March 1981

Volume lb, INo. :5 SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND March 1981 ,, , . , . Tight Budget Pinches Glen Echo Neighborhood Times are tough all over, and Glen Echo Park is no exception. Funding cutbacks will mean fewer summer activities. Sunday afternoon concerts and Saturday night dances will, in the main, be curtailed. In addition there will be less money for supplies and maintenance. The Vi!laqe News asked Audrey Calhoun, the National Park Service Site Coordinator, about the Carousel. She noted that the maintenance and operation of the Carousel are specifically protected in the Act of Congress that established Glen Echo Park. The Carousel will open for business as usual on the second weekend of May. If you’re concerned about the future of Glen Echo Park, there are two things you can do. The most important, according to Audrey Calhoun, is ~n~u~onp~e2 PUBLIC HEARING , Hotline Established Are you living alone~ From time to time do you need somebody to shop for you, run to the doctor, or pick up books at the library? Do you need help on your income tax? Are you recovering from sickness or an accident? Would you welcome-some company and a friendly hand around the house? Next Occupants in Clara Barton School St. Andrew’s School is moving out for more space and The Washington International School is moving in! The transfer requires a sublease and a public hearing on this was held at the school building on the evening of March ii. The hearing was attended by about 25 people representing St. Andrew’s School, The Clara Barton Center for Children, The Cabin John 3 & 4 Year Old School, and the Cabin John Citizens Association. The Washington International School’s 4th and 5th grades will occupy the building. There will be about i00 students. Are there months when you have trouble making it till the next Social Security check comes in? Does your child need a tutor? A sitter? A playmate? If so, the Community Resources Committee wants to hear from you. The committee, chaired by Susan Gash After hearing the many community concerns and Ray Kemp, is voiced by local leaders at the meeting–guaranteed organizing a Hot Line. space for the existing nursery schools and Post Continuedonpa#e2 Continued on page 2 CITIZENS ASSOCIATION MEETING CLARA BARTON SCHOOL LIBRARY 8 PM–Tuesday, .MARCH 24,1 981 THE VILLAGE NEWS 2 :.:~ PRESNOTES by ~anvan EmmerJk AGENDA Committee Reports: i. Land use (modernize Cabin John Community Plan, MacArthur Sq. tenancy, & other good stuff). 2. Community relations 3. Aircraft noise. 4. Education. Miscellaneous: I. Frank Sordyl has agreed to chair the Nominating Committee. Committee members and suggestions for the slate would be welcome. 2. Donald Hay and D~v~d Harwel have agreed to be our deiecates to the Rock Run A~ Plant Citizens Advisory Committee. Mario Tama is aiternate~ Principal New Business: The major agenda item is the feasibility of incorporating Cabin John as a township.” The Montgomery County Bar Association has named Attorney Jerry Pinsker to speak to the legal implications and details of such a venture. Mayor George R. Bosari of Glen Echo will provide his views on the politics and practicalities of incorporation. Mayor Borsari is past President of the Montgomery County Municipal League, the Association of Town -. Executives, and L currently the League’s Municipal Representativeto the Montgomery County Cable TV Advisory Council. Both gentlemen will be glad to answer questions. As time permits, your views will be sought: on the growing damage to the Union Arch Bridge roadway. This is our main link to metropolitan life. Mostly Virginia commuters are pounding the Bridge to powder. Any interruption of use would be clearly bad for us. Your Transportation Committee is studying the matter, and your views are welcomed. I ! HOTLINE ** * * Any Cabin John resident with a problem is invited to phone any one of the seven committee members. A quick and earnest effort will be made to meet every request for assistance, either directly or through an appropriate agency of the county. All requests will be held in strictest confidence. The committee is also developing an inventory of Cabin John resources. It would like to hear from you, too, if you have time, a skill, or a service to contribute or to barter. Members of the  R6t 4illi D l ~g i i committee are: ‘Q L ndscaping..-.. ‘ ‘ ~ ~ Susan Gash 320-3317 ! I Gardens ~ Mary van Emmerich ‘ Back~ivacy ~ ~ 229-89.36  I LaWnSL~Seed~Sod MUi 0 Susan Gelb 229-5851 | B Gr~i~&DrainageProblems ! Ray Kemp 229-2018 z Trees and ShnJbs I~II@ E t l Linda King 229-6522 ! g 232-7892 , Nick Glakas 229-6253 E | i._., ……………….. I Calvin Kytle 229-6609 TIGHT BUDGET PINCHES GLEN ECHO **** to participate in the revision of Glen Echo’s master plan. Call the park at 492 – 6282 to request a planning questionnaire. The second thing you can do to show support for the park is to write a short note to the Site Manager. The note should say how much you like the park and value its programs: Audrey Calhoun, Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, Maryland 20768 WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL , * * * Office, vandalism, and traffic–Mr. Frank Southard of the Washington International School said that the school was willing to take over all obligations that had been assumed by St. Andrew’s School. The County’s Hearing Officer, Mr. Lewis Roberts, Will now recommend to the County the steps he considers necessary in response to the tommunity concerns about the sublease. WHAT ARE YOUR TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS ? Everybody wants to find a way to beat the high cost of co~nuting by car these days. For those living in Cabin John the problem has been that there is no alternative in the absence of public transportation. Your Association would like to know if there is sufficient support to establish alternatives. Before we can begin to explore possibilities, we have to know what needs are to be met and what the Comntmity’s preferences are for meeting them. The Association’s Transportation Comnittee is charged with surveying the transportation needs and wants of Cabin John. When we know what you want and the extent to which you are prepared to support it, we can then get to work on developing the most inexPen- sive means of providing it. Our first inquiries have established that there is no prospect for bring- ing Metro bus service back to Cabin John. The nearest service is from Glen Echo. khe problem is that you can’t get there from here–at least, not easily. Your k~m~sportation Committee has come up with several possible solutions. We might solicit Montgomery County to provide a service similar to the P&de-Onbusses ~lich feed the Metro lines. We might acquire a van whichwouldnmke continu- ous round trips to Glen Echo during comnutinghours. We might organize spouse- ~iven car pools to and fr~n Glen Echo. If there is interestwe might organize van or car pools to and from your place of work. Before ~ we cm~ do anything, we need to ~ow the real needs of the Community -~nd how they can best be met. In order to ne~ke this first step we ask you to take a n~ment to provide the information requested below, and to mail this sur- vey to the address on the back. If you have questions or suggestions, please call Ed Kelly at 229-1952. !. f~aE font of scgvice would you supporu ? Ride-~l bus Eo Glen Echo Car pools to work Car pools to Glen Echo Van service to work Vm~ service to Glen Echo 2. Where do you go? Downtown D.C. Northwest D.C. Bethesda/Chevy Chase Rockville Other 3. What tine do you: Go? Return? 6:30-7:00 4:30-5:00 7:00-7:30 –5:00-5:30 — 7:30-8:00 –5:30-6:00 —- 8:00-8:30 –6:00=-6:30 —-Other –Other ~. If van service could be arranged to Glen Echo and back, how muchwould the convenience be worth to you, per day, round trip ? 25~ 50~ 75~ $i.00 $1..25 5. Would you use “on-call” transportationto such places as shopping centers, if available at less than comnercial rates ? If so, how many times a week? 6. Do you have any other possibilities for the Com~ttee to explore? ;,,~ .~i!~: :v~ ” ~ii#’, }.. ~J?.’~ ‘j, : ~b,~ . ;~”,,,.. , , !!~,~.~, .-, .. ~: ,” , yi~ ,9 :~’ :.vf’;!i , { :.fold ………. Cabin John Citizens Association P.O. Box 31 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 STAMP fold THE VILLAGE NEWS ~ 3 ATTENDANCE PICKING UP AT MONTHLY MEETINGS by Judy Duffield Vandalism at the Clara Barton School was the major topic at the January Community Association meeting, and many area residents filled the meeting room to listen, to learn and to speak out. The County should do more, people fel~ and the Community Association should investigate the County’s responsibilities in this regard. On a positive note, community teenagers should be offered constructive outlets for their energies. Also, the school, Rev. Borg in particular says, they’re responsible for trash. So if you think the schoolyard needs janitorial attention, call him personally at 229-2700. Ir ill CABIN JOHN NURSERY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS The Cabin John Three and Four Year Old School is now accepting student ap- plications for the 1981-82 school year. This is a non-profit, accredited preschool for children ages 3 & 4. Class is held five mornings a week, September through May, in the Clara Barton School building. To learn more about the school, please call Susan Gelb, 229-5851. 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Theprizes awarded will be age appropriate. Light refreshments will also be available. The event is sponsored by the Bannockburn P.T.A. NEW COMMUNITY DIRECTORY ….. TO BE PUBLISHED A new Cabin John Directory is being prepared and your name and address are needed for inclusion. A form for this purpose was included in last month’s newsletter, but we forgot to tell you what to 6Lo with the form! The new directory is due out in Spring, 1981. To place your SUNDAY EVENING BASKETBALL A pick-up basketball game is rolling at the Clara Barton gymevery Sunday evening through April. Ray Kemp has pulled this together and is looking primarily for 12-16 year-olds to participate, but he welcomes all players, including other adults. Call Ray for further information 229-2018. noe in the new ED CLARK directory, drop a postcard with name, . ~ SO~ address (& skills if .~L.mmO “I’L~UC1rM~XMU’C~ you wish) to the Cabin John Citizens ~mov i~g Association Directory, P,O.Box 64 Cabin –IL—-~,,___–.~I~UlII~ John, MD. 20731. To help with the W~all_ u-..w–~wM work new directory, call ~’,,~El,~O’W~RM,’~e Merri van Emmerik, 229-8936, or Kay Kemp, 229″7311 “229-2018., .- ,~ ‘:,’~ ~%~ -~,!::.’,!;’, THE VILLAGE NEWS ..’:~:~:: q(“.:,.<.,,/~i’~~ri .~_.~r~W,~ f~ ages 5 & 4 • Class is held CUSTOM CAKES for chfld~e’fi”ff::”:..’: % ~(:””~C’~,’ll~,~lk~/’~.11%./l I %~%..MV%.,,, L%.,J ” ” – b” ” ,.:,..: .:.–,-d~. /.,-:”‘, ~ . . – ….. f~ve. mornlngs a week, – wthdays …. Superman a …,.;:. Area-~estaent September through May, specialty …. Call 22%6253 ../..;i-” ~/,i!i!:::.i -. , ‘ • e /-;~.:~–,~,.::.:.-<.-::.~,~he Gibson Grov ~!!~!~.~:.: :~ .”: Zion Church is i::,i~:::~ ~” .:.,h’o~ding’its annual i;:)i:i : i.:,.:~r.lends..Day Program at ,~:,,~, ‘ the:~church Sunday ,”:~:'”., A special feature • Of this year’s program wii.ll be a tribute to a very special church member and community res ident. The tribute is a surprise, Otherwise the Villa~e .News. would tell you who’ it is 1 All area residents are invited to the Friend’s Day Program, and to share in the delicious food that will bring the activities to a close. m CABIN JOHN NUi~o~t(Y= ~,” ” ACC EPTING APPLICATIONS The Cabin John Three and Four Year Old School is now accepting student ap- plications for the 1981- 82 school year. This is-a non-profit, accredited preschool for children in the Clara Barton School building. To learn more about the school, please call Susan Gelb, 229-5851. CLASSIFIED Rototiling TROYBUILT. I will turn the earth upside down for you …. by appointment onlg Sugarsnap Pea Seeds call 942 -4345 ~;,77E; ~.q” %LTERATIONS C USTObI SEWIN~ Call Theresa 229-1404 WATER COLOR PAINTING …. Classes starting…taught by local Georgetown University teacher… Please call Arlette Giselle… 229-1718 Housework_/Baby sitting: Daily or live-in. Speaks Spanish. Call 229-7687 evenings: Moped–Poch Maxi Mk. II, the Cadillac of Mopeds. Low mileage, 120 mpg. 5525.00. Call 229-626& Wanted: Good Used Car $800-$1200. Call 229-8233. • L ,-.U:~ .MLANY THANKS to the unknown ” …..% lady seen cleaning up MaeArthur Boulevard recently…a real debt of gratitude from all your Cabin John neighbors. c ~ ,~ U R , “:v s E .q~t T E , ~,~ O ::d M LET .::’:.,:~ p • , ~ | – .!!.~ P ANNIE c .:~ I K ” . ;~ C ‘~’ T FRAME u < “” .,”i~ u P • ‘%~ • “:i3{ ‘,~ E E “: ~(I- F R ;L. ” .:,r~{ %7 1 :~’~ A Annie MacDonald’ :, V ‘,./ M 229-1557 ‘~ 2’A @hau|ing ” : ii • yard work . , ~,j :r, eas4:~nsi.ble ‘:,< …… ~ ‘ . • – -.- .ii~: I F The NEWS Encourages Reader Participation. If you want to say it…say it in the (cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)|(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)|(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)||(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)||.(cid:127)|(cid:127)|||a(cid:127)|||||(cid:127)||||(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)|||||||||(cid:127)||||||||(cid:127)|(cid:127)|||||||||||||||(cid:127)|(cid:127)||||||||||||||| ‘;i’ VILLAGE NEWS P.O. BOX 164 CABIN JOHN, MARYLAND 20731 \ ” .- – ……….. -‘~.~, BULK RATE U. S. POSTAGE PAID CABIN’ JOHN. MD. : ~ – ., • : -q,.= ” , 20731 :: : : …. ~” i PERMIT 4210 Resident.i/ ~ …’/ /~~, ” …. – -. …. ‘ : , . “JI~~AV~ “~ \ ” -, “, 7 4 0 8 ~ra~r;’i;~Q~.d (:I~~’~ : (“,X .”- …. , ,.,~” • ~:… ,,…” :~ .: …. ;%:’.,~- • -.~:~.::.2.’ ‘;. ~,’~::;

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