November 1974

/ –v0£’ 8, No. 3 Nov. 197  NOVEMBER CALENDAR 13 – Bannockburn PTA Beard Mtgo – 8 p.m. Bannockburn Elementary School 13 -Open Meeting on Uses for Clara-Sp.m. Barton School atClara Barton 16 – Ham or Turkey Dinner – 4 p.m. Cabin John United Methodist Church 19 – Cabin John Citizens Association – 8 p.m. Clara Barton School December 13 – Cabin JohnCitizens Association Christmas Party – 7,30 p.m., Clara Bar- ton School CABIN JOHN DIRECTORY IS READY Sometime after theNovember Election, you will be receiving your copy of the new Cabin John Directory which is being produced and distributed as a community service by the Cabin John Citizens Association. This edition of the Directory, beyond listing the names and numbers o~ community resid- ents, has been expanded ~o includeEMERGENCY telephone numbers as well as listings of services, both public and private, which are available to everyone within Cabin John and Montgomery County. Since We began working on this direc- tory in April 1974, an effort has been made to contact every household in the community both by going door-to-door and by phone to find out if and how people wish to be listed. Still, some people – and some services – mayhave been overlooked. I f , when you re- ceive your Directory, you note omissions or mistakes, please contact the Association’s chairperson of Membership, Andy Rice (229- 7367) or Cappis l;organ (320,3269). as a supPle- ment to the Directory may, depending on the response and need, eventually be undertaken. Thanks are due to the many people who helped pull this Directory together by visit- ing neighbors, maklng calls, suggesting ser- vices to be included, checking text and spif- fing up presentation° Particular thanks is due to the Cabin John Citizens Association for agreeing to expend much of its treasury to make this service possible. Anyone wish- ing to contribute $2.00 – or any amount – to support this effort should send a check tol Andy Rice, Treasurer Cabin John Citizens Association 6517 80th St. Cabin John, ~do 20731 CAR POOLING Does anyone need to have transport- ation home from Bannockhlrn’s after school activities? Can anyone do some once-in- a-while car pool driving? Call Trudy Nicholson at 229-0147. Let’s getour kids home from late afternoon activities Ivenience for us all. If enough kids Ting at school% the county will ly consider a solution to getting o s across the Union Arch bridge. CITIZENS ASSOCIATION NOTES The Cabin John Citizens Association held its last meeting on October 29. Susan Vogt presented a prellminary plan for the new park just off Seven Locks Road. The present plan is to leave much of the terralnnatural. Other park features are an open shelter, ped- estrian paths, tennis courts, multi-purpose court, and a tot lot. Anyone interested in Joining the Land Use Committee should call Susan at 229-6479. Cappie Morgan reported that the Trans- portation.Committee has asked the Department of Highways and Traffic to study Tomllnson Avenue and make recommendations on how to make that street safer. Calvin Kytle~i~4hairperson of the Environment Committee has met with the new Environment Officer of the FAA. Cabin John,myget Some relief from airplane noise soon due to a 2 phase landing which has been successful in San Diego. Farther into the future~is a plan to retro fit all planes to reduce the noise level. The Cabin John Directory will soon be distributed free to all area homes. Gladys Richardson and Bill ~ite will organize a Cabin John Christmas Party tobe held early in December. The next citizens Association meeting will be at8 p.m., on November 19. PARTY – PARTY – Pa rty – Everyone in Cabin John is invited to a REAL OLD FASHIONED SOMETHING FOR’EVERYONE CHRISTMAS PARTY on Friday, Dec. 13th (7:30) at the Clara Barton School. There’ll be songs to sing, prizes to win, sweets to eat, and people to meet. Santa??? She’ll be there too. IAND USE CO~4ITTEE The land Use Committee has continued to work on the landscape plans for T~cArthl Boulevard. The contract for this wonVt be given out to bids until next spring. The Seven Locks Road Park design was presented in a verypreliminaryway at the October Citizens Association meeting. A lot of good ideas were received and the committee hope s to formulate a questionnaire for the December Village News. This would giv every person the oDportunlty to have input into thepark design. Susan Volt / CITIZENS ASSOCIATION I*IBERSHIP Remember that membership in the Cabin John Citizens Association and in its committees is open to all Cabin John resi- dents. Contact, Andy Rice – Chairperson, Member- ship Committee (229-7367) Diane Kellogg – Education Committee (229-8163) ” I Susan Vogt – Land Use Committee (229-6479) ~I Dick ~ittaker – Transportation Committee (229-8899) Minda Wetzel – Environment Com- mittee (229-4618) Arlyn Jurin – Health Committee (229-8279) Or sends $2000 for an individual member- ship $3.00 for a family membership to, Andy Rice, Treasurer 6517 80th St. Cabin John, Md. 20731 _Cappie Morgan If JOBS-FOR THOSE OVER 55 – YoU’re 55 or older. If If – Your income is $195 a month or less for an individual, $250 for a couple . . . . – You’re interested in part-tlme paid community service work near your home, no experience necessary. Call – Mrs. Judith Shaffert 881-8782 Jewish Council for the Aging 6123 Montrose Rd. Rockville, l.~rylan d 20852 We have many people who ~re between 55 and .80 years old – some of wh~Sm have never worked before. Call for further information. There is no charge for this service. A non-sectarian program – open to all. CABIN JOHN FOUR YEAR OLD SCHOCL The success of theCabin John Four Year Old School this year is due to a large degree to the teacher, Annette Davis. ~e feel very fortunate to have been able to hire Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis, who comes from Cal- ifornia, lives in Carderock with her husband and their four children (ages 9-16 years). Since receiving her Master of Arts in Educa- tion, Mrs. Davis has had experience in teach- ing second grade and in assisting in m~ny co-operative nursery schools. She has also been a volunteer in the Montgomery County Public Schools. Mrs. Davis Writes thats The pre-school should be a place of exploration, experimentation, and discovery, where the child learns more about himself, his environment, his family, and his community° The most important objective of the pre-school should bet. foster a positive feelimg i~. the child about himself, about his world, and about school° Those of uswho are involved with the program this year feel that Mrs. Davis is truly living up to her objective. – Betsy Haas . The Board of the Four Year Old School has taken out a group accident insurance pol- icy for accidents that might happen at school. ADVENTURE THEATRE “A Christmas Carol” will be opening at Adventure Theatre in Glen Echo Park on December 7, and will be seen on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the month. Times are ls30 and 3,30 p.m., and admission is $150. For more information, call 530-5203 (weekdays, 9 to 5) and 320-5331 (box office weekdays lO to 2 andperfor- ) mances). BOOK FAIR A children’s book fair will be held at the Department of Commerce, 14th and E Sts., N.W°, from November 10th to the 20th@ }{ours are from 9 to 5,30 Monday thru Saturday, and from 2 to 5,30 on Sunday. NEWSPAPER RECYCLING . Newspapers for recycling maybe left at the Westwood Shopping Center off River Rdo, and at the Wildwood Shopping Center at Democracy Blvd. and Old Georgetown Rdo, until January l, when curbside pick up will begin. Pick-up will take place one Saturday in each month, and each household will receive a calendar listing the pick up schedule. Private contractors bids are being soli- cited at this time; and in late November, the Contract will be awarded. For more infor- mation, please call 27q-1852. CABIN JOHN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH N~3~S The Methodist Church at the corner of 77th St. and MacArthur Boulevard will have a ham or turkey dinner on Saturday the 16th of November from 4 pom. on. The price for adults is $3.50, and for children, $1.75. Carryout will cost $3.7~. The church will have l, fission Emphasis Week November ±,,~’~ 11~_, 12, and 13. Guest Speakers will be: Nov. i0 – ~-~rSo Leh-chu~-iir~g from indo- nesla, to speak on Indonesia. Nov. II – Nov. 12″r. A!en H~ngst – from CROP, a world .Service Organization, to speak on Africa. Nov. 13 – Rev. George %orkman to speak on India. Special program to begin at 7s30 each craning, //I///////////I////////II/I///III/I////I// The Village News is wishing for a speedy r~- covery for Dr. Jessupl he has been hosp ized for surgery, and we want him to ge soon. Illillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllt l{uIII.. Do~zA~ T,.rmSN6 ~- }{BNIII(& l>~,,,u,.r, • K, .mo~,,,j .~,,~ ~ l~Wo -,,,,£ ‘V’¢oi;Lg ~TUDIO (,,’vo, Pe~T,,,, 2.Aq- 5685″ GIRL SCOUT NEWS Troop 2482 had its first meeting this year on October 15. Even though we got off to a late start we have had some pretty ac- tire meetings. The first meeting was spent registering, deciding future activities and business, scavenger hunt and craft. The next two meetings we biked and cooked out at Carderock and picked pumpkins at Butler’s Orchard. On the 9th of November, we are plan- ning a trip to Harpers Ferry, West Va. by train° Troop 2~82 has other trips, service projects, to help the community and badge activities, etc., planned for the upcoming year. All girls who registered in Scouting for the 74-75 year will be receiving their membership cards in the mail. I got these from Girl Scout Headquarters about 2 wee~s ago° Apparently a change over to computer caused the delay. Girls who have since gone on to,Jr. High iand are interested in Cadet Scouting should! call Mrs. Pomykala at 229-6360. J. Bast WANT ADS FOR SALE, Unusual contemporary orange sofa (into 3 different positions) $160. – was $~50. FOR SALEs~ 2 twin walnut contemporary bed frames – $50. ~wo night tables – $I0, each. I dresser with Mirror – $50. FOR SALE, Pole Bookshelves, walnut contem- porarywith cabinet and vanity dest – $ioo. All of above ads, call weekdays after 6100 p.m., all day on Sunday. Phone 229-8731. GAS FURNACE, 95,000 BTU – $60.00 Call 229-8679. BABYSITTINGI I will do Babysitting in my home. Regular or part time basis. Mrs. Butt – 229-3944. FOR SALEt Complete Duplicate Bridge Set and case. $25.00. Pair solid maple twi~– Bedsteads. In good condition but may need refinishing. $20,00 for both. Telephone 229-85~2. GUITAR LESSONSs Ages 9 through teenagers. Afternoons and Saturdays and Sundays. Call Tina Hook, 229-25~6. I i QUI  n)OD SHOP 6’~J,,L- k I’m i.,.~, MN.h~ C~,,.j-o,,d” Village News StAffl ~Anne Wilson – £dltor P.O. Box 186, 229-339?  Janet D~nee – Nws 6~K)3 ?6t.h St. 229-,?391~ Joann R-st, mailing 229-8789 Concord School – Collating and stApeltnq i BANNOCKBU~ PTA BOARD MEETING November 13, 8 p.m., Open to everyone. One. topic of discussion will be the pro- posed 1975 school budget as explained in the booklet Choices for our _Children. The L~ H Club would like to thank all who contributed to the bake sale, either by baklng or buying. Thanks to Home Study of Cabin John for the financial contribution.! Also, thanksto custodians of Clara Barton School, where the Halloween party was held, all to all who made donations for the party. Special thanks to the kids for being so nice. Thanks toMrs. Davis, the 4 year old teacher for bringing the class out tosee the Halloween decorations, i! The 4 H Club is starting to Work in wood- workihg and crocheting. Thege are 34 child- ren and 3 leaders in the program. More adult help is needed. Anyone interested in 4 H ages 9 to 19 is welcome to come. Mrs. ~. MORE ON VANDALISM On reading last month’s article on vandalism, it seemed to me that the one element I forgot to mention was the parents of the kids who vandalize the neighborhood. Do they feel that the kids are beyond their control? Help is available through organi- zations such as Parents Without Partners, the Department of Recreation, Boys Clubs, and Scouting which can help each one find his own direction. Vandalism is not confined to this com- munity, as Potomac has had a great deal of the trouble, and Bannockburn Elementary School has been vandalized rather severely lately. CHRISTMAS P~ILING SHOP EARLY – MAIL EARLY Address parcels on one side only. Use Zip Code N~bers as part of Address on parcels and Cards. 0 COnfeRENCES AT BANNOCKHURN Last montha form came home with kids in grades 1-6 concerning school con- ferences. Because of several questions ai~ about the form, we thought we would make things a little clearer. At Bannockburn, only one conference is scheduled by the school each yearo These are held from now until February. Of course, a~v parent with a special concern about his child’s pro- gress at the school can schedule a con- ference with a teacher, at any time. The form is used to schedule one confer- ence between the parent, a teacher, and, if desired, the student. This conference is frequently used to show the parent and student what areas in a subject are successful for the student5 and what need more work. They can last 30 minutes or less, depending on how much there is to be discussed~ Frequently the parents conference alone with the teacher for the first I0 minutes, and include the child in the last half. For us in Cabin John, most of the teachers at Bannockburn areunfamiliar. This scheduled conference is an opportunity to begin to get toknow the teachers and the program a little better. If you haven’t sentback the conference form, or have changed your mind and now want to sched- ule a conference, call the school office at 229-3097. Susan Vogt Jackie Fyock (Community Representatives) RECIPE FILE QUICHE Janet Dence 1/3 Ib freshly grated Swiss Cheese 2 eggs, well beaten 1 cup canned milk dashgrated nutmeg dash cayenne dash pepper 8″ unbaked pie shell Christmas cards sent as First Class Mail receive ma~y advantages. Mix first six ingredients and pu t into the pie shell. Bake at 400 degrees for25 min. Can be served hot or cold. • MAILIN6 SCHEDULE I Surface Surface 6resting Dome st i c Parce Is Ca rd s u, Alaska- Hawai i Nov. 30 Dec. 15 Distant States Dec.lO Dec. 15 Local- Nearby Dec. 13 Dec. 18 (Zip Codes 200-209). Air Air 6reetin~ Parcels Cards Dec. 20 Dec. 20 Dec..21 Dec. 21 (Not Applicable ) WDc I nteFnat ional Canada- Mexico So.- Cent. America Europe Africa Near East : Far East PO 1974 Dec. 2 Nov.11 Nov. 11 Nov. 1 Nov. 1 Oct. 15 i Dec. 7 Dec. 14 Dec. 19 Nov. I 8 Dec. 11 Dec. 16 Nov. 1 8 Dec. 11 Dec. 16 Nov. 4 Dec. 9 Dec. 14 Nov. 4 Dec. 9 Dec. 14 Oct. 25 Dec. 9 Dec. 14

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