February 1981

……. “” rile ?EOpL i:’::-:::-,’.~f,.~.._. +,~ :,VOlume:’ ‘:”-:’~ ‘.I:5″,- No”-‘”.9:. ” . : ” SE RKING E OF C)IBIN JOHN AND BEYOND :’,{“,:: NEW DEVELOPMENT ,IN THE R A amimmmmmm l!.iilll bY Pat Connelly IIIIllllillllllll ., : …. :}:;7′!The Land Use Committee of the Citizen’s ~: Ass0ciatfon is doing a fantastic job of eagle- e ye~in+g new housing developments and the like. “Seven Locks Estates” is planned for the Persimmon Tree Road area. It will be entered off classes and Persimmon Tree Road, via a “West Tomlinson /Avenue.” The developer, Mr. Louis Nichols of It Hami°iton, virginia, plans twenty 9 000 square .> i foot lots and eight 20,000 square foot lots for the tract. Ground-breaking for the development is aboutthree years away. Last January 22, Judy Skilllan of the Land Use Committee stated the Community Association’s position of “not being Opposed” to the current before the Montgomery County PlanningBoard. C. I. Mitchell & Best Co. plans to develop the Hufty Tract, which lies North of the intersection of Tomlinson Avenue and Seven Locks Road. The developer’s plans call for a road to wind East off Seven Locks Road behind the water tower. There will be twenty-seven 9,000 square foot units. Construction won’t start for about two years. To join the Land Use Committee, call Pat Conno!iv at 320-4806. miNi.iN m illm mliimm miD mmm iimiimmmimlilllimmioImmililliRmlili DEVELOPER TO SPEAK TO COMMUNITY TOUGH GOING AT GLEN ECHO Mr. Stephe n Eckert, Director of Land Development for the Porten Corporation, which plans 48 townhouses near Quick Foods and .has rerou acArthur vard so that it has a go on!). In March, tel~one pole in its m~, will be :the the gallery will host f~tured speaker at the FebrUary meeting of the a show on Book he th s Production, and will Q6mmunit~ssociation. Come ~o ar e plan , ~traiahten out their thlnkina ~ v n feature many small r …. = …………………….. =,i vent ~our s=leen, ~Dtt~a~t~arYl~aU~: r ~Lu~ ~,24, ~u~1981 l) ” ” press offerings. ~Time.. 8~p_m_ zy / Call 492-6282 to get ~lace: Library, Clara Bartj~ (St. Andrews) on Gien Echo’s ~.~.~ m ailin~ li st. ….i.&– ……….. SCHOOL’LIBRARY 8PM TUES-, : With some activities being cut, others are still being scheduled (life must The local Park personnel can use all the support they can get in these difficult times. Watch for a more detailed article on Glen Echo in the March issue. recreational activities are scheduled to bite the dust this spring. If you enjoy the Park and its activities, drop a postcard and tell the park Service how much you value Glen Echo ~. Write Audrey Calhoun, Site Manager, Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD. The budget axe is falling heavily on Glen Glen Echo Park. Many ~ J ” h distributing noise impacts from afrcraft us!ng.:National Airport over :.as., wide a ,/.geog~aphiC area as ,: poss-   e.” The {. :i: C O a l’~ £~!~n~’. ‘ on Airport I:i:i p:r ob ). ~: exami.ned ..the proposal but decided: not to :recommend its implementation because it did not go far enough towards being a “true scatter.” The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) hence decided to put on hold any plan for a test scatter until such time as the CAP comes up with a proposal of its own. While the discussions and studies continue, the jets continue to roar over Cabin John. If the CAP comes up with a test scatter which is agreeable: to the COG, a test scatter might happen in August, but then again it might not. On December 8, Erich Buchmann, Frank Sordyl, and Dan Costello met With the. Noise Abatement Officer and other officials from Washington National Airport. The following key points i.l.were made by the Cabin ~. John delegation : ~(i) The present flight path is discriminatory and~ wrong, ‘, .~: :- –~: (2) The FAA has a moral, duty.to !nst i. Land Use:Reports ,. -.i.- Mac  h:U  ” on. . ;: re, , ~ ..? …~…:~:.:,::..,, Estates.. -See below …… : …. institute an equitable 2. Tran~Sp~:~::~,t:ion: ” ‘,. “‘” “scatter plan” without Metro ~a~d:,:~M~~gomery …… -.:,,: de lay ” ‘ “” “”~’ ”~’ ‘ ::” ” ‘ • .County..,Wi!l..,..:.be. no help, “: ….. >” (3) Cabin John will Sh0r~-~term ~’or. long- ” ….. :~’~’ share but no longer term We are on our ii~,..~;i take the brunt of the ‘ “” ~ …… ~ ….. ‘ ‘ ” • ” ” ~’ .own.. Shall we have …. . . . :.%~’~’:,.~,,,~,~, jet noise, if £he FAA. : b,us.:s.e’~v:i~’e .of our :,: ‘ .: …,~ ..::::~.~i~i does • not implement:: a J ~”!/•” 0~?- : V&n.p.0.0~iS ? ‘ d’ ‘. :” ~ ‘ ‘:~ ”:r~ scatter plan in i98i ~ . Carpo0is? Y6ur views …. ::~’,~:,/’1 Cabin John will ‘sue . are.. needed . the FAA to enforce its : right not to~be ~ discriminated. ~&gains t, ,While ‘we r:” ~’e working for the scatter, what can you do? (i) Call or write the Washington Metropolitan Council …… ~ ……. of Governments, 1875 I Street, N.W., Suite- 200, Washington, D:.C~ 20006. Tell them that you support the proposed FAA scatter plan or any other plan which has a basis in 3, Secur:ity: ~There ‘ wil!:be areport on Clara Barton progres s . 4. Miscellaneous: We need v0 lun:£eer dele.gates to the Rock ~ Run AWT Citizens Advisory Committee. We _have. a Montgomery ‘ : ~/~:~’I with • us , “5~t /e. Wiii .. . :~’J~,. be at the March meeting –~’:-i..~ meeting, to leave room …. .~”.:.L.~ for the Pollinger i~tem. .:~-i!::/ Principal Business :.:~,.i’ ‘~ We exp~.Ct to have a ‘:~!:,~! equity, but it must be done NOW. ~ (2) Anytime you are bothered by jet noise, call the :National Airport Sound Complaint Center.at 557-2081. Let.them know that you~do care about the noise discriminatio n which representative of the d~l~per”~f’the Pollinger Tract to advise us of the plans for that large development. This .should be~worthy of your at£ention, and .you should come to ask any questions that you have. has been, waged,. -” n ~.~ .’.,.. ‘ n against our community l  H(Xo-anlnng. I i i Again, 1981 is the i °Back~ Pdvac~Ga~ens”’~” — ‘ ! Year of Decision. We i have been putting up uL~~or,:~ …. with an intolerable ~ ~,:Grad.ingaDtainagePn~.~ms.: .I.~.~ situation .for too long… ~ – ,~ T,~sandSh~bsMs~lled ..:.: ~ 232 T892 ….. “‘ Let.’ s unite ,together ” ~ : :~ i tobring justice’ ~ n ::j ;i – ;2~’ .’THE VILLAGENEWS i • i.i~’:~it.?/ ….. ,~I-,ATTE~CE PIcK’iNGUP ‘~ ” ~ :,~’: AT MONTHLY MEETINGS by ~ Judy Duffield Vandalism at the Clara Barton School was the majo r topic at the <January Community Association ~meeting, and many area residents filled the meeting room to=listen, tO les£wn~and to speak out. The County should do more, people fel~ and the Community Association should investigate the County’s responsibilities in this regard. , …. T CABIN JOHN NURSERY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS On a positive note, community teenagers should be offered constructive outlets for their energies. Also, the school, Rev. Borg in particular says, they’re responsible for trash. So if you think the schoolyard needs janitorial attention, call him personally at 229-2700. The Cabin John Three and Four Year Old School is now~accepting student ap- plications for the 1981-82 school year. This is a non-profit, accredited preschool for children ages 3 & 4. Class is held five mornings a week, September through May, in the Clara Barton School building. To learn more about the school, please call Susan Gelb, 229-5851. ||(cid:127)l|l||||ll(cid:127)|l|(cid:127)(cid:127)|||||||(cid:127)||||||l(cid:127)l(cid:127)|||(cid:127)(cid:127)|l||ll||ll|||ll(cid:127)|l(cid:127)ll(cid:127)(cid:127)l(cid:127)l(cid:127)ll(cid:127)(cid:127)ll(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)l(cid:127)l|(cid:127)(cid:127)|||(cid:127)l(cid:127)||||l|||lll(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)ll(cid:127)(cid:127)(cid:127)|(cid:127)|l|(cid:127)! BANNOCKBURN BINGO NIGHT A family-community Bingo night will be held at the B annockburn E lament ary School on February 25 from 7-9 p.m. All ages are welcome. The prizes awarded will be age appr opr i at e. Light refreshments will also be available. The event is sponsored by the Bannockburn P .T .A. NEW COMMUNITY DIRECTORY ….. TO BE PUBLISHED A new Cabin John Directory is being prepared and your name and address are needed for inclusion. A form for this purpose was included in last month’ s news letter, but we forgot to tell you what to do with the form .’ The new directory is due out in Spring, 1981. To place your SUNDAY EVENING BASKETBALL A pick-up basketball game is rolling at the Clara Barton gym every Sunday evening through April. Ray Kemp has pulledthis together and is looking primarily for 12-16 year-olds to participate, but he welcomes all pi~yers, including other/:adUlts. Call Ray for fur£her / -°~ information 229-2018. ace in the new ED CLARK directory, drop a postcard with name, ~.soS address (& skills if ~_mmo TISLILT~X~ yOU wish) to the Cabin John Citizens emov l,~g Association Directory, P.O.Box 164 Cabin ~ ~I~UM ! i1~ John, MD. 20731. To help with the eyard work, new directory, call ~z~ea~irm~1~M~e ~ Merri van Emmerik, ~~’7~11–~i~\\ ~ ~”~- ~ 229-8936, or Kay Kemp, 229-2018. ,, ~ 4 ~ …, i-L,”.:THE~VIhLAGEN EWS ii i :{~: “~’: ‘!’;~:<” :~.,’:’;~’-.;!~,-~’,~!!:..,~”,~ “~-,”~’~””..:: …. ‘,’:,;”~-:-: ~-‘: ….. ~” ‘:,,~,,’.,,, ~- C/~.B~N: ->JOHN 4 Ed. no~e: The HoOks “*,~m-mm’ii°iiiii,lm’nmiiii’miiiiiiii&m,~6~ ”:!’ address is 3632 — ~~”~ ‘ ” ‘ ,~ ~u ~ ouv,~uNIO”IE:’~”~KAK:~”QIY/IAIL I’~’ new ,E. Churchill Street, .Springfield , Mo: ‘ OR TO O LARGE 65804 ‘ ‘ STORIES OR NEWS –CABIN i ,:.,::Of.. course I’ ii always ‘ ~,~emember Cabin John ” • 5 ~”~ ‘:’;.””( ‘ :’;’- .” ” ” ~.’:”~:~ ~d :’ W ~’.-i l: h ang. the ) ),plaqUe- in a. special ” p!ace:~. ‘ Thanks again to thei entire ” commuDiity. Cabin John’will always be a warm:and nice place to ii~ ‘: .. i I::CLASSlFIED i ‘: ~ :: !!’Wi~n t~ia!;”: ~ ~i~.r~m, energetic energetic babysitter/ housekeeper. Parttime Mon. -Wed. -Fr i., 8 : 3 0- 3:30 Call 229-6253. Custom’ :Cakes for kids’ birthdays. Superman a speciality. Call 320-4236 Thestore that• currently houses Cabin John Pottery (7687 MacArthur Boulevard) will be available to rent starting Mar.l. Approximately 700 sq. feet, zoned C-I. Phone Judy Kogo d at JOHN NEWS needs leads on s~Ories about people or the area.;., if you knew aboUt semeone or sameplace interesting, please call Betsy Cheney on 229-6265. . EXPER 7? A L TERA TIONS C US TOM SE WING Gall Theresa, 229-1″404 Professional woman presently, living in Cabin Jo~n with seven year old daughter• looking.• for one.or two bedroom apartment. Call eves. 229-4328. Wanted: Housekeeper one day/,week for ………. . family in “Cabin John. Need own transportation. References ” ‘~” ‘ required. : Please call 229-0510 evenings ” : ~%~ted-vser~iceab!e use~ “. % car, $800-1200. Call 2 CONTRACTOR • 320 5623. m~iinnmmiimmmmimmuiumimmNmnmnn EDITORS’– Bevy Cheney and Cliarlie Book/nan BUSINESS – SusanGelb, THE VILLAGE:NEWS :P- O~ Box 164 , Mar~hmd 20781 ,, Rototill~ing TROYBUILT. ~i:” % ‘j /:< (: • – ‘,4 ,L “:.e .,.. ,.!:y;* I will turn t~eiear,th. upside down, for ,you. …. By appt~..Ofi,ly.-.. , Sug ar:~:ap,/:;p’e~:)s eeds. :- 942-4345 • .: q,.l?~ • 2!: P/T office help wan.ted Small office in Glen ,cbo ‘ Sh~o:D. etr 9-14 hrs per wk ,~,~II 229-2000″9-5 ,or 2~ T” • ” 9-260. evenings ….. – h'( Dr e s smaker’:~ :• P.o. BOXii  CABIn JOHN; MARYLAND 20731 229-7530 or 588~3634 229-8235 Carey-W00d • ~~~~~~~~~~~~L~~L~~ ‘ BULK RATE • VILLAGENEWS U.S. POSTAGEPAID – – -‘: ……….. , …….. !/ i~) P,. i ‘;. I CABIN’JOHN.MD. 20731 PERMIT 4210 J~ ,’ ,~L 5:, ~ • . L.. :,,i I

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