February 1968

q, :…..-/ …~ ..”‘/” ‘~k • < ~;- ‘~, ” .. > 1 i’.i ~ ./ VoI:..II, i~1o ; 2 c–? q? Feb.rua ‘, 1968 ,, ,, GL~! ECHO PARK DUE FOR ~IRTH CABI~I! JOT~ TO BE}IEFIT ~<iioments before David Scull died on Tues0ay, January 23, the }~iontgomery County Council approved the expenditure of $81,9,000 over a period of 5 years, for the rebirth of Glen Echo Amusement Park as a family-type recreational-historical .ghautaugua Park~, the first year’s cost of $180,000 was included in the new bud- get. This momentous event for the entire Glen-Echo-Cabin John area depends, of course, on the takeover of the premises by the County, via the Department of In- terior and the Government Services Adh:qin- istration. The latter agency will have to “swap” surplus land somewhere in the U.S. for the pro~,erty of the Baker bro’=: thers, present owners of the Glen Echo A~usement Park. ?he Department of Inte- rior will then turn over the property to Montgomery County free-of-charge for 20 years, provided certain conditions are fulfilled ~th respect to historic attri- but e s. This means that the Glen Echo area ” zay soon “step gack” into the Gay Nine- ties, when the cultural center of the U.S. was first planned for location in our sister commu_nity. That was the chief reason why Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, had her “}~ississippi- steamboat-house erected adjacent to the Chautauqua area. Designs and plans drawn up by the Dept. of Parks, Earyland National Capital Park and Planning Co~mlission indicate that a small 2000-seat open mnphitheater will be constructed on the site as an all’Purpose auditorium. The swimming pool will be retained, as ~lll the carou- sel and dance hall. Other bu”>dings will be modified. New structures will be erected in the future. Space ~lll be provided for 300 autos. Piclcnicing areas and a roller rink also are planned. The greatest significance for Cabin John’s future, h~^~ever, lies in its proxi, mity to this new-old type of cultural par(. This will Upgrade the entire Poto- mac palisades region and give it national prominence. The county’s action on Jan. 23 is bound to increase the attractive- ness and the value of properties in the Glen Echo-Cabin John communities. Both should become even more “desirable” and the unwarranted label of “blighted area” cont. on page 4 CHAi~GES IN CONSTITUTIQI A},TD BY-LA~’IfS At the February 27 meeting of the Cabin John Citizens’ Association, a final vote will be taken c,~ ” the foll~ing changes in the Constitution and By-laws. It is hoped that you ~,~ll acquint your- selves with the changes below in order to min~z~ze @iscussion at the ~uesday meeting. COiJSTITUrIOI, : Article I – }~ame..and Object Sec. 1 The name of this association shall be — “The Cabin John Park Citizens’ Association.” Article II – Boundaries Sec. i The boundaries of the association shall be: The south boundary shall be the Potomac River from a point south of the junction of Brickyard Road and i~c- Arthur Boulevard eastward to where Cabin John Creek ~ipties into the River; The Zastern boundary shall be Cabin John Creek bet~,zeen the Potomac River and the junction of the Creek and River Road. The l~orthern boundary shall be R~er Road between• its junction with Cabin o’ ‘~. – ==~: ~, its junction ~.~th Bradley Boulevard. The LTestern boundary shall be Bradley 3oulevard from its junction with River Road to its junction ~,~th Persi,~,uon Tree Road and thence in a line to the junction ~ith Bricl~/ard Road and i facArthur Boule- yard and south to the Potomac River. Article IV – Officers and Delegates Sec. 2 In addition to the President as ex-officio delegate, there shall be elected two delegates and %hree alter- nates to represent the Association in the i iontgomery County Civic Federation. Delagates to other civic organizations shall be appointed by the President. Article V – }~eetings an d ‘~..ections Sec. 1 Regular meetings shall be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 8:00 p.m., unless otheE,~se directed by the .Executive Co1:mz~ttee, and provided that the Association’s mmnber~ip be informed at least 72 hours preceding such meeting. ~f-I.J~i, TS : Art.icle II – Fiscal Procedure Sec. 1 The dues shall be $2.00 per year per member of ¢3.00 per family, payable in advance on January 1st of each calendar year. Sec. 5 All expenditures of Association ~s funds, except °those Solicited for or set aside for specific purposes as authorized ~r the Association ~,, Cont. oa~e two Ov rl POTOi,,~C VALL~f I{O’./~RS NOIS~ AND MORE NOISE~ 2 Meeting: ~onday, Februa~r 26th, 12 noon, Does Jet noise bother you? Do your bring a sandwich windows rattle, does your baby wake up President: i~rs. Peter Camplair, 6532 79th and scremn? How about a tmuperamental heating system, merrily hu~znlng along Place, Cabin John Vice President: Hrs. if. F. Duke, 6105 ~ j~ihh the vibrations? If any of these Ridge Dr., !ashington, D.C. things ocdur while you are trying to lead Secretary: },~rs. Gerald lIrd, 8700 hac- Arthur Blvd., Bethesda, Md. Treasurer: ~rs. i:~rtin ~lloughby, 6701 Persimmon Tree Rd., Bethesday, lid. ~ffould you be interested in . joining a homemakers group? Uould you need child care to attend? !~at subject or crafts would you be interested in learning ~bout? If any of these questions stir your interest and make you wantto learn more about Potomac Valley Homemakers of Cabin Jobm, call Or write: 2irs. Peter Cmmplair, 6532 79th Place, Cabin John, i;d., 365-0358; or ifrs. Gerald iird, 8700 i iacArthur Blvd., Bethesda, i~id., ~9-83~6 a reasonably normal li!Te, please consider: The FAA plays a sort of ntm~bers gmme, telling Congress from time to t~-qe that so and so ~nany phone calls, and/or letters have been received concerning noise, as if that were a real measure of co~n~:unity reaction, SO ~d~YT~Z, day or night, you have a valid complaint, or a question, about aircraft noise ,telephone 836 – (CA ) give your n~m e, address,and speak your piece. The people on the other end are Courteous, infonuative and helpful, as far as they can be. i lore ~portantly, they keep score. .2 7 CUB SCOUTS – PACX The Cub Scouts would like to that,< all the generous people of Cabin John who donated toys, clothes, and canned foods ~ to the Salvation Army for Christmas. The boys and their fathers collected enough to almost fill a large Salvation Army truck and the men who loaded the truck were pleased and surprised to see so ~mny nice things. Den No. 1 collected from Persimuon tree Road to the school. These boys were Danny ‘reach, Ji~v l(idwel!, Bobby ~attia and Billy Ney. They were assisted by some fathers: Eddie Leach, Sonny Kidwell and LeRoy Eey. Den iJo. 2 collected articles from t1~e Cabin John Gardens. These bq~Is were Jimmy and ~ Vincent i~aples, h~ike ~chleeter and Keith Conrad. Father, Don ?~aples, help out. Follow up ~th letters to the Chairman, Civil Aeronautics Board, Universal Bldg., <!ashington, D. C., 20428 and to the Adr~inistrator, Federal Aviation Agency, 800 Inde- pendence Avenue, S. :~., \fashington, D. C. 20553, and/or your choice m,!0ng the members of Congress. Be sure to send a copy to i’.ews From CAi~, 4900 Loughboro ~oad, i~.~:., L~ashington, D.C., 20016. The only way to get action on the noise problem is by concerted effort on the part of all the citizens in the ~ashington area. The situation is only going to get worse unless something is done SOON about the increased and low- flying traffic into iational Airport. the CABii~ JO~ VILLAGE IL~S, Vol. Ii, No. 2, is the monthly newsletter of the Cabin John Park Citizens’ Association. Chairman of the Information Co~tmittee ~ir. Don fferdeck Editor: ~frs. C sanad Toth Vembers of the co~nittee: Hrs. Irving Bro~nq Hrs. Don Herdeck ifr. Horris Fradin Hrs. Nor~mn Nelson ~rs. Barbara Xellogg ~irs. Chas. Towler ATTE~D YOUP~ ClTIZE~!S’ ASSOCIATION’ S ,~- i,~rli’,G -FEBRU~Y 27 at 8 p.m. AT THE CABI!~ JOi~q P~ECP~TIO~ CEi~T~q. BY-LNJS, cont. from page one In an emergency call 762-1000 for police 424-3111 for fire and rescue For traffic control C oiuplaints (if you observe a speeder or some other viola- tion) call HO 2-8000 For incidents involving juveniles call OL 2-7419 – 20 -21 ~Fd~.: io ~ DO YOU ~:TIE~ YOU CHILD~IT A~ … ALL “~ ‘ …. ~ DOI~! ‘T YOU ….. ~ YOU SHOULD KWOU? Classes ~ill not be held on 1torch 13, Professional Day. PAinTS! PLEASE ‘rEACH YOUR CHILDREH GOOD BICYCLE I’~Iqi~RS AND RULES. THEY CI%~ATE must be approved by vote of the Associa- A DAi~GEROUS SITUATIOi~ FOil TH,v~iSELVES ~D tion. OTHERS ALONG ~%CARTICUR BLVD. AND OUR Changes in Articles III and IV SIDEST~qEETS FO~ NOT KNOIKNG HOil TO CONDUCT will be available at the meeting, r~SELVES PROPEPdLY.

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