July 1973

.VOL 6 No. ii Jul~ 1973 JULY CALENDAR Jul. 25 – C.B. Sducation Committee – 8 pm C.Jo Gardens Community House Jul. 25 Au~. i Aug, 8- American Story Telling Festival i,30pm Au~. 15 Little Falls Library Jul. 28 – Crab Feast – 4-9 p.m. Carver Rd. ” Park at Pool. Aug. 4 – Annual Ice Cream Social – ll to 5 pm Hethodist Church Aug. 25- Yarn Dyeing Workshop – l0 to 4pm Penn~fie~d T,~ &ug. 20- ~ontgomery County CountyFair 25 Gaithersburg Fair Grounds ?7??????777???????7?77777??????????????????7777 V!L_AG:; I..:~:.rS NEEDS YOUR HELP The editor of the Village News is in need of assistance in the following: *Billing for advertising and/or soliciting for advertising. *Takin¢ Village News todeliverers. *Calling new neighbors for permission to, mention ~them in the news and for finfor- marion. , *Typing. *Canvassing in the following areas: Carderock South 78th and 77th Sts. Buxton Terrace 81st up and Carraway Persimmon Tree Rd. At present the Village News has $400. It appears that the Village News will be able to continue as usual if canvassers can be found for the above areas. We are especiallyrateful to the Cabin John Gardens Association for their check for $100, that’s $1.00 for every house in the Gardens. *Anyone who has contact with a special interest group whose news would be bene- ficial to Cabln John residents is invited to contribute articles to the paper, also, historical and personal sketche s of the community and nearby areas are always welcome° Betsy Haas has volunteered to take the n~ws to the printer and return it, and Janet Dence is now the news reporter. I thank them:for their willing assistance. ~ appreciation for Cabin Johnas a community and each individual who lives here has increased daily in the two years Of my stay in Cabin John. As editor of the Cabin John Village News, it is my pleasure to serve you, and to present a paper which is truly a community news- paper. ” l~aryAnne Wilson P.O. Box 186 ~o: 229-3397 CRAB FEAST – JULY 28 The Cabin John Annual Crab Feast to benefit Home Study and the Citizens Assoc- iation will be held on July 28 from 5~t0 9 p.m. It will be held in the vacant area behind Carver Rd., as last year. The~menu includes either crabs or chicken, andias always, everything will be scrmmptious. Prices: $2.50 – large portions $1.50 – small portions ! Buytickets in advance this year from: ~Mry Anne Wilson Minda Wetzel Karl Pallme KathyBays Celeste Swedenburg Jackie Fyock Bill ~Ite James Craig There will be a bake sale at the Crab Feast; donations of baked goods will Be gratefully appreciated. Call Celeste Swedenburg if you would like to bake. Come, eat in or carry out. Don’t miss the good eating at the CabinJohn Crab Feast. Parking at the Palisades Pool park~ inglot. POST OFFICE CHANGES Frances Kohlhafer of Cabin John now works at the post offic6 alor, g with Dottle Clark and Shirley Shuler. Don Baxter is making deliveries. Golden Fmgleand Golden Age Passports to national parks may now be obtained at the Post Cffice. The Golden Eagle Passport costs $10, and covers entrance fees to National ParkService areas where entrance is charged. The Golden Age Passport is free to persons 62 year s of age or older upon proof o~ age, and it affords thei same benefits of the Golden Eagle° ! IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIilIIIIIIIIIIIIII/II III NOTICEs ~k~rING (PTA Committee) ~’~q~AT: Clara Barton Education Committee ~ERE: Cabin John Gardens CommunitY~ House, Webb Rd. Directions: Right on Ericsson Rd., …….. j ……. ; left on Webb Rd. $~en: 8:00 p.m. Wednesday July 25. ~ys To discuss the decreasing enrollment problem in Area I elementary schools and the very lowprojections for ClaraBarton, in particular. TO try to determine what realistic sol- utions or alternatives exist. To attempt to formulate a ~ositiveeplan or recommendation= that will be the most beneficial for the children and the community. Tnose who are interested. CABIN JOHN COI@~JNITY ~41M The free swim at Palisades Pool has been a huge success as indicated by the number of children and parents who have been,attending. In the past: few weeks children and parents of Cabin John have been turned away due to some misunderstan- dings. This problem was discussed at a recent Executive Committee meeting of the Citizens Association for the purpose of clarifying the rules and regulations regarding the community swim. First, the free swim program is run by the Citizens Association in cooperation with Palisades Fool. Second, the program is managed by volunteers whose job is to keep the swim under some control and to ensure the safety of the children. In order to accomplish this, certain rules have been agreed to that are in addition to the normal rules of the pool. Most importantly, there must be at least one supervising adult for every six children under 16. The sign-in list will consist of three columns: children under sixteen, non-supervising adults, and supervising adults. Supervising adults must be prep- ared to do at least $ hour “l-~guard duty” in either of the larger pools. We can- not continue to permit all interested Cabin Uoh~ children to swim at Palisades Fool unless enough adults volunteer to s supervise in a real way. COME AND TA~E YOUR TURN! Participants in the Community Swim must sign in and out everyday no matter wh—–en they leave .~- Failure to do both may result in your being turned away at a later swim. Some of the more important pool rules that have caused problems: I. Showers must be taken before entering the pool. ~e 2. No running or pushing in pool area. 3. No hanging on the ropes separating the pools. 4. Anyone wishing to pass the deep end test must have a Cabin John Adult Volunteer to help them and issue them a green patch. Green patches cost 25¢. Please make sure your children are aware of these rules! NEW IEIGHBORS Don andk’anda Veraska are our new neighbors at 6521 79th St. They have two children, Doug, age 8 and Dennis, ~. ~!el and Betsy Haas reside at 6512 79th Place since March. Their son, Paul, is 3½. Mrs° ~’~ry T. Ruble and four grand- children have recently moved to Tomlinson Ave. from the District. The children are Brenda, 10~ Dawn Nmrie, 6| Donnie, 12| and Linda, 14. Mrs. Ruble is ~ry Shaw’s mother° R9n ar~Cappi Morgan are new neigbors at 6525 80th St. Their daughter, Alisha is 5 months old. 2~thANNIVERSARY FAIR i Montgomery County celebrates its 25th anniversary of ~ryland’s leading County Fair this year. The fair is held at the Gaithersbmrg Fair Grounds right off Route 70S for 6 days and nights fromAug. 20 – Aug. 25. Admission for adults is ~l. Exhibits include farm appliances, crafts, cooking and baking, livestock, contests, amusement park attractions , and much more. **************************************** The bookmobile is at the Quick Food Shop every Monday from 5-5:30 p.m. this summer° Take advantage of this added convenience and read for fun this summer. GREAT FAIJ~ NOTES On August 25, from lO to 4 p.m., there will be a yarn Dyeing workshop and home craft demonstrations, free, open to the public. The Canoe Cruisers are providing free instructions in flat water canoeing each Tuesday and Thursday through the summer at Great Falls. Basic strokes and safety skills are featured. For additional information on either or both of the above programs, call Great Falls Tavern, 299-3613. I////////////////////////////////////////// }~. & I~2s. Fred Rest, longtime resid- ents of Cabin John, but recently moved to Rockville, announce the wedding of their daughter, Ann Rest to Bill Hyder, son of Mrs. Lois Hyder of Cabin John. The wedding will take place Saturday, July 21 at 1 p.mo at St. Judes Catholic Church of Rockville. //////!////////I/I////////////////////// Charles Bradford Lawrence graduated on Mmy 20 from Chawan College in ~rfreesboro, North Carolina. Mr. Lawrence was a dean’s list student. His degree is in graphic arts° ADOPTIVE HOF~ NEEDED IMF2/)IATELY Christie, a 9 year old white girl, pretty, slender, long blond hair, green eyes and freckles. Christie is pleasant and polite! she likes helping around the house. She is in special education classes. Christie is independent and has good verbal skills. Call COAC – 320-3357. Ig ‘ ‘ T}~ C 01Z,:~WJNITY PLAN – JUNE 1,973 During June, members of the Cabin John Community Plan staff met with several county organizations to present the Plan. One groupwith whom there were several meetings was the~ryland NationalCapitol Park and Planning Commission. As a result, a public hearing has been set up for September 13 at the Clara Barton School. The purpose of the public hearing is to hear the points of view of all • interestedparties on two groups of items. The first group relates to landuse and zoning, and includes the commercial zoning on the Tuohey tract, the residential zoning on the Polinger, Burgess, and certain small parcels of land. The second group of items relates t0transporta- tion such as the widening of Seven Locks Road, various proposed bike trails, Canal access, and several alternative proposals for the extension of Tomllnson Avenue. Upon evaluating the testimony givenat the public hearing, a sec- tionalmap amendment will be adopted for Cabin John. With this amendment, the full weight of the County offices will be behind the proposals made in the Cabin John Community Plan. In the next issue of the Village News, the specific proposed amandment to be presented a) the public hearing on September 13th will be published. The Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission issued this statement with respect to implementa- tion of the Plan. “Accord special recognitionto the citizens of the area whose planning values, desires, and proposals are embodied in the final draft report, Cabin John Community Plan, publishes in March 1973. While it is not in itself an official document, the report is hereby commended to public agencies and officials which are r~sponsible for regu- latory activities or which pro- vide public facilities and ser- Vices affecting the area.” //////////////////////////////////////// On July 12 between the hours of 5,30 and 6,30 p.m., Dr. Eric Buchman recorded 27overflights by National Airport planes. , The lowest sound level from the planes registered at 80 decibals, many were 90 decibals, as recorded at his home on Arden Rd. If you have noticed the increased frequency and noise, you probably don’t like ito Call the Sound Complaint Center at NationalAirport – 557-2081 to register YOUr feelings. Or, call Dr. Buchman – 229-5127 or Calvin Kytle – 229-6609 for the date of the next meeting on this subject and plan to attend. ~LCUTI~,, ~ ~ =^ ~,,,,~ , ~,~ ~ CO~,~IENTS ON CG’.~:UNITY i The followln~ comments are quoted ~directly from an interview with County Executive James P. G leason as it appeared in the June 28 issue of the Bethesda/Che~-j Chase Journal. Q. Do you really thi~ citizens want to get involved in day-to-day affairs 6f their government? A. There are hundreds justwaiting for a chance to become involved with their neighborhood, in what it needs, what it should be like. ‘:Te just had a tremendous effort produced by the Cabin John citizens and boy, l’m telling you it just makes you stand there and marvel at the capabil- ities of people when they put their minds . in it. They’ve come out, they’ve surveyed, you know there are 1500 people there, middle to low income housing families,• and I sat with them yesterday when the government helped them; but didn’t dic, tate what thedecision should be. They surveyed every vacant area, undeveloped area and the~’ve come up with recommend- ations, not ~nly that, but on recreation, on schools, gn bicycle paths, things : like that. They had a health day out there and the community all came out and doctors and people explaining health, and they are going to do it again and that is ithe kind of community we ought to encourage. LITTLE FALLS RECYCLING CENTER CLOSED The Little FallsRecycling Center is closed. Other recycling centers may!be opened bythe county in the fall, meanwhile, there is a recycling center in the G~ parking lot in Tyson’s Corner which is open all day everyday. Newspapers may be taken to Walt WhitmanHigh School every day| it is requested that papers left there be tied in bundles. I/I/1/////////////H/////////////////lll There is a Cabin John Welcome ~gon lady, Margaret Coleman-229~780, and if you’re new, want the Community Plan and a local phone book, call ~rgaret or the editor of this paper, ~MryAnne Wilson – 229-3397. Also, if you have a new neighbor, let one of these peopl e know so that our own Welcome Wagon can pay a visit! ! LITTLE FA~ LIBRARY NOTES OnWednesdays through the 15th of August, the childrens room of Little Falls Library celebrates an American StoryTelling Festival featuring American and Canadian folk tales. Children 7 – 12 years of age are invited to attend in the Little Falls meeting room at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. Pre-registration is recommended. M~-THODIST CHURCH N~S The church picknic will be held on July 22nd. A youth group from out of town and the whole church will be at the home of Nell Cliver. On July 29th, Dr. James Pyke, a former missionery to China and Sumatra will guest speak at the Sunday service. Dr. Pyke spent three’years in a Japanese prison camp! he is now Professor of World Religions and Missions at WessleyTheological Seminary in Washington. ~t 12,30 p.mo on the 29th, there is a meeting of the drama group planned to work on one act plays. August 4th, the annual Ice cream Social will be held from II to 5 p.m. There will be pony and mechanical rides, and th~ community is invited.;i! A Rally Day and picknic is planned for AuguSt 9th to kick off th~ new Adult Education Program. August i12, the guest speakers will be Rev. Paul Johnson, and Charles Caskey, student at the Episcopal seminary in ~irginia. RECIPE lADlES FILE Fresh Lemonade – Linda Gupton I cup sugar( boil one minute to make syrup I cup water( ½cup fresh lemon juice( mix in pitcher 4 cups water ( and add syrup. Servewith lots of ice, trimwith lemon slices. ????????????????????????????????????7777 VILLAGE NEWS STAFF ~ryAnn Wilson, Editor 229-3397. ~usan Vogt. Asso. Editor 229-6479 ~orris Fradin~ Articles 229-133~ FoAnn Bast. M~iling 229-8789 _ )()()()C)()()()()()()() rant ads cost 50¢. iommercial ads cost $3 per month or $8/ 3 mos. {ailing~subscription C2 per year ************************ Phone: 229-1361 . or 229-98! 1 ” BEAUTY SALON 7610 Tudi~ ~ • . . . ° J WRONG ADDRESS Will the person who paid for a Viiage News subscription for Mr. Gordon Touhez, please contact Mrs. Bast at 229-8789. The address we have is incorrect, and the issues a are being returned. I///I/////I//////I///////////////// “v/ANT. ADS FOR SALE: Gas coppertone stove, 36″, l½ years old. Grill in center. 4 burners, lighted oven. $100 – 125, best offer. 229-5136, call anytime. YARD SALEs August ll, l0 am to 3 pm. Featur- ing arts and crafts by the Hook family, 6416 79th St. FOR SALE= Couch and Chair (overstuffed) fair condition, needs slipcover $30. Ironer:(mangle) _ good c0ndition_$10. Walnut Crib (Childcraft) – good con- dition-$15. Car Bed – excellent condition-S5. Chiffarobe (portable closet) – knotty pine, cedar lined, excellent cond. $25. Call 229-8095 YARD WORKs Steve ~vhitta~er – 229-8899. ” QUI  FOOl) SlIOP 6 Br-=W,,=t, Iqane-.,VMb  db’ 22P-SkSS EMIL DOLEZA ‘r’=,” HE,=TIN@  Z9 -5685 Rq~it’S Dra.,h ~l~im I

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