March 1983

I Volume 16, No. 7 SER VING THE PEOI~LE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND March 1983 f nnulnl nnlnuunnunnuulnlnunlunlnlmuunnlunun ul in nnnn ulullnul | m| m |w m | w w | m |||mm||ul mm|||m|| N m I MEMORIAM I I ~ I IGod has plucked from his garden of beautiful, n .flowers Mrs. Panya P. Duff. She believed !that “if she could help somebody, as the n !Master taught, then her living would not n ihave been ~n vain.” u — Frank •D. McKinney ~! ~ …. CARD OF THANKS ~The famxly thank the Gibson Grove AME Zion ~ , uChurch, the Cabin John Citizens Association,• !and those who attended the wake and service ifor the beautiful flowers and donation ntowards a marker. ” I ,, u The sweetest rose must fade away I I ~After darkness comes the day i | • • ,After grlef w111 come the “o • . J Y n ~Joy in the love and happiness we shared.” I • .. — John R. Duff, Sr. I immmmm w ummmmnmmmmmmm~mmumlmmmmm~mmmmmemmmnmmmmmmmmmmBm~~nB ~ • C 0)9~UNI TY CALENDAR (If you want your event listed in this calen- dar, please call Susan Luchs, 320-3401, by the 10th of the month. The calendar is open to all community groups. ) Tuesday i March 22 Cabin John Citizens Assoc- iation Meeting, 8 p.m., Clara Barton School. (See box this page) Friday, April 1 7:30 p.m. Combined Good F#i- day Service at Gibson Grove AME Zion Church, with Cabin John United Methodist Church and Riverside Assembly of God. Coming events: Sunday. May i, Mayfair at Bannockburn School…..Sunday, May 15, Cabin John House Tour. These two afternoon events will be described in the next~ issue of The Villa e News. • ~im mmmi~ ~ ~ ~ ~ mmmm nm mm nm~ w~mmmm~nB~u ~u~ m ~mu~mB ~~ ~ | HOW’S OUR MAIN STREET DOING? i | The Cabin John Citizens Association ~meeting on Tuesday, March ~ 22, at 8 p.m., ,will discuss MacArthur Boulevard, Cabin n John’s Main Street, and what needs to be done on traffic safety, the bike path, : public transportation, storm drainage, n m ‘and beautification. What are your ideas? i I , Join in the discussion at the Washington , L  ton.A h o l -._ …. J BIDDING TO START FOR BUILDING NEW FIREHOOSE Invitations to bid on the construction of the new Cabin John Park Volunteer Fire Depart- ment firehpuse will be • issued on March 22. The new building will be near the intersection of Seven Locks and Rive~ Roads and will replace the current structure on MacArthur Boulevard. If everything keeps on schedule, con- struction should begin in May and be completed in about I0 months. When Company #i0 moves into its new home, it will be 52 years since the MacArthur Boulevard firehouse was completed inMarch 1932. An increase of about 30% in the number of calls is expected at the new site, since the company will be serving a larger area. More vol- unteers will be welcome, therefore, tosupplement the current 50 or 60. Anyone interested in be- coming a member should contact Deputy Chief Morgal, 229-4300, be- tween 5 and 8 p.m. ~ I IIJlJl~l!|li i! t i i i el a a i i i o i i i i i l ~* : Expe~ A~erations . m 1 e : CUSTOM SEWING : = ” 2294404 ” = ~111111111111111N1111~1111111~ THE VILLAGE NEWS ,OF MACARTHUR BOULEVARD? By C.J. “Roving :.,.’yes” times ticketing trucks on ~-cArthur Boule vard? The answer is confusing. For many years there had been a load limit on the road, en~ forced by t~e Army corps of Engineers who own and maintain the 150-year-old aquaduct under- neath it. Five or six years ago Montgomery County took over responsibility for traffic control. But county police cars don’t have the scales necessary to enforce the long-posted 6 ton load limit. So some months ago a new load limit was posted — no trucks over 3/4 ton are allowed. Here’s where the confusion begins. .~ The 3/4~ton load limit does not refer tothe total weight of the vehicle! it refers to a category of truck capable of carrying 3/4 ton and that designation is clearly not- ed on the truck’s registration. This made it easier for police to enforce the load limit, and this they began to do about 3 months ago. The police insist that they were parti- cularly, interested in dumptrucks. Soon, how- ever, they began to stop smaller trucks de- livering appliances to houses in the Gardens and supplies to the Quick Food Shop. Accord, 0ing to the Bethesda police lieutentant who spoke to Eyes, most of the vehicles stopped were given warnings. Last month, for example, 12 warnings were issued and three tickets. Tickets involve a $30 fine. Early in February the police decided to exempt trucks making non,regular deliveries to locations where MacArthur Boulevard pro- vided the only access. The Quick Faed Shop continued to have a problem, however, since technically it could be reached via Seven Locks Road and Tomlinson Avenue. Quick Food Shop proprietor Bill Castle told Eyesthat some of his delivery men re- fuse to use SevenLocks because it istoo dangerous. Others make deliveries very late when their truck is nearly empty, inconven- iencing Bill’s customers. With construction -on Seven Locks, Bill’s problem is hot like- ly to go away. Eyes believes all theparties concerned — the Citizens Association, the Corps of Engineers, the County Traffic Engineering Department and the police — should get to- gether and work out a solution. The current confusion is helping no one. CANAL BOOK TO BE PUBLISHED IN APRIL April 25 is the publication date for Home on the Canal, but Some copies are expected to be in Washington area bookstores and in Natio- nal Park Service ~instal- lations along the Canal as early as April 1. The 276-page book (with 57 photographs) is by Cabin John author Elizabeth Kytle. It fea- tures first-person remi- niscences of old days along the C & 0 Cana!,~ ~ ÷.~ The book is priced at $19.95. Copies may be ordered from the pub@- sher, Seven Locks Press, P.O. Box 72, Cabin John 20818; please add $1 for sales tax and $1.50 for handling and postage. CABIN JOHN CHRONICLER DIES AT AGE NINETY Word has been re- ceived of thedeath on February 5in Ft. Myers, Florida, of Edith M. Armstrong at the age of 90. Mrs. ~rmstrong liv- ed in Cabin John until 1963 and was the author of a book of tales about life in Cabin John in the first part of the century titled Days at C~bin John. FOLDERS NEEDED: • Want to volunteer an hour or so a month in a pleasant social group to help foId and label the yilla~e News? Join the group by calling Veena Titus at 229-9525. • . , i THE VILLAGE NEWS  The People of Cabin john PAT DUFF ~A RENEMBRAI~CE By ~arbara Martin • Their son, John Jr., attended Pat Duff died February 19′ …… Pyleand Whitman. In the days when he was an altar boy at Sacred Heart she had known for la year that she Catholic Church, his mother drove would not live beyond this time, him into the city every Sunday. Now and she had accepted that knowledge 26, he lives with his father. with strength and a positive philo, sophy. “I’ve had agood life,” she Pat retired in 1973 and taught “I’ told us, ve done what I wanted to for a while in the Four-Year-Old do. Now it’s my time to go, and I’m program at Clara Barton. She worked at peace., What had What was that life. she done that she wanted to do? quietly and faithfully at every Crab Feast, Christmas Party, and communi- ty event. She served as secretary to the Citizens Association for four Born Panya Caryl Smith, in years, and was a leader in the suc- Washington’s Georgetown section, Pat cessful effort to settle the Seven was one of four children. Her mother Locks Road construction plan for the and father were both government wor, ~ benefit of the homeowners. kers. She grew up in the area near Pat cherished the identity of Howard University and attendedDun- the Black community, and was concern- bar High School. After graduating ed that the neighborhood of modest from the old Miner Teachers College, homes and big yardsnot be lost to Pattaughtelementary school in ~ encroaching high-priced developments. North Carolina, thenreturned to She loved to tell stories of the Washington to work as a secretary, Blacks in earlier days of Cabin John. first at Agricultrue, then at Com- One favorite story was about Miss merce. Odie Jones, the midwife; whenever In 1944 Pat was introduced by a there was a heavy snow, Seven Locks mutual friend to ayoungman named Road was one of the first streets John Duff. John was a native of Nor- to be plowed so that Miss 0die mal, Illinois, were he worked for “could get out to deliver babies. the Ad~ai Stevenson family. When Mrs. Stevenson (mother of the man who later became a presidential can- didate and Ambassador to the United Nations) moved to Washington, John Wholesome values and small-town closeness were precious to Pat; Jhe saw the town in which she lived for 32 years as a place where the best of life could beexperienced. camealong to work for her. He never When she found shehad not long went back. John and Pat were married to live, Pat refused to give in to in 1947. her sickness. She kept going with her The Duffs’ home onSeven Locks Road stands on land thatwas once the country garden of Pat’s parents, Joseph and Louise Magruder Smith. Pat’s father used ~o come out from his city house to garden in Cabin John, and in the early 40’s he had a house built on the lot. In 1951, Pat and John made ittheir home, adding on to the original building. John bu~t ~he ~ekperc½ himself. characteristic energy. Up until the last few weeks she insisted on driv – ing her car, shopping at Montgomery Mall, and taking neighbors on errands. With her longtime traveling friend, her companion on previous trips to Japan, Egypt and Russia, she made a two-week trip to Brazil in October. • She died at home, with her fam- ily, as she wanted to. She gave us a model; she gave us service, and friendship, and love. ~~~H~|~|~|~~|~||~|~|~|~|~i~~|~|~|~i~|||~|~|~! i’HE VILLAGE NEWS I SEVEN LOC~S ROAD ~ IMPROVEMENTS MOVING AHEAD Work has already begun on rea- lignment of utility poles and lines along Seven Locks Road and is ex- pected to be completed by June 1983, ‘I PRosPECTSBRIGHTEN ” FOR RECREATION CENTER Many concerned residents of Cabin John and surrounding commu- nities attended the public meeting held by the Maryland-National Cap- accordingto Robert Merryman,.Chief ital.Park and Planning Commission of the Montgomery Country Division- …. and the Recreation Area i/iii Advi- of Traffic Engineering, at the Feb- soryBoard on March i. Members of ruary 22 meeting of the Cabin John Citizens Association. After that the actual road reconstruction should begin. Merryman said that the first section to be worked onwill be from MacArthur Boulevard to Tomlinson Avenue, followed by the Carlyn Drive to Lillystone Drive segment, and ending with the middle porti0n~. ~ the AdvisoryBoard came to listen tothe citizens’ ideas on what should be done toreplace or re- build the fire-damaged recreation ‘center in the park near the Union Arch Bridge. The consensus of the community was that an indoor facility capable of serving a variety of needs, es- pecailly those of teenagers, as A parking lot will~be built for the well as senior citizens, was desir- Gibson Grove Church, It is hoped that able. The Advisory B~ard was sym, the road~will be completed, except pathetic to the ideas expressed and for final surfacing, by November. At the meeting, Ed Clark also reported on the completion of the agreed to bring them to the atten- tion of thePlanning Commission. Recreatsion Department officials, who also attended, offered their • many years of work by thehome own- help to the community in planning ere along Seven LocKs Road to have’ ” the facilities. ‘ the road realigned …. without taking — L~n~a Billings their property. (See elsewhere in this issue for extracts from his ~ eport.) The group raised and spent A 2951 mostly to pay legal fees and /: hire a land planner. J . – ~,:,,,,,,,,,’,,,,,,i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,”,”‘”‘”~,’.~ “: NO JOB TOO SMALL ,- 1 J =. OR TOO. LARGE ; ; u i 1 1 1 1 i i i ! i i i i 1 i i . ; 1 i 1 : CONTRACTOR 320 – 5623 = m m .’~IllllIlIIIIIIIIlllIIIIllllIIIlIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU : Shape up “with spring~ for Spring, with the new 8-week session of ~ : rebound exercises and : dance routines, all set i m : to super music’. Reboundin~ – : shapes, forms, tightens and tones~ all the muscles and parts of your~ : body simultaneously, while givin~ complete aerobic benefits. (And : an added bonus: pounds and inches~ : will melt away:) The ease, FUN- : and convenience of rebounding : i makes this a truly unique form of:. :- exercise for all ages. Morning and afternoon classes~ will begin the week of Apr~t : : ~ atmy home in.Carderock : : Springs. For information and/:. :. or registration, please call : – Annette McDaniels,365-5074. – ~llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllll~ .,111111111″111111111111111111111111111111111″11111111111111./’ …. )j =. ,m m 4 THE VILLAGE NEWS .+ @ “‘~-CITIZEN ORGANIZATION PAYS OFF: A CABIN JOHN SUCCESS STORY (Following are extracts from the report by Ed Clark, Chairman of the Seven Locks Property Owners’ Group of Cabin John.) ……….. In 1978 the County had completed plans to widen Seven Locks Road by taking large portions of the front yards of property own- .ers as right-of-way; some of the homes would actuallyhave been moved back to permit road construction. Today, as widening finally be- gins, all thenew right-of-way is on the park side of the road ….. As chairman of our organization, I’m proud to have worked with such a wonderful, tough-minded group of individuals. I think particularly of Mrs. Hughes of Carver Road who,+though suffering from incurable cancer, went out and took part-time employment in order to make her financial contributionto our effort; Marguerite and George McKinna who with nothing to gainpersonally still fully supported the rest of us with their time and money; and John Coleman, out in the middle of Seven Locks Road traffic one night taking measurements we needed the next day for a hearing ….. There are many, many others to thank too: Panya Duff who was the “glue” that kept our group together; Ed Winslow who spoke so eloquently on our behalf; our land planning consultants, Benning and Associates (who charged only 50% of their regular fee)! our law firm, Miller, Miller and Canby; the whole Van Emmerik family; the Palisades SWimming Pool Association; the churches where we met (Gibson Grove and United Metho- dist); and all those who marched down Seven Locks in the snow to demonstrate solidarity. Finally, we owe much to the Gilchrist administration who listened to our community and made it possible to right a grievous wrong ….. ,’ ,,/~- i SON :’- 2~BO “I~I~uc~rMK l”JSq~ omoving ohaulJnK oyard work ~ea~onable i 229-Ts z i. ~lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llll~ • t=~_..__ . in harmony With your taste & budget Unusual Design • Wood Decks ” Brick & Stone PaUos • R.IL Ties Uniqu e & Beautiful Plantings Mark Willcher and Company 320-2040 r NEW DANCE CLASSES AT BANNOCKBURN CLUBHOUSE! * Classes taught by experienced professional * Reasonable prices, convenient location * Classes for all ages in Modern/Ballet/Jazz / Impro~ Dance for 9-5ers / Stretch & Tone/Crt:ative Movement … SOMETHING NEW FOR YOU! CALL 229-5173 oc 320-3918 Tile VILLAGE NEWS … II IH IIi II _ ‘~_’ , CLASSiFimO & (Please ~end your classified ad to P.O. Box 164, Cabin John 20818, by the 10th of the month. The rate is 50¢ per line.) -+. WANTED TO RENT: House or townhouse, Cabin …… John/Bannockburn+schooIdistri~t~ Needed August I. 972-2525. @@@@@@@~ HELP WANTED: Responsible, loving person to care for a 2 month old baby, two-three days a week, in my home or yours. Job to begin in mid-March. Call Lina Adler 229-6561 @@@@@@@@ BANNOCKBURN SWIM CLUB rentals available. Re- quests can be sent to Dodi Middlebrook, 6015 Benalder Drive, Bethesda, Md. 20816. 320-4439~ • @@.WWWWW@ “~iGERMAN sHEPHERD typepuppies. Give away to good home(s) …. One male, one female. Healthy, loving, medium size. M.Van Emmerik, 229-8936. @ t @ @ @ ~ @ @ DOES ANYONE REMEMBER the large bronze Cabin John plaque which was between the Clara Barton School and Conduit Road (MacArthur Boulevard)? When did it disappear, and where did it go? Reed +Martin, 22913482. FOR SALE: BMX bike Schwinn Mag Scrambler. Excellent condition. $100. For more infor- mation call Jason Tama 229-8733° ~@@@@@@@ VOGT FAMILY AND FRIENDS Yard Sale March 26, 12 noon to 5 p.m. 6509 76th Street. Toys, books and interesting stuff: | . pAS TRJ ES .,M EXT5 .CA RRY~U~T: ……… . ~ROC ERIESeBREAJ~AST ,LUNCH MONDAY “ITIROIJGH SATURDAY 6:30 iron Io 6:00 p~ DIRECTORY SUPPLEMENT The supplement to the 1982 Cabin John Directory is still in progress. If you are new in town-or were …. left out, please call Cappie Morgan, 320- 3269, so that you will be included in the supplement. EHE VILLAGE I’IEW  gs, Cap. pie Morgan., Andy Rice,- Susan Vogt Gr aphi c s: Jeanne Casamento, Cathi • N el sen Business Manager: Susan Gelb Folding Coordinator.: .Veena Titus • II l l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I II I I II I I I II n l | II i I llll Ili I I I’I I II I I I I I II I i I I II III II I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I llli” ! Village News Bulk Rate P.O. Box 164 U.S.Postage Paid Cabin John, Cabin John,Md. Maryland 20818 20818 Permit 4210 Resident 6517 80th Street Cabin John, MD 20818

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