May 1981

• :..~blurne 15, No. 5 SERVING THE PEOPL£ OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND May 1981 III Big Air Victory For Cabin John By D~ Cos~no After many years of protesting jet noises, th citizens of Cabin John finally scored with the Washington~Council of Governments (COG). On May 3 the COG v~ed for a several month long test of th Coalition on Airport Problems (CAP) Scatter Plan. The testis slated to begin this Fall. The approval of this test gives recognition to the fact that Cabin John has for years borne the brun- of Washington’s jet noise. Any permanent changes will be made after the test. Cabin John should accept any and all equitable changes, but we must continue to fight to make sure that all the noise is never again put back over Cabin John. The Co-chairmen of the Jet Noise Committee (Frank Sordyl and Dan Costello) express their appreciation to all those who helped to achieve this important victory at the COG. Special thanks should go to Eric Bernthal, the President of CAP; to Erich and Klara Buchmann who helped over the years; and to our President, Alan van Emeriek. With continuing support and help from all the citizens, we shall one day achieve final victory –a permanent scatter plan which spreads noise =s equitably as possible. Village News Contributions Drive Off To Strong Start More than thirty people responded to last month’s appeal to keep The Village News afloat with over $200 in contributions– almost enough for two i:~sues. Special t:tanks to those wno generously gave more than their share– Barbara Martin, Laurent and MarY St. Georges, Josephine Havens, Andy and Constance Rice, Daniel Musgrove, Vera and A. McDonald Dodds, Pat Duff, Elizabeth and Charles Towler, and Wilford Dawson. Contribute To The VILLAGE NEWS ~ach issue costs $150 Citizen’s Association Election The first order of business at the May 26th Citizen’s Association Meeting will be the election of officers for the coming year. Following is the slate of nominees: President – Alan van Emeri~k First vice President – Susan Vogt Second Vice President – Pat Connelly Recording Secretary – Jean Maggio Corresponding Secretary – Dan Costello Treasurer – Cephas Patch ~ndnu~onp~e2 I Ploase send your $5.00 per year to: THE VILLAGE NEWS, • Box 164, Cabin John, MD. Newspaer Deadline For Next Issue June 14, 1981 ~ Citizens Association Meeting-Clara Barton School Library –~ ~i ~,;,: 8PM, Tuesday, May 26,1981 ‘.j~ . .. 2-;~..+.~,o” ;’ :;/?~iD~ar Editor, While driving down MacArthur Blvd. the other day, it suddenly ~truck me what an eyesore the MacArthur Square S~opping Center. is. We have become used to its ugliness during its construction. But it is finished now. How do we get the builder to complete his promise to landscape? Concerned citizens please call our president Alan van Emerick at 229-8936. C.J. Resident Man Bites Dog To the Editor: This letter refers to Judy Duffield’s article in l~st month’s News about the growing number of dogs at large in Cabin John. I am a dog owner and I am perfectly aware of the fact that there is a Montgomery County leash law. Nevertheless, I must point out that it is very difficult for a dog to be kept in confinement (in the house, yard, or on a leash ) all .day long! ;chis ,waY the p~iO5~em ‘ ~.:+”‘~+;”!:’~ . . , , +,,! /,,~ .’.,~-.:. ~ “,,~’ :.~ This will result in the would be no more., ‘;~ !dog becoming all the Chris toph +Syllaba~i~+~ ;I +!i more vicious, creating an even greater problem. Animals need freedom! It is an equal strain on the owner to have to walk the dog several times a day. After all, there are not that many victims of dog attacks and most of these attacks come about because the dog has been harassed or otherwise disturbed prior to the incident. I would also ~ike to point out that dogs are very helpful in protectinq not only the “master’s” house but the entire neighborhood from burglaries and other crimes! As for those people who have been harassed or bitten by a dog, there is a way of solving the problem~ Calling the dog pound will not help the situation! It will only anger or create problems for the owner. Why not go over to” the owner’s house and meet with him and his dog? Get to know and be friendly with the dog! If everybody were to handle the problem ++, + RT.ECT.~ON ~t’ OFFICERS * * * LET ANNIE FRAME IT CUSTOM FRAMING • ,12 at DO IT YOURSELF PRICES “+ 4~ For Appointment – 229-1557 10% off Cabin John & Glen Echo residents”-./ through June 1981 _+ ED CLARK & SON ~L_x3o ~~vo~x~o accepted from the floor. Serving on the nominating committee this year omovlng were Andy Rice, panya Duff, Frank McKinney, Frank eh~ulII~ K Sordyl, Linda Wichmann, and Bill White. The choice of community officers is a ey~d work particularly important aspect of life in Cabin John. These are the guys who: protect our interests ~e~l~~bl~R~ in dealings with developers and county politicians. ~~ ~~,, They also organize ‘those fine gatherings like the ~~~ Annual Crab Feast. ‘ ” OF~ TOO LAI-~GE ?~!!1 • +~ ‘q<! , + s~+A+ +,+, , . ;’1 +~t~jJ’ ” k/~l;: CONTRACTOR 320-g623 ~i~1 ..qqmmq…-..u…..q.~,<+~ In addition to these nominees, nominations will be:,!~ 1 -!~ ,J ~,: ~,” ,:/. ~¢~”:’i . ‘- ; TH’E ~ ~i LL~AGE ‘ N EWS ~ .~ b::’~ , !:’i:~;: : ” ;i • c ;y- “”:! ::,: ~; ‘” ” and dancerls~of~”a:~i ””:” °~ ‘:”:~;’ pr e f er enC e:s;~, h ad t he i~r by JudyNygren The Clara Barton Center held its R~;ffle/ Dance Fundraiser ‘ ~tastes catered to– from slow and els~ to fast: and wild ! Gabe’s revolving, multi, colored lighting set the mood for this most Thirteen prizes W~nt to Symphony-Or cheS:t~i ~” “,i~n~d:~:~i :. ~: Denny”~-Kennedy -of,:i:’t:,h~6,~:~,’~<‘,~;: ~,;; Cabin-.John .Pos~ .~.Q.ffice-, won a dinner at Benihana~:of Toky0. …. enjoyable evehing.: The Cl~ara Bart0n and food, provided by-cl~ra. Banno¢kbhr~iExt~nded, ~ SatUrday evening, May 16 Barton families was Day f~iii%s ifi%id~ing ” in the school gYm- The extraordinary–each the NO.ONE PRIZE?~of:~ event raised about dish (and there were trip for two•to~ <~ $3,000 and a good time was had by all. The room was colorful!y decorated in balloons and streamers. Gabe’s dozens) was unique and delicious. Raffle winners included four Cabin John people: Nick Glakas won four Bermuda, won by”:A,1,exl . and Janet- Dean, •’patients ~ of a 3-year-old child in the Center. “i-,:..’-. – Disco, in the person English Boxwood plants; | CUSTOM SEWING .am’. . of Mr Otis Gabriel, the Guidas won a Kodak • • • , . • ~ 1 I:. provided a continuous Instant Camera Outfzt: • Call Theresa :a_~.- melodic accompaniment Mary Beth Sauder 1 2294404 r “‘ ,I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~I~IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~II~I~I~III~II~IIIIIII~I~II~IT er for a dance in r ~he ‘ rmgmnal Musit …… Full Su,,,,,,. Spanish ballroom, co-spons0red~ :wihh The summer brochure is outr-call 492-6282 if you are not already on the mailing list• This summer’s offerings will include a day camp with an emphasis on drama for Ch±idrer~ jazz instrument .classes for musicians; a special pottery session for teenagers and much, much more. May 24, Irish Folk Festival 12 : 00-6 : 00 Co-sponsored with the Irish Cultural and Folklore Society Ma_ u 3_! i:00 p.m. – H0ffman Dance .,.. Consort, modern dance company, $1 admission, Spanish Ballroom. 2:45 p.m. Deaf Dimensions, a dance company of deaf dancers, free Spanish Ballroom• • illllllal|mlil|maaialal ,: | Expert, Alterations i. i! / EDITORS – Betsy Cheney and Charlie Bookman DISTRIBUTION ~-Veena Titus BUSINESS-Susan Geib GRAPHICS — Jane Price At Glen Echo The Chautauqua Season is under way at Glen Echo. That means –almost any Sunday you can bring a picnic and come enjoy yourself• Reminisce –over there where the airplane ride was, is Heidi Heflin inviting the tots to come create with paint, clay and fibers while their parents are enjoying a band in the Bumper Car Pavilion• • Some Sundays will have-only dance concerts in the ballroom, no outside concerts, no part art under the cuddle-up. (See schedule.) But the carousel will always be running, every Sat. and Sun. noon until six. Saturday evening, June 6, Cat’s Cradle, Cabin John’s own traditional country dance band, will play the Songwriter’s Association of Washington, Bumper Car Pavilion. 2:00 p.m. Publication Reading Washington Writers’ Publishing House, Writer’s Center. June,’6 & 7, • Washington Folk Festival Sat. 12:00-i0:00 p.m. Sun. 12:00-6:00 p4m. Co-sponsored with the FolkloreSociety of<Greater Washington. , HE % ILLAGE OEW$- i!. – ………………. CLASSIFIED _~ CLASSIFIEDS cost 50c/line. .:… MANY THANKS :TO OUR :::~: FOLDERS !. Frank MacKinna – Jane Pri~e. Irene Casper. Margaret Stream Grace Mazzi Elizabeth Witt Agnes Sipes Mildred Walker Margaret Stein Verna Titus Merri van Emerick The VILLAGE NEWS is published monthly i,~ Cabin John, Maryland. Subscriptions :areS4. O0 per yeat or non-residents and free to Cabin John residents. Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions, letters and subscriptions (with payment) to: The Editor ……. THE VILLAGE NEWS Post Offwe Box 164 …. Cabin John! M a~vlm,~ 20731 THE VILLAGE NEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: Full page $40.00 WATER COLOR PAINTING …. Ch~ses star~ng…taught by locM Georgetown U~dveryiW teacher… Pleasecall Arlette GiseUe… 2294718 CUSTOM CAKES for children’s birthdays …. Superman a ~ecialW….Call ~ a o- e ~ ~ ~–Pbch Max i Mk.II, the Cadillac of Mopeds. Low mileage, 120 mpg. S525.00. Call 229-626~ Wanted: Occasional daytime babysitting at our house, for when one of our threechildren is too sick for school. 469-6086 SUMMER,,TUTOR:I-NG~I -. …….. , ~.,, y~:,: This summer The ‘ ~Children’s Tutoring • Center is offering an intensive program for students in grades 1-12 in Reading, English, and Math. Sessions will be held at the Bradley Hills Presbyterian ChUrch on Bradley Blvd. Home instruction in all subjects is also available. Call 572-7220 or 384-7757. Barbara Weinstock COUNTY TRASH PICK UP Once a quarter the County schedules a “<b • _ ..-,.. PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY.OUT! for the Cabin John Community Playground will be greatly appreciated. Call 1 i-  I -i i  U. S. POSTAGE PAID CABIN ~ JOHN. MD. 20751 PEP IT 4210 VILLAGE NEWS P.O. BOX 164 CABIN JOHN, MARYLAND 20751 8217 Caraway Street 20731 ‘ ” 2/3page $30.00 229-6265 for pick up.  112 pa e S2S00 …. “”'””'”‘-“”:”–“”‘==”” i 1/6 page $10.00 r111._%.~ll M.%,.,/ i. ii,~ ‘ ~’~’ :” ‘ , …i.~,,~?rli ~,, 1/12 page $ 6.00 :6:.”,O’am t66!OOpm ….. ‘~ …… ” …… ‘ ” ~’~ by Alan Van .Emmerik ” , ~ ,,:~i:~L! ……. % • .., I ……. .. , . .. . ….. “~e NEWS Encourages Reader:Pattie,pat,on. If you want to say ,t…say Jt in the ~E.V~S ~ Tri:TOTIJLLLLtlILI I !!J I-I !1JJ I I.!-II!-llJ-Ill I IJl I I I I I I I I I III I I I I I11 1 1 11-ill !1 !1111 II Ill! I I I Ii,.l I I.I I’!1111-I I III I I111 I I I !4~ i i:r’ ,i’, BULK RATE

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