March 1973

.~ — J –~–Vol’.’~6 no. 7 March 1973 MARCH CALENDAR Mar,. 22 .- Mar. 6 – Clara Barton PTA 7,30 p.m. Clara Barton School Mar. i0 – Story Hour 10,30 a.m. Little Falls Library Mar. II – Water Color Show 4,30-6p.m. 2017 Eye St. NW Mar. ll – Indian Cultures 7,30-9,30pm Mar. 16 – CLUB HONORS IKg, S CADDIE By Bob Addle Washlngt~n.l~s~Staff Writer For the first time in its history, Burn- ing Tree Club will fly its flag at half- mast.this ~eekend for a nonmember, the late Allen White 46, once Presi- dent Eisenhower’s. favorite caddie. Mr. White. was found dead “of unknown Causes” in his Southeast Wash. ington rooming house Thursday. Burning Tree, known for its exclus- 5801 Oxford Rd. GIo~ ~ Echo tvity, is also one of the. last ‘ local-bastions Citizens Association 8,00 pin of male chauvinism (women are not even permitted on the grounds). The club is Clara Barton School paying unique homage to Mr. White. Book Discussion 10,30 a.m. who was affeciionately known as “Napol -~ con,” because he was the acknowledged “He was one of the last of five of or, regular caddies,” Burning Tree pro Ma: Elbin said• “He was a fizie caddie an( much in demand by our VIPs. especial4, Gen. Eisenhower, who al~vays used h call in advance to reserve Napoleon.” There is one amusing story told of th, forth-right Napoleon. He .was for Mr. Eisenhower on one:!occasion and as was customary with caddies, Napoleo, had bet his entire caddie fee on hi: ‘~lan.” The President was on the green firs on the first hole, but he t~hree-putted am lost the hole. He three-putted the secom hole and lost that too. On the third hole, Mr. Eisenhower wa Little Falls Library Mar. 15, 16, 17 – Talent Show 7.,30 pm Walt Whitman School Mar. 20 -Whitman Career Fair 7-10 pm Walt Whitman School Mar. 31 – Story Hour 10,30 a°m. Little Falls Library Apr. 4 – Kindergarten Round-up 8,30am Clara Barton School Apr. 7 – Home Study 4:00 – 7,00 p.m. Unitarian Church River Rd. 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111 DEAN GUP~SEY HOSTS MAYAN LECTURE On Sunday, March II there will be a film, lecture, talk and exhibits ‘. dealing with Great Indian Cultures of Mexico and South America, Aztec, Mayan, and Inca. Peruvian dancers will display their costumes, and opendiscussions will be held. There will be no charge for the evening’s eventsl ~ refreshments will be served, so plan to attend for an enjoyable, informative evening. The lecture will be held at 5801 Oxford Rd., Glen Echo. For additional information call Dean Gurnsey at 229-3~40 or Ken and Iris Morrissey at 229-8049. HOME STUDY DINNER PLANNED The Home Study Club is having a lasagna dinner for its camp fund, to be held on April 7 from 4,00 to 7,00 p.m., at the Unitarian Church at the corner Of River Rd. and Whittier Blvd. ~ Persons willing to cook or serve, contact Celeste Swedenberg at 229-2282. LITTLE FALLS LIBRARY NOTES On Friday the 16th of March at 10,30 a.m. there will be a discussion of notable contemporary books by Mrs. Jane Hinsch from the library’s adult services section. : The children’s room has a story hour planned for Saturday, March 10th at 10,30 am, ~nd a story telling festival for Saturday, March 31, at i0 30 a.m¢, both for children ~-6 years. Pre-register children at the library to assure there Will be room for your child. Tree caddie in 1934. He took time out for ruler of the caddie pen. . 20 feet away and got only halfway to th, ” Mr. White . started .as a Burning hole on his first putt. That~was too mud for Napoleon who shouted: “Dammil a brief career as a jockey and then sere- Mr. President, get ‘era up.” Ike sank th ice in World War II, next putt. Allen White was the brother of Bill W~Ite who lives on Carver Rd. II171/////////I///11//11///i////////// POST 0~FICE CHANGES Shirley Schuier has been named Post- master of the Cabin John Post Office. Congratulations to ghirley; her new position is Cabin John’sgain. Mr. Bob Fooks, our postman for the past two years is leaving the area. Bob is takingi!his wife and two ch’ildren back “home” to theeastern shore of ~laryland. Whiie we wish Mr. Fooks all the best, we will sure miss him. I was at Clara Barton’s Career Day last fall and watched Mr. Fooks captivate groups of children with conversation about his job. He had come to the school with a truck ahd all his gear on Veterans Day, his day off. Explaining how mail gets sorted, he would ask an~ child his or her name. An~ much to the childs amazement~ Mr. Fooks could always remember not only the childs address, but who lived on either side of him. His participation a4ded a spark to Career Day, and truly turned kids on to the fun of being a postman. The peopl:e at the Post Office tell me that Bob often came in early and stayed late, taking extra care to sort and deliver the mall properly. He was always cheerful, sven on the coldest and rainiest days. Small ch~ldren recognized him, and would proudly carry mail from his truck to their houses, with Mr. Fooks always ready to retrieve a dropped letter. Good Luck, Bob Fooks, and if the folks back home don’t appreciate you as m~ich as we do — come on back.’ Cabin John Trails #2 by Ed Clark We have to knew our way on and off the Beltway, the GW Parkway & 70-S; we also need te be able te give directions to our visitors coming and going. I hope t~e followlng notes prove helpful to you when visitors from out-of-town are on the way to your home,and you want te tell them tree simplest way. First, it seems to me ~ that tke best advice to visiting ~eltway users is te think in terms ef clockwise & counter-clockwise. If you de trois, then you only have t~ knew whetner you are inside the rlng ef the Beltway or outside ef it, in order te knew which way te turn when entering it er leaving it – instructions te visitors can be said like tAat tee. Then we can forget all t~at confusing north, south, east & west stuff that gets se BAD when you are driving on a great big circle anyway. Did you knew that Exit 15 from the Beltway will take you easily to Cabin Jonn no matter which way you are headed on the Beltway? Just tell vislters to stay en the Bel@way until they see Exit 15. In the cle ckwis e direction(from Virginia) it is just as you are coming elf the bridge across the Potema~c River -!you exit to tne right and keep te the right following the sign that says WAS~II~GTON at the fork halfway out the exit. After that t~ke the next exit; ins marked CABi~ J0~ and is about a mile d~wn the read. Tney will be at the Clara Barton School an~ Mac- Art nur Blvd. If your vislters wlll !’be driving counter-clockwise on the Beltway tell them not to cress tne Potemac into Virginia; instead they should ge out Exlt 15, downhill to the right Just as they appreack the bridge. They will be headed away from town at this point and tkey are to continue away for about a mile to the first overpass. The small sign here says CARDEROCK RECREATIO~ AREA. Tney should de a U turn using that overpass to get them turned around and ~made~ back the ether way. After the turnaround they should keep to the rignt at the fork about a mile back down the read (tne sign says PARKWAY). About two miles er less further down the read they will take the first exit. Its marked CABIN JOM~ and is the same exit we talked about just above. It’ s easy te get your departing f~le~s back ente the Beltway if t~ey will be going counter-clockwise into Virginia. Just get them headed back up.,une GW Parkway the way :tney came from and tell t~em te keep right and take tke first read leading elf to the right, Just bef0re they pass under the Beltway. ,! For guests who are le~l.~-te go back clockwise on the Beltway, send them up tme GW Parkway telling them te keep in the left lane until after tmey pass under the Beltway, then go on te the Carderock overpass, make the U turn and come back, k~eping left when they reach the fork, following the arrow of the 495 sign onto the Beltway. On yes, if tmey will be headed north up ?0-S, it is about three mere miles; it is Exit 17 and they should be in the left-hand lane before they reach it. That’s it. Good luck.’ By the way lem going to write t~e autnoritles about some ef the confusing signs on the exits around us and will appreciate your written or phoned comments ff you have erie that is a pet peeve of yours. Write me c/e Pest Office Box 62 or call me on weekends at 299-7Gll. Let’s drive mere carefully and have SAFE TRAILS for the children of our neighbors …. I think especially ef that very dangerous and poorly- llgnted curve on Temlinson Ave. Best te all from Ed. NOTEs NO SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS HAVE BEEN taken to prevent the pipes on the const- ruction site of the sewer from rolling. If your children play in the regional parknear the creek, warn them of the possible dangers.\ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR All letters received will be printed, even anonymously, as long as the editor knows who they are. Editor, The opinion expressed by the “Concerned Citizen” regarding the use of vacant publicproperty for motor bike recreation is long overdue. I believe there are a lot of other Cabin John residents who feel likewise, probably comprising a majority. When the stop light at the school was going to be removed, concerned citizens stopped it by making themselves heard. When the speed bumps were im- posed upon us – concerned citizens (as well as many non-resldents) made their objections known and the bumps were promptly removed. It is time again for similar action by those of us who feel our children deserve to be able to enjoy their mode of recreation with maximum safety. It is time f,~r a comlro- mise in favor of our teenagers. Motor bikes are a vehicle of the present – let’s not force the teens to ride illeg- ally. I add that not only are teens involved. There are in this community responsible adults willing to invest time and energy in these young cycle enthusiasts. They are to be commen- ded. We seem to be able to find suitable locations for other forms of recreation – why can’t we allow mini- bikes their place in our community as well. Frances Davis Teter CLARA BARTON PTA NEWS The March meeting of the Clara• Barton PTA will focus on the transition of our students to Pyle Junior High School• Surveys about Pyle were sent to all parents of Junior high students in Cabin John, and over 2/3 were returned. The results will be discussed with Mr. McFall, assistant principal at Pyle, and Mrs. Miller, guidance counselor there. All families of students at Pyle are especially invite@ to attend, as well as other interested members of the PTA and community. Come to Clara Barton On March 6 at 7:30 pm and ask questions. • Also the Nominating committeel will announce its slate for next year. ?????????????????????????????i?????? WALT ~,WHIT~N NEws There will be a Talent Show at Walt Whitman on March 15, 16, and 17, featuring the students. Cece Whittaker will be performing, as well as many other talented people. Tickets may be purchased ahead of time at the school office, or may also be bought at the door. The show begins at 7:30 pm on all three ~ights. Career Fair ~arch 20 is the day and night of Walt Whitman’s Career Fair. ~hi s willafford young people the oppor- tunity toacquaint themselves with various professions, by Speaking to people involved in these professions. An assembly inthe early afternoon Will begin the Fair. Speaking at the assembly will be Rene Carpenter, a Whitman parent and TV Takk Show hostess, Art Buchwald, and Clarence Oitlow, a Nader’s Raider. The Whitman Field House will open at 7 pm Until 10 pm. At 7:30 there will be a brief PTSA business meet- ing, and a speech by Neil R0senthal, a Labor Dept. representative. Mr. Rosenthal will speak about the occu- pational outlook. – Peopie involved in Languages, Art, Math, ~cience~ Music, Helping:Arts, an~ Business will be there to name a few. The Career Fair is open to all____ stiJaents and parents, not Just V~itman stu4ents. III/II//I//7/////////////////////// KINDEGARTEN ROUND-UP April ~ is the day of the kinde- garten Round,up. Parents and their eligibl e children (must be 5 by December 31~ 1973) may come between 8:30 am an~ II am to the school office. Be sure to have a birth certificate or other verification of the child’s age with you. Registering your child now will save time and be less confusing than on the first day of school in Sept. THE FOLI:OWING CHILDREN ARE BUT A FEW THAT ARE WAITING FOR A PER- }4ANENT HO!,~. THi~ C OUNC IL OH ADOPTABLE CHILDREN IS AH ADOPTIVE PARENT ORGANIZATION %’£HICII IS CONCERNED FOR TILE CHILDREN :,THO WAIT, ALrD ~I~FfAINS A.~J ADOPTION• INFORMATION SEFVICE. CALL 320- 3357 DURING BUSI~E~S HOUBS. Clark County Dept. of qocial Services Mrs. Neibuhr 703/955-1378 Jimmy, I1½ yrs. old, handsome, white, slight stature and loveable disposition. Needs permanent family ~. Lutheran Social Services Mrs. Iiessler 232-6373 Michael, 2 yrs., appealing, responsive, black, plays well with other children. Iichael is retarded and Cannot walk yet without assistance, but attends clinic several times a weekj!for therapy. Family andlChild Services Mrs. Weingarten 232-6510 Two and one half year old black girl, affectionate and responsive. Barker Foundation, Mrs. Wechsler 363-7751 Foster parents meeded for short t~rm care of newborn infants. Fairfax Co. Dept. of Social ~ervices Mrs. Clamon 691-3205 Kenny, 12 yrs., white, very fond of out-of-d0ors. Now at boarding school which emphasi- zes vocational training in a wilderness setting. Prior to that, KennY had never formally attended school, and is learn- ing to read and write. He needs a permanent family to offer him support in his new efforts. DC Dept. of Human Resources Adoption Services, Mrs. Hebert 629-~6~I ‘ 6 year old boy-girl ‘twins. The girl has some emotional problems and is not adjustingtoo well to school at this time. They are beautiful children and need two well adjusted, understanding : fairly flexible parents. Gordy, black, 2 years old i has medical problem that surgery will correct as soon as the doctor feels he is ready. National CHildren’s C@nter Mrs. Pesto~ozzi 629-6623 Foster~:home needed for sweet 8 yr. old white girl, retarded. Small, normal appearing~ big blue eyes. In school all day with transportation provided. Payment is f250/month with clothes and medicine allowance. Adoption Resource Exchange of qa. Call COAC for info. 320-3357 ‘ Black girl~ 2½ yrs Alert, per- sonable, average or above average intelligence. C53 hqqite girl, 12 try. Tall, slen- der, pretty, outgoing. Some emotional problems after foster mother died. Wants parents of her own• MAR.CH EVENT8 ~ METHODIST CHVRCH The Cabin John United Methodist Church has a number of interesting events planned for March. The youth will continue their study of the Ten Commandments using contempor- ary films. Among the films scheduled for 6 pm on ~undays are: Occurrence at Owl Creek, The Ma~ician, A Statistic Named An__~n, Black History, The Great Toy Robbery, and Case History of a Rumor. Youth leadres for these programs include Gary Pollard, Teresa Dixon, Nancy Peck, and Mary Ann Paidakovich. Many other youth events are scheduled: a picnic and field trip to the Church Worldl Service Center at New Windsor, Md. on March 3rd, Bowling on March lO, a craft sale for Church World Service on Marchil7 , and Roller Skating on Mar. 31. The pastor will conduct a confirmation Class~on ~undays from 5 –6 pm beginning March 4 and running through APr. 15. Those who complete the course and so de- sire will be received into the Church on Palm ounday. The last session of LeadershipTralning Course” conducted by the pastor will be held March 7, followed by~ia Joint meeting of the Administrative Boa@d and Council of Ministries.. On Sunday, March 18th the order of worship will be based on; one of the earliest known orders of worship of the Christian Church, dating back to the Second Century A.D. Cabin John United Methodist Church seeks to be a church for all people. We seek to grow in the spirit of Christ and to become an effective Church in His service. Come and grow with us. Wayne Leaver, Pastor. SCOUTING N~JS Thank you Cabin John – your help and your participation in the Scout Pancake Supper have allowed us to earn $176 for future troop activities. We have lots of plans and your dollars will help make the goals we have set for the next year a reality. Other events planned for the month were not so successful – rain fell on ~the day scheduled for a cleanup of the Cabin John Gardens , a mix-up . occured on the day Scheduled for the troop to attend Church – Scout Sunday•- but our lack!of attendance at the service is in no way a measure of our appreciation for the church. Without the church we could not have a good troop – we know this and thank all church members for the use of the church for Scout activities. Our plans for March, Ap#~l and May qall for a beginning step on the C & O Canal. We hope to wal~imost if not all of it in the coming year so that each scout will earn the special C & 0 hiking award. Also planned is map and compass training at Prince William Forest Kark, a month devoted to nature and conservation and a month for learning about back packing. Parents, we invite you to help in any of our activities and to attend any of our hikes. Ron Wilson Scoutmaster THE GLEN ECHO BAPTIST CH’URCH Dear friends, As we seek to serve our community please check the following areas where we canmlnlster to you, your family, or friends and return to the Glen Echo B~ptlst Church, Vassar Circle, Glen Echo~ Md. 20768 Services are held each Sunday 9:30 am, ll am, 6 pm and 7 pm. All races and creeds are welcome to attend and study the word of God. I. I am interested in having my children attend Sunday qchool if transportation is porvlded. 2. I would llke to attend church services if transportation is provided. __3. I would llke a free copy of the Tenach (Old testament) in modern english with a study pro- ~ ram. . I would llke a free modern t~anslation of the ~ew Testament wlth the answers most frequently asked about the Bible. __5. I am interested in attending an informa~ home Bible study group meeting in my community. I would llke a group to meet in my house. 6. I would llke to learn more —about the Messianic Jews. __7. I am concerned about my rela- tionship with God. What does it mean to be saved?– Can a person be sure that they are ~oing to heaven? 8. I am a young person and I have a real problem. 9. I am hooked. Dope? Alcohol? Other? I want to be set free. I would llke to talk to someone my own age who has found deliver- ance. I0. I would like to find a victor- –ious, happy, Splrlt-filled life. There is no obligation for any lit- erature requested. Personal calls are only made by invitation and appointment. Iil/1111111111/11////11////////I/I FRIENDS DAY AT GIBSON GROVE CHURCH The Gibson Grove AME Zion Church in Cabin John is sponsoring a Friends Day on Sunday, March 25 at ll am. Bill White is organizing this speclal service to benefit the annual fund for the Church. Bill would llke all of his friends to come out to the church, but if you cant Send donations to 21 Carver Road. RECYCLE AND DU~ The Recycllng Center at Little Falls l~ll Is open from 9am to ~:30 pm Sat. and from llam to ~:30 pm Sunday. Glass, newspaper and cans are collected. Tires an~ •other large discarded items may be disposed of at the County waste disposal facility off Gude Drive in Rockville. Everything except tree stumps, large auto parts or more than 4 tires will be taken. Hours:Mon-Frl 7:3Oam – 8pm; Sat 7:30 am – 6pm; Sun 1-4 pm. Cars only. TB ~ SCREENING A Top Priority for COMMUNITY HEALTH DAY The Health Department will focus its TB control efforts for Cabin John this year through a skin testing pro- gram on Community Health Day, April 7th, at the Clara Barton School. There have been several cases of act- ive TB in Cabin John in the past three • years; in spite of County Health Dept. efforts, new cases are still occurring For this reason the skin testing pro- gram will be one of the highest Community Health Day priorities. Skin tests for TB are almost painless and everyone should have a • skin test unless: I. A previous TB skin test has been positive and treatment or other control measures are underway; or, 2. You have had a negative test within the past six months . There is no danger from the skin test. A negative test means that the person has had no contact with the Tubercule Baccillus (the germ that causes tuberculosis). A positive test doesn’t always mean active TB (an inactive or cured case of TB still causes a positive test), but a positive test always requires careful follow-up. Active TB is not as dangerous as it used to be, mainly because of the availability of antibiotics. If caught early enough, the person with TB can stay home and contlnue school or work while on treatment. TB strikes at all ages from early infancy throug h old age. ~ you or a member bf your family have noG been tested for TB in the past six months, it is important that you circle April 7th on your calendar and come to the school between I0 a.m. and 2 p.m. for ~our skin test. COMMUNITY GROUPS INVOLVED IN HEALTH DAY ACTIVITIES :. The Health Advisory Committee met on Feb. 8th with 18 members of the com- munity present to discuss plans for Community Health Day. An informal poll showed enthusiastic support for such screening programs as TB Skin Tests, Blood Pressure Checks, and well-Baby exams, and for informational exhibits of :’ various organizations such as the Heart Assoc., and the •Cancer Society. All screening programs will be free, and performed by certified health personnel. The Homemakers Club is working closely with the Health Committee; the clubls a sponsoring organization and the women will be making posters to be used for several of the exhibits. i WAh~ AD S / L08T CAT: Neuter male cat lost in ~. early Feb. in Carderock Southi area. Grayl, answers to the name Sombra. Generous reward. 0wner desperate. 229-676~ FOR SALE” Chickering’console piano ½ price; many other householdl items – all must go – leaving 6608 80th Place. Call 229-31~6 GARAGE SALE: Sun March • 8 2 – 5 pm 650~ 75th Place. i,~o .advance calls please. Furniture: nightstand~ kitch. table, bunk beds, wrought iron table, Baldwin upright piano, sewing table, roll-away cot and more. Appliances: steam irons, fans, 2 TVs as is, small new heater, camera equip., lawn• mower, outdoor items, blankets, straw rug~, and more. POTHOLDERS FOR SALE: 39¢ each. Phone orders delivered only in Cabin John area. Call 229-8357. Marian Council • Mfg.,• Co. Jeffrey Council Sales ~nager. FOR SALE: Hand painted ROCKS I0~ each Call Judy Vogt 229-6470. SEAMSTRESS: will sew ladies’ clothes and do alterations. Call 229- ~769 after 3 om. III/IZIlI/IIIZI/I/LI/II/I////I///// Vi.L_Lage l~ews ~a~F~ Susan Vogt, editor 6509 76th St. ~ 229-6479 Maryanne-~4ils~h, associate editor !.’i 229″3397 Morris Fradln, special articles • – 229-1338 Joann Bast, mailing 229-8789 ‘ Concord School~ coYlatin~ and stapelin{ /H/I/I/i/1//////////////////////y/// MA97fANNE WILSON WILI: BE PUTTIN’G OUT THE APRIL ISSUE OF THE VILI,AGE NEWS. ANY ARTICLES OR ADS SHOULD BE GIVEN TO HER. MARYANNE~LIVEq IN LOCK HOUSE #I0. HER PHONE ,kUJMBER IS 229-3397. TO OUR PARENTS Scout Troop 1448 needs your helpl We need parents to work with the troop committee and adult males to accompany the troop when we go to ‘ Goshen Boy Scout Camp, June 23 to 30. Join in the fun and lend a helping hand. Please call our Scout Master, Ron Wilsons 229-3397. HE S ON %’ A new community service to residents of this area is now available for invalids or home- bound persons. For $12.50 a week those who find themselves unable to cook may have two meals a day, Monday through Friday, delivered to them. Meals include~ a hot lunch, and a sandwich for !~upper, and are prepared by the MarioE t Corp. people with the help of volunteers. This volunteer project in in its third week in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area, and so far, the response has been good. To take advantage of this service, call 770-6373 morning s. Volunteer ! helpers, mostly drivers; are welcome i to Join in this worthwhile community ! service. CABIN O’OSM V| uht.. $’1″0) le$ woR  oe DLRECTOR: CONSTANCE BERGFORS (Mrs. Andrew E. Rice) 6517 80th Street Cabin John, Maryland 30~-~29-7367 LESSONS in PAINTING and DRAWING I |I ADULT~ W~)~SDAY NORNXI~ IO-i p.m. THURSDAY EVE~NC-7:30-10:30 p.m.–YO0~ ~¢ YOUNG PEOPLE (AGE 8-18) ~T~ MORNI~ IO-12 nemn WINTER PERIOD — JAN. 3 to. MAR. 2/~ — 1973 SPRING PERIC~D — APR. Classes are geared to the will be emphasized. Young and museums in the area. ($65 per period) mu~ ~i~ ($5~ per period) to’ JUN. 16 — 1973 i~ividual with no more than 8 in each clsss. Color Painting people will spend several periods visiting important galleries There will be a SPRING SHQ/~ on ~UNDAY I JUNE 3. 1973, from~., with all students participating. On the premise that all people are artistic or feel the need to express themselves by some means, I extend this invitation to you to Join the workshop, where we shall work together exploring ideas and techniques. Expenses being the only limitation, we can try anything. I will offer criticism, space to work, encouragement on an adventure with space — internal and external, plus a lesson plan for those just beginning. Students will be expected te learn to plan for themselves as a part of their exploration. Anyone deciding toparticipate shomld be sure that he or she has the time to be consistent as endurance for at least a year, or better two, is important to development. Q Pros~cective students are welcome to visit classes and observe at any time by appointment. Learning by contrast is part of the program. The methods and points of view of master artists will be discussed and seen. My background is in science and art. I have a B.A. in Zoology from Smith College, 2 years study at the Corcoran Gallery School, and 3 years study in Italy at the Accademia di BelleiArte. I have ekhibited my work in Naples, Rome, Florence, Conakry (Guinea), and Washington, D.C. My work appears in many private collections, as well as the Howard University Gallery, Corcoran Rental Gallery, and the law firm of Peabody, P~vlin, Gore, Cladc~hos and Lambert. CoumercLal ads Ln the YLllag~ I News cost $3 per month and $8 for 3 months.. Wane ‘ads cost 5~N~ per ad. “!~ A NEW POLZCY” OF THE VZLLAGE NEWS: REQLIRES PAYMENT IN ADVANCE FOR ALL WANT ADS. | QtllC  FOOD SHOP EMIL “229 – OtO0 I Lug-k, Hta%, C¢~rr~ Prm.o– al. 229-5685 DOLE ZAL ~or PLUMBII   EhT|NG ZZ9 -.5&85 Repal ~s wo..~

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