February 1971

.t , ‘, ,-,.’ ‘”, …. ‘ …… t …. Vol. 4 No. 6 ,/+ FEBRUARY CALENDAR ********************* Feb. 5 VFW Friday Night Dinner ~Feb. 8 i~:~tk,: Fe b. ;:s. o, i!ii(! W.e b’ i0 ~ Feb. ii 7/ Feb. II ‘~- Feb. ii ~’~”~ Feb. IW t;’:U,.. ,.t L ~</ . c ‘:., • Feb. 20 ,,/~ Feb. 22 171′:{~L:Feb. 23 ~’;~~’~ Feb.. 28 7:30 Post Hall Arts and Crafts after school Clara Barton Elem. (every Monday ) Questionnaire Meeting 8:30pm 7725 Tomlinson Ave. Book Talk 7:30 pm Little Falls Library Tumbling (every Wed. ,) Clara BartonElementary Book Talk 10:30 am Little Falls Library Tumbling (every Thurs.) Clara Barton Elem. . Ski Movie 3:~5 pm Little Falls Library Family Dinner and Fund Raising Sale. 3-6pro Church of the Redeemer Fairway Hills Gibson Grove Dinner Ipm on.. 21 Carver ..Road: . P o t 6ma c V a ~’~7<$#~i ::H ome make r s II am ..C6~Hi.ty House Citizen~ii~S~!s:8~, Meeting 8pm Clara B~n:I!;~E~I em. of:P’le.:i~~~;:@!~;~,ibf Cabin John March 2 . .Tot~n Me 4iti~q ~-#”!7~::~-“~{8~hDm … ~n E~ementary, *********************************************-* In order for you ;~+~;~i~e~ez~;~:_ .~.,; ‘%: t he,,; c ommuni ty ln wh lc~7!: yiOU;!!i~&~e included a Map-with exist ing;~!Zo ~i, restrictions and what they ~an i:: , R-R Rural Residential ,~’ ‘.;, 20,000 sq. feet p~’r.~dwel! ‘:h R.OO li~ “c-1 0ne-Family Detached Residenti~ o000 sq. feet per dwelling un/. One-Family :Detached Resident i~ 6,000 sq.:~:~ee~ per :dwelllng Ui Local Co~erciai ….. ; ~’~v~ ! ” … (“. ~. ~;,:’ ~’~,~ I t THE PLANNING PROCESS ************************* In order to help you write your community plan I developed a questlonnaire to circulate through- out the community. However, when it was presented at the last Town Meeting there was some criticism ~ that it did not reflect the concerns or the mood of the community. Since my aim has been to get as many people. involved as possible, I put my ques-~i tionnaire aside and a committee was organized to develop ~ a “community questionnaire”. The finished pro- i duct will be presented at the next Town Meeting on March 2 at 8<pro. I ~Mr. Frazier Ke~logg will head this committee and anyone in the community i who Wishes to par~iicipate in this -i worthwhile endeayor;tplease call Mr. ,! Kellogg for more details. His phone number is 365-8263~ Someone at the last Town Meeting asked me ‘ ~e County’ s Rehabili- tation I ~i is designed to assist c ~S of single amily £:-~ ‘l~e cost of needed epair~ ~g in order to ~$1i.compllance i~des. Loans are i :#amilies who :~!4u, n~s to make th~ ~i,’~ua± zr y for I remol~;~ ~!~sil Rehabilita- :oahs are:”mald, ~,i~he ~nterest ~e~;;of ~rear. Re#aymeht 3 Pe rcent~: ………. i;,S’e )n the financial S , will bei;~i~ ~°~:~’~ . the~:zow~r and will be • kept ;,!of ~•i ~/°:’~’~ ~as#~#i:~tSe, family can main- ~,~,~;<:,;,:~:,,:,,,,~,;,,~, ~ standard of living. an,i:~w$~&~be s~cured’Jby a mort- t for t~e amount Of .., and interes~,~!~Existing • :n~eing or mortgag#s;~@n the propert :z,w&~:,not be changed:~’%~!: ;! ; …. ,.,,Anyone interested’:~:in applying for this loan or inLreceiving further Si!/i;information sh6~ii~ielephone tl~e Department of CQ~Ity Development :’ ~ Hoping to.’:~:~i~!~a&& of you at the next town mee~:~hg(:/0n Tuesday, I March 2 at 8 o’clock at the Clara Barton Elementary School. r ~:u Lee Manes i. :i~!t~ Department of C6mMunlty Developmen i• / i . ‘, yE 0LDE CABIN JOHN — Part 3 Ou~ third series of excerpts from Edith ~.~rtin Armstrong’s A Brief History of Cabin John Park Will take us half way through this fas’ cinating booklet, .. “The Conduit Road was developed as a result of the construction of the water supply conduit. The only other road to Great Falls was River Road, a narrow dirt road which was almost im- passable in winter and spring. Branch- ing from the River Road was the Seven Locks Road, the only accessto Cabin John. Consequently. when the Conduit was completed in 1863, the farmers nearby began to use the smooth clay surface over the conduit as a roadway. Between 1870-~, ~46,000 was appropria- ted, and the road was macadamized to point 3/~ of a mile below the Anglers Club. At the entrance of the community is the Cabin John Bridge, one of the ‘sights’ near Washington, and once the second largest single-span bridge in the world. The actual work on the bridge officially named Union Arch. was beg~n in 18~7 and completed in 1864. It was erected to carry the 9-f~ot diameter conduit’across Cabin John Gorge. Its construction was supervised by the war Dept. The stone arch~has a span of 220 feet and rises ~7~2*2Teet. The surface of the roadway is i00 feet from the bottom of the gorge. To provide the foundation for the bridge, the hillside was carefully cut away to solid ‘~ock. Anarched-frame tres- sle was an~, anD stones of the. removed set fir because tension the nam from th, the pre the mam, to the <(Mr; cently~ John Br: zine. H, “contri, to tran~ tion si” to the ( -south, ~le dr~ • timbers a pool 1 “Tn i~;~u ~le secon~ conqul~, ±u lee~ in diameter and ha~ii,ng a capacity of. more than lO0,O~!!~O’.:-gallons.a da.y.~.~as completedto ca~~d;@tlonal’water~tor the city of ~ashi~~. During Con§t.1~uc- tion, detours we~~through the. com- munity,and a larg~•~’:5*~idge built Over . ._ !.~, (con’t) in the community have never-forglven,~ the govennmen@ for destroying one of•” the most beautiful features of the landscape. , ” The Conduit Road was a favorite jii~i:, drive of:Presldent and Mrs. Wilson.~s long as he was able to be out, his car could be seen on the road daily in the middle of the afternoon. Mrs. Wilson always acknowledged the gestures of -those Who were friendly, but thePres. never looked left or right. _Ouring the 1920’s it was necessary for those who had to drive by automo- bile into Washington to obtain a D.C. license as well as a Marylan d one. Be- cause the Conduit Road wasGovernment property the people of Washington could drive on it without securing a Maryland;,, tag, provided they did not leave it. This resulted in frequent controversies :~ with persons who had misjudged the width of Gov’t property. During World W~r II the Conduit ~ Road was renamed MacArthur Blvd. /111i1111111111111111111~11111t1111/I SC OUT ING C OR~7~R The ~Doy Scouts of the newly formed Troop 44b in Cabin John:were presented with a brand new American flag on January 19. The VFW gave the troop.. its first flag with a ceremony and p;ictures were taken. The troop invites ….. all boys. ll years old and up to join. Just call ~<r. Sponaugle at 365-2575. The Girl Scouts. have begun to take roller skating -~ .~*l~eL~so,ns. They • have.• had – four les,~ons ofit?%:~’f;,il.t’~elve, °and are al well i.!i,ii~~.~i~ !~I ~ •their lead~rs, lenn and i.P~’i~*i~:eak have donned or the!~.f,!rst ‘time in a few(?) rownies rep0rt, a whopping crew thusiastic,..members. That’ s number :~i! I~ ~ii~ii~!i ~’•~ . • , ‘ , -g~’l ~,~’ “‘~’, “W~”~ ~’ “‘ ‘-‘c~;’~ ‘-” “~-“,’.~’ “~ ” “,-‘ ” / ;: :i’~ ‘” ‘”:’~’~ .~.'” 0MAC . ~VALLEY H0~,~T”IAIVSRS Otomac Valley ~:{omemakers Club t:~at ‘ the Cabin John Gardens Inc House on Mon. February 22 on%for their regular monthly Anyone interested in the art cheting beads for necklaces ~ld be at the Community House when instruc.tions will be •. we are planning a Silent Auctior Lled b~q~ite Elephants. Bring te elephants • take home some- ~’s. Details as to what Is*a ~ction will be posted at the meeting. Visitors or prospective members are welcome. “~,. IIIIIIIIIi11111111111111111111111~//1t JDY .TOTH FU~VO RAISER A fund raiser is,belng planned ‘to trytoerase the .campaign:debt incurred bY Judy Toth’s primary ‘race for the the creek and gorge at the foot o,f Wil- Maryland ,House of Delegates. On Feb. 15 s n Lane. With the coming• of the work- at. ,the Church of the Redeemer in men there was a smallpox scare, and those Fai.rWay:~H.ills (next tO the .Glen Echo.-: who did not heed the warning, were not ~ho~pi~g.i<~,~enter):.t~erei~i~.gill ~, be,a,ii.fU~hi 4 .: allowed to pass oyez, the Cabin John Bridge~ t:.ure.:’c6i~e~ti0n arid/saie, :a Fam’ily .: The majestic cedar~ that lined the road d-inner, ~and_a’Bake Sal@ :frO~ 3″fto 6 pm.. i from the boridge to. Benson’s gtore were :i .Al!:donatlons:are. needed and. al.used”L ;:- cut down ~ then, and many individuals furniture .left~over-will be auctioned ~ off, downt0wn on ~;iarch::~,. ~lease comet. . **** VFW **.i, .” T~e V~ is h~ving Friday night din- ners at the Post Hall in Great Falls MarYland. • The price is ~1.50 with lots o~g~bod food. This week the menu calls f~am and cabbage etc. After dinner, w~’i~ ” begins at 7:30, there is Bingo until ll:30, gounds like a ~ood deal’ ~ **************************************** LITTLE FALI,,~ LIBRARY ..- This month’s Book Talk at the Little Falls Library will feature Herman Hess’ Steppenwolf. Discussions will be held on Feb. 9 at 7:30. and ~n Feb. II at 10:30. The older children (Pish and up) are invited to watch a ski movie on Feb. II at 3:45. There will also be a demonstra- :then of clothes and techniques. i i:/tll/lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ~!:~’i :~ :i?: CABIN JOHN GARDENS INC REPORT :~,: Honday evening, Feb. I, at the regular ~i~(Board meeting in the Cabin John Gardens we /..had the pleasure of hearing the proposed …. .,’:~’~”:””:”‘: …….. ‘ ……………………. l” GIBSON GROVE DEODAR The congregation of Gibson Grove Church is planning a fun~ raising din, ner to go toward its new property fund. The date is Feb. 20 from i pm on, and the place is Bill Whites house at 21 Carver Road. Carry-out dinners, and dinners eaten there will be ~1.50. • Dinners delivered will be ~I-~5. Spare ribs, chicken etc. plus a Bake Sale will bethe fare. Hours for the Gibson Grove services are as follows: Sundays 9:30 am Sunday School Ii am Church service Wednesdays 8 pm Prayer Meeting ! ~’LtL ~ ‘ ‘ ‘ ~ ‘ ‘ ~ ; “L ~ ,’ ‘ ! ! “~’.~ ~ ‘4 ~ ‘ ‘ L.’ ‘L’L,’. l; RIVERSIDE ASSEmbLY OF GOD ~521 78th St. Cabin John ~unday Services : i0 am Sunday ~chool 6:30 pm Youth Program 7:30 pm Evangelical Service )project for the “Polinger Tract” explained Thursday evening • Prayer Meeting .~. , : to. the members by Mr. Nicholson, attorney ~ …… ,., ,.~ ~.~.. ,~..,~.:~ , . ~,~, ~ .,,..,.~. ~,~., …, ;, • .. ‘ ……. .,. :…~ …,, ~ ~,.~ ~,./ ..,. c. ¢~’~ .,~ …. . …… . ………….. ..:for,the pro ject~ the Executive Director ~`~/~%/~°~u`~/~/°~”,~°7~/.~/~./°~..~/~.~”~°/°~ ‘of the ~,’ationa Council of genior Citizens- Mr. Cotton, and Mr. Weinstein, the archi- DEP,. OF I:J~CREATIOU PROGPAM tect for the project. They brought with them plans and a mock,up and explained in detail what they planned to do. It turns i out to be quite different from the infor- mation given us last month and hopefuly they will be given an opportunity to pre- sent this information tothe Citizens Asso. at their next meeting. editor made b~ me :the structu :actually a • fdmil ie s ~ on over 62. Th I believe i r was g to It is or be P G%~ i on~i~ • .~ ..-.:~-~ ~ .”” CAB IT~ JO RT~ ‘, :~’,~,~i’: ‘~ ‘, ~’ .~:::~H~=’:.’!:~-%, , ~r~’~ ~ The January 26 mee:~:~!~~:iiC~ LAsso. followed the Tow~’~::M~@’~{~i~ , • yous were expressed t o:”~’J~l t.i~e. qpe~”~”~:~”~””op~ who had worked on and come to i tHe’Co~’:~’~ ‘~:’ ity Carol ?ing. We also heard Lewi~si!~ii~I i: stein of the Potomac Va!ey League ex~ ~. plain their opposition to the proposed ::~i ~ special exception in zoning on the Polin-i ger Tract. He stressed that they were not ~ -?Opposed to the project per me, but onl i :’:on that particular ~ract of land. ~;7:~/ ,Mr, Manthos explained to us why Car..~-, derock ~outh is opposed to the zoning~ii ~ variance proposed along Persimmon T re~i~!!~ Due to a mix-up or two, the w~nter recreation Program was not able ~o start last month. Here is the real schedule: ARTS A~,D CIL&FTg: c iara B–arton School MOrt. 3pm grades I -3; ,4pm grades h-6 TUMBLING Clara Barton School Wed. 3pro grade i and boys grade 2 4pm girls grades h-6 Thurs. grade~3 and girls grade 2~3pm ~pm Boys grades g-b HOME ARTS: ~,R@~q:rea~:i~!on Center ,:!~,~, ~:~,,v ° .i~1 ~’~, ~Ji{, ~i~ol~,”~,;~? “o/,, “, ( sew In~!~/~{c ookl ng, fun ‘ ) Bernstein may return then too. It should be a very interesting meeting for all townspeople on Feb. 23 at 8 pm at the Clara Barton gchool. Due to the expected length of the next Citizens Asso. meeting, Lee Manes has decided to have the next Town Meet-• ing a week later on March 2. at 8 pro. /////////11///I///I//I//1111/11/I/11/I/I GARDENg TEEN DA;TCE There will be a Valentine Party and Dance on Feb~ 12 from 8:30 to 11:30 pm in the Gardens Colamunity House. Teen-agers shoul d call Mrs. Marshall for details, 365-5742 J ~ :’~ …:.~:; , “‘ that the Fire Chie~/~:r~ off several hundred copies of(~@i~: instructions sho~,~ing how to re~c!~!~h::park (and .. the CAbin John (~.2′.~)~!~JPifig Cent–~r. ~ ° …. These are handed dut~.o:<~silently, to befu,~dled autois s,’.:i ‘~,” Perhaps road signs are now in order? (Excerpt from Morris Fradin’s ,”Little Falls to Great Falls” history of the Potomac area) ‘;~ ……. “~’ ……. ~: ,..% ~,,.:::f % ~ ..~ Rd. on the “Shapiro tract …… ~:~!~: …. ?~ext month we ihope to hear from Mr.~iy :’:’~-~’~{~’l°ca ~:”~:~~ “:” ” The Cabin John Volunt’eer Fire Dept. Nicholson, Mr. Cotton, and Mr. Weinsteln!;: regarding the “p01inger tract” and Mr. …….. was queried by so many “lost” drivers ~gZ~@~~’e set up soon ~gr~mS~{~ ! L%. weeks. ~t~N~?~@H~N.!~ ~~O~I~L PARK ~¢!:~!Zd~ rolling on ~,~,MacArthur/B~a~,~,i~en are haile f~, ” .:~,,~-.~. ~,- ,,.., .’.~.~ ~;iver of a (;~r” loa~’~ down with ~nd the kids. ~,~,i ~ ” “:-..~… ;ase ~ where ,:s:i~-;i~!~:e:; Cabin JohnsRe – i Park? This ~:,{~:Cabin John, isn’t ;!~:IN,~@ cant fi~:!~the park and the ii~!,~:driving us crazy’!” ~i~,~/r~{:i,the~ umpteenth time– you ~,~!j!i~i~istr~ct another driver ~i~’~’-s:~up’:.Seven Locks l=:d., turn ~i~¢,kerman l, ane~ii~’~ravel I.o ~ave a sigh of~::~i~f, and unload iS in a wonderf~’/~D-acre park there since ic6~, ~’~’ OFFICIALTOUR OF CABIN JOHN If you see several carloads of important looking people driving around Cabin John on Sunday afternoon, February 28, you will know that it’s our first “official” tour of our Community. Our local elected officials (House of Delegates~ County Council, State Senators) have been invited along with members of the ~tional Capitol Park and Planning Commission to see Cabin John first hand. The tour will start at Judy Toth’s house on 81st Place following which a short car tour will be given. Anyone who would llke to be involved wlththis tour either in planning, talking, or driving should contact Judy Toth at 56c-8586. The purpose of this tour is simply to acquaint our officials with the town, and not to sell a point of view on any subject. Please volun- teer to help. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII/!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII CABIN JOHN KIDC CLEAN-UP CLUB Is anyone interested in doing some- thing concrete to help beautify Cabin John? Tn Bill Gold’s column recently in the~Washington Post he tol~ about a group of elementary school children who had formed their own anti-Sitter club. Mr. Morris Fradin suggests that our o~:~n children might llke to do a similar thing. Individuals in the community could donate space ‘in their trash cans for groups of Cabin John kids to use when they find: litter. Anyone wishing to j oi~n in~i~his effort should contact Mr~a~_n~lila:,~,#365-5339. ADS ARE .~ … ~:~:., ,. • . ~_~ ~ ~/~ .” • ,~ ‘~;~ *,.’~ .. • ,. Have you ~:C iI~ Would you lille ~m~i~iextl money out s~de~if ~off:r ~::i?ii: me put an adli~.~f~ ~’he .”~Ii!~ Nevs. I’ve .;ff’~ “. of t~i~’ calls recen~!Ji,~ ~m people who”~ llk8 to get specific Jobs done Cabin John carpep~tle~s, electric painters, etc. per me or ~!5 for three., m0f~hs. . .,, “‘~ ‘~ “~ ‘~” ~”~ ‘~ ‘~ ‘~ “~” ‘~’~ ‘~ 16~’/)’~:~ r~,, ,-,-.,-~.,-,~~,. :~,~:,. .*,~”, .r..~-~,t,.,- -~,~-:r,r:, -%r./.,.,- .<~ .~ .z ‘: :Z .’: ,’Z.,~:~t’.~.;~ DOGS ON THE LOOSE…~:~r:,..,~.,~,,,’~,,~..~ Several c omp. a i nt S : l~a~i~5~il ~ about dogs ino~Cabin John wild’~i ~, around on, th~i~ose. The Coui~i~!j ~ forbids this~i’~and if a dog ~s p~ up by the Cou~’ty; it will cost $1Q~,i, to get it back. The Elementary Sch’ool has also had some problems in thisl area. It is specificlally illeagal for dogs to be loose:~i~ii~chool grounds,/~ and the C~unty ~e~s!~.on~s quickly to: complaints from:~~ol. Please keep your’ dog at: home.i~’~!!~f~i~-“-! …. • J.-L:,’,,%v” ~,’:*’~’~’~;,v …… ;’ A,, J/’;,’ff~#c,:;%” f. :”~,~F~:,,~f,ffc~,,: ~,,”,,.,;;’~;’~’~ ~`.~ ~ ~ ~ /~.~/~ 7~ /~.~ ~ :.~`.~.~ ~ /~..~ ~ ~ ~ ~ /~ ~ ~ ~ /~)w~ /~% ~/~.`/~ ~ /~ /” . . WE :~ED MO_VEY ….. (who doesn’t’?) N-w Ire s you enjoy receiveng the Village …. ,. but haven’t yet sent in your doll:ar, please do,:i,t,~this month. We are very short “o~f’~d~ and I would hate to have to discontinue the paper. ~end to quean Vogt 6509 76th 9t. C.J. I IIAD T},~. ~,~TCEST MOTHER I~ THE WORLN Anonymous , ~,fhile other kids ate Candy for breakfast, I had to have cereal, eggs and toast. ~;qqen other kids had cokes and candy for lunch, I had to eat aj~ i, sandwich. As you can guess, my dim4~’~ was different from other kids’ too. My mother insisted on knowing where we were all the time. You’d think we were on a chain gang. She had to know who our friends were and what we were doing. She insisted that if we would be gone for an hour, we would be gone for an hour or less. I am ashamed to admit it, but she actually broke the Child Labor Law. She made us work. We ahd to wash all the dishes~ make the beds~ learn to cook, and all sorts of odd things. I believe she lay awake nights thinking of mean things to do to us. She always’ insisted on us telling ‘the truth, the whole truth~ and nothing but the truth. By the time we were teenagers ; ,:’:!she %~Jas much wiser~ and our life becar.le even more unbearable. None of this tooting the horn for us to come running, qhe embarassed us no en~ by making our friends and dates Come to the door to get us. I forot to mention that my friends were dating at the mature age of:12′ and 13. But my Mean Mother refused ~o let me date until:l was 15. ~y mother was a complete failure as a mother, l~one of us has ever been arrested. And’wh0 do we have to thank for the terrible way we turned out ? You’~ rii:ght ‘ Our Mean Motherl Look at a.~i%!i~!i:~,~thlngs we missed. we never got t’bi~!~t~i~ie’ipart in a riot and a millionlibth~:~ things’ our friends did. She made ~uS gro w up into God- fearing,educated~ Hone st Adults. :~,~i~I am trying to raise my children ~’~i~’°stand, a little taller land I am ~ied with pride when my children ~il me mean..” i”: ” You see,%~i~a~~.God, He gave me the e~a.nest/Motlier”~ih the world. From ~i~ I ~#0uld say the country doesn’t ~i~~di:a good 5¢ cigar. It needs more ~;~:~i~Mothers and Dads. A POlT.r~ OF VIEW • AnonYmous ‘.,~.~ether or not the questlonnai”re :Cp.mmittee formulates a better “Cabin ?John Survey”, my pa~ramount hope for C~i~in John is to have residents of ~i~i~’@~’::community match in their homes ~!~ surroundings the beauties of . ~ture;” so near and dear to us all. :~6t that ~ ~,. property i@ a paragon …. ~of tidiness — but~ at least, we strive not to offend our neighbor’s’;: view. gomehow — I ~:ould hope that we can ~rite into the questionnaire a pledge to Pick up, clean up, paint up, and repair each individual’s property. If an Owner cannotdo it himself, we should be able to suggest to hlm- how and w~ere to obtain help or funds to do so. .. DO YOU IIAVE SOL’THING TO SAY? I’LL PVf IT Y~’I AH0?,~/MOU~LY~ AS LONG AS I NAVE A NA~,~ FOR MY F II£S. ,,,/ i . “,… q • /~,~ ” ,… THE q TE ZT I O”TA IRE k comr.~,unity survey questionnaire pre- pared by the Community Development Office was~dlscussed at the Town Meeting on Jan. 28~,t was decided that a group of com- m~Ty members would review the question- ~:i~ and make its recommendations to , the next town meeting• The review group held one meeting on January 31, and wiXl meet again On Monday, Feb. ,8 at 8:30 pm. The meeting is open to every- one in the community and is at 7725 Tom inson Avenue. The design and purpose of the questbn- naire involve several considerations. First, what purpose will a question- naire serve? Cabin John wi)l develop anyway. The question is, will that development coincide with the wishes of the c~mmunity? If those wishes Vary ~,,~:yrom present County zoning patterns, !~jthey should be made known to the County .”!~ig over nine nt. . ” r<) gecond; what questions should be ~i;<askedZ:A draft questionnaire is being .:;~prepa~ed with three ma.ior groups of ques- .:,tions.,The first will attempt to get “at individual preferences to leave or stay in the comunity..Too often a !decision to .eave is based on an incom- .’plete understandin~ of alternatives in the com,mmnity – such as other houses or sources of home improvement loans. .If ,:~ houseifold prefers to live here~ it should have a.l the information and help it can get to do just that. ,. The second group of questions wil! be coucerned with ideas and preferences for the use of land in the community Which is as yet undeveloped. Again, it is possible that .pu~tiie programs. might enable-uses t~ia:~i”,’,~:~,re not recog- nized before~ and a~,~,he~,.~isame tzme –adequately compensat~iii!~’0::ners for such com:.unity .desi-#i&}’ii!i:~”~.,. ” ,~ The third group .of;~..queS~’$ons ,,~zll. a:n.f i.~volve .:lesc.riptive ~-!’a’~a 6~:;family ‘;~ ,size ~ approximate ihcome ~ housing :,~ ::~status etc. Thi,~ dataJi~Uid, be use- i- ful in e stab i shin~ ….. c;”‘~”:’~’:”~:ai,t~.%elig$i~omm~ :~’~’ ……. <… ,:.~.~~ bility for public pr( a,m~ ‘ …. ~:’~i ,. :either of’ the two groups%..~f)!:deci~sian~,~. :.. a bove . ……. :~ ” ‘Finai_y, the information from thi!si~t ,questionnaire should really serve :~< :~);the interests and needs of the Cabin ~:~. ‘: John Community – both individually and, ,C:! !~ co).ectively. Anyone with questiQn$ may c~.ca~l..,.-~r_az&.er Kellogg at 365- ~263. iiD”i .4 uoua±.~e_,.e~none :Jumoers to Keep < . I N~ ~i< —“Generali :”~'” ……. Inf0. …. : Comm. ‘ ‘ ;” ‘ ‘ ..ii~i;~ : :i-, …. . ,.” .. ‘”. ,:.’;’2, on all services…,., ~.li~,.~.~o. .¢.. maps, brochures~ complaints 27ci-:l~.~!~ !~ ‘:’ Fire:” – “.~ ‘~’ 5-,- ) , . , t .,NEWSY NOTES Do let me know about yourselves and your friends. I think everyone enjoys reading this part of the paper. New Neighbors Mr. and Mrs. M.W. Kandle were the “pioneers” onBuxton Terrace. They move~} here from Potomac by way of Virginia and have three children; Jeff 16~ Elissa I~ and Jonathan I~. Mr. an~ Hrs. James Wilner boughtthe Health Center house on 77th St..They are doing a lot of renovation to it. The Willners came here from Philadelphia Stuart Riddle is inVietnam for a couple of months. Uhen he returns, he plans to Join the Navy and will be stationed in Pensacola~ Florida• Mr. ‘and Mrs. Bruce Chandler report that they love Florida living. They’re only a few miles from Cape i(ennedy and were able to watch the latest moon launching • Yr. and :..~r~. ~.!orm~n-‘Teson have bought .and ona lake in the Rio “Grande~Talley in Texas Truly saw it w.hile on a New Years trip to visit family and friends there, and now plan to take lots of “winter vacat ions”. Roy. and ilrs: Jame,~ Jenkins recently • spent time with the Kimber Inkrotes in Pennsylvania~ whose house they rent in the Cabin. ard’ens.. “-qS anyc’ :’~ ,,n% to the lovely Chri~tm-.q,~ ! !of <uth Carow a:n.~ her fa:~: }e holiday sea- • .,i,:g ~ ~,<~ – ~.’ It ~wa’!! ~ “~y group. ;-~;i;.Nas:::: l~ Vg~at I put :ih~%a~. ~ise of find- ;,h~.m~’it: }~¢lnt ing the ~!~4~!n ,,~ drawls6 ,,_,~ut in ads ,t ~:~’~:”with Box inne~s~rings andFoam ~ be Bunk Beds), :~&tchfng tl- drawer ,,..!30, Metal 365-0608 ;;i)!( ) ( ) ( ) ) ) ( …….. (.)( )( )( )( )(, ~,,BL~.T%Y .qA~0~ “,”I±’Ii BOVi’ lq~.,. ~’~. ,,~,~,::,Call 365 – b-l~C- ~{:e r4i~f6 !am ” ” , ,:, ,;:., …… ‘ ~”!'”:~’~’G:’ ‘- p~:, ~nT,:’~.fe- ‘ ” “-:” ~ %?::,:~ r~ ~-:” “” ~ c …. (‘7(:: C(W “< (:. ‘ ………. .%K~.J~~<~:!! • • . ; • Call .,,mil Doleza& for quick ‘ ‘Licenses anti Inspections 279-le31.~;,if/~:~,~.-:>i,,., Board .of Zoning ~ppeals 279-t226 ::i;i:!/~i,~’:!i: Tax Appeal Court , 279-.”3535 ” .GOOD ‘N oUICK.ROOD SHOP h-ealth Dept. 279-163b 7607 MacArthutl.i’~B.e~-i.evard Co:;~munity Devp. ~ , ~ 279-132~ Men.. through’Sat.’~}~::~i&:6pm Human Relations kJ'”,qUg.L rights and , FreSh pastriesa:~i~di~i;i~’~!{s i’> Or.portunity, Fn:i.r !{ousing 27C-llt.Ol ,’,z ….. ~, ‘ ……. .-.~..,”~:,r~:v~.~:~,..- ….. ,.,,. _ .., ..~ .z ;,: .%.-:- ~.-._~ ~..~ .4 ,~ 4 ‘- ‘~ .z. – . ….. ~,.~.- – L …~ Z .. : ~ ‘ Trash Collection 42+-2200 ” ‘ : . PI~_..’,~O A,.’,D VIOLIN~S~D”IO Leaf Pick-up J U~- Ch.-4~ .VeraDolezal “‘~”?’:.365-2685 .~ or 279-1397 °treet &, Road “~ ,, _~mintenance 279-1393 8tOr,.~ Drainage . 948-0p42 ‘ . … Ch-8-o55o .P-raf~ic Lights, £ignas, ~za.n.~ Xd. ,’fat. Cap• Park and Plann• JUg-.t~80 Zoning inform,~ tion 279-1426 Water and Sewer Froblems 277-7700 Voter Information 424″~433 \. . .~’;,an.d ‘ reasonable servzce ~65-2685 ~ ~ t~ j~./~ ~ ~`~ ~ ~-/~ /~ I~ ~ i~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~u / ~, /~ /~ ~ ~.3 ~ ~J ~ ~u ,~,~ ~.~ ~ ~.`~ ~-~ /. ~ ~b 7101 . Persimmon Tree Rd. Bethesda Children and adults – All levels I//i111/1111//////il////11//i///¢///I DOROTHY HELEN’S,.,B}”;AUTY SALON -7630 TomlinsOz,1~A~,~:~’~p~ 15 “@.:.,~r 365-0361 o~ 4-69-~’833 “Personal Hairdressing:” n¢ ¢ r,r ~bt ) nr~- r, r. r r ~, r r, t. r- ~ n ~ ~,’n, 6-, t r • P ,~, ,’ , , Qr2 , ~ 2~, < ,…. ,.,, , ,, ~ t ….. ,,, v’~””~c~ ~, % ‘• ~ 2″” FEBRUARY T}LkNK YCUS This is the m~nth of hearts and flowers~ and for thank yous too. I would like to do my part by thanking publicay people who work e~och month to get the paper to you. My deliverers are saints who go. door to door in all kinds of weather . They inc.ude Grac4 Gesswein, Mark and Mike Eisenburg, Henry Richardson~ Lori Geib~ Heidi and Mitchell Heflin~ Tony Whlte~ Judy and Bradey Vogt, and all the o.ther people who have helped on occasion. LJe owe our beautiful new heading on the Vilage l’lews to Miss Joan Greene~ the Gifth grade teacher at Clara Barton Elementary School. Would you believe that she does that free hand? It’s a relief to be away fr6~ mlne~ I’m sure you’ll all agree…. !drs. Jane winslow and family helped by doing all the collating and :st~ling one month. And Judy Tot)% d&d typing and all the mim~ Qgraphing until we went to of$~set p~inting last month. So Th~i~’,~¢ TO ALL ‘OF YOU. ,..1, ;;/~t. ‘~ ~. ‘~ ~ * ,I, ~ ,~: • ~.E~tra CoPies of,.;t-he-Villa~e ,Tews’-are always-left:at the Coodt. “.”,~ Quick, Dorothy Helen’s • Beau.ty Salon, and ..the Cabin John Post< Office. Alsg.7~,:y,!gu,;i~i,e9.,n. get an~xtra copy ~i~i’~~~the. • …..;~ need Vo: “”.. . Vi~age Jews~ ” c6~ate eve¢ . t.~Ou.d love an~t -gettir ” ~}~ybody ~.~ C%’Ii me i “:,’…~,~ ‘.t;’ ,’:;~1: .4. •5 ‘ ~.’v e, . . f(,~7~’~.j., ,(, . ” . ..:>’,,i i; ,7!; L.:~;~i~”, L ~.,’ i ‘ • , -~’ !i:’~ L~ ‘ C O~(:~U?~ITY TIP SHEET :~ The department of .Com~,’unity Development has a monthly publication called the Commu___ nity Tip Sheet Lee Manes gave me about IO0 copies of the January issue to distribute to interested people. The booklet concerns what is happening county wide in Community Development~ and this issue has articles about such things as Emory Grove Renewa.~iilD programs for credit assistance~ Job and training opportunities. There are Dubic information) items too such as upcoming drug seminars~’ Y qchool pupil problem s. and tele- phone numbers or Where to go for he I p. I wil distribute some copies : randomy with the Village ~$ews~ )and will have some at my house for ~eo- ole who would like to have a co y”. ‘~ …,# ,~ ‘~..’~ ‘z :~. ‘~. ,z v..” ‘,. ,’z .~ .’~ .’z ‘,. ~ ‘~ ,~-‘: ‘~ ‘~ ‘,-,-‘: .’~ ‘: !.~.~ – .I . .:” r,f/,,’l’,”.’/’.’l’:’l’.l-/’,f.’P:,-.. I’./,:l’r’f,l-‘l’,’-:’.’ : , ,. .. I wil mail the Cabin Joh ~ Village to you each month if .yoi;.. .- sen~ me f’..~O and s6ecify ‘I’I~T i: ‘ you want it mailed, i,-. .:- The regular of th’~’.. a er ha~ it delivered on the f~’~~.t.,- ” wee~en~ of every month~ weat~er per- ~.i!. ,mitting. Let me know if you are~ i ~:. ‘ missed. .I’m Susan 7ogt ~..i 6~0o 76th St. ~:i.. • . ~” 116, O’ ,” :~i6 ~31,7:’9 ” !!” i ‘ ~t-~:.~’,e’.~,~’. ,# ‘, ,’ e.,*,’ ,’ ~’ t ‘~’~’,,.i~’~’e. ~’ ~ ¢,~~_’.,!’ ~’.e-~ ,”. ,’ e.~’. 4.e, ‘- . ‘ . .._,~’:~.,t,~,~ ‘,6 :~, “,,’ ‘,” . , – , D3.d you hea,r,j::!a,bo.,~t ~, the l,£st !-PT~ meeting? 3esi~’~i::’~’~h~! slides of i!0ur children~ Jr. <~:liglan>draz~ed O~t ~iiiie~ Old ~lide:~ fromlOS2 of a ~May ‘ ‘.~,,~’~’~;’~’iltt , • ” . ~, ” ‘: ‘ . ~’ . ~a,y/.~.,Ce_ebratzon or. sometl”.zng. @~ere ~!~,~e~re some ~uffnws’..:.,from the au.tience _ -: k~&,,,’i-~De op. ~. ,d ~i rec o<n:i~e d peoF.le A . ,.%* L,,.~’~:;’~ , ~a.t’i.a col .ect:~-~d:n.- of. Maxis I  .,:.’~ ~, ,-. , ~.’,,~-‘-,:~.,’, :. \ -;~ *.. . ‘-, ~;… v ‘. , . ,. • ‘!;~-,:, :, .~. ‘ ;,,”” ‘L ; :’ ‘ r. ~ ..~.~,~ ‘.”–~,. ,~, ~ ±.,~d ~ • ., , . • (cid:127)Z il • , ,, , , ‘ ,, ,~k,-

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