May 1973

Vol. 6 No. 9 May i773 MJ~Y CALE~U3AR OF EVENTS May 9- Health Committee I0 am 7629 Cabin Rd.(Richardsons) May lO- Festival of the Arts Walt Whitman 7 to 10 pm. May 12- Strawberry Festival llam-4pm Westmoreland Church May 17- Citizens Asso. 8 pm Clara Barton School May 19- Bake Sale 9:30 am C.J. Methodist Church May 19- ChiIdren’s Day lOam-4pm NCFA 9th St ~J and F•. St. May 22- PTA Meeting 7:30pm Clara Barton School May 30- Prospective 4-Yr-Old Class Parents Meeting. 7:30 pm Clara Barton School /11//11II/I/1/1IIII!!!111II!1III!11 SCOUTING NEWS The month of April proved a real need for more adults in Cabin John scouting. Last Saturday I happened to breakmy leg so a scheduled program had to be cancel- led. The scouts wouldhave not had to mass a campout and a hunter safety course if there had been another active adult leader able to take the troop for the weekend. Parents, we need your heip. ” We need adults to help on the troop committee. We D~PERATELY need an adult who wants to learn scouting and become an assistant scout master. As long as there is only one active leader who is ready and able to take the troop out for a weekend or a week, cancellations are possible. With two or three active adults the scouts will never have to miss a scheduled pro- gram, and more programs can be offerred. We realize that most of you can’ t spare every Wednesday night, several hours a week planning, other nights at training sessions and scout informational meetings, and a weekend or so every month, but most Of you can spare five hours a month. That is only ten minutes a day. That is all we ask. That five hours is ample time to assure an active scouting program. Look at it this way. If you are a sports fan, you know a good team never depends on one man alone. If you are a house builder you know that one man can’tdo the Job of the plumber, the car- penter, and the electrician. If you are a business man, you know that everyone has to pull to show a profit, the clerk, the manager, the salesman, the stockroom boy. What it takes for success in most activities is a team.., scouting is no exception. With several members, a team gets things done and done well, with no burden on any one person. The team we have now can’t do it all. Ron Wilson 229-3397 L JUNE IS M0}EY M0~H As usual, the Cabin John Village News is conducting a drive in early June for money to run ~he paper next year. We ask for at least one dollar per family, but of course would gladlyLacceptmore. What•we very much needright now is a number of volunteers who would be willing to go door to door in their neighborhoods. The amount of money we raise is always in direcS proportion to the number of people who volunteer. My goal this year is to collect ~500 from the community. If that is accomplished~ there will be no n need toask for contrlbutions from the various clubs and organizations in Cabin John~ who also have limited • financial !!resources. As of now, the Village News checking ~ccount shows a balance of $1795.78. At ~55 per issue for printing, delivery, and supplies, the months of May, June and July-Aug will use up ~165, That will leave $30 for unforseen expenses before September~ or will be a carryover to the account for next year.~The Village News “year” begins in Sept. If you or your child would like to collect money in June, please call Susan Vogt at 229-6479 or Maryanne Wilson at~229-3397. We need YOUI~ Susan Vogt Would like to thank Maryanne Wilson for putting out the April issue of lthe Village News. Maryanne has been enormously help- ful to me for many months, and I Zhought the last issue was superb. In September, Maryanne will be taking over the paper for good, and I’m sure she’ll enjoy it as much as l have. ///H/I/1/I/1////////////////////// HURRAH FOR THE STRA\.,fBERRY FEST IVAL ) Cabin John • Home Study is again holding its famous Strawberry Fes- tival, this year on May 12 from ll am to 4 pm. As usual the place is the Westmoreland Church right on Westmoreland Circle (past Glen Echo on Ma!ss. Ave.) The strawberry shortcake is soooo good that they can even sell the recipe~ Hamburgers and hot dogs will be sold, as well as other baked goods ahd heal%hy plants for the garden. Eat there, or take it home. Donations of baked goods, plants, cash, or serving help are needed. Call Celeste Swedenburg 229-2282 or Karen Senger 22o-5718. ” THE AFTERmaTH OF HEALTH DAY Cabin John has again shown its community spirit by supporting the Community Health Day held on April 7th. An estimated 250 persons attended the event, and 99% of those who evaluated the program indicated that it met their expectations, and gave strong support for a similar event next year. Although we are indebted to those agencies and professional individuals who gave their tlme and effort to the planning and presentation of Health Day, the final kudos go to the volunteem from the community who ultimately were the persons who made the entire event possible: the Homemakers Club, whose members spent many hours making posters; the VFW for posting not%ces in the communit~v; the Girl Scouts for helping with the lunch, babysittling, and selling cookies and punch; the Boy Scouts for helping set-up and clean-up, and other details; and more than 75 individuals Who assisted with registration and at the various exhibits, provided lunch, contributed baked goods, provided child care, and helped with the myriad of details that a successful function requires • Health Day had an immediate im- pact through the educational exhibits and health screening tests; there is also a ~onger range i~pact through individual committemnts to sign up for classes in s~opping smoking, reduction, and famil~ communication classes.–Arrangements are being made for the first two to begin in the near future, and the last to begin in Sept.; there are openings in all three – if you are interested, but did Hot sign up, call Gladys Richardson 229’0108 or Arlyn Jurin 229-8279. \ The HealthCommittee will be meeting again on Tuesday, May 8th, at 10 a.m. at the Richardson’s (7629 CabinRoad) to evaluate Health Day and plan for future activities. We urge you to come – your ideas and interest will determine what will happen on the health scene in Cabin John. Thanks. Gladys Richardson and Arlyn Jurin CITIZENS ASSOCIATION MEETING MAY 17 The May meeting of the Cabin John Citizens Association is to be held on May 17 at 8100 p.m. At that meeting. summer activities will be discussed and planned for. The Cabin John Development Corporation officers will be elected. The Citizens Association has dictated so few changes to the Community Plan that the changes will be published in the form of addendum which will be distributed to every Cabin John family. If you threw your plan away thinking another would be distributed, Call Ed Winslow at 2294654, or Susan Vogt at229-6~79, for another copy. .~ LOST JACKETS~ S~ATERSI ETC. L There have been several repor~s~’of garments lost during after school ‘acti- vities. Children can easily take home the wrong thing by mistake. Please check your closets and return any items not yours to the school office. ~,THODIST CHURCH NE~7.q On May 13th at 5 p.m., the men of the church plan a pot luck supper and a program in honor of the mothers of the church. On that same day, the young people of the church will auction them- selves off to work on May 19th, in order to raise funds for some planned youth activities. ;~ : The United Methodist W6men will meet on the 14th at 7,30 p.m. ~ A: bake sale will be held on the 19th for the purpose of sending children to summer camp. On the 20th, the worship service is written by John Wesley. ~ The 20th of may is World Wide Wesley Day. A sing is to be held on Sunday the 27th at 7,30 p.m. ~ illllllllllI/i27i-/lliillllililiill • ,TA ~l • I THE GLEN ECHO BAPTIST CHINCH Dear friends, As We seek to serve our con/munity please check the following areas where we can minister to you, your family, or friends and return to the Glen Echo •Baptist Church, Vassar Circle, Glen Echo, Md. 20768 Services are held each Sunday 9:30 am, ii am, 6 pm and 7 pm. All races and creeds are welcome to attend and study the word of God. I. I am interested in having my –children attend Sunday ~chool if transportation is porvided. __2. I would llke to attend • church services if transportation is provided. __3. I would like a free copy of the Tenach ~ (Old testament) in modern english with a study pro- ~ ram. . I would like a free modern t~anslation of the New Testament with the answers most frequently asked about the Bible. __5. I am interested in attending an informa~ home Bible study group meeting in my community. I would like a group to meet in • ~ house. d 6. I would like to learn more about the Messianic Jews. __7. I am concerned about my rela- tionship with God. What does it mean to be saved? Can a person be sure that they are ~oing to heaven? 8. I am a young person and I have a real problem. 9. I am hooked. Dope? Alcohol? Other? I want to be set free. I would’~Ike to talk to someone my own age who has found deliver- ance. i0. I would llke to find a victor- —ious, happy, Spirit-filled life. There is no obligation for any lit- erature requested. Personal calls are only made ~by invitation and l C 0L~,~_,C~ION OF FINE ARTS NATIOT~T T …. 0CUSES ON CHILDREN . . 0n 9th St. N.W. between i andJ !i G Streets, in the old Patent Office Building, is the National Collection of Fine Arts~ part of the Smithsonian Institution. This month, the NCFA ispresenting two:events especially for children – or those who are young at heart. < An experimental exhibition geared to elementary school education titled “The Five Sense Store; An Esthetic Design for Education” will be on display through June l~, Children are supp0se8 to touch and explore three areas: the Activity Area, the Space Place<,and the~elassroom Area, Tours for groups of 30 children are available, but the general public ~ is invited too. Phone 381-6~+1 for tours. . Saturday, MaY 19 is Children’s ‘.’ – Day at the NUFA. This is an all- day, do-and-see festival, featuring ~’ inipart, artist demonstrations, marion- ettes, .magician, films, Strolling ~ • musiclans,:treasure hunts, mime. theatre, videotaping, and tours of~.the above. exhibit. The hours, are loam ‘to 4pm, but from one who has been in other years- the earlier the better. ~ All NCFA eventsare free. In addition to the childrensthings, there’is a photography exhibit called “Views of theEarth” by a photographer- pilot. His prints, taken fron his plane are:3-by-5 feet and quite spectacular. Also a High School Graphics exhibit by D.C. Schools students whocompeted for prize money, is impressive. II11IIIII/II11171IIIillii!11IIIIIIIII1:- WALT WH!TMAN’S ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS AN OPEN LETTER TO THE C 0NC E Rh~D . C IT I ZE N…Z OF CABIN J0}U7 I would like to know how much longer the decent people of Cabin Joh~ ~ill have to put up with the riffraff, trash and drunks that hang around the Quick Food Store. It is not safe for women and yoUng girls to even go near the store any more. They even insult people they do not know andpeople, from other areas who stop at the store. They use filthy language and obscene gestures. They throw beer cans and eggs at ~ assing cars and use the parking ot as a publi c outhouse, and many other things too foul to print. The people in the apartments have been tormented by them for a couple of ~ears, and how Mr. Castle, the owner, of the Quick Food Store~! has maintalned his sanity, I don’t know. Perhaps if all the people concerned about this problem would call the police and make complaints , something might be done. If one call does no good, call again and again until we get some results. In my opinion the police of~both Montgomery County and the Aqueduct do avery poor Job for the people of CaS~n John. If the police can not do the Job they are paid to do, maybe it’s t~me to go back to the days of bedsheets and horsewhips. We can no longer sit idly by with our heads turned the other way and let these bums ruin our community. Let’s show some backbone and put a stop to it NOW!!~ It is time these 20 and 30 year old kids grew UP- ” Name Withheld Walt Whitman High School PTA will present its Annual Fesitval of the Arts on Thursday, May 10 from 7 to : lO pm at the school, Whittier Blvd., Bethesda. A showcase of the year’s work in the Creative Arts, the evening program will include art, music, drama, film making, home arts, and industrial arts. Exhibits and demonstrations include a student art show, feature ceramics display and craftwork, home arts, and ‘ industrial arts. Drama Department will give an open rehearsal of the current play. For Film buffs, a complete showing of student-made movies will entertain. From 8 to lO pm m~sic will be heard at various recital stations. Per- forming will be Concert and Stage Bands, Orchestra, student vocal and instrumental soloists, and ensembles including selections from the recent production of HMS Pinafore. Prospective students at Whitman will find this open house ~ event of interest in helping them choose a future course. MarJie R. Craig, Publicity Editors note: The Army Corps of Engineers has Jurisdiction over the road way and the front part of the parking lot – up to the concrete separators irfor the Sidewalk. The Montgomery!iCounty Police have Juris- diction over the side parking lot and the back. They should be calledls~ Mont. CO. Police 762-1000 Aqueduct Police 282-2760 ‘ ‘i IIIll/illli!flllllllttlllllli_llZIIII PTA NEWS At the April meeting of the i Clara Barton PTA, next year’s officers were elected. They are: Co-Presidents – Bob and Carmen Howard; Co-Vice Presidents ~ – Dick and Joanne ;~?nittaker; Co-Correspond – ing Secretaries-Charlle and Fran Wilson; Recording SeCretary – Betty Sponaugle; Treasurer -E1 Geib; Nominating Chairman – Celeste Swedenberg; Delegates – Judy Toth and John Fraser. On May 22, the children will put on their annual performance for the parents at 7:30 pm. Following the show there will be an Ice Cream Social with ,,make-your-own-sundaes”. By MORRIS FRADIN spedal to’me star What may be the smallest private chapel in the United States is in Cabin John, over- looking the Maryland leg of the George Washington Me- morial Parkway and restored Lockheuse No. 10 along the famous old Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Components of the tiny red- brick chapel were once incor- porated in various Washing, ton churches. It is topped by a Greek Orthodox cross from a Baltimore cathedral. The 6-by-9-foot interior has two steps leading to a parma- nent altar faced with a plaster copy of the “Last Supper” by Leonardo da Viral. Above this altar, beneath two stained- glass windows, is a llf~ oil p~cinting of “The Chris:, tus.” About 1912, an ex-convict commissioned artist Law- rence Abbott Southwlek, • Cabin Johe :.r~gd4m~’~M ~a noted United States Capitol. muralist, to paint tbo figure of Christ. When the artwork was offered to an upstate New York church as a symbol of humble repentance, the ex- felon’s gift was refused by sanctimonious deacons. Crushed, the contrite man~, ~retun~ed the painting to Southwick, to whom be had • already paid ~00 for his two • months’ work. Southwick cmstrum~ hm “secorZ-hand” chapel adja- cent ~, hm home”~l the ~rejected painting over the altar. Forty-three centa i were sealed in the corner- stone — for luck. Whomever members of the Southwlek family were troubled in they were ~mfort~l by a vim. it to their private ~qztm’y.. • Although Lawrence Soutl~ wick was born in ~ m a farm at Angola, N.Y., he achieved some fame in Paris where he painted portraltsof Euro~ ,chary ~d ~- ,dte pam,ral ~. mmmz~ to lz~, ~mm.,l before the first Worm War, Southwick settled in Cabin John and became a mm-alist at the Capita. Among his first • “sidellne” onmmlion~ was a little ~m of revei~. It~l~i~/ for which” be depicted a Dutehwoms~ charging at dirt with an upraised stick. For _many years it was the fammm Irm~ mark of Old Dutch Cleanser. Southwiek died in 1~7. In- stead of being cremated, with the ashes deputed In s~ mm intended, his remains were interred in the cemetery of the old Herman Church, which ~ the Con- gressional Country Club be- tween Cabin John and Poto- ,mac. • : The chapel now is a hal- lowed place of private we’- ship foe” the present owners of the property, Lorenzo P. Taro- ro and his wife, Ann,co. They had it blessed by three area priestsand sanctified for their use when ~ could net atte~ church ma~. Lm-e~ zo worshiped there wi, m re- Covering from a serious op~- at,on. Four worshipers. Cm • occupy the sanctuary at one PENITENT ONE SPURNED S ma I lest U.S. Cha pel  Tlds paimzq eommluiomd by an ex-eonvlet, dominates In what may be the smallest religious chapel In use in the Untied States. LITTLE FALLS LIbrARY NOTES May’s book discussion is Battles by Eudora Welty! to be held on Friday, May 18, at 1:30 p.m. There will be a film in the chil- drens room on the 12th of May at lO, 30 a.m. for children aged 4 to 6, and a story hour on the 26th at 10,30 a.m., also for children 4 to 6. Make reser- vations for your child by calling 320-5266 THANKS FROM HOME STUDY The April Home Study Lasagna Dinner was a big success. Over ~300 was made which will help with camp scholarships. Thanks to all those who helped and attended. BAKE SALE The Cabin John United Methodist Church will have a bake sale on May 19 at the church, 77th and MacArthur Blvd. It will last from 9,30 a.m. till all goods are sold or until dusk. The bake sale is sponsored by the Womens’ Society of the church, and is for the purpose of raising money for the camp fund. All donations are welcome, call Mrs. Fyock at 229-8490 for infor- mation , and if you would like to have your baked goods picked up. I OVING YOTT Roses love sunshine Violets love dew. Angels in heaven Know I love you. Contributed by Judy Vogt # ‘ WANT ADS For ~ale: 2 summer rugs 9×15, beige, excellent, window fan 20” with timer, Hassock fan, Sewing machine desk and chair~ 5 piece maple di- nette set, etc., reasonable J.F. Phi lips 7702 Tomlinson Ave For Sale; Blazer. 71, V-8, P.S., • “P.-~. A.C., Automatic, $3~300. Call 22°-0183 or 703-~71-~371. For Sale: Singer sewing machlne, straight needle and desk cabinet. Lots of attachments. 229-5057 For Sale: },%n’s bike. 3-speed~ hand- “br–~s, 26-inch, ~30. Lady’s bIM~ 26-1rich, coaster brake, balloon tires, ~20~ Both in good condition 229-1338 ForSale: Sunbeam electric twin blade rotar~ mower, with lOB ft. of cord. Used times. ~35. 229-1338. Free: Upright piano. You haul 229z5057. For Sale: Labrodor Retriever Pupples, Yellow, M & F, Parents of champion British field and show lines with East African Kennel Club registra- tion. ~75. call Stevenson Home 229-6134 – Office 833-8140 Fre___~e: Male Puppy, happy and healthy but partially impaired vision in one eye. FREE to loving home. For Sale: All Occasion Cards. 50¢ per box. Call Bette Fraser 229-8692, 1/H/I/I/I/////////////////////////// ” PARENTS Access to the canal by.way of 79th and the G.W. Parkway is not safe for small children. There is a curve in the parkway there which limits visibility of motorists who are traveling in excess of 50 m.p.h, or at 50 m.p.h. For safety’s sake, please remind small children whowish to visit the canal to make the extra steps through the underpass. NOTES FROM TNE GARDENS Karen Ricketts and Valerie Hamasian from Potomac toured Greece from March l~th to the 29th. Last year Karen cruised to the Caribbean. ~ercia ads in ~he Villa8 e News cos~ S3 per month and $6 for 3.months. Wane ads cos~ ~0~ per ad. A KEWPOLXCY OF THEV~LLA~MNEWS REQI.XRES PAYMENT IN ADVANCE FOR ALL WA— \ Phone: 229- ! 361 . or 229~96! I BEAUTY SALON 74Lll0 Temli~ A~. A~. 15 • ‘~,~,~ m,~.l,,,~’~. o” • : ‘ .. LADIES RECIPE FILE CRAB DELIGHT (Fmy EemV) \ L LB. CRAB ~_AT (fresh is best) 6 Tb; butter bread crumbs 2 beaten eg~s 2 Tb. butter ½ c. cream (whipping, table, or half & half) l~ tsp. salt parsley pinch pepper ” Combine ingredients from left-hand column and heat in saucepan. Transfer to a quart casserole dish. Sprinkle bread crumbs on top and dot with the 2 Tb. butter. Garnish withparsley. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. FOUR-YFAR-OLD CLASS There will be a meeting of parents of elegibie preschoolers (four by Dec. 31, 1973)!~ito decide if there is tb be a four-year, old class next year. The meeting will be held on May 30 at; 7:30 p.m., at the school. The four-year- old class is a service of the community, i j and of the teachers p and its continuance will be determined by the interest of the parents who attend the meeting, i #/.. ~, ~,.4~ ~, ~/~.: ~, ~, ~,.-~,. ~ ~, ~, ~. ~, ;,. ~,-?. :7:~ ~.-7, ~,-~.,. 7, .,.. ~?~… TRANePORTAT 10N INC. ! Follow~Ing up on suggestions made /in the Cabin John Community Plan, a Transportation Committee has been formed~ headed by Maryanne Wilson. This committee will attempt to fight pollution~ conserve gasoline~ and provide a community service by arranging car pools within the area. If you :would i like to team up to go to the storey to work, to school, or wherever, call Maryanne Wilson at 229-3397, and she’~i try to fit your schedule with someone elses. ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() VANDALISM IN CABIN JOHN Sadly, there have been instances of vandalism reported recently in Cabin John. The police have been notified~ and are taking steps to apprehend the guilty ones. They report that in the case of guilty Juveniles, the parents are fully liable for all damage and will have to appear in court. ‘ ; II i , ” ………… I OU|c  rood ‘ SHOP EMil.. $,d-.. DO LE ZAL. S.,o o,t, Lli M o I I, u,,,

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