May 1979

Voluwe 11 Number 15 SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND. May 1979 CiBiN J0m~ CITIZENS ASSOCL~TION A Y£AR-END RE~ORT -Walter Snowden, President At the Citizens Association meeting on ~y 22, a new slate of Citizen ~msociation offi- cers will ~ elected. It is perhaps timely to review the ~ssociation’s activities of the past year and reminate on the 8tats of our community. Although not specifically a Citizens Asso- ciation function, the annual crab-and- chicken feast in early oeptember was quite a success, both financially and in terms of a rousing co~nunity get-together. While many people contributed to its success, special credit should go to Panya i)uff, committee chairperson, Jane ~inslow, Bill White and Frank McKinney. In addition to the perennial battle over aircraft noise, Cabin John faced two ma- jor problems during the past year: a threat by the County to build a sewage treatment plant in our midst and the County’s decision to proceed with its plans to w ides Seven Locks Road, seizing large slices of our residents’ properties in the process. The F~ committed itself to do “something” about the air traffic pattern at National Airport. Although we oan’t claim~any victories in this area, testimony by the Citizens Association at a public hearing on the subject, coupled with vigorous efforts during the past year by Frank 5ordyl, Erich Buchmann and Dan Costello has kept the issue in front of Congress- men, Senators and other officials. A site between Cabin John Creek and Cabin Road was selected by the Montgomery County Zxecutive as one of three preferred sites for a sewage treatment plant to handle future County requirements. In a public hearing on the proposal, the uitizens Association fought this proposal on several E~ounds and influenced t ir. Gleason and (conti~lued on pat,re 3) COMMUN Y CALENDAR F~y 5-Oct.13: Saturday Nits Dances @ Glen Echo. 8:50. $2.00 at the door. May 19 &20: irish Folk Festival. Glen Echo. all Day. May 22: Cabin John Citizen Association Meeting. 8:OOp.m. Election Nite: Clara Barton School. I~y 26 & 50: Sights & Sounds of Spring Hike at Great Falls Tavern, ~id. lO:OOam. me ann, e’m ale ~ ~ aim, ant ale ale ~ CLA3S ACTION SUIT ;’G-,INST FAA – Dan Costello On April 24, ~. Joel Joseph, a public inte- rest attorney, attended the Citizens Assoc. meeting. Mr. Joseph, head of NOISE INeish- bore Opposed to Irritating Sound Emissions), plans to file a class action suit against the FAA on or about July i, 1979, seeking damages of $I0,000 per homeowner, an order requiring aircraft to maintain higher al- titudes over cur homes and limit early mor~ ning end late night flights. Renters may join the Suit but by law their damageswill be less. ~. Joseph pointed out that class actions of this type have been successful in Los Angeles, CA. and other areas.~. Joseph has agreed ~ include a “scatter plan” in the suit to force ~e FAA to stop its discri- minatory practice of sending all jets over Cabin John before they turn off to their ultimate destinations. NOISE needs ad~Jitional plaintiffs who ive directly under the flight path to National • %irport. Anyone interested in joining the i suit should contact Mr. Joseph by June , 1979 ,.at NC,.ISE, 1412 Foxhall Rd.,r4.W., ‘ ~ . ~5~>-5560 ..~ts~lr~gton~, D.C 20-)~;7. }hone ~, TIlE VILLAGE NEWS V LLAem ……… U ZK,m This new feature of the Village News will appear each month. The CRIER hcpes~ keep i~s readers up to date on the people of the eomsranity, their happinesses, misfortunes, new arrivals, and departures. The EarDrum is kept exciting by contributions from the very citizens it is about, you the people of Cabin John. So keep your eyes and ears open and keep those newsy items coming in. Weddimg Bells~ Barbara Clark and Reed Martin beeame husband amd wife tWOr weeks ago in a touching ceremony. -~ney read their vows to each other, the minister played the trumpet, Barbara’s children served ae ushers and Reed’s and Buzzy P6t%er’m antique ears nearly stole the show. Congratulations to you both~ we hope you will be very happyl Welcome to our new neighbors, John Matthews and Fatricia Wagner. They are J. movxng into their new ho~se e t 6504 75th P1.. John is*an editor from the Washington Star. We hope you both feel at home in Cabin JQim~ HELP THE HOMEBOUND The Montgomery County Hed Cross is seeking volunteers t o serve as shopper’s aides in the Glen Echo/Cabin John area. Shopper’s aides perform a vital service by grocery shopping once a week for per- sons who are physically disables. Th~s service enables the senior citizen and handicapped to obtain the items necessary for them to aaimtain themselves independently. Persons interested in per- forming this valuable service and can give a few hours a week are urged to call the Montgomery County Hod Cross, Office of Vol~nteerS, Weekdays 9:00-4:00, 588-2515. 6 year old Brian Kemp West into the hospital 91 Monday, ~ay 13 and his `• family expeets him to be there for about 3 weeks. If you would like to send him some get well messages, his address is Children’s Hospital, III Michigan Avenue, N.W. Room 3146, Washimgtoa, D.C. We hope you get well quick, Brian. We were sorry to hear that Mrs. Gladys Smith, one of Cabin John’s early resi- dents fell and hurt her back a few weeks ~ ago. Mrs. Smith and her husband Reggie moved to Cabin John in 1914. Reggie built or help build the ho~se on the corner of 75th and MaeArthur Blvd,, the greem house ea “TSth and Azalea, his own house ca 75th St., the Vogt house and several others. We hope that you have a speedy recovery recovery, Mrs. Smith. if anybody would like to wish her well, write tO Mrs. Gladys Smith, Avalon • ~mor Nursing Home, Hagerstown, Maryland. If you have any juicy news you think should be included in’this column next month, send the item to the Village News, P.O. Box 164, Cabin John, 20731, or call the editor at 229-6931. ….. ~’.m ….. FTV¢’I~” TIll,- VILLAGE NF.WS ,:~Y~R-EIiD R~P~RT (cont.) the Count# Council to drop their interest in this site ~nd choose another alterna- tive. The assistance of Ed ~inslow and Dick Goodwin was particularly helpful in preparing our position. The resideats living along Seven Locks Road spearheaded a community effort to force the County to change its plans for widening the road. Through the hard work of a residents committee in preparation of a detailed critique of the County’s plan and presentation of the eritique to the new County Executive, the County ha~ changed its plans and will use park land when widening the read, leaving the property of the residents unmolested. Credit for this achievement should go to Allen Van Emmerik, Ed Clark, Panya Dmff and Frank McKimuey, with key assistance from Ed ~inslow. The community as a whole shares credit for its enthusiastic turn-out at the famous demonstration march on a snowy Sunday. Two individuals who contri- buted valuable behind-the-scenessupport to our community in dealing with these issues were Judy Toth and Robin Ficker, Representatives for our District in the M~ryland House of Dele~tes. Their ad- vice, intervention with County officials, and testimony at public hearings helped in achieving favorable results. Clara Barton School tenancy reached a de- cisive stage during the past year, when the county assumed ownership of the pro- perty, l~ablic hearings were hel~ on the issue. The Citizens Association and other Cabin John groups, notably the Day Care Cedter and Four-Year-Old Program, have consistently proposed that existing commu- nity interests in the building and grounds be preserved. It appears that they will be. ~ae County has narrowed down the choice of tenants to the Grace Chapel and St. Andrews School. A final decision should be re:~ched in the near future. It might be noted that this year was large- ly one of reaction to issues raised from the out~ide. There is little to report in the way of new initiatives on the part of the c~mur~it~. Tner~ may be little need for new ventures. The community appears to have reac)~ed a ol~cid state in which the status-quo seems to satisfy most of its remidents. This may be explained by the fact that most of the active communi- ty leaders or activists of the early 7O’s have either earned a well-deserved rest or have been forced to devote more time to family affairs. These people accomplished a great deal in guaranteeing orderly growth of the community and in protec- ting it against depredation. There is a growing population of new and younger people in Cabin John, the kind of people who find it an attractive place to live. I urge that they take a more active part in civic affairs. The slate of new officers for the Citizens is comprised of individuals who have demonstrated their willingness and ability to defend eommu- nity interests. But for them to be effec- tive, they must have the support of the entirecommunity. United, combining our collective imaginations and energy, we ean help the Citizens Association move in a positive direction. &It,6 kim Every year, the kids in Cabin John are treated to a free swim at the Palisade~ Pool on two mornimgs a week. The pro- gram begins after school lets out, whieh is towards the end of June thiB year, and lasts until school begins again in September. This year’s Free Swim Pro- gram is still in the formative stages and needs community volunteers to serve on the committee. Committee members si&~-in c~ildren on free swim mornings. If you would like to help out in this program, call Diane Kellogg at 229-7412. ‘rl-il.~ VILLAGE NEWS 4 i The Cabin John community lost a true and valued friend with the death of Ed ~inslow on May 5- Whether Serving as President of the Citizens Association, committee member, or involved citizen, he fought for the wel- fare and betterment of the people of this -~ tow11. FAr. dinslow workec hard and successfully to improve the present and prospective environment of Cabin John. Most notably in this respect, he led the action to gain County approval and publication of the Cabin John Community Plan. His help was invaluable in dealing successfully with many issues during the past few years. ….. We will miss Mr. Winslow’s deep knowledge of Cabin John, his intellect, hie selfless devotion to our community and his ability to use these qualities incisively to better OtLr lives. Above all, we will miss him as a person. Jalter Snowdon, Fres. C.J. Citizens Assoc. Cabin Johm lost a valuable citizem with the death of Ed ¢inslow. He was not only am imapired leader, but am active supporter, leading hie professional skills whenever the eommmnity meeded him. Many remember him ready to testify at public hearings in Cabin John’s behalf, with his files of ~terials on the issue at heuLd. Others remember him i~ a lighter situation, calling sq~re dances at crab feasts, Christmas parties mad other cmmaunity gatherings. We will all miss Ed, and extend our sympathy to his wife and children. editor A beautiful flower has been plucked from this community’s garden, but the fra~anee of this flower’s love and dedication to family and community will always sweeten our remembrances, the petals of friendship, humility, and kindness will inger with us. This flower was my friend – Ed ~inslow. Frank D. ~Einney UPDATE ON JZT NOISE BATTLE – Dan Costello On April 13, Erich Buc.hmann, Frank Sordyl, and Dan Costello met with Neal Potter, the County Council President and two of his ~ associates to discuss the jet noise situ- atio~ in Cabin John~- ~. Potter is aware of the problem and asked for details on ways in which he could help. Proposals were suggested which might afford Cabin Johners some noise relief (e.g., jets which fly over Cabin John and then turn into should instead make their turn at the river bend in order to stay over the river. FLr. Potter was asked to bring the proposals before the Couneil of Governments for immediate action by the FAA. Copies og the proposals were sent to Senators Sarbanes and Mathias and Congressman Barnes and others. Senator ~thias promptly responded t o the proposals by sending us a cop.v of a state- ment he made on April 25 introducing a bill in the Senate requiring the FAA to imple- ment its own published aircraft noise abatement policy at Washington ~ational and Dulles Airports. AIR NOqSE COMPLAINTS? CALL 557 -2081 GET OUT AND VOTE’ This month’s Citizen Association meeting will give you the opportunity to exercise your rights as a citizen to elect officials to represent you in the community’s endeavors to main- tain a pleasant atmosphere in which to live. The candidates up for elec- tion are: Allen VanEmmerik – ~resident George Bingham – 1st Vice f resident Stephanie Becker – 2nd Vice President Panya Duff – Recording Secretary Diana Lee – Corresponding Secretary Matt Stuart – Treasurer Additional nominations may be made be- fore the elections. Let’s see the entire comm~ity at the meetingl Show your concern~ Come and Vote~ THE VILLAGE NEWS …. p it …… ADIEND~ | .a report to the community. ” Ed Cl~k Yes, seeing is believing. In that respect we ca~t claim victory yet.~.for we have not seen the new roadway in place.., in fact, construction wont even start until the spring of 1980 south of Lillystone Drive to MacArthur, for completion by the summer of 1981. But we have won! (Perhaps as much as $750,000 in total~v~lue saved the many citizens of Cabin John living along the roadway) The 26-foot wide curb and gutter roadway will move eastward into the undeveloped parklsmd, preserving all of the existing front yards of the p~iv~te properties along the western s~de of the right of w~y. No front yard property will be lost. The concrete driveway assessments amounting to many thousands of dollars have been cancelled. The driveways will be installed at no cost, in exchange for the private property that lies under the exlsting roadway. The 6-foot wide bike path/side walk that will be on the park (East) side of the new roadway in parkland and parallel to the road will only come as far south as Tomlinson Avenue. It will end there and so will cause no infringement on the private properties east of the road and betmeen Tomlinson and ~acArth~r Blvd. As Chairman of the Seven Locks Property Owners Group of Cabin Jotm i gi~ you each our most sincere ~HA~., Some may see it as Just another successful march in the snow; others know that its the latest harvest from map years of hard work we all do here, preserving and planning the development of our home, the Cabin John Community…and thanks Ed Winslow, wherever you are. FIGHT NOISE WITH NOISE NOISE (Neighbors Opposed to Irritating Sound Emissions) is fighting to reduce aircraft noise at National Airport. N.O.I.S.E. is seeking to reduce aircraft noise at National Airport by: * Requiring aircraft to maintain high@r altitudes 0ve9 9esid~n£iai areas~ Manda£ih~ aHd enf0r~ihg an eariie~ CUrfew at night a~ ~90hibiting e4riy mo@hihg fiigh£S 8n w~keh~ LaWsuit§ by 9~Sid~h£§ wh6 iive U~der the fiight path f6f d~g~ ~d iHjUfi6hive reiief~ * Opposition to FAA and CAB rulings which will add flights to National. * Complaint s to FAA to require airlines to comply Wi£h existing altitude and noise aba£ement prOcedures~ JOEL D. JOSEPH,~a Washington, D~C. pubiiC i~£e#e~£ a££o~hey~ is the Executive bir~ctor of NoISi~ ~: J~§~fi is ~u~eh£iy £aking legal action against the FAA and c@9£~ih aiflihes f6r permit£ing ia£e~highh and eariy m6~fii~ fiigh~s at iow altitudes into National AirpOrt. Clip and mail to NOISE, 1412 Foxhall Road, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20007 338-5560 I want to help NOISE reduce aircraft noise. Enclosed is my check for: NAME DDRESS Contribution:  $100  $50  $25  $10  $5 D other Please put me on your membership list and send me additional information on your pendin~ class action suit. iNE NUMBER SIGNATURE <“$ TIlE VILLAGE NI-WS VILLAGE NEWS SEEKING DELIVERERS The Village News ie looking for reepoa- sible kids or admlte who would be imter- ested in delivering the paper. Delive- riee are made one week-ead each month to homses in your immediate vicinity. A modest fee is paid to each deliverer for each paper delivered. If you are iater- ested, pleaee call Judy Greem, 229-5286. PUBLIC HEARING ON USE OF CLARA BARTON SCHOOL -Walter baowdon A public hearing was held on i’~y 2 in the Clara Barton School on a propozal to lease the building to the St. Andrews School, a private, co-ed preparatory school. Speaking for George Bingham, Chairman of the Citizens Association Steering Committee on Use of Clara Barton, Joel Fi~hman pre- sented the position of the Committee, which included requirements that the Post uffiee, Day Care Center and Four Year Old rrogram be permitted to continue in their present or equivalent spaces. The Committee also requested that community use of the buil- ding for meetings and special event8 be permitted, as in the pact, and that play- ground facilities be available for the youth of Cabin John after regular school hours. Considerable testimony by residents foeuaed on the future of the Four-Year-Old PTo- gram, as the St. Andrews propo,al envimaged moving this group into apace allotted to the Day Care Center. The St. Andrews re- presentatives agreed to preserve t he pre- sent space of the Four-Year-01d Program for one year and to eooperate im helping to make aceeptable alternative apace a- vailable in the building for the program. The hearing officer agreed~ keep the re- cord of the public hearing open until ~’~y 15, at which time he will forward his re- commemdationm to the County Exeeutive’e office. A final decision on futmre te- naaey of Clara Barton should be forthcoming withim the next month. RUMMAGE SALE A SUCCESS & FUN FOR ALL TMe Cabim John Fo~uc Year Old Program’s Rmmmage Sale amd Carnival held last Saturday, ~y 12 wam truly a suceesm as Cabin Johm remidente flocked to grab up bargains. People were literally banging down the doors at IO,00 to be the firmt inmide. Before the male wam half way over, the bake sale wan sold out, the pomy w&e tired and many satisfied customers were trudgimg home with new old clothes, toys, appliances, dishes sad other assorted items. The silent auction wam deemed a suceess, and the hi,best bidders walked away with some real mteala. Benefits from the rummage keep the doors to the Four Year 01d Program open and this year’s sale ensures that mext year’s program will be in operation and affordable to parents of the participamt8. If you would like to enroll yourchild for the program, call Annette Davis, 229-0754 or ~rie Keels, 229-5~40. Thank8 to all of the volunteerm who sacrificed their time, energy and elbow grease to prepare and rum the rummage 8ale. ~ithout them, the8 event could not have taken place~ THE-VILLAGE NEWS (iIIII ll,®.Ilol …. PASTRIES*MEATS*CA R RY-ouT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY lllROUG!! SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00pro @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@e@@@@~@ The VILLAGE NEWS is published monthly in Cabin John,.Maryland. Subscriptions are $ 4. O0 per year for non -re#den ts and free to Cabin John residents• Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions, letters and subscriptions (with payment) to: The Editor THE VILLA GE NEWS Post Office Box 16 4 Cabin John, Mary~and 20731 #’ g’,tl’ 4t’ 0 @’ 6′,11¢ @’,11′ 0 e 0 0 @’ @ @’e 0 @” ~ 41r e .It, It’~ll’ e 0 ~ e e ~ @ @ THE VILLAGE NEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES:. Full page $40.00 2/3 page $30.00 1/2 page $25.00 1/3 page $15.00 1/6 page $10.00 1/12 page $ 6.00 ………… BEWS Bobbi S~tuart, Editor (229-6951) Judy Green, Circ. Mgr. Janet Dence, Bus. M RT. 6 BD CLARK & SON Omoving ohaulinlg. Oyard work ~easonable 229-7311 CLASSIFIED …… ARTISTIC LANDSCAPES by Judi ~ovick, Desi~zer. Distinctive outdoor and indoor l=ndscape uesign plans. Full installa- tion servlce also available, C~ll about our reasonable rates. 229-1450. LA~N CUTTING by Edward Matzhews. 229-2282. L~ CARE Good price. Call Steve. 229-5605. RENTAL Nags Head, N. Carolina. 5 bdrm. cottage. Cable TV. Complete kitchen. Off season rate ~190/week. On season rate $260/week. 229-8224. FOR SALE Large gold couch with 5 cushions. Good condi- tion. $i00. 229-2214. PROFESSIONAL COUPLE seeks small house, cottage or garage apartment to rent in Cabin John or Glen Echo ~rea. Call Jane or Russ at 320-4205. 4ANTED Classified ads to be put in this space. 50¢/line, payable in advance. Deadline is the 9th of June for the June edition. ~il to P.O. Box 164, Cabin John, Md. 20731 or call the editor at 229-6931. POSITION OYEN Do you know what is happening in the lives of your neighbors? Are you keenly aware of events taking place up the street, down the street and around the corner: if not, ar,~ you yearning to find out? If jou answered “YiS” to any of the above questions, you have the necessary qualifications to be the next news gatherer for the Village News Ear!hmm. This much sought after position will pro- bably be open for only a short time. So, if you are interested in filling this much respected job on the Village News staff, hurry to your phone and call the editor at 229-6931.

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