November 1976

.. ‘ “i : ” : -~-‘ . .: ~. . ~-‘,,~ ,, : ….. ~ ‘ ~,~!.:¢: .~. …. ~ ……. .- . VOLUM~ 9 NUMBER 2 SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND ~:NOVEMBER-DECEMBER~2-197,6 ‘ ” : .,. … L.. .’ ~ …. .-..-.2. …… :’-“”-::”–i:.:r::~2 _ im | , GOOD-BYE, N-8 BUS LINE byAndy Rice Friday, 6:4S p.m. The little crowd at the GlenEcho Shopping Center peers down the darkness of MacArthur Boule- vard. Around the bend the running lights finally appear. A quick cheer, the bus arrives, the faithful band clambers aboard, The last run of the N-8 bus line has begun. While the champagne and pretzels are being handed around, the bus makes its way back to the Parkway, Curves around behind Glen Echo Park, and swings up to MacArthur again for its farewell trip through Cabin John. Thus did the end come to the N-8 on Friday, November 12, 1976; with it the end to all public transportatio n in Cabin John. EverYbody was sorry tO see it go, but nobody (well, hardly anybody) rode on it. The little buses — their small size geared to the CITIZENS ASSOcI~A~ION::Ii:.::-:I~::<~ ~ ~EETING NOVEMBER-.23 ………. ~..:!-:,?. • ;The,,Cabin.John ?Cit.$zens. ….. –As s o~i at:i0fi .wii 1 ih~l d ‘~ ~ ~ NOvember 23..”a’ti:BPM’at ………. :.- …. t0pit”fff “dxscusslon.:.- Ar~ -!.v; Taxes Too High in Mont- gomery County?” Speakers will includeNeal Potter,: ‘amember .of the Montgomer ~ County Council and a-re- , presentative,,ofthe Mont- gomery CountY’Taxpayers’~,: League ,~. ~. … weight limitation on MacArthur — had been running since ” _ _- i _. 1960 when the last of the o16 No. 20 trolley cars had lu.,, ~iif!”.~ ~~ :i’~ ~. : up the ghost. For many years terminating atthe Quick Food Shop:(withtwo runsa day0ut tothe M0del Ba’sln),’fhe > , : (Continued on next page) Union A. Reopen by Shelly Keller JOHN cITIZENS ….. IATION:HOE~DAY-<>PARTY Cabin J0hD~Cit~.zen s iation is having a, Friday,:, ..” …… ber 17 at Clara -:., ….- ~ The Union Arch n School from 2 to …. cle and vehicular traffic on Saturday, December 4~th. ~The :I9PM.I The will be refresh- 10 A.M. ceremony will be held on’the:Banfiockburn ~ Side”bf~he ments, Santa Claus, and bridge and everyone is invited t67~attend. The Arm~–.Cor~s~:bf.,’: he Cabin John Four Year Engineers is hosting the 10 A.M. 0pening, Which will; ~fic~u~61 ,:: :bid School class will sing; presentations by severalpublic fig~re~,i amGfig, t hem-‘CGn2i/ ,Each family is asked to gressmap Gilbert Gude. ‘ : :~:~ The completion is coming a few weeks~ieariile~ah the original estimated January 1st completion date:’Mr. William ~ Miller, crew foreman for thb U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ repair:of-the bridge, spent over a year researching the concrete coloring necessary to match the over 100-year old Seneca sandstone used on the peripet o~ the bridge. The d~scovery of a dye formula will play a significant role in the repair of the old Smithsonian buildings as well as por-, ‘ tionsof~the canal locks which are also constructed of …. . .% Seneca Sandstone. ., • According to Rex Borsari of THE ECHO, several of the oid sandstones, removed from the :bridge will be used in fash- ioning a monument Which Will hold two plaques. The larger ‘wglindicatethe bridge as a National HistoricSite; a s,ialler plaque, in the shape of a drop of water will signify tIie bridge’s: useas an aqueduct. bring a finger-f00d des- sert to share. SPACE AVAILABLE IN CABIN ,JOHN d-YEAR 0LD SCH00L I ‘-One space ~• is available in the Cabin John Four year 01d Scho0i. This nursery ,program operates at Clara :Barton School Mondays thru Fridays from 9AM to 11:30. The.monthly pledge per ‘student is $25.00. Arran- gements for financial as- sSstance can be made. Any- ione interested should call. ~C~ppie. Norgan, 320-3269.. 2 THE VILLAGE NEWS …. BD CLARK & SON ~B~ rJL53L~lF-T~ 3H~ 31::IM~qf~ ernovlng ohaullng eyard work ~easoxtable 229-7311 CHILDREN*ADULTS*ALL LEVELS VERA DOLEZAL 6701 Persimmon Tree Road 229-5685 • THE VILLAGE NEll3 is published monthly in Cabin John, Maryland. Subscripti~s are $3.00 per year for non-residents and free to Cabin John residents. Mail all artides, in- quiries, suggestions, complaints, letters and subscriptions (with,payment) to: “lhe Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS Post Office Box 184 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 Shelly Keller, EDITOR Bev Sullivan, CIRCULATION Mary Shaw, TREASURER Susan Gash, ADVERTISING .. GOOD-BYE, N-8 BUS LINE (continued) : route was extended in September 1975 up Persimmon Tree Road into Carderock Springs, and weekend and night service were eliminated. But the new route failed to generate any great in ~ crease in riders, although I0 to 12 regular passengers could be counted on during the rush hours. Some said that Metro was at fault for failing to publicize the expanded service. Others urged that the line run “cross-country” to Bethesda, where people wanted to go, rather than being merely a local line up and dom the Potomac. Last summer Metro proposed discontinuing the route. ~The regular riders signed a petition; a half dozenCabin iJohners made their way to the public hearing in Rockville to protest. But the economic facts of life were against them. Metro gathered itsdata; on three or four days during the fall, employees rode on the bus tocount the passengers. The count came out to an average of less than one person per trip. It was fun while it lasted. And perhaps, in a few years, when the subway line gets out to Friendshi p Heights, and “feeder” service becomes fashionable, it will be time for Cabin John once again to have a community bus line. I ART, CRAFT & GIFT FAIR Make a special note on your holiday calendar that there will be an Art,Craft & Gift Fair at Bannockburn Clubhouse (6314 Bannock- burn Drive) from IIA.M. to 5P.M. on Sunday, Dec. 5. Both professional and ama- teur local artist’s works will be featured. On Sale also will be gifts from abroad, home-baked holiday breads, cakes, cookies,and seasonal decorative plants. Come and do your winter .holiday shopping. REGISTERED MASq:ER PLUMBER PLUMBING AND HEATING DISltWASHERS REMODELING HEATERS REPA1RS*DRAIN SERVICE*DISPOSERS FULLY BONDED AND INSURED 229-5685 PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY-OUT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm THE VILLAGE NEWS _ 3 V~LLAGE NEWS NDEDS $ ~b VOLUNTEERS! THE CABIN JOHN VILLAGE NEWS needs money and staff. At the opening celebration on the Union Arch Bridge on Saturday, December 4 at 10A.H., friends of THE CABIN JOHN VILLAGE NEWS will be collecting the much needed funds if pub- lication is to continue. It is estimated that $2 per household is needed to produce i0 issues per year, so please contri- bute. As for staff, weneed writers, a treasurer, de- liverers, photographers, lay-out and paste-up peo- ple. If you think you can pitch in some time each month in putting the paper together, please call Minda Wetzel at 229- 4618. There will be a meeting open to anyone in- terested in working on THE CABIN JOttN VILLAGE NEWS on December 8 at 8PM at blinda’s house, 7615 Cabin Road. Everyone’s talents are welcome, re- gardless of age, so please come! We need your ideas, energy and enthusiasm. GLEN ECHO GALLERY OPEN NEW HOURS FOR HOLIDAY SHOPPING The Glen Echo Gallery in the historic Chautauqua Tower at Glen Echo Park, displays for sale the works of the Park’s resident artists. Pottery, prints, enamels, drawings, textiles, jewelry, sculpture, hang- ings and paintings are available. Visit the Gallery during !special holiday hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from’ 12-SPM, Thursdays from 12- 8PM and Saturdays from 12- 6PM and select origina and unique holiday gifts. I • … “, Infants, toddlers,children  e7,, at Foxhall Square:. ~1 New iis~ Ave., U.W., W;~ng~n, O.C. ~16,1202) 244-0500 F~ ~ ~ ~” ~ ” 1 ABIN JOHN HOMESTUDY ..ii:}i~%. ROGRAM REACTIVATED This fall the Cabin John amestudy will.go back into ctivity with a tutoring pro- ram. Ms. Jacquie Porter, a eam One teacher at Bannockburn, as offered her help in diagnos- ag and prescribing for indivi- aal children who would benefit tom the program. We need tu- ~rs — persons over 18 years HOLIDAY FESTIVAL AT GLEN f age who are able to faith- ECHO PARK DECEMBER 5TH Jlly give of their time on a On Sunday, December 5th ~gular basis and we need for from I-6PM, Glen Echo Park ~u parents to ask for help for :is holding its winter fes- ~ur child. The program will be tival. Enjoy free live tee; any expense will be born entertainment, food from Homestudy’s Treasury. If you the Cafe de Paris of Geor- ~uld like more information on le Homestudy Tutoring Program, tease contact me, Diane Kel- ~gg at 229-7412. JNICEF GIFT & CARD SHOP )PENS IN GLEN ECHO A UNICEF and Camphill ~ift and card shop will ~e opening at the Town fall beginning November ~6. Camphill is a commu- lity for the retarded, ~ho make dolls, belts, jewelry, etc. for gift ~iving. The shop will be ~pen from 9-5 weekdays, tnd during post office tours on Saturdays. getown, walk-in arts workshops and demonstra- tions. Shop for unique gifts in the Glen Echo Gal- lery, see Charles Dickens’ A CHRISTMAS CAROL in the Adventure Theatre, and en- joy films on the Pictorial History of Glen Echo. Throughout the afternoon see “Victorian Christmas” at the Clara Barton House. Join a Public Meeting at 2PM in the Park Office to discuss present and future plans for the Park. le Holiday Festival is spon- sored by the National Park Service. For furthur fin- formation, call 492-6282. FHE .VILLAGE-N E~WS | I I I ~kBANNOCKBURN DIRECTORIES & T=SHIRTS AVAILABLE . – BannockburnSchool Di~e6tories are still on ;ga~6at the s:chool office durin~ school hours for 50¢. ‘Bannockbu;mi t-shirts (,~ma11, sizes 6-8 and l~rge, sizes 14-16) are alsoaVailab,le for,S2.25. , ) GR GTING  gl OlVl TPI  .VILLAGG – STA IZ i BEAUTY SALON TUESDAY THROUGH SA TURDA Y 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 7630 TOMLINSON A VENUE at No. 15 229-1361 or 229-9811 BIC~ It is a Montgomery Coun- ty law that bicycles must be registered at the police station. The nearest sta- tion for the ,Bannockburn i School community is at 7359 Wisconsin Avenue in Bethesda. To register a bike, bring a complete physical description (no need to bring the bike) including the seria~ num- ber. There is a 50¢.charge for each bike. ;It may be registered at any hour, any day of theweek. THE VILLAGE NEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: . Full page $40.00 . 2/3 page $30.00 , 1/2 page $25.00 1/3 page $15.00 1/6 page $10.00 1/12 pag e $ 6.00 ? Numbers of Note DIAL-A-MUSEUM – 737-88~ for daily announcements of new exhibits and special events. DIAL-A-PHENOMENON – 737-88~5 for weekly announcements on stars~ planets and worldwide occurrences of short-lived natural phenomenon. NEWCOMERS! .. Copies of the CABIN JOHN COMMUNITY PLAN and the CABIN JOHN CQ.MMUNITY DIARY can be obtained by calling Cappi~ Morgan at 320-3269. il c, m JoHN I )I – ‘i P°rrERY CEss° S ~n the: wheel , .-Children &.adults  S~afl Classes Day or.Evening ?;j …. :..:.. …. . . ! ~<~ , Call. 229,-7530: . l:;l-i~ur~s, aprons, patc’hing, briginal . I Il-fie-dyes, applique:andtie’~y~d I il  ow .   era on . ” I pl,i!-HAND cREATIONS BY GINGER I i iCLiSSIFIED -, ” -41 !~FOR SALE: Sharp color tv ~portable; .used, finicky . ~i~ant enna,, but dependable. ‘ ~;i$100. Call Clark’s at ::!~229-7311. aFOR SALE: Springer Spaniel -puppy, 4 mos. old. Call ~7229-9299. ~COUPLE LooKING for house ~:9r apartment in Cabin ~TJohn or Glen Echo. Refs. .~vailable. 320-:5583. ~6 ~HOUSECLEANER NEEDED; 1 day :!per week MacArthur Bivd. f~& Persimmon Tree. 229-1107. %~LOST: Black binder con- .taining Montgomery College ~notebooks in vicinity of ;}iCabin John or Beltway~ )::Call Ca£ 229-2158. ~: ~LEAF RAKING & odd jobs. ~2 boys will work for $1.50 ~%:per hour (each). Call ~i:~Mitch (229-7412) or Rich ~ • ~(229-7475). ” !!~HOUSE OR APT. in Cabin -,=:John, Potomac or Glen ~Echo — would like 2,-BRs ~or more. Refs. avai!able. ‘ ~!229-7530. ! ,. ~..

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