May 1978

i VOLU:YE ii, Number 5 ” SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND ~ ‘\ .,o ./, ~.~ — ( / \ MAY 21~ SUNDAY 2 – 5 ~.M~ Cabin John House and Garden Tour Tickets available ~+ eBch house. Houses may be visited in any o~der. Descriptive flyer enclosed. See how other people used th~Flr imaginmtion in creating a home environment. MAY, 1978 MA, Y ~}~ TUESDAY 8 P.M.,~Citizens Association Meeting et Clara B~r~ew~ ~hool. County officials will beer our ideas on ho~ to ~@ ~w~ Clmre Barton facilitiesbefore msklng B decision om rmntere for the coming yeer. Election of new officers will b~ held. Spesk~mm from recreation servlces to oreview the summer fun schedule for adults and children in the area. ,MAY ,2~ &,,~4 TUESDAY & ~EDNESDAY 7:30 P.M. Public Hearings on noise control of Netionel Airport. C1tlzene urged to strand and support the new legislmtion introduced by Cong. Steers and Sen. Mmthias to reduce flights from Netionsl Airport. If you don’t llke the planes thet ere constantly mith us, then turn out and m~ke your feelings count. (More inform~tlon on times and PlaOes on pegs 3.) LEGISLATORS ASK CITIZEN SUPPLRT FLR NE~ NOISE CCNTRGL LEGISLATIGN: HEAVY TURNOUT URGED AT PUBLIC HEARINGS T~ SUPPLRT £TEEHS BILL FOR NCISE CENTROL CF NATIONAL AIRmCRT The newly organized P~ryland Citizens Concerned about Aircraft Noise (MCCAN) held a kick-off meeting on ~my 4 mt the Cabin John Methodist Church. MCCAN hopes to reduce noise and sir pollution ‘ by reducing flights from National Airport. Re. Newton Steers spoke to the group glvlng his support. He has recently Im@roduced a bill, H.R. 12512 to the ~ouse mhich would require the FAA to put into effect comprehensive noise ~tement procedures ~t National Air- port. These procedures are used at other ~irDorts no~. Reo. Steers also supported ~llou, ing u.ide-bodied pl~nes to l~:nd ~t N~ticn~l ~nly on ~ se~~t for seat basis for planes now used. The s~me number of passengers could be ser- ved, but fewer jets would land end take- off. He celled the group’s attention to a congressional report containing an article from ~ medic~l journal ~hich relates birth defects to aircraft noise. ReD. Steers celled for citizen input. He ~sked that everyone testify before the FAA hearings on May 23 ~nd 24 and before hearings on his bill when they come up. Senator M~thiae has introduced ~ similar bill in the Senate, S.2785. L~ther elected officials attendino mere ~ryl~nd state senators, Howard Denis and L~urence Levit~n ond suite de)eg~t~s, ~ri)yn Cold~::~ter, N~ncy Kopp ~nd (cont. ~;. 3) ‘lil! VII.LA(;I~ NI..V,’S ~aoe 2 -.- j~ ~11 …. FRL;I:I THE CITIZENS ASSE~CIATIbN Tuesday, l,:ay 23 mill be ~ very important meetinq for all of us. Please make plans to be there. The use of the Clara ~rton School buildino is no~ at the crucial point, and the County is choosino renters to occupy the various rooms. Jim Boston from the -Montgomery County Office of Planning will be there luesday~-night, as ,~ill interested representatives who mant to locate at Clara Barton. Mr. Boston h~s mentioned as possible applicants a group of doctors, a church group, and a private school for children with learning disebilitiss. These applicants mill briefly tell us of their plans so that we, as a community, may express our feelings about having them in the building. And, mor__e importantlya this is our lest chance to emphasize our desire to provide rental space for town meetings and events end for those current programs we want to keep, such as the Four-Year-Old program and the Day Care Center. Neither of these are able to pay competitive rents, but they are essential to the community; and the County has made us a promise (may back mhen) that community needs mould have first priority. We must be visible and me must be vocal to assure that that promise is kept. Be at the meeting, end keep a high profile. At that same meeting, we will 6e e~ecting new officers for the 78-79 Citizens Association year. The Nominating Committee, chaired by Beverly Sullivan, has submitted this slate: President: Walter Snomden, First Vice President: Jay Goodrom, Second Vice-President: Janet Dance, Recording Secretary: Pat Duff, Corresponding Secretary: Diane Lee, Treasurer: Ellen Jankomsky. Names for any office may also be nominated from the floor, if the nominee has given prior permission. Another feature of the meeting will be an introduction to awilable summer resources– for both children and adults–by those groups which are saonsoring the activities. Summer is soon. The Community Directories hays been delivered and look very good. Katy Glekas was the organizing/producing angel behind the project, with major help from Pat Duff and Judis Green. ~thers of us checked names, merit door-to-door, made phone calls, drew maps, selected dramings, eta. And now it is finished. Not perfect, but a valuable resource. Take time to look through yours and discover ~Ii the helpful information col- lected there. Susan Vogt has accomplished a tremendous work in making a reality of the Cabin John House Tour. By all means, take the tour. It’s this Sunday from 2-5p.m. Susan, Thank you. The small garden plots along ~cArthur Boulevard~ look wonderful! Those of you who are caring for flowers and moming sections of gr~ss ~re giving e real gift to your town. It’s e pleasure to drive along MacArthur. FortunBtely, there has been only one incident of flomer-picking (that I knom of), but this is one too many, especially for the hard- morking person who is caring for that f!o~er bed. elapse, every citizen, mention to your children mhat a fine thing it is to have these lovely flomer beds, and be alert to stop anyone you see destroying their beauty. jf Last Saturday’s Rummaoe Sale, sponsored by and for the Four-Year-Cld Prooram, mas once ” more a magnificent success. Engineered by Cappie Moroan–whose~ schedule includes another i\ major production this month, mhen ~ new Morgan makes his appearance–this event gave us ~all a chance to exchange items at bargain rates and enjoy the day. For Capoie and her ~ \many helpers me feel great admiration and appreciation. ~x My year as president is almost finished. I need to give more than a perfunctory acknowledgement to my officers–Jay Goodrow, Calvin Kytle, Erika Rogal~, Pat Duff end Katy Glakas$- Truly, these officers have been unfailinq in their supmo~t–both moral end practicel and I ~m very grateful. Committee chairmen, too, have responded whenever the need arose. Extra he~vy work this year fell on Frank ~cKinney in connection with plans for Seven Locks Read, and on Frank Sordyl whose efforts in airplane noise abate- ment have been most impressive. I have also been constantly pleased by the gracious helpfulness of people I call for specific jebs. This is a t ot~n of people who are aware of their good fortune in livin 9 in this unusu;~ community ~nd ~,ho ~re ~illinc to help in m~king it ~o. I have ~m~reci~ted the exoerinnce of this ;~st year. ~rbar~ Clark, ;~res THE VILLAGE NEWS Page 3 HEAVY TURk CUT FLR HEARINGS URGED (continued from page I~ ~:n. Judy Tsth. Rep. Steers reminded these legislators that action Can be …… ~t the state level as well as at ~he feder~l. The m~ny civic representatives included president of the Potomac Vzliey League, presidents of many r,aryiand citizens associations, president of the District’s PaIisades citizens ~ssoci~tion and president of the Virginians for Duiles, ~nd a legisl~tive assistant from Senator ~bthias’ffice The groups agreed that a united position ~nd effort were necessary if anything is to be accomoiished to reiieve i CLASSIFIED EMPLDY~ENT: 20 yr. old Bryn Mawr Senior needs summer job mid-May Through Aug. Past exp. incl. med tech., camp coun., office clerk, and child/ house care. Contact Betty Lindsay at 22g-8530 present conditions. EMPLbYDENT: Light housekeep- The FAA he, rings on its Environmental Impact Statement are: ing, babysitting ~2.65 hr. D~y 23, lg78 7:30 p.m. call Lolita 229-6984. Twin Bridges i~rriott, U.S. ~i and I-3g5 Arlington,Virginia ……. : and ~ulles Marriott Hotel Duiles Internation~i Airport, Virginia May 24, i~78 .7:30 p.m. Federal Aviation Administration Headquarters Auditorium, 3rd floor 800 Independence Avenue, S.~. and Einstein High School Auditorium 11135 Newport Mills Road Kensington ~rylmnd FLR SALE~ Elect Lawnmomer, Block & Decker w/ attach. ~20. Baby stroIler German made ~15 ceIi even. 229-8281 FOR SALE: ’75 Tortoise Pick- up camper, X-cond. 320-3018 . HELP Y~UR KIDS LEARN TO or write: James Murphy Metropolitan l,~ashington Airports LIKE READING before ~ay 23 Environmental Policy Section, Hangar 9 ~ashington, D.C. 20001 To support Legislation write: The Honorable Newton Steers Cannon House Office BuiIding bashington, D.C. 20515 The Honorable Charles McC. Mathias, Jr. Old Senate Lffice Building ~ashington, D.C. 20510 ‘.~HITTLE NATIONAL AIRPbRT DOWN TO SIZE, JLIN r’CCAI, AND HAVE A QUIETER LIFE The FA& has plans to spend millions to enlarge National Airport and to increase ‘flights by 35 %. All this after the Council of Governments represent- ing 600,000 area citizens voted unanimously to decrease use of National. The FAA promotes increased use of National, which was built before jets and was never intended for their use, while flights from Dulles (mtern~ticn~l Airport have decreased in the past i0 years. There are 56 non-stop flights to Miami a v~eek from ~tional but only i from Dulles. The FAA has follo~led policies which subordinate social ~nd human considerations for the convenience of air travelers, millions of whom do not live in the 14etropolit~n ~re~:: A new reading program de- signed to make reading a fun activity for children is gear ~ ing up in Cabin John. The Reading is FUNdamental pro- gram will begin in July. It is designed to help kids pick reading as an activity over TV or just hanging out with their peers. Headquartered at the Methodist Church,the program is community-spon- sored and will offer activi- ties designed to make reading fun. A part of the program ~ is a free book distribution. Books for pre-schoolers up \ to the ages of 18 will be \ given away free to any child ~ in Cabin John in July ond ~ \ ~eain in Auoust. Cther activ- r ities ~re also pi~nned. If I you ~qould like to volunteer to heln m~k~ th)s ~)rogr~m I~ bJ 0 community succet~, COn- ~.:~¢t Rev. i) i~oonl~y @t, 2:79-~1233. t TItE VILLAGE Nt:WS – II ~ (continued~from page 3) ~nd co me here for only short business or vacation stays. To help stop the abuse of public interest by the FAA and to support efforts to decrease jet flights from National, join MCCAN by sending $3.00 to: ……………… f;iCCAN …….. P.O. BOX 76 Cabin. John, MD 20731 Virginiens for Dulles also need financial help. They have sued the FAA to force the FAA to issue an Environmental Impact Statement. Now, the Virginians for Dulles need to have experts thoroughly analyze the 7,803 page statement which they have stated is misleading and slanted. The address is: Virginians for Dulles P.L;. Box 70B1 Arlington, VA 22207 DAY CAmP AND BABYSITTING OFFERED AT LITTLE FLO~ER FOR THE SUMMER MONTHS; Parents looking for summer fun for their children may =ant to look into the Summer Camp program provided by Little Flower Church. The Summer Fun and Study program was begun to provide a service for families in the area end to provide employment for Little Flower teenagers. Enrollment WeB 130 children last eummerp from the ages of 3 to 12. The program in- cludes organized athletics, Bible story class, arts and crafts, music, and movies after lunch. Field trips are else offered which could include a trip to Pet-a-Pet fermi or the National Zoo. Hours are 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Four two-week sessions are planned (June 19 to June 30, July 3 to July 14, July 24 to August 4 and August ? to August 18). Cost is $40 per session for one child or $35 for two or more children. Registration is on a first come first served basis. All activities are directed by competent adults Babysitting services for children under 3 are also provided for the day or any portion at a rate of $1 an hour for one child and 50 cents for each additional child. Cell Father John Enzler (320-4553) for further information. VCLUNTEERS NEEDED TD RESEARCH HISTORIC SITES Sugerloef Regional Trails needs volunteers to reseBrch more than 700 historic sites in the county during lg78. The research will allow the County to determine which site to recognize as offical historic sites. Volunteers will be trained and guided in their research. Assignments ~,ill be geared to the time you have to offer. If you want to research a mill, country store, railroad, or community for fun or college credit, call 926-4510. I ViL:L___AGE :OEW$ The VILLA GE ArE WS,~ L~4blishfd__mg.n thly . in Cabin John, Maryland. Subscriptions ‘ areS4.00 per year for non-residents and free to Cabin John residents. Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions letters and subscriptions {with payment) to: The Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS Post Office Box 164 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 STAFF: Cathy Orme, Ed. Janet Dence, Tres. ….. – Judie Green, Circ. I THE VILLAGE NEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: Full page 2/3 page 1/2 page 113 page 116 page 1/12 page SQUARE DANCES EVERY $40.00 $3O.O0 $25.00 $15.00 $10.00 $ 6.OO SATURDAY NIGHT AT GLEN ECHb From April 15 until Sept 30, Cabin Johnere can go down to the old Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo and learn new steps or just enjoy themselves. ~ny ~,~ell- known callers are scheduled during the summer season. Uther~ forms of folk dancing mill also x be held during the season. A schedule of events is available / / at the Park. / /” SL~KM BILE SCHEDULE / d r !iL.;~JAY from 5:30 to 6 ~.P. AT RUSSEL AND ERICSSLN RDS. FRLr,’I F ~P, HLUSE L F DELEGATES Autherity of Jean Rou~e Chr. Citizens for Ficker

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