August 1974

” ‘ Au~ust~ 1974 Vol. 7 No. II – .. ~A~…~DAR OF ‘£VENTS JULY-AUGUST ” “~’ 27 – lumma~e ,~ Bake Sale 9 a.m. C.J. Oardens Community Ctr. 28 – Meteor Shower – 3:00 a.m. Great Falls, Md. Au:ast I0 – Indian Dancers 3:30p.m. Gr~at Falls, Va. II – Meteor Shower -3:00 a.m. Great Falls, Md. 16- Annual Community Square Dance Palisades Pool Tentative Date, Call 229,-8163 or 229-3397 for information. National Symphany Orchestra 8:30 Glen Echo Park Indian Dancers – 3,00 Great Falls, Va. 18- 25 – (Note: 3ecause of the ~reat number of events scheduled in the parks for the summer, not all are listed in the calendar. Chec~body of piper for 5nterestinE happenings for everyone) SQUA:F~ DANC-~: STT FOR AUGUST The Cabin John Citizens Association has olanned to have its annual Square dance in August and the 16th is the likely date, l~e know you ~ll want to be there for the dancin~ and swimming, which has been a high point in Cabin John summers for some years. There will be more information comin~ your way when the details are firmed up. Call M&ryAnneWilson, 229-3397 or Diane ~ellogg, 229-8163 for more information. This report ~covers the period from July, 1973 to June, 197 ~, a total of eleven ~ issues. AS you can see, the paper is not startin~ off with a bang like it did last year, also printing cost s have be~n }” ::~r than before, if you hay,, not made out your check to ~he Vi!9~o Nevs, why not dc it no’J? R~AGE-RAKE-CRAFT SALE PUZZLES***THINGS FOR THE KITC!~LN**,*TOYS PIC TU_’I~ F ~M~-;S * * * BOO :~S* * * i-~CC O~. DS * *.* * * * * *********I.~O::.’:IS FRADIN ~D HEY-ZY-iY- ” LOCK ************ ******~l~::~..~.~,,_:,n~’, ..,: CARNIVAL AND .SIDE Glass shower doors-like new Waffle iren Delieieu~ cake Electric frying pan Craft kite and Supplie~ Drapes Crib YW~y leaf of bread Travel ~-em Wig Car bed Baby seat Malt in your mouth, cookies hncertina Radio Felding Chairs Lamps Mangle iron Gec~ .quality elotMe8 of __all aises Pott4ry by Frazer Kellegg CABIN JOHN VILLAGE N~.’S FINANCIAL. REPORT Starting 3a!ance -$3A~4.9 ~ Received Regular Advertising Cash ~or want ads and new subscriotlons June money drive TOTAL ~EC~IVED + STArTInGBALANCE TOTAL – I04.00 I00. O0 158.00 3~.9~ Costs Printer Pay deliverers ~_ank service charges and checks ~~m i. i n ~..’.. Paoer Screenin~ nhotos (C.J. Hotel) ~r,y: ; :VD~?:C~:”~. TM. I ,,’..%i~ A~A~A ,,AALW :~U “2′?:~ACT:CD F”:OM TOTAL ABOVE Z~18.20 Ii0. O0 5.1~ 20.90 5.00 6. O0 142.60-:lemains in Villa~e. :~’ews Coffers If you are looking for any of the above at a good price or almost mything else under the sun, come to the GIANT RU~MAOEmBAKE-CRAFT SALE en Saturn, July 27th ‘Z~D,, 9 a.n. ~e 4 p.m. at the Commanity Center on Wabb Read in Cabin Johu Gardeu. ~e sale is for the benefit of the CaMin JeMn Four Year r Old Program. Over ~ different households have contributed items to the sale. There will be a table .Of brand, new items and a table ef hand crafts. De your Christmas shopping now. Prewar KeIlegK has denated some of his pottery. Don,t miss the Bake Sale with delieious baked goods from the cooks of Cabin John. If you have a~ te denate to the sale, call Betsy Haas at 229-1982. IIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ~ere are ~ vaean% spots in the Cabin John Four-Old Program. *Interested persons should sail,Betsy Haas at 229-1982, /////HI/IN//Ill//////////////////NI1////Ill CONTRIBUTED TO THE VILLAGE NE~ YET? If you don’t want to mail that check or Cash, bring your contribution to Janet Dence, 6503 76th St. t LAND USE CC~ITTE~ h~gEDS ~ ~MHET(S The mnd Use Committee :,of the Cabin John Citizens Association is looking for • Ore ” members. In the comin~ year we will be following developments regarding the Burgess Tract, Seven Locks ?.oad Park, Cabin John Citizens Land Co. Tract, the Robins Tract, the, Tuohey Tract, and the Polinger Tract. The location of Tomlinson Avenue, the commercial properties along MacArthur Boulevard and the R-90 zoning south of HacArthur will also need to be followed to see that they conform to the community’s desire as expressed in the Cabin John Plan. This committee is open to everyone and we ~dl:l start monthly meetings in early August. If you are interested in joinin~ Tevy Schlafman, Andy Rice, Susan Vogt, Joe Hi~don, Barbara Clark, and ~rika ~ogala on this committe~, lease 2 call Susan Vogt at .2.-6479. IIIIIIIIII/111111111111111111111111111111 It/I IIIIIIII …. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII The V~, ‘> :~ews ~ ~xpecting to expand its staff to include a financial manager. This person would be responsible for acting as the treasurer for the paperls funds. Have you a head for figures7 Call 229-3397. IIIIIIIIII/11111111111111111111111111111111 PICK YOUR OWN! Fresh fruits and vegetables may be picked in Montgomery County at the follo~rlng locationsz ii Butlers Orchard I~ George H. Butler, Jr. ~! Davis Mill Rd. ! Germantown, Md. 20767 Phone: 97’2″3299 Fruits: Strawberries Vegetables: Gr. Peas, Gr. Beans, Pumpkins, Tomatoes C. B. Fulks 18849~Laytonsville Road Gaithersburg, .M.d. 20760 Fruits : Strawberries Vegetables: Limited Quantities, All Vegetables Hough’ s Orchard Forest L. Hough Peach Tree Rd. Dickerson, Md. 20753 Phone 349-5330 Fruits : Peaches Neal’ s Orchard Clifford E, Neal Peach Tree Road Barnesville, Md. 20703 Phone 869-5555 Fruits: Peaches, Sweet & Sour Cherries, Nectarines, Plums. CABIN JOHN BA.~RALL TEA} –.Oni,y .two more gIs remaim before the pla~-offI at 9 a.n. on 28 J~u1~ at La,yil.t22. ” Reereatiem Center in Silver Spring. The III areI 23 July at Wheatem 25 Jm v at Sprigs. (}IS Itar~ at 7p.m. GREAT FALLS EVENTS Great Falls, Maryland Increase your environmental ~areness on a 1 I/2 hour walk with a ranger. Wear old clothes @I at 9 a.m. on J~ 21, Amgust 4 and 18, mad September I, 15 mad 29. The Cameo C~isers Assooiatiom gives free eenee aid river safety lessees every Taesda~ md Thurs4~kV at 6i30 p.m. G@ %o the boathouse at the m@rth end @f the large parking lot. The lessons are about i hour. At 3,00 i.e. on J~ 28 and August II bring a lawa ehairi e’e~aise i@~ and blanket te watch a meteor shower. The program lasts until sunrise, Im 1973 observers s~w about 15 meteors per hemr. GREAT FAIS~ t VIL~GINIA INDIAN POW ” ,~ ~,.~, “Indian Images” pictorial display of photographs made from old glass negatives. Indian films will be shown at II am and 2 pm as listed: August 3 and 4, August 17 and 18. Costumed dancers will perform Aug. I0 at 3,30 p.m., August 25 at 3,00 p.m. Crafts displayed all month. Demonstrations and sales will be August II and 25. !111111111111111111IIIIIIIIIIII!111111111 ///////////////////////////////////////// The Cabin John Citizens Association wishes to thank those who contributed money to help with the compilation of the new Cabin John Directory. That money will be turned over to the Village News treasury, as it was the Village News that oaid for the old Cabin John Directory. 1/Ill/Ill/////////Ill//////////////////////HI/ Karen Riekette of Cabim Joha a~ Larry Grlfflm ef Po~emae, Maryland anneumce their IrA~ Id will ~ aa.rried August 3, 19740 //1/M/1/1/1///// Welo@me ~Ca$~ a~ Ted K~rme who. reside at 81st S~reet.~ • I  lllillillillilllllll BOYS’ FOOTBALL Sip ~p for football for boys 8 %@ 12 is mew opera. If yem we%~Id like te play im tMe Beltwa~ Feetball League, call Har:7 Newman at 2~-3143. Practice will begia the f~ret of Amgust and the ieuen iI September through November. Seme practices will be at Clara Barton. The Memo field is at Oar Lady of Mercy off Bradley. GLEN ECHO k~PPENINGS Adventure Theater “:eekends, July 7 – October 13, 2i00 and 4i00 p.~., all Tickets ~1.25. Productions include The Borrowers, The Invisible People, Somewhere in Forever, and The Reluc- tant Dragon. Free ~v~r~… ~. __Sunday Bob Brown b~rionettes July 7 – Sept 2 5100 p.m. No show Aug. II “Variety Show” July – Aug. “Something to crow About Sept.-Oct, Found Arts :orkshop July 7 – Oct. 3 liO0 p.m. – 5i00 p.m. Presents “Make Your t~rn Toy” Children’s Faint-In July 7 – Oct. 13 12 noon- 5:00 p.m. Features Painting, Collage & Pastels Puppet ‘,7orkshop July 7 – Sept. 8 2:00 – t:O0 p.m. Presented by the Chautauquateers. Children will be able to make their own simole puppets. Sculptural Playground Created from used and recycled materials, a play area for children of all ages. Biue~rass and Folk Cpncerts Presented by the National Folk Festival Assoc. in cooperation ~rlth the National Park Service. July 7 – October 13 FREE h~VERY SUNDAY 6:30 – 8100 p.m. Performers include : Old Time String Band, Ohio valley Park Players – Appalachian Folk Dancers and Singers, The Morgan Family, Jim Ringer, Hickory ‘Xind, Grass Menagerie, Ted Strader and Jonathon Eberhart, Hazes Dickens, Helen Schneye r, Liz Meyer and Friends, The Bluegrass Association, Irish Ceilidh with ;Tic~ey ?,faloney and Eugen e O’Donnell, Steel Unlimited i Tracy and Eloise Schwartz, and Takoma Mandoleers. Soecial Events National Symphony Orchestra ~unday , July 14 – 8i30 Sunday, Aug. 18 – 8130 ~th Annual Glen Echo Art Show Aug. 31, Sept. l, Sept. 2 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ~embership cards for citizen’s association members who paid their dues during the drive in late Spring will be available at the n next general membership meeting in Septem- ber. ./IIIIIII/IIIII/I/IIII/IIIIIIIIII!IIIIIIII ============================== ‘~elcome to Cabin John to Mr. Allen Talbert of 6405 81st St. He moved to Cabin John from Bethesda about a year ago. ++++÷++++.+++++~::::~::::i++++++*+++++++ II/i,.11111111111111!111111111111111111111 We express our sympathy and our ~sense of loss to the Howard family on the d=ath of Mr. Robert Howard on July 14. Mr. Howard was active in community affair andwith Mrs. Howardwas president of the Clara Barton PTA last year. Iii1111111111111111111111111111/111111!11 ROOM FOR MORE ADULTS IN MOHICAN YRE~ S~,~M TheMohican Pool free swim program is in need of some more adult help, both in supervising at the pool, and in provid in~ transportation to the pool for the children. The procedure for gaining ent- rance to the pool on Mondays, lO to 12 no is by signing uD on Home Study’s list. Four children were pronoted from the non- swimming to the swimmers class on Monday, July 15. Even if you can’t swim, your attention to this program may mean that more kid~will have the opportunity to learn to ~wim. ! HEY-EY-EY, LOCK! Adventure on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal. By Morris Fradin. See-and-Know Press. 112 pp: $3.95 By WILLIAM O. DOUGLAS .THIS BOOK–with a foreword by George W. “Hooper” Wolfe, a “hoggie” or bare- foot mule boy on the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal prior,to” 1908–!s as Wolfe says– about a canalthat is “a living nature cen- ter filled with beauty and serenity.” The story, although fiction; is true to the facts. It is centered on an old barge, Daisy Mac, whose Captain Tom Clark took an English , boy, Michael, for a summer’s tour of work I On the barge. The captain manned the tiller. John Manson, a black, Was the hog- gie who drove the mule Bozo, straining in his.collar to get the barge moving down the towpath. Tom Clark had bought the barge after being discharged from the Navy follow-. ing the Spanish-American War of 1898.. His trip. with-Michael on the Daisy Mac started in Georgetown, near the bridge bearing the name of Francis Scott Key,-. the lawyer and author of the National An- them who lived nearby. This bit of fiction from the pen of Mor- ris Fradin brings to life the history of an enchanted place–the C & 0 Canal Na- i tional Historic Park. It is now trans- I formed by hiker-biker camps every five I ! miles from Cumberland to Seneca, where  pure well water is found, toilet facilities, I fireplaces and wood. This is a’h ideal ribbon of a park for a metropolitan area, as it spreads hikers, f cyclists and~campers out over a stretch of 185 miles. It can become the greatest in- land canoeway we have when Water is re- stored tothe canal. In its wilds, children can come to know that life is not just a dreary existence in concrete alleys but an exciting adventure along a river rich with history and teeming with life, from bass and wild turkey in the upper stretches to pileated woodpeckers and barred owls down below. 13 • Exerpted from %=ashington Post Book ~eview Section, Sunday, July I$. ~j.-./ RECIPE FILE Chicken Teriyaki Mary Anne !;ilson First marinate about three Ibs. chicken with a sauce made from ½ cup lemon juice, 1/4 cup water, 3 tablespoons s0y sauce, 1/4 teaspoon ground ~inger and 1 teaspoon ~arlic salt. Barbecue about 30 minutes or until tender. (Time is very variable according to heat of coals. Start on greater heS~ht from coals if in doubt, baste often with marinade.) WAI:T ADS FOUND: Young Siamese cat. Vicinity I/mcArthur and Persimmon Tree. Call 229-1134, Mrs. Phillips. FREE STCVE: to any neighbor who can use it and take it from garage. Norge, four years old, automatic oven, 36″ wide. Call 229-2237 evenings. KITTENS, half Siamese. W%ite, Black, and black/white. 6 weeks old, trained. Call 229-2237 evenings. IA~N CUTTING: Harry Swedenburg, call 229-2282. – ‘ ICE SKAT}*ZS, Size 6-7-8½, all good cond. I Rubber boots, size 1,1!brand new mir. 229-2282. ‘~NTED TO RENT: Housing for couple & young child. Apartment or house. ~275. per month. 229-3427. SLEEPI?IG 20OP5 TO ~ENT: $25. per room per week. Kitchen priveleges extra. ~:rite Mrs. Susan Teagle, 37 Ericsson ~d,, Cabin John Gardens, 20731. AVAILABLE BABYSITTER: ~osamund Humphrey Age 17, 6510 Seven Locks Rd. Cabin John. Call 229~083. 1//I/////////////////////1/lll/H//////// The Villa~e Fews needs a deliverer for about 65 houses in the vicinity of Persim- mon. Tree Rd., andMacArthur Boulevard. Call 229-3397, and get a money making, once monthly job. 1/1/1/1////////////////////////////////// / Vill&~e News Staffs Mary Anne Wilson – F.~l:tt, o~ P.O.. Box 186, 229-3397 Janet Denoe – News 6503 ?6t.h St. 229-739~, Jo~nn Bast, n~L~.In~ 229-8?89 Concord School – CoZl~ting and st~pelin¢; \ literal, 229.1~161 |:RI.gii/1 IIAUTY SALON Illl 1.,l~mll ~. ,~1. Ig • | /’H ULi/VG .”) (.,, III I QUIet rood SltOP • EMIL l~li,,. ~ el&.. 90 LE ZAt. ~,,..~.. s,..~t. ~ltPLUM BING ! u..I., n,~ c~-o~’Jl ,.. • –~”—‘-‘1 HE/~T ING LL’~/~ _ Iii zzs – 56B5 1~ l:lih,~,mm~z — 22PSklS Ilq,.i,’s, . Re,~odel;nq

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