November 1968

T t …. t i-, \/ t ….. i2– i I , ~ ~rol~_e II,-No. _9 ~,~ovember 1968 T~ .A P P Y T ~I A U X S G I V I N G ‘ ‘~ , {A~I~FUL FOR – .”.~0~ r A30UT YOU? ~.V~E GOT A LOT ~0 BE ‘2T “~~ r Tha~¢s fr~u the Gi I Scouts to their !anonymous donor who sent Ithe~ $5.00 l’ast month. Thanks to all our ~mnderful readers.. t~ithout you, we wouldn’t exist. CLkF~ 18~.T~I DAY ~! DEC~!~2 The Clara Barton ~ementary School will designate the month”of Deceiuber as Clara Barton ~{eritage honth. To inaugu- rate this month,.a c~mlemorative .prqgram will be offered by thestudents of the THE “~~¢ ….. ” “” “~ ~”~ CI~IZ~.o’ ASSOCIATION ~.,~±I~.,G ,ffJ~L ~3~ HELD -!~.’~T TUESDAY, ..0%,,.B~ 26, AT 8 P.~. AT THE CABIi, JOm~ i~ECR~210} C,,,~.r~ The Aontgomery county office of the 3oy Scouts is interested in reacti- vating a troop here. in to~,a~. One of the speakers at the Citizens’ Association meeting ‘ ~.ill be iir. Turner, from the Clara Ba’rton School on ~onday, December,2, Doy Scouts. i’he only real remaining at 9:00 in the All Purpose Room, obstacle is find.~ug a scout r~aster for The co~EmnityiS invited to attend. .this progra~.~!~ 14re. George ~-lart~mn, President of the Friends of .Clara Barton Society~ ~iss i~uth. Bonzer, Hostess of the Clara 1Barton ~louse, and ~r. Dean A. Guernsey, Curator,-~ll be the ho1~ored guests. At this time a portrait ~f Clara Barton ~ll be nnveiled.~ihh. Wili .then become a pemnanent fixture in%he s6hool. A student or students representing each-class willpresent original poems or prose. the troop. Surely there !uust be someone , in the co~,mnity interested in giving a feT.,r hours of his, ti~,ue to our boys’ Please co~ue to the meeting and join in in the discussion of this and other c o:,~n,mrd.ty proble.~ns. o,. Did 7ou h~.o~,.~ that the Volunteer Fire Depar+~lent has a rosiness ~leeting on the first Thursday of ever~j month? Did you !mm.~ that we have 65 volunteers and 6 paid r.~ezbers of our fire depart- .ment? Did you lmo~r that there are two vacancies on the Fire Board for our cl2strict? Did you know that our volunteer Fire Deparh~ent is one of the best in the county? ~Je think th__~e best’ sure hope that their offer to help beautify the fire house holds. Let’s cooperate with each other. P%PER-BAC;~ BOoKs are’ needed at Clara Barton School to get a good exchange library going. Please give your used childrens’ paperbacks to ires. Good&nan at the school. iss Ruth Bonzer, the resident supervisor at CL!-tF~ B&RTON. HOUSE in Glen 9~ho, still need Victorian furniture., If you have something to donate, please call 654-0022. By the way, if you have nevery visited Clara Barton House, you have ~:~issed a treat. ~ ~ ~` The Am~ual Fall ieeting of the Cabin John ;i{ome Study Progrm~ ~,mS held at Clara Barton “~euentary School on Thurs. evening.., September 19. About 60 people attended including parents, parent h’¢~. pers, volunteers, teachers from the school and friends. This is one of the co~nunif):’s most successful and ~orthwhile activities, If you have t~;~e to help out, please call i lrs. Sweden~urg at 365-7767. There is so much to do. ELECT!OI, RESULTS” FOR 7-3 CABIN JO}~ A;:TD BA,,:tDC-~,oJ~, ~.:~e H~phrey: 522 .-J i,~ixon: 412 ~allac e : 113 Bre~,~ster : 3P~ • k:athais : 549 ,/ i~ahoney: . 72  .. Gude: 509 / Sch~¢einhaut: 431 Pm, t.~;_.:’IS: Do YOU ~Go:7 ,71,~m~.s YOU:¢ CI{ILDX,;N I%:~ — NO .” AiD .ALL TI,~IE ~Ii~E :.~ .-~ , :,:,: Thane you Glenn for eight more subscriptions to the Village News. At the last ~eeting of the Cabin John Park Citizens’ Association, the members voted to ask the school board for a closed meeting ~lth our representatives 50 discuss Clara Barton school and • future redistricting. Representatives of the volunteer and paid f”cemen presented their views, pro and con, the Fire Dill, ~¢hich was defeated in the -iov~.~ber election. – Carver i:~.oad :~,my yet be repaved by the county, but at a cost of aBnuost J~20,000; The residents there would have their taxes boosted according to their front footage – a .considerable increase for so~~e. Pa3z~,~ent would last 20 years and by that t~ue (the way most things are built these days) it would be ti~e to.repave the road again. Ii1111111111111111!111111/11111111111111 r~ -r~ 2″ “,.,~,~ ” “” oP~_,9.O’ S ,}L,”,-,: EC:.~0 B~RB,ST~ Si{OP ~.len Echo Shopping Center ;’ionday thru Friday 9 to 8 ” Saturday 8 to 6:30 p.m. Adult .”laircuts – ::ill.75 Children under 13 – ~1.25 e~cept on Saturdays – $1.50 Call 656-3994 11111t///!//I////////I////////////////// DOROTT.CI I-E~LZY ‘S BEAUTY SALOi~ 768~ Lacirthur 31vd., Cabin John, hd. Co~uan: 534,/ l'{alish : 286 Alien: 504 ‘.I” ‘Tince : 236 Israel : 360 ‘I” Altieri • 233 Phone -” ” ~.-‘. 5″0361 for Personal Illlllll/lllll//llllllll/flfllf/fllllllJ ~ire i~i!l~ 3,~:~ yes – ‘!.01 no .~.-,•, 0hart<:~r.~ 375 ~,es ~- 335 no (, r,,, ~.ousin~; ~’~ Z7″‘.’ .-‘.9 …. :. y~s ~- no !0~l, ~,<~o.,,pl,;. voto,:~ ~;anted to buy: used mLmeograph machine. Needed for the community at large. ~,~ill pay cash. Call irs. Toth at 469-8586. SEND ~~ YOUR N~..rS, W~ T ADS, EDITION BEFORE DEC~’~ER. 15 – GOOD AND QUICX FOOD S:{OP 7607 i,lacArthur Blvd., Cabin John • :feekdays (~:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fresh Pastries and i’~eats ‘ IIIIIIII!11111111111111/!11111111111111/ PiA}~0 Ai~,D VIOLI., STUDIO Vera H~fner Dolezal Phone 365-2685 7101 PersOn.non Tree £~. IIIIIIII/III/IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiii o~JBSCRIPTIONS, ADV~IS~,7,}TTS, ETC. FOR-OUR CHRISYi’~S Judy Toth, 6611 80th Place, Cabin John, i, id. 20731: .’

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