June 1974

“‘ i 7″No. 9 “‘ …. ” – ” ‘ ………….. … …….. .June, 1974 .. VOL. 7No. 9 JUNE CALENDAR OF EVENTS ….. . – k ___The~-H~u~In~-~tuniti e s Commission ~’ ‘ • ” – ~ /- …………. isastate agency, co~tractin~ with the c • . lO- CoffeeuandeDhoSdistt-chuPrc h. i.-‘~’:~ ” ~ county, using Feder~ funds./’ ! 20- Free swim’ lls30 a.m. /~f 1.J”//i / / There is a ~ssibility of a package 24 FP:Iis:~ s Po°l.m. ~”5f~:~ ~.-/ i~/._ // tr;at~enbP~”Sujiolt.within CabinrJoOhne d Mohican Pool • ~ ‘ . ……… “J . that thi~ ~’ossibly could bebuilt on the 30 – Deadline for Directo~:~i~ ~ / k~S~1~n’d near the water tower. This would • Call Cappie Morgan ~ ………… ” …….. ~ …….. /S~@6 us from the restric%ion of the sewer ///moratorium and allow the development~sugges- Follo~ng are exerpts from •the minutes ted in the Community Plan to proceed. of the Cabin John CitizensAssociation meeting, Nay 29, 1974. Neeting began at 8 p.m., Minda ~letzel presiding. Last night the Montgomery County Board of Education acted to close the Clara Barton Elementary School as of June 30,1974. The enrollment will be consolidated with that of Bannockburn. Carderock Elementary’ has been declared an open enrollment School, meanin~ that residents of the Cabin John Community may send their children to Card- erock if they will provide transportation, as long as Carderock remains Under capacity. Bus service will be provided from Cabin John to Banncckburn. On Tuesday night, June ~, therewill be a meeting of the Clara Barton PTA. School parents and any interested community members are invited. It is expected that discussion will include future Use of the Clara Barton School building, and possible Changes in the curriculum and setup of Pyle Junior High to make that school more accommodating to the needs of Cabin John children. Jacqueline Simon, of Montgomery CountyWs Housing Opportunity Commission, talked about the houses which have been leased by the county for the use of families who will receive some rentalsubsidy. These houses are under a five-year lease to theCounty by th e owner, Mr. Schulze. These houses are leased at’a fair market price from the private owner| the families then pay the county, a percentage of their income for rental and the Housing Commission absorbs the balance. Ms. Simon explained the poli- cies of the Housing , Commission. They seek to place families in extablished communities rather than in large subsidized housing pro-: Jects. There are now sibsidized rental Units in 47 of Montgomery County’s 60 census tracts. M~intenanee of the homes/yards is policed by the county. No dogs are allowed. I~ is equal opportunity housing. Seven of the units will be occupied by famillesl all are two-parent families all are employed, all have cars. The eight h unit will be occupied by a group of elderly people. (Th~s is part of a demonstration project; services for the elderly which art brought to Cabin John as a result of this proJect will be available to all Cabin John Senior citizens.) Although the regulations Would permit the county tolplaceSO people • in these units, actually 58 will be living there, of whom 38 are children. Betsy Haas is ChairperSon of the Four Year Old Program for next year. • This will probably be held at the Clara Barton School Building. Afew more children are needed; ~ So far only 9 have been definitely committed. Superintendent Moran has promised a facility and an aide. Hiring and payment of a teach- or, however, is up to the Four Year Old parents group. To raise money, a rummage and bake sale will be held near the end of July. In considering future Uses for the school building, the MCPS has expressed their commitment to consult with this community. Responses to the recent ques- tionnaire indicate interest in the follow- ing uses| post office, day care center run by county, library, health center, center for programs for elderly, adult education Classes, recreation. Diane Kellogg, Chair- person Of the Education and Recreation Com- mittee will be conferring with MCPS about this. As in prior years. Palisades Pool will be open to the children of Cabin John on Tuesdays and Thursdays from ii to i. Diane Kellogg and Karen Senger will be in charge; adults are urged to come since our agreement withPalisades Pool promisesthat we will supply one adult for each 6children. Mohican Pool willagain be open to Cabin John children on Monday mornings. (Moreabout this else- where in this paper.) Anyone who has notyet been asked about their listing in the Cabin John telephone directory and who wishes to be included should telephone Caopie Morgan at 320-3269. Cappie exoects the directory to go to the ‘ printer in July. The Tuohey Building at MacArthur Boule- vard and 79th Street has been razed. It•has stood vacant many months and was condemned. That structure was the first Post Office in Cabin John and was used as a general store, a family restaurant, and a tavern. The Trebach Gallery at MacArthur and 77th Street has closed. Citizens at the meeting expressed disaPpoint . ment that the units were all in one location~ Ms. Simon explained that the commission was offered a package deal by the owner, all eight units or none. The people who are coming into our icommunityare expected to have much to offer this town| we are desir- ous of expressing to them our welcome and our friendship. Idamae Garrott, Montgomery County Coun- cilwoman spoke about property taxes. It is Ms.’ Garrott’s strong view that the entire tax structure of Montgomery County needs overhauling, to make the taxation process more closely tied to ability to pay, rather than ~o size of land holdings. She is currently active in tax investigation and recommendations. She proposes a substan- tial corpozation tax, a closing of the farm- land loophole, a more equitable progressive income tax irate, and a de-emphasizing of taxes on land per se. MS. Garrott mentioned that the commun- ity might ~nt to contact the?Office of Human ~ Resources of we perceive a problem with neighborhood children who don’t have enough to do and ~y be inclined to stir up some mischief. She also reminded us that any complaints about any rental properties can be made to the Department of Environmental Protectio~ and to the Landlord=Tenants Affairs agency. Cappie Morgan and Bill ~ite were thanked for the fine April event-,the Cabin John Open House at theRecreation Center. Cappie Morgan reported that about 75 adults and countless children attend~d, 60 new mem- berships to the Citizens Association were collected and many subscriptions to the Village News. The nominating committee Presented a slate of officers for the 1974-75 year and that slate was unanimously elected. New officers are Ed Winslow, President; Frank McKinney, First Vice-President, Cappie Morgan, Second Vice Presidentl Andrew Eice, Treasur- er| Janet Dence and Barbara Clark, Secretar- ies. ~udy Toth will represent us in the Potomac Valley League, and in the Civic Federation. It was suggested that other reDresentatlves from the standing commit- tees onLand Use, Environment and Public Services be appointed to each of these bodies. I Judy Toth met with Bill Hutton of the Senior Citizens Council at his request. The Council is asking Cabin John what kind of facility it would approve for She Pollnger tract. TevySchlafman, Chairman of the Land Use Co~ittee plans to see HowSrd Polinger next week. Joe Higdon reminded us that this community has endorsed a potential use of that land as stated in the Community Plan and that all discussion should begin at that point. If there is any change from that recommendation (cluster housing) it should come from the Land Use Committee for censideration by the larger community. ////////////J/////////////////////////////// Plans for the opening of the Four Year Old School in September of 1974 are well under way. The school system has promised to give our 4 Year Old Program all the support that it has ~n the past. There are only one or two places left in the program. Interested parentsishould contact Betsy Haas at 229-1982 or Judy Nagleat 229-6471ffor information or to reserve a space b~ June 15th. ///I/I//I//////////-77//////11////////I////// PALISADES POOL FREE S;,q74 COMMENCES q q June 20 marks the first day oft he Palisades Pool free swim, II-i just as last year, except that for the first four days, June 20, 25, 27, and July 2, the times will be from llJ30 to i. A permission slip signed by the parent is required on the first day a child attends the free swim. Children who are under 6 will not be admitted without a responsible adult. There is a requirement that o~ adult be present for every six children, so adults are asked and in~ited to come alongwith their children. 4 YEAR OLD SCHOOL RU~$~AGE-BAKE SALE PLANNED To raise money for our community pre- school program, the 4 Year Old School Parents are planning a “Rummage-Bake Sale” for July 27th. It is also hoped that there wil be a table of donated arts and crafts for sale. Anyone who would like to donate baked goods should call Judy Nagle at 229-6471. Anyone who would like to donate craft work or rummage should call one o£ the following: Betsy Haas at 229-1982 Judy Nagle at 229-6471 Mary Anne h ilson at 229-3397 Dana Cable at 229-3382 Rummage (which can be picked up) con- sists of sellable household items, clean clothes, furniture, books, toys, records, etc. ~tch for details in the next Village Newsll! HIKING ABOUT IN CABIN JOHN I have discovered the way to get to Glen Echo by foot (or bike) without cros- sing the Union Arch or using the Parkway. It’s a little hard , but well worth the effort if thesight of a hundred butterflys all at once can thrill you, or a great assortment of wildflowers and herbs and birds makes you happy. Use the lock eight access to the canal and walk east on towpath to the footbridge across the canal. There is a road to your right and if you take it for about 50 feet, you will see the path to your left which goea under the parkway and up the hill to the other side of Union Arch. Speaking of Union Arch, it looks lots different from the ground than from a car. I did not contemplate crossing it by foot for more than A s~cond. 2 The canal just has to be the most fantastic place in the world. Except for the traffic sounds and the airplanes flying over, ! could almost feel myself going back in time to a summer day long ago. ., ” .::i ~ , ~ .i: “-2;.’! ~ “” :: :” , ,.. 7. BOY SCOUT TROOP 1448 . ., ,.. • .. . • ./:,….:~!- .;::~’r ‘. ,;,-~L”,’.,,~ ‘,~ , . :, ; ~ ~’ • • ,–. Cabin” John Unite:d MetHodist ~hurch “is interested ‘in. reactiVAting” Boy ‘S c 0u~’ Tr6op: ” 1448.under, Its.~sponsorship:,_ we ?~need: to learn~whether::there, is suffih~ent~ ‘inter%:’s£: :’: and desire among boys and parents to SuppOrt • .the; troop~ ~- .~Boys .’r~ho : are'”el@~en: :~ear~ “old ‘ ‘ ( or,-;:have ~fini’shed: the fSft~ :~arde)::~up to 15~:.years ~::o~d ~cah ‘ be-memb@rs. “!:”Ihte~st;ed boys and.~.parentd imay -call~’:th~-past6~r, :~ :?”~ AI, :aieke~f;: at , 229-8233 “o~’ Deah .:Allnut~-. ‘6~ Mark l.-:,evi’n.- at’ the “BOY Soout ::Se’~ide :Cen~er 530-9360:’:t9. expreS:s thdir -in}ages~;;~<~( . £efi’c{¢e~ ” interest ~i:S.°exp~,:ssdd”,~ .’.g’.ii’mee;ting for boys,.and parents ~ill’:Se heid .befor’e. the, end ‘of. june’; ‘,” ‘ ~ ” …. ‘::  : :i,,,, .'””, .~…. ” , .- ~” ,. ” ” ‘ . ~ 7. ~'””: ” :’ Ai”Rieke ‘ -” i.:” ” ‘:.” ‘ ! “-” ” ” ‘. -: ‘ ~ ….. “: ‘”‘ ~ “~ -‘ ‘  •’  oDzsr : ” Churc’h s:ahooI: f6r ail ~ageS: is •.heid.:.: : at 9.30″a.m:.~V:each:Sunday,”;”.fbil0wed~ bY :. the Worship:: ~erv’ice:’ a{:~ii,’o0′ a,. m. ….. Through i: a~ne, the pastor’ s Bible study~ of Acts,,,each Monday at: 8i’.O0~’p~m., ; and ChOir Practice ;i is:.held ,come to oarti6i}a’te in any”o? th~se.:funcl ti~fis~ :’~’: .~” …. “: ” ” ” :’ ,, 7:;;.’i .’ / …. . .. Coff*e ~and”De~sert, ::M0nda#, June 10,. 8:00 p.m. Sponsored .by the ..United Methodist l~omen;./free ~. a chance for .community members • to visit .the Church. , : …. ‘ ‘” 1 ‘ ” ‘ ‘ M . ~ aca t. on Church School.,., Looklng”ah’ead ,, this is ,scheduled for theweek; of August : 5-9: -No’day-Friday, 9130-11:30; for prekin- dergarten. Children (4 years ,old) through chil dren who have fSnished the 6th grade; this is open to all children 5n the community: advanced registration would be appreciated; call the pastor at 229-8233 or Pat Rieke at 320-3847; there will be no fee charged .for this school. ……. :~ ~”: ” Sugar Molding &-iCak6,-Decorating. A beginning course will be conductedr on,Tuesday eveni~gs after school i is:out, i intended, for., girlsli”-l.~; ye’grs”~oIa;: however, i’: i.nterest~d ” boys and adults should inquire.i …… No,,.:ifele,i” ” but par’ticipan£d will have:i.lto, provide Some ,. materia:!s. TO .::regidter Call Marjorie Oliver;,. 229-31~9, ‘ or the Pastor, 229-8233. …. • .., i EUNICE LAVINIA HOFF~N ” ::i<:~’.:.:i i”. ;!:-.i ~,~: ;” .:~”.!?,:: :/:~ .:.:. ~!,’/;~. , died on May 8 after”a”br{ef-iillness. I am certain she~,calmly, cohsidered her~quic k : transition!£rom:.Life ~o”~fterlife’~s .~n…inevlt~ able ~- ~ink ~in: the. ChaihLD~!~ N~ture~ i…~ .”..? :’ ~ /,.”:, ~;. :F,or”,~at<~.the:: ag~’.:~of~. 8~ ¢” :she: was busy: pr~-.,, paring, “to~. ~eave,l~i~Ithout~burdening’~;her ‘:’r~ -. ‘ ~.:”‘. loved.:~oneS-…includ~ng Triendsi:and#neighbbrs~+” with:~,!thlngs~!i~thatc~!she.:,could herself,,’dispo~e :~,-,~’ of. ..~:-.. ….. ~’~, ,, :’.-~.-~:,< ,.’.}:,:’~i A gentle spirit with quick, sharp intel- lect, her philosophy was in tune with Nature and beauty. And her love of flowers and her extensive g~e~dUs~i’.-i.,~_~,.~P~duct~,.S he shared with so many others, expressed her ,ilgr~eh::tH~u~5~-‘”: Many ~such ~ “13Ving’ memorials” ~d6rn ‘the: hom~’~-‘and ~: gro~ndS::~of those:! she ~.~. ,~ favOre~ ~:~an~ ~tH~se c/p~iv-i.ieged~:,to have ,known. :”:~ ‘.””‘ EUh~.Ho~fm~n :was cOmpletelyat’~peace With ‘~, a w6~id :~i i~ ,wH~cR’ Sh’e ,enjoyed mos~ :?of!~the i~ an~:~O!fr’~ ~an~’ ac~ivityit had-toi0ffer.” A 16n~ti~~res~dent~of”Cab~nJ°hn~ ”~ss~~’:~: Munich'”‘ camb ~ ‘tO liv4~ he~e, with. :her ,bachelor,. brother~¢:,~t~e/TA~e’~lrWih ~ Nathan ~Hoffman. ,,”‘ He i. was-i,.th, e~:fi~s~:,~nath@alis~eMployed: .by “the’ ..~-: r National Pa~’gervie~,~fOrdUty • in”the'”.~ “:”.: Dis~r~ct~6f. Co~umbia~¢ :.:-:.. ;i ‘~ :~:.””I .,:~,.~’~: ago”for~s4~e~a~~:senators-vand:.congressmen~ ..:.~. Later~’;sheedi~ed a’.beautitul magazin4: ‘~, > National Nature News. More, recently, ishe< was the chief accountant for the National Grange° ~Though crippled,by,arthritis, Miss : Eunice alwayshad:ar:twinkly smile and~zest ‘~ for’livingl,,anenthusiASmshe conveyed ~to~ others-in a sort of breathless way. “. .. One:fond?.m@mory,..shelphoned excitedly ” one summer evening,many years ago to urge a group of us to gather at her home; Later,. we found ourselves.in.hotdark, exotic.garden, practically on hands and knees around her, witnessing the.u~oldlng…W hire flowers of her night-blooming cereus. This cactus plant bloOmS only’once, each’year, ‘ “~;Like that~cereus,::Miss Eunice too has “bloomed~’.’ ~.But~.her~.~”bloss oms’.! will. continue, blooming,~daily__perpetua%ed~everywhere:in~.~ ~! the memories.,of~’those ~whovknew her. and’l°ved:’ her. • ….. .’: “: ” ‘~:~::’ ” ‘” ;’!~>~’ ‘/: –Morris Fradin a . . . : ~J~CIPE ~I= ‘ -~J::~qn~z ‘S OOHE ~- ……. ~ = ~ Molasses Taf.fy Grandma. Cable . ” • ” :’ -. …… Touhey,s ~s%auramt or ‘~e Vallm, 7.,~ : ~- 2 cups molasses , -, .1 Tbsp.. sugar whleh it later became, known, h=.. h..~+~?’~~. ~_ .’ • ……,:- “. ~ ” …. : “: ‘. ~s s~ruot~re which oace was a familiar land-~rk Let boil and stir Occasionally-ufiti~.it”:/” .’ : ~ ‘ and stopover for people vlsiti~ Great Falls, in spins a thread or makes a firm ball when reeeat years has become a Mang-eut for local dropped into very cold water. ,Bef0re removing from heat add butter size 0f half an eg~ and one third.!easpoon .baking,soda.~ :PoUr”onto buttered can or dee’p-pIatter~ ” …. ~ and,cool, “Butter the hands .wellandltake. asMuoh~as.desired and pull and.. fold andkeep on w~th%h±s hhtii”~t is light:golden cblor. ,~niS is’an old.fash-” ioned family recipe;. “;eth~hk it~’s f~n.. . ; ,,. -.I Juverdles dad derelicts,” ‘. The ,vacant, vandalized and hazardouS con@Litien : of: the:: structure: led t~he CaBin Joha Fire. Departaent with the assis~ce~”:~f ~oe oAa s~ruc~ure represented’a”ser~Ims llfe: and fire hazard to the’entire .oo~~. Whiieii~i ” may be hrue tha~ ip.ar~ .:o~ i~the “~:~y is .,.now ~.~ gone,” • e is am eYesore -to_.. th e people: Of ~hi s’co ~~~. i i YEAR OLD SCHOOL SEEKS A TEACHER Since Miss Shostack is unable to teach next year, the Board of the 4 Year Old School is taking applications for the position of teacher. The job (classified by IRS as self-employed) involves teachings5 days a ~eek, 25 houls a day. If any one is inter- ~sted, they should contact Betsy Haas at 229- L982 for an application. HO~.~ STUDY NEEDS YOUR HELP Home study is in need of Some dedicated help to get its programs in gear. Home study programs have been a benefit to virtually everyone in the community – through the free swim, special events, tutoring program, camp program, four-year-old class, and the commu- nity functions which home study members have helped to organize. Some “new blood” would be greatly appreciated by the group, possib- ly in the form of chairpersons for each of the activities listed above. The programs are set up, and they work, as proved in the past. This would have to be the most satis- fying type of community work a person could do, as results are seen almos~ daily. If you would like to help, contact Celeste I: Swedenberg,. 229-2282. ” IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII A number of dogs have been poisoned in the vicinity of the Post Office, and most of them have died. If you have a dog, keep him home, If you have rat poison out, please check to see that it is not out where innocent animals may get it. IIIIIIIIIII/IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII NE~, C.J. PHONE DIRECTORY We are now compiling a new phone direc- tory for Cabin John. Hostesses for the April 21 Open House tried to reach every person in CabiB John to find out how they wanted to be listed. If you were not contacted and do want to be in the directory, please call Cappie Morgan by June 30, 1974 at 320-3269 during the day to let her know how you want to be listed. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII The Cabin John Citizens Association is hop- ing to have a square dance and pool party near the end of July. More about this in the next issue of the village news (around July 20!). /I//I/M/I/1////////////////////////////// IIIIilIIIIIIIIII, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Mrs. Nettie Mae Burgess has sold her land to two men from Brookmont, Louis Nichols and John Kearns. They are intere~!ted in develop- ing the Burgess tract along the lines recom- mendedby ~e Community Plan ~nd are in ~ touch with Tevy Schlafman. Mrs. Burgess’ former contract with the County ran out, with the County declining to pick up the ootion because of a new policy not to buy and hold land where the sewer possibilities are in limbo. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII/!I!II!IIIIIIIII CLARA BARTON SCHOOL VOTED CLOSED “‘, In a memorandum to the members of the Board of Education on May 28 Homer O. Elseroad recommended the comsolidation of Clara Barton and Bannockburn Elementary Schools. The decision was based on the following four points, i. Enrollment is low at Clara Barton. There is a broad range of socioeconomic levels served, with the result that these stud- ents have a wide diversity of needs. We – believe better educational opportunities to meet these needs can be provided at a larger school, such as one created through the consolidation of Clara Barton and Bannockburn. 2. Parents’ preferences show that 61 per cent of those who could have children at Clara Barton in September, 197~, either favored consolidation or did not feel strongly about it one way or the other. 3. It is unlikely that Clara Barton will ever have sufficient enrollment to provide an adequate and economical pro- gram. 4. Per pupil operating costs at Clara Barton are significantly higher than for schools with an average of 400 pupils. The school board subsequently voted to close Clara Barton and consolidate its membership with that of Bannockburn. Mrs. Plumer, the principal of Bannockburn Elementary responded to the vote of the Board of Education with the following statement “We will Work to make the best program for the two schools, in fact to make the consolidated school the best school ever.” LIFE (AND HOMES) CAN BE BEAUTIh’UI, IN CABIN JOHN Morris Fradin has made 17 color photo- graphs of some local homes graced by their attractive spring foliage. Homeowners who come to the next meeting of the Cabin John Park Citizens Association are invited to proudly identify and claim from Mr. Fradin a FREE color photo of the residences on display. MF ////////////////////////////////////////////// The Citizens Association will not meet again until September, but the Executive Committee will be meeting through the summer and the standing committees will be active. MOHICAN POOL – S!,3LM PROGP~M The 24th of June is the starting date of the Mohican Pool swim program for community youngsters. The muroose of the program is to teach them toswim! the kids are divided into four ability ~roups, and the Mohican sw~ team helps with the teaching. Last year 17 kids learned to swim through the program. It is required that there be a ratio of one adult to every four children, so adults are more than welcome to join in this program. Drivers are also needed. For information, call Mr. Bender 229-3079. That’s from I0-12, Mondays. 0 ;, SEND YOUR MO~Y IN-WE CAN USE IT The Cabin John Village News has had a lot of help from Many, many residents in the mast few months. We do ask that you send in your contributions ($I.00 ~or a year’s subscription). Thank you to all of those who have made a contribution and special thanks to those who sent in some words of encouragement wlth your , money. Mail to • Mary Anne ~,~Ison P.O. Box 186 Cabin John, Md. 20731 Janet Dence ‘ 6503 76th St. Cabin John, Md. 20731 BASEBALL GAME S~EDULE BASEBALL GAME SCHEDULE i J~e g C~ a~ Komsi~m at H~dges Field in ~ Park – 3 June CJ and Hille~ale I at Hillendale Reereaetien Center 5 June *~J and Bur~e~illo at Hedges Field ? JaM CJ and Silver Spring at Nelto in SS 2 Jmly CJ and Taeema Park at Hedges Field 9 July CJ and DC I. at Hillendale 1 July ~eal 16~ at CJ 6 July *OJ and BCC Reseue Squad at NoIto 8 J~ly CJ vs Hillendale IT_ at Hillendale 3 July ~CJ v~ Wheaten Rescue ~imad at Nolte 5 Jul~ CJ v~ Sa~ Springs at Sherwood ~ Leeation mawr be changed. The All S~ar game with 4 pl~ers fr~ euh barn will be Friday, June 21 at Wheaten Regional ark. All games start at 6:30. Play offs ~i11 • inAugust, SP~3ZALSU~@~R PRO(IR~ IN FOUND ARTS Registration is now in progress for ~e S~oer Session of the Glen E~ho Park Creative ~ucatien Pregr~. A brec~hure contai~ complete descriptions of classes for adults and children is available at • the Park Service in the Park or by calling 229-3031. In order to make it more eonvonien% for edul~ to register for summer eluses in .the fields fo Crafts, FineArts, Dance, ~’~m~, and Human Dov~lepmant, the Park Service is~spon- sering a program called “The Found Art8 WorksMep.. “The Fo~ Arts Workshop” is a place where ehildren can create toys and werks of art using recycled materials and many other crafts media. The Workshop will be open, beginning Jmme ~th, every week day for two sessiens~ from nine to noon in the morning and from two until five in the afternoon. Priority will be given to children ef participants in the Creative Education Program, bat the progrm is open to ell ehildren ages 3-12. Children will be grouped according to age ~e work on projects Including: Arts and Crafts, We~working. Dolls’ Houses, Skits (Make-yeur- own-costume) Dance, and even Sms~ki Violin lessons.* ~e variety in the program will be provided by a talen~%ed staff including high sehoel and college ~tu~en~s. There will be one staff person in eha~g~ e of every. 5 children. ~ Cost ef the program is $~.00 per sessi~ for child- tel ages 6-12 and $2.00 per session for child- ren ages 3-5- ‘” .The cost of S~zukl igro~u is ~5.00 per half hour. For mere information eall the Park at 229 3031. .~LCO?~ TO SOPL~ ” OLDT~RS • Linda and .Max. ~right have been living in Cabin John for two years, at 6503 78th St. Max is a professional actor on the Arena Stage and Linda works as an Assistant Librarian in Virginia schools. ~x instructs the Foxfire course for II-15 year olds at Glen Echo. Linda and Max have a daughter , Daisy, who is four. OFFICE JOB: part time real estate firm in ales EeMe ~rplng md answering phone. Varying kours 9-1 er 1-5, Monday %hrm Friday. Call Mrs. Cissel new at 229-7076. / SITTER(S) WANTED, Jul~ 8-12, 8,30a.m. te 5,3Op.m. Also, need somee~l to 2 dsys per week during the s~er for boys ages 5 and 8. Call 29 50 , ~ISAPPEARED: Male Labader Retriever en 25 M~T. Any information at all wanted. Call 229- 6134. ~OTARY PUBLIC: FM Clark 229-7311. Will come to your house. WANT ADdS FOR SALEs Assorted i~srniture: Two 9xl~ beige ~er rugs 20 inch belt driven window exhaust faz with timer Assorted tables Chairs, inelu~ing da~k blue overstuffed ehair Three ehests ~ • Maple single ~ed eu~fit cenpleto and ~ther bex spri~s, e~e. TWo metal feldi~g student’ ehalrs, also student desk ~ ~ chair Singer Portable Rotary S~ Machine One pair of new skis i Small girls’ bike and media boys’ bike Camper steve with storage tank and stand One geed 670 ~ 15 tire mounted on Ford wheel J.F. Phillips i 7702 Tenllason Avenue Vtlla~, Nov,z S~atf, Hazy Anne W~.tleon – F.a2tolP P,O, Box 186, 229-~997 Jsnet. Donee – Nev8 6503 ?6t.h 51.. 229-?~)~ ! Joann Bsst, ~a~l:~n~ 229.8?89 ‘ ConcoPd, School – CoZlatlnlZ end st~peZtnq \ Phone, 229-1361 or 339.qlI I ~JU.: IIAUTY SALC~I Clkl~ m. I~ W, LL, ~,~.,~. QglCK rOOD slloP F-NIL ~)OLE ZAL ¢,; ° PLUMBING HEATING, 2.~.~ -568S Ile.~ea..I;,-

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