May 1983

~..-‘.~ 2)~/47..t .’.- ~’ “<T= > | ~ I’ ~i |~ ,J ” . | Volhn4e..16, No, 9 SERVtNGTHEPEOPL~:!O~2ABINiOHNANDBEYOND May.1983 ” …- .. ‘. …. . .. ~ . .” :.:2,,.,. -7′ :~’ , . mm : ‘:: : ~”-” – COMMUNITY CALENDAR ‘ ” ” ~ (If yo~/:w, an¢~:Meur, event listed in this •calen- dar, please call Susan Luchs,: 320-3401, by the 10thiSf the month. The calendar is oPen to allcommunity groups.). …. ” ” ” .. ..Saturday, May 21 Rummage Sale,:Cabin J0hn United..Meth0dist”Church, 9:30 am to 3 pm.- Tuesd’ay:i-~,:May’::2-# Cabin John Citizen”Assoc- ‘ iation”Meeting,.. 8 pm, Clar~,~rton School. • ‘ ~”~ ” ~i~. -: Frfday,:.June.3 .7:30 pm Riverside Assembly:of-. God~,ensemble-group will present gospel music ~”God’sPrison Game” This followed by a movie, is the~first of a series of Friday eSening out” doo~concertSby the church, all to be held in the yard behind Clara Barton School. :COUNTY- COUNCIL -~PPROVES FUNDS FOR REc CENTER On Mon~ay,~May 2, the ~Montgomery County Council ~voted 6 – 0 to approve $180,000 for the reconstuc- tion of the Cabin John Re – creation Center. The vote was the culmination of a week ofintensive!obbying by the Cabfn John communi, ty. Every Council member was contacted and key mem- bers received personal vi- sits. Barbara Martin pre- sented the community’s case at the Councilsession as well as handing in a peti- tion Signed by 273 area resi- dents. “Special thanks must go to Betsy Lawrence, Jean Maggio, “Duff” Marquardt, Don Marshall, Barbara Martin and Maureen Willoughby fo~ their leading role in this successful effort,” stated Citizens Association Presi- dent Pat Connel!y. FIRE DEPARTMENT BEGINS COMMERCIAL ~ PROPERTY. CHECK The Cabin/John Fire Department has~begu n its annual inspection of com- mercial properties:in its service area, Uniformed firefighters will make a particular check ofcom- pliance with the 1982 county law requring that numerals at least six ” inches high be posted for a property’s street address The same law recom- mends that single family dwellings post three inch numerals. CABIN JOHN WATERWAYS FEATURED AT MEETING At its last regular meeting until the ~ fall, the Cabin John Citizens ASsociation will center attention on the C & 0 Canal (witha brief speech.on its history by Elizabeth Kytle) and onthe Potomac River (with pWesent~ons~ by Park rangers on its recreational and safety features).The meeting will be heldat 8 pm on Tuesday, May 24, at the Clara Barton School. The meeting will also hear the latest report:on the Tomlinson Avenue situation and will elect Association officers for 1983-84. The candidates presented by the Nominating committee chaired by Dave Murphy are as follows PreSident: Susan Vogt First Vice President: Linda Billings SecOnd Vice President: George Hessler Secretary: Barbara Martin Treasurer: George Lichtblau (Further~nominations may be made from the floor.) THE VILLAGE NEWS 2 i– r ~ ~BROWNIES AND CUB SCOUTS ~ ~INVITE NEW ENROLLmeNT On Brownie Troop #116 wi ll hold an open meeting from 3 to 4:30 pm at the Bannock- burn Clubhouse. Girls on- …… tering-2nd or ….. 3rd grade in i ‘ ° • , : I ~ | v~na~aloo~or~ xz I. ~ I Nuts- Home Health Aide~ I ! ~w~K4~i~a~-~ ~m~t ! the fall of 1983 are in- ~J I ~wm:Z’~NK I v  e  o tten . , thor information, call OPEN FOR “FREE SWIM” ~ . Blanche Wine, 229-2946. On the same day, The long-standing ! ~/ .U’~ ~;~ from 7:30 to 8:30 pm in “free swim” program for ~_….___…_ ….. j the I~usic Roomof Bannock- Cabin John children will ; :- burn Elementary School, • ” there will be a sign-in be carried on again in • 1983, thanks to the coop- for boys interested in oration of the Palisades cubscouting in the fall Swimming Pool Association. of 1983. Information at the meeting will be of Under the guidance interest ~o boys entering of the Cabin John Citizens 3rd to 6th grade. . ….. Association, as many as 75 children may swim free of NEWS OF CABIN JOHN’S CHURCHES charge at the pool on Tuesdays and Thursdays ~, ~a,mhy =~,h ~ou, Pastor Ron Gavin of between Ii a.m. and I ~p.m. ,e~,~ b~, the Riverside Assembly of The free swim season will . ~~.w@@~- God (6523 78th St:. )has open-~on June 2.1 and,–close s,~s~i-~mi,. set up a pro~gram for col- onAugust 30. lection ofi.~ food and clo- ” Mark Willcher thing for free distribu- Each child must bring and.Company tion to needy persons,- a permission slip from his 320-2040 L. storage ~oomhas been parent or guardian on the established at the church first day he comes to swim with meta~ shelves donat-Children unaccompanied by ~E ed by Glen Echo Exxon. adults must be at least ~E~ ~~G~ ~~~ If you- have clothes or six years old. ~~,~~~ nonperishable foodstuffs “. – to donate’ (tax deductible)-, Adult Volunteers are call Pastor.Gavin at urgentlyneeded to run the~-~ — – 229-5054. program. Please call Diane Editorial Team The. churbh’s out- Leatherman (229-7412), co- .Linda Billings, Cap- door concert series, which ordinator for the past 15 ~pie Morgan, Andy Rice beginsion June 3, will con-years, ~0 offer. . your. -: help’~Susan ~V•ogt tinue on JUne lO with gui- ~ …… .~-.–..-..-,..-……~ Graphics tarist Harvey Willis • and ‘ I- ~hlllllllli~llll// ‘ . i Jeanne Casamento, on June 17 w~th the South-‘ ~(,~llllllllllll. II~ !. ~ Cathie Nelson ~l,~,:\\~ -. “- j..Production ~i ~ ern Gospel Ecumen. I , • ” Cabin John United Meth~ …. . ~ ~ Susan Luchs ~ ~~I~ ~I~~ Business Manager dist Church will have a va- , i • ~ | ;~i catlon church school from ! Susan Gelb June 27 to July 1 (9 am to I ! ” Folding Coordinator :: ii: 30 am) for children from  PASTRES*MEATPCARR~OUT, I~ 1 Veena Titus A- – j , , I • ~.. – ~. nursery school to grade 6. ! GROCEPSE$ BREAKFAST LUNCHI I X” To register, call Veena Ti, I Evens”i MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY i tus (229-8233) or Sue ….. (279-2637). -i ” 6:3oamt06:00pm ‘ , ~ ….. THE VILLAGE NEWS 3 The People of Cabi n John ELIZABETH KYTLE: WHAT MAKES A WRITER WRITE? I I _ _ By Barbara Martin Elizabeth Kytledidn’tintend Elizabeth realized that there were ….. ~.writer. But she met a woman other “canal stories” that~needed~o whose story needed to be told, In be captured before those remaining the 1940s in Atlanta, Georgia, few ~ho still remembered were gone. this woman helped Elizabeth with her And so, another book came to be — housecleaning, andasthey ~orked “Home on the Canal.” The subtitle they talked, Or more accurately, Willie Mae talked about herlife, and Elizabeth listened. Convinced that people needed toknow about the life of a Woman born before 1900, experiencing what it was to be poor and Black in the explains the book: an informal his- tory of the Chesapeake and Ohio • Canal, and rec011ections of eleven ‘~ men and women who lived and worked on i — Elizabeth prefacedthe personal stories with a narrative account of ~ the canal’s history. Its publication South, Elizabeth decided to put the last month wa~=:ce:lebrated by the story on paper. She did so in Willie NationalPark Service with a barge Mae’s own idiom, capturing the trip from Great Falls and a party flavor and speech of that region at the Tavern. All of the nine of rural Georgia. The result, pub- storytellers Who are still living ~ lished by Knopf in 1958, was ,Willie were there to reminisce and tohonor Mae.” the old days on the canal. This latest Years later, when Calvin and book is avaiiable from Seven Locks Elizabeth were living in Cabin John, Press (P.O. Box 72, Cabin John 20818) Calvin served as chairman Of the and at Great Falls (MD) Tavern. !~ town’s Bicentennial c~le~rati~oh~ ~ The~:~C~E~zabe%H~~~snaturil ~ Kytles conceived of a Cabin JOhn and highly readable. She respects~the ~ memory book — a collection of re- way people actually talk and skill- ~ miniscences by early town residents, fully tells~their stories using their Elizabeth undertook to interview 18 words. She writes because she wants oldtimers and to.reproduce their the world t6kn0w what others’ lives stories. Thus was born”TimeWaS,” are like. In her three “people, glimpses of the way life:~use~ito be books, she has focused upon old peo- in the Cabin John of years past — ple, believeing~that in our youth~ stories that needed to be preserved worshipping society, oldsters are a for our local heritage. The book treasure to be heard:and valued. was so:successful that all 2000 copies are gone now. Elizabeth:is a cat lover. She treasures her familygof four cats, rescued one at a time from hunger and desertion. She decided that the Though Eli~zibe~h is the ~i%er, Calvin is the strpng supporter of her efforts, itwas Calvin who en- couraged her to develop her ideas into books. It was Calvin who drove her on many trips to interviewthe story needed to be told of how this old canal people now living in West- family grew, influencing one another.ern Maryland. So she took many photographs of the Elizabeth is enthusiastic about cats, joined them together with text,her husband’s part in her writing and produced “Four Cats Make One projects, and about the talent of the Pride.” Calvin’s publishing house, Seven Locks Press, brought out the book in 1978| it has sold I0,000 copies. One of the old Cabin John area people Elizabeth interviewed for “Time Was” was 0tho Swain, who was born and lived on the C&0 Canal. graphic artists who designed and pro- duced her books. And most of all she appreciated the people (and cats) who are the subjects of her writing. “The stories are their stories,” she de- clares, “and those stories needed to be told.” • FHE:,V,I:LL~G~L.N£WS ~b:::,~:’~–:~,~ ~_ 4-4~_,’~::.-~-,~:’:~:.~ .;t,. : : .,,~, . .. ‘ . – , : ./ ,-. ……. – BO CL~RK &:.SON .~.~.IB(:I-‘tl3~’:1:~’K~(:~’l~r I’Jlf(~l- eh~ulln’~ I I (Please send your classified ad to.~,O. Box 164, Cabin John 20818, by the 10th~of:~he month. The ra~e is 50¢ per line.) @ @ @ @ .~-@ @ @ YARD SALE~ Sat;, June 4th, i0 am to 5 pm, 7656 TOmlinson Ave., Cabin John. ” @ ~ .@.”@::@ @.@ .. .. ….. RooM FORSUMMER NEEDED::Resp0nsibieyoung “~ ” ~ ~ ~ …………. j woman wfll be W0rkin~ in Washington~for the z’eaB°n~-a~e summer;, needs room W~th kitchen privileges, J~dll~~~’qll ‘ or will ..housesit. Mid-June to end of August. , Excell’ent references. Please call Barbara – …. Martin at 229-3482. ” N(cid:127)”in= Ynn “~A;; ‘. J WANTED TO RENT: House or townhouse, Cabin : :: ~;v’._’_~T ~_m~L:L” .: | John/Bannockburn school district, Need_9=d ~_ …. : …. :~” ‘ ” “| ” FOR RENT: Apt. to share with young male. ‘ 1 I ~ :”~:~ ” | . $200/mo. plus 1/4 util. Avail. 5/15. 229-65 5. .., J ……. | • ‘ . ‘e • I :l~~”4~Imo I o~V~A~AY ~oo. You ~g it ~n~ ~e ~t I: :”~’i~,~ i away. Martin. 229-3482:/. ” . i …… C~sToMs~r~o I ” “~ ~~”~’ ‘ I …….. 1 ,. |~.~~~~~~|~~~~~~~~| Village News Bulk Rate P.O. Box 164 U.S.Post~e Paid …. : …. -Cabi n John, Cabin John, Nd. Maryland ~ 20818 20818 • Permit 4210 i- Resident 6517 80th street cabin John, MD 20818

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