August 1971

j” ~) C ,,c3ohn /)illa e lYeoo VoI• ~ 4 No~ 12- “–r .august l?T1 August Calendar Aug. o Aug. l0 Aug. 13 Aug. If+ Aug 17 &ug. 17 Aug. 24 Aug. 25 Aug. ~i Sept. 1 2nd Survey Drive begins _ Free Swim, Palisades Pool Army Band, Cabin John Region -~ al Park 7:30 pm Peach Festival, Cabin John Methodist Church 3 pm Free Swim, Palisades Pool Air Force Band, Cabin John Regional Park 7:30 pm Free Swim, Palisades Pool Navy Band, Cabin John Region al Park 7:30 pm Free Swim, Palisades Pool School begins IIIII!1111/11111111IIII!11IIIIIIiil FREE SWIM The Palisades Pool continues to invite the children of Cabin John to the Free Swim on Thursdays ………. f~m ll am to 1 pm. 0nl~ the first 75 children each Thursday will be admitted, so don’t be late. Due to an unexpected shortage of lifeguards, there will not be two free swims in August each week• Thursday remains the big day. DO OLD STUDENTS FADE AWAY? For the September issue of Village News, we went to l/st as many people as we can Find who attended Clots Barton Elementary some years ego end still live in Cabin John. So For, Be have only 18 names. IF you are over 35 end a roe’met Clara Barton student, won’t you send your name (end the names of any others you know) to Barbara Clark, 6431 7gth S~. Cell if you’d re,hero-229-6431. For the ladies, we want maiden names, plus married names, VILLAGE NEWS NEEDS YOUR TALENT ” Are you Interested In ceiling on local merchants to sell ode fat the Village News? This 18 an Imp,trent source of financial support for. the paper. However your editor, who enjoys (moot of the time) the news- gathering, writing, end production of the paper, Feels strongly that soliciting for ads 28 not her forts. If you have any incline- tions in this direction, please cell Susan Vogt, .229-643g. Another Job that needs • willing hand i8 that of mailing.the twenty-soma leeue8 that go out.of Cabin John each month. Would you be uillln9 to do thief Stamps end envelopes 1era provided. On a substitute basle, someone is needed to staple papers, and to distribute them. (Kids, me pay 1¢ • espy for the letter job..) Cell the editor if In~ n# ~hmmm 4ohm noneal’-to vow. SURVEY ROUNDUP THIS WEEK Some weeks ego, you were visited by 8 neighbor who left with-you e.Cabtn John Community Survey, and en addressed, stamped envelope. Of the 500 surveys distributed, 233 have been returned, e8 of thlm writing. It is important that we have e more complete response for several reasons. For purposes of planning our future end guiding the county planner assigned to Cabin John, we need to have • full picture of whet the whole community wants end does not Int. Your opinions and recommendations zmUlx do Another important use o~ the survey answers will be in testifying and writing letters to appropriate boards, committees, end councils ee to the communityte wishes in specific matters to be affected by legislation end official decisions. It 18 much mote effective to be able to refer to the community’s wishes, as reflected ;in an ,65% re8poneeJto the qUeati°nnai~e~.~he~-~:~0,: …. we O~ly have responses from hlLlf the households. ‘ So–this next week we will make an effort to round up e11 questionnaires not yet returned. Do you still have yours? Would you please Fill it out end have it reedy for the volunteer who will come by for it early in the week. Or course, if you,refer to mail it lnp please do so. IF you have mislaid the questionnaire, the volunteer will have another©spy to leave with you. It to nl~l~neceseery to enemr all questions. Just Fill ~ in the parts that you are interested In, and leave the rest bla~k. You do not need to fill in your name and address, either. IF you did return ~out questionnaire (with your name on it) you will not be revisited. If you sent in the question- neire without your name, or if you have metIed it within the pestlO days, Just tell the volunteer that when he cameo. Baceuse some people who distributed the questionnaires earlier are now on vacation, we urgently need 5 more people who ere will- ing to cover 1 or 2 blocks. If you could do this Job, please cell Susan Vogt at 229-64?9. Volunteers are e18o needed to begin tabulation of the questionnaire responses. Interested? Call Susan Vogt. C IRCT,E ~! YOUR CALENDAR Plan now to save a day ( either Sept. 22, 23, or 24 to attend She St. Andrews Antique Show. More later ********************* THERE ONCE HAS A QUARRY Peter Camplalr remembers shen the busiest place in Cabin John was the huge stone quarry behind his home on BOth Street. When it .ms in operation, many trucks each day cams In from area builders, to be 1ceded up aith stone of all sizes end shapes, quarried and cut on the site. About a dozen men mere employed at the quarry, and the sound of blasting and cutting could be heard sll over Cabin John. I ~elked with Peter Camplair over the grounds that used to be the quarry. Roughly, it is the wooded eras between Spring Road, Cara~my Road, Buxton Terrace. About 24 acres large, it is nob grown up in trees, bushes, and all the greenery that takeeT over when man abandons. Peter usa 8 boy when the quarry u88 In operation, and he knows avery;foot of it. There’s the old stone ~eighin~ station, where trucks checked in empty end checked out loaded. There’s the powder house up on the hill, all but hidden now by shrubs and vinos, shore the bloating dynamite use stored. And old mr. Camplalr, Peter’s fet~ and a master stonemason, built the ornamental pool and Fountain still discernable by the main truck road. Across From the pool is the sample display mounting, showing the kinds and cuts of stone available. It ,men’t supposed to be s quarry. A man named Hugh Whito, s 1mayer for the Commerce Deportment, bought the 24 acres from the American Lend Company (whoso president mes s ~r. Tomlinson) mith the intention of buildlng houses on It. But ahen he dle- covered that hie purchase ,ms almost solid rock, he changed hie plans and opened a stone quarry. In addition to soiling to or, so builders who sent their trucks to his quarry; ~r. ~hite had three trucks of his own that were kept busy making deliveries, many of them to government construction sit~o. Some of the stone buildings and bridge~ in Rock Creek Park are builtof stone quarried here in Cabin John. Starting in the early 50’8, the quarry rsachedl its peak or business in the last years o~ that decade, then came to a halt about ten years after it had begun. ~het happened? Why did this quarry Fold when three others in the immediate vicinity are still ?lourlshlngtoday? According to ~r. Camplair, there wore several reasons. Hugh White, ~till ~orktng Fulltimb for the Commerce Department just ~sen’t on hand enough of the time to guide things closely and well. There were transportation problems, too. Restrlctad by ~ecArthur Boulevard’s 2-ton limit, ~r. White was delivering small loads in twice as many trips. Persimmon Tree Road mas just a dirt road, end there was no Beltway. The competing quarries on River Road had a great advantage in this respect. Then there ~ss trouble with the neighbors. he people who lived on Caraway Road (which was elled ~eln Street in those days) complained loquently that not only did the constant lasting shatter the peace oF their lives, but hat disturbances to the streams endsprlngs sd caused the ~eter level to drop to a point here their wells were golng dry. (Walls, yes. smembar ~hls was the country,) So mr, White hanged the blasting site to an area near here Buxton Terrace t8 today. But the noise Idnet improve, and the neighbors were still ~ry unhappy, Eventually, too m~ny troubles overcame ~he quarry and ~r. White Filed For bankruptcy. A / young real estate wommn.named Nettle l~a Burgess :~ bought most of the land end still owns it. (Today ~r6. Burgess is 82 and very sharp in zeal estate.) •She owns about 14 acres of the former quarry, and the ~aryland Park Commission owns 10 acres, and both are nice about letting interested Cabin Johners walk around. It’s a trip into nostalgia if you’ve lived hera that long, into history at any rate, Into one more surprising chapter In the life and times of Cabin John, 8erbara Clerk PEACH FBSTIVAL The Cabin John United Methodist Church is sponsoring a fabulous Church Peach Festival. The day is August 14 at 3 pm and the place is the corner of MacArthur Blvd. and 77th St. There will be ho’emade cake, ice cream and lots of fresh tree riDened peaches, both to eat immediately, and to take home. In addition, the ladies of Cabin John will have homemade goodies and fresh garden produce for sale. It sounds like a delicious afternoon to me~ REC 0LT~CT IONS REQUESTED nytha Wyle is compiling a history TM of the Cabin John Methodist Church for the big anniversary celebration this fall. She is interested in getting information about the church in its earlydays. The church was dedicated in 1921, so anyone who has stories and/or recollections about the church around that time. please call Dytha Wyle at 229 – 618~. ~e~%~.~~%~~~~ V TLI,AGE “TEWS STAFF Editor Mrs. Susan Vogt 229’6479 News Collection Janet Hutchinson 229-6144 Features Barbara Clark 229-6431 Recipes Frances Kandle 229-3208 Dana Cable 229-.3830 Mary McCusker Theresa Jessup Gardening ()()()C 3(‘)C ~4E NEED REC IPES ‘ ‘. D(~ YBU HAVE A I~AVORTTE DISH?? DO YOU HAVE A NEIGHBOR WHO,S A GOUR~V~T COOK? SEND A RECIPE TODAY Tn FRANCES KANDLE 7008 BUXTON TERRACE~ CABIN JnHN~ MD. OR CALL 22o-3208 . AD I::L~V’E .S CLASSIFIED ADS ~3 per month or t~8 for three months. WANT D~S 50# SUBSCRIPTION RATE $i.00 per year MAILED OUT,SUBSCRIPTION ~’,2 per year Were you mlssed on our recent subscription drive? There’ s still time and the need. Sen~ your dollar today to Susan Vogt 6509 76th St. C~bln John RECIPE L~DY’S FILE Ideal for warm weather menus. Use your imagination and vary the ice cream and filling. ICE CREAM SUNDAE PIE I cnp chocolate wafer crumbs 1/2 cup finely chopped walnuts 1/% cup softened butter or margerine I cuart vanilla ice cream I cup (10 oz pkgl frozen straw- BE~TF~, slightly thawed Whipped cream and walnut halves Mix wafer crumbs, walnuts_and but- ter together until crumbly. Press into bottom and sides of 9.inch pie plate. Bak ~ at 375 deg rees about 7 minutes. Refridgerate until well chilled. Spoon half of softened ice cream into shell. Spread with half of strawberries. Cover with wemaining half of ~ce cream and Strawberries. Garnish with whipped cream and wal- nut halves. Freeze. Let stand at room temperature I0 minutes before serving. Makes six servings. Frances Kandle ************************************* ************** *********************** ” NEWSY NOTES Mr. and Mrs. Clyde ~ilbert and children Gay~ =icky, Vickie, Kathy, nd Cindy have returned from a week vacation at Grey’s Point Camp ~n Topping ~irginia¢ Mr. ~nd Mrs. Billy Sullivan and children C~nnie, Betty, and ~ohnny have returned from a two week vacation at Gre~’s Point also. A-d Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reid with sons Eddie and Michael spent their two week vacation at Crey’s Point too. Mr. and Mrs. Norris Fradin spent several weeks in June touring the c coventry. They ~ad a f~bulous time, and we’re all wai~Ing for a slide show soon. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt are moving to Chevy Chase. ~ile we’re sorry to see them leave, we expect to-ee them often. Ne~ N~i~hbors Phll and Margaret Oleffenbach and children Car! ~vid, Louise, and Ann have moved into a house on Buxten Terrac -. Or. and Mrs. A.O, l opez and child- ren Jo~n, Michael, and Volanda have moved from San Diego to a house on 76th ~t. ” . ,/ GARDENING, C ORNF.,R ” August — The Month to Set Ir~s Actually bearded iris may be di- vided and reset at any time between the 4th of July and Labor Day — after the roots and rhizomes have begun to develop. If you are going away on vacation, wait until you -eturn since newly transplanted iris require frequentwatering for two or three weeks after transplantin~ After you have dug the ,lumps, clean them with the hose and-inspect the rhizomes for rot and borer dam- age. Nmke your divisions w~tha sharp knife!iland cut out rotted ~sec- tions. Search for larvae that may have eaten into the rhizomes. Before planting the divisionS, cuO back the leaf-fans to about 1/2 their length to reduce the loss of water from the plants until the: roots take hold. Cut off all portio-s of the leaf~that ~ay show leaf soot. Plant three to skven sections of a variety so that ~ll leaf-fans face in the same direction and space them six to elghtlnches apart. Be care- ful to plant your ~ris divisions ffrm- ly with no air pockets beneath the rhizomes. The rhizomeshould be com- pletel but shallowly covered with soil. When you plant, dig two slanting holes about 2 inches apart and 5 ….. inches deep leaving a shallow ridge of -oil between them. Set the rhizome firmly on this saddle. ~pread out h~f the roots into each hole and cover htem well, but no more than one inch deep. Water the plant occasionall until new growth appears. You should have modest bloom the first year and excellent bloom the second year. Theresa Jessup ‘ WANT ADS AETERATIONS: Recuperat~n~ from opera- tion. Will do alterations in home. Bring that dress you’ve had in~ithe closet for a year. 229-2~6 FOR SALE: l~Double and 2 single Beds, Coil Sprin~ and Fmttress for each End mables and Kitchen Chairs. J.F. Phillips, 7702 Tomlinson Ave BABYSITTING: Two Cabin John gi~ls aged lO and lq would llke babysitting Jobs together. Please call 229-0240 or 229-6994. ” FOR SALE: Norge Washer. automatic – Perfect ~ondition. You Car~v . ~50 Five Years 01d. 229-7426 ~0NEY: Natural Wildflower Honey –80 4 per pound. Call Mr. Winston at 966-1197. ()(3(3(3(3(3(3(3(3(3(3(3()(3(3(3() NEW BABY ***’* AT LAST Mrs. Janet Peluso, a teacher at Clara Barton for the past three ~ears has a new baby. He Is named for his father, Joseph Roy PAluso, and was born on Xuly 15. Mrs. Peluso plans to return to Clara Barton in Sept. ~ongratuations to all. i! + , ?. Ln’rTi.¢ Ir~L. PI.~iL¢ =’- r, oO0  E:P,.T Tree “11oi – .. ZZ~ O+’Yo ,229-SGBS ONE STOP =.- P.VER~IN6 n 4:+0 II ~. P CATER.EP~ . tl R~a~nable Rmcs 229-5050 loam- 6″pro Mon.-S~t. ‘We cat~ all ¢~t,, Weald;rigs :~o.cazpt,bn~ ‘ 229 – 0 IOO .~ Cam ‘ /~¢~ ~ f’ee~-¢ “i ~ . ,~n~/;~, ~~’~’~ ,/v/<= ~ ~=,~,6 ‘,/’,.,p .~-= HAND s*’~ L~K~.SS Ho~T ~lso THE INDIA BAZAAI ,”lVest meets East” r~RE$SS~ . F ¢ot-1 • -%’,, + ,, :. ,~.,~;~ ~-. Tel. 229-6260 ‘ HOME HEATIN& OIL .~B’I-33ZZ~’- • (resident agent) 78~4 NORFOLP'{ AVE • BETHESDA. MD ~tUOI4 • OL .~ .~Fj.,. A + + . PLAZ DEL MImCAOO i ~IL~I~ IPNING MD 20~06 * ~SB ~600 OR 469.9833 OrO n S BEAUTY SALON 7(930’TOMLINSON AVE. , APT. 15 CABIN JOHN. MD. 20731 “PERSONAL HAIRDRESSING .• ARNOLD J, i~HBER i” ‘POTOMAC t i OPTICIAN Pe “>fJ9-7927 |01’~1; +HIVEIt ROAD POTOMAC PLACE POTOMAC, MARYLAND 20834 ” FINEST IN PROFESSIONAL BEAUTY CARE , o omac Village o ear MRS. ELIZABI~I;H GOSSIN …~-‘- //”~ ‘|Ol|l River Road ” \~ Potomac, Maryland 20854’ DISTINCTIV,’HAIR STYLING . FOR THE GRACI+OUS LOOK ~ Now in Potomac ~ ~-‘ ~+ @~i,.T ‘~” ,NOW OPEN! “Famous in-Georgetown for over 30 • years!” We invite you to enjoy the finest in Chinese. Oriental. and American Cuisine at our new location at .Potomac Village. 299-5700 Call for CARRY-0UT RESERVATIONS 10134 River .Road. Potomac Village POTOMAC PLACE SHOPPING CENTER Free Parking + Cocktails

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