January 1983

I Volume. 16, No. 5 SERI, TNG THE PEOPLE OF CA.BIN JOHN AND BEYOND ‘ January i985 I! m REC CENTER AND SEVE~ LOCKS ROAD TO BE TOPICS OF CITIZ~S MEETINGS ‘I~ | The Cabin John Citizens Association will hold its next regular meeting on Tuesday, January 25; at 8 p.m., at the Clara Barton School. Topic: Options for rebuilding the CABIN JOHN DIRECTORY Are you a newcomer to Cabin John or were you left out of the I~82 Communlty Di rectory? A pared and is targeted supplement to this dir- ectory is now being pre- Recreation Center. ‘ for distribution in the The CJCA February meeting will take place ~ February 1983 Village on Tuesday, February 22, same time and place, ~ News. To have your name with Robert Merrim~O~ : the MontgOmery ~ included, please call • County Department of Transportation reporting | Cappie Morgan, 320-3269. on plans for improvements to Seven Locks ~ (Also, if you are a new Road. • | , Stories about both the Rec Center and – comer and dldn t get a s h n this directory, pAease call Seven Locks Road appear el ew ere i ~ M – ……. ” issue of The Village News. dean agglo, zz~,o~u.) HOU SE TOUR AT LAST ! SEV~ LOC~S ROAD REBUILDING TO START SCHEDULED FOR THIS SPRING Four springs ago,several by “C.J. Roving Eyes” Cabin John families opened j_ The County has long planned to improve, j l level and widen Seven Locks Road from Lilly- their homes to visitors / • from this community. This “Cabin John House Tour “~ was so enjoyed that people have been asking when it would be done again. Now the word is out that a tour is planned for this spring, organized by the Cabin John 3-and-4-year old school. If you have stone Drive to MacArthur Boulevard. Now a contract has been awarded to Brigham and Day Construction Company and work may begin wlthiz a month. Originally the Countyhad planned to take land from the west side (the side with all th~ houses) to get the extra road width. In response to this threat, Allen van Emmerlk and Ed Clark organized a march down Seven Locks Road — way back on January 28, 1978! — (“Roving Eyes” even marched along) and con- suggestions about homes vlnced the County to use its own land on the which would be fun to visit, east side for the widening. or if you would be willing to open your own home • to your neighbors, pl-ease call Cappi e Morgan, 320-3269. • (Incidentally, the school currently has room for one more child in its preschool As now designed, the section from Lilly’ stone to Tomlinson will have a 6-foot wide bike path on •the park side, and the section from Tomllnson to MacArthur will have a 5-fooi sldewalk, also on.the east side. The stream which passes under the road at the little one- way bridge not far from the Gibson Grove program. It operates 5 Church will be routed under the road in two mornings a week at the Clara pipes, so no real bridge will be evident. Barton School building, with tuition at $50 a month. For The first section to be done will be from more information, call Ann- Tomlinson to MacArthur. All through traffic ette Davis (229-0754).) will be diverted down Tomlinson Avenue, but (Continued on page 2 THE VILLAGE NEWS 2 mllll|Ullmlllllllllllllllll|lllllll| Ill l I~ • SEV~ LOCKS ROAD (Continued from page 1) ~~ GLA~K ~residents ~ill be able to reach their homes at all times. Calcium chloride will be sprayed i ~~~ i on the road as needed to control dust. ~L.~o For citizens~who have been wondering why : i ——–”–” :; the electric poles were moved many months ago, snowing . the answer is that a 69,000 volt line runs lh .llwl  …… down Seven Locks Road and then on %0 the David ‘~ Taylor Model Basin and, in order not to disrupt @yard woi k i Model Basin, experiments at the ‘ the electrical . work had to be done at a certain time of year. (Editor’s note: It has also been learned that during road reconstruction, a water main will be extended down Seven Locks Road, thus providing WSSC water to houses along the road from the Beltway to Carver Road. For more In- formation, come to the February 22 Citizens Asso clation meeting. ) ~ ~ ……. TE~/RECREATION C~TER FOR CABIN JOHN? Pastor R0n Gavin, Maureen Willoughby, “Duf” Marquadt and Pat Connelly appeared before the i B ‘73111 ~llllBIIIIIIImllllllllllllllUlllllllllllli T-SHIRTS OOVER CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND Thanks to the proceeds ~ from the sale of those snappy-looking Cabin John T-shirts, THE VILLAGE NEWS will continue to publish. Maryland National Capital Park and Planning The sale of some 525 shirts Commission in Thursday, January 13, to discuss ~ has reaped a profit of replacement options for the Cabin John Commun- about $1,200, all of which ity Center, and particularly the possibility of establishing a teen and community center with equipment and staff~ng~\The Center, which was destroyed by fire last June, had an insur- ance coverage which provides $117,631 for rebuildlng. Marquadt reported at the November 30 Cabin John Citlzens Association meeting that the Park and Planning Commission had indicated that ! it favored replacing the building with only an open picnic shelter. The meeting, however, urged that the structure be designed primarily as a teen center, with gymnasium equipment and a basketball court; with Some after-school staff sup ervi sion. Before a decision is reached, the MNCPPC has asked that the Area I Recreation Advisory Board hold public hearings. The date and place of these hearings have not yet been set. Meanwhile letters of support for the goes to support the paper. The T-shirts were sent all over the USA and as far as Australia for Christmas presents (one is even known to be in the wilds of New Guinea) Cabin John owes Betsy Lawrence a debt of grati- tude for her tireless and highly effective efforts in making the venture the success that it was. Betsy says thanks back to the community for its enthusi- astic response. There are only 20 shirts left to be sold. This is the LAST chance, so call Betsy Lawrence at community center plan have been •sent to the 229-6706. MNCPPC by Cabin John’s neighbors — the Bannock- burn Citizens Association, the Carderock Springs ,************~****** Citizens ~ Association, and the Mayor of Glen • The Village News : Echo. How to build an even wider base of public ~ notes with deep regret ~ support for a reconstructed recreation center ~ ~ the death of Clyde will be the focus of the next Citizens Associa- ~ McKinney, 83, on Nov- ~ tion meeting on January 25. ~ ember 2, 1982. Mr. , Another opportunity for expressing support ~ McKinney resided with ~ for this plan will come on Wednesday, January ~ his son, Frank McKinney, ~ 26, at 8 p.m , when the Montgomery County Council s long-time Cabin John ~ community leader (Contlnued on page 5) *** ~************ **** ~ THE VILLAGE NEWS Getting to Know the People of Cabin John HOMETOWNER SID GRAHAM By Barbara Martin If you lived in Cabin John in the 1940’s and you liked to dance, chances are you spent Sat- urdaynights at the Junior Order Hall, enjoylng the music of Sial Graham and the Hometowners. Sid and his group were a popular coun- try music band that played all around Montgomery County, and hob- nobbed with Roy Clark and Jimmy Dean. Today Sid Graham lives on 81st Street, two doors from the house his father built in 1925. Sid’ s mother was born near Potomac, where herfather owned Spring Hill Farms. Many time Sid’e mother travelled with her father in a horse and wagon from Potomac to a farmers’ market in the city. It was a two-day trip, and meant an overnight stay in Washington. His dad was a builder. He worked on the Cabin John fire- house, and for a couple of years served as volunteer fire chief. For pleasure9 Mr. Graham played the fiddle and the banjo. Sid still has his father’s fiddle hanging on the wall. when Sid was very young, he became captivated with making music. ~ He played the free tickets for the Marshall Hall rellerrcoaster and other hair- r~ai sing -ri des ……. ………………….. Over the years, Sld’s band changed membership and expanded. They played for dances all over the county and every Saturday they broadcast over WBCC a program of llve country music. “We didn’t get paid anything,” says Sid, “but we used it to publicize where we would be playing for dances. And then we got a percentage of the gate for those danqes.” • …. When the Junior Order of Am- erican Mechanics openedtheir new hall on 79th Street, the occasion was celebrated with a dance featur- ing the music of Sid Graham’s band. That building is ~ the present “greyj building” at the corner of MacAr- thur and 79th. For years the Junior Order Hall was the scene of lively Saturday night dances. It was about this time that the band began searching for a name. Although his buddies suggested “Sid Graham ‘and the Graham Crackers,” Sid chose instead “The Hometowners”. Some~:of the members were Bobby Th?mp- son (brother of Margaret Lawrence), Jiggs Farrell, and Pat King – gu i-~ banjo,ukelele, the guitar, the tarists; Hank Sandrlch and Morris 5-string banjo, and the tenor banjo. Friedman, fiddlers; Dick Sullivan on bass fiddle, and Sid on the banjo. By the ripe old age of 12, Sid Sid was then in his late teens. had formed a band with two other Cabin John boys -~ Erwin Reeves, For years they were a featured s who played the mouth organ, and group at the Rockville Carnival. It Billy Curtin, who played the Jews- was there one summer in the late harp. The band auditioned for Joe 1940’s that the Hometowners shared Brown’s Kiddie Show, at station WOL the bill with another country music on F Street, and were so popular • group, Jimmy Dean and his Texas Wild- they played regularly on that show cats. Roy Clark was a member of that for twQ years. Joe Brow n arranged band. Sid recalls that Jimmy Dean for them to play on the Wilson Line, walked up while the Hometowners were a cruise boat that made the Potomac playing and said, “You boys sound River trip – to Mt. Vernon and Marsh, pretty good. Mind if I sit in?” all Hall. They were billed as the “Strictly speaking~ he wasn’t Washington Hillbillies; their pay supposed to,” says Sid, because he for playing and singing all the way was union and we weren’t. But he did downriver and back was a fistful of anyway, and it was great.” (Continued on page 4) rilE VILLAGE NEWS 4 i, ~(Continued~from page 3) store and the Sycamore store- Then Trav’s Tavern — that’s still there The Hometowners ~sbanded in — and Pop Miller’s and Canada’s. the 5O’s when Sid decided he want- Then there was the DGS where the ca- ed to spend more time with his fan- tering service is now, and then the ily ,- his wife, the former Mabel streetcar turnaround. Where the Quick Stream of Glen-Echo (-whom he mar- ried in 1941) and daughters Penny and Brenda. As a boy, Sid loved visiting the blacksmith shop of Jimmy Wil- liams, at the corner of MacArthur and Seven Locks Road. “I used to watch him shoe horses and work on the forge.” ~ When it came time to choose a trade, Sid became an iron- worker and welder. He made stairs, rails and ornamental ironwork for several companies in Washington. Sid remembers when the streets of Cabin John had differ- ent names from today. His street, 81st, was calledMain Street, 79th Street was Woodrow Avenue, and 78th was Halifax Avenue. MacArthur Bou- levard , of course, was Conduit Road. In World War II, Sial recalls, “Conduit Road was carefully guard- ed, because it covered the water supply for Washington. There were sentry boxes with guards. A chow wagon delivered hotmeals to the sentries, and big Army trucks rolled regularly along the road. There was a guard at each end of the bridge, and the area beneath the bridge was fenced off.” What big changes does Sid see from “the old days”? “Well, of course, there’s a- lot more houses built Up. But the main thing to me that’s changed is most all the beer joints are gone. At one time MacArthur was all commercial from the District Line clear out past Cabin John. And most of the places were beer joints. There was the Hilltop Inn by the Army Map Service, the Tex- as Tavern near where Bonfield’s is now, and the Silver Spider. Then there was a gas station, and Sunset Hall next to it. Sunset Hall was known as the ‘Bucket of Blood’ because it was such a rough place. Then Annie T. Lewis’ Food is used ,to be a-Sanltary groc- ery and a Shell gas station, Scott’s grocery at 78th Street, with Benson’s Country Store right across the street where the veterinarian is. And Tuohey’s which was everything from a bar to a restaurant to a country store to the Post Office, and across the street from Tuohey’s was Redden’s Beer Place. There was a whole bunch of places and somehow there were enough customers for all of them to stay in ~US~ess.” …. Now retired, Sid lives with his wife at 6620 81st Street. He doesn’t play music any more, but several years ago became interest- ed in CB radio. When it came time to choose a handle, Sid picked an appropriate one — “Banjo Man.” CLARK MASONRY 3,X  -A/707 Till”. VILLAG/’~ NliWS 5 • THE HOLIDAY ~PARTY WAS FUN ! This year’ s Cabin John Christmas/Hanukkah party, …….. SS rXBD (Please send your classified ad to P.O. Box 164, Cabin John 20818. The rate is 50¢ per llne.) held on Sunday, December HELP WANTED: ~Domestic help, I day a week, apart- 12, was filled with music ment near Little Falls Mall. Experience and ref- and good company. The erences requlred, Call 229-4626 evenings. . …….. 3-and-4-year old school …………. ÷ + + + + + • children (with all the FOR SALE: Two snow tires, ER-14, $25 for pair. help they could get) sang Call Linda Billings, day 557-7634, eve 229-3212. a mixture of holiday + ÷ . + ÷ ÷ + songs. Reed Martin and AC~RATE TYPING SERVICES in English, French, Fred Geiger entertained German, Italian. Please call S. Hasny 469-7034. on the banjo. Barbara Mar- + + + + + + + tin led the carol singing, WE ARE LOOKING for a babysitter for our 9-month and Vera Dolezal accompan-old son, in our home or yours if it’s child- le@ on the violin, proofed, We want someone two mornings a week, Also part of the “tra- Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Please call Judy dition” was Peter Vogt’s Duffield or Bill Kramer, 229-4567. -~ …. audience-supported tall + + + * * + + story telling and, of DELIGHTFUL CAT needs new home. Housebroken and course,a visit from Santa friendly. Please call 229-7348. Claus who had gifts for + + + + + ÷ + all the children. THE CLARA BARTON C~TER on MacArthur Blvd. is ‘ ‘ looking for people interested in serving as sub- Great thanks are also stitute teachers. If interested, call 320-4565. due to Susan Gelb, Kay + + + . + + + Kemp, Sydney Fleischer, I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR from anyone else whose Mary Gordon and Katy house was built from a Sears Roebuck kit. These Glakas who helped with the house kits were available from 1908 thru 1938. decorations and refresh- Reed Martin 229-3482. ments, to Gussie and Joe + + + + + + + Moravec for handling the FRIENDS OF SOLIDARITY are collecting warm winter coffee, to Janie Winslow clothing, esp. for children. Monthly shipments for providing the sound to Poland are being distributed to needy people system, to Sus~m Vogt for by the Catholic Church. Tax receipts are avail- finding Peter’s story, and able. Please call 469-7034 for pick-up. to Karen Manlon and Diane Lee for helping to make ~uta’s visit a success. Finally, very special thanks go to Merri Van Emmerlk who, once again, was willing to coordinate the pieces and people to make this fun community event happen. FOOl) PASTR! E.S °MEATS ~ARRY.OUT: G ROC ERI ES* BRJEAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY TitROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 I~m to 6:(~ pm + + ÷ + + + + CABIN JOHN 3-and-4-year old school is looking for ~ music teacher, One-half hour per week music activities. Contact Katy Glakas 229-6253. ÷ + + + ÷ + + EXTRA COPIES in good condition are needed of Time Was, the Cabin John Bicentennial book. If you have any, please call Elizabeth Kytle,229-6609 RECREATION CENT~ (Continued from page 2) will hold Capital Budget hearings in Rockville. Cabin John testimony is being coordinated by Pat Connelly (320-4806) and “D~f” Marquadt (229-1604), Please call them to indicate your interest in attending aud to arrange rides. –by Linda Billings IllF VILLAGE NEWS I I t i I” • RELIEF FROM~ AIRCRAFT NOISE IS ~DANGERED ‘, “~ Relief for Cabin John from jet noise has been unexpectedly .endangered by new attacks on the ,’scatter plan.” recommended last year by the Metropolitan Washington “Council of Govern- ments (COG) and now under consideration by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Approval by COG of–the plan for-equitable sharing of jet noise was the result of years of patient and dedicated work by Dan Costello, Frank Sordyl and others in Cabin Job.u and by • the Coalition on Airport Problems (CAP), an area-wide organization whose policies have al- ways included equitable jet noise distribution. Last month, when the annual meeting of CAP was held, a large turn-out of Northern Virginia residents from areas which presently escape all Jet noise problems turned up to oppose the scatter plan. The issue was put off until a special meetin~ “° c6uld be h eid solely to discuss nelse distribution; this meeting will be held on or before February 15. Anticipatlng that the Virginia “touch- me-nots” will be out in force at that meeting, Allen van Emmerik, who has represented the Cabin John community in CAP, has urged that a vocal group of Cabin Johners also attend to make clear the community’s opposition to any a~andonment of the scatter plan. “Please call me at 229-8936,” says v/n: Emmerik,”and regis- ter your interest. I’II keep you fully in- formed.” 6 ” nil m uqmml~,anml~ iu~i iunmml ~iimu i~ii~ i~anum q ‘ P.o.  oToms ‘ | ! n Please call Cappie n ‘Morgan at 320-3269 if i ~you want to get the ‘ i i Village News regularly henceforth. It’s free, but must be re- …. ~quested by Post Office~  ! , boxholders. |i mm mm mm mm mmmmi mmmm mmmmmmmmimm mm mm mm mmmm imm mmn i ~ d • HE  iLLAGE DEWS. Editorial Team: :’-Linda Bi’llings, Cap- pie Morgan. Andy Rice, Susan Vogt Gr aphi c s : Jeanne casamento, Cathie N el sen Production : Susan Luchs Business Manager : Susan Ge!b Folding Coordinator : ~Veena Titus ! can !  . .9-14o4 ‘ , ” . . . – |numBummliJUulunuimDml RIMmilnulunNumigRuumlmllilUHBumumm imllmlURlmlUI~mlUlUUiBUUnliRill Village News . Bulk Rate P.O. Box 164 U.S.Postage Paid Cabin John Cabin John, Md. 20818 Maryland 20818 Permit 4210 Resident 6517 ~ 80th Street Cabin John, M_D 20818

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