March 1982

CLARA BARTON RAFFLE/DANCE SET GRAND PRIZE~ TRIP TO BAHAMAS Round-trip airfare and hotel accomodations for two to Freeport, the Bahamas, willbe awarded to a lucky raffle winner at the annual scholarship fundraising event of the Clara Barton Center for Children on Saturday evening, March 20th. A host of other prizes, dancing to a live deejay, a smorgasbord of ~elicious foods and a silent auchion of useful goods and services all will be featured at the 8:00 P.M. event to be held in the Carderock Springs Club House, Hamilton Spring Ct., Bethesda. The list of raffle prizes also includes a deluxe exercise bike, a weekend for two at the Watergate Hotel, dinner at the Four Seasons’ Aux Beaux Champs, $150 worth of interior painting on your house, a $75 gift certificate from Georgetown Leather, a case of California wine, an ice cream party from Farrell’s, a message and hot tub for two at Coolfont Re+Creation in Berkeley Springs, W. Va., admittance for two to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens, tickets to a National Symphony performance, a Toshiba AM-FM clock radio, a pair of hockey tickets, a hamper of English ~goodies and more – 25 prizes in all! There will be a silent auction table with handmade dolls wine, children’s clothes, an 8 antique sewing machine, a cocktail pianist for your party, plus such services as home computer lessons, architect consulting time, and a day of white water canoeing. Door prizes will be given out at the event as well. Dance music, provided by GABE’S DISCO, will cater to every taste – from country and rock to golden oldies. ~ Gabe’s Disco will also provide some spectacular lighting for this not-to-be- missedevent. Admission tickets at $2.50 each cover the price of food and dancing. A cash bar will be available. Raffle tickets at $i each are being sold in advance – and will be available at the event. Raffle entrants need not be present to win. (Last year’s winners included several Cabin John families!) Tickets may be purchased at the Center (320-4565) or from Center families. CHANGE OF WATCH DUE AT THE NEWS NEw EDITOR SOUGHT f This is the last issue of The Village Newsto be puttogether by Betsy Cheney and Charlie Bookman. The dynamic editorial duo are stepping down after two years at the helm of Cabin John’s only local paper, and a new editor for the VOICE OFTHEPEOPLE is urgently sought. There’s nothing to it, really. The editor develops stories and. oversees production ana distribution often issues a year. There are enough committed community organizers and diehard zanies in Cabin John to fill these pages year in and out. Charlie and Betsy are stepping aside because they feel strongly that the ~ editorship O~ Tne sews should move through the different sectors of diverse Cabin John. It’s high time that someone else, with other ideas, helpers, acquaintances share his outlook with ~**~ community. Call 229-6265 for more information, or Allen van Emmerick at 229-8936 to volunteer. CABIN JOHN~TRAILS by Ed Clark Four in a Ford Escort, traveling upside down –that’s the way it was for one group of young A CHALLENGING JOB by Charlie Bookman and Betsy Cheney ) people at about midnight on Friday, February 12, We’ve had a lot of 1982. They lost contro!, hit the bank of earth ….. fun over nearly 20 by our driveway at 6940 seven Locks Road and issues and have learned then flipped! They then sliddown the roadway another i00 feet or so upside down, hitting another car in the process. Somehow they all walked away! Living along Seven Locks Road between a great deal. Certainly we learned that dogs get more people hot under the collars than any other local issue–schools, Tomlinson Avenue and Lilly Stone Drive, we see MANY such accidents! We all know that excessive ~ transportation, crime speed contributes to most accidents involving moving cars, but here the main culprit is the 16-foot-wide, hump-backed, crumbling roadway with its hills, high banks along the sides, and precipitously dropping shoulder areas. All of which is £o say LET’S SLOW DOWN AND BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL till that great not-so-far- off day when the new roadway with its accompanying benefits becomes a reality! What is the status of that roadway project? The County plans to start construction of the new roadway in June of 1982 (could it be true?). In the meantime PEPCO needs to move ~elephone poles. To accomplish this project while sustaining traffic flows they have established (a) Lilly Stone south to Beltway overpass; (b) Beltway overpass to Tomlinson/Carver Road intersection with Seven Locks; (c) Tomlinson/Carver South to MacArthur Blvd. Sections (a) and (c) will have their telephone poles moved first so that construction of those two sections (starting in June) can be expedited. You’d better read that part again. A separate contractor will only clear the trees (stumps will remain) and growth of’more than two feet in height. This will be done only to the extent necessary to let PEPCO move the telephone poles, etc., in sections (a) and (c). That contractor will start work in early March to be completed before June 1982. Commencing in June (hopefully) the actual demolition and construction of the new roadway (like that already completed between Lilly ° Stone Drive and River Road) will start. Disruption will be extensive thereafter until the entire roadway has been completed. or what have you! The news editor, WHOEVER YOU ARE has an exciting job in store. Following are some of the challenges that await you. o The mailing list is out of date. Six hundred copies of each issue are distributed. Yet the mailing list hasn’t been updated for at least three years. We certainly don’t reach the majority of houses that have been built in that time, and how many of you get The News addressed to the right house but the wrong name? The mailing list should be redone when the new Village Directory finally emerges. o The paper is not currently on a paying basis. Production and Distribution costs dwarf revenues. Either costs need to be cut (reinstituting teen delivery instead of the Post Office, or utilizing free typing, for example) le a :ibution of >aper should .mited to those >ay for it. kind of thing >jectionable )me and would to be Ipanied by a zription drive. :ional business ;ould also help :hese could Lbly be ~coming from :enants at Echo and the John Square )ing center. ~uch activism ~ou@h?–It’s matter of ~. Some see ~ws strictly outlet for ._~unity ziation, but ten percent ibin John ~holds are re in the ziation. The 7 90% of Cabin seem to think an active ziation is )ortant so as you have a ~g News to / support as ~d, and to ~d us all of Local >rations and P. a challenging, ling job, being • Some who have t in the past yen used their und talents as a ng stone to a Why don’t you t ~ try? ~Since the contractor will be constructing sections (a) and (c) first, it will be possible to either drive up Tomlinson Avenue and out Seven Locks Road to River Road while (c) is under construction; or to drive south from the Beltway overpass back and forth to MacArthur Boulevard while section (a) is under construction. Eventually, when section (b) is started (in the middle) there will be little use in trying to use Seven Locks Road at all until the following spring (1983) or completion of the project, whichever comes first. Summary–well, beginning in June 1982 Seven Locks Road will be best avoided until the new roadway is complete. Beginning in March of 1982 the order of the day will be INCONVENIENCE at best and DANGER at worst. My advice– don’t use the roadwav unless vou must. Safe driving to you! BRIGHT LIGHTS CLARA BARTON I Without a great to do, the County has installed strong floodlights at the playground at Clara Barton. The lights make the playground suitable for family use at night and will likely cut down on beer drinking and teenage hijinks in the area. Editors: Charlie Bookman Betsy Cheney Business Mgr: Susan Gelb Graphics: Jane Price Folding Coordinator: Veen_a Titus_ Distribution Coordinator: t ….. Ma_r¥ Yarid W’k ms|lml ||mm|)~sWk–w mJw milHiammmm@ mm m — m BD CLARK SON JL.~CJ TXq,UCIM~I~M~C~ omoving ohauling oyard work *-ea~onable 229-7311 The Clara Barton Center is a licensed, non-profit preschool and day care center serving the Cabin John-Bethesda community. Through its annual fundraising event, money is raised for scholarship aid to communlty families so that acceptance of children to the Center is not based on the ability to pay. CLA $SIFI£DIso The Clara Barton Center has lost, or had removed from its shed a wooden Community Playthings wagon and a scooter. A reward is offered for the return of these items. Apply at the Center or call 320-4565. I p 9 I -L: 3 “: ” ” C I K 5 Need a mechanic’s advice when buying a used car or truck? We come to you. Don 229-6768 IBM Typewriter- ,reasonable. Daughter going away to college. For additional information, call 229-8357. Ins£ruction in your home. Classical Guitar. Piano. Accordion. Experienced teacher. All levels. Call Ms. Laura Tellechea 229-8177. The Clara Barton Center G …………………… _ …. ~,-,-~—–1— is looking for people ESPECIALLY CAREFUL ti{ in the community i off day when the new • I accompanying beneflts i What is the status ! The County plans to s ! new roadway in June o ~ interested in occasionally filling in as substitute teachers at the Center. Call 320-4565 if Come Exercise Saturday mornings, 10:30-11:30 and Thursday evenings 7:30-8:80 at the Bannockburn Community Club House. Classes given by trained health spa instructor. Information call Diane 469-6580. First class free. The Total Body Fitness Program.  r,x PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY.OUT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm m~mm m mm mm m mmmm mmum ~lm mira ~n u . _ _ . • NO JOB TOO SMALL OR TOO LAR®E ……… T m–~~arLtime PEP ” –interested ; …… NT — hO% OFFs..> ” ; ,II Expert_ Alterations_ _. “J~” t_ r u _/,_~ i | CUSTOM SEWING | | o N A ! M Annie MacDonald p’ D 1301) 972-5166 T Call ThoreBa ” • | 229-1404 ‘ ‘ | IInnammnmmnmmmunmNuNnmnnmmnnnlfll .” C©N ACT©R 32©-5623 I I I.I IJLIJIIJJJJ_I LLLLLLL!I.LII.! | LIJJJ.JUI_ I_1 1 1 1 1 1 fl I I1JUllJ_l| |J I~ IJ I m m’i i’l~nlTrU i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i.i i i |u i i |! i i! I m I I I1111UlJ V~LAGE NEWS BULK RATE P.O. BOX 164 U.S. POSTAGE PAID CABN JOHN, MARYLAND 20733 CABS’ JOHN. MD. 20731 PERM~ 4210 !i ! i ! Resident 6517 80th Street

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