January 1972

Vol. 5 …… JANUARY CALENDAR January 1972 Jan. 12 ,Tan. 15 Jan. 17 Jan. 22 Jan. 2~ Jan. 27 Democratic Precinct.Meet- ing 8 pm 661 8Oth P1. Story Hour Little Falls Library 10:30 am Potomac Vaey Homemakers 0 ll:3C am Community Center ~tory Hour~ l, ittle Falls Library 10:30 am Citizens Asso. 7:30 pm Clara Barton qchool PTA Movies 2:30 – 3″30 pm Clara Barton ~chool COMFENTS ,FRO M THE SURVEY Each month we will PUbiish another group of comments from the Community Survey. This issue presents comments on two major subjects. A Shoppinq Cen~er A smell shopping center, well-planned, could be attractive and would meet the needs of many people. The Little Fails Library on Mass. Ave is having two more Story Hours this ~ month for preschooiers~ aged 4 and 5. They will be held at 10:30 am on ~at. Jan 15 and again at 10:30 am on Jan 22. Please pre-regls- ter at the library. There is another service avail- able from the County library system. It’s the Library Service to the lIomebound~ and is free to all people who are c6mfined temporarily or permanently to the home. Records, periodicals~ books and paperbacks are all available. For information call Nrs. Fox or t4r. ~pottswocd at L2~-7223 CITIZENS MEET TU PLAN FOR 197,2 The regular meeting of the Cabin John Itizens Association mill be at 7:30 on Jan 25 t Clara Barton School. Committees have been dentified and chairmen will be presented to nnounce their plane for the next few weeks. Robert Palme, chairman of the CJ Development orporation will outline some tentative plans, nd Tom Brown, our man et the Community evelopment Department mill be there to help hings along. You remember that the five planning ommittees are (1) Housing, (2) Schools end ublic Services, (3) Public Improvement, 4) Natural Resources, end (5) Land Use. lease come ready to decide which commlttee(s) ou would like to join. This is ou_./_r meeting to draw up our lanning schedule and m.o. See you at 7:30 p.m. FOTO~AC VALLEY HOMEMAKERS There will be a county-wide Officer’s m~:etlng on Tues. Jan II from i0 – 12 am at the Aspen Hill Library. Anyone interested in becoming a member o~ the Homemakers is in- vited to the Jan. 17 meeting at the Cabin John Community Center at 11:30 am. can do e responsible job ourselves; let’s not take whet some promoter gives us. If we heve e shopping center, let’s make it uniformly ettractlve, not e hodgepodge llke Glen Echo. The best plaice for a small shopping center would be the Tuohey tract. We could use a nice family restaurant here, but Tuohey’s Restaurant as it is now is unacceptable. A commerciel-communlty ciuster couid Include e library, health qenter, daycare center. Whet is the status of the grey building across 7gth from Tuoheys? ~ Couid that be mart oflthe commercial-communitycomplex~ :Th~t:,,seemsids@ ! ~,:~! for a library end deycere center. A smell shopping center would give emoloyment to our residents, including teenagers. Those who have cars can drive to Potomac o~ Bethesda; those without cars are seriously! hampered. Senior citizens especially need~ stores they can walk to. ! There Should be no commercial establishments in Cabin John; close those existing; all~ noimore. ! Senior Ci~iz@ns Whet county services are available to our oldsters? Are they getting any, esmecially medical? Many older peopie are in bed shape as far as housing.. Would there be a way they couId get some help in maintenance of homesmnd yards? If we did have a senior citizens compIex here, would there be any way of keeping it just for Cebin Johners and their relatives? It would be mOndarful if, when ~/d Cabin Johners can’t take care of their homes any more, they couId still live here. Good public transportetlon is Imoortant to ,, senior citizens. How about e bus route into Bethesda? Or occasionsI chartered buses into town to sightsee, etc.? The elderly despereteiy need stores they can walk to. This is e wonderful piece for retirees as long ee they can drive, but then what? !i! !! Feb. 1 PTA Meeting 7:30 Exec. p Prog. ~lara Barton qch. Rather than just letting it happen, why doesn’t ///////////////////////////////////// the community hire an architect and come up LIBRARY NEWS wlth something we can support with pride. We Csbin John Cavorts on Clare Barton’s **~ Birthday *** PTA NEWS At the January PTA meeting , some current statistics were given by Mr. £tanley Kaplan, principal and Mrs. Barbara Gesswein, coordinator of volunteers. There are: 175 students presently enrolled at Clara Barton representing 125 families. Mrs. Lee and her two assistants have prepared as many as 330 lunches in our school cafeter- ia to be dis%ributed among Clara Barton, Carderock Elem., and Con- cord Elem. each day. There are 17 vol~nteers from the community working for a total of 3C hours per week at the school. The volunteer programs currently active at the school are Reading, Math, Library, and Breakfast super- vision. Mrs. Gesswein also interviewed the teachers to find out what specific donations they would appre- ciate for their classrooms. If you have an item you would like to douate~ please contact Mrs. Gesswein at 229 – 81~6. Mrs. Bagg (library) – 9xl2 rug, any type, 8 mm film loops Mrs. Smith (Kindegarten) – carpet tiles or rug, rocking chair Hrs. Kirkland (let) – small rug, small bookcase, working type- Parents and their chldren m!~,gled, square-danced, and bad greet fun to- gether recently celebrating the sesqui- centennial of Clara Barton’s b~rtD., at the school in Cabin John named for the founder of the American Red Cros–o The “groovy” occasion was spor:sored by the PTA and the Cabin John Park Citi- zens’ Association. Everything w~s “re- lative:” everybody “comz unicate~” and E. Guy Jewel, recent retiree (5(! years’ service) of the Montgomery County Public Schools system, and first principal of the school, rejoiced. It looked, he ncted, like n return to the good, old days off the family unit that danced together, prayed together, and stayed together. County Councilman Real Potter,55, a pupil of Mr. Jewel!, and an initial gr~_ duate of the old Glen Echo-Cab~r~ John School {now Clara Barton Elementary), in 1928, also addressed the capacity crowd and recited some oldtlme doings in the community when he was a boy. in the 1920’s, Principal Jew~:ll had to scoot around in his Node! T Fcrd tc five g-room schools, each equipped with a “modern” privy and well in the Clen Echo-Cabin, John area. Present Clara Bar- ton. School consolidated that previously in Concord, Glen Echo, Cabin John, Car- derock, and Persimmon Tree Road. ~eal Potter lived and worked on h~s f~ther’s fern, which the Capital Beltway now tr~- verses. At the souare-dance intermission, writer~ puzzles, boaTd games,’ other Cabin John oldtimers were ~ntro- Checkers, cash for extra supplies. ~uced: William “Buzz” Potter (brother Mrs. Fisher (Ist-2nd) small rug, of Neal); Dick Armstrong’, Charles R. smaller rug, small bookcase, typewr~.ter~ puzzles, board games, checkers, pot holder loops, cash :~iss FazeKas (2nd-3rd) small rug cash ~,~rs. ~arsln (3rd-4th) trea~le se~ing machine, hand operated wringer, cash ~,~ ~,;iss Greene (Sth-~th) cash Mr. Goodson (~th-6th) typewriter This year’s first movie afternoon at the school was also set up. Movies will be shown on Jan 27 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm in the All Purpose Room. Admission will be 50¢ per child~ and popcorn(lO#) and soda pop(lO¢) will be available. These movies are furnished by the county library system, and the proceeds go to the PTA. The February meeting of the PTA will be held on Feb. 1 at the school beginning at 7:30 with an executive committee meeting, fo!owed by the general meeting at 8 pm. The subject will be Interpersonal Learning with Mr. Glen Black from the Montgomery County Dept. of Human Resourses as the speaker. This will be an exception- ally Interesting evening and everyone from the community is invited. Smith– all accompanied ky their wives– an@ Mrs. Loretta Tuohey Hall. Cou~Ici Potter was presented with a large caricature depicting him in a barnyard, gatDeri~g ,’:~ b~sket of e<~;s. It was entitled “From Pullets to Poli~-}. tics.” Mr’. Jewel received s cario-~ture showing h i~, driving an ancient Ford, price-tagged $420. Noted Cabin John artist, Mrs. Connie Herdeck, executed the cartoons. by Morris Fradin Also during intermission, Clara Barton’s 150th birthday was well cele- brated. Organized by Bill White re- freshments included birthday cakes of all shapes a~d sizes which were consumed by the hungry dancers, slong with punch. A beautiful table of fresh fruit, nuts and decorations was provided by Home S tudy. The Square Dance itself was e~ enormously successful event. Cabin Johners of all ages – from 80 plus to 2 yemrs c.ld do-si-doed and Vir~inis Reeled. Parents “hcnore~” th~.ir chil- dren, ~nd sixth gr~.ders toc~ second graders ss partners. Everyone w~ sorry to se~ the night end, but plans are al- ready underway for another Square Dance in the Spring. Thanks are ~ue to Betty Sponaugle from the PTA .~r<l ~,~orris Fr-~- din from the Cabin John Citizen, s Asso. who were responsible for making Dec. 7 one of the nicest evenings in Cabin, John in a long time. ‘, WHE:~ A HOUSE 15 A HGME AND_A_~USEUM The Clara Barton House, like love, is not to be entered into Iightly. You may intend to give it only fIirtation time–say 20 mln- utes–snd become enthralled into an hour-snd- s-heif encounter. And if you’re Iiks me, you’Ii find yourself in a continuing romance, returning again and again, cejoiing ?emily and friends into making s visit you know will delight them. Built like e Mlssisslppi river boat, ~ith staterooms along the side and e three- storey high open center, the house is part museum, part intact yesterday, total charm. P~y.mothar had lace Curtains in the living room like the ones in Clare Barton’s house, and my grandmother used s crank telephone like the one you will see there. P~y great-grand- mother did samplers like Clara Barton left, and l’m afraid I have nothing to match the teapot that came ovaron the Mayflower. The delight of a visit to the house is in no small measure due to Miss Ruth Bonzer, resident Chetaleine who with hard work, ingenuity, end devotion keeps the look and the spirit of Clara Barton’s house very warm end real. ~iss Bonzsr, a young lady of perhaps 70 years, came hare from Iowa seven years ago, bringing with her heirlooms of her own family (the ~eyflowar teapot is hers), s keen appreciation of Americana pest, end s multi-talented nephew who, in addition to s full-time job, serves as caretaker, artistic decorator and resident organist. Like the White House, the Clare Barton house has some space that isnot for public viewing but for private living. In order to help with the expenses of keeping the house running, there era eight small apartments rented out to young men who work nearby. I saw two of the tenants on my lest visit, casual, friendly, intelllgent. I wonder what it’s like-=actually living in an historic home and e museum. Clara Barton left the house to her lifelong I companion, confidante, and advisor, Dr. Hubbal. I asked Miss 8onzer why bachelor Hubbsl end spinster Barton never married, end her answer was-that he was tan years younger; This leaves me with • delightful speculation about ” yet another side of that courageous and astonishing early women’s llbber. You could travel many miles before you ~ould find e more entrancing place then the big house off ~ecArthur Boulevard where the redcross shines in the top window. Barbara Cle~k .GIRL SCOUTS. TAtg3 TRIP ‘ : :Thirteen girl scouts plus Hrs. Jo Ann Bast and Mrs. Fishel took +a trip to Front Roy&~’over,the holidays. They spent from Dec. 28- Dec. 30 at a cabin on top of the moun- ~ rain, hiking, cooking, exploring, and spying on deer~ quail, wild turkey, an’ rabbits. The girl scout troop is open to girls 9 – iI years old or in h-th- :6th grades If any new girls are interested, please call Mrs. Bast at 22q 8789. :’ • – ~ j . . ‘,- , ~’+:f/’ ,+. ‘ i ;-‘: ‘% ,’.’/-, “. b’,’Y,’ r. <%:; v ‘,'(!, ~.’i~ .” ‘ ‘ .” ‘ +.,+ ,,j,,,~•.,+-+,’• Hare is a recipe which won a Batter Homes & Gardens prize for Miss Ruth Bonzar, of Clara Barton House. .BAKED EGGPLANT 1 eggplant, peelad and diced 1 T, •chopped onion 1 T. chopped .parsley 1 T;. Crtsco. 2 eggs, wall beaten 1 cup breed crumbs 1 T. melted butter 1 t, salt buttered bread crumbs t. pepper Cover eggplant with boiling water, cook. lO minutes,, drain end mesh. Brown onion in hot,fat, add eggplant and bread crumbs and fry until dry, stirring frequently; Add seasoning, parsley, and eggs; mlx well end remove from heat. Brush baking dish wlth butter, add eggplant mixture and sprinkle with breed crumbs. Bake in moderate over (350 ° for 30minutes. Serve with white sauce,. Serves 6 WH I T.E SAUCE Blend 1 T. butter end i T. flour; gradually add I cup milk, and stir until thickened end smooth. Add 1 t. salt end ~ t. pepper and boil 2 minutes. Serve over eggplant. /, h ja~uary~:Gard en Chores The mr,~th of Jar~uary L~,s,,-~ Fiven_ various forbidden n-~mes by ~merJca ~s original inhahltants. They c,9e@ it varJousy the S~ow Noon, tk.e Ice ~o”on, the Noon of Strcng Co!d, and t},e Moor. When Snow Drifts ir~to the Teper~s. We wot~Id do ~ to guard ~e.~nst t~r~ 8~n- 7ers of ice ‘and snow to our ~rf,e.rs: durJrg these w~nter months. Do all that you con to pr, eve~,ti heavy ~ecl~muatior.,s of s.~ow from …. breaking everTreens. ~heke or brr~gh . the snow before ~t becomes we, t ar.(~ heavy ~n8 before it freezes ~;,to r:oid masses. A Wooden r~;<e and ~ bro,<,m, rare usefu tools for tPis w<,rk. : + OuBr£ a~ainst ~ma~e tc e w, r~rreens ~•rt( tO other p.~nts set ~;r~der the eaves Of the house, by stowsides,from the roof. When the we.ather is eo~ ~r.d the, br~r, ches ~re brJ’,;i, le, such shrubs ~ Yew, Boxwood, Rhododendro~ .~nd ~Ol,n;t,.~in I,aure ~re easily Split m p~rt; by heavy s now~ ~@es. Use branches of old Chrlstm~s trees , to, protect the e~ves of everFreens from losi~ moisture due to @r%r, 6 win~s. Stand t~:e boughs uprht arnur~ the ever- ~reens you want to protect. Th’ree of them around a rhododendron or small pine or spruce, t~ed toEet, her at t_h~ top, make an excellent wired T,reBk and .~I.~o reduce temperature changes by sh.~d!ng the r,,l.~rt~ from br~l.ant sun. Branches of Christm~+.+~ trees, who+r, sprP+ad over the;°T.,ere~rd~. bcr’der w~ prPvent deep free’zir,g ~nd w~.ll reduce damage that mig~it be c~qsed h’y ~ter- mate free.zing and thaw.~r~.. Other m~- ter+ials Which may be Use8 fcr mulch: arle s~.it.hay, pine needles, shredded leaves ‘ ~round eorn cobs, and shredded b~k. .,+ + , +’ -‘ : Wherever salt is nee~.ed tc melt ice on sidewaWs or drip, as it ~hould be used w.~th Frost care. Although it. will not kil your lawn it will do Fre~t harm tlo trees ~nd shrubs. It ~ cages next sprlng’s evergreen needles to show copper and yeow tor, e.~, end t~,e leaves ,O f deelOnous, trees to turn bronzy or reddish. Whet, .spring comes flush the soL thoroughly with pe~t’~, + of, Water amd root feed liber,~!ly. A Letter to the Editor ~ecently one of the businesses in town cban~ed hands and, as I am sure you have noticed, veterln~ry hospital is about to open (if it has not by time we go to press)at the corner of 78th and MacArthur. Probably everyone agrees that it is nice to see the old p~ac e fixed up. Unfortunately the owner, Dr. Antic, w~s welcomed to town by having his br’.~nd new w~ndows broken Out and some t~e~t of property committed. It would be hard for anyone under those circum- st=~ces to feel very “welcome” and .~r, deed most people might rue the deci- sion !to ~ettle in Cabin John. I love Cabin John and ti:ink it is uu£ortunate whe~ someone ese only has a chance to see our unpleasant sides. I apc:logize here 8nd now for the times when my own children may be doing things they should not–because as all of us who are parents Rnow–we do not always know where our children are and what they are doing’ ” Diane Heflin i) Comn, ent~; sre invited. Village News Flesse send them to: 6509 76th St. Cabin John, Md. 2073 NEW .NEIGHBORS Mr. and Mrs. John Lefebure and James Van Riper recently moved to 83rd St. Welcome’ QUlCI  Fool) SHOP G, roc ;u, Br=aN ==t, Hea+% C m.j I|~ ~¢r~tmmon Tree ~1¢:~. 229-5&85 Chddren’/k tW.. Aa RECIPE LADY’ S FILES DELECTABLE HAMBURG CASSEBOLE Minda Wetzel 3 Tbs oil 2 Ibs hamburg 2 medium onions, sliced I clove garlic, minced i can (6 oz) mushrooms i #2 can tomatoes (2½ C) 1 can tomatoe paste 8 oz noodles (cooked) or 3 cups rice C dry red wine ½ tsp paprika 1 Tbs salt Thyme, marjoram, and/or basil I Tbsp worcestershire sauce 4 oz grated sharp cheeze Brown meat, mushrooms, onions, and garlic in oil. Add tomato paste wine, noodles, seasonings. After mix- ing chill in casserole in which it willbe cooked. Before baking, sprinkle the top with grated cheeze. Bake 45 mins at 375 degrees. Serves lO – 12 for under ~3.00. ( I add ½ cup fresh chopped parsley to the mixture. Also easy to add a box of frozen (or leftover) vegetable.) IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII11~11111111 WANT ADS Wanted: Cleaning lady to do general house work 1 day per week in Cabin John. Please call 229-~217 VILLAGE NEWS STAFF Susan Vogt, editor 229 – 6~79 Barbara Clark, features Janet Hutchinson, news I Frances Kandle Dana Cable recipes Mary McCusker Theresa Jessup, gardening Morris Fradin, articles AHNOLDJ. IIBRBEH POTOMAC OPTICIAN |oI)(; HIVEI( ROAD POTO3IAC PLA@E POTOMAC, MARYLAND o08S4 rf “-~ _,ELHARDT ?e~ NOmFOt.~ ave • BETMESOA. MD ~OOl~ • oL ~, .*~J,. pLAZJk DEL MBRCADO lILVm~m~ BImR~NO, MD ;i~ogo6 • SiR 6~00 p,0,E: 2Z9- 1″36.1 or” 2.~ 9 – 9~11 DorothyHelen ‘s BEAUTY SALON 7830 TOMLINSON AVE. APT. 1 CABIN JOHN, MD. 2073t “PERSONAL HAtRDREBSING” B , 299.79=7 pOTOM ztEt HE FINEST IN PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY CARE Phones:’ 299-9575 & 299-9576 Potomac Village Coiffeur .~ MRS. ELIZABETH GOSSIN ~z 10111 River Road Potomac, Ma~lond 20854 HAIR STYLING . FOR TIdE LOOK NOW OPEN! “Famous in Georgetown for over 30 • years!” We invite ,you to en 0y the finest in Chinese, Oriental, and American Cuisine at our new location st Potomac Village. 2H-5700 Call for CARRY-OUT RESERVATIONS 10134 River Road, Potomac Village POTOMAC PLACE SHOPPING CENTER Free Parkln$ Cocktails Career Day at Clara Barton School was an enormous success. On October 26th, adults from Cabin John went back to school. Traditionally it had been a day when adults could visit their community’s school and find out what was happening. But on October 26th the tables were turned and the kids were the one sfinding out what was happening — happening in the worMand lives of the adults in thelrtown. It was an eye openlng and mind expanding experience for every child and adult there. It was a day which made educational news nationally. Everybody learned a lot:and everybody had a very good time. That special day marked the beginning of an unusual involve- ment between the adult world of Cabin John and a wider learn- ing experience for every child in our school. There is a necessary next step, however, that needs your help. It’s a matter first of finding out what careers and special interests occupy the adults of Cabin John. Clara Barton needs an inventory of the human resources that exist in our community before these talents can be brought into any kind of contact with kids. As soon as an informal listing of who-does-what and who’s-interested-in-what can be collected, then the PTA will work to make it easy for the schaol and the community to get togetherl, There may be more events like Career Day or opportunit~!es to go • into the individual class room — whera_wha~we do as adults can be explored by children and theirS’teacher. The rewards are to be had by everybody involved. Creating ~÷ Ju.~ the opposite of the Generation Gap seems like a pretty g~od idea, and it will take very little to make our beginning. Please fill inthe form on the reverse side of this page. Then return the information within the week to the PTA by any of the following: I. Drop it off with the secretary at the Clara Barton school office. 2. Give it to a school child to drop in the office as he or she arrives at school. 3. Call 229-6479 or229-0108 or 229-61,31 to give information over the phone or to have someone come by your home to pick it up. Many, many thanks for your help. THE CLARA BARTON PTA AND CHILDREN Please fill in the following to help the PTA build on the success of Career Day: I Name s (any adult who lives in your home) Address/ Phone occupation and/or Hobbies, Talents Special Interests II Neighbors or Aquaintances Address/ Phone (if you know it) Occupation (to best of your knowledge) and/or Hobbies, Talents Special Interests

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