July 1980

Voi. 14 No. 6 SER VING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND July-August 1980 Your Paper, Your Community and YOU What’s more interesting to read? A comm~nlty newspaper that’s full of bland filler arctlcles or one that reports on actual goings-on and neigh- borhood issues? Similarly isn’t a community a better place to live in if pe~ple pitch in to make things hap- pen? In this respect, your editor notes that only one teen availed herself of the News’ offer of free ads to help kids find summer work. Furthermore, although we all get a kick out of the crab feast when it hap- pens The Community Association has had a devil of a time find- ing someone to organize the event this year. So, if you like where you live, keep its’ special feel- ing alive. Pitch in. Help with the crab feast and other comm- unity events. And as far as your community newspaper goes, use it– for more than wrapp- ing fish. The paper has ads. It has barter and carpool col- umns. We”ll print announcements arctioies,letters etc. Make it happen~ .’ ,~’~~’., L ;&. EXT.A!EXTRAI Shopping Center Poll! Turn to Page 3 and fill out the special poll on the shopping center° The poll ~d.ll provide a basi~ for community action, if’ ~ecessary or desirable. Return your completed poll t¢ the Po~t Offlce~ Result~ will L tallied in the next issue of the Viiage News, 7 I’ \ .,t’7″ CRAB FEAST The Chairpeople for the Crab Feast will be Pat Duff,Linda Wich mann. We wish them all the best and hope that the Crab Feast revelers will come out in droves to help wizh a few of the chores such as: dropping a line to the news as to what would be the ~s% date for the party. We want @o avold scheduling it on the o other holidays in the early part of Sept. the other jobs that will require assistance will be Advertizing and pub- licity, gathering a~ud picking up the foodstuffs and for any- one wishing to practice their bookkeeping skills there is the task of the ticket keeper. ~CHO GUSTO ATTENTION HISTORY BUFFS Janet Dence ~Tites: Update of Cabin John BJcentenniai Publications, The last copy of ±imc },’as has been soid~ St~~i’1~-sbl a~ $1.25 is the companion book The ~i- centennial i< Cabin OoPr., with histories, old photographs graphs and a historical map including ~he orz~inal str- eel-. names, ~c,p~es Rv~l!.able s ~ Citizens Association meet- i~:fls or ca3_ J ~ne~: at 229- 739< There will be no July Meeting CITIZENS ASSOCIATION MEETING Clara Barton School Tuesday 26 AUGUST 8 p.m. Senior Citizen Clearing House Last winter the Village News ran an arcticle on the plight of our older and wiser neigh- bors. Since ~hen many people have discussed ways zo pro- vide a fuller existence. These include weekly trips to the grocery stores, organ- izJng game parties i.e.tri- pc!i, canasta, checkers etc., community work parties to help keep yards in order. Several people in our comm~mity alrea- dy are actively engaged in helping and we kn~w there are more of us who would like to help. If you are a Senior Cit- izen who is looking for help- ers or if you are willing to help a senior, the New~ will be happy to ac~ as a clearing house to get you all together. Just drop a note to the Vill- age news. Part-time Job Available The Cabin John 3&4 Year Old School would like zo find someone in the area to work as a teacher’s aid(,, week- days 8:30-.2: Supt,-:,,!xar N~ru Nay, Th:ls is real opportunity to do sat<sfyj, ng Co~;’~:c~iZ), work, Cr  ., d s ._:J n Oekb 229-5851 or .Thu.i.a Oot::~’~ms~: 229-7)4,< THE VILLAGE NEWS MacAr¢hur Square Poll ~ .. (Get Used to the Name!) Ifyou’ve driven by the fire house recently, you,ve seen the fast- paced building in progress for MacArthur Square, our new mall. The site plans for the development have been available at the last three sommunity meetings. The Community association is interested in your views on the develop- mont. Please take the time to answer the following questions , and to drop your response off at the Post Office. This issue of the village News has been mpecially laid out to ~acilitate returning your answers. We’ll report on the results of the poll in the next issue, in addi- Son to taking action on your views, as indicated. I. Do you favor the shopping center as planned, designed, and.~–as ~it ap- “~ pears? YES NO 6. What three types of stores would you not like to see there? I. 2. If not, do you think that we 3. should take community action against 7. What professional services it? would you like to see in the YES NO 3. If yes, what action? office spaces? 4. In what way would you personally participate in that action? i. . . 8. What concerns such as traffic, loitering, landscaping, do you have about the cuter, and what do you think should be done about them? 5. whether or not you favor the shopping center, what five types of steres would you wan~ to see there? . . .?;. 4. 5. RETUPJ~ TO : V i!la~e 1~ews ~-~ ” John, .. , r,~d 20731 THE VILLAGE NEWS 3 PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY:OUT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY1~rlROUGHSATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm A Reader Writes Dear Editor, How many Cabin John res- idents would use Metrobus if it connected our area to down- %own? I suspect that the mile walk to Glen Echo deters many would-be:rush-hour bus riders. Some of you may reeell that Cabin John had rush hour bus service until fairly recent- ly. In fact the bus ran all the way out to the Model Basin. I have a suggestion that just might,click if it were brought tothe attention of Metrobus officials. The N-9 ,bus that connects Montgomery Mall with downtown runs on Canal Rd. Concievably, that bus cou~ld pick up pass- engers at the Cabin John ‘exit/entr ramp. <~ ~ How many area residents would use a rush-hour bus to downtown if it stopped at • that location? Ferhaps the _~WS could take a poll? Yours truly, Charles Bookman ed.note- would you use a bus? Drop a postcard to the village news and we’ll send a letter ‘and the results of the poll to Congressman Barnes, The County Administrator, the Stai~ Dele~5:.:e and to Metro- bus autho~ .!.~ as. • ~ ~’ ~~~_~-?4~T~’~-~. / /l CLASSIFIEDS Cost 50¢ a line. Ma~l zo P.O. Box i64, Cabin John, MD. 20731 or call 229-6265. The Village News is published in conjunction with the Cit- izens Association Meeting and the Executive Board Meeting. The Exec.Bd meets on the 2nd A !~IC-~!:0R U}-‘.O tuesday and the Citizens Assoc I.IAKS H~SLF HARO –0UiEL;’i meets on the 4th tuesday of Susan ‘oct repori.>’ thai the Ap- every month. This alows the -‘ paper 2 weeks to get zyped, ri issue of” EPA 3ournal features printed,pas~ed up and into an article or, Frank .5ordy:’ of’ Cabin 3ohn, the founder of fiery- land Citizens Cor,cernod about Aircraft lJaise. Ti~e article describes how, ~,hie vorkin 9 on the formation of that volun- teer group, Frank Sordyl’s vis- ion of the enormity of the noise problem expanded. What he had viewed as a personal problem at the local level suddenly be- came everyone’s problem at tlm national level, There uas, as he s~u it, a need for a nation- al citizens’ organization devoted to the protectioT, of all Ameri- cans from excessive noise. A year ago, ~.’ith other inter- ested citizens from around t~e U.5., Sor~yl formed an ad hoc committee with the mission of organizing a national volunteer organization against noise, in August, 1979, the National Al- liance for Quieter Communities was incorooratgd and Frank 5cr- dyl was named ~reasurer. lhJs Spring, our neighbor and fellow noiee-fighter Frank Ssr- dyl intends to retire From the National Institutes of ~lea!t~ ~ and to devote himself full time to volunteer ~..ork aoainst nuisa. His ir,’,mediate co~,cern will be to arrange the first conference For the !a~iona Alliance for ~uieto_r Cc~mmunities. A!vays tlm fi~;h~er acJainst wi~at he ca!Is i.!,c “~!h : csn 1 dO aone?”syn – drome, FYard< Serd>, ,,d coati– nun to s,:.5;nd as much time and er, crgy ~s needud to moti vate pcop_’.c to protest excessive and unr, ccessa’_-y noise, your mailboxes. The deadline for the paper will hencef6rth be the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Thanks-the ed. J~ i~.b, Save $:-~s! Make a friend! Oron a line to “Pool it”, C/C The Vi!.ar_4c~ ‘k.:~,s. Ue’l run your notice a~: no cost. RIVERSIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD 6523 78th St. Cabin John, Md. Sunday School Morning Worship Evangelistic Service Thursday Bible Study 9:45-A.M. 10:45 A.M. 7:30 P.M. 7:30 P.M. ,’Visitors are always welcome” Pastor: Roy Ree~y Phone:229-4975 Assist. Pastor:Stephen MacCregor Phone :229- 5054 FOUNTAIN OF LIFE News for Young People The Fountain is “cooling it” for the hot summer. A July meeting is scheduled, as are August even<:s. The Fountain has a newsletter and calen- dar, delivered upon request. Keep in touch~ Wrize, call, visit- Foun<ain of Life Coff- ee house, hlverside Assembly of God Church, 6523 78th Str. Cabin John. Steve MacGregor, Assistant Pastor 229-505 z ~Z ~:~’e, ~:” ~+–l” + ” ‘ ”  ~ ~’+.< “2 ” ~”’ +” ” :: +”(‘+L + ” ” — “: + ‘, ‘ ” +:7~:” .j” { ‘ ‘ : l” , ‘ ………. ” ~’ +~;.7{ ‘~J’ 7’1~ ~+ : ~ — ‘~+ +:~ …. ” +17 ; :” i +:: “” ‘ , ” ,: +’- ” : , ‘ ‘ + ” >:.J+:-+++. – ; .-+ • + ~ +, +~ +~ ~, + ~+ + g,~.+.,++,-.<,.:+. +-+~-,.~<~ ~-. +;.-,~.~.+. ~., +++.+.+.+ ….. +% .., .-+.- . :+- ~-+’++;+~.+,.~.:-‘+.+:+t:_+;~.+.++:~::w+-,++r~+..>+~’~:,.-..,+-+.+~.:+~+.:>~:z–+ +.+:~.5~.’++:..%~+- …~::+ ++;++-+-+’~rr~’++r*’u’~q+-~.+++,+.7.+.:.~,.++~ + “~ ” ; ++:++++ I ~ ~V+I++ ++ ~+ E+=~+;,~+~++ + ………. ¢. @ :+ re+@ ……. :~1:++ ” :+ ……. ….. , +.~+ + ……… + …… +:+’+++++ + …… ….. ,+++++~++,+~+++”+:+~+:++’::,: “+ ….. ++ ++++0~ ….. ++~: …….. 4 …… r + ~:~:~z+~_ . ::L:,.I+~ _- …… +.++_+_ ~_-L++:::—~- – _ ……. ~ ~- ……. ;::++~_ ~_,,u ……. ~ …. +++__._+_=_+_+___++ …. ~.+ =_+ _+_ i urg enm’+• …………… + + , _+_+ .+++ :- +ee negotiable, e ll I Echo-+to Cabin John + everyday ,:,÷ ‘ ” “, / ; commdter call: 229-6265 ‘an d- A~ eld~7~y Oelhtleman ~ +- , + is looking for ?a- regular, ++’ide ~,+-+un~m~ : LI nezsy~: +,!; :~, : : uneney:” ‘+++.7+~ ~+;:: <+_ ~++ ;:~ .: ~,. • ” . ‘ to Glen Echo d~i~y in t+me t~ ~: …. wanted” someone willing to catch the 8 – i’; b’ …. ” ~,Z + (229-6265) ‘+ ::++ ” ” a. . + usl ~±ease MAILING,+=- ++`;+~.~ ;,,¢+: :. +-,; + ~ – • t~pe the village news. cai~ 22 n 62~= . , :-+++u~y ~reen + ” cali 229-6265 – v- u/- • …. ~-‘;. – BUS=I:N~SS/SUBSCRIPT~ONS ,- : ~, ‘ =+ ” 2. Susam=Gelb Li ./ L Alterstions done in my home Men, women or ehildren,s clothing. Will shorten drages. Call 229-1404 CABIN JOHN:KIDS NEEDED FREE advertising is~ available to any andall kids in Cabin John who, Have: a job they can do for %heir neighbors to make some mbne~ for ~hemseives. If vou Want to place an ad, send your phone number, price, job and age to Box l6:4i,~.Cabin John, 20731. :~+’. :/<:(: Almost I0 year 01d bo2=~,, would llke Work ~ any ~:~i: work except*pb~efmowe~,, entertai~i~ childre~ ;~ , while m6~%er is-busy, pets’ or others. Call 229-7394 Village News P. O. Box ~?q~’-‘ Cabim 2o~:n, ~,~ryland 2@~3 _ For Sale- leftover from construction: cinder block, insulation-styrofoam sheets paint,white: caulk.Tools: wood lathe, lapidary ~ibra I, tor and jew!eryrcleaner. call 229-0651 Moving Sale: :~’-, Sears riding mower good condition. $250.Roll-a- way bed. $35.din;rm.glass table.4chairs. 2 leaf glas. top buffet $300. king sz bd i50.$ .sewing machine sing- er trsadle- offer. ~920 sm. dresser w/mirror ~200. call 229-5718 +Privai9 school English teaz …. er seeks small+house or aft to rent.Longtime area resid- ent. Tele.520-4869 day or e Tel. 320 4869 day or ev. Graduate Studen:t,~ ~rtis~,: seeks house to share, a’rm with kitchen ~r~vileges or apt particularly.in Glen Echo MacArthur Blvd area. Cal~ Adrienne h.229-6980 w. 287-5469 :+-‘ .$~Y . – ,+% areS4. O0 per year for non-.residents and .free to Cabin John residentL ~:.Mail.all articles, inquiries, suggestions, leHers and subscriptions with payment} to. …… + ~ The Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS. + Post Office Box “i 6-4 Cabin John MaiTland 20731 :. +, E:I  :C ARK SON .~;:l~ o:~ :w~,t~+.~ rL~w, cm. emovlng :+:: +’•~-•+.-‘++:+: + + /-• ”G-…+-.’ -~ eyard.:-work -: +: . -e-aSOnable 229-7311 ‘ : :./” 8u-K RATE t 0. s. POS+AG~ PAID y,,, ” ….. ~+,t,~.,/tluo I % , .~,. 7 “. / . (~:/” -: / .+

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