January 1973

No. January, 1973′ ! -‘ O~ m@aSe C0t, C.2UTIITY SURPRISE A SUCCESS ” ” The evening of Dec. 13, began Inno- ;ently enough for the C.R.-Smit~s and ‘,e!este Swedenburg – attending a: commun- ty Christmas party at the. Clara Barton ~lementary ~chool. But after the invoca- ;ion, the cholrs, the carols and the ~umbllng Five”concert, the “surprise” -.~ ~lanned by the community for weeks- ~a’slet out of the bag. itwas a Thls s You~ Llfe ~presentatlon for the Smlths~i!! md Mrs.~Swed~mburg ~, to honor them for.:’-~ ;he many ye~s ~ ~9~ii~community good ~hich they~;~have”give to Cabin J A C~o~di”.~of 200 heard County C mn ~Ne~Ir ~bt.ter ibegin by present ;he smfths with a ~l.ag which had !lo~n~}0ver the Cap~itol. Then Nea ils brother Buzz recalled .the da ;hey.grew ~up playing, with~the sm I~ 1914 the newlywed Smiths m ;he Cabln,John house.he built hl ~Ifty-elght .years,ilater ~ they Ii ~tlll,r.and they have children, g Iren, and great ~andchlldren wh ~abln John home~,’:;” ~i,’~ Reggle Smit~’s passlon for~old ~tudi!~ )akers w~s discussed,, and mid@le-aged~.il ~en recalled that Smith used to …. fix tlY ~,; ~Icycles, Just as he’s still doing .fo~ ~ny kld in town. .,,,It wasn’t easy to sort .out the nam!~ . ~nd’ connections of all the relativesl ~’~ ;~ ~:~;~:~i~:~::~.~:~!~:~;~:~:~.~:~;~.~:~i the’re .web, re an awful lot of Smi~hs th~ Members )6hanked ~ unto the fourth gei Swedenburg clappei :” with all the reil i~!~igor her Surpris~i • ” i~the C’ommunity ! 3i~!:~t.%i~i~for the many! rga n±-ze d: ~!ii!i~ :,;’, ~~,.,~:.and ~1;Ut~i ‘.’. .~: i ” CABIN JOHN’AQUEDUCT ~: DESIGNATED A NATIONAL HISTORIC CIVIL ENGINEERING LANDMARK ,’,, ,, x~;~ i}’!;- .r: ‘.’>;:~, ,.”~,.~i~’,: ::.–~. :,..’~-‘: %:,<: e,, ~” ~’ ‘ “Cabin John Aqueduct, M.on~gomery.County, Md.,has bee~ designated, by ASCE ..asi:a a-Natiorial ‘Historic Civil • – .-Engineering Limdn3, ark. ‘. 7/. ” : ” . This Stone arch had thegreatest span. (220 feet) ofits. .e .typ.6in the-w0rld At the time of its completion, and remains ‘ ~-L-today.. as, the longest stone ‘arCh in the.Western Hemisphere. ~i” l~uilt betwee, n i857 and 1864 by the Corps of Engineers for !:’: •the” Washington, DC., water system, the structure is still performing, the task for which it was built- providing water for the city-as well as carrying today’s traffic loads o~ a major highway. The~main arch of the bridge has a 220 foot span and a rise of!”57¼ fee t.~All 10ng Span masonry arch bridges are designed with hollow spandrel arches, above or at the ends …. -.,¢ ” of the Aain arch, .to relieve the loads as much as possible. :,: This structure has five Spandrel arches at the west end and four at ~:ithe easi end. These sp~drel arches are hidden by the vertical side walls for the sake of appearance as they were constructed of less expensive materials. :! . ‘ ;~,, *~,< FOCUS ON / H~ALTH ,:-~,,. ne of the many committees .~n~~i~,: in planning., for the future .6t:i1~~!i”i”, John. was (and is) the Healtla Comm~,~t~ “:, ” tee. The original goal of the Heal:th Committee was to assess the health needs of. theCabln John community – on both a commu:nity and an individual level, in an attempt to determine. what ,the. health needs were: before–.. “-s~ggesting and~.,recommending ,future’ action on .:the part of the”county, a. “~ small random survey was conducted-ah-d!”~ .showed that there were no wldespread:<i/.~! ~I critical unmet health needs in,•Cabin ::. John, that people were unaware of county health :services, but that people woui~ be receptive to commun- ity-based health activities. The committee,is tentatively con- sulting with:cobnty public health. Officla Is ln-“fegard ‘to,,:the ” fea s ibil- ,itY of sponsoring aHealth Fair • Day • in early April. Such a.falr may include dissemination of information :,’: pertaining to .the types of services available, through such • programs as • ;.Hog” Li’neL;. Heart ,,Association, Drug ,”:,~~buse,”AA, Plann~d •Parenthood, and ,County Health Centers. There is als0 the” .possibility of some screen- ing tests.’ for TB (skin” tests), Vision and”, Hearing tests and “dental checks. ~i’lei”the Hea:Ith .commi.tteel. does not ‘ The origin of this title “Cabin John” as applied to the • lack for…enthusiasm, w6.:db!…lack ” aqueduct and the stream is somewhat trad!tional. There is a. ~ , your ideas . ‘ .Wh~le we .:.:a:~::;.still in lli’ story that a character by the name of “Captain John” or .the ; planning”s%agea ,,;ii~i:!:7:.need:i your above”J°hn 0f~e Cabin”had a smalll°gh°uselin the valleyjust ‘the site of the bridge. The old deed~ IOfMOntgOmery i-:.i …’i ‘ .thoughts’ andi:opinlon.8 ~.!tnow- ~ Please • ‘!m.¢a!l Oladys .Richardson,: at :22o~0108 County. record, the name of ihe creek., .as :~aptain.<:.< +,.,, ,, John” .,/or .Arlyn Jurin ;ati”.22918279. We want and this is undoubtedly the correct entreatname, .although /the source of the name is unknown. Hdwever,ii~e name ,”!tO hear”~•,from’you .’ ,:: ,. “Cabin John” is the one that is now used both Officially.> “/” “. :’ ~ ..L … . . .;., ‘ and by the general public. The name “Union ,Arch ~’ Was .. ‘. :….., ” . . ,,., discontinu~ I0 years after the bridge was compiete–d, . “‘~.’,.,!.: …. .I;’~ST : -,Zn.. c Iean.-up a t, the ” Chris tmas The American Society of Civil’Enginber.~wilfprcsent’a~. ~’ ‘ ~ :..,” ‘ lilY,”: the: is~,gH”~up: ~shedts for possible bronze pl_aque_denotingCabin John.Aqueduct.a.s. a National” :. .” ” :; :;ti’i:~,l;iVi,~;ii~S’-:.in aabln!<::,jo .hn: Zxe rclse- !+.;, ~ Historic Civil Engineering Landmark at a special ceremony ,- ‘~;~i,,.set for Tuesday afternoon, January 30 at the .Washingtonl ” ~’:.:Hllton Hotel. The ceremony will be heldin c6njt!nction, •% ,~ – . . . . …, . … ~;.with the ASCE National Water Resources Engmeenng.Mee.t-:~ ‘}~(ting, January 29-February 2 at the Hilton.-:… , : :…… :., – “,-,.,. :. .”.:::i.7. – ..7<.ffo~.Ing,o~oup, Wei~h~:Contmol Group, . ,Te tl,i N6~~e,.i.and Air .. Po iib~ion Commi:ttee, i::~.tand.”‘::”He~Ith””Advisor~ Co~ml ~..~,ee .” .if’ you :~:i:i:7 % ) • ..,.->.. …: …..% L IT T~E’- …… FALl, S LIBRARY :” : :>~;”:::<: ~>”” • ” There will be a book dlseusslon at the library on Friday, Jan. 26 at 1:30 pm. The book to be !discussed is Golden Notebook by i, Doris Lessing. ~: .. ,; )i?,.i- S’.tory hours for .this month Wi’ll –Xf~~Inte res ted (o-r-.wbU~Id llke-” further Informa’tlon, piease/ca.li Oladys Rich= ‘ardson,” 229,O108.;/.:/'” . ” ” . . ” ( )( )( )()(,’) (),C)’;(7) i:)( )( )( )( )c)( )( ):” MINI-BIKE RULES.ENFORCED .ALONG “. : PL~C ~ :.ARTH~ .BOULEVARD ‘ Soon there wiil:be signs put– .up along: MacArthur boulevard for- bidding-the .use of..mini-bi~kes on :%he g.0,v.e rnment”i~la’nd ‘ ad ja cent : t o..~he~.TT0a~.way~.. ‘ Li/…! .. • ? , :. • .”./- ,:”‘!’~offlclaI~sl.. and Comi~unitx. members . ,,,~e~B.U~E TO LAURA E. MC/K~LV~Y ~’~’ ~’~i:~”~:~/”~;:~”:~~” ‘ by Morris Fradl~ ~”‘:”~!”Postmistress Laura E. McKelvey retired last year, after being a . respected “know-lt-al!” and endeared ” to all Cabin Johners for the past 28 years. ….. chee ry~ per nailty ~ “~ Laura ‘ s so even drew patrons from Potomac’~ from Carderock Springs, from Bannockburn, :i~!~Brookmont, Virglnla, and iWashington – i~especia~0~:at Christmastime. Then, #he Unh~rr’ied, but efficient little postoffic~e was bombarded with package ~ toters. Laura knew all the answers; i4knew all ~ t~e people — and.had a …. smile and greeting for everyone. She knew her customers’ stamp likes and dislikes; she sarved the pretties, the commemorative stamps, ~ for collectors on request. She gave tips on good mailing practices. Or provided a piece of wrapping paper, or twine, or adhesive tape –even credit for an extra stamp, when an embarrassed~c.us- tomer didn’t bring enough money. Also~! , news on community doing~s. • • Laura originated the tlnstlckY cue, tom of clothing each stamp sold, or group of stamps, in waxedpaper– bought at her own expense. Cabin Johners became i: really stuck on Laura for this gracious novelty. Commissioned postmistress toward the end of World War II,• Laura bridged the gap betweenthe 3¢ stamp and the 8¢ stamp; between the rise of the price and. th~ decline of. the service. She . ” sold the 2# postcard; she retired when the pe~y postcard reached 6#. : …. -:i Cheers for you, Laura. . Cheers for your well-earned retirement. And this is NO JUNK: may all YOUR~mail:~i~ii~,/ bring .o~ly good news I ~ ! ‘” ~. TEEN OPEN HOUSE START~ • e have eta=ted • Friday Night Open . Houoo-~or,the 12-16.year old boys end girls et the Cebin John Recreation Center. ~e ere, going to run it == in open house sort or thing.:,, We have ell kinds,oF games, e zecord pleyez end :eco:de, end we plan to get e.ping-pong tebleo Dr. Stephen Antic she rune the Alpine. Veterinary Hoopltel gave • verygenerous donation the= we used to buy equipment. We would appreciate any suggestions you can think or to get.this going well end to keep it going. ~e need toeern money to help us bringin 8 band or something specie1 now end then. +5o any Jobe, cleaning up Or hauling.trash or old furniture to the dump.we will gladly doe. ,We : have enough boys and girls willing to work, . ~, . ~’~ -. …. end we will supervise them, Any wo~k or cleaning you cent done, please ,ce!l2~g-483g • ‘ end ask ror~rSo Lee. OF Course there mill. be I cherge,but ell money made’by the kids will go into their club. .. ..’ Rick Robinson ~rom the ~ontgomecy County Recreation Department iS wo¢king wlth ~ergie Lee end the teenagers. They ere tully trying to make it • success. ~e wall be open • every Friday night From ? to 11.” Come on ,downto the Cabin John. Re=lee=ion Centerend enjoy yourselF. ~rgie Lee THING~ TO DO IN JANUARY ~ – -View Poi nsettlas, ”’~ .,. Cyclamen, and holiday plants OhldlsplaT at.Brook- side Gardens through January. Located off Randolph Rd. on Glenallen Ave. In Silver Spring, it’s open from9am to 5 pm Tues. –Sat. and.1 to 6pro on Sun. Admission free. ~ .. :~ ii ,. ….. ‘ “HARVEY HOOK AT-. RER~RSBURG Xe~weY, Hook hee rlniehed hie First teeM,~in~y~-%et .severalcounty race=de. With.:~!i ~: hieteemleteU, herAn~ihed the200 meter medle~ • ..reley-::~etewoi~m~11n~,e, e’Feet never before i!:i~ iocmIRl~hed in;~tgomery”County in this ~cleeo,!. …,”i~i’:llio’:~oi<e the county repord rot “‘~’i~ the ZOO m~er~ ~reeetyle, Competing~in the .. 16-17 year old oleos. Since he was Just 15, :. there io every =ee~on to believe that within .”~ activities. Three sessions: ,Jan ~ 9, 16, and 23 from lOam to noon at the ~ Jewish Community Center on Montrosei, Rd~.~ ±n~ :i/:~!! :: Rockville. AdmiSsinn $2 for/all/three/~ of pore collage Bethesd 1437 Em Cho !~hears Y i ary H at ~ Mercereburg, Pennsylvania, Harvey was .:~ r coached by Dec, Councilmen, the trainer or ,:” Attend a “CLUTTER CLINIC” ,.~… seminar focusing on how to increase~ ~’~ , the next tee yeats, he Ry Improvethat time household efficiency in organization i …… even more. to provide more time for Other creative At • swimming clinic held thle summer oemoetore~lvlorcorebu~g~ on e’owlmmlng , Thie?~eummer~ ewlm~ing with the CerderoGk ~!~ LETTERS TO THE EDITOR To the Editor Cabin JohnVillage News In past issues, items o~ interest on noise abatement have appealed, auto exhaust, sirens, airplanes, etc. But the main source of an~oyance, barking does not get much attention. Cabin John, I believe, has morel!dogs per square foot than any community its size anywhere. A dog is a nice animal, I agree, but all too Often he is allowed to be a complete and unmitlgatedsource of annoyance to nearby neighbors and the community by his equally ~uilty owners, the incessant barkin~ day and night, filtbon the Streets and sidewalks (never in or around their owners yard), This barking is an issuei!that really needs strict controlling laws, c6verin~ doga and their ~ owne r s. ,.:”, ” We also. need a dog catcher;. he could have.a field day around, 79th Street. ??????????????????????7?????????? ,RECIPE LADY’S FILES :.:!:!,:: , .j B~TTERSC 0TCH BROWNIES Melt: 1/3 cup butter or marg. • i cup brown sugar:(packe~) Break in: I egg : ‘: Sift in: 3/4 cup flour ”.. ,:.i i tsP. blking powder …. :i, i tsp. vani!la.. ” …. : ½-cup nuts ~-.:.-. ….-.. • ” ,% Bak___~e ,at 325 for 25.–minUtes:iina ,’ 9×9 imch pan~’. …. ~ . . ….. i, .ABOUT POLLUTION LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ~2 ~,~;:~ ; ~ …. , ~..;.~{: ,.~.~;?::’.~ , Dear Editor, ~”: . ~i~: “‘:~ .. Having read Mr. Joseph Penberra’s letter in the Dec. issue of the Cabin John Village News, it is impossible for me not to reply, Ms Bowman’s article which so delig h- ted him, not only has a few cross ups, but a rather startling error for any of us who travel MacArthur Blvd. We ,have had a 25 mph speed limit as long as I ‘. can remember. It goes up only when it reaches the district line to 30 mph. The 1916 law which gave the Army Cc~s of Engineers CONTROL over the boulevard did not ~ stop the Montgomery Count~ Police from patroling the road. It only hampered them from making arrests on the: road itself – i.e. they could and did apprehend and prosecute four young men responsible for vandalizing the Alpine Veterinarian Hosp. Also, they reported and ARRESTED the per- son responsible for the shooting at the Val~ey Inn. Having lived in Cabin John for over ;~8 years, it is hard for me to believe that all, the things that bother Mr. Pen- berra emanated fromthe Ex-Valley Inn. I have a; feeling :~that he is a recent resident – l”don’t know from which MUDD VILLE he came – but “It might be helpful to Mr. Penberra if he raally checked out all of his facts about Cabin John ahd MacArthur Boulevard before arriving at some of his conclusions. Well, what I think about pollution and hope that when the County takes o~r is that the factories should stop ~ the road, the service will be as good. throwing garbage in the rivers and :~ ” ‘ Dr. Stephen Antic ‘lakes and make the fish s!Ick and die. /i Alpine Veterinarian Hosp That’s why we can’t eat swordfish any- …… ~.~.~.U~.’L~~-~.~.~.~L.~.%.~~ more. You should not~litter the Z’ rtvr~,~v-~’Gr:~G:’.’~=~,,r=.’r71~,~.T~i:.-:-.,.’rr,;r;=r ~streets and throw gum wrappers/onto ::,s.::. ~ ~the streets1 ngw that’s being/a ~%11 EXECUTIVE C0~{ITTEE OF PTA Name Withheld ” EditOr Dear ~ After reading the letter written to the~edltorof the Cabin’John Village News In the December issue, I decided t6:state my o wn views on the subject of the Army Corps of Engineers and most especially the Aquaduct police. It is a shame if Mr. I~ Penberr a has had difficulty dealing with the Aquaduct police;’ my own experience has been Just the opposite. I have found them to be • very he!~ful and couTteous under difficult circumstances. It Is~not right to blame the Aquaduct police when they ara Just protecting private property against a few isolated individuals. I for one feel that the Army Corps of Engineers is doing a tremendous Job ..,{~.~(N LASAGNA DINNER A SUCCESS ~,;~ ~~’~. . :,’:o~f~,~,t~4~’~’~,,~,~i, ;,~. ‘ :”-:~’~W~’~;?.a’:-:”T7 7:’It’+~ ‘u ‘~;!The fund raising dinner for the ~ F0u~ Year 01d Class in Cabin John was a success. About ~150 was made in profit which willgo to pay expenses of the class. The firehouse was a perfect pl~ce tohold the dinner and<.aSl the firemen are thanked for set:~ing up<~he tables and chairs. Also, the firemen provided incompra- ble entertainment and excitement bF getti:.~a fire cal in the middle ~f the dinnerl Sp@ciag thanks go to Mrs. Nancy :Holt who displayed her cooking artistry by!making the lasagna from scratch (even the noodlesl), and by arranging for the entire dinner. Althea Vigrass took charge of arranging for servers and clean-up and Maryann Wilson organized ticket sales ! i and was cashier. Also helplng were Jackle and David Fyock, Liz Beams~ Janet McCord, Dana Cable, JoAnn!iBast~ }~rge Geib, Susan qogt, an4 Diane Heflin who were servers. Ella ~isher arranged things with the Fire Department, and Mary Morgal with the Ladies Auxiliary. IIIII/Iiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii C ITIZEN3 AS qOC IATI,ON i~l ‘ The JanuarY~meeting of theCabin John Park Citizens Association will be held on January 18 at 8 pm in the A~I Purpose Room of the Clara Barton ~chool. ************************************* *********************************** WA~ ADS ~ For Sa~le- Reasonable – size 2 and 3 boys skates- good cond, Call 229-7462 Wanted ~ Photofinisher tO work : ‘Withwrite~. Reguire local experienced, custom work. , ~iB&w, 35mm, and 12~film contacts and enlargements.~ Call Mr. Fradin229,1338. Seamstres~s: will sew ladies’ ~ clothes and do alterations~ Call 229-4769 after 3 pm . Ilillli iiilillllilllllilll2iilllll: J “L , WELCOME TO THE LEVERS The Cabin John United T4ethodist Church has a new minister. He is Wayne Lever, who formerly was assigned to the ~t. Thomas Penin- sula Conference on Eastern shore of l~ryland. Wayne’s wife’s name is Diane, and she works for NEA in Washington. Welcome to the communitylll IIIIii/I/1111//111//////////1111/I DEPT. OF RECREATION PBOGRAM~ The Winter Fesitval of the Arts programs, sponsored by the Depart. ment of Recreation beging the second week in January. Classes in arts and crafts, oil painting, stained glass,•quilting, dance of all sorts, dramatics for all ages, guitar, bridge, photography, slim- nastics, golf~ tennis•, Judo, Fishing lectures, and many many more will be held in recreation centers and other meeting places all over the county~ For more specific informa- :tion call 530-5200. A new crafts class for teenagers will be offered beginning Jan 13 at the Bethesda Community Rec. Center at 4506 Walsh St. The clas~ costs $17.50 for I0 sessions, and reallygets into some fabulous stuff. To register, call 530-5200. , “- ‘- • ‘. ‘- ‘ – – ‘ – ..-. v Commercial ~ds in the Village News • cost :$3. permon:th’ and $8 for 3 months. NEW:~P~LICY OF THE VILLAGE NEUS REQLIRES PAYMEk~ iN ADVANCE PORALL IIART ADS. ()()()()()()()()0()()()()()() ()() ‘” “, ‘ VILLAGE NEWS STAFF• SusanVogt,~edltor 6509 76th St. 229-647 c. Maryann ‘Wilson, news• ,,Lock House #I0. : ,, . . 229-3397 Barbara :C lark, .• …. • features 6431 79th 229-6431 Morr ls,Fradln, special artlcles, Arden Rd ‘v.:..:-:.: . . 229-1338 Joanu:Bas~, mall:ng., #2 Theme Rd 229- 8789 Concord:SChool-,,:: ~ollatlng and stapeltng ‘ ….. :~ .~:,&, . ,..”,i:~.:;; “, , ,’ …………….. I I i i ;, I,~l,W I ;,W I ! “l’g I W | I ! I I I I I I I I I I I iuicg”., vool> . ::SHOP _, 6 ,- “l aMla s:3o– O 0 z h u

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