January 1977

2 ~E :’•.= “-f Volume i0, Number i SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND COMMUNITY CALENDAR January 1977 Tuesday, Jan. 18, Walt Whitman PTSA, English and Math Departments (8 PM) Thursday, Jan.20, NO SCHOOL – Inauguration Day Iuesday, Jan.25, 8 PM Cabin John Citizen’s Assoc., Methodist Church at the corner of MacArthur Blvd. and 77th. Street 3an.25, 8 PM Walt Whitman PISA, Social Studies and Science/Depts. Wednesday,Jan,26, NO SCHOOL – Professiona ! Day Saturday, Jan.29, 8:30 PM, Buddy Rich and Band, Wa!% Whitman Fie id~House (Admission $3.50 in advance, $4.50 it the’door) Tuesday, Feb. i, 8 PM Bannockburn-Carderock PISA meet$ng at Bannockburn Dr. Alan Dodd, Dew Assistant Superintendent for Area I will speak on”New Directions in Education …. in Montgomery County” Tuesday, Feb. 8, Executive Committee, Cabin !ohn Citizen’s Assoc, (8 PM) UNION ARCH BRIDGE REOPENS WITH {ANFARE ” Our final bicentennial blast was the joyful reopeneng of the Union Arch Bridge on Saturday, Dec. 4, hosted by the Army Corps of Engineers, complete with Civil War soldiers in costume and a host of local dignitaries, .all anxious to get a piece of the hredit. (Where were you guys when We needed yOU??) It was a very chilly day, which prompted Rev. Allyn Rieke to commeqt “They said it would be a cold day in Hell before we got the bridge reopened, and I guess they were right.” … Rep. Gilbert Gude cut the ribbon which formally recpened the br{dge to ‘-o0e~..lane .vehicular traffic plus a pedestrian and bicycle:path. :~Also on the speaker’splatform were representatives from Congress, the Montgomery – Couhty.Counhil:, the Maryland Department of Transportation:, Maryland:Historic Trust, wSSC; ~, U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, the Cabin John c6mmunity,.and Glen Echo. Frank McKinney, Vice President of the Cabin John Park Citizens’ Association and Minda Wetzel, Transportation Chairman of’the<Citiz:ens i Association represented our community. About 300 local re~identsYturned ou{ to celebrate. Included in the introductions were members of the Army Enginee r Corps crew who performed the $75,000 repairs (originally estimated at $850,000 when it was planned to reconstruct the whole top of the bridge). There was also a $70,000 expenditure by the State for removing the original sandstones so that the State Highway beneath could be reopened to traffic. The County spent approximately $8,000 to install traffic lights tocontrol traffic. Members of the ist North-South Brigade from Ft. Ward, Alexandria, in civil war uniforms, added a touch of historic color for the TV cameras of Channels 7 and 9. The units marched across the bridge with flags flying as similar troops may have done in the bridge’s earlier days. Of course, Cabin John’s Volunteer Fire Department was also on hand, and drove across the bi’idge after the lead car, driven by Minda Wetzel, head of CabinJohhis Union . Contir~ued,..page .? . i.: .L”~-.:~i:A. – < • ..% THE VILLAGE NEWS – 2 -J Arch Bridg~ Committee, who was franticaily deiivering donuts to the all- purpose ro~m at Clara Barton School where her committee hosted the dignitaries and hardy citizens who braved the cold to celebrate. Our special vote of thanks goes to Rep. Gilbert Gude and his staff, who really came up with the solutions to a nightmare of bureaucratic red tape. And thank you Cabin John residents, for keeping your tempers and helping so constructively at-tho-se”critical moments. CHANGES AT CLARA BARTON Once again it looks as though things are changing at Clara Barton. Since it closed as an elementary school in 1974, Clara Barton has housed the administrative offices of the Montgomery County school system’s Title I program. In addition, adult education courses have been offered there, the Cabin John Four Year Old School has continued to operate out of the “old kindergarten room, the Post Office has moved into renovatedspace in the north section of the building, and, in the fall of 1975, the Clara Barton Center for Children opened its Daycare program. This centernow serves 42=children ages 2 to 6, most of them Cabin John residents. Thus, althoughwe lost Clara Barton as a school, in many ways it has continued to provide needed services to the children and adults of this community. Now~ however~ the Montgomery County school system is eager to relieve itself of the financial responsibility of administering tile building. Utility costs run about $15,000 a year. Current plans, therefore, are to move the Title I offices elsewhere after the 1977-78 school year, offer the adult education programs out of other schools, and transfer ownership of the building to the office of the County Executive at that time. Assuming all this takes place by July !, 1978, every effort is already being made by the County Executive’s staff in the Office-of Planning and Capital Programming to attract public and/or private groups to lease the remaining vacant space in the building. Ideally, the rental money this would bring in would pay for the cost of keeping clara Barton open. =C,. :;. Clearly, it is to this community’s advantage that Clara Barton stay open and that, in addition to the Post Office, the Daycare Center and Four Year old school continue to Serve Our children. County o fficials have assured representatives of the community that the above mentioned programs will be given priority in retaining their present space. So, we need your help in finding other groups or individual3 whose businesses or programs would fit well into our community and who would be fnterested in leasing available space in Clara Barton. i_ If you know any architects, lawyers, dance groups, etc., or have any other ideas, please contact (or have the interested parties co:~tact): Richard Miller or Bett Lewis 279-1241 County Office of Planning and Capital Programming or Ann Segal or Aimee Nover 229-9834 or 320-4565 Clara Barton Center for Children or Cappie Morgan 320-3269 Cabin John Four Year Old Program TItlE VILLAGI; NEWS / SEVEN LOCKS ROAD RECONSTRUCTION I” P,~.GISTE’RED MaSIER-PLUMBE-k ” – PLUMBING AND HEATING DISHWASHERS*REMODELING*HEATE RS REPAIRS*DRAIN SERVICE*DISPOSERS FULLY BONDED AND INSURED 229-5685 Disheartening news came from the Department of Transportation this week when we learned that the Seven Locks Road reconstruction from River Road %o MacArthur Blvd.~ reported to begin in 1977-78 by Mr. Anthony Kanz, Deputy Director~of D.O.T. when he spoke to our Citizens’ Association last March,will not even begin for another tw~ years. The public hearing on the plans is now scheduled for July 1977. Sooooo — Drive defensively9 use Wilson Lane when it’s slippery~ and lets fight city hall to speed up the project. .CURRENT STATUS OF THE NOVEMBER HEARING. ON DOWNZONING The Maryland National Capitol Park and Planning Commission held a public hearing at Clara Barton School and has now recommended rezoning all the properties in question to commercial (C-l) (Quick Food~ Alpine Veterinary Hospital) except for the Wilner property on the corner of 77th Street and MacArthur Blvd., which they reconamended should remain downzoned (residential) when its current commercial usage is terminated. IN THE PARK 17 thru 23 Jan. INAUGURAL WEEK AT THE KENNEDY CENTER: During this week, the Kennedy Center will open its doors to visitors from 9 AM until midnight each day. This years inaugura- tion will be saluted thru a host of special events and activities free to the public and covering the span of the entire week. In addition~ the America on Stage exhibit on the Roof Terrace level of the Kennedy Center will have extended hours of 9 AM %o 9 PM until it closes Jan.23. CONVALESCENT NOTE The pleasant and popular Mrs. Ruby GrishkQt~ 6505 75th Place, (229-6382), is now convalescing at home and would welcome neigh- borty.messages~ visits~ and phone c-alls. 21 Jan, Fri. PHOTOGRAPHY AT GLEN ECHO: Join an art- ist at Glen E ho’s photo- graphy studio for a film and discussion on photogra- phy and techniques. Free 8PM. Sun. 16 Jan. ALONG THE TOWPATH — Meet a park ranger in the Great Falls Hospitality Room at 1PM for a 1 hour walk along the towpath discussing the early history, including the Civil War, of the C&O Canal in this area. i | BEAUTY SALON TUESDAY THROUGH sATURDAY 9:00 am to 5:00 pm 7630 TOMLINSON A VENUE at No. 15 229-1361 or 229-9811 &lION o vtns o u.nn  oYSrd work 2 -78Dt WORSHAMS CELEBRATE 60th WEDDENG ANNIVERSARY: The Lewis E. Worshams, Sr. of 7910 MacArthur Blvd. celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on Jan. 2, following Mr. Worsham’s 90th birth- day celebration this last November. Watch the Feb. Village News for :F an article on the Worshams. : /- THE VILLAGE NEWS ~k PLEASE NOTE: .The Village News has 9 new editor, Minda Wetzel~ a new post office box num- ber, Box 164~ Cabin John~ and a new phone number to report news: Margaret Stream 229-1821. A special vote of thanks to Shelly Keller~ our Village News editor for the pastseveral years, for the incredible time, effort,.and love she (and her staff) put into our comm~pity newspaper. Minda Wetzel). editor Margaret Stream, telephone news -229-1821.. Janet Den ce, treasurer Cappi Morgan~ distribution Harry> Schnippe~, Photogra- ..:…::,,.15.h~y-Editor :., …> ,..-, A n’d:y~:!ii~io;e’i ‘; Ci!izens’ ASSOC. ‘:-~ :.::..r~ew~#, : .- B@v’~JSu Z;i.ivan ,–“Schbol new s Barbara….cI:a:rk <.-: ;:… .. Susan Vogt ,. Judy V6:’.9″t:;:”.’/K{ds”‘ ih6~ner ..” ‘ in. Cabin John, Maryland,- Subscriptions • .are$I:00.perye~ ~f°rn°n:resi4entsaid ;,irtii~es/inEl~iiri~ ~ sugg~sdOffs~!ie’t~ers,:a-nd subscriptions {with payment) to: The Editor THE VILLAGE. NEWS Post Office Box 164 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 NEWCOMERS ! Copies of the CABINJOt{N COMMUNI’IA” PLAN and the CABIN JOHN COh~IUN1TY DIARY can be obtained by calling Cappic Morgan at 320-3269. 4 SAVE YOUR RUMMAGE /~ >-” . Once again~ the Cabin John Four Year Old …. Program is beg innin~ : to work towardsits late April or early May Benefit and Rum- mage Sale. Please start your New Year by saving for us your rejects from ’76. As we get organized, we’ll figure a way to pick up your donations. In the meantime, if you-.have anything urgent or unique call: Cappi Morgan – 320-3269. THE VILLAGE NEWS NEEDS MONEY DESPARATELY to tide us over ’till warmer weather when we will brave a house to house fund drive. The coffers are empty and paper and printers and deliverers cost $$$$$. If LOTS of people would send $2.00 checks to The Village News, Box 164, February will look warmer~ Jacquie Fyock is one of the community represen- tatives for the Bannock- burn School. She will try to answer any questions you may have involving the school. Her number is: 229-0755. lllllI II ,l.l PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY-OUT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY TttROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am. to 6:00 pm CHILDREN*ADULTS*ALL LEVELS VERA DOLEZAL 6701 Persimmon Tree Road 229-5685 CABIN JOHN PO TTER Y LESSONS On the wheel Children & adults Small c/asses Day or Evening • 7687 MacArthur Boulevard “Call 229-7530. Hearinq Test For a quick hearing test, dial USA~HEAR on your phone. A recording gives instructions – for both ears – in English and Spanish. THE VILLAGE NEWS i! .: DISPLAYADVERTISING RATES: ‘ 213~:page ,. ,. ” $30.00. 1/2 page $25.00 1/3 page $1.5.00 1/6 page $10.00 1/12 page $ 6.00 CLASSIFIED NEEDED: Someone to do occa- sional ironing. Your home or mine. Call 229-6765. Classified Ads: 50¢ a line, paid in advance to The Village News, Box 164, Cabin John, Md. 20731.

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