August 1967

. f( ~.:. ~t,~ ~ “:’k-~ ‘ . COUNTY OFFICIALS AND ARMY ENGINEERS ~,IEET l~,I CABIN JOHN CABIN JOHH HAPPEI,~NGS J~e ~ – ELECTION DAY June 19 – Homemakers Club June 27 -GEI’~IL I,~ETI}~, Citizens’ Association -June 29 – VBZ:-meeting Member of the Cabin John Park Citi- zens’ Association and of the Cabin John • Gardens~ Inc. met ~.rith Richmond Keeney~ Councilman of’Montgomery County~ l.lro John Co Kordellu, Director of Public~ Uorks, and Mrs~ John Kesten’of the UasEington Aquedua¢ Division of the Army Engineers towork out-an agreemen% on our effonts to beautify the south Postal •rate changes for overseas mail side’ (some 4~000 feet) of MacArthun effective May’lst: surface mail 13~ per Blvd. from the Cabin John Bridge to oz. and 8~ each additional oz.~ Air Persimmon Tree Road. The County agneed leltters 13~; EuropeanAir Mail to 20~; that, a four-foot asphalt w~kway could Central and South American 15~. be put along the boulevard at countF expense if’we demarked the shoulder Little Falls Library uill have Story from the ualkuay ~ith telephone poles ~ !!ours this summer on July 19th and 25th am, some barrier to protect pedestrians. ” ~nd August let and 8th at 10:30 a.m. for ~he Army Engineers agreed to fill in all children from K±ndergarden through Elementary ages. The Library fill have shorter Saturday hours beginning June 19 from 9 aim. until i p.m. :~’Clara Barton Elementary School: • ,June 16 -Students:,g0″on Picnics and, ,field~.t~-i~.s .. . June 20- Las : a ,: f/ chool. potholea along the shoulder, but the2 would not agree to grade for the laying of gravel~ ~lor put in such gravel’,”a\, ~t responsibility of the County”, I,~. Kes e~ argued.~. The County officials would, no~ on. could not agree to furnishing tha ‘ gravel eithen~ A~ter furthen”discussion . th~ Army finally a~reed to grade beyon~ the ten-foot line for a four-foot;band: dismissal for students., paralleling the road so that th~ as- ‘ ::i~Teach~rs~iii remain at ‘school phalt wal~,~ay could’b~: more easily in- for several more d~ys. , stalled by th~ County. ,.-r • . -,,, The Cabin John citizens presen~ P#le junio~:iHigh SCHool: , at the meeting agreed that we should ” :: ‘: !Effective ~imm~g~%’ely, the school accept the ~al~ay,~ich definitely is :: “~rii~i:iiss~/~6rki:p@~mf~s ‘ after studen@s needed, and continue to seek hel~ i__~n “p~e~n~:ap~cationsfrom employers; putting do~ gravel on the ten-foot ~:f~i~e~i”~bffti~” :Pi~s p~:60f Of birth d~te and strip between the edge of the road an~. • ~,~oct’~’:~ exam~ (ag~sl4 to 17):’ the walk. This move ~.ras later ‘supported ….. ~’~ng:!hours,:are from: 2:to 4 p.m~, :’ llonda ~ ‘through Friday. Applications should be Obtainedt from the employer, b~t can•be o~tained from the school in an emergency. Gummer School classes will be taught at Pyre from June 26th through AUo~ust 4t~. ‘. Ual% Uhitman High School: June I0 Student Government Carnival .~ne 16 …. Student Government Dance …. &ll Driver Education Classes for Lhe s’nnmer •session are filled. Other. classes begin June 26th and still have openings for morning or afternoon ses- lions. by the beautification committee. Although. the army has agreed to clean up and maintain a better shoulder area~ there is concern that ,!r~thout the gravel it5 would deteriorate to become the eye- sore it has been for. the past thirty(?) years. At least~ the banks ~ill still provide adequate space.~or many beauti- ful flower and shrub gardens, and uill, .~irl Scout Troop 2481 5th and 6th grade scouts visited ~)hannel 20 on June 6. The Scouts plan ::n end of the year tea for t~eir, mo- thers and planto display projects they’ ihcve been involved rith during the year. ~ill soon finish the shoulder and the _ County shoUld begin the ~-r.k sometime ., this.month. ” …. moreove~ be reseeded and maintained, where necessary , by the Ammy.: Oh May 31st, the County Council “: …. unanimous!y agreed to furnish. ~5,000 “~ for the construction of a 4,.000 foot temporary asphalt Walkway along the south side of Mac Arthur. • (A memben, of the Cabin John Beautification Commiltee was there to express appreciation. Certainly all Cabin Johnners are ~PP2 q, ~ith this new concern of th~ county \ government for this communit ~ and, of course, ~e are appreciative.) ‘~” …… The Army has leveled in part and J BEAUTIFIChTION, Continued . – CITIZEHS-A~sOcIATI011 H.IY IIEETI~D to be done after the C~unty and the John Park Citizens’ ASsociation the Army have finish’edmond ~ill, therefore, annual election was held. Those be limited by ;tke advancing summer se~- ~ected to office for the 1967-68 veam’ son. Ue do plan, ho~eve::~ to do a few symbolic flower beds to ~ow our will and intentions. Most plants will ba iput in during the Fall along with bulb a. l lany thankN:go to the members of the Uashington Aqueduct Division of the Engineers, the l lontgomery County Council, and the Montgomery County Public Uorks for their fine coopera- tion in working out a s0!ution to our problems. They spent many hours of their time and came long distances to reach an agreement. CADIH JO!ll~ iLIPPE_}YI}GS, Continued are : President- Charles C. ~.~oore 1st Vice Pres. – Donald Herdeck 2nd Vice Pres. – Fritz Jancar Cortes. Gec. – Eriea/Eogala …. Rec. Sea.–Nancy Schneck Treasurer- ~in Shaw THE UIIU’~R – FRANCES ~IITTAKEH …. I.~rs. Frances Vhittaker has ~on this month’s contest and $2.00 for hez’ entry, “Cabin John, Past”. CABIN JOHN, PAST by FranCes ~hittake~. St. Bartholome~’s Church” Cabin John, to me~ has al~ays been The teen club ~ill be active this a place of enchantment. Long ago, we summer ~ith both entertainment and built a little cottage here for ouz. civic support projects, summer pleasure. The hotel was standing then, de- On June 3, James Bro~n and the serted by its o~ner~ so ~ith my little Fabulous Flames were at Ualt Uhitman boy and girl, we wandered through the IIigh School. Proceeds from two shows g~rdens overgrown with vines and man~ – are going to be used to help pay for beautiful trees and shrubs. . band uniforms, partable leachers and Uhile browsing about, watching the and American Field Service Exchange children play among the ruins, I ~¢ould: ~ Student” let my imagination haw its ~ay and see again the gay crowds and hear the musia: SCIIOOL’REOPEHS SEPTEHBER 5TH… of long ago. THE DAY AFTER LABOR DAY! Ue continued to explore the woods …. ‘ ‘ …. and creek for several summers, gather- If you or your group ~rould like to ing berries, rocks, plants, etc., mar- announce your meetings, social or edu~ yelling at the ~ild creatures we met. cational events~ ‘just call Eleanor Brucie, our half Beagle, loved, to Broom at 469-8590. ^ go ~ith us and the air would suddenly/ ring ~ith his long bugle call when hec ~)423~ RAISED FOR BEAUTIFICATIOH SO FAR ~ spotted a rabbit. Leaving our loved spot and going The fund raising drive for the back to the city was just an unpleasan~t beautification of HacArthur Blvd. has duty. received outstanding support from area The children ~ere not too happy citizens. A total of :i)423 has been there, so ~Then it ~as decided to make collected so far, ~ith several “block Cabin John our permanent home, a peace- ch~irmen” still to report on their ful, contented feeling settled upon us neighborhoods. An additional donation and has remaihed through the years. of ~)lO0 is pledged from residents of # /// / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / the Cabin John Gardens. The Beautification ~ommittee thanks the community for~its strong DOROTHY IIELEN’S BEAUTY SALON ~uo~oort of this project.~ Hore funds 7687 HacArthur Blvd. …. Cabin John, ~laryland are needed, however, to meet the many Phone: E},I 5-0361 expenses involved in prettying up our town. Anyone make contri- I I I I I I .I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I butions or pledge plants should contact Frances Patch (365~8542) or }ancy ~Z-PARTISAT RALLY Schmeck (365-5686). …. A rally ;as held at the Cabin John UE SALUTE… Recreation Center last Uednesday evening l lrs. Hills at Thomas Pyle Junior for the bi-partisan candidates for the High School for helping us by running June 13 elections. The rally ~as spon- our newsletter off on the school mimeo- sored by both the Republican and Demo- cratic parties in Precinct 7-3. Present graph machine for t~o months in a row. were Franklin L. Burdette, Alfred L. GO\~DR~IE!Ff ~IPLOYEES UILL BE EXCUSED Scanlan, and J. Hodge Smith, all on the ‘i.~0-‘. • TI!P,~E IIOLEqS’, OH TIU/fD..\Y ll’T ORDER ABC slate, and three independent candi- TO VOTE ~ dateS, John and Joseph Dillingham and …. IIelen Blair. ~”,T” ~ VO”f7 ~, ! :TOTE ! VOTE ‘. VOTE ! !rOTE ! UA~ ADS ‘Boys and girls bicycle~ for sale, • res- tored, 6512 75th st., 36~-~ 5762. + + + + ++ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +.’: UAI~.ADS UILL BE PHBLIS~LED. There is a charge of 25 cents per ad. Call 469- 8586 . ” I + + + + + + ++ + + + + + + + + + + + + COI HIERCIAL AD rates are ,~2.0o per month or $5.oo for three months p@r one inch. ++++++++++++++++++++ DON’S DOODLINGS b~ Don Iglehart The village just lost one of its original settlers when A. Clifford Ui~- kin~ moved from his former residence at~ 7621 Cabin Road, which he had Occupied for about fifty years. Mr. Uilkins and his late wife, I larjory, were two of the first couples =to purchase land in what was then the newly-opened area Of Cabin John Park. Their lot, no 75i shows the remains of John’s Cabin, according to the official land map dated 1918. filth unpaved streets?, n0 street lights, and neither water ~ains nor sewers~ the Uilkins took a vigorous interest in obtaining these facilities, as Well as the Clara Barton School. Mr. Uilkins has recently remarried and has moved to Brookmont. ” ” + + ~ l{r. and Hrs. Ray Dame of 7712 Tomlinson Avenue have returned from their winter home in Boynton Beach, Florida. + + + I,Ir. and l~rs. C. ~tephen Duvall, longtime residents and active leaders in the civic affairs of Cabin John, stopped by recent- ly on their way from t eir home in B~a- denton, Florida, to their summer cottage ‘ in Hillsboro, Virginia. ++ + Mrs. Don iglehart returned recently after spending several weeks visiting’ relatives in eastern Nebraska and attending a class reunion. + ÷ + In the Broadway show, Fiddler On the Editorial ~IHY VOTE ON JINE l~? There seems to be a great deal of apathy on the part of the voters towards the election for delegates to the Con- s~itutional Convention. Granted that the subject is not the most exciting and that it is difficult to understand what we are voting for, we still have an obligation as citizens to inform” ourselves and exercise our franchise. The strength of our democracy rests on each individual. Your missing vote weakens_this democracy. The Constitu- tional Conventiml will convene in September to write up a new document which will affect every one of us. Shouldn’t we be 6~n0erned about Civil rights , reapportionment, a more e~fe©tive government…?The way to get the Con- stitution you want is to send the delegates you want to Annapolis. iBeing a citizen gives you rights and duties. Don’t be sloppy about your sacred rights at a time when we are fighting for these same r~gh~s all over the world on. at any other time, You: have the right to vote, also have the responsibility./:VOT~E on Tuesday. The CABIN J~ITVILL~G~E I~L~S, ~01. I, No. 3 iS the monthly newsletter of the Cabin John Park citiZens Association. Chairman of the Information Committee: I{r. Don Herdeck Editor: l lrs. Csanad Toth Members of the Committee: I~rs’. I~arvin Schneck Mrs. Irving Brown I~rs. Don Herdeck ~r. Harvey Hook }~r. ~{orris Fradin • I~rs. Robert Beams ; ” ” i ” J’ CP~IBBIN’ JOHN The opinions expressed in this column are not necessarily t ose of this ne~s- letter, its ~taff or the Cabin John Park Citizens’ Association~ but rather the Roo_~f,of liiracles”.°ne of thesohit~at?tuneSsoiSthis!’%iiracle~heAt opinions of our readers, submitted to us in writing for publication. The May meetin: of the Cabin John Fire names of the contributors have been Board, local members being Jack DeGolia, withheld by request and by the policy of Don I~arshall, and Don Iglehart, voted to the CABIIT JOIIT VILLAGE I~US. reduce the Fire Area Tax for the next fiscal year from the present 15~ to 13~ +++Aren’t dog owners aware that Hont- gomery County requires dogs to e on a per hm~dre~of property evaluation. In leash outdoors—not roaming free? this day of steadily rising taxes in every Sometimes I wonder ~ich are more category, t is decrease is a Miracle to blame..ostupid dogs that can’t tell which we can all understand. the difference between auto wheels and / /’/ / / / /’/ / / / / / / / / / / / /fire hydrants or their owners who allow them to rove throughout Cabin John ruin- GOOD AI~ qUICK FOOD ~IOP 76071~acArthurBlvd. Cabin John, Md. Ueekdays 6:30 a.m. to 9 P.N. Sundays 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. PICITIC SUPPLIES AVAILABLE ing plants, barking and nipping at the heels of frightened children, or start- ling after-dinner Strollers and generally setting dog-loving neighbor against do- loathing neighbor. Doggone it, friends! Use common i sense! Use the “Golden Rule”! Use a / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / T!I_\!D~” YOU VI.CRY IIUCII, C:’~BIH JOHHITZRS, ~, 0~ YOUR ~:.I!~ROU,~ DOll/.TIOIK; TO TIIE “.~ “, r’i” 1 7 “I ~7 , :_.u:I~,IC …. IOI7 DRIVE’ If you have any .announcements or news- worthy items for our next edition, please call 469-8586. @ PP~CI~CT 7-3) DEI.IOCP, ATS ; -,.;’. , . . ‘l …. The Democratic Hontgomery County ‘;~:~”-. State Central Committee has recently appointed lit. Joseph Engel and Mrs. Judith Toth to the chairmanship and viee-.c~a.irmanship respectively of pre- cinct 7-3. ” They were named after the .. resignations of l lrs. I.laureen Uilleoxon as Chairman and l lrs. Annice Totoro as Vice-chairman this spring. Hr. Engel and I.Irs. Toth are pre ~ = sently setting up a new precinct organi- zation ~rhich includes more area chair- men, frequen t all-preCinct meetings and plans for coffees, informal get-togethers a newsletter’, and a local Democratic Uomen’s Club. /////////////i/////// BAKE SALE + + + BE!~PIT ” SAT D  , Jmm ÷ .+ + 7 i P.M. U!~IL EVERYTIIING IS SOLD For funds to send children Of the Home Sthdy Group of Cabin John to camp this summer° There are 51 children in the group from age six up. As manywill be sent to camp as there is money. All’ donations•are welcome. Call 365-7767. I 1 I I I L,I II I I I II1,1 I I I I I Ronnie Talkington, son Of Hr. and ~’Irs. Ralph Talkington recently won second iprize in the annual Pepco con est at ~choolo He received $13 for his entry, a ~rood lathe ~ work-project. POLES. CUT ON NAY 13th Under the direction of Cabin John Beautification Committee Chairman Harvey Hook~ several teams of our male citizen- ry rallied at the Rockville PEPCO ser- vice yard on Saturday, Hay !Sth. Their purpose: cut up-,load and cart away enough footage of pole to stretch along the south side of HaoAr~hur. Blvd. from Cabin John Bridge to Persimmon Tree Rd. The Army Corps of Engineers has approved plans for the beautification and up-grading of the boulevard. The pernit from the Corps stipulates that there must be ~ barrier bet~een the road J~~ 13~h CA}D!.DATES The following isa partial list 16f the candidates for the June 13th. :election. District 1 may vote for , ~n-partisan slate: James V. Bennett IB Franklin L. Burdette 3A Royce IIanson 6A Salvatore D. ~,erboso Alfred L. Scanlan 9B Jack Marshall Stark Irene Tinker Ualker Bi-partisan slate: James V. Bennett I~ Fga~¢lin L. Burdette Edward J. Clarke Royce Hanson Gerald.D.~organ Alfred L. Scanlan • J. Hedge smith The F~ee Slate:.- Helen Stern •Blair 2A , Rober~ ~. Burkar% 3B . Eugene J. IIardy 6B Donald R. Osborn, Jr. 9~ Carl R. stUrges lib Uilliam E. Yost, Jr. Independent: John C. Dillinghom 5A Joseph Brinton Dillingham .3/). . 6A .~,. 9~ IOA 5~ F~.~ILY FI~ LOAI~D “Parents Are People, Too~” a 15- ” minute film on the relationships~between teens and their parents~ may be ~orrowe~ without charge from the I laryland State Department of Health, 301 U. Preston S%., Baltimore. If you ~rould like to receiv@ your monthly newsletter by mail for om~, yeaF, pleaae send your name and address plus $I.00 to Hrs. Judith Toth, 66’11 80th Place, Cabin John, I~d., 20731. ~’/t1~,./ /I /’1//11 I/I//// AN ADVER, ‘ISEHEJ~ ! AN ADVERTIS~IFf ! .:. DISTRICT i VOT__~E for political freedom fo__~rpolitical equality fo___~rpolitical participation and a Sidew&~k. PDPC0 came through with used poles — in 30 – 40 foot lengths —~..~ fo__/_r the men who told you where they stand for use as the stipulated divider, for Uorking all day long ~rith Harvey were Bobby and Billy Peyton, ~rho volunteered John C. DILLII~II?J,I 5A: their time and skill in operating a fork Joseph Brinton DILLIi~HM~ 5~ lift and trucks (rented from Jack Pey- t0n’s ~ree Service), and without whose help the task ~rould never have been com- pleted. Jimmy Green and Peter Camplair ~re also commended and thanked for the use of their chain saws. The longs could not have been handled without their help.. Other Citizens contributing their muscle ~nd time to t is, one of many beautification projects~ and serving on morning and afternoon shif-ts were: AI ~.,~,’;~. Alez:~mder~ Steve Candey~ Franck Jancar, Don IIerdeck~ Norman 1~elson, Vic Hiiranen, P~ob Pallm@~ U~mn Shaw, Dick !~ittaker, ~iartin Uiloughby and Pedro De La IIoz. By Authority ” Sandra Sutherlan d, W re a sure r I. III I I I.I Ill/ I I I I./I I t_ Volunteer your services on Tuesday~ June .3, as a pc’./’ ~ratcher ore. a vote “gett÷r out@~.’71 ,~”/ ‘ ” ” c~l .~9- 8 5a6. Cabin John Citizen PICKLE BARREL BEAUTY PARLOR by Morris Fradin ~lh our Brigadoon-like Cabin John there’s a female version of an oldtime “Ge~_~ral Store”, famed for its cracker barrel, pickle tub and pot-bellied stowa~ ~rhere homespun wisdom was generated around continuous checker games. I~rs. Nelson, proprietress of Dorothy Helen’s Beauty Salon, at MaaArthur and 77th Street, doesn’t boast any such props.o.yet…she does serve her patrons coffee, cookies and brownies° She~also sells her customers’ honey, eggs~ apples~ anything that’s in season, with which a customer may have paid for a hairdo. Favorite recipes are swapped~ messages to friends and neighbors are left here. ‘ Distinctive pottery creations by a neighbor are sold in the salon and on occa-: sion original oil: paintings by a local artist have decorated the walls of tha beauty parlor. The shop boasts a “Nursery Nookl! complete with toys and coloring books. Here~ mothers and grannies can leave their offspring in sight while they “get~ the treatment” and learn about local births, marriages and deaths and othem~ ~ ne~s concerning Cabin Johnners in-between those earthly stages. Almost single-handed, the bubbly proprietress has canvassed for thousands of 0cllars for a new organ to be installed in the Christ I~ethodists Chunch acavoss the street, where she is also the choir mistress. She has also sold aprons, ua~3kins~ doilies, preserves and other homemade products contributed by the ~hupch-going c:lientele, to fill the church’s coffers. Customers arrive at Dorothy Helen’s in Cadillacs or jalopies from the Poto- mac Hunt area or from Bannockburn, Bethesda or Broqku~.onto Or they walk in from all over Cabin John. And they leave all aglow and “prettied up”. Sometimes a deserving teenager< without money but with a heavy date can work out the cost of a permanent by washing the windo~rs of the beauty shop. Besides being a grandmother and wife, the sparkplug of the establishment “~ has t~o fame& collegiate football stars for soms (both now reside in Texas with ~ their families) and a daughter, Hoan~ who has remained in Cabin John as the ~ife of Harvey Hook. She is an active church leader, fiddler, singer, mother confessor, friend and neighbor to all in Cabin John. She sparkles into and through almost every event that takes place in the community. Her cheery dis- position and common sense advice have helped smooth out many a rough spot in ~ha lives of~those around her. \ Each summer, the swimming pool she, her husband and sons built for them- selves: in the backyard of their home near the shop is almost i,empty of Nelsons, ‘~ but brimming ~ith neighborhood kids° ..and their dogs. One enthusiastic lady customer suguested that Dorothy Helen’s salon ba renamed the “IIappy flours Beauty Shoppe”. “It’s really fun to come here,” she said. “Like going to a party where I can’ let my hair do~rn, while having it put up.” ~d. note. This article was written several years ago. Since then Dorothy lelen’s has been “prettied up” with new furniture and a very feminine all pink interior. Otherwise, Dorothy Nelson and the atmosphere remain the same.) <, LIBRARY JOBS FOR TEEITAGERS Junior and senior high school stu- dents are eligible to apply for posi- tions of Library Page and high school~ graduates for positions as Desk Assis@ tants in the various branches of the Hontgomery County Public Libraries. Applications may be obtained and filed at any Branch Library, the County Per- sonnel Office or Library Headquarters aT. the Davis Branch. Pages work ten ho~rs each week while Desk ~ssist~nts work an Charles I,lichael Shawen~ son of l lr~ and Mrs. Charles I~{. Shawen of 6526 Seven Locks Rd., has just returned from six months of Army Reserv~ training. //////////////////// TUOHEY’ S RESTAUI~I~’ 7941 1.1acArthur Bivd. Cabin John, I,{d. EI.~ 5-2070 CARRY-OUT SERVICE FOOD + BEER ~average of t~renty hours per’week. Cabin John has al  ays been actively / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / represented in our closest library, Little Falls Branch at 5501 Xass. Ave. iirs. Uilma I,~ater served as this area’s first representative. Hrs. Kenneth Uillcoxon is a member of the County Library Board and I~rs. Hildred Uine- stone and Don Iclehart are members of the Little Falls~staff. j=. +- + Do /ou remember ~hen we used to look fozu~ard to boarding the Bookmobile at, ~”icki~l~o1~”s Store (pre-Good + Quick)? IIELP! HELP! IIELP! IIELP! IIELP! HELP! IIELP! Ue need more advertisers and subscribers to help defray the cost of publication. We need a mimeograph machine so that wa can continue to serve you every month. lie need more volunteers to write fon~ distribute, or just report to uz. SUPPORT YOUR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION ATTE~D TIIE GEI~IfltL IIEETI~GS VO~UI~EER TO ~{ELP YOUR COHI.~Iri~ITY” DRAI:T PROGILUI POR TIlE CABII: JOIIH PARK CITIZEIIZ ASSOCIATIOII . (The Program ~i!l be published in part as space permits in this and future issues ofthe Cabin John Village }e~$. Your comments are :relcome and you should let your views be heard at the next monthly meeting of the Cabin John Park Citizens’ Association on June 27,.:~en the Program will be discussed.) The foll0:ring program is the product of the replies received to the ques- tionnaire sent out by the Citizens’ Association~ criticism of the Association by the membership in the General and executive meetings and conversations in depth with private citizens of Cabin John. The purpose is to ooint out the problems in our comm::ity and to recommend possible courses of action in order to rectify them, I. Definition of Cabin John A. Cabin John is a to:m of homes~ and~ it should stay that way. It is already an attractive place and geographically is ideally situated. Although it is close to Uashington~ it has maintained somet ing of a “country-town” atmos- phere. Cabin John has not been and should ~ot be s::allowed up by greater subur- bia. As Cabin John continues to grow, new subdivisions should be oriented toward us and not to:Tard Carderock ~’ ” ~prlng~ or other nearby communities° Ue cannot afford the loss of the: talent and the energies of our new neighbors. Ue need them and we must do our best to convinf:e them that they need us and that they do “belong” to our commtmityo B. The Geographic boundaries of Cabin John are set forth in the constitution of the Cabin John Park Citizens’ Association and are subject to revision. II. Uhat are the major problems of Cabin John? Ao Roads and public transportation i. The through streets (HacArthur Blvd. Seven Looks Road 9 etc.) and Io~al streets (Carver Road~ etc.) are poorly paved and maintained. 2. 7me incomplete George Uashington Parhtay at the district line con- tinues to make commuting slow and hazardous. 3′. The bus service into the District of Colombia is entirely inadequate. 4. The lack of sidewalks and sat6 i~alkin G areas expose the pedestrian populationto unnecessary dangers. 5- The Recreation Center’s Parking area is too small. F, 2olice security I’. There is a high incidence of burglary and theft° 2′. Loittering 3. Speeding C. Beautification I. Irregular trash removal 2. Zoning violations 3. Lack of proper maintenance of HacArthur Blvd. shoulders 4. l~glect of firehouse arda 5. Unsightly local business establishments 6. Untended vacant lots …. 7. Car and trash dumping D. Noioe (Jet~ helieopters~ firehouse sirens and other) E. Recreation (Lack of cultural programs~ teenage club ~ a community s::imming pool~ park activities) K. Rezoning (New housing evelopments and business permits) to be continues… /////////.//.////////////////////////////’/// AH ADVERT1:3:.IID.Zi~ ‘ ‘.3iT ADVERTI S:’i.!:.IFf !AI ADIFfiRTI CLI’F-.”AFf ! AII -‘,DV,’DRTI SE!~SNT ! Air ADIFSRTISEI,’IEI~ VOTE FOR THE ALLI.~.:CJ~ FOR A BETTER COH;JTITDTION VOTE FOR ABILITY, BACKGROU!:D AI~ COHCERN VOTE FOR TIIESE SEVEH FOR DELEGATE DISTRICT i James V. BEIHTETT i~’ Frankli n L. BURDETTE 3A Ed~Tard J o CLARKE 4/I Royce tt.,\::CO:H 6/~. Gerald Do HO~G.’d: 7B~-~ Aif~ed L. os~/~.~rT,~.~r ~ Ni-~, ._.9.. ::o:~ce oI~I~TK–IOA A/hk AAA A2Jk BDB BBB BBB CCC CCC CCC By-Authority Reuben Sanders~ Treasurer

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