3 ‘pa ge -$30 ~. 00~,’ ‘, :’L, I12 page $25.00’ 113 page $15.00 1:6 page $I0.00 1/12page $ 6.00 i i I~ncourages Reader Participation. If you want to say it…say it in theNEWS (cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)i(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127) VILLAGE NEWS P.O. BOX 164 CABLN JOHN, MARYLAND 207SI BULK RATE U. S. POSTAGE PAID CABIN JOHN. MD. 20731 PERMIT 4210 • Resident 8217 Caraway Street

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