January 1980

in • VOL, XII! . T’~O. ! SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYONO JAN-uARY 198o | AGENDA FOR jANUARY 2~th MEETING In keeping with the~hew year, the first item on the agenda will be an open house at the new Four-Year- 01d School quarters, from 8:00 to 8:30 p.m., or later if you want. S~ Dick. See Jane. Come see. The regular meeting will then begin. There will be brief reports On: l) Proposals to provide youth ac- tivities in, for, and by Cabin Jo~hn. 2) A national fuel co-op plan de- signed to aid communities in saving on the cost and amounts of fuels used while putting the savings to work in the community, and how Cabin John might participate, if desired. 3) Proposals to improve circulation of the Village News. 4) Seven Locks Road project 5) MacArthur Boulevard drainage. Also in keeping with the new year and new decade, the sole main item on the agenda will be an open session designed to generate clear guidance on what you want your association to try to accom- plish. Your executive feels that Cabin John is not taken seriously by the County and other public and private interests. We wonder what return we get on our tax dollars. Is there undue emphasis on new projects and not enough on maintaining existing facilities? For example, is there sufficient maintenance Of roads and the MacArthur Boulevard bike path? of storm drainage? Of police protec- tion? Would you like us to identify those people in the County Depart- ments charged with Cabin John’s well-being ~ud invite them to a meeting to exchange views? ~Wnat topics would interest you for dis- cussion at future meetings? Please think over these and other concerns you might have and come to the meeting to discuss it. During the holidays this December, the Cabin John Three and Four Year 01d program moved into its new classroom in the wing of Clara Barton School. That o the County was willing to remodel space to accomodate this nursery program was due in large measure to the support provided by the people of Cabin John during public hearings last year. As a way of saying Thank You, the parents of this year’s class are inviting those who attend the Citizens Association meeting on Tuesday, January 29th~ to walk down the hall and visit the new class- room. Anyone who cannot come at that time, is welcome to @ .’HIE VILLAGE NEWS ., ~., lllll l IL The Cabin John Sprlng Festival And Community RummaKe Sale Is ON’,,,, The Cabin John Three and Four Year 01d School is once again putting on its famous spring FESTIVAL AND RUMMAGE ….. SALE. For the past six years, Cabin Johners — and their neighbors — have donated the extra items in their lives to this fundraising event … and then have come (in huge numbers) ~o buy each others’ “treasures.” Would you like to have tidy close tsj neater ~alra~es and empty attics~ We are ready NOW to pick up your contri- butions to the sale scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd at Clara Barton School. We take every- thing (except large appliances) : clothes, toys, books, furni- ture, arts and crafts, antiques, etc. Call N0___WW for pick up: Katy Glakas 229-6253 Cathie Nelsen 229-5282 Cladys Richter 229-8415 ~~-. COFFEE HOUSE TO BEGIN FOR TEENS The Riverside Assembly of God will …….. t_he hQzting a Coffe9 House Ministry for young people beginning February 16, 1980. Singer Linda Weimer, well knovm in the D.C. Metropolitan Area will be featured. All community teenagers are invited to come. The Coffee House meetings will feature music, ping pong, food, games, rap sessions, skits, plays and fun. The hours are 7:30 p.m. until I0:00 p.m. on the first andst~hird Saturdays of every month. 1 For more information, call Steve MacGregor, Youth Pastor at 229-5054. The Library Committee of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School wishes to thank the residents of Cabin John for helpingto make their December newspaper drive such a success. The Committee will be sponsoring another newspaper drive on Thrusday, January 31, and Friday and Saturday, February 1 and 2. Anyone wishing to contribute news- papers — please, no magazines, telephone books, or paperback books — is asked to bring them on the above three days to the Cabin Jo}~u post office parking lot, where a large tractor-trailer will be parked to receive them. For fur- ther information or to arrange for a special pick-up, please call the school office, 229-2700. Many thanks! (Ed.note: word has it that if this drive is nearly as success- ful as the previous one, the drive will be held on a regularbasis, giving Cabin Jo~uers a convenient way to dispose of all the news- papers the County trash men seem to overlook on those Saturdays when they should be picked up!) ,~ VILI.A(;h NI-WS./ ” ,’7 3 J | -” PASTRIES*MEATS*CA RRY-OUT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm HOLIDAY PARTY A SUCCESS’ by Stephanie Becker Cabin John’s annual Holiday Party was annual once again thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of many won- derful people. Annette Davis and her Four Year Old Class met instant stardom. Reed Martin’s banjo playing captivated us all and Barbara Martin, accompanied by Vera Dolezal, raised our spirits with Christmas music. Many thanks to the Winslow family for providing the sound system, to the Vogts for a beautiful tree, to Mary vanEmmerik for the festive decorations, and to Betsy Cheney for organizing the refreshments. Th~uks too go to Tony for bringing the cider and to Cathy Nelson, Linda Wichman, Pat Duff and Marion Purtell for all their help. Diane Lee was Santa’s helper, but Santa’s origins remain a secret still. Alan vanEmmerik deserves a special thanks for leading the ceremonies and the clean up, in spite of an aching back. (Ed. note: Very special thanks from the community to a very special person, Stephanie Becket, for being the major inspiration and organizer of this community gathering. It would not have been the s~me without her around to mobilize us. We’re sorry to report that we will be losing this community resource soon, because Stephanie and her family ~;i7. b~ ~ee.ving soon for Alaska.) Nursery School FuBdraisin~ Committee Is Off And Running! Mark May 3rd on your calendar! That’s the date of this year’s fundraiser/carnival, which (of course) will be better than ever! We will continue our Cabin John tradition of a GIANT RUMMAGE SALE. We’ll have an expanded SILENT AUCTION, FOOD and a BAKE SALE. We also hope to have plenty of GAMES AND AMUSEMENTS for the children. Much of the fun at this event has always been had by those who get involved in making it happen. Please cal___!l anyone on the committee and let us know what you can do to help: Chairman: Joel Fischman 229-7983 Vicechairpersons: Ron Morgan 320-3269 Stephanie Stouffer 4696276 Publicit~ Cappie Morgan 3203269 Rummage: Katy Glakas 229-6253 Silent Auction: Renee Fischman 229-7983 Food: Mary Donaldson 299-9043 Bake Sale: Carol Comlish 22974160 …….. II I ~C~ESI DENTIAL SALES INVESTMENT PROPERTI E.S JI l I~EALTOII ® SHOWCASE HOMES, INC. 10215 FERNWOOD ROAD, SUrTE 100. BETHIESDA, MD 20034 lOAN NELSON HOOK OF~,CE 5~0-9373 5AI.ES ASSOCIATIE RESIDENCE: 22g-6506 TH.E VILLAGE NEWS 4  CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIEDS cost 50~_a line. Items for the next issue must be in before Feb. 14. Mail to P.O. Box 164, Cabin John, Md. 20731 or call 229-6931. ALTERATIONS done in my home. Men’s, women’s, children’s clothes. Will shorten draperies. Call 229-1404. WANTED: large space for small doll house maker. Will repair, restore, revamp available Space. Can work in your garage, basement or shed with minimal noise or mess. Call Bill Cole 229-7246. WANTED: The C.J~ Three & Four Yr. Old School is looking for a Big Wheel (or two) in (medium) good condition to replace the well-used ones in its nursery program. Call Cappie Morgan 320-3269. A FRIEND INrNEED … . The Village News is written for and by the people in Cabin John and is intended to ba a reflection of the community. It depends on the community for news, support, commentary and for li£e. Right now, the Village News needs help from the entire community if it is to continue. A revision of the V.N. delivery system is sorely needed to provide reliable delivery to all of Cabin John. We are looking for adults willing to deliver the paper in their immediate neighborhood. Volunteers need only spend about 30 minutes each month putting papers into their neighbors’ mailboxes. If you could provide this service, please call Bobbi Stuart at 229- 6931 or see me at the meeting on Tuesday night. Also – the Village News’ treasury is being rapidly depleted by printing costs. We are organizing a door-to-door fund-raising campaign to keep the paper going. This will take place in early March, but we need people now who would be willing to knock on a few doors asking for contributions. If you can help us out, call Susan Gelb at 229-5851. Some residents have sent in unsolicited donations. Theseare very appreciated and made those of us who contribute to the Village News feel that our time and energy are well soent. Thank-you al! very muchi  EB.E   LAOE Editor-Bobbi Stuart (229-693 ) Circulation-Judy Green Business-Susan Gelb The VILLAGE NEICS b published monthly in Cabin John, Maryland. Sub~ariptiocu areS4. O0 per yew for non-residenn asd ~,e to Cabin John re~dcnr~ Mail MI ~cles, inquiries, ~g~estiom. letters amJ subscriptions (with p~t ) to: The Editor THE VILLAGE NEICS Post 0/1T¢¢ Box 164 Cabin John, Mm’yi~#d 20731 F ” THE VILLAGE NEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: Full page $40.00 2/3 page $30.00 1/2 page $25.00 1/3 page $15.00 1 t6 page $10.00 1/12 page $ 6.00 BD CLARK & SON JL.1B(:I “Z~JL~ L,w u.~,,..l..jw~j • •moving ehaullng eyard work z,.easo~ble 2  ‘9-7311

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