April 1981

~.’..illillillli’ilmllllilllilllll, ~, r~ ‘~’ SLAT~D~ FOR CLARA Thi~ June, St. AndreW’s Schools will move ~6ut ‘ of Cabin John ! to ia~ger quarters, to i be replaced by the ~,,: f0d~£h~nd fifth grade ‘~i:’:Of ~he Washington International School. TheWashington International School will also use the auditorium for special performances and the adjacent county playing fields for athletics. All that is pretty straightforward, but poses vexing problems for our community schools and post office, because their occupation of the building is at the discretion of the 9ND m April 1981 an option to renew in their own name through 1989. The County has made an oral commitment to t~eClara Barton Center that the occupancy of the building by the Post Office, Day Care Center, and Nursery School will be safeguarded by the County so long as the building is under lease. The implications of this are that if there is ~ntinu~p~e2 HELP VILLAGE NEWS IS BROKE’. ,~ ~ !~¢~ v “~ Help.’ The Village News, you r local voice, is going broke. We survive primarily on contributions. The Community Association contributes some from its dues and the proceeds from the Crab Feast. Several local merchants support us by purchasing advertising. But the bulk of our support has to come from you, our readers. There are 600 of you. If you each sent us $3.00/year, we would be solvent. Unfortunately, only about i0 percent, or 60 of you, have been remembering to do this. Brother, can you spare e costs about $150 to produce and n issues a year (we combine July/ ovember/December) that’s $1500. send us $5. That way, if half of we’ll still make ends meet. If you t, send $3 — that’s the actual cost ED URGENTLY Send your $5 to:~:~ ~H TO MEET Village News DRS Box 164 ITUS 229-8255 Cabin John, Md. 20731 CIATION MEETING ;HOOL LIBRARY qlL 28, 1981 . ._. . .. % ~;~ leaves ” And final ly ~ :~.~/ :- ~—.:~ , . ; … -.~ ….. . –i.:~–: ,?~ ‘;’ might • s e’l.l the White i~’~E~ephant ” if someone ~i!iilw’l~ts to buy it, and ‘•tHe County is legally able to sell. Ms. Stevenson, a spokesman for Washington International School, says ‘£ha~ buying a building is a big step for a school• While such a move is not Out of the realm of p~:~sibility, it would only happen if the D.C.-based school developed substantial local support. Right now they are simply responding to a classroom overflow situation by making use of an available and suitable building. They are happy to coexist with the many community association and other activities that are held in the bu i iding. There are several implications here for Cabin John. We must work with our local schools to secure the County’s oral assurances about occupancy in writing as soon as possible. It is in our interest to keep a major tenant in the building. As a back-up, we should explore the possibility with the Day Care Center et al of their becoming major tenants (leasees) if the Washington International School if the building is ~sold in 1984 or ‘whenever, we should help the displaced tenants relocate somewhere in Cabin John. JET NOISE RALLY :, : ….. , ,, ~_,~~z~ by Dan Costello On Thursday, April 30 at 8:00 pm a Jet NO~ …… • !<i Rally will be held at :’ ;i~ the Clara Barton School i:i~ ~ 30~ ~ ~/~ in the classroom on lthe …. L: ~ O~ ~O(~ ~I~ second floor to the .., ~:~i!~ left of the stairs. We have asked the FAA and ,:i;i N.O.I.S.E. (,Neighbors …. :~ Opposed to Irritating ~!~ Sound Emissions) to send representatives iili to this rally. /<ii~l The purpose of the ~I Jet Rally will be to discuss how you can ~/~i 1 -, , , help and what you can :~i’% i~~~~~-~ ~ do. We need ~:~i~il volunteers to head or ;”~’~’~- ‘ work in sub” <~ committees by ,”,;;~ ~ wr it ing, telephoning, ‘~I and visiting various ~”~ officials. Qnly in ~a~ ~’ this way can we make /i?~,~, our views knoWn• show the FAA that we :~,:~r~,, really do; care and , ;;,~ ~,that we arenot going i ”:~’~;~ ~’ ~o ~t ake~;, ah~more withDt~ !’ii)i),~i! !; 1 PALISADES POOL check will not be ; :~ ~ %~’~’~, ~iii ~II~ ~I~!I W~TS YOU! by Paul Sisco Membership applications for the Palisades Swimming Pool Association on Seven Locks Road are now being accepted• Persons wishing tO apply may write Mrs. Judy Berth, 6217 Plainview Rd., Bethesda~ Md. 20034. Each application must be accompanied by a check for S20, made out to the Association• This refunded. Only letters (no phone calls) postmarked not later than April 30 will be accepted and names will be placed on the waiting list as they are received. Currently, prospective members are being offered summer rentals after about: atwo-year wait while permanent memberships genera~ are Offered : ~ after~~ ~ee or four yea~ ~ ing period THE VILLAGE NEWS SPRING HAPPENINGS AT GLEN ECHO PARK Get out your quarters! On May 9th at noon the carousel opens and will operate every Sat. and Sun. 12-6 until the end of September. The Chautauqua Season begins on May I0. There will be some entertainment every Sunday afternoon until the end of Sept. Opening day will feature the Band from Tin Pan Alley, a talk about the history of Glen Echo by Richard Cook and a concert by Glen Echo Dance Theater. Unfortunately, the dance concert this year will have a minimum charge. May 17 will be Children’s Day with appropriate entertainment, and the Irish Festival will take place May 24. Adventure Theatre will open “The Emperor’s Nightingale” on April 25 and continue every Sat and Sun until May 24 at 1:30 and 3:30 for a charge of $2.50. There will be a lecture on Fri, April 24 at 8 p.m., by Gene Davis, Dean of the Washington Color School and patron of the arts, Mary Swift in the Fine Crafts Room. The Arts Lecture Series will all be free of cost! A large piece of sculp~e representing a carnfval will be unveiled in £he Spanish Ballroom the same nite at 7 p.m. on May 17 at 2 p.m. iHoward Fox, Curator at the Hirshhorn, will speak. It’s not too late to sign up for classes in Square and Contra Dancing, Basketry, Spinning II, and some classes at the Writer’s Center. Call 492-6282. IN CASE YOU MISSED THE LAST ASSOCIATION MEETING The March Citizen Association meeting was, ~gain, well attended. Several committees reported to the assembly. The land-use committee has been reviewing pertinent parts of the 1973 C.J. Development Plan; one motion was carried that other commit:tees should also review the plan and report: on the status of its implementation. Reports were also tendered on Rock Run Sewage Treatment Plant meeting, the encouraging endorsement of the aircraft scatter plan by the Coalition on Aircraft Problems, and the Memorial Day Parade (ideas and volunteers needed!). Judy Nigren, head of the Clara Barton Center for Children, expressed concern over the unclear position of the Center and the 3- and 4-year-old school in the lease negotiations ~etween St. Andrews and ~ new tenant, The Washington International School. IThis matter was referred to the education committee for further investigation. Jerry Pinsker, of the Montgomery County Bar Association, talked about the limited possibilities of municipal incorporation within the State of Maryland. Since the current apropos legislation was passed in 1954, the County Council has refused to approve any incorporation petitions presented to it. Mr. Pinsker felt this mood of rejection would continue, since the County does not want to surrender power or revenue to another jurisdiction within its bounds. A motion was carried to invite the Mayor of Glen Echo to the next AssOciation meeting to express his ideas on the advantage/ possibilities of incorporating. DON’T BURN LEAVES Leaf burning is illegal in Cabin John. Bagyour leaves for scheduled pick-up, or cart them to the County dump. Aluminum cans are now picked up by the County along with newspapers. Place your cans at curbs!de on your usual newspaper pickup day. Call 468-4281 for more information. ~:;i-.~,, ,, , !-~ , E~E %ILLAGE NEWS ~!:~:~/~i:iC~t~d:’fr~#,~.G&~ . ** . Raffle tickets at ~’$’i ” ………. ~’~ii!~::/::?N~sh:ingt0n; a night of donors as the Circle each are being sold ~in iiii~!ii!!’i~;:i~iB1u%grass ‘ or Foik ~Theatre Houlihans advance–and will be ,~.~”i .i~ ~, …… :~: ‘ ‘ !available at the event ~<.:: = us~c for your party Old Place, Children’s i’ii!i:.~i”?io’y, ‘ £he Locust Mill Wear Market, Let Raffle entrants need I’~!i Str’ing Band, a bottle Annie Frame It, not be present to win. ?~., of Chives Regal- a ~, H’~ir Cut and Blow Dry or!!:~set from Hair Boutique in Little Falls Mall; a ceramic tureen from Le Grand Appetit in Great Falls, Va.; a deluxe pizza and two sodas from John’s Place in Bethesda; and, as a special bonus, the Balloon Man will Convey your greetings and deliver balloons on YOUr behalf. There will be a silent auction table with items from such Woodward & Lothrop, Tickets may be Shy Boutique, Farrells, Tree Top Toys and the Corcoran Art School. Dance music, provided by GABE’S DISCO, will cater to every taste–from country and rock to golden oldies. Gabe’s Disco will also provide some spectacular lighting for this not-to-be- missed event, Admission tickets at $4 each cover the price purchased at the Center. from Center families or by calling 320-4565. The Clara Barton Center is a licensed, non-profit preschool and day care center serving the Cabin John-Bethesda community. Through its annual fund- raising event, money is raised for scholarship aid to community families so that acceptance of children to the Center is not based on of food and dancing, the ability to pay. mnnmnmnnmmmnnnnnnnmnmmmnmnnmmnn nnnmmmnmmununlum.nmmnnnnmmmnmmmnlmmmUmmllmlnmlu~n~n~nnu~nn~ : ; While you help burn !i:, ~ tvictims, you can also ~!i~:i~ ~ help yourself by !~.~, iYeiii~inating a fire To: Editor ~mm ~mmmm m Want to get rid of those piles of old newspapers filling up your home ? Well, now you can. The Montgomery County Firefighters Assn., Local #1664 and the Cabin John Park Vol. Fire Dept. are co- sponsoring a newspaper re-cycling drive to benefit burn victims in the “Burn Center” of Washington Hospital Center. Bring your old newspapers to Fire Station #30, Falls Road & Oaklyn Drive in Potomac. A special dumpster has been provided in the rear of the station for your old newspapers. hazard in your home. Please, newspapers only, sorry no catalogs or magazines. Any questions, call Sta. #30, 299-4300. Thank you. To the Editor: mm m maumumunmummumm nmm The number of dogs roaming free in Cabin John is growing by leaps, bounds, and, unfortunately, bites. I’ve been bitten twice while walking with my toddler. Since the number of children in our community is growing, I feel that dogs on the roam are a perilous problem. in a fenced~’in yards~, or on a leash. ;/ ~’~’~ If you have been harassed by a dog) talk to its owner. If the problem persists or if you are bitten, call the Montgomery County Animal Control Division at 279-1823; they will impound the dog and fine the owner. Judy Duffield TELEPHONE FOR BIKE PATH MAINTENANCE The Village News is peddling %he County telephone number for bike path maintenance: Call j/J f’/e Dog owners–a leash 468-4020 whenever iii~ law is in effect in you think the ~ ~:~”,~ Montgomery County. MacArthur Boul~rd ‘ y~Si! Please k~ep your pets ~bik e path needs to be :~’~ under control: They~iswept or maintained fn :. : should be in your house, anyway. ~’~/ : ~:~i”h” ‘THE VILLAGE~NEWS ES N OT E S “~/: ” i~y Alan van Emmerik and office leasing progress. Cabin John Community Plan update. 6. A committee is preparing a slate of officers for next year. Any suggestions should be telephoned to Andy Rice, Chair, 229-3503. Floor nominations will be in order. 7. Village News: There is barely enough money to publish this issue. The News is necessary to the community. It will be necessary to vote some immediate relief, and to make some long-term solutions. Please contribute your views (and make ready to contribute some money). 8. Mayor George R. Borgari of Glen Echo will give his very affirmative views on municipal incorporatio~ • ” ….. : 5- AGENDA i. There will be proposed an amendment to the Constitution, broadenin~g the membership to include people employed within Cabin John. 2. There will be a motion that we pay $40 in dues to the Potomac Valley League. 3. Education: A letter to the County about our Concerns for our schools now at Clara Barton will be read. 4. Environment: A report on the Rock Run AWT Plant Citizens Advisory Committee. 5. Land Use: MacArthur Square retail TRIP TO BERMUDA PRIZE CLARA BARTON CENTER RAFFLE/DANCE Round-trip air fare for two to Bermuda will be awarded to a lucky raffle winner at the annual scholarship fund- raising event of the Clara Barton Center for Children on May 16. A host of other raffle prizes, dancing to a live deejay, an array of finger foods and a silent auction of useful goods and services all will be featured at the 7:30 p.m. event in the auditorium of Clara Barton School, 7425 MacArthur _ B ivd. The list of raffle prizes also includes a S275 ten-speed bike or the equivalent in merchandise from Pedals & ‘Peds, Great Falls, Va.; a half-day of labor on a project of your choice (tree house, small shed, etc.) by Frontier Construction Co. of Kensington, Md.; a weekend at the Watergate Hotel; four English Boxwood plants; a S50 gift certificate from Georgetown Leather; a S30 gift certificate from American Plant Food of Bethesda; an Instant Kodak Camera outfit; a family Clam Bake from Cannons Seafood; a dinner for two at Apana, an Indian Restaurant in ..,~ ~n~uedonpage4 His practica—i and political knowledge should be a fine complement to Jerry Pinsker’s legal advice last meeting. 9. Montgomery County will present a slide lecture on cooperative purchasing of home energy products. LET ANNIE FRAME IT CUSTOM FRAMING at DO IT YOURSELF PRICES For Appointment 229-1557 10% off Cabin John& Glen Echo residents through June 1981 BANNOCKBURN KIMIERGARTEN ROUND-UP On Tuesday, May 19, children entering kinder- garten next September and their parents are invited to talk with the kindergarten teach- er, see the school, and meet other nembors of the sta£f during an informal, by appoint- ment only, preklnder- garten conference. For more information, oz” receiv6 an appointment application, please call Ms. Wright at Bannockbu~n Elementary School, 229-3097° ” .% ‘: “Uf*” ‘ ‘ ~-..~’ ..~,. ~-,…:.. !i,{,~.HE VILLAGE NEWS ……. ~’ :::” “‘Y ,- : : .’.W~.~ OME •: :NE.IGHBOR .’ ..~._l.A_Ct_qlFl~l~ Mary Yarid ;i:~,; ‘ ~,:i~i l”iand !!i”.”i’&.ndi.:i:i£heir~ -two boys, ¢,,’ Ravz .and Kzran, have S ir~cently moved into i.ii.t-he old Aibritton “Jh,ouse at 7505 Arden ‘ .~ Road. VILLAGE NEWS Deadlines on Second Friday E~’ch Month. .. EDITORS — Betsy Cheney’and • Charlie B0okman Oraphi,~ – – Jane Price ,BUSINES S — Susan Gelb Distr:ibution Veena Titus THE ~LAGE NEWS P. O. BOX 164 Cabin John, !CHAIR CANING in my home. Call Martha at 320-3979 after 6 pm. ’69 VW for sale– recently rebuilt engine–S400. 320-5831 (evenings-) Mo~ed–POch Maxi Mk.II, the Cadillac of Mopeds. Low mileage, 120 mpg. $525.00. Call 229-6261 HOME TO SHARE BETHESDA/CABIN JOHN 2 rooms with shared bath with kitchen priv. in private home. Non smoking/non alcohol. 20 minutes from downtown, Tysons Corners & Rockville. Will need car. $235 J~L’ .J _..L. ; …. . …. -,~ v,~…2(J-;..~.-(. • ../:’ 2’t i~I’F,. …… c,, ~i~’.~, whif~ ~.~e~, :2-:~ St, ci;ee~,:s-~;l:c.l’% vun ~’.-:.,r'( :i.;..- .’. t~-.. ?7~; WATER COLOR PAINTING …. CLasses star~ng…taught by local Georgetown University teacher… Please call A~rlette Giselle… 229-I718 CUSTOM •CAKES for Chil~i,-en’s birth days….Superrnan a ~e~alW …. CaU 229-6253 Rototilling TROYBUILT. I will turn the earth upside down for you …. by appointment only Sugarsnap Pea Seeds call 9424345 EXPERT ALTERATIONS CUSTOM SEWING Call Theresa 229-1404 ED,CLARK  .,- !.: • L- Mm~lead 20731 utilities included. :~SOS/~ “‘; ~—-===–=’-.= ……….. “~ 229-4654 ( after 6pm ) JL_~30 “I’ELT.T~IJB~E~ | ~_~v~ u ,~ ~ | ° , C RCH 0 .ac r  ur) Y rd WOrk ,, t.awns~Seedo~Sod I i I | Spring Buffet Dinner ~ ! , ~ C~&Dra~P,~amns , Sat, 2nd May, 4-7 p.m. T~esandSh~bs~M 1 Adults — $4 ~Z~@~’~~~ie 232-7892 I Children under 6 years n ……. —- …. ……….m — $ 2 ,, T6ETqEWS Encourages Reader Participation. If you want to say it.~.say’—‘—~t in the NEk7%TS – i I i ~.llJ~ I_JLJLU !J 1! I I I ! I I I I1|11 III U IIIIIIIII I I llll I I I I I.I I I I I I II I I I I III III III I I I. II I I II I I il Ii II rl i I i i, i i i, i i.i i I VILLAGE NEWS P.O. BOX 164 CABIN JOHN, MARYLAND 20751 BULK RATE U. S. POSTAGE PAID CABIN’ JOHN. MD. 20731 PERMIT 4210 i Resident !7410 Arden Road I ‘ – 20731 ! • I  L • i ‘;~ ‘4” L,?: i ! i :’ ‘ i i …………………………………… “± ………. q< i:!

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