February 1980

VOL. XlV NO. 2 SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN ANDBEYOND FEBRUARY 1980 . I FOOD CO-OP OPPORTUNITY When a food co-op was mentioned at a recent Citizens Association meeting, Betsy Cheney launched an investigation into the sub- Ject. She found the C6nsolida- ted Buyers Association. This group is made up of families in the WashingtonArea who are concerned about nutrition and lowering the high costs of eating well. The co-op makes monthly purchases of food and related storage and paper pro- ducts. Sample items include cheeses, hams, bakery products, grains, canned goods, frozen foods, dried fruits and nuts. Co-op members are organized into units by geographic lo- cation and each member serves as their unit representative once a year. This includes collecting telephone orders, picking up the orders and being available for other members to make their pick-ups. There are about 12 members in each unit. Membership costs $5.00 a year and co-op members save 25-40% on their purchases. If you are interested in joining a Cabin John unit, call Betsy Cheney 229-6265. CABIN JOHN CITIZENS ASSOCIATION MEETING Tuesday, February 26, 1980 8:00 pm Clara Barton School Coffee and doughnuts will be served. VILLAGE NEWS TO BE MAILED Members of the Village News staff and the Citizens Assoc. Executive Board have been scratching their collective heads trying to come up with a solution to the delivery pro- blems we have been having in certain parts of Cabin John. But it took Shirley Shuler, our reliable postmaster to come up with the most obvious solution of all — the mail. We have applied for a bulk mailing permit and hope to have it for use in delivering the next issue of the Village News. The cost is comparable to our present delivery costs and delivery is guaranteed to be prompt and reliable. ENROLLMENT MEETING SCKED~ FOR FALL 1980 CLASS OF CABIN JOHN THREE AND FOUR YEAR OLD Parents interested in con- sidering the Cabin John Three and Four Year Old School for their child during the 1980-81 school year are invited to a meeting on March 26, 1980 at 6635 81st St. — 8,00 p.m. The Cabin John Three and Four Year 01d School is an accredited, non-profit pre- school program for 18 children which has operated in the Cabin John area for 15 years. Tuition is $45.00 a month. Class is held from 8s45 to 11,45 Monday through Friday mornings, September through May in the Clara Barton School building (now St. Andrews Episcopal School) on MacArthur Blvd. at 75th St. Montgomery County school buses transportCabin John children to and from regular kindergarten bus stops. The school accepts all children without regard to race, reli- gion, color or national origin. To find out more about the program, come and visit the class any weekday morning (no appointment is needed), or call Annette Davis, Head Teacher (229-0754) or Rita Burke, President (229-8857). THE VI! .AGE NEWS 2 n l ‘,r ,~ YOUTH PROGRAMS The Executive Committee of the Citizen Association is interested in developing a youth program in Cabin John. Several ideas have been dis- cussed over the last few weeks. A few of these include orga- nized sports, community jobs, teen social centers, community service projects, gun clubs, field trips and youth business ventures. In order to develop a program, adult and youth volunteers are needed to plan and implement activities. Matt Stuart is heading the effort for the Citizens Association. He badly needs concerned members of the community to volunteer ~ to serve on the Youth Develop~ ment Committee. Cabin John is eligible for a considerable amount of money to support any innovative youth program. Please “-contact Matt Stuart at 229-6931. It would be a shame to pass up this opportunity to develop a dynamlte program for our young people. M~RCH COFFEE HOUSE The Fountain of Life Coffee House will be hosting 2 special personalities during the month of March. On the first, a musical group named Way of Faith Fellowship will come to us from Fairfax, Virginia. On the fifteenth, Daniel Rydstedt, a well-known musi- cal artist in the Md. and D.C. areas will share his songs with us. All young people are invited. ~, food, and fellowship will be provided. The coffee house opens at 7:30 p.m. For more information, call Steve Mac- Gregor at 229-5054. DREAM TRIP TO PERU A fairy tale trip to Lima, Peru, including visits with the Presi- dent of Peru and his wife and daughter, rides in limousines equipped with telephones and accompanied by a police escort, three weeks of parties, tours, trips to the beaches and the mountains. Sound llke the grand prize to a sweepstakes? This was the post-Christmas educational vacation for Cabin John 16 year old Marion Council. Marion was the guest of Monica Freidas, whose father is a general in the Peruvian army. Monica and Marion were class- mates in the 5th and 6th grades at Bannockbuxtn. whe_n Monica ts family was-stationed in Washington. Marion was homesick for a couple of days after her arrival, but was made to feel at home by the warm hospitality of her host family and their friends. They wined her, dined her – on exotic fruits, rice at every meal and lost of freshly squeezed fruit juices -,entertained her at parties – including an all- night New Year’s Eve bash, and kept her alert with their wild driving, “They don’t have brakes in their cars, Just ” horns and gas pedzls.” Marion’s trip was not all glitter and glory, however. She was stunned by the slums, where people live in shacks with no doors or electricity and bathe in ditches by the side of the road. She also couldn’t get used to .drinking warm milk that was sold in plastic bags. Marion’s Spanish improved, including “some words I shouldn’t have learned.” Her trip was so successful, that Marion can hardly wait to return next December. IN THE 16 — SAT. 17 SUN. 23 SAT. 23 SAT 23 SAT. 23124 SAT. SUN. 24 SUN. 29 FRI. PARKS Slide show trip to the Eastern Shore swamp, Nassawango, the northern limit of the cypress tree. lO a.m. Great Falls Tavern. 299-3613. Exhibit of photographs of Johnstown as Clara Barton saw it after the flood of 1899. Clara Barton House 2 p.m. 492-6245. Slide show of English countryside, gardens, churches, & castles. 2 p.m. Great Falls Tavern One hour walk with park ranger to look at the Seneca of days gone by. Seneca parking lot at 2 pm 299-3613. Slide show and 2 hour hike with naturalists to enjoy quiet winter beauties of the park. IO a.m. Great Falls Tavern. 299-3613. Adventure Theater’S THE EMPEROR’ S NEW CLOTHES. I:30 and 3:30 pm.: at Glen Echo Park 320-5551. $2.00. Share the story of early life on the Canal at Great ~alls Tavern at 2 pm. 299-3613. “Photographs by Men”, an exhibition of photos by park instructors Frank Herrera and Tom Wolf. Reception from 7-9pm in the Glen Echo Gallery. Exhibit may be seen through March from iO am. to 5 pm. Monday through Thursday and on weekends from noon to 5 pm. 492-6282 TIlE VILLAGE NILW S ~ 3 ! PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY-OUT! GROCERIESSBREAKFAST*LUNCH MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm May 3 Fundraiser T 9 IDclude Expa~4ed Auction Does a plane ride with an aerial view of Cabin John appeal to you? How about a Mexican dinner for six catered in your home? These are just two of the many offerings we hope to have available in the Three and Four Year 01d School’s Silent Auction this year. The Auction Committee needs ~our helDJ There are many talents in the community that can be offered. Can you (or do you know people who can) offer electrical services, landscaping or architectural advice, or general handyman help for those of us who are all thumbs? How about legal services? A free medical exam? Educational counseling? Plumbing?. Babysitting? Automo- bile repair? Can you offer tickets to a sports event, concert or play? How about a weekend at a vacation home? Piano lessons? Tennis lessons? Folksinging Tor a child’s birthday party?. A work of art? We can use it all. Support the Three and Four Year Old School; Cabin Johnersl Think what skills you might be willing to donate, and Call Renee Fischman 229-7983. ST. ANDREW’S NEWSPAPER DRIVE Once again, thank you to all the Cabin John residents who helped to make the Library Committee’s recent newspaper drive such a success. As part of this continuing pro- ject, the Committee will be sponsoring another newspaper collection on Thurs., Fri., and Sat., March 13, 14, & 15. As in the past, anyone wishing to contribute newspapers – please, no magazines, telephone books, or paperback books – is asked to bring them on the above three days to the Cabin John post office parking lot, where large tractor-trailer will be parked to receive them. For further information or to arrange for a special pick-up, please call the school office, 229-2700. Many Thanks! SUPPORT TH E V~I~AGE NEWS It is never easy to go to your neighbors for donations to a cause, no matter how worthy it may be. Nevertheless, a few brave volunteers are going from door-to-door, asking for contri- butions to the Village News. We need this money to pay f0r printing and materials for the next year. The staff of the Village News receives nothing for the time and energy they – spend each month preparing and delivering the paper to Cabin John. Our only thanks is the appreciation we get from the community. Please show your appreciation and your support for the Village News now. Without everyone’s help, we will have to cut back. Your contribution need not be large — a couple of dollars from each household would carry us through for more than another year. If your volunteer missed you, please send your contribution to P.O. box 164, Cabin John 20731. SPRING CLEANING? Would you li~e to have tidy closets, nearer garages and empty attics? Ne are starting NOW to collect your discards and treasures for the Cabin John Three and Four Year 01d School’s Spring Rummage Sale and Festival scheduled for, Saturday, May 3 at Clara Barton School. We take everything (except large appliances), clothes, toys, books, furniture, arts and crafts, antiques … To find out the location of collection centers and the hours they are open, CALLs Katy Glakas 229-6253 Cathie Nelsen 229-5282 Gladys Richter 229-8415 GYPSY MOTH THREATEN~ CABIN JOHN Gypsy moths, notorious for des- troying entire forests, were sighted in areas adjacent to Cabin John last summer. Ento- mologists from the USDA and the Md. Dept. of Agriculture will be searching the area for gypsy moth egg masses in the very near future. These masses must be destroyed be- fore they hatch this spring. The inspectors will all carry identification cards, will wear special gypsy moth survey patches and will be driving official vehicles. For more information call Tony Evans or Ted Beinsart (301) 269-2323. (Thanks to the BANNOCKBURN NEWSLETTER for info. for this article. THE VILLAGE NEWS 4 .; !’ CLASSIFIBD CLASSIFIEDS cost 50# a line. I~ems for the next issue must be in before March 14. Mail to P.O. Box 164, Cabin John, Md. 20731 or call 229-6931. ALTERATIONS done in my home. Men’s, women’s, children’s ” clothes. Will shorten draperies. 229-1404. FOR SALE Entertainment Center- 21″ color T.V., stereo re- ceiver and record changer. $225. 229-5869. HOUSEKEEPER WANTED: I am ~ooking for someone to do cleaning and ironing in my home in Cabin John Gardens one day/week. $25 and lunch for a six hour day. Must have own transportation. Call Mary Sage 223-6800, ext. 457 (days) 229-3755 (eves.). WANTED, 01d model airplane engines — the older the better. Reed Martin 229-3482 MOVING FROM TH~ VILLAGE NEWS AREA? I can refer you to a Real Estate Agent in the area to which you are moving. Call: Joan Nelson Hook 229-6506 or 530-9373 For Real Estate Services: o Buying o Selling o Investments For Your Information, Reed Martin (Banjo) of Cabin John and Dave McKelway (Old Time Fiddle) formerly of Cabin John play 01d Time Music every Tuesdaynight at Kramer Books and Afterwords, 1517 Connecticut Ave. at Dupcnt Circle — 9 p.m. to midnight. II REAL ESTATE HAPPENINGS You may be eligible for a sub- stantial Federal Income Tax break if you are considering the sale of your house. Con- gress has passed legislation which allows homeowners to exclude the ta~x on profits from the sale of their home up to $100,000, if they can meet the following criteria: * You are at least 55 yrs. of age on the date of the sale. (If you are married, one spouse must meet this require- ment. ) * You have lived in the house for 3 of the 5 years prior to the sale. * You have not taken advan- tage of any part of this ex- clusion before this transaction. Since this is relatively new legislation, the latter cri- terion is not a serious con- cern for mos~ people. Here’s how the tax exclusion works: Mr. and Mrs. Appleton, aged 55 and 53, have decided to sell their home in Cabin John. The sales price of their home is $105,O00. Since they have lived in the house for the last 3 years, they plan to take ad- vantage of the $100,000 exclu- sion. So, for tax purposes, the first $100,O00 of the sale is not taxed. Since the Apple- tons plan to purchase a new home in Florida, the tax on the re- maining $5,000 can be deferred until they sell their new Florida home. When that time comes, they will probably be in a re ~ duced income tax bracket. Because the government giveth and the government taketh away, homeowners would do well to work closely with their real estate agent, tax accountant and attorney to receive the , most up-to-date advice regar- ding home ownership. For sale now in Cabin John: $225, 197, 139, 129, 120, 104, 104, 99, 000 – Contemp.- 81 St. 950 – Colon. – MacArth. 000 – Rambler – 83 PI. 500 – Colon. – 78 St. 000 – Rambler – 80 P1. 500 – 2 Ramb. – Tom. Ave. 500 – 2 Ramb. – Tom. Terr. 500 – Rambler – Tom. Ave. ~’- :”:i ‘” Editor-Bobbi Stuart (229-6931) Circulation-Judy Green Business-SusanGelb The VILLAGE NEICS is publ~ed monthl~ in Cabin John, Maryland. Sub~riptions – areS4.00 per yer for non-r~denn aid free to Cabin John re~ent~ MBI a~ articles, mquieit~, ~gg, esriora, letters and mbu-riprionJ ( w~th payment) to: The Editor THE VILLAGE NEhrS Post Ofpce Box 164 C~i,.Joh_,~ M~.~,~ 2073 THE VILLAGE NEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: Full pqpe $40.00 2/3 page $30.00 1/2 page $25.00 113 pate $15.00 1/6 page $10:00 1/12 page $ 6.00 ED CLARII & SON ~lmO -a.-Je~mj ~,¢JmJJm ~L~ emovlnK ohaulinK eyard wori x*ea.e,~xta,ble 229-731

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