April 1975

VOLUMES,’NUMBER 7 SERVING THEPEOPLEOFCABINJOHNANDBEYOND “‘ ‘ APRIL 1975 ,,… TROUBLED BRIDGE OVER WATER – The two major problems outlined by Ha!ry Ways, Chief of the Army Corps of Engineers, during the discussion concern- ing’the Union Arch Bridge at the March 25 Citizens Association meeting, were to restore the access to the parkway below flag bridge and to finance the bridge’s reconstruction. The first problem has been solved with the State of Maryland. picking up the tab for the removal of the loose partitions of the bridge above tl~e parkway, an estimated $70,000 enab- ling opening of the parkway in May. The bridge’s repair, however, entails a whopping $750,000 to ensure a stable, structurally sound, better, designed bridge. ($30,000 already has been spent in removing the century-old stones, which makeup the parapet walls.) The most recent survey issued by the Montgomery County Dept. of Transportation proposes that to meet safety Standards, a concrete slab must be tightly reinforced on top of the bridge to stop the slight bowing of the bridge. Equally important for safety will be the probable installation of traffic ligh!s with one way traffic across the bridge. A consultant to the Corps of Engifieers recommended a pedestrian crossing with guard rail. Widening the bridge from 16 feet across to standard highway width of 23 feet would cost well over $one million and would alter considerably the appearance of the bridge. Widening of the bridge to accomodate two way traffic plus a pedestrian crossing has been consequentl~ discouraged, This brings us to the question ot~pos- sible and impossible sources of bridge financing. Who is responsible? Besides having the functional respon- sibilit ~ (nQt financial) for the bridge, the.C0rps of.Engineers’ only other responsibility is the water supply for one and a half million people in the D.C. area. The D.C. Water Mainten- ance Fund was set up by Congress over 50 years ago to operate the aque- duct. The=law is,specific as to how the money c:m be spent … ‘only for the pro- dtnclion :rod delivery of water.’ ¢onlin,cd ilc~1 p;ik:t’ CABIN JOHN CLASS OF i988 Steve Karafylakas CABIN JOHN FOUR YEAR OLD SCHOOL REGISTRATION SET-FOR APRIL 9TH Betsy Haas Registration for next year’s Cabin John Four Year Old School will take place on Wednesday, April 9th at 7:30 pm at Clara Barton School. The meeting will be in the Four Year Old School classroom. Annette Davis, who will teach the class again next year, will discuss her ideas about teaching. After Mrs. Davis talks and answers questions, plans will be made for next year and regis- tration forms will be completed. The Board of Directors for nex t year will also be formed The Board has responsibility for decisions regarding policy and administration” of the program. The school is a five day per week, 2½ hour per morning pre-kindergarten. Priority is given to Cabin John resident children who will be four years old by January 1976 and to members of this year’s class. To insure a place tbr your child in next fall’s program, you must attend tile April 9th meeting. The Cabin John F0ur Year Old Program has been actively supported by the communi- ty since 1964. Parents have indicated that children have benefited in areas of greater independence, in creased self-confidence, improved self image, increased interest in learning, improved learning skills, improved social relationships; and a growing aware- ness of their world. It is noted that adjust- ment to kindergarten is usually easier for graduates O f the Four Year Old School. The program is unique in that it is open to all members of the community — not just to the affluent or those with lower incomes. No one is turned away for inability to pay, although parents ar e asked to pledge a speci- fic amount each month (normally $20-25) to cover the teacher’s salary. The School will continue to meet at Clara Barton. We feel very fortunate thal Annette Davis will again teach the class. Her program this year has been exciting and successful. She is a highly trained and qu:di. fled teacher. If anyone has-questions, call Betsy Haas at 229-1982. f. THE VILLAGENEWS ., .BRIDGE (cont’.inued) .: Next, could bicentennial funds be allocated, for preservation of the historic bridge? Reply: ‘No federal grants are issue_d .for any fed_.eralprojects. ‘ Responsible candidate number 3: the State of Maryland,:presently, is not interested in restoring •traffic on Mac- ArthurBoulevard; however, Senator Mathias andRepresentatives Gude and Beall recogni~.~ the dilemna and only need to be reminded of it by the folks in Cabin John. if positive change is to occur. A letter, drafted by Minda Wetzel and other members of the Citizens Association sent toprominent public officials: The • letter recapitulates a particular sensitiyity.. • to the transportation issue shared by the community: ‘ . Our dtizens feel strongly that they ‘~ have~a-hundred year old right of access to the Bethesda area via “th*e~MacArthur Boulevard route, and that safe pedestrian and bicycle passage, as well as safe vehicular access should be provided as expe- ditiously aspossible. Now if our Congressmen could con- vince their colle.agues that this issue is The VILLAGE NEWS is published monthly in Cabin John, Maryland. Subscriptions are $3.00 per year for non-residents and free to Cabin John residents. Mail all articles, inquiries, suggestions, letters and subscriptions (with payment) to: The Editor THE VILLAGE NEWS Post Office Box 184 Cabin John, Maryland 20731 ii Our thanks to Concord School for their assistance in the production of THE VILLAGE NEWS. . ….. Deadline for the May issue of THE VILLAGE NEWS is April 25th. Shelly Kellerl Editor • Steve Magnuson, Art Director Cathy Fetid, Betsy Haas, Brooks Halota, Steve Karafylakas, Diane Kellogg, Rich Pottern, Nancy Richman, Karen Senger, Susan Vogt, Jim Keane of outstanding importance, then the House and Senate Appropriations Com- mittee would include the repair of the Union Arch Bridge in the 1976 Fiscal Year Budget. Until then, it would benefit Cabin John — especially those Unrepresented at the last meeting, towrite, call, in short, beseech Capitol Hill to heed the intrinsic character and personal value of the Union Arch Bridge. – Cathy Feild HIGHLIGHTS OF THE CITIZENS ASSOCIATIONMEETING The long-awaited Citizens Associ- ation meeting began in-an.air of heighten- ed spirits, Which eventually soared in the latter half of the evening. The forecasted bridge discussion with Mr. Harry. Ways, Chief of the Army Corps of Er/gineers, convinced those 50 people present that he, Senator Mathias, Representatives Gude and Beall are genu- inely concerned and are takingpains to eliminate the detour around Union Arch Bridge. (See BRIDGE StOry) Meanwhile, the downzoning contro- versy developed into an unpredictable, emotional exchange not too unlike Milton’s ‘P£-ademonlum.’ — one only need to have been there to have felt the heat of the crossfire between architect Jim Wilner and the Citizens Association in the Clara Barton School, all of which is indescribable. To facilitate comprehension of what went on and to discourage distortion of the facts, THE VILLAGE NEWS has pub- lished excerpts of the transcript of the downzoning debate. (See ‘Small Town Commerce versus Modem Suburban Development’ – a story on downzoning.) It should be remembered that to do justice to any crucial debate, one must hear or witness it in its entirety. For lack of space, we regret this impossibility. Also important to the meeting was the Treasurer’s report. According to Andy Rice, there is now a $220.62 balance in the Citizens Association trea- sury, aft.er expenditures were made for advertising for the Citizens Association, secretarial and mailing expenses, emer- gency aid to THE VILLAGE NEWS, and dues to the Potomac Valley League. Lastly, please note: ELECTIONS OF OFFICERS will take place on May 27! NOMINATIONS are scheduled for the upcoming Citizens Association meeting on April 29. BE THINKING OF YOUR CH01CE/YOUR VOICE/YOUR VOTE! CABIN JOHN OMBUDSMAN To dream or not to dream! .The Process? The Democratic Process. The Issue? What Issue? • —The point-we’re tryingto reach is the nit- ty gritty for the question of:Downzoning’. ‘Downzoning’ in this instance is the rezoning of a commercially zoned-parcel of real es- tate into or :down’ to residential property. We wonder whether this process has bene- fitted or harmed the community. Intellectual and emotional debates have been presented at our Citizens Association meeting. These debates have attempted to explain how a plan for future development was created, and as a result of the plan, caused our few commercial property own- ers to experience a rare phenomenon, instant depreciation of land values because of ‘downzoning.’ That’s right where it hurts! Ever feel like you’ve been Processed. Sounds almost like a developer’s dream. …. Rearrange it for ’em down there in Cabin John. What’s the matter if we move out one or twosmall businessmen. The community’is better off with oux plan. Build, build, build. If you don’t have the market for development, create it. Make the community go to one place for its services. Somehow, prove that it’s eco- nomically feasible. Build it. Rezone it. If the present community can’t support a new shopping center, build a high rise apartment. Increase density. The shopping center serves the new development, the development supports the neff center. It’s easy to guarantee patronism…'”‘ i  Meanwhile, back in Littl6 Cabin John, a few small businessmen are no lotiger in business. And Cabin John is no longer Little, but has become a Mecca for future development and a part of Big Time Mont- gomery County Suburbia. Eeeck! The Citizens Association needs more Citizens to voice their opinions. The only time to act is now. At the present time decisions are being made for you by less than 4% of the populace. -The Ombudsman COMMERCIAL ZONING IN CABIN JOHN The status of commercial zoning in Cabin John once again will be the topic of the Citizens Association meeting to be held on April 28 at 8 pm at Clara Barton School. All citizens are invited to • attend and express their views. THE ..V! ! .I.AGE NEWS • 2’ “~ “c.” ;…3 ~.~E MASSACRE J~T.S2ND PLACE Tough luck for the Cabin John residents near the intersection of 82nd Place and MacArthur Blvd. as several strong and healthy trees:bit the dust this month at the hands of a chainsaw welding madman, . :-turning-this.once beautiful spot.into a — . sea of mud and undermining a large por- : tion.0 f the pavement on 82nd Place it: self. The VILLAGE NEWS would like to know who is responsible and why, APRIL AT LITTLE:FALLS LIBRARY Little Falls Library will present the mystery thriller ‘Laura’ on April 16th at 7:30 pm. On Saturday, April 19th, Story Hour will be conducted for children ages 4 and up. On Saturday, April 26th, a series of f’flm s for small children will be shown at 10:30 am. The serieswill include ‘Wind,’ ‘Caterpillar’ and ‘Dragon’s Tears.’ For more information call the library at 320-5266. IN THE PARK AT GREAT FALLS On Tuesday April 8 and Saturday April 12, Sights and Sounds of Spring, wildflower walks, will be conducted at Great Falls. Those wishing to par- ticipate should meet at the Tavern Museum at 10 am. On Sunday April 13, a Film entitled ‘The Path Dries Up’ will be shown at 1 pm and 3 pm at the Tavern Museum. The f’tim will be repeated on April 20. On April 19 and 26, nature walks with Betty Henson will be conducted, with the Tavern Museum a s the meeting place at 10 am. Throughout the month of April an exhibit on C & O Canal Art by Jean LUC Ponsort will be open to the public in the Tavern Museum daily. Mr. Ponsort is an architect turned artist. For further information, call 299- 3613. FESTIVAL OF ARTS AT WINSTON CHURCHILL HIGH On Tuesday, April 15, from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, Winston Churchill High School will hold ‘EXPO 75 – ARTS IN ACTION’, a festival of arts. Thirty dif- ferent exhibits and performances are planned:in music, theatre and tv, arts and crafts, children’s theatre l child development and food and clothing. People of all ages are welcome. CITIZENS ASSOCIATION NOMINATING COMMITTEE FORMING NOW Joe Higdonhas been appointed Chairman of the Cabin John Park Citizens Association Nominating Committee to select a slate of officers for the coming year. Any member of the Association can propose names for Specific offices, or work on the Committee by contacting Joe at 229-4217. Elections will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Association on May 27. Nominationslrnay.:be re.ceived’fr tSm the ~:’, flobr, I for~y:Offi~i:.ui~.:t6′)~e:fime of.rot: ing.”: wnt:!~in n6ticei ~:-b~’:s~nt ::i6. all:~em- in.tlieAs’s0cia~6n..:.f:~.i,iw:.:~i~. ,: i:!,., ~. . lf pbU h~ff,~h:.~t P~’d~ourdtie~ ye~f, no~v. fs the time.” CbtiiaCt”Andy Rice at229~ 7367. IN THE r~th”, ‘. ~-.~:, ‘ , .,<–, -.:-~. ~…,, ……… .!~-. ‘Glen:’.Echo”P~k’s:Creaffve Education Pro- gramii~!agaiii offefin~i’.day:.~ia evening classes fer~b Oth-childre’h’:an d:~adults in::,’irts, crafts : ~d’~ep~f6rn~g ~,b.e~g.Ap~ ~. Registr~/fion is ~now.iii~plbgress “foLthe fifty cl~sesifi p’~ting, daiice ~w’ea~g:and i…. s. ‘t~ktile:§~ Seul~tUrd ; ehfldteh’~das~sesl graphics andi:phofOgrapliy; mime~d~antomime, auto awareness, desigfl.and.naofe,::! “: …… ‘ ” : . . !-“The!C feati~Eclucafi6~n’~P!o gr am Was de’Si~d~:’to~refieet . th:e fdiiiiding principles .df~e:~Gleui.~ti0 Chaut~u~iiiabf the.i890’s. The ori~aii2hai’ter deciaied an0bie pu/pose “To promote liberal and practical education, especially among the masses of the people, to teach the sciences, arts, languages and literature; to prepare its patrons for their several pursuits and professions in life, and to fit them for the duties which devolve upon them as members of society.’ The courses are offered at low cost by a group of highly competent artist-teachers. For class information and brochure call 229-3031 ; On April 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27 the Park’s Adventure Theatre presents ‘Androcles and the Lion’ at 1:30 and 3:30 pm. Tickets are $1.50. For reservations call 320-5331, weekdays, 10 am – 2 pm. For information call 530-5203, weekdays. ;;.’.~ v”:~.::~::” ‘” ~U~ ~; . “. ~.”,~ ‘:~ ;.-~ Shades of World War Ii and the Victory Garden. Ofice again we’rebeing ~rg~ d ‘to -grow as much of our own food.as~ipossible, and April is the time for a serious:look at possibilities, however limited, for,growing. ,~y_ou r,,own …… :: .'” The smallness of your plot nee d. not b¢ a deterent – in fact, it maybe a blessing if you are a begimier. If you don’t:want to turn over a portion of your lawn to raising vegetables, Consider the alternatives. Why not use existing gardens and mixyour flowers and veggies. If you don’t’want to mix your vegetables and flowers~br• tear up your lawn, there’s still noexciise for not raising something. Any coniainer that will hold asmall quantity of soil will grow a plant. Wooden boxes, large pots or bowls, tubs, large metal cans, anything will.do. Tomatoes and cucumbers do especially well when growing vertically on stakes or trellises so the container type of garden is ideal. Another advantage is their size .makes them portable so you can move them about for more sun. Effective gardening begins on paper, with thoughtful hours spent in harmonizing YOUr needs and likings, your plot’s potential and the requirements of various crops. Try for a range of crops.that provides as many essential nutrients as possible. Most important of all, i work hard at building your soil. Its power to sustain life in the future depends on how ‘: you treat jt~now … and is the true.measure o(your S~?~’a gaxdener. . ‘ .~’.~The.last frost usually Strikes.here sometime in”~pill– biit peas and hardy”root crops can be. begmn even 10efore thei~t frost. • Early i-April.is,the’time tO .put in spinach. seeds, t onion sets,:uhd-ove~ ~l.thin sirawberi~:.l~eds, i and Start:tomat~s,~tl~~r~tsYiad66rs:- ” { It’s°.tradiffon~i!io g~{:ohi&is; i~ ttuce ,:C~/rp t S~,  ra~aes anld !iu~p~!~)~io: ~ ~o:Undi~a.th~. m’a”ples blbOm& Tffe !first :: O f : the l b dsh ~ be~s,.: .:. I outd00rs ~ ifi.~M~iy~.:~iit~be ” ~re”aify:¼b~c0ve r ~tlie % :~.. • continued on page 4 .. :..~, . • c . , :, ” :i.:. ” I II ~V; ll:  ~, ~DNE.WS /,~x.:.~C~.IC -_.i_:: … !:. :.,, ~:.~/;.~-.’C.., d-~:::::’.;:,..-::+;:::.: “,-,•’::.>>..,i..??’ :::;:’;”. –” :,~-i•:,-:-, , “.;:. . .i ~:-..-L ;~,…..~::i ;…:4~!! :! ~’~4~-,,J~4~;..C-~”,”;’¢:’-:~”:;’:”-.•v•~’~T ” : ;;7.’:”~*:’7″~,’ /#.’ •-~i?,’,ne”,-i?” ‘: “.’.:.::~’3, :,’ …. :~,U,.!’,….”,’:::-;:-;!:.'”.,:~•,g.~.:. “.’:’ ” .~ …… -“- :’?”‘2~”•.””~’~’~f… ‘ z’~-:~e~~”‘:~:: i :I }.: ;–..;.(,.-High,lih,i:tifgiweste tnlsk.~,.’/~ii;e:’constel: i’. …… ~I”B<A’d<K!;-~O::T.HE>.GARDEN (dominued) i;()::’.. :i:::~i::;;::i)latio.n”.’6efnini'(t.he:T~ins)i:.i~lieff>lieads,.:,.:;., i%.o ia  ail, iii ‘all danger of ff0st has passe(if. }7::’)~:/2are:.tl~e.bri~i!staxs Castoi:and i~8ilUX and …. ; in@~i:i~e}snssi/0uld be thinned to’ a~ou. ~”@:::!ii,:iti~?~i~’ppeai. as”~oparaH~i, s’iick:men.: . ! ‘”‘pie ~efi;lMis p~r hill. ” -.-. :-: ” : ii.i:< :: :Ne~ri:;tLl~e..c~riteri.o;f th~~constellation iies …. i’ . . .I~’~merfiber, gardening timetabies deal, ‘ i:,-;::’:::;~~nother!b~i’~i?object::the>pTanet:Saturn :. ” i with a~tgl/eL..Real,iife weatlier)aties, arid. ~?:< ‘:i3fi!a-~eaeni~it2Mth 7Xii£iiaoculars,,a , . sodo:iSlanting.ti~nes. You ean t putseedSln. !.i-~ .i.. statgazet(migh~(be~t)le;to.dislihguish its ” waterlogged i6ii.no/iiattef/~,hat tlie%’/~l~h’d~ -” !~,? ‘ .’.’:~ings.: :~i’~e lYlffky Wap’.cros-~s the :iclipiic” .. s,~y;’i:”‘Ea.th wl’ththe fight in0islure C0nte.nt ‘ ~ ‘ atla,riglwan~e ~below:-the.feet:ofiGenfini. : . will form aball:when squeezed in (l~d band )-: ..-~ ” :’:,i-i,i .~:.’;,:i::i!i:i:..i~iiiii?:~°!;.i”:-!’,;.; – :..~”. ;”,’.i:,:;)i…,);:;:-!.::~v:::. and crumble whefi the pressure is reieased. ~:ili-~”~ -~” “‘•:”i:i.:~’ *’~+:~;<‘~5:~):~<~’7′:’;”?~~”q”:”Y”L< ‘; “” :'” ‘ ” !’~” .:…l~’arbodies . LEO;(THE Li0N); ‘/f<‘”,’/”:il;;~’!i “.’~!:’–‘ …. .:. ~/:~,~. i.:. ‘~n J0h.n:. Tl, e::~ext-!iafge;c~steii~/ien:-:higl~ in. ‘ ~: ….. “:I ~~CkP rom0te- ‘ the sdut~easte-~:.s~i!~is’i:L.”-~!:i{h~,’Lion?), , : I ysical Wh 6~81:6!hne’d.h’eaa~i;;ol~sl~<~a,sickle or !i ‘ I ~ __ ~t yo u . a-.quesi~S’n:im’atk: D;w~iiHe;lin’e~oft ~e ::. , . i~s ,fapairof Ec{~tic<Hs:th~6:’~tii~”b£,his~-baSkil~gor his i:. ~~m off.: ._ ” f~ii:?:d~,’l~e.hdi~g :”Oil.fig’;& ~6fi?Sile~..to.con- -, ,.vS, , ‘:,-‘2 o4 2 ‘ : 2, : < The:great,.jmagiaary-are Cut across• ihg~sky:.(ge.n.e~all~, east to ~est)byll~e ,; paths 91f,ihe,:shn?and the-mo0n is called tlmEdii}tic’., ;Along theline of,this arc . are.fofindtVe twelve consteliations of.,. ” i ~;the;Z0diac..!~J.t’~:i.s,,als0,11wi~hin :this~beh,,- . ::.. t hat::the, stargazers.has-to watch, fOr .:<, planets . .. ..:.~._-,. At dusk this month the brilliant, object .. in:~ihe.,western li0fizoncleaving-the con- . : steiiaiibniP(sc~s”(,t !~e FisfieS)~afid!eri,iering • t.ffe’c:ensleilai~ioi>i~,~-‘iies~(ihe,i~ft’am)iis:~efius ;now’at/.it s:pgak-niagnit~dej -Iti-~ll~foll0w. )~ ~i;:il~:;i~t: st ar “in”~iie deep: ~ofifl, ern Ythe’Milky (tiLe Hunter). St raigl~t line shield toward )r scabbard rds.t!le ti p of 7x binoculars :lOtion Nebula U.!”d!scOyer!es 6>Jgng<to view g witl~;:the .. r eclipse,begin::,. at 9i 58LWiib31~e total eclipse occurring at 12:02 am on the 25th. Respect the directions on the seedpacket whe n yo u plant, but also remember your own garden’sspecialconditi0ns. Soil rich in Immuscan sustain closer planting than poor earth.,’ tlOW TO MAKE COMPOST Yo’U can make compost by building a tom post heap of five-parts plant real let to one ‘ part mariUre;-with your kitchen garbage and other orgfinjc materials (anything that once was alive)’throWn im Some soil isalso neces sary. Youbiaildthe pile by scratching up an area of bard soil, lay down a foot or so of shredded;151an~ matter~ add a few inches of manure, Sprinkle on some soil (and here add any rock powders as ground limestone or phosphate rock if a soil test shows you need them) and repeat this layering until the pile reaches at least five feet. Turn it every week for the fastest compost. Or you can leave it for a year ~’nd it’ll decay 9 n.its own, Using – compost in thepianting rows prevents tlie soil from drying out and caking hard where. the seedlirLgs are trying to get established. INC REDIBLES OATMEAL.-COOKIES ~ cupim”e,ted butter ‘i CUi~!’.btown. sugar ½ cup granulated sugar’ ‘,L” 1 egg ¼ cup ivater ” 1 !easpoon vanilla 1 cup all purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt .1 teaspoon cinnamon powder ½ teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon ground cloves 1 cup raisins cup chopped walnuts 3 cups quic k cooking oats • 2 tablespoons honey / ~:Prelieat oven to 350o:-,~Blend melted buttei~.,and sugars together Until the Sugar crystalsstart to disolve. Add egg and- blend un}il the batter has become satiny. Add remaining ifigredients and mix .in by hand..Spoon onto greased c00kie sheet and bake for 15 minutes. .,.. ~,,~:V!LLAGENEW~’~ -. -. , -7 . (K” MODERN, SUBURBANDEVELOpMENT. self Was one of the. prime mo~-ers°in prepar- ‘ W(~M)/~! 7 ~-~t,’s;absoluteiy ridicul0u’s~ – ‘Mdn, i~aM-,.~h~eTi:t~ie~ncei .’set:but hag the proposals to~g~(the sectional map ; JIMi:>~en~3~petitioned in th¢:C-ABIN ” on~h~.~”bJcb~es~ trainsibut~they amendmenLchanged.., t0 chahgethe I J0~P.L..~.;if:~agsu~ested,ttlat &ir do~hO’t’)c”h~:Wh~t:th~oar’e longing for. ……. commercial’zorfing~:to ~pet cd~e, re ial!< :_i~ ….. pr0~ffi.~!be, d~oned, ye t the Alpine Then<th~?u~!SFa~h:oUt,i:a’nd:getexcited, , zoning alongMa~A(f.tiilf B~ii/!ev~d ‘ 3(ef’w.~:0,.0e~S’~y~,d.;~b~ca.use it was!so close and tUffl eve~th-ing round and round …… eonfom~ng with ~e’BETHESDA/ ” :-to t.h~’~p?Op0~d:TO~he-y:tract. The fact , 7 .~ . ~.:i’.’?~ . “J. ” ” CHEVY CHASE MASTE~:PE~’q~:Dn : : of thenla’ttet:is;itie Aliaine:hospital:is (From-~’.~t~LE, PRINCE by May 23 ;: 1:ff7:4, the ~la~/l~d:N~ational”Capii~ bnly;90!yard.~ ~//Yfr°mtmy building. I antomeoe:bamtr’xu~ry) ..,~_ ~’Plafihifi~C~a~ioni:;ff~io’~6″d” ‘ pointe’d,this oiiftb~.th~C0ilntyC-ouneil . : ” ……… ,. ” …… • …. ~ ‘::’>”¢ ……….. ” d and~they sald,~ Oh. my, God, we ve made The f611owin~ is an abridged version staffrecommendat|ons.to:the.:,countY..an …. ~ , -,. , .,… …. ~. • of?(he debate be~een Jim Wilner archi ” aflerld/ir~fUi(ie~ie~:?Offh:(:.d~f~.~JOfiN., a .,mi_’s!’ake., r~ow ne’s in trouble, r~ow . …. ” r,A,,,,vi~rf.,~v m~.Ai~¢:~k-‘-~;:’:;k~O~t~;ffiose ‘:~ ~ ,–~he s g, bing to-be•downzoned. teet arid resident and-Edwin Win~low bL/iYttYXL~-l~ll”l’tI til¢~-l~kl-~i~-t’•’~¢”a~: ~l’) – : “” “” — ~'” 5.. ~ ~ . -… . . . . .. ; . p , ,..~.,, .~ -~:;. _ .., , asthemown recommendations,:<There was .- a: s your,posmon going to be with resmentoLme umzens Assoclauon,,ano …. ~; ~:-,:~–=~~-~==::-~’~7-:=:~:~”-~:7 -‘::;’ renard’to the vet ~ Are ,,ou now ooino to members0fthe mdienee dh,4,o tl~e Mamh a puolic,tieai-ing~th.,meEotmt~:~0~e.il!” :”: , o , . ,• ,o “. . – = ~, ” — – –‘~”°”‘- ……… ~-< ” 74 :’~:” t …………. ‘~”‘~”¢’fi” .”. …. uownzone-nim ….. ….. • • onJune-12;~19 omsee mnalmap~am d-.,,., ……… . . • . , 25th meeting of the Cmzens Assoc~atiom – -. -::. …. .. :-~, ……. -..:,:, ….. :, -: ~ :: . ~–: – …. – The issue in Nuestion is. :Why ,,erGo, – ments:.and~the~Coun.ty:.CoUn¢,il:p~d-fl3.e .S::: ::7 ED; -MY’ only position as President !s to t_.~.,~ ~.e^^_ ^_~zi .~’. …. ~.?._ ~,.: amendmenVon October-q.,d974..TThat:s -, .. adop >~e.~c0mmumtyp!an. la.t.,L;)’UI k,UllUll~l~,lia.lt .,qUt.)~lty:/d,17UaU111~ ‘ , ‘ ~:’-‘ YS-” ” – ” – :.:: — . .~ . “”, …… – .: ‘ — . ‘ ; . – . Jnhn Ware dnwnznnbA:f’r~rn”C1 tn Re~i basically the processthat~’:went?throUgh;:… ….. WOMAN: Whatright do We have as d’,,,(i~f ~:7 ” -‘ . ” :JIM’~WeU, that,s a,ver/- i/o0~l”.:Sfiirima~, of . citizens to takeAhis~man s liVelihoodaway JIM: This is a’x’ery:difficult issue:to the proc~ssi~Ed~uLofte~¢s~pr0cqss ff0m~him?…~t~s4ikemovinga person: . approach :i ‘do it ~as a cit~en:~i~o-::i ~ feel -. arid the Shbstanfi°e:bf-~.th~is~i~e g¢i~9~much out.i~-his/home..~.- : …. – has beenagn, eved°and~I:~lso>find I am confused::~t me~rOfer.:sp¢c!fic~y~to your : JOE HIGDON:’:,,:.’.>Good and Quick’ not alor~e-. ~”Th~ veonle of,~/ibin Johr/ .: testimony:in fr0ht6fl.the:~biinty~f0~eil,, can contihue 01~erating as it is … have two.ch0ideS herO,with’/Ogatds.tOi w~th:regard to my prop.er_,tY:~-!t~.n:afac, t “-~ and<ifAt,-burns :..?I for one did not know the institU/i~n ~.-eotnm~rce. ~e firs/ ” • :-,that-.b’.u~Si~nesses havegon#:in~and,:-but~o: ” …. that.~f:p’a~ ofthd~code existed …. choidis’a~2.2:a~re ~o~ii~?~eat~/~on :,~ “varcbli3:(~im a r~e~!~ilq’ty:;~hib.h:i~astb~nd-~: WoM~i~;l~ut,nowwe do know! I the T0ufi~yirad2 Ic~n0r’ad~ires~ thb ‘~ ing~:!~ey~iaveh~d.i~h~q~b~m¢~i:~ccess,:.~’: ceri~y~ha~;e~sympathy – for both Mr. shopping ceiiter, as’an’;~”diiit~ci. 1 ~ddri’i , – It ¢Oiildh~/dly:b~ eallOdi”~lrr~i~iiT.~d::or.:. ‘” ~ WfesnO~ ~owfier, o f.the ‘Good and understand itand,i:db~i’?filiderstandthe ~ ~uc~/~i~ornrhe~’c/a/;&•hvi~..:~/0aia~,~Yofi : cG;~Wi :,A ;)~i~g,,,;do,,,o reasons f0r.R’., But,tom#it I will un- ” -pleas¢;b’¢:specffie insrelati.ng,to~.th#,t., . ‘ : If the’ building-burns, is it true that it dersland !t 15ecause/!m g0m.g:to ask. °~ ED: ::.Wh~t’s\the’is-sue-~J~?; ~-:.’~:-~:7:.~,<~: : , : can’t~be rebuilt and then that man’s some~p.enetratie..gquestioln, sjtoi~t~¢p~o- ‘ JiM.:;~T,~:,i~i~*i~:~d’!:th~”~s-‘/iiu, ‘ ;. livelihood isg0neS pie who f0nnul/itedit::;~:The/ec0nd ” ..,-‘~ ~-:,’; ~.~–~. …. – ~-~.~.~,~c~..~i;jb~ ,. ydu~have • ..~7–T;–.. ~– ‘..-. ,-,z, – ~. :”.-…. – ,_ – .uon~o~-commerce:m~aom:: . .. – .- . auvi:,: Ies.~: ” .,. , cho~ce.~sas-wehaveo|tn0w ….Small ,.,, . ~:, ‘ ….. -:-:-.~:~-::~,<‘-: ~./~-~= ~:- : ……. ~ ~ …… . : , …… .. – . . .-. ;.’…>~: ~.-.- …. ‘-“:..: ~:.~o.~–./-.. .: chosen~tO:ii~_ter:_~¢nat_-ure.~of/~a!:~~Y–‘Ou~ex” , -~.: -~InregardstO, the Han when ~s R. town commerce: ……. ” : :- ‘r ” :~ : :::’- ~” ~::¢ ‘ ” ‘~-‘–‘ “: ‘:q~-~”the ” ” ” ” …. ‘ ……. ” : lamed~the~process tliatMidR..:.: -~ ~ – …. – . . -. …….. ,p.>..: .- …….. . …. o -:…:. ……… ., .~:.:,:: …. – gomg to be completed and how does a =n , …. . .. ,; ,” ‘ .,. process:~a~;ab0tted:~q think,the:~)~O~ss’ ~ riian ~,ho rays adollar a souare foot in ~:- ~, …. ~.Just teu,:you now-tins :~,~ ‘:.:,. . “‘~., .–“.~ -.”c:,,’~:-:;~ ~:~>~:6 ‘:=”~6 :”~’6 lewh0 – “” – ” – ” ,,_:’ …… _’c_., …. ~. ,._’2 …….. ,, ….. was:mannanmeo ner :oy. ~P P . , rent move’to a community commercim h-n,,ened Ai )he ,..~.,,i’)i,~o,”)~:, .. . regu!ar!y.<at39nd.~s-~g’.and.m..:ypur: . . , center that s got-:.tocharge him at least ..~.~/ei~.’J’~,.”‘~’~k-~..’~–~’,:.~”~.~-?ff_~.~” ‘ .,exe’~uti~e~(6~tt~e?~eeffngs.?~’d–i:don’.t :$5.00 a squ~i~¢.,fobt? He’cannot sell his ~ui ‘k’ ‘ d ii~e “:: ~ -” ” •” ” tmng,me<eitizens,oi.t~aom:~onn, or:tne . :- property, cannot make any physical al- t/ .c an . .~prop! rty=owneo oy ‘–r~ ” “~ “~” “1:’~’ ”~ #” ….. :'” ~: ” “” ” ” “=”2’~4”~::: ……… : ” ~ l O’ ~ ” = ‘ ¢ ‘ ” , , Jim Wilner . -‘have been’d~Wn~.bned , • pe0ple,:who~passed,l.t,Ed, reallyunderst o . teratit)ns.., he can t fix it, he can t do from C1 to Residen.tial/~i,1;h,¢iPrecess : . what,,happened:herei:/::A~d}the:re~Ounr:heY anyth~” g.to e.n13~ance the st~cture. thatihis goes th/o~g, hZis: a ~ sectional . ” ;man t ~:uecause statements llKe yo a – He s got to sR there and rot. map amendmeiit~: TheBETHESDA: – . ” th°r°ugh!y false” ” ANOTHER WOMAN: … the piece of …………………. JOI~’Hi~3bON:’ It’s not (alsethat business- land between the restaurant and the CHEVY CHASEPLANwas developed . , , in 1970 and the:.rec0mmendations within es.l~ave:ig0ne in~and ou’t bf your-p~0perty apartmerii b~ilcling is an abomination. over~a longperiod oftime~ I know of a This i s p~bf-,~e~ebjection-piO~o~!e beauty shop, a grocery store,.an art gallery, :have. Psycli6)~.~y.. ; ‘ : ” ./.’-:: ” ::- a residential home.., a post office, a hard- JIM: P~Ich0i:o#c:~Y; yo~iii~e~;’ab’soiutely the plan wer~’baS!c~y tha.t al! .6f the spot c6mmer¢ial tiS~ge.~ particular!y ‘: along MacAr~ur Boulevard be elimin- ated, downzoned and So they would no longerbecomme”/~ia!.- ,,- Alot 6’fit wh;:l~isf.Oric’al:~a~fidfather rights, as faras,the::c0mmer~ia~ltwas con- cerned. : The.p~3i/if’-.WaS to:g’et)them, out of the n On~conformifig use:wifli~ttie:ex~sting resideniial aroue:dii? N oG,~is ¢0mmunity went through:its own:planning’process,:to develop the CABIN JOHN!COMMUNITY PLAN …. a p ubl!cheadng~was hel d .o n • September 13′, 1973.. >.!when the sec- tional map amendment was one of the main ware store, right. Ahdit.’s: 6.n apsychOli~gical, basis JIM; … Irene Carper, has owned the store that ybu-people~a&ed, riot as.pr0fessionals. since 1936, until I purchased-it. The fact …….. ” …. ‘.. …. ……. You know nothing about the zoning code. of thematter is – sher~n:alJ of those ED: Stores’sfiou!dc0ntinu e in Cabin, busmes~s.., and never lostmoney at any John~but alternate uses should notbe of them. Town the phcenow, an_d I’m there. There aren,umerous uses .f’or ‘ making 18% onmy investment. How dare CI propertybetides a store. You could you tellme it’s no .good! That it doesn’t have a gas station. • have any commercial value. ” WOMAN IN AUDIENCE:. Has the Vet’s. , JIM: No,you can’t ! Only on special” property been downzoned too, after he exception. invested all of that money in it? continued on page 6 …( ~:+=.:: >,… .” . .. >THE~IE/AGENEWS . -‘ : :’, . . . .. ..= ……… . .. 6 • L, , I The Cab’.m•J0hn:Fi~e>~p’artment ” ..• …. ,. .? -Jiiii i::i di i• il;.iiii’. oi..Ci”i : e. n ‘ l.–Softbal.se On-bWgiii’on,Airl->29at : ……. • o!i i !,i!  ii!ii’;ii!:e O:iex!iluOn. I 7 pm at the.Cabi~:,Jplm:Rd’~riati0n • ;:(ag~of:,me~:matter:,isT0u;~an~0t have a I Center and will continue through ” i g~P~,S~fign~i~, ere- ‘:Y°u:i~ann°thave  August 9.’Games will be every Tues– :”:’: aMacD°na!d’sDfiY e’In …. …:” ‘ l.:, day:,~d Thursday eve~g a t :7″pm’. : …. .ED~Di~s,.El:z0ning a11ow-that sort of l .”Next-fiibn’~, THE>VILDAGENEWS :- .”,~g~i(~i”d~ it allow? ” ‘ • ‘I ” i ./ ‘JIM:’)Ed, you’rethepmsidentof. l” ? ::’>’> ‘::’:” ‘<” …. :'” < ” , the Citizens Association, I’d hoped you’d .:t ‘NEWCOM~ __!~.-::i–“.:i,:.:ii: )!-i/i; ,;::.)!.:,.; : .i .’i:i. . know!:: . – – ‘ . C 0Pjis.o~Ith~icA, B:IN.)0~.CO~M~ITY – ~ you know what this is? (Holding : PLAN abd’itii’e:(~BIN, JOHN’COMMUNITY up Zoning Code) For. Gods sake, read ‘ ‘,:Di’~CTOR¥.C~)be~:.01~t’~i~d.bY-c~g -it!.:Befoi~ you downzone anymore pro- ” . .Cappie~Morgan:’~t~320-3269: . .,:,.”/’.. perry. You ought to know what in helF ~’=~- :~ : : ‘ ” ………. ” ” ” ” ” you’re,downzoning. PETER VOGT: Jim, I.assume you want someaction: What is your position? JIM: Myposition is that I like Cabin Jotm mid.itS .commerce the way it is and most of the people agree with me… What goes off here doesn’t seem to have a damn bit’to do with what most people in Cabin Jglm~really want. ANOTHER WOMAN: Hasn’t any of this been-discussed before or are you bringing up something that wasn’t discussed? TUESD~ Y TflRO-UGH.S~TU~’A Y JIM: :I caught sightof it in the VILLAGE ::: , ~/~”A:A~~’=:’~’:~’:;~O•”~m,i~,uu, urn=u~.:uv :i’ “i NEWS…;Ed.Wiesner here was in Florida – when his:hearing came up., ‘ : 7630 TOML’liVS61~IA:VENU- Eai:No. 15. MR. WIESNER: We,were never, notifiedt IfI hadn’tgotten:back three days~before I’, :::~ 229_i3~1,.o;.;229~9811.?i:(>~i.~i! the api~ei~ d..ate ~pt~0ff andff Jim hadn’t calledme, we would not.have had a chance I'” ” -‘REGiS:rEREDM~TER’P,i.~Ui~tBER press,~ur p6ifit:0f~effl-We were never The re; is much, • much~ more, <but :in short the outcome is.that the LandUse Committee revealedthat the final ” draft of:the.C-N zoning code has not y:etbeefiTiresented tO the Cou’niy’C6un – PLUMBING ANDHEATING DiSHWASHI~i~S*REM ODELING *HEATERS REPAIRS*DRAIN S•ERVICE*DISPOSERS EULLY BONDED ANDINSURED – -..: – … : ‘%.. “‘!: . …, ,.>. . 229-5685 Q!III  ill – /:’. …. T.” …… ? PASTRIES *MEATS *CARRY-ou,T! GROCERIES*BREAKEAST*LUNCH MONDAYTHROUGH SATURDAY 6:30 am to 6:00 pm “•, •,• :There<i<S’~ s~ilLfime:-On ‘Ap_iil 29i:,at -: an:Oi~:~e.tmg!:the Ci!iTe~s AS~oci- ati0n Wil}ireOpen the disctlssi0nand ~: ! ‘: ~Justid~/in ! flfis:s:~sue :::~ll: t~d ihe. con. “~e’~ted”,~ff0’r i~!:~ t: the Conscieni~6tiS . . . . .. . . . ., . : , ” ~:. and:were i:t!lef’t-to:,m~it.o)deCMewhether :-. ” we!stii~uid~ha~e:~overhmen~ Without news- papers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate to prefer the latter• –Thomas Jefferson .REASONABLE . -~: C_~’~ED ~ at 229-73il -~~ .. CHILDREN*ADULTS*ALL LEVELS • ‘ ~:ERLA DOLEZ:LL “” 6701 Persimmon Tree Road 229-5685 • .-,, L,~wN MAINTENANCE & CARE Call”Scott Kinslow ‘~ r 229–57’20 ” CLASSI FI ED “ADS Housekeeper seeking Saturday employment• Call 229;7687 evenings. FREE: Boys clothes:size 10. ~)Arts, pants, everything’: Call Karen Senger after 4 pro. 229-5718′. Jean Iiatchirlg, Reconstruction and Repair. Jeans, converted to j~anskirts. Call 320- 4212. YouncJ wol31an Ioo’,.i,}9 for d pleasml t ~pt. or roomsin ~rprivatehome” fo ~Jn:t:in” ., Cabi’d “.jofin ~d”r<,P6tbr~ac~:Ce, ll”- 2″29:215~” i : FOR.SALE:. ~Double~bed he’adboard .foot- boarda~l;ftame’,icirca I92CL :French pecan With~parquet;design~, $40..’~C-all 320:4.2. 2. Xhree.24 ~ n~ch~biKes, forsal’e one girls and ,two, boy s.::~_Cal), 229:,4654.1, . ‘ , WA-NTIEE):L:S6i’h~one to Care for my four- ‘year’-oid’in”tl’ieir~home from’;1:2~6 pm on an as needed basis• Call 320-4212.

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