July 1971

.,.., ” ” flillage fie o Vol. 4 No. ii if( July 1971 …. ,JULYICAL~NDAR. July 13 lsSO Penny Theatre, Little Fells Ltbr. July 13 6m30 SoFtball, Hedges Field July 15 ll-1 Free Swim, Palisades Pool July 15 6m30 Softball, Clara Barton Field July 16 ?mJO Army Bend, CJ Regional Park July 17. 4-9 Crab Fssstp 21 Carver Road July 20 lsJO Penny Theatre, Little Falls Ltbr. July 20 6m30 SoFtball, Clara Barton Field July 22 11-1 Free 5Blm, Palisades Pool July 22 6i30 Softball; Clara Barton Field July 22 7m30 Bavarian Band & Dancers, CJ RegPk July 27 lm30 Penny Theatre, Little Falle Ltbr. July 27 6130 Softball, Lyhtll Road July 28 7130 US Navy Band, CJ Regt~al Park July 29 ,11-1 Free Swim, Palisades Pool July 29 6m30 SoFtball, Clara Barton Field Au~ 3 6m30 SoFtball, Farquhar School ((((((.(((.(((( Random July Thoughtm When was the last , time you cycled or walked along / i your canal? ):) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ).) ) ) BARNES FAMILY SAY THANKYOU We :have become overwhelmed by the expres’sions of respect, love and sympathy shown by the citizens of Cabin :John and its surrounding~area, that w~ must try to express some apprec:iation for the concernshown to me and my w~fe during ~er nearly ten months of hospitalization at Suburban Hospital. The pain we have both suffered has been eased so much by so many. ” ) …. We cant begin to thank individuals fo~ their sewing of special gowns, the washing and caring for same, the care of her hair and personaleffects, but by groups we can at least try. We ~ould like to thank the U.S. Soldiers Home Employees and their wives, the Cabin John Fire Dept. for its many transports, the Cabin John V.F.W. and its Ladies Auxiliary, for -h ~ meals, flowers, and visitations, ~ e. Cabin John Methodist Church and its members, and the Cabin John Gardens Inc. We are overwhelmed bythe gift we received Sat. June 19th, and appreciate it more than words canexpress. Pastor David Cole of Glen Echo Bap- tist church married our Son Mac to the lovely Lynda Slater. The complete • ceremony was video taped and a replay compi~te with picture and sound replayed in the hospital room with a number of guests present. ..,. ” “‘ I” ” I cannot tell you what it mean~:~to~ ~ !~. …….. ~oth of us. all I can say to~{ ~”~’~::~'”~:~<~’~””~er~o~ THE CRAB FEAST OF 1971 “Yes, Virginia, there is going to be another Crab Feast.” The Home Studygroups of Cabin John and Scotland have surcumbed to popular demand, and are indeed having another delicious Crab Feast. The bigday is July 17, from 4 to 9 pm at Bill Whlte’s house, 21 Carver Road. Prices are as follows: $6 per family plus $1 for each child from 10 to 16 /ears : or $2.50 for each single adult age 17 and up Tickets are available from Celeste Swedenburg 229-2282 Bernice Dove 299-6792 Diane Heflin 229-0280 Elizabeth Halsey 299-6877 Of course the menu features crabs, but there will also be chicken plus all the extras. Dessert and beverage are extra. Donations of all kinds are welcome. Just contact one of the people above. PS The society editor of this paper will want to see you there! ************************************ ~nemore Home Study item: S&E Stamps and Top Value Stamps are still needed to reimburse the Help-the- Camp-Fund. They may be given to Celeste Swedenburg or Bernice Dove. /I/I/H/I/1///////////////////////// FOUR YEAR 0LD~,CLASS VACANCIES The 1971-72Four-Year-Old Class still has vacancies. Any family in theClara Barton School district is eligible to send their child to this class, and that includes the families in Carderock South. This program ~. is unique in that it includes”a wide ,i.). mix of children and experiene:es, ,,:. A teacher is still ‘~or thl~ class next y ~’re hlgl~ , although t make the teacher rlc~ you know someone who/~i!! ested, please call Mi~ 365-8573. ” I ‘:’ CABIN :ht .’ ‘: (wards aon’,t ;~’ iter-i , (, Have you c om~ty~:.isu.: Rememb6~:,:Z!~,! ) do • ” ~ i’t h…::, a ope, ,sp N~.mAN IN CDMMpNITY DEVELOPMENT Lee ~snes, the planner easigned to Cabin John for the past year, has left the Dept, of Community Development to return to his home in Ohio. I would-like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the community and to explain my role in the process of developing a community plan for the. Cabin John eras. ~y name Is Jim lurer and I am • Community Org:snlzetton Specialist. I have been with the. Department for 18 months, moat of which I spent with the Community Action Committee, thel Ccur,ty’a sntl-poverty agency. Before that, I worked for ~e Office of Economic Opportunity in Washington and wee a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand. ~y activities in all these capacities he~ehad one common thread which I hope mill be helpful in working with Cabin John. I have worked with local community people to ” assist them in the development of plane that express what they went/for themselves end thelt communities. I have assisted in the formulatlon of problems, setting prior- ities, examining alternative solutions, end implementing those that the community decided were most appropriate and feasible. I mould llke to make one thing cleat et the outset. I am not s planner. That skill will be provided by others from Park end ~lennlng end the Community Development. I will be servlng e8 the liaison between the community end those agency resources that will be needed in developing e plan For Cabin John= I will be in the communlty,se frequently as p~seibls trying to meet the residents end ~o get an idea of where the community Is end where we ate going, Please feel free to cell me at our office–2?g-131B–or to coma by–lO1O Rockville Pike–at any time. (Space for this article has been purchased by the Department of Cemmunlty Development.) • ~’ , ,’ ‘ ‘ .’ / / I / / /,./ / / / // / / / / . I , ~J FIREREN BASEBALL STARS Cabin John is one of the charter membere An the ~ontgomery County Fitemen’a Softball League, helping to get it organized in 1955. They have won the ~eetern Division championship nine of the last’~ten years. Here’s hopln 9 they will do it again this year, The current record Is 5 wins and 5,1osse~, with several mote games yet to play, Present standing in the league Is third place. A big thank you go~ to the fens who have followed the teem this year and given them so much ieupport. It means a lotl~to the players, so come lout and cheer them on at the reef of their games** . – ) our team ~d so herd~ |me will be or the teems will be thl8 game Lnlng. .d RU~ .~CE H~AVEN They didn’t name it that but they should have. When the ~ethodiet Church of Cabin John decided, two years ago~ that they had to increase their income, they hit upon the idea of 8 rummage sale – 8 one day affair. The success of this venture prompted the ladies of the chumch, spearheaded by Olga Long and Betty Peck, to organize a permanent rummage center. foday, after two successful years of operation, the church ks $4?02 richer, and has earned the gratitude of Cabin John a8 well. Every Tuesday, from 10-2, and again in the evening from 6-g the basement of the church Is open to bargain hunters. And bargains are there. I have visited the Sale several times and made such purchases as: a boy’s white dress shirt, 25¢; boy’s sport jacket, 50¢; Password game, 10¢; tablespoons and teaspoons, 5¢ each; cork bulletin board, 75¢. ~y teenagers were delighted with the kooky clothes they found there, none of ~hich cost more than the price of a lunch. ~y daughter paid $2 for a Persian lamb cape that she happily wore to school ell winter. The Rummage Center serves the Cabin John, community in a double capacity. Any discarded clothing or other articles may be taken to the church. I find thl8 a welcome relief from my old routine of calling s collection truck to pick up my unwanted articles–in two weeks– maybe. Everything is welcome–toys, books, games, furniture, 8mLll appliances, kitchenarticles, as well as clothes of all description. I First heard about the center from a neighbor who has outfitted her family in ice skates bought there. Nothing 18 masted, items which ere not saleable at the church are donated elsewhere. ~orking in the Rummage Sale, sorting and pricing articles, displaying and Selling them, is a big Job and the ladies are interested An volunteer help., You needn*t be a member of the church; if you’d like to help, call ~rs. Long at 229-0557. Here’s the:plsc~ to take your summer cleanup surplus. ~re*8 the place to ?III in the klde’ merdrobes at the right prices. And you know, in that basement At isabel, Barbara Clark I ., , • I I II I ARE YOU OVER 30?– DID YOU ATTEND CLARA BARTON? ‘. . DO YOU NO~ LIVE IN CABIN JOHN? ‘ Village News Is looking for you, The September issue will feature Clare Barton Elementary School, past, present end future= We partlculerly went the name8 of ell Cabin Johnere mho can answer the above questions with Yes. Drop e postcard to Barbara Clark at 6451 ?gth St, or call 229-~6431. m-rrl ~ BILLY GRAHA~ FI6~ A f~ee showing of the film, Los~ Generation will beheld at the Cabin John United ~ethodist Church, ~acArthur at ??th on July 15 at 8#30 pm. This mill follow the 7#30 ~orship service. …. All during the summer, the ~ethodiet church ~ is holding Thursday night’ services for the ~°~-<.., special convenience o? those who like to camp ~J,.;~-..3~.”Ss~dv =~rlnn at E~rnuhsr~:School ~.<-, ‘ ! .and travel on the weekends. ~,%.~1’~,~~”.. .~ -El1,'” ~.=~’.-.,, ~,,,”~.~ – ~ ~ …. Lost Generation features Art Linkletter and { ~ ~,~ VFW NEWS /~ Commander Starbard reports that the sale of Buddy Poppies this year was the best ever and that as a result, the ~elief Fund is in great shape. A ~, good deal of credit for over the top sales goes to Kathy Booth, Buddy Poppy Queen for the State of Maryland and a resident of Cabin John. A Luau is in the plan- ning stages, to raise money for the building fund for the new wing on the VFW Hall. The membership will be notified when a date is set. If crabs come down in price, a feast will be planned for August. EDITORS NOTE: The American flags seen flying from utility poles along MacArthur Blvd. on the holidays are placed there by the VFW. A vote of thanks for this festive touch to the VFW from the citizens of Cabin John. !111/ 11111111111111111/1111111111111. ,. ~.I~tJORETTES WIN PRI~.’~.S Mrs. Hunter reports that the ma- Jorettes placed third in recent compe- tition and that First Place went to the majorette drummer% in yet another compe tltlon. Our maJoret%es are spon- sored by our fire department and practice on Monday evenings at the school. New mwmbers are always welcome. Information can be obtained from the new president, Mrs. Rutherford at WH 2 – 4688. TEENAGR5 TAKE TRIP TKa Cabin John teenagers who have been uorking so heed collecting newspapers ate r~nelly having it pay off. They will soon be going camping at Indian Rivet Inlet which is about 5 miles out of Rehoboth. They will be gone For 6days and wlll spend thei~ hatd-eaznad money on Food, gas, end the park fee. The Final newspaper collection will be on Satuzdey, July 10. IF you have papers you ~mnt picked up, cell Cyi~thta Ratshell at 229-5942. The teenagers went to thank everyone who helped In this collectton~ and ” especially ~It. Gane Fisher ~ot his generous contribution of his truck and hls time. …… ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ The Neighborhood Youth Corps is looking for about I0 boys aged 16 and up to work as Park Aids at the Cabin! John Regional Park ,for the summer. Anyone who is interested should call Mrs. Edith Gordon at 279-1484. ()()()()()()()()()()(1()()()()()()() !*** RECREATION ***~i The Gle~ousei is again .. turnihg and delighting m~hy small children. Sundays from ~ipm to 8 pm for 25¢ per ride, a bit of the past becomes a reality. There is also an art show featured, and many area artists participate. i . ! • Also, don’t forget the regula~ /~ I summer recreation program at the:i!¢~ ~}~ I”~) Cabin John Rec Center. It’ s g~~ !!i~: ~ _ ,~’ ” , ‘; “~-‘~i~:-i.,,~’: ~’ CLEAN-UP FINISHED — FINALLY As was undoubtedly evident, the Cabin John Clean-UpDay turned out to be the Cabin John Clean-up tw__~o weekends~ Jack Peyton saved the day on the first Saturday by offerring two trucks instead of one after our other reserved truck broke down. The volunteers worked from:8:30 am to 6:30 pm that day, but were only able to cover about 2/3 of the town. The following weekend, Ed Clark who is building the houses on 76th St., loaned his truck, and the rest of Cabin John was cleaned up then. All the volunteers worked hard and deserve a vote of thanks. They were Jack Peyton, Ed Clark (of 79th St.), Peter Vogt, Joe Hlgdon, Jack Rabner, Peter Camplair, John Badgley, Bill White, Frazier Kellogg, Peter Briefs, Eric Von Bostel, Win Shaw and ~is son, Jim Hutchinson, Dick Goodwin, Mansfield Bascomb, and Joey Glenn. The dump does not accept old tires, so these were not picked up. The best way to get rid of them is to take them to a gas station or tire store where they’ll be used for retreads. Newspapers and other trash which can be picked up by the county were also left behind. Every household is en- titled to a large separate pick-up of trash every 90 days. Call the trash people at 424-2662 for details. Again THANKS to all thevolunteers, and to the Brownies and Girl Scouts who walked the lengthof MacArthur Blvd picking up trash along the way. III!/1111111111111111111111111111111 POTOMAC VALLEY HOMEMAKERS The Homemakers held a special Award Tea for members of the group who had been part of Potomac Valley Homemakers for more than 25 years. Mrs. Fenton, formerly of Cabin John but now living in Glen Echo Heights, and Mrs. Burgess ~ere both honored. But the real winnelr of the day was Mrs. Charles Smith of 75th St., who has been a member for 49 yearsl The Potomac Valley chapter of the Homemakers Club was the third one to be~set up in the county. The June Homemaker’s meeting featured Arab cooking. Mrs. Anne Conrad did some of the research , and the food was enjoyed b~ all. The Conrads (Anne is Dagny Newman’s daughSer)~ve :a student from Kuwait li~:i;~’~i:i:W~ith them “~ho helped with the me~9’i~i!¢!.!..,’~:~ ~ “:~:~ ‘~ { }( }( { }( } ( }{ }( }{ } { ( }( } i}( } PALISADES P00L/~BEE~:SW~IM Pool on Sg,y.f ~ ~: free ~ ” ag~f},.,~ ‘ i JULY GARDEN C 0LUMN ‘ by Theresa P. Jessup Daylilles for color in your summer garden Although a well planmed daylily llr- den will bloom from April into Sept., the height of the blooming season is in July. Your daylilies/provide a riot of color – reds, yellows, pinks, orange, green, purples, and bi-colors. The Hemerocallis, commonly called day-lily is one of the oldest cultiva- ted flowers. Pliny wrote about it in the first century A.D. and Linnaeus in 1753 listed two species: Hemerocal- lie flava, the well-known “lemon-lily”; and Hemerocallis fulva, the tawny “roadside lily”. Year b~ year new var- ieties have been introduced by scien- tists and backyard gardeners. Their introductions have been numerous and in many cases spectacular. Develop- ments have been made in – increased branching, length of blooming season, night blooming varieties, shape and size of blooms and in the color of the flowers. A prolific developer in this area is Willard King who lists among his introductions: ANGELIQUE (pink); KING OF HEARTS (red); KING SIZE (yellow); and SHREVEPORT BELLE (orange). Among the more tha~ 5,000 var~etie s are many beautiful and reasonably priced varieties. In the yellows are LITTLE CHERUB, one of the first to bloom, HYPERION, an oldie but still list@’d as one of the best, ANGEL ROBES, a pale greenish yel~w, AVA MICHELLE, a ruffled yellow, CARTWKEELS, a beautiful gold lily that opens flat, and FAIRY WINGS, dainty and ruffled. The orange daylilies ‘include BURNING DAYLIGHT, with an overla~.of~crimson 2 EMILY~BROWN, sometimes ca±~em ~ne only true orange daylily, NASHVILLE, with its deeper eye zone, and GREAT SCOTT, orange gold. Among the pinks are PINK DAMASK, one of the oldest of the pinks that started at ~50 a plant, WARIE WOOD, a light pink, LUXURY LACE~’with a laven- der tinge, GRECIAN GIFT, a bright pink, and SATINGIIAS8, A VERY PALE pink. The melons include FRANCES FAY, well branched li6~t melon., GEORGE CUN~INGHAM, a melon blend with a green throat, NINA REBMAN, a light melon, and STARSHINE, lighter than melon. Included in!the reds are BESS ROSS, a bril!~i~i’ r~ ~’, AIA~N, bright cherry ,, red, IND\~I~I~ CALL, deep velvety red, FLAMTN~RqH, a two-toned fiery red, CAREY I~IUI~;I a darker velvety red, and LOCHINMAR~k~ades of red. Amon~h~ <~ ….. ” -~ are MISS JESSIE, “. “~, FRANS HALS, ~n and ‘ “hid . Plant your daylllles in a soll “~ mixture composed of good garden soil, Michigan peat and well rotted manure or compost. Lighten our clay soil with sand. No fertilizer is necessary though bone meal may be used if desired. Dig a hole large enough to accommodate the spread out roots. Place the crown of the plant( tli~ point where roots and foliage meet) on a low cone of soll and arrange the roots around the sloping sides of the cone. Press the soil around the plants and water well. Daylilies have few enemies and give great beauty for little care. Thripes are the only insects that ,may become serious. Damaged stems, dist,- ted and discolored flowers are the visible evidence of their presence. They may be controlled by spraying with 0rtho Isotox or by working 0rtho Systemic granules into the soil. The Isotex spray must be repeated every two weeks while the effect of the granules lasts for six weeks. 1/1/1/Ill//////////////Hill////////// RECIPE LAD IES ‘ FILES Lush and lovely and easily made ahead is this salad recipe from California. Nice for the buffet table too. Serves 8. FRUIT SALAD I Can Mandarin oranges I Cup cubed pineapple ( fresh or canned, the minted kind is nice) 1 Cup Thompson seedless grapes 1 medium can diced fruit cocktail 1 Cup sour cream I Cup moist coconut 1 cup miniature marshmellows Drain all fruit very well and mix all together~ then add sour cream, coconut, and marshmellows. Chill overnight. Frances Eandle SUM~R IN THE LIBRARY The Little Falls Library on Mass. Ave is presenting three Penny Theatre productions this month. All are free, and begin at 1:30 pm on Tuesdays. For planning seats, the library would like to be called if you are going to bring children. Their number is: 656 – 7266. July 13 – let grade and up July 20 – let grade and up July 27 – 3rd grade and up Also, the library staff is reading stories of the children’s choice at ll am every morning. ************************************* PTA M~ETINGS THIS SUMMER i Members of the PTA Executive L Committee are sponsoring meetings ~i~ in diff<erent neighborhoods in Cabin ~/~.~o~m~ohi~s summer. Someone in your ~’*~~*~ood will be calling you ……….. your opinion. + SUBSCRIPTION . “‘+”+Oh the memo weekend that “+the Community Surveys were distributed, a ilcsnvae8 was : made Per annual subscriptions to the Village News. $76 was collected. If you were mlosed in the canvass, ~on’t you send in $I-to Cebln John Village News, 6509 ?6th St. The cost of printing each issue Is ~ about 145, . ~. anc~ of course, ell writing, editing, assembling and distribution 18 done on • volunteer basis. Each month a copy of the Village News le distributed to each of the 500 homes in Cabin John. ~hilw 8.ms may not reed it, most people enjoy and value this community newspaper. If you ere one of the letter, your support would be . appreciated. II:IIIIIIIIIIII WANT ADS !i!.>+. + , ~ Sell:or Trade8 Large metal office desk :~;’/+ …. in good condition. Beet offer 229-0280 ~anted=Sofa 6’ or longer. To be slip- covered,++.;So covering~nottmportent, but 8hould~be structurally ‘sound. 229-6431 Two 15-year-old girls want to earn money :to visit sick aunt. Babysitting or work in stores. Please cell 363-7349 or 229-6862 2 ~heel Trailer, 1000 lbs. cbpactty. +iPsrfsct condition. $40 ” Chas Smith 6512 ?Sth S~. ’58 Buick, excellent running condition, needs some body wo=k. 155 229-6431 Free To Good Homsel Baby gerbils 229″3208 ~ Babysitter For days or evenings. Lots or experience, many rsfersnces. Also gardening and housework. ~ ~ ~riah Clerk, 229-6431 / / / ./. / / / / / / / / / / ECOLOGY EFFORTS As a concerned householder, you can help with recycling. Save, in sspsrsts containers, newspapers, aluminum, white glees, colored glass. The nearest collection ceh~ter Is the perking lot of .+ the Sofomay on ~cArthur Boulevard Just inside the District line. It 18 not necessary to remove paper labels from containers,+ but please do. remove the mstal ring from the top of bottles. St-me,tel cans are not recyclable, Just aluminum ones. A can with a seam damn the side I8~bi-metal. Havs.+you heard of’ Concern, Inc.? +~ith no axe to grind says a cleaner ~orld, +,, Concern+researches products end procsssea~ ; ~iii~ I and reports the results in 8 free pub- ltcstion, co-Tips. Get their advice on paper products, gasoline, pesticideS, ” detsrgente, etc. by dropping 8cord tO ++:.. them st 2100 M St. N.=. ~h DC 20037~i:-.~/+.!;~ e Skl~ng ~to bs put on their mll~ing~ ~:` +~:;;~+”~ GUY CHURCH’ DIES On ~ondsy~ June 7, Guy Church, son of • r. end (cid:127)ra. James Church, long-time residents of Cabin John Gardens, died of acute leukemia in ~elter Rood Hospital. Guy would have graduated from Week Point this June; and m,me to here been married following graduation. The oldest of 8 children, Guy wee known end loved in Cabin John where he grew up end lived until 2 years ago when the family moved to Silver Spring. At ~eat Point he lee on the Dean’s List, and coached in many =porte. It use only one week before his doeth that Guy wee aware of any symptoms of illness. Former neighbors in Cabin John Gardens prepared and delivered meals to the Church family for two weeks during their ordeal. ( ( (.( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (( ( ( VILLAGE NEWS STAFF ~re. Susan Vogt 229-64?9 News collection Janet Hutchinson 229-6144 Features Barbers Clerk 229-6431 Recioes ~rso r~lary ~cCumker ~re. Done Cable 229-3830 ~8. M.~, Ksndle 229-3208 Theresa Je88up ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ~rb-~;eaveland wedding. Rr8. Joseph L. Clseveland of Cabin John announces the marriage of her daughter, Lind= June, to Mr. Dennis Franklin Barb, son of (cid:127)rs. Sydnor Harrison of Suitland, ~d, and Floyd E, Barb of Winchester, Virginia. Thewedding took place on ~ay 22, 1971. LAnds 18 the daugh- ter of the late Joseph L. Clesvelond. The couple honeymooned in Hsrehsy~ Pea and Ocean City, ~orylend. . ~dL~~on Buxton Terrace includel Gordon end Viretts King, daughter Heath=r,6 and son ~toheel, ? months; Charles end ~rgerit8 5ecklnge~, son Borie~ and daughters Anita and Angels; ~ohn~ and Peggy Guntor; ~yrs and David ~ileon end son ~httney, 2. .Batty and Ted Hahn have bought the Csrlo~k place on 80th Street. ~ith their five children, they will bs moving in later thlo summer. ~r. Charles Smith Jr. is home 8Pier two masks in Subdrban Hospital. express thanks For the many shown to him end his w fei~ ~ hie illness, (r~ ~ ~ ~ +: ” n M e §u,,~l ‘ from’+a . vacation st Rehobokh , vacationing, in Miami Hs.~ Wishes to ktndnoeeee q,. Be’ i’ Delamrare. :s Dsii’ld ere S ++-, +  ,000111 tfflell Eel IG ” ….. ” ~,c~ P~s,mmon Tree GId. ~ DOUTIQOE 22~-568S “- II£$III~I~II16 – ~/F..It.V Nf.~R B’l”-” CATER, EP~ II Reo~nabl¢ ~s 229-5050 lOam- 61~rn M0n.-~=t. ge cater all event,, Medd; ncjs ~pt,bn~ BOr MltzvQhs Por÷i~s .~.A~e Co,,  MgRICAS ONE .s3oP,,-. ~VER~m~II ZZ9 0¢% ~e~.l~mk~t b,~ B ~on-Fri q-5 Gle~ Echo 51~opt,;.9 Ca.nhr HOME MEATIN6 01L .58″/-~32Z “¢~,,.L 22,9 – 0 t00 THE INDIA BAZAAR Where , rqVes t meets East” HANI) ~pu,,x ~so SLOcK PR INTEI) ~ ILtg ~,R~S S $ Tel. 229.6260 A “~’~ ” E GELH ~ARDT ~~,.o~,, (resident agent ) PLAZA DEL MIIRCADO Sit.Vim $llmlNO, MO 20906 • ~gB IB~O0 PHONE:36~-O361 OR 469-9833 Dorothy Helen ; BEAUTY SALON 7630 TOMLINSON AVE. APT. 15 CABIN JOHN, MI3. 20731 “P£RSONAL HAIRDRESSING” L~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ r-~ ~ re ¸,~m mr~~~~ “” “‘i:; ~:;i{‘::”,~:Y:~,.9., GI~’C’~”‘~,:’ Phones: 299″9575 & 299-9576 ~ ~ .~ . PoToMXCo MAHYJ,~Nbt} ‘ ‘” %~L”-;/~’C~ ” i Z0854~:*., ,,~,~, % v,, 209. ‘ |0|,1 River Ro$d p(~ RCA ‘%, “,,;Li ,i ,SALE&~,.SERVICE ZENITH SONY POTOMA t:; VILLAGE RADIO.~ TELE-VISION c.,,…: …… .~.. ~oro~; PbqCF s ioe¢i#e crR…. ~;~ ÷;~ ……. ,,….,,,. ,. ,.., . ., …. • “.:~L-“.;,.~’,~,,~,,,’~ ‘ :-,’:'”; ” “‘9, ….. : “J .. ” – .~z:C 2 ,.,’- . ,~ ,…. ~., . ,, .,,, .,; ….

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