December 1972

– !, , . , Vol. 6 No. 4 December 1972 December Calendar DEC. 2 DEC 13 Dec. 16 DEC. 22 DEC. 27 Rehearsal for singersparticipating in the Community Celebration on Dec. 13. Methodis~ Church 7:30 pm Film Presentation at the Little Falls Library 10:30 8 pm Community Celebration at the Clara Barton School 7:30 pm Preschooler Christmas Party at the Little Falls Library 10:30 am Last day of school before vacation Italian Lasagna Dinner 6 to 7:30 pm at the Cabin John Firehouse. CHRISTMAS PARTY DECEMBER 13 Threm-gmnmrotien ?omlllem mill be •speclaily honered et the Cabin John annual Chrimtmma party. Bring your grandparents. Or bring your geandehlldrmn. It’s not necessary that they live in Cabin John. Christmas is m fmmlly timo~ end a natural ooceelen to celebrate the multi-generation tims. All mho attmnd mtth a thrmm-gmnerm- tion repreeentatlen mill receive • special recognition. ~ Other features of this Celebration, to be held at the school sn Wednmedoy, Decmmbmr &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& +15, mill be selections by the Fumblln’ Five– an instrumental greup under.the otgmnlzmtlon ITALIAN LASAGNA DINNER Treat YOUr family to a great dinner out during the holidays on December 27th. A homemade Italian lasagna dinner with beer and wine as extras • will be the fare, and the price is well within your holiday budget. The parents of this year’s Four Year Old class are organizing, serving, and cooking this culinary delight. Proceeds from the dinner will go to the class fund to pay back debts. The Four Year Old Class is locate 4 in Clara Barton School, and is open to all 4 year olds in Cabin John. Call Diane Heflin, the teacher, for information at 229-0280. So, come to the Cabin JohnVolunteer Fire House between 6 and 7:30 pm on December 27 for some delicious food. a visit with your neighbors, and to support our Four Year Old Program. 0000000000 00000 0000000000000000 0000 000000 ooooooooooooooooooooooooo~ooooooo~oooooooooooo THANKS TO THE CONCORD SCHOOL Every month the Concord School children take our Village News pages and collate and staple them without charge to us. This is a part of their educational process, and the job is always donewith professionalism. We would like to thank them in a special way for this service to all of us: in Cabin John. () ()() () () () () () () () () () () () () () 0() () () (9 () () ( ~-~/, REHEARSAL FOR. SINGERS ” On December 12 at 7:30 pm there will be a rehearsal for all choirs participating in the Community Celebration on Dec. 13. The rehearsal will be held in the Cabin John United MethodiSt Church and anyone is welcome to join the group. VANDALS PROSECUTED Four young men, residents of Cabin John, were summoned to a hearing before the Federal Magistrate in Bethesda on the charge of -vandalizing the Alpine Veterinarian Hospital. The hearing was held on Nov. 22 and the young men were found guilty. of Dorothy Helen Nmlaen–, cerele by the Jmlnt oholrm of the Glbsen Grove A,M.E, Zlen Church, the Cabin John Mmthedlet Church, and the Glen Echo 8mpttst Church, Jl~eom@ unuoual trlbutee to mou unueual pioplm. There~m ne charge Per thle community- aide party. Food mill be supplied in ebundenom by the Homemokere C!ub, drlnka by the+Cobtn John Gmrdone Amooctetton. Homo Study ie doing the decorattone and the Citizens Aomoctotlen le roeponmtble Per publicity. Scoute ere umhmrlng and the Fire Deportment ham • eurpriee under its hat. . Clara Barton P.T.A. is coordinating the lWlming,+ ~ohn Bmdgley end Peter Vogt mlll + mtar am ectntllletlng emcmem, mhlle other ~ exciting events–tee olemetPted to mention– mill take place. The party begins at ?lJ~O~ end in deference te the .youngatero’ bedtlmms will be over’ by 10. Whe mill bring flve @rendplronta? WIll Mmegte Lee endUEd Getthardt de the herd rock tango? WIll the mplcy rum cookies held out? Will Spike Parrlmh? Bo the~m lm merlin end got ell the anemore. LITTLE FALLS LIBRARY NOTES On December 12 at 8: O0 p.m., there will be a film program presented at the library. Two films will be shown, “The Unexplained,” and “The Night at the Opera with the Marx brothers. In the children’s room, there will be a special Chanuka program on December 8 at 4 p.m. The program will feature two folk tales and two folk songs for children ? years and up. A story hour is planned for Monday December ~ at 1,30 p.m. for preschool children, aged 4 to 6, and on December 16 at I0:30 ~.m., there will be a preschoolerS’ C~m~mas program ‘ featuring stories and songs, County and Army I :l Will P epave Road, / – B~’ Angela Robinson–The Washlng:cn Po~t. Dashes indicale the 7.l.mile stretch of worn road. By LaBarbara Bowman  ……… ” Washington Post atMI Writer – . .  I Montgomery County a~ thei: ~Army Corps of Engineers/put I’ !aside a long-standing feud.yes- Dear Editor: ” terday ar.d a~reed to share the t ,lcost of repaving worn and :n the story of “Casey at The Bat” it is reported that • ! bumpy MacArthur Boulevard  The fbde.ral gove:,’.qmeptand there was “no Joy in Muddvtlle that day. I am glad to say ithe county will each p,%v hah ~ that I, for one, am overjoyed by Ms. Bowman’ s I,~ashington Post iof lhe i’:~irnatcd $6501;/J0 cost’ article (enclosed) that not only will MacArthur Blvd. unde-‘~’o !to repaVe 7.1 m(l(.s of ~he road :bet;veer, the Di.’4rict line and, some major improvement, but that the Montgomery County Police County’Anglers h:n.ExeculivenCar Great Falls, iJames P. will take over policing of the road. %~e haven’t struck out l i Gleason and Col, Louis W.I IPrentiss of the Army engi- ‘l~eers said in a joint state- i ment. 1 For ,r..ost .of its length ,~ou~awestern Mont- t~throuuh ‘ gon’:e:’y Courtly, .MacArlhur : i; Doutevard is a winding, un- ~’. ev,~n, tw,~* read. Altl~out.;ll ~!a:l e~tiniat..d 10.000 commut- !!¢rs Vse ~t daily, it looks more “ihke a couvtry lane than a i~iaj,)r commuter route. i .~Ithvugh the road is in the i county, it belor~gs to neither :,’Montgomery nor to 5Iaryland i but to the .Army. It was ceded ; to the Army durillg the Civil War when an aqueduct was :built under’it to supply fresh water to the District from; Great Falls. l I Since the early 1960s, when  i the road begat, deteriorating I because of hca’,.-¢ traffic, the :~Army and county have battled i’l°ver who should pay for reno-I ~ .vMion. I ~,-~ The Army has been main- ~taining .and policing the’ roadl let a cost of $200,0()~ a yearl ~ taken out of revenues re2eived i from.the District for the sale I ! of the water. But Army repre- se~.tatives felt that Washing- I ton residents s!toul d not.payt a road that is”u.~ed’ exclu-i:•-” ‘ sively by Maryland commul.-~ ers. ~ , -. ‘ t ~,nder the agreement an-If nounced yesterday, the county i will also seek congressional approval to take over mainte. nr_n:c and policing ef ti~e read. ~ 1916 law gave the iArrn:., control over the road• In addition, congressional’ apprm’nl will also bc i,eeded before the Army c.–‘,.~ put up its share of the cost of repay- ing. The money must come from the District’s budget, whicl~ is approved by Con- gress. Accordipg to Gleason and CoL Prentiss, District offi- cials have agreed to ask f’or i’ the funds.. TI~, ~. speed limit on the road i will r~);)ain at 35 miles an’. hour a,d ti~e load limit of sixl,- tons will also rcmaia the i’ same. Col. Pventi~s said. i’ As many people who llve in the vicinity of MacArthur realize, the so-called Valley Inn is a nuisance. It’s proprietors, with the help of a most inept Aqueduct Police force, have done nothing to stop the noise, profanity, and dragi~racing that emanates from the Inn. Several people in the Cabirt John eou~=u=Ity, myself included, have made attempts to either get the Aqueduct force or the Inn ownersbip to act, but to no avail. The major stumbling blocks over sanctioning these practices was the lack of jurisdiction of the Montgomer5 County Police over the Boulevard, plus the apprehension of many community members (particularly elderly members) who hav~ been annoyed by happenings at the Inn but who could not envl- sion any action being taken. Action concerning the takeover came from many circles, but particularly from the Army Corps of Engineers and the Director of the Aqueduct Police (who admitted to me many time~ that policing of the Boulevard was a problem), Congressman Gude, the Montgomery County Police, and citizens. If some- thing really positive is to come from the decisions concernin~ improvement of MacArthur Boulevard, then citizens will have t¢ speak out against those handful of persons who create a poor environment through speeding, using abusive language outloud for anyone to hear, and the llke. If there is to be “joy” in our Muddville, then we must begin to use the policing powe~ that the MacArthur face-lifting has given’–us, f b 1, . /’. / ,._. I # :.!. L. …. —— MacARTHUR BOULEVARD TO GET A NEW FACE On November 6 Ed Winslow represented Cabin John at a Press Conference in the County Executive’s office. At that time, the County Executive and Col. Prentiss,representing the Army Corps of Engineers,announced their cooperation in transferring responsibillty of policing and maintenance Of MacArthur Blvd. to the county. !I The in~aediate effect for us in Cabin John will be a new surface to our main street, and some much needed maintenance of the right-of-ways on either side of the road. Two reinforced crossover points are proposed – at Persiram0n Tree Road to /83rd,& at Seven Locks to 79th. MacArthur Boulevard will remain a 20 foot wide two lane road, with a weight limit of six tons, and a continued speed limit of 35 mph. The resurfacing will be done by Montgomery and supervised by the Corps of Engineers. Montgomery County Police will now have authority to police MacArthur Blvd. as they do other county roads. CABIN JOHN TRAILS by Ed Clark For a really interesting starter, try out your group of family or Just friends on this 45 minute exerciser’ Take the description and footnote comments along. Cross MacArthur Boulevard opposite the firehouse and walk downhill on 79th Street. (I) At the Parkway resist the urge to short-cut across. Remember you’re not trying to save time – turn right at the .parkway downhill following the street, (2) left through the under- pass, then left up Riverside Drive to its end. (3) At this point, by the log barrier you can choose to either go straight ahead through underbrush into the Lock #8 Parking Lot Area and then down its cliff trail to the lock house or you can turn to the right, through the barrier, down the gravel road, left • across the creek foot bridge, through the picnic area to the lock house. After inspecting the lock house and crossing the canal bridge ~r a look around, you may be warm enough if the sum is out to pause for a picnic snack before starting home. Circle back to Riverside Drive by the tr&il you didn’t choose coming down. Comments in Passing I) 7910 Mac Arthur is t~e–white home to your left on the corner of 79th Street. In warmer weather you’ll see the elderly Mr. and Mrs. Lewis %?orsham out in their oft,flowered yard. I think they are everybody’s favorite neighbors in that block with their friendly, helpful hands and spirits. Their sons have all been well-known golfers, including Lew Worsham who was National Champion, but I suggest that the parents have made a home which has counted more with their family than later personal ~ecognitions. 2) The mailbox on your right Just before the underpass says ~ Costanzo. During their stay in Cabin John Mr. and Mrs. John Costanzo have displayed great resilience under sometimes trying circumstances. After settling in their beautlful, glass-walled home nestled among tall trees with its stonework patio and creek pond, the Costanzo’s have had serious illness, followed by the disruption of a major remodeling im- provement (second floor added), followed by flood damage from the creek (thanks to Agnes and an old tire that blocked the small 8″ drain from their pond.) Well, they are both right back up, remodeling furniture together and making new plans. The pool drain has been greatly enlarged the fence rebuilt and the Costanzo’s are going strong. Two more amazing Cabin Johners they are, rightly proud of their home. Its a pretty creek too. Let’s keep it clean’ ‘ 3) Oh your right at the end of River- side Drive is the home of the Thompson family. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson remember • that before the Parkway was built, River- side Drive was not dead-end, but circled back up into 78th Street and to Mac- Arthur Boulevard. Both their larger home up at the crest of the hill over- looking the river~ and the smaller house next to you are or genuine log cabin con- struction over 200 years old. The hSus~§ were disassembled at their orig- inal site in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and moved here during the 1930’ s. The brickwork arch over the chimney of the main house is Just one example of its beauty. This wooded setting is ~ another that’s invol~ed in remodeling with a river-view study being added by ‘the Thomp son s…” Hope you enjoy the town hike and the “passing comments”. Wi~h regard to that latter – how usual are the unusual and outstanding friends around us. I SCOUTING N~4S : I The Cabin John Boy Scout Troop has had a successful month ending in an . overnight campout in which 15 scou%s took part. The campout was held on Mr. Nell Oliver’s lot on Persimmo n Tree Road. In spite of the cold, the scouts enjoyed the campout and gained experience in camping skills such ~as pitching tents, outdoor cooking, fire building, and dressing for winter camp- ing. For many, it was a first camping experience, for others, it was the first time planning and work was done by the scouts themselves. ,. On November 18th, before the camp- out, the troop participated in Good Will Day. They collected 31 bags of discarded and useable clothes which were taken by the fire department to a collection cent- er for Good Will Industries. the sth of November, the. S out meeting room was dedicated by Reverend Fishel in a short ceremony. During the month, plans were made to begin a • first aid course to be taught by C. R. (Bob)Fl~ck/, who is now on the troop committee. Mr. Flick is an experienced’ ~ first aid instructor employed by the Arlington County Fire Department, and has taught first aid at police academies and the FBI academy. Mr. Flick’s course will be geared to requirements for first aid merit badges and boys who participate will earn a first aid merit badge by the ~ end of December. ~I A calendar for the next six months was prepared by the Troop Leaders Coun- cil (3 patrol leaders and the senior pat~l leader). Complete informati’on is available from ~ Ron Wileon and will be sent to each scout parent during December. These scouting activities are fun and educational, and all , Cabin John Boys aged II to 16 are invited to come and take part. . The scouts are planning three activities for December| acting as ushers for the church Christmas program at Cabin John United Methodist Church! • acting as ushers for a community programl and cleaning up roadsides in Cabin John Gardens as was done along MacArthur Boulevard. BOy Scout Troop l~&8 needs the support of boy scout parents and all interested persons in Cabin John. There are openings for committeemen and women on the troop committee, merit badge counselors, and special instructors in many fields. If you are a scout parent and have not completed your Boy Scout Parent Talent Survey Sheet, ,, please do so and send it with your scout and ‘send it to the next meeting. 4 JO N ~hNro t, esms representing Clara Barton Klemantary School competed in the annual Recreation Department Flag Football Tourney. 6h to~as, representing 16 ar%a element•my schools , par%iclpated in the~two d~ event…. Teams consisting of boys in grades 3 and competed on Saturday, November Ii. The fo~l~o~ week /’if’%h and sixth grade boys competed. Clark Barton’s third and fourth grads team mot a strong opponent fr~ ~Trlmm :in the opening round of the tournament. After a Clara Barn fumble, early in” the gaae, A~ scored to take a 6-0 lead. Although behind f,T the score, Clara Barton’s defense refused to quit. ~ The DefLnaive ~ includ:l~, David Dealph, Bunn~ B~, Donald Fisher and Oene Fisher, put on a strong pus rush, while Linebackers Buck Oildon, Gary Sengar, and Dann~ Fyock oontain~d the running plays. The defense alleged on.1,y one-. more score as the half ended with ~yrla~n leading 12-0. :” In the second half Clara Barton began to make a comeback. The defense swarmed over thei~ oppoMnt8, ~v~ up ground grudging.~. The offense started to click as quarterback Seen Howard handed off to his spoody hal_reBuke John SelL%yea and Tmoy Antho~. Late in the pae Seen handed off %o Troy, who followed the ez%mh.%ng blithe ~V.B~/ok (~ldo.n, Paul ~e~rsl, and John S~Llivan, resulting in an 80 yard touebdewn run. Unfortunately, t~e ran out before tbs Clara Barton Teas could score again. Th~ final score kas Clara Baz~on 6 i Tm~ ROSTra QB Sear, ~ward DE Benny B~s HB John Sullivan Dt D. Fisher lib Troy Antbom~ DT O. Fisher FB Paul Nuour~ DE D. D~alph g O ary Seng~r LB G. Senger T Buck O~ldon 1.13 D.~i Fyock 0 Ben~ Bays LB B:~O:l£d~n C .Donald Fisher CB P ,g~oou~ O David Dealph CB O.i Sullivan T ~ene F~her S T. Lnthor~ g Danr~ Fyoek S Kev~ Clara Barton’s powerful running back~-~ Kl/~a Ludutg ~-d W87310 Ciesel made consistent saSJm, forelng Brookmont to defend against, their stawng ~. With the defense adjusted to defense the running play, QB Gary Glees dropped back stud threw • long pus to Harry Swedanburg, who caught the ball •t m~dfiold end outfaced the defenders to cmepl.ote • 90 yard touchdown play. The clef erase also ralLted to the cameo, In•Fired line play forced Brookmont to abandon thatr running game and attempt to galn by passt.r~. Late :in the contest b~Ltts~ng llnoba~kere forced Brookmont° e quazt, erb•ck to throw off balance. Tom 8henk intercepted the pass and raced toward t, hs opponents goal, finally to be downed near mld~ield. Time ran out before Clara BarOn could seere. The final score was Br~okm~nt 18 Clara Barton 6. T~ ROST~ QB ~ Close Dg H.Swedenburg HB Wayne Ctssel DT D.Fisher Alan lAUi~g DT W. Herds•on FB Harry Brandenburg ~ L. Clark g Dick Rata LB D. l~td T Cta  . LB Paul O. ~n~.A Fisher LB Gary Senger @ Wad~ Hardoson CB T. Shenk O. ~m Ho~zz’d CB &. Lud~g T ~ Clark 8 W. Cissel g Ten Shenk S O. Close WOMAN HELDIN VALLEY INN SHOOTING Robert Jerome Harich, 34, part-owner of the Valley Inn, was wounded in the stomach on Nov. 29 when he was shot during an altercation outside the tavern, Montgomery County Police reported. Police said they arrested Frances E. Schildroth, 40, of Rockville, and charged her with assault with intent to commit murder. Harich is in satisfactory condition in Suburban Hospital where he was taken following the incident. The ..following SaturdsT, Mow 18, Clara BartMa0s flfth.and sixth grede team entered the cmapetitlon. In. their opening gaao Clara Bartoz d:Lsplayed an, overpowering defensive teas. Donald Fisher, Wa~s Kardeson, and Andy Clark were outstanding players on the front line. ~ Linebacker8 tmcl~.d a tough %rle ef reek Reid, Paul leso~-~, and Oary Senger. T, CZars. Barton’s defense stopped their opponent in %holt ewe end •one scoria safe.the few Cla.lm Barren, The final score feuad Glare Barton the Vie%or ~-0. This wan poe•tried tas Clara B~ t, eem~’to •dye•too to ~ qu.-‘t4,r,,-~ of the pl~–offalp to ~ against • %san froa BreokmoU~. Clara Barton had some bad breaks in thls contest, u Broe~t .e~rqKl 18 points as • resu!t of t~ pass :J.ntoroeptions and • fumble ~ Clam ~. Despite this ale- fortune the Clara Baz~on Boys shoved ohampd,n~hip form as they worked tosether to • i omobank e Several days ago a petition was circu- lated in Cabin John requesting that the liquor license granted to the Valley Inn be revoked. People who signed felt that the clientel was growing more unsavory every day and that tile latest incident was the last straw. ~&~&~&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&~& …. .rrrrftl¢¢¢tf’t’l’l’t’l’~°l’~ ?????????????????????????????????????” V ion . K- • ,m . ~£ L

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