April 1976

i ,, , voT,. 9, ~o. 5 ” SERVING THE PEOPLE OF CABIN JOHN AND BEYOND APRIL 1976 Photo by Calvin Kytle Commissioner Charles Frances Wilding (left) of the Maryland Bicentennial Commission presented Cabin John with the Official flag of the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration at the February meeting of the Cabin John Citizens Association. Receiviug ‘ it were Andrew Rice, President of the Association, and Janet Dence, co-chairperson of arrangement’s for “Chautauqua ’76,” Cabin John’ s bicentennial celebration on June 5th. Ii i PLAN NOW TO CELEBRATE THE BIC~ITENNIAL IN CABIN JOHN JUNE 5TH Plans for Cabin John’ s bicentennial celebration, “Chautauqua ‘ 76,” are in full swing. The celebration will in- clude games, exhibits, concerts, good food, good talk and good company and is billed as “a day of joy, instruc- tion, and inspiration” in the style of the old Chautauqua on the Potomac that flourished at Glen Echo in the summer of 189i. Concurrent activities will take place at three locations: (I) Clara Barton School; (2) Cabin John Recre- ation Center; and (3) Cabin John Gar- dens Community Center. The celebra- tion is set for June 5th, beginning at 11 am and ending at 9pm. Planned so far: • a community raf- fle in the form of a hunt for Cap’n John’ s treasure • a play starring Cabin John kids and directed by Diane Kellogg, based on Morris Fra- din’s story about the C&O Canal • a concert of 18th century music by the Cabin John Quartet • an exhi- bit of Cabin John memorabilia • games our forefathers played • mi- ni-lectures on the history, archi- tecture, wildlife and plantlife of Cabin John • an old-fashioned box supper featuring foods of the Revolu- tionary War period • a softball match between the Cabin John Fire I Department and Friends of THE VILLAGE NEWS • a” bike parade • an old-fashion- ed band concert • a craft show fea- turing local hobbyists • a photo show organized by Peter Vogt and Ron Mor- gan • closing remarks by Congress- man GilBert Gude, and • fireworks, if funds can be raised. ~ The climax Of the celebration Will bel “01d Timers’ Night in Cabin John” — a very special occasion for honor- ing lon~-term residents, former resi- dents, past presidents of the Citi- zens Association, and all those who hive helped preserve our tradition of :neighborliness, diversity and self-reliance as we plan for the future. Plan now to celebrate the Bicenten- nial in Cabin John all day, Saturday, June 5th. , Chautauqua ’76. • .an occa- sion to honor our H~ITAGE; a FESTI- VAL to renew our fellowship; a forum to bring our HORIZON in view. Right here in Cabin John. THE VILLAGE NEWS thanks Souder ” and Associates of Bethesda for its cooperation and support in the production of this issue. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS TO FINANCE REPAIRS OF UNION ARCH …….. by Jim Wilner “-” – The Army Corps of Enginders, at a meeting held last month, has an- nounced that it has decided to re- pair the Union Arch Bridge using their own ~rbsources. The Corps in- tends to begin work as soon:as permission from the Advisory Coun- cil on Historic Preservation has been obtained– hopefully, withiu a few months. Construction should be completed:withiu six months time. The decision to make this an “in-house” job will apparently save the taxpayers over half million dollars from the original 8750,000 estimate. The Bridge shall be reopened to only one lane of traffic controlled by a stop light at each end. In addition, a pedestrian right of Way is to be included in the general construction. All things considered, the solu- tion is a fair one considering all of the factors involved. As a com- munity we must be diligent in help- ing the Corps to complete reconstruc- tion within their establish@d time- frame. M~KS ROAD mmmov~s To ~GIN ~SCAL YEAR 1977 b 7 An@ Rice ” Improvements to Seven locks Road between MacArT/lur Boulevard amd River Road is now scheduled to start some- time during the fiscal year be4~ July 1, 1976. During thatyear the bridge over Cabin John Creek will be rebuilt, and the necessary design work and land acquisition begun for the rest of the road. Reconstruction of the road itself is schedmded for the following year, be4~ so, e- time after July 1, 1977, and comtinm- ing for 12 to 18 month s. Traffic is expected to be ma/ntained ~hile the work goes on. These plans were outlined by Anthon~ Kanz, Deputy Director of the Montgo- mery County hepar~ent of Transporta- tion when he spoke at the March 23 membership meeting of the Cabin John Citizens Association, held at the Cabin John United Methodist Church. Mr. Kanz said the plans were not ab- solutely final yet, although they had been tentatively adopted by the County Council. Approval was stil3 necessary by the Montgomer~ CountD Planning Board (which wi’ hold a public hearing on April 22) after which the Council must give Itu flru~ approval. (continued 0~I noxt .,rlgO) : ” :%( ” ” :4.” IN”.TI~ P~ AT GLEN ~EO : ~Deborah Hollander ‘: .’.:” ~.’~:.~ttempt to update what’s going on with %~e Mas%er Plan for environ- .m~tai ~d $o-the Park,. I spoke to Dick Ring, park supervisor. Evidently the’ plan that was introduced to the public in January is being re-drafted :due tea blt of bureaucratic red tape via the:National Park Service’s new • ~; : planni~ proce~J–The revised “pl~n~ill k%%~t to s6~ new dired~ion8 re- ~li~g #/%e already existing environmental structures in the park. Ring skid %ha t the new plan will be more supportive of the artists since it will attemp% t6”. stress Glen Echo as a cultural Center keeping in line wi+~h its ‘ Cliautau~ua heritage. This fienth I: visited the Photoworks and the Graphic WorkahoPs. Making its home:/in the ranch building are the “Photoworks” photography studios. Two • full-flee photo~aphers: in; residence (Prank Herrera and” Rh0da Baer) and one full-time instructor (Molly Roberts) teach a .Variety of level classes to the 75 plus students’who frequent their facility. Class size.is limited to 12 and are offered 6 days a week with both day or evening sessions available. Each Stinds~v “open Workshop” opportumities are offered. Unique to ,,the Photo- works As its workshop rather than academic atmosphere, Hands on experience is most definitely emphasized and aesthetic qualities are Stressed rather than techniques bf commercial photography, Ftmdamental , intermediate and adVanced courses are offered plus-classes for young people aged 10 to 16. This course Offered on Satulrday afternoon or Sunday morning introduces the photographic process and materials and allows the learner to both build and use their .own cameras. Frank Herrera’ s work may be seen in October at the Washing%on Project for the Arts. Ms. Roberts As currently exhibiting at the Int-aitive Eye Gallery in Arlington. Rhoda Baer’ s photography can fre- quently beseen in the Washin~tonian. The number for this studio is 229-7930. The Graphics Workshop is currently staffed by ten part-time printers. Class offerings range from Introduction to Graphics to Experimental Intaglio techniques. The Introductory class is most interesting. Students are given a history of graphics wi*~h slide lectures, and class visits are made to area galleries. Most of the classes are workshop oriented in the hope that stu- dents Will do their own work with assistanhe from the instructors when need- ed. Monthly shows are exhibited in the studios and upcoming is their third Annual Art Auction (April 25 at I : 30pro). Procedes from this event are used to purchase equipment for the workshop. In honor of the bicentennial, the instructors of the Workshop _have prepared a calendar depicting past and present scenes of Glen Echo leark. This studio may be reached by calling 229- 97hi • VILLAGE NEWS m publ~ed mmthly in ~ Jell, Maryland. Sul~cripti~s are $~.00 per year for non-residents and free to Calln John residents; Mail all artides, in- quiries, suggesfi~as, complaints, letters and subscripfons OM.th payment) to: The Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS Post OffiCe BoX 184 oa,i.  vtm,  ,d  o7sa Shelly Keller, Editor Steve Magnuson(Art Director Beverly Sullivan, Circulation Susan Gash, Advertising Kevin Flynn, Deborah Hollander, . Patsy Lynch, Steve Magnuson, Mary Shaw and Bruce Youngblood, Stafj~ BEAUTY SALON TUESDAY THROUGH SA TURDA Y 9:00 am to 5:00 Pm 7630 TOMLINSON A VENUE at No. 15 229-1361 Or 229-9811 THE VILLAGE iNEWS DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES: Full page $40.00 2/3 page $30.00 I/2 page $25.00 1/3 page $15.00 I/6 page $10.00 1/12 page $ 6.00 ~.ly the-~t of”~,- ration had.lmt forwazd a pl~n.”:”,dlich ….. would have moved ~le.in~i~ of ~ad.e.at -I:.he:~t.’:in~ec”~i~n:Of: – – O;b ~ction.to: ‘-~e~<-~r~iOZ-.me:~ ~ , . . s~: oi~i~:: ,7:1 ,jL. “:’-: , i!” .,:.:.v :.~/ ” spond@d to’ ~iti~’ ~ “Imp’ ~’~: y other ~.a-~$$~-in meCa~in~-,’ p~bl~: of .:S~ ~” ;~ :~ :~’. ” Pl~e a~.a ~, ~o,~i:~’:~ou~ “street – :He”:also .will:e~eck.o~. neces- Se~t~%ion:to eep the hike i~th:.-:- . clean;ofSs%0nes “~ on~ it by . WK~%E: IN. FOREVER” &” “PINOCCHIO” q • =: on-Sunday, April hth, ati:30 and 2:30pro, Adventure Theatre’s Chantauquateers present a new Bi- centennial version Of their origi- nal mueical:msmionette show, “Some- where in Forever.” On April 2~th and 25th, Adventure Theatre presents a musical produc- tion of “Pinoochio”. Shows, will continue each Saturday and SUnd~ until Msy 16 and are at 1|30 and 3:30pro. All tickets are $1.50. For reservations call 320-5331 weekdays, lOam to 2pm. SPRING OPEN HOUSE AT GL~ ECHO PARK ON” APRIL 4TH, NOON TO hPM On April 4th, Sunday, from noon till 4pro, there is a Spring Open House at Glen Echo Park. National Park Service-sponsored activities include: tours of the Park’s arts, crafts, performing arts and auto mechanics and woodwor ~king studios, with free exhibits, demonstrations and slide shows; free informal bluegrass and contemporary music; marionette performances; picnics and — weather permitting — car- rousel rides. For information on the Open House and spring classes which start April 12th, call 229- 3031. / ~W “J ~A’k .X YffaR oa’p 5Cq, ooL. i A?£~L ~’ – i i i “/°” “f:Y,4, 5c.,4oot.. • , . “:.~ ~.. ,,-t-“,/ ‘g’ lo – ,–i-, – f~~ “DATE ,,u,q,f t d L..,, L- 6A :c .r:c, A! <r ~.’~©0 I ) 5VCFi ,qS “~lS~4 Wr-~SH ~'”::-” “~.,CCUCH,'” “-” ‘i’~ ‘-” ” LY E~’4db’l • -i’,’7″t,”/’q I )., ,,. I;4. r~ T’4 2 vJ”~:t ,.,,”‘~. ~,=” F£ ” S F’3 ..,~ t/.~” ) bOu~<,b, To TH E -sHc~.-;5,~14&- Doo~.Is, Ch~ .,I Ose4 d’.IA,., ‘0 ……. ” , c.,; ,,i C, u. c ~ <.:,~ 3 THE V!_ LLAGE NEWS  ” …. Within the next few weeks, the of- ficers of our Citizens Association shall petition Mm. Royce Hanson of thePark and Planning Commission, to amend the Chevy ChaseMaster Plan …. for the purpose of returning the downzoned properties in Cabin John to their previous C-I status. A great m amy citizens are planning to appear in person before the Planning Board to emphasize the importance of %hls issue to our community. We feel sure that the Board will act swiftly in its efforts to help us restore these properties and keep Cabin John’s small-town atmosphere. We are interested in working through the plam~imgprocess, and look forward to inviting.Mr. Mathews and M~. ~ to address Our citizens association on how we may help t ham to bring this matter to a speedy resolution. Progress on this issue shall be reported monthly in THE VILLAGENEWS. I am sure that Mr. Hansonwill agree that the plan- ningprocess will be best served in Cabin John if the right of its citi- zens to self-determination is under- stood end respected. Editor I PASTRIES*MEATS*CARRY.OUT! GROCERIES*BREAKFAST*LUNC H MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm Dear Editor, Spring is here (at last) but we are still burdened with last win- ter’s trash. I wonder if the resi- dents of Cabin John are aware of how easy it is to arrange for spe- cial pick-ups of items garbage trucks are not allowed to take away. Do you think a small paragraph in THE VILLAGE NEWS might get to a few people with old broken junk lying around their front yards? You can ask for a special pick-up every 90 days and one extra if you are either moving in or moving out. The number to call is 881-1400. I’ll look forward to some improve- ment in the eyesores around us. Cabin John can be (and sometimes is) so pretty. And then there are the other times. Carol Snowdon I H~LE’S LOOKING AT US! A Portrait of Us and Where We Live on the Occasion ef Our Nation’ s Birthday by Peter Vogt We all look at Cabin john and each other with different points of view, different feelings and different eyes. It might have to do with how long we’ve lived here, how old or young we are, the family that surrounds US or the fact that we live alone. It might be our work, our neighborhood, our hobbies or what we’re learning in school. Whatever we see and feel about each other and the place we live adds up to a Collective immage of Cabin John– the community– ourselves. In many ways our unity in Cabin John is in the value most of us place on each other’ s indi- viduality and right to do his or her own thing. This is not the average homogenized suburb, right? Well, let’s see! Let’s take a look and find cut through our photographs on June 5th. We can put together a very big and fun Cabin John Album. We’ll need lots of photographs, though. So pull out those cameras, put in a new roll of film and start clicking everywhere! Everybody, no matter how young or old, living in Cabin John, is eligible and wanted for this Bicentennial Picture Taking Binge. Any little, middle or big person who can put a camera up to his or her eye and squeeze off a shot will be included in our festi- val show. Each person who enters amy number of pictures is also a potential winner in a bunch of contest categories. Every per- son who enters even one picture will have a photograph displayed during our Bicentennial Celebration. There will be a certifi- cate of participation awarded to each and every entrant. Special awards will be presented to the winners of the contest catego- ries, as part of the June 5th festivities. Here are a couple of rules and categories to think about: e(1) Bring in only prints. Prints may be black and white or color. Color does not have any special advantage over black and white. If you take slides, get a print made of each picture you want to enter, e(2) Write your name, address and phone number on a small piece of paper and tape it to the back of each photo sub- mitted, e(3) First, second and third prizes will be awarded for each category in two groups. Group I will include photographers Continued on next page inoide!~,br :0%itSid6..7(Pay attanti~ ‘t,o. %he~:~lg~.ei: ,~.~ “:’,, ~,~e, p~le~:):> – . ..’ IV. ,Cg~in-::ffbhh :,Sc-emes: ~ ~eanMf~l: – rite place, something seldom looked at, a fresh look at the obvious, what you :love about our town or what you hate about it. Don’t forget to take off the case or clean off the lens. Shoot a fast roll and get it processed to see if the camera’ s working. And by all means, save the ~,egatives. Weplan to enlarge the winner’ s photographs to 8×10 inch prints for the d~y of days. We’re all winners in this Cabin John Photo Contest. Here’ s looking at us! ORD~ NOW… Reserve your copy of the CABIN JOHN M~4ORY BOOK with histories of Cabin John and Cabin John Gardens. The book will appear on June 5, 1976 as part of the Cabin John Bicentennial Celebration, “CHAUTAUQUA ’76.” CHILDREN*ADULTS*ALL LEVELS VERA DOLET.AL 6701 Persimmon Tree Road 22%5685 To be sure of a copy<of this wonderful souveni r book, please send 82.00 per Co~y to: Beverly Sullivan, Treasurer Cabin John Citizens Association 7800 MacArthur Boulevard Cabin John, Maryland 20731 (Make checks payable to the Cabin John Citizens Association). ‘ .11 ii LI Layout & Design ~ Composition ,” Printing 7414 Wisconsin Ave. ~OUdCP ~A~i~Lc~ Bethesda, Md. 20014 Telephone. 652-0208 silHer: ~aw@r;’,:’~ple~, ~ ~o’d: ~i~. ~ 229-1~338″.-.P ;’}” ~ ” ~ ” # “‘~ ‘ ~” } ” : …. I ” WANTED ~’: Smail .; ho~s e or.o &bin. ~S~ “, re~t L in Cabin Jbku 6r•Gi’/en:Ech6,by~i~fe&#~, 525-9259~”eVes.~ ….. , ? i ‘ WANTED: Person to.mow grassland do other yard Work. $3/hour. 229-3158. Anyone between the ages of 7 and lh who ,is, interes%ed,-~ Ln~beoomiug~a ………… majoret{e please ~contaot;M_gs. Hunter at 229-8637. – ~ ; CAR POOL NEEDED: ori6Luat~ in ,Cabin John area to Rossi~,’.George- town. Share ,expenses. 229-3158 …. w~ED. Piaye:~s for w~oE ~s,. softball team ,ito: take: on fire dept. team at Bicentennial Celebration on June 5. Only experienced and daring need apply .. Caall 229_7530 by May 1! WANTED: Dress form, ladies size 6, 8 and 10. Call, 229-7530. • NEW COMMITTEE ~ ON PUBLIC SAFETY FORMED TO-DEAL WITH VANDALISM …. by Andy Rice The late sndwfall of March 16 pro- duced a rash of serious Snowballing by young ~adultS agains~ ~ cars driv- ing along MacArthur Boulevard near the intersection of Tomlinson and MacArthur. Mmny complaints were lodged with the police by Cabin John citizens and a large number of the culprits were apprehended by the police :on March 17. The question of public safety was raised at the March 23 meeting of the Citizens Association, with re- ports presented of other instances of law violations and vandalism. The necessity for more “on-the-sp6t” police presence was stressed by many at the meeting. To explore ways and means of achieving this objective~,i the meetingvoted to establish a new committee on public safety.

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