June 1980

“-2-.. _ 5~4i~”,;-~f,~;4~%~-‘4~£~i’~>~:(-:~-~’~4%~”~-:~-‘~;~:~4-.L-,T’.,’~ ‘:) :::’;:.”:-:,=:” -‘~’, . – ,”, –:’—-“=~::~;:::<U<-=-‘~:.’:r~_,~::.:::~”.:,~> ” ,:=~:¢-, .-.>~::t~,,’ ~’~ “?”:’.’~; – ~3 ~: ~,~”~~-~ :, :,-‘.: – .-:: …. – ….. Et E, CI t:ON S…I SSh’E-!-. ! .I : f:¢: !Lr C I.TI-Z EN S. t,:S’S ~ C:I-‘A} IO :..” .~ E~E~T:I N.C-: .:. . -“- “,’7 ..”” ,=::>•,;. J L~’C” . :.- ~” :’,.:•’:~::’~. ” . .:- c,~f:a:.:ia~.ton ,Sc~o’ol:::.:_~ :~.,: …. KINDERGARTE’t’–PRO OR CON” Should our.i~~m:d~ity suppert a k i n d e r ~ Bi’!t~~1~a ~Ya i~Q~ r~t’On.” –‘ ” Oa~~’Ca;ie. L’dCt~r;.. ‘.% ve W. i F i t …… draws ~t~u6en,~:s~,auay<-f~r,o~:Ban– , The -que.,~s;t~t’on ~zs~;not<.as.,s~mpte ‘ : To maoy~~li~r:a -‘~Bar~t;on=-,Day,. C-~re,’–,:. . it “~~e.’~:’C~ 6″-.~T£’5>:i:t .-; :i’f;.:E~,’t;” ~’o u i6 : ~: : …=. enr o ll-ment i’~’~ “d ~’~’p’ p”i n 6~.6.: …. “” ” The issue uas extensively dis- cuss.ed~ a:t,Fh,%,P, pr:i-1 u 22 CLti-_ zen’s-~S S 6″c i’a~t’i on “‘me et i n g, ‘ amd Pr-e’%:idWb,”t’;OA 1an. van-. Ernmorick e pp~:in:t?e d/~le : l,!a as! ,c,h 3;i r man -, of a ~m~:i~t.%eo.to stEJd,y;;a~ll ,-. a spe c-t:s~o f~ .~he ~qb e s.£-i’o h::~a n d ….. The comm~:~ttee~’~cqnsis-~l:ng: of Mal Haa’~i’~:<_–~t’,~d?iD~Y~:C-a.r,e Center par anto -:bhdC,tOOz-‘..~ ommuhi ty -resi- den ts, has/~:almeB~, y.o’,had.:~a • nee tlng-; ,with theL-~r/~:~c!pal of Baimockburn and–ha’s .~a l,s:o ~ ~neQ ue s,t o d-.-i n f~or ma-. t~ on F-rom,the.r:’cou~.y~-,pl’annzng m an a g e r,~ ~: ~0~ me sj-;.B 6’s t’o n:i, regard- ing the rulos~..that, wou)d apply t’o~ Opening-“a ;k”~nder.qarton at Cla~a-,Dar~on…~ ,,,,:~:, . • ,,,..<;..~:~17,,~;S._~..~ s ~: ‘:. , c,. . ;rqe .–:Ha:a’~’~;ha:~ .-:b;f::e~,-e;d::~ r,e s o l~u ‘t i o n ~,.,£~ha t~r:t”b e.c,,:E a bi d~:O b h n, : Oil t i z-. g a~-E~.~6 -‘ ~B~t.:’-: C I b f”~ ‘ >’? b r t:o n..,,, T,h e : …. .r.e S b t u t’,ilo n~- h 6s- – be.en~:/t a b 1 e d. =.an d t~lZ’ .-.. -t I a B’S 1i s-~,j/i”h d i:C’a;t,~ d.’–h e :: ,.,~ i 1:1 ‘move. ,it h a’i’::-?h i~¢, r e-s o :6tzi o n ;,r emaih tabied: dn,t:;J lit he=:e:omrni-.t~t, ee .maEes J’ts -raper C. ” ” :L-‘:: ‘;TUE-SDA:Y OU.NE: . 8.:OO,,}p.m, ” ,..< ~S THE NEWSPAPER: E’ATE,?, ~ ….. :~”-: .co~ffe~-‘and~.:d=buohnuts:~ve”d ”:- : L~te~; you”~e oniy:~hal~:f i ~ ,–V.O.T..E-;IrOR, TIIE’-,BEST,~b~o, ” ;. Since ,thi.s~7ib. tB~iEl~ cctions” issue.,, y:qd,ro’iNeos had- -.-:, I to -repo~t -on ~th’-e~’b6r:k~ of: “yo~J~ …:: C ommuni t:~ :” A s’s oci-,~:G6~?:~ ” -“:de di~c:a ~ e d!’- May sudd’eniy 6ecame 3~ne.” The” ‘ May Compunity meeting has ,sliP; .= p e d t d ~’O6~ e . I:0 t h; a’r,d :t h~i:~.~,~’i-S’ tl’8 -“tqa.y.–J”une.”is~sue Of y;d~u~J “”: Vil~ag:e: New~:! ,’.”-~ : °” ‘-.:. . . ,”‘/’: SHI3PPiNc, CE~’TER U:PDA~;E ‘ . CORRESPSNDING:$E-CmY–SUSAN ,V:OGT – TRF:’ASURERL~, (Vacant:)’ “~ ro- ‘:-:.~ Members -of t-h6:’Co6r,~uni-ty~:ASsoc-i-,.’-“~ –~-: ~ “, -~’:::~ ;.,?~~, …~.’,,~ ~>,~ ‘ ‘ . ; -~ ~ ,-. ,, Nominations ~ ~ especJ ally treasurer eleVatfonb :~f?the~MacAtt,~U~:Squ – wzl.,bo open f-tom the floor, as • . u~::..: ~.,..:.;” ..?,. ‘”. ” ” i:~ ” “. ” ” atlon have rhcently re~O.i-e.wa~ ‘-~ .i .?.:.~ are Shoppino Cen%er, slated: For ?gth S~eet and P, acArthur,-Bou-.- levard, Elevations are sca-le droC’ing3’~of ‘ the:fodr. Facades of tho shopping Cen..ter.,,The Associat;’i, on ~has >a~lso, ~Schedu~ed . e meoting.ui-th -the. :-de~£e);oper end t’ill rep”o~:t,~on..:t.he ;de.velop- erms plans at .the June 3rd.cou-. munity,-.m ,.eeting.” …. A di-scuss~i.on ;on .the ~center -:u~as. a Is o “hel d vlt h :Fir .~ ~.J9 hn~ ~rla K~t’he u,s.~ ” the <:di’~v.i.s.i.on: chief o~-~h~::Coun:ty Plennino Board,. He .advised~’.t~ha:t.. the :projec,.,:compl~i-e~d ~ ~i:th.-..~a:!:l ,,_.L: C 0 U n t y’ ar: z or3i-n g: r e qu i-re m ~9.’: t s:, Lar, d-” had been approved:.bx: t he’~couh,ty.~ on 3anuary “lOth:. 4~r:,. :Fathews: a&.so said that a re:presentative of the planning :board would .gladl~y… attend any Association-developer meetings., • :: The Associ-ation Execut,ive .Board _ is writino~.our county represen- tatives, Mr. Neal Potter :andF!s.. Elizab.e:th Scull: concernigg~ the lack of,not’ice, to .:the .community, the.. disregard of .the Cabln John Commur, i:~ H ,plag, aod tO? reti.ce~oce of the .deve,loper. to -de, a-t wi:th . the. ,CO,~!~:ur~ity. ,The- letter, wil:l., also :’sl” for the~’ cocoeration, in the,.future in p rptect~:~no:.oS ‘fr.om A~qatiVe impa~’.ts .associ.a~tle8 with theshobu£r:g ;6~.:nt:er,”such “~ as traffic, drainage,ete. .~ ~ O. ., .. “~-~ ~ , ~ ._: . :¢-. ” :-‘ ‘ ‘ : move:.t.o;:-River:RO~cJ “i-n :thb :f:u- ” has~ jus E,’.been g J:ven Aan ,ant {qu’e fire:- en.gine…The ,, 1920, S~(agr~ade s f,£rei:.truck i is ;:just, about- opera- ble. Reed,.Martin of-79th St. intends to work with Pet “Lee to_,,restor,~:the .eng(ne. Their goai”is, tO;ha~e, the .restored trucklead ,an annual Cabin •,John ~h5 t.; he op:-e “~i. G h,t l::i l< e t”O” ~d 0″-‘ …. nat&,, oid”~ieces of .fire”~q6ip-~ men-t~.~-or,.use <on the engzne,.-..;’ ~n~.::~ho:~.~~t”fi:i<~ ‘” ~0’ ‘:iP;~’p . zn.~t, ouch uz~h Reed~,or ~-Pat. The Vintage “machine ;i,s”. curr:ent:ly parked:in ~ Pat & Diane .bee~s. dr lye ua y, ” at ,-t he : ~f o o’t 0 f-::-7 9t h St..Stroll hy and have a look, THE VILLAGE NEWS ,q 3&z~ Year ,qld School undraiser A Huc3e Success ~lh~n all the receipt~ are in, this year~s Spring Fundraiser for the Cabin John 3&4 Year Old School is expected to earn over ~&,OOO, e×ceedin~ all ex- pectations and almost dOL!b!Sr,, 9 last year’s *ecnrd. Every activity in the event– DID YOU WIN? THE CHILDREN’S COMM!TT HELPEO TOO Following are the winning bidd- OD!you notice the booth at the ors from the 3/~ Year Old School’s3~ ~ Year Old School fundraiser silent auction: rummage sale, silent auction, anie Stouffer food table, bakery sale, ~nd tho Renee Fischman’s GOURMET PIg~;C Children’s Committee booth– –Annette Davis were outstanding successes. The the Keefes’ and Morgans’ LATI~C silent auction alone brought in AMERICAN DINNER–Nick Glakas almost ~900. (See the lis oF Tom Manion’s ARCHITECTURAL winners elsewhere in this issue.) CONSU’TATION–John & Susan G~Ib The success of the fundraisur will allow the school to purch- ase badly needed new equi~ment for the program as well as to complete needed repairs to the classroom. We may also be able to raise the salaries of the teachers, who have been undcr~ paid for years. Paulo Petroviteh’s PLANE RIDE– Carey Stouffer Reid Martin’s ANTIQUE AUTO RIDE –Fran Patch Reid Martin’s BANJO ~USlC– George Gingham John Kinscott’s HOT lUB–Steph- Jack Lucas’ HANDYMAN RERVICES– Judy Skiiman Nine de Guzman’s ELECTRICAL SERVICES–Buzzy Burke Charlie Bookman’s PLUMBING OR ELECTRICAL–Marie Le Clere Carey Stouffer’s LANDSCAPE CONSULTATION–Fran Patch Pat Les’s SNOW JOB–Dottie Welsh Enormous applause is due to th’- Peter Vogt’s PlX–Joan Adler ose special people in Cabin John Mary Morgal’s CAKE–Nancy Smith who-.-t.Jhen a huge hunk of’ work Gladys Richter’s LANGUAGE LES- need.~ to be done–stEp forward SONS–Annie McDonald to do it. To make the 3&t: Year Sigrid Hasny’s FRENCH LESSONS– Old School’s Spring Sa!m. happen Cappie Morgan and Katy Glakas on May 3rd, boxes nP.eded to be Rita Burke’s BABYSITTING– lucged , clothes sorted, signs Leslie ~arden hung, cakes baked and odd items Stephanie Stouffer’s HOUSE- it. r put Jn ord~.~r. Furthermore, people CLEANIh~,–.,. Barban from this con.lmunity who have :,o Cathy Nelson’s CHILD’S POR- formal connection to our pro-, TRAIT—ti.Iy Liang school program sho,.ed up to help. Judy Duffield’s BIRTHDAY CAKE –Dov Fischman Merri van Emerick’s I{ANDt~OVEN WALL HANGING–Annette Davis Judy Kogod’s CERAMIC POT– Pat Duff ANTIUE SEWING MACHINE–Joan James George Binoham’s ANTIt~LIE TELE- PHONE–Georgina Liu Betsy Cheney’s MOBILE–Dottie Welsh Don Liano’s FISHIHG TRiP– Teddy Skillman,Dov Fischman, Jonathan Le Clare Clarence Stinson’s S~NDBOX SAND–Richard Skillman Little Falls SHOE REPAIR– Judy Skillman Shy~outique’s LINGERIE–Judy Skillman Spiro’s HAIRCUT–Dottie Welsh Westwood Barber’s HAIRCUT– Joel Fiochman VinBent & Vinceot’s SHAMPOO AND 5ET–G!oria Sabatini Judy Luintiere’s EXERCISE CLASS–Cheryl Short, Renee Fischman, Stephanie Stouffer Kramer Cooks’ GIFT CERTIFICATE –Dov Fischman Aurelio & Antonio’s SHAMPOO AND SET–Annette Davis The Cabin John Gardens Associ- ation allowed us to work out of its community center for months. Beautiful balloon signs were painted for us by Merry van Em- maril<. Mary Sodano and her fam- ily worked for days on end to help bring order to much of the rummage. Scouts from both Cabin John and Bannockburn hauled hun- dreds of boxes to the school and then set up the entire book so’~- tion of the sale. Pat Duff showed up on Saturday with her Calcu)ator in hand to work as she has for many years now as a cashier. Linda Wichmann got up out of a sick bed to do the same. Nancy Fisher helped for hours every day that last week. Frank McKinney brought us tables to use from the Gibson 5rove Church and then, in spite of the fact that a relative was getting married st the ~ time of the sale, h~ went ho,e and baked ginger- bread for our bakery table. that was manned by the Children’s Committee for Cabin John? The CCCJ created itself in February as several community children watched their parents prepars for the fundraiser. Tired of be- ing rummage sale orphans each Spring, they decided to create their own contributions to the fundraiser. Handicraft items were made, cookies baked, a qame devised, and signs made. And, by the end of the day, these children had made £46 for the 3~4 Year Old School! Very, very special thanks to Martha Patch (known on the big day as the “pocket lady”), Mary Ann and Ginny Haas, Amy Earp, Jennifer Burke, Mia Keefe and Alisha Morgan. NURSERY SCHOOL ENROLI24ENT The Bannockburn Cooperative ~ Nursery School, now in its 30th year, is seeking applicants for fall enrollment. The school offers a 3-day program for 2 and 1/2 to 3 year olds and 5-day programs for 3 and 4 year olds. There is an extended day program until 2 p.m. which meets according to parent demand. For further info. and applications, call l~ran Lowry 365-3665 or Ethelyn Owen 365-2093. NEIdS FROM T~IE FOUNTAIN OF LIFE! Mark June 7ti-, on your calendars for th.e Fountain of Life Coffee House’s “Big Fun in the Sun” youth picnic–rain or shine. Since the picnic is a special event, it is by invitation only. Call Steve r.iacGregor, 229-505~ before that date to receive your invitation. Also, please keep in mind that there will be no Fountain of Life meeting on .June 21st. One Hour Cleaners’ DRY CLEAN- INg–Anne tte Davis Farrell’s HOT FUDC, E SUNDAES– Dov, JosJ, &Sam Fischman Stephanie Stouffer’s FARM TOUR– Kathy Sreedhar, t<arie Le Cler~ Rita .m.urLe’s EGG ROLL WORKSHOP –Kathy 51eedhar, R~nr:e Fischman Nick Glakas’ UILL WRITIMC ~N- STRUCTIS’S—Pat Lee, Bill Keefe, Joel Fischman, Ann r.uir, Pat Kenny THE VILLAGE NEWS r PA~TRIES*MEATS’CARRY-OUT! GROCERIES’BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm AROUND THE SEVEN LOCKS your humble ~ditor is the proud mother of a fine new baby boy, Zachary, on May 5th. also in early May, Steve Shulman and Pat Freiberg gave birth to a fine baby girl, Laurie. Peter and Millina Bert, of 75th street are hosting Peter’s parents, from Czecho- slovakia, for the next few months. Have an item of interest about Cabin Johns or Janes? Send it in to the Village Ne~s! CORRECTION A story in our last issue inti- mated that Elizabeth Scull, our county ~epresenhative, had not been helpful in p~ovidinu infe– rmation about the now shoppin? center slated or the 79th street area. Ns. Scull ~,as never even contacted in regard to the ~hoppin~ center. She has always been helpful to o~,r community 3i. the past, and conti~:~es to be interested in our welfare. AN APPRECIATION As has been time case for the past several years, the success of the fundraisar for the 3&4 year old school has been dub to the generosity of e large num- ber of our friends in Cabin 3ohq. We expected that the ~ar- ents Of the young st6dents in the school would give of their time and their efforts to insure the financial integrity of the program and they shouldered that responsibility willingly and without complaint. What was not expected, and therefore cher- ished all the more, is the tremendous he-lp we get from those selfless and devoted friends in the community who volunteer year after year for no other reason than they third< it is the right thing to do. These people have been rightly sinsled out in the article that appears elsewhere on this page. Cabin John is the pleasant place it is because of them. ~;f all thos~ who worked hard and sacrificed, there were two who provided the motiva£ion and to- tal commitment that stimulated the rest of us. Katy Glakas, as Chairperson of the rummage sale, had what was probably the most difficult job, but carried i~ through with such aplomb that one would third< she had been doing it ell her life. She provided the atmosphere that made it difficult for the rest ofus to say no. And Cappio Mor- gan, with her enerNy, dedica- tion end uncanny ahility to stay on too of every detail, provided the structure that brousht meaning (as well as valuable corporate memory) to the ant.ire endeavor. ~!lth- out these two magnificent people, the fundraisor would not have been possible. –Joel Fischman EAT WELL AT CHURCI!! Mark your calenders for some of the best home cooking that Cabin John has to offer. 3L, ne 14 and July 12, the Church of AME Zion will sponsor a barb~- cue, from 1″I a.n. on, rair, or shine. Ribs, chicken, pig feet, chitlins, and tug vegctal~les, all for ~3.50. Can’t be beat. 7he event’s a fund raiser for the churc:~’s youth end young adult club. C~ll Mrs. Stewart for details, 299-~2209. I~TTO0 YOUR DOS Recently an unusually large number of Cabin John dogs have been reported lost. What can be done about it? Dr. David loller, our neighbor- hood veterinarian, suggests that dog owners contact the Montgomery County SPCA about their tattoo clinic. Even tho- ugh Dr. Zoiler provides tattoo services, he recommends ~hat pet owners u~the County s~r- vice because the SPCA also reci- sters the dog, maki~9 identifit cation easier. The Montgomery County Tattoo Clinic can be reached at Box 471, Rockville, Md., 20850, telephone 927-1500. CRAB FEAST — ALREADY? Yes, folks, it’s time to start thinking about organizingthe Crab Feast. If you would like to help out this year, call Tony Guida 229-0507. Ii-lp~ ~ ~hS.~h~.~ ~:)L. ~-~ OUR ~N STRAUDERRY FESTIVAl.! June 7th is the big day at the Church of the Redeeemer,next to the Glen Echo Shopping Center.- From Noon to 6 p.m. they will sponsor a strawberry festival and country f~ir. There will be strawbemry shortcake booths, errs and crafts, a boutique, and clog dancin~ exhibitions with live music. Come and bring your friend~ for a fun-filled day. DIRECTORY TO BE UPDATED The time has come to update the Cabin John Telephone Directory. Many new folks have moved into the community while many others have moved away. Also, the general information sections need revision. President Van Emerik is now organizing a committee to take care of this task. If you cam help out, call Allen at 229-8936. TIlE VILLAGE NI-WS 4 ! CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIEDS cost 50¢ a line. Items for the next issue must be in before May 9th. Mall to P.O. Box 164, Cabin John, MD. 20731 or call 229-6265. AITERATION5 in my home. F;en’s, womer’s, children’s clothing. Willshorten draperies. Theresa, 229-1404. CHIt D CAR in my home. Exper– ienced teacher available to keep children during the sum- mer. Part or full time. Call 229-7236. CABIN JOHN KIDS NEEDED FREE advertising is available to any and all kids in Cabin John who have a Job they can do for their neighbors to make some money for themselves. If you want to place an ad, send your phone number, price, Job and age to Box 164, Cabin John, 20731. HIRE-A-TEEN 14-year old Fusie Bart offers mothers one or two free mornings a we~k. She is holding a summer workshop for five children. Activities will be planned. Ages 2-7. Call her at 320-3284 for more information and to reserve space! BARTER CCRNER Stev~ Magnuson–229-8023~-is s freelance artist, designer, illustrator, and graphics person with experience in book product- ion, advertising, signs, loges, etc. He is interested in trading his services for other skills that may ba available in the community. Con%act him if you are interested. Better yet, why not let the Village News know what skills you have to offer and ere willing to exchange? Drop a lln8 to the Editor, P.O. Box 184, Cabin John.  ILLAGE :n:EWS George Boutin works on Caeitol Hill from 9-5:30 (approx.’). He’d like to find a regular ride from McArthur & Seven Locks to anywh- ere downtown with metro access. Call him at 225-1901 (office) or 229-3589 (home). EDITOR – Betsy Cheney (229-6265) MAILING – Judy Green BUSINESS/SUBSCRIPTIONS – Susan Gelb ~eee~eeeeeeeeeeee~eeeeeeeoeeeeeeee The VILLAGE NEWS is published monthly in Cabin John, Maryland. Subscriptions areS4.00 per year for non-residents and free to Cabin John residents. Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions, letters and subscriptions/with payment} to.” The Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS Post Offwe Box 16 4 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 CLARK & SON .A.J~ “I=3L~U(~J~ I~gq~ ornovlnK Save Gas! Make a friendi Droo a line to “Pool it”, C/O The Vi!lagn Kews. Lie’ll run your notice at no cost. ohauling oyard work ~-easonable. 229-7311 Village News P.O.Box 164 Cabin Dohn, Maryland 20731

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