March 1974

J, 4 No. 6 Ma’roh 1974 ? MARCH CALENDAR 12 – Grab Bag Walk – I0 a.m. Great Falls, Md. 16 – Grab Bag Walk – I0 a.m. Great Falls, Md. 16 – Meet The Authors – 2 p.m. Great Falls, Md. 14- Semi Annual Rummage 16 Sale, Methodist Church 20 – Air Force Concert Band – 8 p.m. Glen Echo Town Hall 23 – Story Hour -los30 a.m. Little Falls Library 24 – Friends Day – II a.m. Gibson Grove AME Zion Church 27 – Citizens Association – 8 p,m, ~ Clara Barton School Weekends until 4/26 – Canoeing Show Great Falls, virginia . CnIZ NS AssocIATION N . JS Ed Winslow was nominated and elected second vice president and presided in the absense of Minda Wetzel at the February Meeting. Citizens Associations letter to Palisades Pool Directors was read to the group, along with their reply. We had requested that a community swim for families be developed for week nights and also that residents be granted early membership as the pool is located in our community. The reply was that the pool was up tot capacity in’visitation, and that it is their policy to remain open to all regardless of location of home, but that they wish to maintainthe present free policy for the community. It was noted that requests for waiting list applications are not taken until April, and that in the case of seasonal Vacancy of membership, persons on the waiting list may rent pool use for a summer. Improvements to MacArthur Boulevard are under way. A suggestion to solve the problem of pedesSrian traffic on Union Arch was given. That is to put a light at each end of the bridge which would regulate one way at a time traffic in one lane. The other lane could be barricaded and used only for pedestrians and hikers. Formulation of committees and asking people to join to help implement the Plan is under way; Don’t pass up the opportun- ity to help your community grow the right way. Mr. ~Vinslow reported that specifica- tions for the silent alarm for the fire house were sent in at the end of December. Also, rules concerning response to calls have been revised downwardbecause of the fuel sh0rta~e. It was moved, seconded, and approved that Mrs. 1,:etzel or chairman oft he Trans- portation Committee appeal tot he rationing -.board (energy office) Cabin John’s desig- nation as an inner city community. An openhouse is being~lanned for April to introduce newcomers (and old. timers) to the co~nityl’emphasis, Cabin John – Past, Present & Future. i Mrs. Kellogg volunteered to keep in touch withthe school board and keep the community informed concerning the clos- ing of Clara Barton School. Next meeting, March 27. OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULED FOR APRIL 21 In Order to refresh the interest of old timers and introduce newcomers to the community, an open house is being planned for April21. Featured is orientation to Cabin John, our history, goals past and pre- sent, landmarks, everything you always want- ed to knowabout Cabin John. (Don’t be afraid to aski) In preparation, block hosts and hostesses will be bringing new- families Citizens Association membership forms, directory forms, a questionnaire on the school, and invitations to the open house . I/I/I/H/I///l//////////////////////////// CABIN JOHN DIRECTORY TO BE. UPDATED It is our hope to update the Cabin John Phone Directory in the near future.i If your name and phone number are included in the directory now and you do not want them in the future directory, pleas e let me know. If you would like a copy of She directorywe are presently using call me – 229-3397. If you would llke a copy of the Cabin John CommunityP!an , call Cappie Morgan, 320-3269. ///H/1/1/I/////////////////////////////// A meeting of parents of four year olds for next fall will be called Sometime in April, Continuance of the class will be determined On the results of this:meeting. Check April’s Village News for the place, date and time. ,, ??????????7???????????77???????7???777???? ////////////////////////////////////////// .Mr. C. R. Smith celebrated his 86th birthday ~ February 20. Happy Birthdayl I ” Here are seme exerpts from a letter to Environmental Protection Agency from the Canal and River Rights Council concern- ing an alternative to dumping advanced waste treatment water into the Potomac. “An alternative to the ‘environmental parks’ use of AWT water in the C&O Canal.” “The most heavily used part of the C~O Canal is thelrewatered section from!~Seneca to George$own, a 22 mile stretch that had over 2,500,000 visitors in 1973 (and will have more in 19~t if the gasoline shortage Con- tinues). Since the rest of the Canal ditch is un–watered, and would need major restoration to hold water again, the lower segment is the only one that is available for canoeing and fishing. It is also an important resource for inner city children who partici~mte in canal-based programs sponsored by the Summer-in-the-Parks pro- gram. “The lower section also parallels the most treacherous reaches of the Potomac, where the river drops through the major falls and rapids of the ‘fall-line’! and where, except for experts, boating and fishing opportunities are mostly limited to the Can- al. This same vital reach of the Canal also gets very poor water. “When we discovered that AWT water is used for swimming, boating and fishingat Indian Creek Reservoir in California, many groups that have fought for the interests of the Canal saw another chance to use A’~ water for human recreation and enjoyment—buoyed by an EPA brochure about Indian Creek and the report of Mr. John Gonzales, plannt engin- eer at South Tahoe, that discarding “this highly treated water rather than using it beneficially for mankind would be a tragic waste of effort… (it) should be put to valuable use either for recreation purposes or to augment underground fresh• water sup- plies.”i “If Mr. Gonzales’ reasoning is ~olid, we wonder about the rationale of the’environ- mental park’;~ and why State officials are eager to have such valuable water evaporated from the Pe~o cooling towers? .. …. “The use of A~ water in the Canal has many facets, a chance to bypass the water intake~ the chance, if technology improves, to del- iver the water to the ‘door’ of the Little {alls pumping station! and the chance to re- lease it to t~e river in increments aboveor ~elow the proposed estuarial intake…. ‘Land treatment. Official fascination with ~he ‘environmental park’ precluded close Lnalysis of other sites and systems, includ- Lng land~reatment. Land treatment deserves ~urther study, and perhaps a test program 3o evaluate it in the ‘field’ — another ~eason for going slow on the A~ plant size. ‘Even a limited use of land treatment in ~ontgomery County would result in energy Lnd resource conservation| and preservation ,f agricuitu~al land, which is already an P endangered’ land use.” Note, If you would like to know what is happening andwhat is being planned for o~ Potomac River, Join the Canal and River Rights Qouncil and subscribe to the Valley News – both for the same #3.00. Send your subscription to ?i01 Ridgewood Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015. Note from the Department of Police, Mont- gomery County, Maryland STREET NUMBERS ARE LIFESAVERS Recent comments from our officers indicate they are having difficulty locating address number~ of homes and business houses when responding to requests for service from citizens. Some numbers are distorted by age, weather, or hidden by landscaping. In fact, some structures have no numbers at allll| This problem can affect the time it takes us to reach a citizen in need of help. SECONDS ARE VITALk~IEN A SERIOUS INCIDENT HAS JUST OCCURRED. Using the below check list, does your house, apartment complex, or business establishment meet the suggested criteria? Are your numbers on a contrasting bac~ ground? Can your numbers be easily seen from the street? Will the porch light illuminate the numbers at night, or are they rei~ect- orized? Are your numbers posted immediately overhead, or left or right of your entrance way? If your house is a distance from the road, are your numbers posted on a fence or a column at the intersection of your entrance and the road-way? If your dwelling or business establish- ment is on a corner lot, do the numbers face the street named in your official address? The time you take in preparation today will give us those much needed seconds tomor- row. We need your help in order to better help you. FREE CONCERTI The Montgomery County Department of Recreation is sponsoring an Air ForceConc- ert Band Concert at Glen Echo Town Hall. Mark your calendar now and plan to attend, Wednesday, March 20, 8,00 p.m. FRIENDS DAY The Gibson Grove AME Zion Church will have its annual Friends Day~unday, March 2~ at Ii a.m. All friends are welcome. Bill ~ite, Chairman. m . • O~er a year ago, when Montgomery County Public Schools began to think of ways to cut ex~;ess out of the budget, the closing of the county’s small schools began to loom as a possibility. This affects us directly be- cause Clara Barton is the smallest. Our last PTA meeting of the 1972-73 school year dwelt on this subject• as did several gather- ings during the summer. The problem was handled by MCPS appoint- ment of a group called the Small Schools Task Force, made up of parents, teachers and administrators from both small and large schools. Susan Vogt and Burtt Richardson of Cabin John were both members. The Task Force met through spring and summer and their final report was published a couple of months ago. They came to several conclu- sions. Among them were I. That it can not be proven academically that small or large schools per se are superior and 2. It is more expensive to educate on a per capita basis in a small school than in a large one. This report was submitted to the Boa~ of Education a few weeks ago and met with ~ a somewhat skeptical reception. One point raised was would the saving of a comparative- ly small sum in the face of a very large budget be worth the disruption that could be caused to a community? The report is due to come up again next week before the BOE. The last week of February, Montgom- ery County Council of PTA’s passed a resolu- tion which proposed to the BeE the forma- tion of committees at each area level (there are 6 areas! we are Area I) and one county-wide committee to re-study this whole matter in greater depth before any- thing permanent is done. March 4, Dr. Moran (Area One Assistant Superintendent) and several members of his area office came to meet with a few PTA and Citizens Association executives to discuss th~s matter and ascertain Cabin John’s wis}~es. I, personally, feel that we do not know the will of the majority. I have heard feelings expressed that our children might be better off in the long run to start in a different environment and l’ve heard that the children might be better off forming their self-concept at home in their own community. Feelings have been expressed that, with the loss of the school, Cabin John would lose its cohe- siveness, and I have also heard there is no community; that it’s a myth. For this reason, several persons will be composing in the next month a short ques- tionnaire really trying to find out what the community wants apropos a school. If you want to help compose the questions, please call me at 229-8163. Next month I will try to cover some aspects before the questionnaire is taken I. If we want to save Clara Barton what we might do. 2. If Clara Barton closes what is Bannockburn–the school that would serve our students–like? If readers of the Village News have questions or innut before next month’s issue theycan call me at the above number or wr~te care of Box 31. The matter was not and is not decided and there is still time for each of us to think the problem through and make our voices felt! Diane Kellogg CANOEING SHOW i The Canoe Cruiser Association of Great- er ~shington, D.C, has put together a fine show about their sport at Great Falls Park, Virginia. Included in the show are excel- lent photographs of the river and past canoe- ing/kayaklng events, slides,: films (on week- ends) and desplays of several types of white water craft as well as related equipment and books of “how to do it” and “where to go.” A volunteer Canoe Cruiser member will be in the Park Visitor Center Saturday and Sunday to answer questions about the river, the sport, techniques, and equipment. Every weekend between now and April 26th is a wonderful opportunity for those of you who have more than Just a passing interest in the river to learn whatit’s all about. For more information call 759-2915. ! ! League of Womeh Voters of Montgomery County, Md. r Inc. Urges You toCheck the Check-Off See Line 8- Form I0~0 (1040A) of U.S. Indi- vidual Income Tax Return ! Taxpayersthis year have the opportun- ity to direct one dollar of the taxes!they have already paid into a new Presidential Election Campaign Fund. Simply checkiline 8 ‘on your federal tax return, and $i.00 (or $2.00 for a Joint return) will be directed from your taxpayment to a special fund. This will cost you nothing. The fund will be distributed to the candidates after the Nominating Conventions in 1976. The Democratic and Republican can- didates, if they elect to participate i, will receive equal amounts, based on a formula of 15~ per eligible Voter in the U.S. ~ They will not be allowed to accept any contri- butions from other sources. Minor parties will receive pro rata sharesif they receive over 5% of the vote. If enough citizens use this simple check-off, we can end the financial role of special interests and return the financing of Presidential Elections to the eel! EVENTS OF THE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE On March 12th at I0 a.m., and the 16th at I0 a.m. ~, it’s the Grab Bag Walk, led byHelen J0hnston. The walk will take about l~hours, wear sturdy shoes!, bring lunch and binoculars. 299-3613.1 On the 16th from 2 to 4 p.m., it’s a meet theAuthors reception featuring Hooper ~,Iolfe, 80 year old author of I Drove Mules on the C & 0 Canal. Authors present will be Tom Hahn, Robert Shost~ck, Barbara ~rinslow, William Claque, Morris Fradin, and Jim Reber. Call 299-3.613 for additional information. ~rch display in the exhibit room at Great Falls Tavern, Great Falls, Md~, are paintings by June McAdams. ////////////////////////////////////////// Greetings, and welcome to Mr. Michael Ferrel, new neighbor at 7711 Tomlinson Ave. Mr. Ferrel comes toCabln John from Buffalo, works for Radio Station ~MB. lllltllllllltllltlltlllllttlllltttltlltllt RECIPE FILE It is falsely rumored about that I am a rotten cook. I wish to submit for the Village News a special gourmet recipe for E~ephant Stew – Barbara Clark i elephant, medium sized 2 rabbits, small salt, pepper Cut elephant into bite-sized pieces and cook on kerosene stovefor 4 weeks at 465 d~grees. Add salt and pepper to taste. Will serve 3,837 people. If a larger crowd than expected shows up, add the 2 rabbits. (Do ndt add the rabbits unless necessary be- cause imost people do not llke hare in their stew.) i IIIIIIII/1111/111/11111111111111111/111111 Homemakers CluB meets on the ~th Thursday of each month in the community house in Cabin John Gardens, from II a.m. to 2,30 p.m. Everyone is welcome Iltltltllltltllttlttltllllttttllttlltltltt METHODIST CHURCH NEWS The Semi-annual Rummage Sale of the Cabin John United Methodist Church will be held on the 14thand~lSth of March from I0 a.m. to 9 p.m., and on the 16th of March from I0 a.m. to 4 p.m. : LITTLE FALLS LIBRARY NOTES The movie Captains’ Paradise will be shown on April 2nd. There willbe a childrens Story Hour on the 23rd at 10,30 on the~marchwind. Village News; Staff, ~aryAnne W~Ison – Editor P.O. Bo~ 186, 229-3397 Janet Denoe – News 6503 76thSt. 229-?39@ Joann~ast, mailing 229-8789 Concord School – Collating and stapelln,~ \ Phone, 229-1361 . ~* or 229.9111 BEAUTY SALON ~1~ Teml~mm A~ °l| i In the interest of saving gasoline, I would like to find someone who passes Cordell Ave. in Bethesda on the way to work or some other necessary trip. Then he could take the paper to the printer and pick it up (a transaction which nor- mally takes about 5minutes once a month). Can you help? Call 229-3397. In the interest of saving paper, I will try to fill up all the holes in the V.N. Coming next month- some camping areas close by which you may want to consider in your search for vacation places, more info on the Cabin John Open House, and a recipe for Brunswick Buffalo. t \ ~NTADS FOR SALE, GE Electric Roaster Oven, Good Condition $i0. Call 229-1338 FOR SALE, Poodle Puppies, AKC, small miniature, apricot. Call 229-8862, Mrs. Vigrasso i OlYI  tOOl) SHOP EMI  I~iln. ~ 5,~.. DO LE ZAL . k~. e,,~l ~ – ~ t”~. .r,,,,.  tPLUM Ella”-  HEETIN@ Z29 -SGBS • ~lmw– – ____ P 1,~ R,,-,:,,vMn T,,~ hi. 221~-SkllS kq~i rS R,.-ea-~;nq

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