March 1975

(abi.c3oh. /leo  V01″ ~ ~ NO” 6 ‘ ‘l ‘ CirmLlatlona 600 MARC_H, 1975 UNION ARCH BRIDGE TO BE OPEN ~0 PEDES ~RIANS ~DNK~Y. Photo by Joe Silva. The public need not lament about the Union Arch Bridge. It is true that decisions are slow in comingbut it is a timeconsuming task to discover who will J be financially responsible for the bridge repair and/or reconstruction. According to Harry Ways, Chief of the Army Corps of Engineers who own the bridge, the District of Columbiahas already spent over $400,000 on repav~ihg MacArthur Boulevard; repairing the bridge would entail at least another Shall-million. Said Ways, “By no stretch of the •imagination Should D.C. taxpayers be expected to finance the bridge’s repair. ” Now then, should theState of Maryland pay for ~it? Afterall, they areiresponsible for the parkway beneath the bridge. Or should Montgomery County provide the funds to repair it? , TheAdvisory Commission on Historic Places wants to preserve the disin- tegrating walls which were removed after a rock fell, crashing to the road below. Preserving the walls would be an additional financial burden. The A. C. H. P. may have good intentions, but are they able to pu t their money where their mouth is? , Harry Ways haaf~,accepted an invitation tO relate to the public ihe intricacies involved in repairing {he bridge and to assure Cabin John residents that progress is being maae for our benefit: ,Representatives from the offices.of:Senators B’eall and Mathias andRepresentative Gude met with Mr. Ways on February 27 todis- cuss the future of the bridge and to explore the possible means of financing its reconstruction. The Citizens Association Meeting on March 25 will hopefully reveal more progress towards bridging the gap. 4 • ‘6 Page 2 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE FEBRUARY CITIZENS ASSOCIATION MEETING The Cabin John Citizens Association met on February 25, spelling out the positive action that has taken place within the community this month. Cabin John’s Claim to fame, the Union Arch Bridge, has been a focal point for several months. At the request of the VIL- LAGE NEWS, Harry Ways, Chief of the Army Corps of Engineers has accepted an invitation to speak at the next Citizens Association meeting on March 2.5 at 8 PM. He will discuss the results.of a meeting of the Corps of Engineers and state officials which took place on February 27 and bring us up to date on efforts .to repair the bridge. Cabin John promises We, the staff of this issue, Doris Byrd, Janet Dence, Kathy Feild, Betsy Haas, Brooks Halota, Steve Mag- nuson, Cappie Morgan, Nancy Richman, Joe Silva, Beverly Sullivan, Susan Vogt, Jim Wilner and Shelly Keller, Editor. THE VILLAGE Ng~S is ~blished monthly in Cabin John, Maryland. Subscriptions are $3.00 per year for non-residents and free to Cabin John residents. Mail all articles, suggestions, inquiries letters and subscriptions (with payment)., to, Editor THE VILLAGE HEMS Post Office Box 184 Cabin John, Marylami 20731 to be increasingly demon- strative in its aim to im- prove Seven Locks Road. Minda Wetzel drafted a let- ter, whose intent is to focus the attention of county execu- tives and road maintenance officials on repairing the road expeditiously. Good news for the VILLAGE NEWS… in order to insure continued profes- sional operation of the paper, the Citizens Association has voted to donate $I00 to the NEWS from the Association treasury, to cover expenses until the NEWS’s fundraising in May. Any volunteers who care to canvass the neigh- borhoods and join this effort should contact Cappie Morgan (or Bill White. (See Page~ 4) Finally, a consumer complaint investigator fro m the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office appeared “as guest speaker. Ms. Pensmith donated not only her time in discussing con- sumer self-defense, but also contributed over 500 copies of a publication called “Attorney General’s Crookbook” which exposes the ways consumers get ripped off and how they can avoid rip-offs. Ms. Pensmith is the person to whom your consumer com- plaints should be directed and she can be reached at 474-3500. Lastly, discussion of the ~ recent downzoning of pro- perty along MacArthur Boulevard will take place during the March meeting of the Citizens Association. fAll residents who either oppose or support the d0wnzoning are urged to be present to express their views on March 25 at 8 PM. GREAT FALLS PARK SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Great Falls Park will begin their activities this month with a Billy Goat Trail Hike on Saturday, March 8 with everyone meet- ‘ing at the Tavern Museum at 10:00 A. M. On March 9, the National Park Idea Program will feature a slide show of 19th century painters at the Tavern Museum at 2:00 P. M. On Saturday and Sunday, March 15thand 16th, there will be an exhibit of the Ingalls Gold Collection at the Tavern Museum at 2:00 and 3:00 P. M. On Saturday, March i5 and 22, there will be Wildflower Walks at Great Falls with everyone meeting at the Tavern at I0:00 A.M. On Saturday, k4arch 29 there will be a program entitled “Men and Mules”- featuring old time slides and photographs of Pe9Ple along the Canal. The pro- gram is at 2:00 P.M. at the Tavern. On Easter Sunday, March 30, there will be a Sunrise Service at 7:00 A.M. conducted by the Park Service and Potomac United Methodist Church at the Tavern Museum. There will be a breakfast for members of the congrega- tion and their guests at the Parish. For information on any of the park events call, 299-3613. &,. . • POTOMAC VALLEY HOMEMAKERS CLUB TO MEET The Potomac Valley Homemakers Club will meet on Monday, March 10 at 11:00 AM in the Community House in Cabin John Gar- dens. There will be a discussion about the club making an old-fashioned quilt for the bicentennial celebration the County is planning in the fall. All community homemaker s are wctcome. There will also be a discussion on family life and home man- agement, including vege- table gardening and food PreParation. Call Dagny Newman (229-0755) for information. ANNUAL FRIENDS DAY AT GIBSON GROVE AME zION CHURCH MARCH 23 On Sunday, March 23 at 11:00 A.M., Gibson Grove AME Zion Church will hold their annual Friends Day .b during~the church service. AllCabin John residents are lii invited. For information, call Rev. Bill White at 229-5363. ! ! !NEWCOMERS! ! ! Copies of the Cabin John Community Plan and the Cabin John Community Directory can be obtained by calling Cappie Morgan at 320 -3269. ~ LITTLE FALLS LIBRARY ‘i, ~, ST. PATRICK’S DAY ~,. PROGRAM Little Falls Library will be having a St. Patrick’s Day program on Thursday, March 13 at 4:00 P.M. for children ages 6 and up. The program will include stories and a short film as well as Irish Dancers. In addition, the library will have two story hours for Pre-schoolers this month, one on Saturday March 8 at 10:30 and another on Saturday, March 29 at 10:30 which includes a penny theater production of “The Little Red Hen. ” On Wednesday, March 19 the library ishaving Douglas Fairbanks night and will feature “Thief of Bagdad” at 7:30 P. M. For information on any of these events, call 320 -5Z66. DASHNERS IN SPAIN. -Lee and Zelma Dashner, 6501 Persimmon Tree Roadi have been in Southern Spain since mid-December. They have travelled throughout the Costa de Sol and Anda- • lusia area, and have also Visited Portugal, Morrocco • and Gibraltar. After a stay in Madrid, Toledo•and Avila they plan on returning horne to Cabin John. Page 3 PARENT -CHILD DEVELOPMENT C LASS Parent-child development classes will be offered at Clara Barton Elementary School again this semester. Classes will meet on Wed- nesdays from 1:00 to 3:.00 p.m. beginning April 9, and run for ten weeks. This is a special class for parents and pre-sch0olers (2 to 4 years) to come to school together. Parents observe and assist with the children under the guidance of a trained early Childhood teacher and aiso spend time in an adult group learning child development princi- ples. Children will enjoy the pre-school experience along with mother, meeting new friends and trying out new activities. A registra- ti0n form in the Adult Edu- cation brochure should be completed and postmarked no later than March 17. (These forms can also be obtained through Betsy Haas at 229-198Z and Cappie- Morgan at 320-3269. ) Tuitioni $20.00 plus a $5.00 :materials fee. PARENTS OF 3 AND 4 YEAR OLDS Watch for the planning meeting for next year’s 4 Year Old School in the early part of April. Time and place to be announced in the next Village News. Call Betsy Haas at 229-1982 for more information. ‘ (Irml-d,, Rookvi11, dump) * * REASOI~BLE ” * CALL ED CLARK, 229-7311 Weekds,Vs, 7-8 I’M • Saturdays, 11 AM-1 I’M llIII(lill llOl)Illl-llllll MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6,30 AM to 6,00 PM GROCERIES*BREAKFAST~LUNCH PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY-OUT | Page 4 THE VILLAGE NEWS NEEDS YOUR HELP! Cappie Morgan. If thereis one thing that everyone in Cabin John seems to agree on, it’s the value of our VILLAGE NEWS. To date, this newsletter, assembled and edited by vol- unteers, has been distribut- ed monthly to every household 1in Cabin John without charge. A dollar contribution per year has been requested of recipients, and — to my knowledge — gladly paid … whenever we remembered to ask. Since printing costs, along with everything else these days, have been going up, we’re finding that it costs about $6(} a month to print the VILLAGE NEWS — an amount not easily covered by our ad hoc requests for sup- port to date. What we DON’T want to do is to STOP DISTRIBUTING theNEWS to everyone regard- less of their willingness or ability to contribute. What we DO want to do is to clarify and specify our need for support by: 1. Asking for donations immediately to cover the April and Mayissues. When the VILLAGE NEWS pays for its March issue, it will be scraping the bottom of. the till. Special supporters are asked to step forward and help us cover the costs for the April and May issues. :Checks should be made out to the VILLAGE NEWS and sent to: Mary Shaw, Treasurer, 13 Russell Rd. Cabin John, 20731. 2. Mounting a- door-to: door contribution campaign in May. We plan to have volun- teers go door-to:door throughout Cabin John in May to ask personally for contributions to the VILLAGE NEWS which we hope will put the NEWS on a firm financia ! footing for the next year. You can help us by volunteering to canvass your own street; welcoming our :canvassers with a contribu- tion when, in fact, they reach your door. The tried team of Bill White (2Z9-5363) :and Cappie Morgan (320- 3269) have agreed to coor- dinate this effort. Please call them to offer leg-work or suggestions. THINK ABOUT WHAT THE VILLAGE NEWS MEANS TO YOU AND HOW YOU CAN BEST OFFER MUCH NEEDED SUPPORT ! OLD NEWSPAPERS FIND A HOME ! For those of you who are ecology-conscious, and • have been looking for a place to deposit bundled and loose newspapers, there is a Dempster-Dumpster in the parking 10t at Walt Whitman High School. The papers are picked up by Georgetown Junk and the money from their collection goes to Walt Whitman. FAMILY COMMUNICATION CLASS Come to Clara Barton School April 8 for a course to help parents learn speci- fic skills that WORK — listening skills, confronting skills, problem-solving skills. Weekly practice can improve communica- tions between family mem- bers, resulting in a happier and calmer household. Tuition: $10.00 for ten sessions. For additional information, please contact Dr. Pat Edmister, 279-3336 ‘a ….. i ‘~ CABIN JOHN OMBUDSMAN The collective voice of Cabin John Hollow is silent except for an occasional • snoring in its sleeve. Nine-• teen members of the com- .munity turned out atthe February Citizens Associ- ation meeting and a similar handful at the January meet- ing. This is evidence indi- cative of community lethargy. If we are to make any prog- ress in 1975, the able bodied and able minded of Cabin John must come together to < fortify the community with “vocal expression at meetings and with a determination to , & move quickly and decisively in community affairs. Cru- cial issues at stake concern the Union Arch Bridge i Seven Locks Road and ltdown- zoning along MacArth~r • Boulevard, not to mention the potential uses of tl~e Clara Barton School. ~Solu- tions to our problems may be a long time in coming. But it behboves us to create answers in favor of chancing failure. As one youth remarked at the Quick Food Shop one morning , i’I don’t much care for the Citizens Association. They’r e a bunch of self-elec- ted members who make de i cisions without involving the community. Take down- zoning for instance. ” Well, it can unequivocal- ly be stated that if the Com- munity does not venture to come out of its spectator role to participate, then no- thing will be gained at all. The Citizens Association Executive Committee is not self-elected — every resi, dent has a vote. But having it isn’t worth a dime if it isn’t exercised at election time this Spring. I am suspicious. Why only 19 people. Why n~t 200? There is strengt~ in numbers. Why not YOU? { Kathy Feild g- ‘, THE EFFECTS OF DOWNZONING by Jim Wilner ” Emery Corners, Kim- berley, Fairway Hills … ever hear of them? They are all communities locat- ed no more/than a mile from Cabin John. There is nothing really distinctive about them, they’re just I bed room c ommunitie s located Outside Washington. i Until recently Cabin Jbhn used to be a place w,~ith its own character and identity. MacArthur Boule- vard used to be our main street. Then the Cabin John Citizens Association decided to close down all the stores on our main street and “L-nprove” Mac- Arthur Boulevard till it _became a highway. In a very short time, we will have lost our small town identity and become jUSt another bedroom communi- ty by the highway. The citizens Of Glen Echo rose up and petitioned the County to preserve their small stores, and the Council did. Are we too late? Enery Corners, Kimber- ley, Fairway Hills, •Cabin John … ever hear of. them? CITIZENS ASSOCIATION TOI DISCUSS DOWNZONING AT:: MARCH 25 MEETING ‘ !Downzoning of property along MacArthur Boulevard wil;1 be the topic of discus- sion at the Citizens Associ- ation Meeting on March 25 at Clara Barton School at 8:00 P. M. MORE ON DOWNZONING The following is a letter from Charles S. Rand, Assistant County Attorney for Montgomery County to Jim Wilner. It is the Editor’s belief that the in- formation this letter sets out should bemade available to the citizens Of Cabin John before the Citizens Association meeting on March 25 at 8:00. Dear Mr. Wilner: • This letter is in response to the questions which yOU addressed to this office: 1. If a commercial enter- prise were to suffer over 50% damage by fire, would .the owner be allowed to re- build his store and continue his business? ANSWER: No. Montgomery County Code 1972 Sec. 59- 189 states: “No building devoted to a non-c0nformlng use • shall, in the event of destruction or serious damage by fire, floor or similar cause, be recon- structed for the purpose of carrying on the non- conforming use. “Seri- ous damage” shallbe defined as damage which reduces the value of any structure by more than half its prior value. ” 2. Could one Commercial use be allowed to continue as another commercial use which would benefit the community, even though the new use would be only slightly more inten- s ire ? ANSWER: No. The pro- prietor of a non-conform- ing commercial enterprise may not change the nature and character of that com- mercial enterprise; how- Page 5 ever, he may change the enterprise to any use al- lowed by a more restric- tive zone than the one in which his business could have been legally located. 3. Since the owners of these properties have spent money to improve properties as places of business, they will be worth less as houses. Will the County or State reim- burse the owners for any loss that they incur in the sale of their stores as a single-family home ? ANSWER: No. So long as the County or State allows an owner a reasonable use of his property, there is no “taking of property” within the meaning of the fourteenth amendment for which the government must compensate the property- owne r. 4. Would the owners of non- Conforming c omme r – ,cial enterprises be allow- ed to physically alter the exterior of their buildings to improve their property and the quality of service to the community? ANSWER: No. Exterior alterations may not be made, nor may any out- buildings, sheds, etc., be erected. However, the proprietors may alter the interior of their building and increase their stock- in-trade. I hope the foregoing answers will provide some assistance to you in under- standing your rights under the new zoning classifica- tion inyour area. Sincerely, Charles S. Rand Assistant County Attorney January 22, 1975 6 RECEIPE OF THE MONTH- This month’s receipe comes from Betsy Haas. She says that she doesn’t know the origin of this receipe but she does know that it is delicious. She suggests serving it with an Ea ste r Ham. PINEAPPLE CASSEROLE • Preheat oven to 350 ° and grease a casserole dish. 2 eggs 4 slices bread, in pieces 1/2 C. sugar 3/4 C. to 1 C. miniature mar s hrnallow s 1-1 lb. can of crushed ‘ pineapple (drained) 1/4 lb. melted butter or margerine 1/3 C. evaporated milk (1 small can) Beat the eggs. Add the bread, the sugar, the marshrnellows and pine- apple to the eggs. Mix together. Add melted butter and put in the greased cas- serole. Pour milk over the top. Do not cover. Bake for 1/2 hour. C LA SSIFIED S FOR SALE: Electric type- . writer with legal size carriage. 6 months old. $100 with stand. Call 229-7216 after noon. INTERNATIONAL NIGHT On March 19th at 7:30 p.m. there will be an International Dessert Buf- fet at the Bannockburn Elementary School. This -will cap off international month at Bannockburn. with children and parents invited to sample American and foreign desserts. Some families will be serving dinner to foreign students that night and there will be return transportation pro- vided for the students from Bannockburn School. What is needed now are dessert providers. If you have a foreign specialty or make a great American dessert, and would be will- ing to make it for the Inter- national Dessert Buffet, please call Susan Vogt at 229-6479. glen echo park The next Glen Echo Park public planning meeting at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 2nd. is ~ING A~D HEATING 229-5685 \Repairs*D~ala Serviee*Dispose~e” • D.Ishwashers*Remedmlla~*Heatsrs ReglsteredMas~r Plumber P’ull,yBoI~I~& Insursd f THANKS TO MARY ANN After nearly two years as the editor of the Village News, Maryann Wil§on has retired to the demands of a new baby boy. Being editor of the Village News is really a one-person job with never ending respon- sibilities. All of us owe Maryann a vote of thanks for the courteous and friendly way she printed all the Cabin John news. ADDITIONS TO CABIN JOHN DIRECTORY Lawrence J. Stark 6515 78th Street 229-6515 Daniel & Beverly Sullivan 7800 MacArthur Blvd. 229-7167 Shelly & Laura Keller 7687 MacArthur B19d. Apt. 2 ~’ 320-4Z12 The Village News is in DESPERATE NEED of a circulation manager. It is a once-a-month responsi- bility for getting piles of The Village News to the seven deliverers along with money to pay them. It takes about 1 hour of work per month on either Friday evening or Saturday morning Please contact Shelly Keller at Box 184 if you can perforn this responsibility. u Vg~ IXCKZ~ 6701 Ptrstmuon Tree Road 229-5685 Chtldren*Aclnlts*All I,eml.J 7630 To~inso. £~e #15 “” 229-1~1 or ~229-9811 T.e U  – Sat.  V 9,00 AM to 5,00 PM /

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