April 1983

~_~ II 1 II II II IIII Volume 16, No. SER I:TNG THE PEOPLe; OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND April 1983 COMMUNITY CALENDAR (If you want your event listed in this calen- dar, please call Susan Luchs, 320-3401, by the 10th of the month. The calendar is open to all community~groups.) Tuesday, April 26. Cabin John Citizens Assoc- iation Meeting, 8 p.m., Clara Barton School. (See box this page) Sunday, May 1 Mayfair at Bannockburn Elemen- tary School 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. (See story this issue.l *** Sunday, May 15 Cabin John House Tour, spon- sored by Cabin John 3 and 4 Year Old School. 2 to 5 p.m. (See enclosed flyer.) Friday, May 20 (9:30 a.m. to 7 pom.) and Saturday, May 21 (9~30 a.m. to 3 p.m.) Rummage Sale, Cabin John UnitedMethodist Church. Donations are welcome. *Saturday, May 7 Benefit dance and raffle for Clara Barton Center.For tickets call 320″4565. HAVING FUN IN CABIN JOHN THIS SUMMER Summer recreation programs for all ages will be the main topic of the Cab-fn ~John Citizens Association meeting on ~Tuesday, April 26, at 8 p.m. at the • Washington International/Clara Barton School. This is a chance tO speak out on the kind of recreational activities you ~would like the County to sponsor, such as special swim programs, a basketball league, or tennis lessons. It is hoped that many of Cabin John’s younger citizens will come • and speak out (If you just can’t make it and have an idea you want to propose, call 229-7606.) Also at the April meeting there will ~ be a Traffic • Engineering Department repre- sentative to answer questions about im- provements to MacArthur Boulevard for bet- ~ ter safety, looks, drainage, and so on. ~ ~ P.S. Refreshments will be served’. IrvIPROVED RECREATI ON FACILITIES RECOMMENDED TO COUNTY COUNCIL Restoration and ex- pansion of the fire- damaged recreation cen- ter in the park by the Union Arch Bridge moved a step closer to reali- zation this month when ~ the Montgomery County Planning Board made its recommendations to the County Council. The Board recommen- ded funding for construc- tion of a new recreation building plus playground equipment and outdoor facilities for basketball, with lighting for night games. The proposed buil- ding would provide a meet- ing room, exercise/weight room, and restrooms. The Board’s action followed support for these facilities expressed by the County Recreation Area I/III Advisory Board, which acted in turn fol- lowing the public hearing held on March I at the Clara BartonSchool at which the Cabin John Citi- zens Association and other residents expressed their views. Cabin Johners wishing to register their support may write, referring to Project Description Form 2236A, to David Scull, President of the County Council, County Office Buil- ding, Rockville, Md. 20850. , i ‘, THE VILLAGE NEWS ….. — + + ….. l ,.., + CABIN JOHN + HOUSE TOUR ‘ SCHEDULED FOR SUNDAY, MAY 15 A+.second Cabin John House TOur, building on the success of four years ago, will take place on Sunday afternoon, May ~5, from 2 to 5 p.m., organized by the Cabin +John 3 and 4 Year 01d School. Houses scheduledto be open for visiting range from the totally contemporary (spiral Edit orial–Team ……….. Linda Billings, Cap- pie Morgan, + Andy Rice, Susan Vogt Graphics Jeanne Casamento, Cathie Nelsen Production Susan Luchs Business Manager + Susan Gelb staircase, redwood interior; hot tub, roof sun decks) through the mainly historical (Hubert Humphrey’s uncle’s “rammed earth” house on 75th Street) to houses which are marriages of traditional and contemporary. Anaward-winning passive solar energy house will also be included. . Tickets will be on sal~e::a~t theBannock- Foldin~ Co Q~~++++-+.~ • , ~ • , ……… ~ – i”‘” – + + s `+L -+’~’~”=== .=====’=”.'”‘”~ ‘ , .,.!# ym h,~ a +~t b” canm. h ,1+ weha~ajbb for you , +J fl + ~++ , Nurses. Home Health Aides i J*+ • b i. • ~41m+,O~,,,~h~-,~dm, om . p + , . • . ~..y+ ” ~ HOMEMAKERS – ! + I ” . l -+ : ~ o..~O,k. I ~ ” burn School Mayfair on May 1 ormay be obtained by calling 320-3269. Theywill also be sold at the houses on the daylof the tour. Ticket prices are:Adult $3.50, Child $2.00, Family $8.oo. ‘, BANNOCKBURN SCHOOL ANNUAL SPRING FAIR MAY FIRST . + Many Cabin John parents are taking an active part in preparations forthe Mayfair at Bannockburn Elementary School which will take place on Sunday afternOon, May 1,+ from 12:30 to 4:30+ at the School, 6520 Dalroy rLane. The fair will feature an auction at which houses at the seashore, sailing excur- sions on the Chesapeake and snowblowing ser- vices + during the next blizzard are among the items open for bidding. There+will also be games for children, exotic international foods, spring plants, balloons, soda, hot dogs, and a sale +of “Gently Used Itemsi”. Donations.of such items — books, chil- dren’s clothin+, sport.s equipment and toys, and household items 0f all kinds — are now +being actively sought by the fair organizers. If you are being crowded out of your+ house+ bytoo many “things”, ithey say, contribute the discards to the fair. Tax deduction re- ceipts are available. 4″ f “Gently Used Items” may be brought to the school all during the week beginning on+April 25 — from 8:00 a+m. to 5:00 + p,m., Monday thru Friday, and from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday,+April 30. . “~i ‘~ ~~~2+’~ . ~-~’~,~._ ” ~ ~L’3~ ~ I • “~;’–~__~’~_-_~T ….. ” …….. .~ ….. i ~+~’- Expert Alterati0ns :~++. i I+ 229.1404 , ~ ~.~ I i+” I ~he V111age New+s.++++s + publi +~h+4~ -+’~-~y~e~- cept in mid-summer. Its mailing address is P.O. Box 164, Cabin John 20818. It is sup- ported by contributions, fundraising events, ad- vertising and subscrip- tions. It costs about $200 a month for print- ing and mailing! all work is volunteer. The News is distribu- ted free to all Cabin Uohn residents (+and to P.O. boxholders upon re- quest). Others may sub- scribe for $5 a year, Advertising rates ap- pear below. Deadline: 10th of each month. 1%11 page. ~0.00 213~ ~0.00 112~ $25.~ I13 ~ , $15.~ 1/6 page $10.00 1/12 page $ 6.~ Tile VILLAGE NEWS s DR. ZEILER ~– A COMMUNITY RESOURCE By C.J. “Roving Eyes” Dr. David Zeiler came to Cabin John al- most three years ago to practice veterinary medicine at the Edgemoor Alpine Animal Hospi- tal on MacArthur Boulevard. Since then, Dr. Zeiler’s kind attitude toward animals and competent medical practices have caused many people in Cabin John to bring both sick and healthy animals to him for treatment. After receiving his Doctor’s degree in veterinary medicine at Colorado State University, Dr. Zeiler worked at the Walter Reed Medical In- stitute and spent 5 or 6 years at the Edge- moor Veterinary Hospital in Bethesda. , Dr. Zeiler enjoys being in Cabin John. j~; Several neighborhood children voluntee~;:tg ~ j:~ work for him after school and he regularly ~/ cares for the rabbits and guinea pigs owned ~ii ~ by the pre-school programs at Clara Barton ~ SChool. Recently, a Cub Scout troop watched ~ him do surgery and he often speaks to local ~ school classes about the practice of veterin~ ary medicine. Cats and dogs aren’t the only animals ~ Dr. Zeiler treats, He also takes care of ~ goats, horses, rabbits, ferrets and many ~ other kinds of animals. One of his employees ~ is experienced at grooming, and there is boarding space at the Hospital for 6 large dogs, 15 medium dogs, and 20 cats. Rabies are a special concern these days. A recent Montgomery County law requires cats to be vaccinated as well as dogs. Dr. Zeiler hap a new vaccine which lasts for three years. Unfortunately for the community, Dr. Zeiler may be forced to move from his current location. If that happens, he may temporarily locate at the shopping center across the road while attempting to find a permanent location nearby. The Village News will keep residents posted about Dr. Zeiler’s whereabouts so that his fine service to the community can continue. COUNTY MAY TAKE OVER C-I BUS ROUTE COMMUTERS LOSE CABIN JOHN FRIEND Scores of commuters and other users of Mac- Arthur Boulevard and Canal Road lost a good friend with the death last month of Jane Bran- zell of the 8100 block of MacArthur Boulevard. Mrs. Branzell was a CB operator whose trans- missions were widely ~erside rou~es. LAIqD$CAPIIqG – in. harmony w~ .you- r:: . — taste ~, budge Glm,sual Design • Wood Deck. Mark WiliCher ; and Company ; …. ;.32@2040. ” CANDI DATE-~S~D~@H~• • ~ !~.~FI CE OF CITIZENS ASSOCIATION A committee has been formed to nominate candi- dates for the officer pos- itions of the Cabin John Citizens Association for 1983-84. The chairman of the Nominating Committee is David Murphy, and other members are Alan Bekelman, Frank McKinney, Cappie Morgan, Anne Stanfield, and Alan Van Emmerik. Nominations will be announced at the April 26 CJCA meeting and elections Metrobus Route C-l, which runs during rush hours from Glen Echo to Friendship Heights, may become part of Montgom- ery County’s “Ride-0n” the subsidy paid to Me- bus system, County Trans-tro for its service. portation Committee will be held at the May 24 Chairman Neal Potter has meeting, at which time nom- announced. Ride-On bus inations from the floor can service generally costs also be made. less to the county~than Anyone with suggest- ions for the Nominating Committee should call Da- vid Murphy at 229-5794. THE VILLAGE NEWS I I (Please s~nd your CLASSIFIED ad to P.O. Box ~ 164, Cabin John 20818, by the 10th of the month. The rate is 50# per line o) @ @ @ @ @ * 4~ @ FOR RENT, Glen Echo, 1 Br., Efficiency Apt., furnished in private home, suitable for one (1) adult, No pets,, no children. Utilities ….. :furnished. $300.00/ mo. Personal and business references requested, Phone 229-3485. • @ * @ .@ @ @ @ FOR SALE: Raleigh Accord l0 spd 24″ wheel ‘ David . ~ children s s.ize..,..~.l.oQ_O. …………. 229-7612 ~AVI~ED TO RENT: House or townhouse, Cabin John/B~ock~bu~N~5T~i~Str}c~Needa4~ Au~s~’ 972-2525. ~ …. — ,–,, .vv ~mMi.I. m~ .l a ~C.0NTRACTOR 320 – 5623! 6:30~m ~o6:00pm 3 :ANE 6 ! LOOKING. BACKWARDS …. TenYears Ago: The big news in Cabin John in April 1973 was the Com- munity Health Day cele- brated April 7 at the Clara Barton School. Free immunizations for children and screening tests for TB, high blood pressure, glauco- ma and hearing impair- ment were among the services offered. In April 1975, the key issue was who would ~pay for the repairs to i~.the Union Arch Bridge ;’,~ . ~wh~ch had been closed ~2 ~to traffic because ~stones had broken :~loose from it and fal- ~i len on the parkway be- !low. One year later – ~ after a tremendous amount of community pressure – the Village News reported the good news that repairs would be paid for by the Army Corps of Engineers. #emim nmmnmmmmimmaN The CabinJoh~3″~a~ ~ 4 Year 01d School is: accepting applications forits 1983-84 class. ‘H~~~~ Cabin …. ~ CLARK MASONRY __| 229- 4707 | John’s community centers, so All types brick, For information, call Annette Davis, Head Tea- ~ block, stone, ~i flagstone, s~ | ~~concrete w( flagstone, and : Now almost 20 years old, cher, at 229-0754, or • this small, low-cost Katy Glakas, President, concrete work~ high quality pre-school at 229-6253. “MHIC #9736 ‘ • iiDDDH~H~HDDDDDDDDDHHDDDDDDDK~DDHDHDHDDDHHDDDBDiHHHHDDDDDBD~DDBDDHHH VILLAGE NEWS ~A”H4 JOHN .–*~ ~ …………… ~’~ *- ~, ~, ,,~.~” ~ ~. , ,,~.~.” –~, . :~ ~.~.,~~.,~. .’-~. w ~ ,,.~ • – -: /. ~,% ~*- U. S. POSTAGE PAID CABIn’  OHN. YD. 20731 PERMIT 4210

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