March 1968

<? ‘% : -< d) • – .- …. .~ “: .::;-.. , . b ‘ .:. . . .,. .. ,U . . • ” ; :.LSX5. …… 2.. ………. – ….. I ~ “a*’O n ~ 1968 ” : . .•• . “. . . •..’. .  ” “….•, …•. • , , ,. HELP T~ CJ i Si ” …..% ~ould you like the CJ ‘ s / .: • ‘. ‘., L %’ CITIZENS ‘ AoSOCIa~IO~.. i:~?~f!NG, i~CH .26 )?o represent.~_.great term? • ………. And %,hen .you could let it be kno~m is the possibly ~eSt.-one ar0~d? ,,” Re Qreation Cen~er, The topic of the ” : :.. ~leeting will ibe future and continued ” .el_ then Cabin J0hners, COi,E ~Li~EI ..c01mnunity programs .for. Ca.bin. John …… And please, do C(~,iE ALIVE TODAYi ” Local businesmi~en, Churchuen, and ..q-~ helping~ us ~.~ith …. the next paper drive, organization leaders ha~ all’ been invited- .,ind also you can help in another way~ …. to attend “the meeting and express their views on the future of Cabin John, .:!c,}r once a month-you then save ~opics will include: ‘ the conclnu~c. . ..I .u 2. ~n~. ~hau’s when we will collect beautification of i.iacArthur Boulevard, All The used magazines and old newspapers clean-up campaigns, zoning violations, rn ~.u ” ‘ ~h~.u .you can possibly ever get, . teen~age activities, and so on. Your …. suggestions ape badly .needed, :~. will be knocking at your door iiembers and ‘ ‘ ” “~ non-memoers of the .~ith all a.ssortments of things to sell. Ass0ciation are Urged. to attend -this go make sure you take a real good look impozt~ant meeting on “The State of Cabin 3efore you slaa~ the door and say ‘~arewell”Joh n ,. Past, .Pr.osent .and Future”, in case you haven’.t guessed by r..;~ …. The Cabin J, ohni.iajorettes ‘ “”~ • we are-~,… .-. :~Ai,f2 ADS so please do heL’~”US •raise our unifonns ….. ……’ • . And ‘ii be proud to represen~c-you near FOiq SI~E: . Girls bicycle, :24 inch, •. blue, and far! excellent condition/$20i ” 469-6522, • , ,<. For more infor~ation abo~t the:cabin .Professional. typing available – reasonable John iiaj0rettes;, please call patty Lynch ratesi 469-8586, , ,i ‘ (~AiT ADS bXLL BE PU~Li,SHED. Ti~ere is a US~UL Tr’-~EPHONE ~’ , ~’m~ ~,IUL:~,~.~o charge of 25 cents per ad per t~¢o type- ~.mitten lines, • ~Call 469-8586. In an emergency call 762-1000 for police . .- 424-3111 for fire and rescue C6i.I~;~CIAL AD rates are ~2,00 Fer month For traffic control complaints(if, you ~:,:.@@~e-..’ ” ‘” ~..~f2′:’,c~x~’one inch for three mohths. cbserve a speeder or some other vfola-” ” –:…. . tion) callHO 2-8000 … -.- :. “‘:.. …. ,-rm.., wil~’~ive ‘free THE CABIN JOHN VILLA~ z,,~,.IS For incidents involving juveniles call listlngs t6all private home owners who OL 217419L20 –21 are renting and/or selling their property in Cabin John, . – •:. ‘7 ., , On Tuesday evening, ~,iar~ch 26, the-” C~bin–~ehn..Park Citizens’ “/~ssociation ” ……. . ~.iI hold its.”monthlymeeting at the .. :: –: .., : .. PAREi!TSI DO YOU KNU.. r !~.iGT~ YOUR CHILDREN A~-~,., … J~L THE TT,.~? DON’T YOU THI}.,q( ~’fv YOU o.~ODW~D KI!Qf? :-r ”  “. ,-~ “c~-.7 ~I-,..D~G~)T..~x: 1968-1969 Clara Darton ..7~ementar~ School will have its Spring Round-up for Kindergarten Chil@ren on April 2, 1968. If you have a child~ or know of a child, who v~ll be eligible for Kindergarten ne~’~ School 7′ ,,.~.r please contact the School Office ~;~nedlately. (365-30J.4) SUBSCRIBER.::,? ~, RENE:,I NO~; We have almost completed an entire year of publication of the Cabin John Village Ne~.m. Your subscription covers ten issues (we take a stormier vacation, too) so if you ~rere one of our early supporters, please renew your subscription now in order to insure that you continue to receive the local newspaper. If you ~-muld like to receive your r, lonthly newsletter by mail for one year, please send your name a:ed ,zdcU~-es~: …. ~’~I. 00 to ~irs~ JudL4h Toth, 6611 ~,,0 ~ ~’,,,n ~-” ~ PJ~LY FOR N~ iL~E~LAi~D CONSTITUTION! Oha ;onday, April 8, at 8:15 p.m, a rally ~ll be held at the Cabin John P.ecreati0n Center to inform local citizens about the new i~ryland Consti- tution and the forthcoming election on lay 14. The rally is being sponsored by area Democratic precincts but is open to the entire public, l ir. A1 Scanlon, Montgenery County delegate to the Con- stitutional Convention, will speak. This is an excellent opportunity for you to find out what the nm; consti- tution is all about and should help to make you an informed voter on i~y 14. Coffee ~ll be served. Ti-~ ~i~.,~,., r BY-LAI.IS ~’~D CHAi,IGES INTHE Constitution were approved at the last meeting 0f ‘ the Cabin John-Park Citizens’ Issociation…. A ne¢,.z publication with the changes .should be available shortly. POTOI~C VALLEY ~IOi.~,,.~L~,~S TUOHEY’ $ RESTAUR~T 794! i~cArthur ~ivd. Cabin John, lid. m i 5-z070 • CAr Y-OUT SmV CE 7~,. FOOD & B~ GOOD AND QUICK FOOD SHOP 7607 i iacArthur Blvd. I Ieekd~ys 6:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Fresh Pastries & i~ieats DOROTHY HELEN’S BEAUTY SALON 7687 i~acArthur Blvd. …. Cabin John, i~mryland Phone: ~:I 5-0361 _ L __ Our next issue ~ill appear in iiid- April. If you have ~ news items or suggestions for the ~provement of our newspaper and/or our cozmmnity please let us know. Call Judy Toth at 469-85867 ~ i eeting: ilondiy, iirch 25, 12 noon, at the h~.le of i-its, i. F. Duke, 6105 Ridge Dr., Broohnont. ,Subject: “The Great l{~e S~rindle”, frauds, etc. that beset the housewife Call lirs. Camplair at 365-0358 or l~rs. ~Tard at 469-8316 for ira”o~mtion or rides to the meeting. ~i~GAGJa~i~ ~NOUNCED i~ss Susan Camplair, daughter of i~r. and i Zrs. Peter Csmlplair, ~ms recently engaged to marry Richard Ferrara, son of iir. and i!rs. Ferrara of Roclc~ille. The ~edding is being planned for Septem- ber. E~ck is the manager of lligh’s in Glen Echo. Susan recently ~,on second place in the state contest of the iiryland Association for Distributed Education Clubs of .%uerica (DEC 0) and may go to Huston, Texas, for the national finals. In order t0 win, Hiss Camplair, a scvior at ~alt i~i%~an LTigh Scl~ool, had to take a three hour ~a~itten test on merchandising and work up a newspaper advertising layout for a radio. P~IAP~ OFF~I~ FOR LOCAL LANDi’iARt~ In our last issue we reported that an authentic model steam engine was stolen from the front yard of P~lph Talkin~ton’s during the night of Saturday, February 3. To date there has been no news as to the whereabouts of this 45 pound stesml engine, Thereforei i ir~ Talkington is offering a reward of $100 for information leading to the return of the engine. If you have any information, please call Mr. Talkington at ~i 5-7490. The CABIN JOIH,! VILLAGE N~ fS, Vol i I!, No. 2, is the monthly newsletter of the Cabin John Park Citizens ~ Association. Chair~lan of the Information Cor,~aittee: Mr. Don Herdeck E~±tor: Hrs. Csanad Toth ilmnbers of the com~littee: i~s. Irving Bro~na i irs. Don Herdeck i~. iiorris FraS±n l~s. Non~mn Nelson i~s. ~arbara Kellogg i its. Chas. Towler T~ CABIN JO,!N VILLAGE N~S 6611 80th PLACE CAB~ JOHN, ~3. 20731

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