June 1975

/. VOIkIV~ 8, NUIVIBER 9 SERVING THE PEOPLE OF ~ JOHN AND BEY(~D JUNE 1975 \ TOWN MEET UNE 1 L ‘ Kathy Feild The Citizens Association meeting began* ceremoniously on May 27 as Ed Winslow relinquished the Presidential chair to newly elected President Andrew Rice. After describing the numerous financial transactions of 1974-75, Andy Rice returned to his seat. Minutes later, he was called forth to acknowledge his nomination for president, and then, following a majority show of hands. he assumed the responsibilities of office. Officers include Frank McKinney, Vice-presi- dent; Robert Hook, Second Vice-pre~ident/ John Yokolovich, Recording Secretary; Janet Dence, Corresponding Secretary; and Beverly Sullivan, Treasurer ‘ None of the newly filled positions were challenged except that of corresponding secretary. Incumbent Janet Dence defeated Kathy Feild by a vote of 18 to 14. Mr. Rice’s theme for the year is ‘to make Cabin John a happier place to live in.’ To do • that, Rice indicated that the size and par- ticipatiofi of the Citizens •Association must. increase to meet and equal the demands of the issues at hand. Tt/c Union Arch Bridge is now open to pedestrians and bikers. The Cabin John Parkway beneath is open to traffic now that the ~andstone wall has been removed by the Army Corps of Engineers. To date, the fi- • nancing of the bridge’s repair is an unsavory bill that th e county has been•reluctant to foot. Local participation via petitioning the county council.to appropriate Mont gomery County taxes towards revamping bridge would expedite the decision to begin. Inan effort to reduce the length of time speculated for reconstructiontogether with uncovering exact costs of materials and labor involved, the Citizens Association authorized Andy Rice to organize a meeting of all authorities whose responsibilities include the bridge’s repair. Susan Vogt announced that plans for the Seven’Locks Road Park haven’t been fina- lized..However, according to Han Hanses of the County Engineering and Design Division, the 6 acre park will include tennis courts, double basketball courts, an educa- tional playground with wooden swings and benches, a grass play area, picnic tables, grills, and a rain shelter: al! totalling approxi mately $120,000. No sewage facility is per- mitte d . New first vice-president Frank McKinney announced that plans to widen Seven Locks Road indicate a completion date of 1980, despite Cabin John’s repeated efforts to enlighten county executives as to the vital need of an accident proof avenue which will eliminate collisions .occurring daily~ not because of irresponsible driving, but be- cause of inexcusable geography. Mr. Henten, Assistant to the Director of Trans- portation, conceded that the transportation study for the road is subject to review by the county council every year. In light of higher traffic Count on the road since the closing of the Union Arch Bridge, that portion ofthe/oad between MacArthur and Green Twig Road may receive a higher pri- ority in the coming year. The improved road, when completed, will include a .bike trail and an additional 6 feet per lane. Construction h’as begun on the Robin- son Tract across from Caraway st/eet, and adjacent to Persimmon.Tree Road. Accor- cling to Berger and Berman, the 9.6 prospeo five homes will be valued at $1″50,000 each. The Washington Sanitary Commission is- sued a sewer permit to Berger and Berman for the additional sewer kapaciw. Ed Winslow reported that Leon W. SIaL L COlJill|let On IWXI ):)gt” THE VILLAG: NEWS .’. . .. ………. . ………. : …………. …, 2. I cot~t~nued fro m pag~l . ford, Director oFSchool ServiCes, gave the Clara Barton Task Forceroorrt to moy.¢ on how best to utilize the school property. Meanwhile, the Bicentennial Committee expects tO begin activities this fall. Calvin Kytie, Chairman, said that a meeting will be held on June 24 and is open to all who wish to cont3″ib-ute ide-as_-Funds ~e avai -~ ‘ lable for those communities who can show that their particular locality is historically “°’;i significant. / ; ,:~.~ : .~ :: Finally, tli e Cabin John Crab Feast ,wi!l~,:. take place on ~uly 26 from 5pro until :Spm at 21 CarverRoad. Tickets Will be;av~ibie for purchase by July i. Prices to be/~nouii: – ced. ” ‘ ‘ ” ” ‘: .. ‘ :~’~:’::~!:’::’ In conclusion,,~the downzoning cont/over ‘-‘ sy will be set0ed’bfi. Tue~y.;juri~’,l’7: at a : Town Meeting~,i~,..Th.e~z6~g:,ct~.,e:’,wil_l be’:’-. . studied and th~i~pokti6wOf :tlaei:Gomrhumty ~-: plan zon ‘g be reev~lua/ed:~und possibly amended, after :a ‘ thorough pOlicy-study by ,tfic:cot~m~ty is completed andlvoted u~on…. ,. NEWCOMERS Copies of the CABIN:.JOHNCOMMUNI.TY:’ PLAN and the.CAl3bl:JOHN COMMUNITY-‘ DIRECTORY!:~:b~ ‘ Obi~n~edb~ calling: CappieMo~ 320~3269..”:.” . . ~.~:’.~..=-.. :~;,: The VILLJ4GE NEWS is publishedmontMy in Cabin John, Maryland. Subscriptions are $3.00 per year for non-residents and free to’Cabin Joh n residents.. Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions, letters and subscriptions (with payment) to: The Editor THE VILLA GE NEWS Post Off~eBox 184 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 i ii |1 I I II I ….  Our thanks to Concord Schooi for | their assistance in the production I of THE VILLA GE NEWS’  Deadline for the July issue of THE VILLAGE NEWS-is June 30. ……… ,…o • Slaeily-Keiler; Editor ‘ ” :: Steve Maguuson, Art Director Susan Gash, Advertising Coordinator ‘ Beverly Sullivan, Circulation ‘. Kathy’ Feild,Kevin Flynn, Suzanne Gordon, Diane Kellogg, Susan Luchs, RicbPottcrn. Karen Sender, Staff. SE~IIOR (~I’IZENS ~ Are-~,ou interested’in” a:progr~ that ‘/’: . Wohld offer a’h0t Ki~cheon ands~ializing . five days a week at Clara Barton School Building? ! f you are interested (and we need a list ofparticipants before we can get the program), please call Diane Kellogg, at 229-8163 in the evenings. The,£ollowing-is–taken from a letter ~ fromi:Lari(~rhorson, Depu W Coordinator~ <Vo!unieei~at:the Office of Human Re- ‘”-‘ ” • s0m~ces!in~Montgomery County. It dis- :’: ~’Cusse;~ possibilities for a senior citizen .,n~tion ~i~r~g~am ,whicl~ should, be .con-” :., :I”:~,: Apl~|~tc):~ea Ag~ncy:0n Aging ‘ for:cons~deraUon~of Clara Barton School : as ~i~i~s~eni6r;~tizen~,Nu/rition Center under Tifle.V!l~i.0f th¢~.Older Americans Act grant pr0~am as fun .d~”bec6me available. .::~” ” pro~ is on~a five day a week l~asis ..wi’tll ho.0n:me~’,that provide: two-.thirds of f~derally:id~te~ed nutriti0nal needs of “elderly pers0ns; :%: ~- ,ii. ~ .- ” ~:.~ Reservations must be:made !in”aduance, butthoSe~participatin’g need ‘not Come all … five days. They may choose anywhere ~m two tofive days in anygiven weeL ~ -DonatiOhs:of twenty:five cents per me~..” will be accepted. ” . …. ” ” Anyone who is 60 or oider may partial- pate. Spouse~ may be-inchided, even if the Spous e ~ younger than 60. There is no re- striction on income. .A:site~manager isjncluded. The site man~ • ger’~:responsibility Would include taking re~ servations, developing the financial structure keepingrecords and being the coordinator fox the total program ….. The meals, if Clara Barton School were used, would be brought in from the nearest school. One of the components of this program is a social hour either before or after the meal. This can take many forms: music, singalongs, documentary films, talks, etc. 2. Another option is for a group or groups – the Citizens A~sociation or churches* in the area – to sponsor ancl provide the food for such a progr~’n. Area Agency on Aging could.help in developing it and costing !t out. 3. A third possibility would again imply community sponsorship but would contract with the schools for preparation and delivery of food. The current cost is 85 cents per person per meal – the Same rate teachers pay. The community groups would have to underwrite administrative costs. Again, Area Agency on Aging will be g!ad to give advice. If Cabin John Citizens Association is • interested in pursuing a program, the Office of Human Resources will be glad to help further. Cabin John is part of Census Tract 58 and according to what I can guesstimate, has about 290 who are 60 years old or over. I ………………………… . LAWN MAINTENANCE & CARE Call Scott Kinsiow 229-5720 ;. :;a , AND <~_EONGTHEiC~ C~~.. . sights ~d Sounds 0f ~ture along the C&O Canal and Potomac River with .Volunteers BettY Henson and Helen Johnston~ A field guide, sturdy shoes and binocularswill be helpful. ,This 2 hour walk begins at 10 am at Lock 19, one lock south of the C&O Canal Tavern Museum. For information call 299-3613. On the sameday, view the crescent moon anddeep sky o_bjects through tele- scopes provided by/h~Na’ti0nal Capital ” Astxon0mers. Meet at 9 pm nearpicnic grove number i6 at Military and Glover • Roads i n Rock Creek Park for this out- door program~ Call 426-6829 for infor- mation. .• ” .-OffSunday, June i6, Join Walt Goetz, mining, engineer and auth0rof a book on gold.mining, at Great Falls as he guides y’ofi around the earthworks and struc- tures of the mining Operation of 1862- 1939. Meet at 2 pm at the flag pole in the traffic circle of the entrance to Great Falls Park. Hiking boots or high top’ shoes are recommended. For more information call .299-3613′. On Saturday:i June 21, using slides of original watercolor drawings from her book, Ms. Barbara Winslow takes you and your family on a child’s trip on a packet boat in the 18.70’s. Meet at 2 pm in the Parlor Room at the Tavern Museum for Saraantha Goes to Washington. On Saturday,June 28, Mr. William Davies from the U.S. Geological Service will lead a hike in the Point of Rocks area. Mr. Davies will talk about old and young rocks of this section along the Potomac. ‘Meet at Point of Rocks at 1 pm. The pro- gram will last about 4 hours. Bring good walking shoes or boots, camera and bino- culars. For information call 301-432- 6330. On the same day, join Mary K. Winslow for a program of little known facts of early canal life portrayed through slides of women and their contribution as work- ” ing canallers. Meet at 2 pm at the Parlor Room of the Tavern Museum. Also on the28th,,a brief history of lockhouses along the canal will be given by Jack Spinuler. _Jo~Jack as he. .discusses some of the details on the construction of houses as well as some information on the family life of the locktenders and what the Iockhouses meant to the canal barge captains. Meet at Four Locks at 1:30 pm. THE VILLAGE NEWS 3. .- .. , . . Dear Editor, AS of yet, no clear-cut understanding of the downzoning issue has seeped into the consciousness of the community, I, myself, am not sure that I implicitly under- stand the possible far-reaching ramifications that the upcoming referendum onTuesday may have for Cabin John. It appears tome, however, that a YEs vote on downzoning would mean that the Quick Food Shop, the Artisans Gallery, and Dr. Antic’s Alpine VeterinaryHospital would eventually cease to exist as commer- cial properties (even after considerable in- vestment on the part of the owners) in or- der to make way for a proposed concrete and steel shopping center a la Glen Echo or Spring Valley to be situated on the Touhey Tract next to the firehouse. I, for one, hope that Cabin John will never be afflicted with such a grotesque 20th century suburban eyesore as, I am Sure, do most of my fellow townspeople. Besides, how does anyone expect Messrs. Wilner, Weisner or Antic to trade $1 or $2 per square foot properties which are perfectly adequate for their needs, for commercial property that couldn’t cost less than $5 per square foot ? And who would the occupants of such a shopping center be? Some food cartel, or other non-local chain establish- ments coming to suck the change out of the pockets O f the townsfolk? How about parking? Are we now to expect a vast ex- pause of new asphalt to accomodate the additional cars from God knows where? I like Cabin John the way it is. Every rationale that I have heard favoring the • preservation of ‘small town commerce’ in Cabin John makes sense to me. The Citizens Association and the residents may indeed have the power On Tuesday to run Weisner, Wilner and Antic right out of business or, at least, effect cata- clysmic changes for thet~but it seems to me that it just plain isn’t fair! Let’s work on the problems we’ve got instead of creating new ones. Let’s keep Cabin John the unique and beautiful place it is and let’s not raunch it up with parking lots and shopping centers. Vote NO to downzoning. Please and thank you. Steve Magnuson A LETTER TO CO WtY P/ Several people, both new to the com- munity and long-term residents, have asked for a review of the planning pro- cess and thinking behind the Cabin John Community Plan. As a member of the Land Use committee during the for- mulation of the Plan and as one of its ~four e diiors, i~thought my description~ o-~f ” the process might be helpful. In 1970 the Bethesda Chevy-Chase Master Plan was adopted by the County • Council. This is an ‘idea’ plan, and its companion is the Montgomery County Zoning Map which lists the zoning of every piece of property in the county. Zoning changes to that map are made to agree with the Master Plan’s concept. Several references are made to Cabin John in the BCC Master Plan, and these are listed in the Cabin John Community Plan beginning on page 134. One section reads: ‘On isolated commercial properties in Brookmont, Glen Echo, and Cabin John, most of which represent dwellings con- vened to commercial use, the zoning should be changed to singie-family residew tial. This would prevent redevelopment in commercial use incompatible with the character of the area.’ In 1970 work was begun on the Cabin John Community Plan~ The planning group was made up of community mem- bers according to their interest. No or- ganized group carried special weight in making decisions. The Citizens Associa- tion meetings were used to publicize, on a regular monthly basis, the step-by-step progress of the Plan. In addition, pre- sentati0.ns were made at the Crab Feast, Christmas Party, Health Day, Swim Party and Square Dance – all town-sponsored functions – to publicize and receive input on the plan. Every month articles on • various aspects of the Plan were aired, along with notification that all the com- mittees were open to new members. By late 1972, the Land Use Commit- tee heard about the amendment to the zoning map which the Potomac Valley League (a group of citizen associations along the Potomac River) was about to present. This was an amendment to change the zoning of all isolated commercial properties from the District Line to Great Falls, as was Suggested in the Master Plan quoted above. Thisamendment would have eliminated all commercial zoning in Cabin John. The Land Use Committee asked the Montgomery County Planning Board to wait until Cabin John had a c.hance to vote on its own Plan, and until the community could pre~nt that. plan to the Bo _ard, b e- fore sending the Potomac Valley League Proposal to the Count 3, Council for a vote. They agreed. While the fLrst drafts of the Cabin John Plan were being printed, members of the planning group made presentations to every group in town including the Gardens Association, the Fire Department, the Homemakers, the P T A:, and others. Copies of the Plan were distributed door-to’door and a Town Meeting was called. The Plan was read section by section,discnssion was held, amendments were made, and votes taken on each section. The amended first draft was sent back for printing as a final copy. In June of 1973, the final plan was pre- sented to the Planning Board with special emphasis on the parts which related to the Potomac Valley Leagu e amendment.• The suggestions of the Cabin John Plan were adopted both by the Planning Board and ultimately by the County Council. So much for the process; the thinking behind the Cabin John Community Plan was infiuencedby the people in the com- mtmity who cared enough to comment. Remarks:written on the town questionnaire .~., were published in the VILLAGE NEWS and considered. Constant changing was done ac- cording to suggestions and comments made at meetings and gatherings during the three ~ years of planning in Cabin John. The rationale which developed is this: some controlledcommercial property is needed in Cabin John. As the pressure to build houses in and around Cabin John in- creases, and with our substantial numbers of senior citizens andone-car families, a small cluster of commercial establishments on one tract of land is a sensible solution to future needs. It was understood that the sewer permit situation and the unim- proved nature Of Seven Locks Road make development ofthe Touhey tract a thing of the future. Having isolated commercial establishmentsin Cabin Jobn, able to serve the community as long as they are viable, meets our present commercial needs. This explanation represents a process and thinking which existed two years ago. Prior- ities change. The Cabin John Plan must be able to accept change too. The controversy over downzoning is positive in that it has brought in fresh viewpoints and different • people willing to work for change. However, much that is emotional and untrue has also been said. I urge that when you vote at the TO wn Meeting on June ! 7, you.base your vote on facts rather than emotion. We all can live with a decision made that way. Susan Vogt TIIE VILLAGE NEWS , *:,:,’.~,::>~* ” ).,:~.~< .’~’~ ) …. “: ~:: . ;:~.,Q .n: ~sday, June 17th; ~t: ,8. :00~”M,:”~r.e”~:’De a’ town meeting to i ‘: (~. , .deci’de,~0nc’e and.: for :all, the~futt~e, of :c0n~merce inCabin John. No single ” , – ~,;.. :,.~deC~sibn, will.~affect the ch~ac~r0f.0.Urcommuhity more than this one will. fl …. ? ::”°:: ” ~:iSsfie~”<asi~as’°riginaiY presented~.tothe.town,in the CABIN . ( ‘: ~ ,”. – ::~JOHN:C0~iMUNITYPLAN was so misleading and vague that its implications :” i: :;~ :-.:.:.~:”~o~yno”~5eing understood bythe community as a Whole. . . ( ~ ” ” ” : .” :* Much:’has.been said on”b(~th Sides; butwe the .. ” ‘ :. , . tie.~.haVe suffer-ed a drastic’ de~aluation;th’ey.are r . v . . . . , ~j.~x..~x_ ‘ i (  ,  ‘i’:. n0w.virtualIy:unsalable as placesbflJ~tsinSss. If , ” “” .-, …… .:. our.properties are severely damaged, they may (~ …… .not be repaired and must be.closed. ,The.result ‘ .– ‘ : .is:that-westand~to lose all-the money wehave ” ” (t ” ….. ;” spent.0ver the years to improve our properties ‘=i~ – .” ‘ -:? ‘ as places bfbusiness, as well as-,’ottr livelihood:- .(~ …. ‘: .Wecann0tbelievethatourneighb0rsever. ‘ *: ‘ ~ . . intendedi~i~s tohappen. “if you wan~:to sav”e:o .ur ( …. – , …. “Sm~i-to.,wnc0n~merce as it has always e~d e,ver ,. , ,- ” ,, *~ • since>there was a Cabin John – YOU HAVE,ONE .-~:. ” LAST CHANCE! …. “‘~ ( At-the-townmeeting, vote to restore the commercial-status and-halt the :~ downzoning:.,pr0cess as it effects all the properties in-Cabin John. IT’S.UP $ ) TO YOU NOW! : ( ….. …. ) ( ) I..L advertisement :~;’~” TIIEVILLAGENEwS. ……….. . – ” – ” ” . .., :~’~,:i~4i,:,.:!”~).~:”( ~::~LT.SY:~! ” “‘– ‘ “=- ,’• —‘:~ ‘~:•'” – “: ,y~’~’-~’~ ‘ t ~’:<“~’=” 2-~’.’,’:: ,-~- -‘~”~-~,” –, ‘>/~:;;-,’~”-‘::~+~ :,”~,’:.’~,~;~-~,:’~”~.,”¢,.-~’2~t;’:~*~.”z~”~U”-~-~,<–.~,~ “~:.’~’-~ *~;~ …… 7’~- ~ FROv~THEsK’Y~ • _ :: 😕 i~;~:~~fi,~:: ii: ” IJ . –~”~” – :,? :~-‘~Z: “~’,~’: “:~. ~ , ‘ ….. ” – – : .., ~:The~Glen:.~Echo~Park Gallery has opened . -in’the=Park’s:Ballroom f0r,,the.summersea’- ‘.: : .~; Son through~September . 14th~:::-The~Gallery ” ‘ .~ hours are: ::Saturdays; noon/.til.~6pm.and ~” Sundays, noon til 8pm. The Gallery..was .~ :’~ crcated’expf~sslyffor, th&ex!d,’lSitioniand : ‘ sale of worksbyitife~profegsi0iiM!~axtists ….. L an# craftspersons ¢onnected:~.with the~Park s.: . “Cfeative:EducafidhProgram;and~:itiis n’ow ,~.: ~ in its fourth Summer seas0n.,~iiii~’,h0used,, :,in. a 64-year-old Spanish style:buiJding :;~. steeped in memories,of the Park;~g~aud e- , :-::wille-an~nseme_ntpark era. Walls of:whii~ stucco and’hugewraught:tron’gates.lend~-. -.thcmselves:effectavely to the dtspl~a~.:of.’.~- . . .stoneware, grai~hi~s, weaving, paintings; …. ,~d,0t:h~arts~-~d~¢t~ts.~ .r~ught in’,G!en ~,~:h d p~ixkclass~ ~,ear’Zrq~mfid.’, . ~.: ~ The,~Creative E ducatioii”Programoat , • G|d=A” Etfi~6 ~Park~isp0nsore~l by, :the Na- tional Park ge~ce) ag~ai~,offer~”~/x full sessiori” 0fpr0fessionaUy taugl~’i ~summer classes. The summer session runs from ;Jun’e~pth :through Augu~st 30th and is one Of four sessions sponsored throughout the~year at thePark. There are day arid-\:- evenin_ gclasses foradults and children, in: Auiomotive mechanics, ceramic6 dance, : design, drama, frog, ~ap~cs, human developmeti~ ~ (ific|~~g EdiBle Plants, -.– The Potomac Valley, WritingWorkshop, . Yoga” andCreative’Di~arnaand Human Development ); tree t,31..:.~ ,~music~ ( g~’t~. ” • and cfi0ral sm~ g), p~g,lp’hdtography, sculpture, textiles:and~woodworking:~ There is also an Interr/atio.nal~Chi!dren’s Arts: Day,Camp.. ,E Or ~abfochure.lisfing all summerdasses andspecial events,.ca11 the Park-at 229-3031 or 229-3009. ‘= • Since .1972, the P~trk, has’s~iomored. over i 50 :~tiSts,. qr~ftspersons,: trades, persons and.other:educators~.whff :work, teach and..~em0ns…trate .’m a:va.fifty 9 f media.. Many of these people helped. • design-and build,their~studios and class iareas fromthcParlt’s.conve’~ted amusement parkbulldings. ‘”?.ki~.;~ %..: ~. Dui’ing the:P~k:’.h”Bns~.:~ummer season, _ instructors Conduct public demonstrations and~~e.~Gleh .Echo Gallefy is=’~lY~f their . . . …, ;- ., • . P~ iSflthepi;6.grhx~/~ fori’the:Vfirk each I i Sunday this summer is a` series of folk and • bluegrass concerts -from . 6-8-pm,. ~.June :< 15 it~.~ Richard Reiter~d Fusion;~on ~-june22, Tom ingmo;’on junC291’B6b ~ Brown and.,Aleta.Green’e,~Ofl ~ul~;(6,.it’s -. :i” Dialogue and.on July 13, None of the . .. ~Above. : Now that it’s Sufiimdr i/nd~d0~ a/e ::”- open to the-soundS’0f thd:s’eas&i,” t~hd-D6: ‘: ” paxtmenf :of Eii~ir6nm6fitar Qu~li~ is:being D. bombarddd.~iith. 66~ainfs.: df lthe.:fibise. .t ‘and interferehce, ffdm aLir:t~fieOver Cabin :~ Meeting Time: Wednesday , jufie 18, 7i30pm. If y6U+ are:0Ver 6 :,yearsJofa,~?imd~pi~m~tb,-/: attend!th6ffe d~C 6mm~t~,,~.~w~'(:Edld :e~dtg/;:/ – -june :24 through, the sum~mer.Grif ~ou~ia~-~7 Glara~Barton Buildiffg.’ The’Cabi//J6hn Four Year Old Program, the offices:0f~fl~e Title One Federal Program for our.scb0ol:~stem, storage-for the Bethesda Boys Club and Sever- a ! classes. ~)bN.. Montgomery County”1~i~lic Adultl~ducauon ” , ‘ . – . – Day Care at Clara Barton School B~il¢l- ‘ ing will haye .to wait<f6~tl~e SchoolBoard of M0ntgomery~ C0uii’tyl~blic Schools and the Community.Coordinated ‘~d care<Council tO agree onl the rental.pe~ r00~i~,.+And then the proc~Si can.begin, to,roll. ” ~7. Tile Poii Office relocation is S~lJ:.due to be in .Clara Barton Buii’~g’b~t the bureau-,,_. cracy !mnst travel down,its miles of red tape., The S~pe “rintendent of Schools:sigi~ed the …… lease iii April*. ” Sti~.~xo nig~tlactivities except Citizens ” AssQo’afip n Mee/ings~… unless an 0rganiza- tion)c’a~.p~y :$q”an hour.’ This ~ua • out the pnssibifii~,~6f:a Teen Center;iti the.e{,ehing housed atC lax a, Barton until ~ a nigh(building manager is hired. -And the spen~gclamp- down has made it impossible to hi..r., e any new building custodians. CITIZENS OF’CABIN JOHN! Yoffhave saveff the ~Ourity”s sch60r s~tstem approximAte- ly $92~418: by giving up your loi:al sdhoOl~:ao J- ‘ Cording t~ ~alcfilaOons”rfi~de”bythe Dir6ctof 😕 Of Sch661S(rvices Lfbrwhatewr that’s wO’rth! …… : ,~Clata:Bart6nS~ool~=8~m.~ ~.*’, – ~:~ . -Blcentenmal° Comrmttee’Me~et – mg at-6600~8~lst’S treet, :8pro: ~ tp.,..discuss,pla~_.s:fo r Seven.Locks .. ,::,IRI1 .No,!,’1- at, Hill,Recreation. Center.,..~ . :- • June 26′ SoftbaII~game; Cabin John vs. – ‘ S~d~:Springat Cabin” J01m , , _ ., . , Reci.~iii0ff~cen-ter,–~. ::: . June 25-29 Festival~oiA~neric~.F01klif~ • .. , bfilthe,Mall~t~/ashfligto~,D.-C; Women s Role on the C&O …. ‘ .: cankl,lsli~’~i’prese~ta~on at_., • Tavern Museumi2pm. . . …. BraY, GO at Trafi¢Hj’ke, Lock 20 ….. atl.0am.:.,~… • .. .:_…, D= • :.-Lo~khouses on the C&O~Canal; … ‘-:Four:Locksat ~l.:30pm.. ‘~ =,~;- . July1 = Softball game,-Cabm,~John vs. ~ ,. :Whe:~ton~at:Cabi~-ohn.(R:&~e; ‘ , atio’n Center . .. :’:~-,~ ~.t: Juiy8 ” SoftbM1;g:am~e “, C~=John vs. • • . ,.~” .~,~ “.,~-~.,~ ,..%. ~.,,~ .~.~.¢ .~,~. :-:~,:.~,~¢ Eockl-at Cabin John Recreation Center. . The ninth annum Festival of.himerican .~ …… .’-ticil~:at:e~in:~ese acfivifies.°~.’we~ ~-~e, ‘-. – ” ~-thiS.ca/i:’b~?~c~6ifiplisK-~cli:ii~ctd/all , . Folldife i0ilLbeheld.,on~the..50,acre.mall …….. Children s area the lace-wherechil en .- …… ,,-and~acliieve:a:/tf – – , – • between flle::Lii/coln~MemonaI~and~the~.._,.-~::,;: . demonstrate to’parent;stheirown~-folk:.-:~:~,. .~ ” -~well~:~’~f~~~:~.~:–:: – ” Washington,Monument une:25-29,and ……. culture .- es -rh mes. son . ~ …. ” ” ~ ~ At’thig: :: : …. J y–2:..6_:~:.~:~,!.~,::•:2~,:~.:.~.:-.:..~ : …….. :~.: …. ~•_-~ ….. ~ that:they carry on, lmproye _ar~d create :::,:–~ ~.econo .mAc.~IIy practmal, an~I fbr this:reason .~n. e~leb~fafi~’~/f~t~”~ti0i~al~Americar~. , ;’~orn .~eir own special, traditigns ~n~.~ ~,:-. ~ ~’:: : . mus~t:be c~nsidered only ashcan au~ – ” : fulk;.cidt~u~e~s~spons…ored.by th¢-Smathson:_/ ” experiences …. ” ” ‘~:..~ -~- ,, :- ~- : .,~ ‘ ‘syStem ~- In addition installatiori:~”:h6 :. ian~Iiistitution!.~a~ad:~the:National:P~kSer~, – …. . …….. . :..•- ,::~ …… i,~:,,..: (…,~. ~extremely cosily. It is my’recommendation • ‘,,,,~ • • ~ . ” ……….. ~ – . – , …. ,:,, ÷ ,, ~’~ ~. : • :’., %,” ~~ .~,~” ~:::k~C “.’;~r , ,L .’ : ::~ The~,Fesuval ~zs a. commg~together of ” – ~r~ A~ ~h-‘hm~ o0~L-~-~’~ .L. ……… : homeown~wi11-realize bette~~,~-~ ;;,~;-~–~- • -~ ‘. ~ , ” – . ” . .~ ” ~Jl.a’tl~*’akatsm.~at~J~t O,101~-.d¥I~:.,’. l~dl~’:l~:~ ~ :~ ~=’-7: ::~ – ~’ 2¢,~2,:, .:,, . . ;’,,, . . ….. ,/.v~y ~ a~tt,a.~- ‘ f01k~cultures;,akaleidoscope of exhibits …. ” – …….. • ‘ .. ” ~ ” ed~inS~fi0n ‘stor~na Windows =6~**hi~, ~,;~_ .an~:-dem°nstrati°ns:.~.acLg-g:ro0 ts,a~.d : ” . . .., :…. By Jim,Wiiner,. AIA .. …… :…ii.: : ! ping aiidcomin’on,sense sealing:for ~IFopen- preg~i:~day~fo~s,of:the~.nafion~s folk.cul-,. -. ! …. ‘ ‘ :-“: ” …….. ~. ‘ ‘ ~ ‘ ‘: ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ :”” tur~-: It is~a;free:e’ducati0nal,and non- . :. • Many reSidents ~0f,Cab~:j#b.n ~re,coml ..-::- i “; HoweveriLwlien,solar en~rgy:~be_~omes. ,. co~erciki event, a family aff~dr to templatingadditibns!..o/,iit~0~°a~fiO~s~.to %/ …; more:’~efined:and~affordable in~the~Kext .., plea~e~young.:and;old. As Festiyal Director. :their homes. As an Architect,~I~h~velbeen::~. :. ; several-.ye~s~.it.*.will:be, the homeo~er, who m 19g5:anUctpated:thm m-house.cOnstruc- ~h~Rinzl,~’Po~.m~:0.uh:R~.guld~…m_.ke:a,i::!- .: ~ked by:rhany:of, my~nei~i~0rs~whether.:,”- “” ” ” “” “‘” ” ” ” ” :-~” l~g~’invef.~_~t:~fi~e~/md~l~cfoS~ – ~:.. the~ should~cbnside~:f6~’s-‘.:of~/bi~r~ergy …. tion~tl~6~/vilLprofitmost …… ~:,,-/ .~ . the:lahd:.to)!ocateg.see~and,hear:~the:repre~.. ,:: “. _ ……. -., . .r . ;”… ‘-, ~., ….. . ……. ,~;,, :-, ~:,.. ~= ,.,.,: . .to supply~thelr domesUc~:heatingneeds. ,- ‘:,-~: ” ~/~,>:-.;’~ …. : ” ~,,Ve(sa~.~ ~g:of:~/lencana.brought_ Sin~c, m us t,6,tfie-.sys,,m-s:h ,~t~is¢~e-rai.: ~.. ~~,:(;:..-::..~ well.to’conszder;their?ap~li~atib’fi>t~Yi6Ft6~ – :-l . Festival,themesfllnstrateithe:-origins:. _ ‘ …. ” “: ………… ” ……… ” ” ‘ ~~’~” “‘-” …. :t~t~t~:¢t’.~. and~.cgntm.~.mtaes.of:’Amencan culture: Bil/i~-all~sblh~.~h~~l Cb~isistK.i~:e~p.., -:: .- ~:: ….. –. : ……. . :_- ..,:~.~ ~.~.:, :, . -.. ‘Old .Ways.in the. New~ World~: deals urin_” g~O’e’:s~,~./,~#~:~d:~¢~6.h#e~g~its .. .:. – them:to the New WoHd, inclUding crafts, ” “‘ ‘ ~-~;”~:-~ ……. ‘ ………. ” ……. ~ – ……. ” d,by::a solar collector most.efficzenfly,lo- ~0″‘ :’~-:~,~”-.*~-‘.~P’,-~’~ L~f:’~*~.~-L~.’~,’.’: :”” ~.:”‘ ,,,. , . ~’~ t musm;,.~ce, and fo6d wayne: This’year, a~~i~n”(‘~’e~:r~cff.ibf.’tl~-e:.’.i/~,.. (f~cing .-. ~ :~,..,.. mEuropeanand’Astan-Ways, partacapants ~. :Sfi~:~,)~/~/~a~e ~’6fi~i6f~m:dt:.~-;p.erpendi, . :,.,,. have been.mvited-ffom~Japan;:r:eBanon, ‘ :.:~ .,:~ .,:.:,.~,: .~,-,: ….. . ……. : .., .. . – • Ge~y; and.lt~y: to’join wath:thetr Ameri- “~winltef, (//ppi~ate!~/i’500.”at. this altitude)… The s,ze of the~ collector should be at least i~ii, i~i from~N6w. ~fb/kStat~’,OK~6}’~dL:, – ” ” :, 0ne-half:tl~ t6tad;squ~e fo0tage-of.the Quel~c,’Cariada. “Pr~s~fi~'(‘iVill,~o ffer, “house.” ” HeateH:” ::’~”*’:’:solvents ……… from’~ ……. tliis;’•cbll~c f6r …………….” – ‘ wecl_~gS~Satur-chy~iiigfii!S~ciaI~’~h .arrest -,..-~ must bestored’in h well-insulated tank. son~’!~nd.dances. :i,’.;;;~:- ,: -~,~, ‘~ ” ” rose).- ~e firS,:~fica~9_ ./~•~;~:~ear feature m the’f6~ding,of the,Republia and the . .. – SEVEN-‘I~,ROAD PARK ….. -~.!’ – : ~ Segine’fiiS s~he~llile°d:-f6r:l~e-s~ntatibn. – Hans-H~in.~e~; .the design,architect from -Festivid” tlieifi~’~:;h~as:b~i~’~:~io~er effort • m folklore;.:demonstratmg:occupataonal cultu/~.and folk expressions:,-th’at develop ‘among.~w0rking men~.and!.w0men. The 1975 ‘ F ¢s tiv~:~hjghli~ t:wor ker~ in transporta- fi on, :mcluding x ai~_. ~oad:mprkgrs; truck driversi,seafarers, air traffic controllers and auto:ii,~craft’~d~ossibl’~ ~r&~ ~semi~ly” workers…hi tram will Span a portionof the Mall,s’yfi~b~l’oi ‘a, h’ajor ~ctf~ing foi~0/ic theme; and plans call:for. Workshops to be conducted from.’rkil/oad-cars.~:~: :~ .’ ~:-YR~gionaJ -AmeHc~,’.tl~e th’~fifie that began. “with presen~tions frorfi,g’-‘fetfired state, ~ this yea~~ffr the fLrSt~kim¢?6ffer~’mnsic, : Cookery, and’crafts.from,twb,regions/~. • Coas.ta!. Caiff0rnia ag.~d ~th~::~6rthe~-h,Pl~. i:. : The metho, ~North.i~mdsdUth Dakbta:lqebr~ska:~d ‘ ” ~b.fheat.~ be • Kans~)-. -~, …… . ‘-‘i …. . . ~ isystemused,a _ F~ily folklore:focu~e s on four . -this.time~’ The areas common to all~fa/nily:life .- family • exPressibm,lniCkn~es arid ma’ecdotes, family foods, things that families do to …. “i f~ – The-method ,off storage and clistfibgtio~. heat ~ be a,fqnetion of the particular ” – :~,and:is-n0t totally-re!ev’am~at, ” The size and:inclination.,of,the ” roof, and:accommodation, of the_storage (tank, however, are basic considerations which :. }will affect the finM:~tesign-0f the~h0use~ ‘. the Planning~Commissionassigned’~to the proposed paxk~on Seven;,Locks R0ad;, willbe at Clara Barton School on Tuesday,June 24 at 8 pro. He will,be talking:tO any.:interested communiW:members~who sho~4up. -,’DOn’t ignore:this~opportunity~to partidpatei~n the decisions being made about,the-park! ….., i k4 PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY~OUTi ” GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MOlqDA ¥1~Ti-/ROuG’H~s ~RDA y 6:30 am to 6:00pm ” • .. .. T .+~THE–.V.IEEAGENEWS: …… ‘ …. . ….. . ,. ,+ ‘ ,,,. ,. ‘:.:’=. …. – …………… ‘ …… -“.,’~ — – • …… , …………. f~ …… It'” :~ ………. “l”ll ……….. .- …………………………………………….. ….; …………….. .<~…,.~,~-.: ……… :;,…,!+ .- : _ …… “• .::.~i.i~’-~ ~ …………. ~+.i.,-::.,,~i.O’~:.~,e~Hver;:.-$fi-fi-t-~mg out:ilightneeded …. I CABINjOI~-Ig~I~4h~S . ::~:!i~C WA’IY~,.:::QU!~TY:, . ~,’.by:.plankton.. . . ,. I- ” . …. ‘ !~:~%~,:-,’-‘ ~.,’.,+, ‘:’ ‘ .: ‘ ‘ t.::y • “. :Finally, the report indicates .’mat -. I ~ ,.-:~ . .:,” . ‘ Calvin,~ytte – . ,~,,~:::::, ~,:…:, – Kevin”:’.Flynn . another sensitive area, the lower Potomac .:’.,-”~i ;”-..’;’:: .-,, .’ ‘~””;” ;’.~ :~”%~ . ~’+- , , ‘ ….. – ‘ ~=.:: ,The ‘Interstate Commiss~on on the estuary, from ~ Maryland Point to the , Plans for Cabin John’s observance of ~Pttomad.’Rivel Basin released in::March::-… ifiouth; has excellent wateF quality_ ,the results:of a study .of 12 .-years of . , !~..ta pn..:the:”quality : .Of..+~:watei:?’m. .~ :Oe:.. ! ~ ~P6tom’ac, River_and:~:it~-.iribufarieS. , . , :~-+~ The ~ study j~.t~..~: ‘, fi~’t° .~f::~’~ ~d” -in the ..Pot-omg,’s:~lii~t0~,~feporting on : :i~ollution througl~ut; +the:Tcb~m(~: :Of-the .h~er. aifd. its tribhtariei, :~,,.~:~,:;-~: . :~- -” “lhformation: .W.~.: C.omp~.e:d and ” analyzed to det~e: if~:the..-fiver .is getting cleaner or:,c~.tier. .Ti)e/answer .< -is n0 simple ‘yes or .no’ as..to: whether the -river ~is: cleaner, .:according :to. William T.-Mason,.Jr., direct0r of ICPRB’s water . quality monitori~<g network :.and :senior -_. author of the rq~ort..” .q’heriver. system ~:ii s diverse:’in!!~terms . of Water:!qnality +chaxacteristics.~..There :are several :success • stories where pollution has been reduced :as..well ‘ as segments • where pollution has >ificreased,’ Mason says. ~:. Tl)e-.-Potomac=.itself flows through.. :-:-nearly, 400 miieS-Of mountains, .va!leys, -and’!iiplateausi past towns .and.industries, :. thr.ough.ithe ” Washington area, and even- tuall~:.~dens, into an estu~y, part of the:~::Chesapeake Bay. ‘Together with its -tributaries and streams, it drains an area .:, of more’than +14,000 square miles. ,U~:The ” ICPRB report, Potomac Rit?er ~Bas~ :~Water .Quality Status :and Trend Xsseslinent 1962-1~73 , concludes that 0~er ilie~past-l-2-years,~the Potomac ~-RiydF:h-~.mkintained good., quality for :10ng. stretches. Serious. water quality “problems plague the Washington area and ,;-~i’e.:~’coal:mined areas O f West Virginia and :Maryland, but there are’ Potomac success stories: ” °’ The, Shenandoah .River, iabout 60 ;.:mile~s upstream from ~ Washington, improv- ed idramatically in water qtlality during the~past seven years. • …The tr+end is upward, the report notes -‘ ma.ldng .the Shenandoab ,tributary one of -the cleanest and most improved rivers :in the basin. It also means that most 0f the Shenandoah is ideally suited’+ for water recreation. The main stem Of the Potomac, from below Cumberland, MarYland to Great Fails above i Washington, .has main- rained generally good:.~water quality for recreation and the +support Of aquatic life, the report •concludes. • Below Washington, the-data h)- dicates a large reduction ;~due to. chlori- nation of sewage treatment plant effluent, -in the:bacterial densities that afflicted the waters of the river between 1962 and 1965. However, the” densities remain suffi cienfly high ‘in the District +and down- stream to Indian Head to render the water unsuitable + for,water-c0ntac~ re- creation. -. ” :’?’ ‘ : • In. the earl# 1960’s, huge!mats of 2¢:algae spread out.+over the waters .of the :~Pot0mac.estuary. The problem focused “attention on the •fiver. In more +recent years, algal mats haven’t been much of ..+a. problem. The. :ICPRB report.”indicates <,~that thiS has probably” been caused by :.,=.;the’flt~shing” action of higher ‘river. flows, ..:arid. the~ increas’.mg amount of. Silt “).hat ~ . ?. – ~+- • ~ Th~s ” area is a vital spot for-commercial f’mh;. ing and recreation, and ‘is a major resource tO be protected ~ for. future-:generations,’ . : the report says. • . Despite the Pofomac ‘River “improve-‘”. ments, serious proble.ms~ remain :on the river. They axe serious enough .to mean ‘that the. goal of the, Federal Water Pollu- tiofi Control ACt Amendments -.water :clean enough to. swim andfish in – won’t be. met by-1983 .for the entire basin, the report says. The serious problems of the ricer begin right near the-source, in .the North~Branch …. .headwaters, where streams in the coal-rich ” .West Virginia and-Maryland+mountains are.; .~.highly polluted by acid mine .drainage. The problem, which results from..the ~ interaction of water and. the wastes: from: co/d .mines,’: has escalatedifi recent ‘~eafS, ~tii e ‘sti+dy ” “:-:’ ‘. Shows. ” EfforLs to stop :the+~d/aina~g6 ‘, from ” active and abandoned mifies,’,in the~ area haven’t yet begun to .show results. .Near Washington,. D.C., some 266 miles .farther down the river, metfoPolitan~ area tributaries send increasingly .de~aded wa- ters into the Potomac. The,.+~Monocacy River, SeneCa .Creek, + and C~bifi John. ‘Greek Upstreafia from: Washin~0n, are con-. tributing higher nutrient Ioad~.’~silt, and ” .bacterial- cor/tami/ififiOK ++from~. se~age treat- ~ ment l~lants and non-point s0urces; Of water pollution, sucli :as runoffs+from !and. The report says +. ,t~, at there are enough nutrients, such as nitxogen and phospho- rous, entering ~e. river, above Washington to support algalbblooms – even without the huge in-flu~ of.nutrients that come from Washington area sources. The re- port concludes that there is ‘pressing need for advanced waste treatment mea- sures and non-point source pollution con- trol’ in the area above Washington. The quality ,of water there is critical because it is used to supply drinking water to most of .the residents in the ‘Washington ca. he above article is reprinted from the otomac Basin Reporter with permission its editor.  EAUrr SALON . • . TUESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 9:00 am to .5:00 pm 7630 TOMLINSON A VENUE at No. 1″S 229-1361 or 229-9811 heAmerican; Bic~-htennial will be drafted !by a special committee of the:oti~nsAs- ,sociation. .+ …… • -+ . ….. ~ The committee’~ be headed by ~ Cat vin Kytle,’ ~ho.ias + ~all~d ~+ 0rgan~g mee ting for 8pm.Tues.da+ y,June:24 at 6600:8!st Street. Any citizenwho would like topar – ” ficipate is invited:to:attend. : The co~tted;s intent is to:sponsor a u~ries”of a(~tivifi~i’ ~g:in the fall, end- ing with a day40ng Chautaugua~next spring on the’site of thenewpark on: SevenLocks . Road, which is expectedto .be dedicated at that time. The activitie~.~g;ili ~l)e d~gned around ~h~~gen~ai:~eme oLico~imity and • willseel~”.tbi:~tv~me~gi:f~Cabin John tod.a.’y.in th~iies:iOf~l:7~76~ :’ m +:++: :: “-+ ” SOKX~~!R~: …. ” i – The parents of the Cabin John Four Year.Old, School ~.children are. p!a~.ga ‘Rumma.ge-Bake!S~e’ on Aug,.. t 1~0 to mon.ey, fqrL.the p.re-sc3a…o~. J~p..ro~am. • Run/mage (which can b e picked ~p) con- sists of saleable:h0usehold items;~dean . , ” clothes, furniture,:books, toy,, .records, etc. The sale wiltbe from 10am>to:5pm . at the Commur~ty Center 0n:Webb Rbad. If you have anything to donate+to the : sale, call Betsy Haasat 229-1982 or Susan Luchs at 229-0187.. ~ ,-:~’, There are,several ,plates-still open in., the Four Year 01d program fornext year. Preference will be giv~a to childreit born in 1971 until July. After that d~te,three year olds will be:comidered in-‘6rder Of ” registration. If yOu,are interested~ call Susan Luchs at 229-0187.’ ! CA JOaN +  + Th’e Cabin+J~hn Meth0dist Church is sponsoring a b?ke+sale on Friday, June 20that i10am ~K1 4pro. Thebake sale is f0r the beneflttf the Church and parish storm window fund. Tl~e sale :will take, place outside if weather permits. • Anyone wanting ftirther information Lhould call Margeri e Oliver at 229-3149. mS There wasa suggestion atthe April Citi- zens Association meeting that Cabin John attempt to get direct busservice to Bethesda. A proposedroute woul d be downtown Beth- esda, WildwoodSh0pping Center, Montg0mert Mall, and back t ° CabinJohm. A petition be available forsigning at the Town Meeting o+ June 17. It will also be circulated door-to-do, • Be sure to sign it if you are interested and would reallyi:,use it. ~# -,.° . THE VILLAGE NEWS ” ,. – ” _. ‘. -8 II I I • CAB~ JOHn–S SOFTBALL SCHEDUI~ FOR JUNE CLASSIFIED ADS ” Used Frigidairewasher, good work- June 12 Cabin John vs. Kensington at Wheaton Woods “‘ ing Condition, $50, 320-5785. ‘ June 24 Cabin John vs. Hill NO. 1 at Hill Recreation Center Lost by Andrew Vogt on 5-20: a July i- Cabin John vs. Wheaton at Cabin John Recreation Center parking !or at rec center. Child’s July 8 Cabin John vs. Local at Cabin John Recreation Center sizeS.- Call 229-6479 if found. July i 0 Cabin John vs. D C at Nolte USE CLASSIFIEDS l Games are played at 7:00 pro. Home games are played at the Cabin John I . RecreationCenter on macArthur Boulevard, Y’all come! REGISTERED MASTER PLUMBER in’EDIBLES STRAWBERRY FIFJJDS FOREVER Strawben’y~season is upon us. Wednes- day, June 4 began the picking season at Butler’s Orchard in Gaithersburg. This weekend.hundreds of berry lovers flocked to the orchard as early as 5am in the morn- ing and waited for over an hour to be turned loose in the fields to start pickin’. The seasoz~ t~s open until June 24 after which pea pickin’ season begins. Berries are $.50 a pound and . well worth it. Imagine homemade preserves, This month’s recipe for CARROT CAKE strawberry pie, tempting shortcake.., and comes from Susan Gash. She Says it’s a great you can eat all you want fresh off the vine way to eat carrots-and not even know it. ;.while you’re pickin.’ CARROT.CAKE :SHORTS OF SORTS 1 CUP BROWN SUGAR ” A Slinmasfics Class will be held in Glen 1 CUP HONEY Echo Town Hall sponsored by the Mont- 1~ CUPS OIL gomery County Recreation Department on ‘4 EGGS, WELL BEATEN Tuesdays at 8:00 pm for six weeks. The price 2 CUPS WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR for the class is $11.50 and information can be 2 TEASPOONS BAKING POWDER obtained from Linda Cramer at 530-5200. xA CUP WHEAT GERM Classes will begin July 1. ~A TEASPOON NUTMEG Charles Bradford Lawrence, son of Mr. 1 TEASPOON SALT and Mrs. Charles E, Lawrence, Jr., of 7903 1 TABLESPOONCINNAMON Woodrow Place, received a B.S. degree in 1 CUP CHOPPED NUTS Printing and Photography from Rochester 1 TEASPOON VANILLA Institute of Technology through the Graphics – 3~’GUPS GRATED CARROT Arts College at commencement exercises on June 7, 1975. Mix sugar with honey, oil and beaten eggs. Blend flour with bakingpowder, wheat THE VILLAGE NEWS bids farewell to germ, nutmeg, salt and cinnamon. Corn- Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Candy who have left bine dry and wet ingredients. Fold in nuts, Cabin John to reside in Strawberry Plains, vanilla and carrots. Pour batter into greased Tennessee. .• 9 inch by 13 inch pan. Bake at 350 ° for Also leaving our community are Ron and one hour. Maryann Wilson and their children. Ron has ‘ been assigned to the LBJ Ranch in Texas and C&O CANAL ART EXHIBIT they will be leaving by the end of June. We shall miss the likes of folks such as the Wilsons a-tist Nancy Smith, a native Washingtonian, and Candeys. :members as a child riding the trolley from ;eorgetown to Gleii Echo whre she now resides verlooking, the C&O Canal at Glen Echo Heights. ducated a t Queens College, Charlotte, North ‘,arolin~a~ she has participated in several exhibits aost recently in the George Washington lniversity ‘Women in Art’ exhibit. Her art rill be exhibited in the Parlor Room of the ‘&O Canal Tavern Museum at Great Falls, :laryland from 9 am to 5 pm daily throughout -le month.. For infor.mati_on call ….. 299-3613. IMAGINE YOUR ADHERE Chl.1 $20-,3,51 7 for infonmtion L PLUMBING AND HEATI_NG ” DISHWASHERS*REMODELING*HEATERS REPAIRS*DRAIN SERVICE*DISPOSERS FULLY BONDED AND INSURED 229-5685 REASONABLE Call F_.D~at 229-7311 CHILDREN*ADULTS *ALL LEVELS VERA DOLEZAL 6701 Persimmon Tree Road 229-5685 -_ : ¢.hR, SE  ! !

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