November 1980

” ~ V ….. . ……………………….. November 1980 ” SANTA-2cOM, ES:TO CABIN JOHN Santa’S s~:eigh will pass our way :4-6 :PM Sunday, December 14, to :a°~t~6n’d the annual Cabin John:~Christmas Party at:the Cla~ Barton School Building. In addition to Sant~, there will~be a tree decorating acti~ity. Reed Martin will pla#~?t~ha-t • fabulous banJo. BarNara Clark Will lead a carol:sing. The Cabin John .an’d 4 Year 01d School will~ provide a choru~ of llt~tle,angels. , There~ will also he an &r~s and crafts table for~you to display your creative genius. Cider and Christmas cookies for all ~will CAp the day (bring a cookie donation if you wish). ‘~.~anlt toiLhe~p with the i/party? ~,;.,call Merri ~an Emmerik, ‘ 229~5851. .:~r~ ‘ • ~. ~> .-~: . : -~. , ‘ ” . ~ ~. . ,4. , P,S. The E&~nta Suit iS still looking for an occupant: …. <=  o • , • : . , HAPPY HDLIDAY5 AND ‘ A HAPPY NEW YEAR! CABIN JOHN CITIZENS ASSOCIAT” 9N MEETING Tuesday, ~ JanUary “2~/1981. C ‘ ~L/hRA BARTON-SCHOOL Coffee:’ ~d,do~hn~ts~will be-Served CABINJOHN z St. Andrews Likes C~bin John ” Did You Ever Consider a Close-at-Ho?ne Pdvate SchoOl For Your Child? ‘”Weblike ~o ~eel a part of this community,. The i Reverend Borg, hea~,aster of St. Andrews Episc0pal School located in the Clara Barton School Building, said recently in an interview with The ¥illag~ New~. :S~.~ndrews is an ePt~a~palian-oriented ind%- :p4ndent private school offering college pre- paratory education for grades 7-12. As of next year its enrollment will be almost 200 s~udents. ” Thegil.a~eNewo asked Rev. Borg about Some .community issues. Under the terms of its lease with the county, the school is required to rent space to the Post 0ffice~The Cabin John 5 and 4 Year_01d School and the Clara Barton Day Care cBnter. ~ev. Borg says that relations among the various users of the Clara Barton Building are excellent. St. Andrews is responsible for the upkeep of theschool yard, although the county mows the lawn and shovels the snow. Recently, the school placed trash cans in the play area. The school jan£tor;~empties the cans as necessary. Perhaps next summer’s trash problem in the:play area ~ will be less, because of St. Andrews renewed concern for the school yard: In contrast to the school yard, the playing fields are operated by the County Recreation Department. Any county resldent can use the playlngfields for organized sports. All that is necessary is to call the Recreation Depart- men: to reserve playing time. Their number is 468-4206. St. Andrews would welcome new students from Cabin John (at present only one Cabin Jane attends). StY. Andrews is looking for average kids who are motivated to learn. The most openings are in next year’s seventh grade class. Tuition is $3,000 per year, which is on the low side of area private schools. Substantial scholarship aid is available and is awarded based on need. CRAFTS FAIR Sat …… = Dec urday, • ember6th CLARA 13ARTON SCHOOL f THE VILLAGE NEWS • . , ‘ ~”:~”‘ ./~F., .’.~ …. . …. ~.,., i.’., ~.:~’~,~? ~. …. ” ” _ ?.~. ~. . # JET SCA. ‘T ER by Dan Costello The FAA ha~ onc~ again pub- lished a “study design” for a test scattering of jets from National Airport. The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. (COG) will soon vote for or against this test proposal. Allen van Emmerik, President cf our Citizens Association, has written a letter to the COG in support Of the scatter plan. As in the past, we can expect other communities to vocally oppose any kind of a scatter plan. They evi- dently feel that it is too much ~o,hear possibly ~0 Jets a day while it is all right for us to hear ~00 Jet a-day: Let’sreview the facts: 1. In 1966, when Jets were first introduced into National Airport, a scatter plan was used. 2. In 1967, after receiving pressure from the other com- . munlties, the FAA started .- ,-usln~ Cabin John as a con- ~ ~.~ ~ for Jets to ” :. ; ;apOly “increased climb power”. :~…~:~Thvre were no publiclhcarings, leakyLock The C&O•Oanal has been dry this year from lock8-12 (below SevenLocks. Road) because of rcpalrs that are being made at Lode 12~ The ” problem is that ~he canal was drained to facilitate repairs and then the. repair work exceeded the budget.for the Project and all work stopped. The budget snafu will• be solved in due course, but in the meantime winter skaters will have to test the ice below lock 8 or above lock 12. Mr. ~a!lor IS also sending investigators to track down the strong sewage odor that • prevails at lock 8. ” B , , ‘ John before turning into Virginia. • When our neighbors acrozs the river complained, tk FAA quickly backed down. 4, In 1977, the FAA finally proposed a true scattering of Jets (Jets are scattered in vir- tually every•other air- port in the U.S.) When the Cog failed to support the.plan, the FAA con- tinued its present discriminatory policy. 5. In 1978, when the FAA offered to extend the flight path from lO to l~ males to thenorth, Cabin John dld not support the proposal. Cabin John has never advocated the shifting of noise from lts location to•one other location. Instead Cabin John has always advocated the eoual sharin~ of the noise B-~n, as much as possible • , THE., BOTTOM LINE IS: As a group and as a :community, we must stand together in trying to get a scatter plan implemented. We are ~:-~–\~Lno ~en~ironmental impact i~/iil : :~-~’~a t ~ role n t s, an6~.: no .~t e s t s. It morallYsuch actionrightbe tOtaken.demand Ifthat i~”~,~:-~:~:~::wad~:~ihst~iildcne,17:P e~ri~d’ the>i~COG and FAA fail to act, i~! ;~’~’~ /~Ud~/~::~’~vl;~;bf 9,1~;:; PrOblem, t he court • proceedings without i<~-:!:~:: F~iA.~@~L\!~t)~-‘~7~Sbd~h~0’und: Jets. further delay. If you want ‘to h~Ip in this ~ig~t, call i • ~0~~–~0 ~ ~O~:~:~.y~:,over Cob~y, .Dan Costello, 229-7698.   viE ,ii!i!ili!, i  , k LL Riding t6at • Diow!Own Vills~dNews has’printed let- ters and~artlcles on the sub- ject of rush-hour bus trans- portation linking Cabin Sohn With dovmtown. The articles and letters were forwarded to ~TROBUS and to Congress- man Barnes. METROBUS respond- :ed by sayingLthat the routes • that pass nearest to Cabin John generallyhave standing room only. On the other hand, Congressman Barnes would like to meet with a dele- gation from the CoTanunity Association to discuss our needs and to explore possibi- lltles. Congressman Barnes’ letter has been turned over to the Trans- portation Committee of the Com- munity Association. Over the next two months this,Committee wlll pin down the number of potential bus riders in our area and wlll develop alter- native ways of securing bus service–through METRO,the County’s ride-on program, van pooling, etc. After the Assoc- iatlon knows what it wants and can support, it will be in a • . better posltion to discuss • wlxat is needed with Congres- sman Barnes, rather than to Just voice problems. • H£ VILLAG£ n£W$ Editors.Betsy Cheney and Charlie . •~ B0okman Typing– Pat Duff Business –. Susan Gelb F01ders– Kay Kemp, Judy Duffield, Marian .Crook, Susan Gelb Pat Duff and Betsy Cheney. eooeoooeeeoeoeeeeooe~#eeee~eeoeooee . .The VILLAGE NEWS is published monthly in Cabin John, Maryland. 8ubacrlptions are $4.00 per year for non-residents and free for Cabin John residents. Mail all ae John residents. Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions, and sub- scrlptions to: Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS P. O. Box 164 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 THE.VILLAGE NEWS “::i-~ ..; – ::: ” ‘ ~* ” PRESI ENT,S PEN Alan van Emmerik MacArthur Square Mall doesn’t have a single signed tenant yet, either office or retail. I sense a certain anxiety on the part of management. The Redstone Corporation was to have been the fireball rental agent. It fizzled, and has been replaced byMr. Anderson, an employee of the developer. Limited negotiations with no’ particular prospect have been conducted with 7-11, Safeway, Peoples, and a locally-spon- sored restaurant. There is also no progress yet in office ren- tals. Mr. Anderson would much appreciate any help in finding tenants thatthe Community can give. :Contact him through me o~ the Village News. The November meeting of the Association will be-held on the 25th of November in the library of the Clara Barton school building. There will be no December meeting because of the holidays. The committee~structure is off to a good’start. Every committee has garnered some volunteers, but more are still needed. There are nine committees. We need five volunteers on each in order to spread the work load. The Transportation.Committee, especially, seemsto be off to a fast start, and needspeople to prepare for a winter meeting with Congressman Mike Barnes. Come to the November community meeting’. Sign up for a com- mittee. Help us make Cabin John a better’place to live. QII  PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRYOUT!’ GROCERIES*BREAKFASTeLUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm .’ .’ L The Biq Muddy  uddle Oh MocA/thur Boulevard While the drainage alongsid~ MacArthur Boulevard has been fixed in ~pots, it is still terrible for much of its length, especially from Clara Barton School to QuickFood. When it rains it floods. The Village News contacted The MohtgomeryC~unty High- way Dept. and several levels of Officials including Mr. ~binskyChief of Highway Maintenance have been out to investigate the site.Mr Dubinsky called The News to say that the situation will be corrected. Itis of a:” ‘ ‘ serious enough nature to warrent attention. ‘, .’s “,: f~ b~ ~”~:’~ ~ “~ r~. 5;~:~L,~ ~:,~ ~-,:~ ,~:- …. i ‘I II IFIIlil …………  .crea Planning C omMi 8 Si~~:~ it .-took to inv~ei~ti:g~ ~ procedure  -or John Recreation c.enter,~:n~t! to the Tennis Cbur~s,,~ ?A~i~~:~ county resident can uaav~ Rec Center for any eve6~L~ where neither tickets are, L ?-+ sold or alcohol is used. L :i-c ~ This means any sort of’ socla~ -~Lil gathering, civic group, boy : or glrl scouts or private .parties. There is a small fee. Reservations should be made 60 days prior to the event. The Rec Center cannot be Used on Christmas or New Year’s. To reserve the Rec Center call 468-4050. If you would like a brochure of Winter Classes at Glen Echo call 492-6282 and leave your name, address and zip code. B~ Diane Kellogg “PLANNING GLEN ECHO’S FUTURE The National Park Service is planning for the future of Glen Echo, They are interested in our views on the facilities that the parM should have and the programs thatshould be offered. A public meeting was held on Friday evening, November 4th, to solicit the views of those who live near and utilize the park. More than fifty people attended and voiced a wealth of ideas, from reopening the ~ Swimming l~x) to establishing – a year-round center for ~h0 : performing arts: ” ‘- L..v_ It’s not too iste for you :to:bO’L-‘i..’~i~i ~ heard. Good idea, and:bad tom-/ i ~>~f~ • . … -: : . ., : . .~._ ~&K-‘~_,~.–~ ~- .;~…-‘s ~ ~” News from Glen Echo Traveling down MacArthur, have you ever seen the STONE TOWER in Glen Echo Park? It dates back to 1891 when the twin Baltzley brothers built a Chautauqua Assembly at Glen Echo. Today it houses a gallery that shows the work of the artists at Glen Echo in the Creative Education Program. On Sunday, December 7th, at noon the Gallery will open a show of work by these artists for the Holiday Season. Maybe you will find the unusual gift you have been looking for or maybe you’ll just come in and have a cup of hot spiced cider and look around. The show will be open for viewing through December ~ut the sooner you come–the more there will be to see: The Gallery is ~pen Y~n-Thurs 10-5 and Sat and -Sun 12-5. GLEN ECHO GLEAMINGS ~,, ~ = ~: —; fofthe o.e’xt “: …. /~’~issOe ~!il,~bei ……. “- January.. 1 Otlh;~:.-3:9″8:1 Shaded 10~. in ,6a 1,1-‘. •229~62 6~. .” ,. , _ ,. J : :” :: ~.:~ ,…~: – V ” EXp.X~!,?.&Lr~I~.A TIONS c air~Tli e~,~e~i2 2 9.14 04 Artist Seeks Studio. Rent . your spare room to local responsible woman aztist. Georget0~h University teaoher. Call ~ P=.M. 2’29-1798. . i’ ‘ . ~’ . .:~ :. k.f ~’: .. ,,’..~,~ ….. Vm~E-~WS:’. ‘ ” :”. ~ / .P:Q’:;~BOX~ ~:./: ‘ CABIn J0~,.:,:~i-. t~%RY.~ 207.$1 ” – . :~:-~”; ~RE~AL, ESTAT.E~N~E~S ~ “~ -~ ~ ~- . ‘~ !~/ ~!- ,..~.~.,;-i- ~-‘ ~-” ~ ~,cOiu Cabin John • fir, st trust:-on~our home-of ‘ ~, ._: .:-” • .:(;:? !.,.: -. ~v’.: ~ ….. “$ 82′.,:5.00 .. . :S”fipp0s’e. ~oh.:iag~ee on ::’!(i: ….. ‘ ‘~ -” ” : ” : ~-~<‘ : : ” loan o~er 30 y, ea~rs would ~ve • February-Tomlznson. +~..-.$-I:0-3,500 -. . …: ~=,-~.>:::.,..:.~ ~.~ .. -.~_ . ~ .’-~g-” :’ .- March( . 80th:Piac-e $’~0i0.00~ YOU”ia:~,:-‘in~om:~-~io:f – $8,48vg,.3_~m0n ~th ” ‘~o~, .-~-~i~,~, ~. :~:C”~. ann. secuned b~,~0u.r/.own home– a Seqtember:-.8.1st;~S’t.rd’d:t: $. :53,000-: You may. offer t,oc ho-l’d’ ;this note AsT~ou,~can-See .CaB:ifi~39~ homes for’.any_~’ndmher • o:£~ wish, cover-~.a~wi”de pricff:~:n~e~ mak-. after:~h,ich the rema’fning loan in~:it ve’ry.~imfi6htari:C:.f6″r you . balance wou-ld .Re due anS.’~payable .. tq!~;.se.e..,k-AprOfess mona~- advmce b – ” to.;yo/i;,:.. A.: BALLOON-p’aY.ment after ‘fore’ pri.eing y6fir’:’h’6he “,~0r sale. three.~:years~~.wof.~d net.”you” $181,530. , ~=’~ ~:T:” . . ‘ ~:~:’~:’ :~:~ -‘-:~ :a,t~”the:…end:~Of’:the .~-hr:e6″:.year term. METHOD ,I~–.. OWNER.-:EINANCI-~NG -or- PLUS~-o Z~u-~65~l~ have’~/::received ‘bWN~MOR..T~GRGE’;. BKNK-ER! ! ! ‘ $29′; $30. 66 in-interest”.payments WHY .SHOULD -THE-B~NK GET RICH?? ? ~6Ver::.the.,::tliree-.: year~.’p:e#i0d, .and $10.30.’; 8-TJof ~*our: pr4ncf,pqe already Suppose your house sold for rep,aid~.i :,’ :” . , .::-::~::. :..~ $110;.000.:-,.If you.take 25% down :. .. .,.’ ” .dead, . -…~,~.,:st°ra~e~,~,<.~.:. .°f, a Speolai,.:.. youwiii receive $27,5’00 at If you dec-i’de t’o hold the.”~n~te intere-zt:C~AUtomobile., – settlement, minus whatever your ten years you, would receive remaining mortgage balance and ba:l.i~on :~, a. ment of $767~995 17 Call 229-8561 ……… ~,….!~ ~ ………. .:-;~ …… , …… . …….. ~:.. . ,.,p y . ) . .””…!?~:/,.: :”~:.,.”J …. : ‘ ” ~’ , ‘ ” …… mncurred–sell, zn,g -expens~es “may .be p’lus-..yOU~:would h’ave-..r, ece~ved You would hav@”to Day -~- – t.ot~l nf Yq(, 366 77 in ~t~- .For Sale:, :~ro Lawn ~ …. ” ~ ……. ” ……. ~” ‘ ‘ . –. — — r ……………….. .:Mower, wi~h:-~.,~;~C-uts!,,~ell;:’~-: ~” :~:/’:!4:NO!~l’°ran4p.!:ac-,e.ment:~:£ees”‘~D°mnt:s:)” -est:~’0n°~-your’~m0ney “,over “‘t.h’e-ten- but ks hard tO start ” $35. . ‘~0″VA orFHA points . year-s, .:v . . ~;..; – ::. ,. . Call 229-6265. HOW T.O SELL YOUR.HOME WHEN ….. other,-,ways th~s INTEREST RATES, R,E~CH 14% AND There are many BEYOND? ? ? ? ? one ~method :. can-::be cu._stom .tailor- • ,..::: . – – .. -.-.::-: -: :. .: ed to.~,mee.t- your.~specific:: needs, an~. more-nie~hods-~t o :st~.u~ture .- Y~d:heed Cssh tO- m0qe? Look for ” ” ” seles..,today..C.’,If me if you a house that-has’.i-n÷!~ssd~nable!i~apecJa~,.quest~nns or. loan or .special financing so that circumstances. -~ -” you .c~ri ~pply all ~.~art of your..- …. _% …. .:,. ¢ ./ ~.99-26:00 – office Mlra Bernsteln yourne~ mortgage..: ……. Sh~nnoni.~ ~Luchs -:229-2555-.- Home . ……….. : P~’toma6: Vill;age ” . -“j . – , . . ., : , – .? -~ ~..~ ::.~ BULK.RATE: ‘•Ui &:~STAGEIPAID . .- – . i:’~ ‘ . t-.- . ” “-‘: – : ……. CABIN’ JOHN. MD. :’- ‘ “” …… 20731 PERMrr 4210

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