April 1974

,~, I VOL ? No.7 III APRIL CALENDAR OF ~-W-‘NTS 12 13- 14 – 19- 20 – 21 – 25 – 25 – 27 – 27 – “Horae Canonicae,- 8 p.m. Westmoreland Congregational Church Goldmine Hike – 2 p.m. Great Falls, Md. Sunrise Service -7:30 a.m. Cabin J0hn United Methodist Church The National Park Idea- 7:30 pm Great Falls, Md. Bear Island Hike- 9 a.m. Great Falls, Md. Cabin John Open House – 3-6 p.m. Cabin JohnRecreation Center count Basie – 8 p.m. Walt Whitman H.S. Four-year-old Class Meeting Clara Barton-7:30 p.m. Old Man River Walk (children) 10 a.m. call 299-3613 Justice Douglas Walk , 9 a.m. GreatFalls Tavern Dear Cabin J0hn, ~ ‘: ‘ : I urge you to fill out the questionnaire that will be coming to each home in April if you have any concern about public school- Ingin Cabin John. ~ The issue of whether to close Clara Barton has not been decided as I wrote last monthl the questionnairewill undoubtedly have some effect on the final solution. If the community majority decides they wish to keep Clara Barton open there are ways to make the idea more attractive to Montgomery County Public Schools. One way might be to sit as a community and suggest and accept economy measure~ in operating the school, for instance, a part-time principal. Another sug- gestion is to attract people from outside the community to our school much as North Chevy Chase has done. A “model school”can not be something that a neighborhood imposes on a faculty! it is rather a mutual agreement bet- ween concernedparties on a particular phil- Osophy of education. A third method of kee p- ing Clara Barton open as a neighborhood school would be to share the overhead with another county department and house some 0th£ er serviceas well as elementary education in the building. None of these ideas has received official blessing but all are p0ss:i’ bilitieslfCabin John really wants to try and keep Clara Barton Sch001 open.. If it should come to pass that the ques- tlonnaireclearly indicates that mostpeople or even many people, believe our children would be better off at another school, that school would most likely (once again, it’s not Yet official) be Bannockburn. I am enclosing as account I wrote after visiting Bannockburn School – not a sales talk/ but an attempt to help everyone make the most educated decision possible. April 7, ‘1974 • % I was invited to visit Bannockburn School on a Monday afternoon when .the Board of C0mmunity Representatives was’meeting, as it does every other week. The three elected community representatives are the modern counterpart of trustees. ,These three, and the outgoing and incoming PTA presidents plus the principal make up the beard along with~a changing group of teachersl who come and go with their free time. The purpose of this board is to serve as community ombudsmen-, a vehicle for communication, trouble-shoot- ing and planning, Bannockburn will be a ismall school itself next year by Montgomery County’s definition of :300. The children and faculty, are divided into three teams for primary, intermediate and upper ages. All teams • do some traveling with- in the school–with pupils moving from teacher to teacher so that each teacher :can concentrate on hls/her forte. This, of:course, has modi- fications–for Instance, less traveling in the afternoon for the younger children as they begin to tire./ ” ~ . .,. After the board meeting I had a tour of the physical plant which was brightly decorated with the Students’ effort, written and created. The atmosphere was steeped/i n encouragement and encouragement usually bears fruit. The results of the questionnaire will be published in~the May Issue of the news. If anyone out t~ere is willing to canvas h%s/ her neighborhood, please cal I me. Diane Kellogg 229-8163 S CABIN JOHN OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY APRIL 21ST 3 TO 6FM CABIN JOHN RECREATION CENTER REFRESHEMNTS, ~ING/KIDS, LEARN ABOUT CABIN JOHN ‘~ ,I, ,1′ ,I, ,I, S ,I, S (Your home baked goodies will be welcome if you want to bring ” some. ) 2 ,- FOUR YEAR OLD CLASS “PARENTS MEETING SET Parents of children who w~ll be elegible to enter the 4’year old class at Clara Barton next year are a%ked to attend a meeting at the school On April 25 at 7,30 p.m. This is a very important meeting, as parent officers and members of the board will be elected, regis- tration for next year’s class will take place, and information on the program will be given. Children of parents who attend this meeting will be priority placements as long as they live in Cabin John. If you are unable, however, to attend the meeting, call me, 229-3397 to have your name entered. WESTMORELAND CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH A special Good Friday service will be keld at 8:00 p.m. at the Westmore- land I Congregational Church. Rev. ~ Lori~g Chase will narrate the “Horae CanoDicae”, W. H. Audeu’s Good Friday poetry in a musical setting arranged by Roger Ames, composer in residence at the Westmoreland Congragational Church. The poetry will be accompanied by professional dancing and will be interspersed with Gregorlan Chants. Also a collage of crucifixion scenes of great art will be projected on a weather balloon. CABIN JOHN UNITED METHODIST CHURCH There will be a Sunrise Service on Easter Sunday at 7:30 a.m. at the Cabin John United Methodist Church. The last Sunday in April a Hymn Sing will be held,~preceded by coffee and dessert. COUNT BASLE AT WHITMAN Walt Whitman High School Music Boosters will present Count Basie’s Band in concert on April 25 at 8:00 p.m. Tickets are $4.00 and the money will go for band and orchestra uni- forms. This band has been rated superior in county and state festivals. Tickets may be purchased at C Campbell Music Stores, Drums Unlimited Ellsworth Studio in Bethesda, Variety Reco#ds at Montgomery Mall or at the door. For further information and ticket sales call 320-5900. Dear Editors This letter is in regard to the, sug- gestion of installing lights at the Union Arch to re~alate one way traffic so pedes- trians can have a lane to themselves. That has got to be the most asenine suggestion that has come along in quite a while! Traffic congestion resulting from such a plan would be monumental. Attempting to funnel traffic into one lane when the roadway itself is being improved to accomodate more traffic is rediculous. Bikers should not receive special consideration because they use road- ways, as well as cars, and cross the bridge with the same ease as well as right of way. There is insufficient pedestrian traffic on this bridge to warrant such drastic action. ~,~e can not accomodate a hand full of people and perform such a disservice to so many others; I sincerely wish the Citizens Association would stop trying to regulate this community’s growth with a hand full of citizens that have unrealistic ideas for Cabin John! .~ixi~ Gary and ~Qns i ” DO YOU JUST K~LONG? Are you an active member, the kind that Would be missed? Or are you just contented, that your name is on the list? Do you attend the meetings and mingle with the flock, Or do you stay at hometo criticize and knock? Do you take an active part to help the Work along? Or are you satisfied to 9nly just belong? Do you ever go visit a member who is sick? Or leave the work to just a few, and talk about the clique? Think this over, member you know right from wrong, Are you an active member or do you Just belong? By Mrs, Bonnie Tanner Contributed by Mrs, C, R, Smith FAMILY LIVING SKILLS COURSE Karma House, Inc. (of the Maryland Department of Health) will offer a course in family living skills in May at Clara Barton. This eight-week course is a preventative measure con- cerning children changing from elemen- tary school to junior high school where pressures to join into problem behavior are strong. If you are in- terested in obtaining more information call: Gale Marx, Family Awareness, Karma House, Inc. 530-8265. Blueberry Cake c. margerine i c. sugar i egg I tsp vanilla tsp. salt I c. milk RECIPE FILE Betsy Haas I T. baking powder 2 c. flour + ½c. flour on blueberries 2c. blueberries (fresh are best) Cream butter, sugar, add egg and vanilla. Add milk and flour (mixed with other dry ing redients) alternately. Lightly mix in floured berries. Bake at 350 for at least ~ hour – until it springs back when touched in the middle. Acqueduct Declared HistoricSite While:, many Washington landmarks have been rem,o’ced,, rezoned, or replaced, the Washington. Acqueduct still continues to. carry ou’t its. original functiom and has been • } recently named a National Historic Site by the Department’ of the Interior. Built between 1853-1863 to.supply the water needs of ” ihe District’s population, it is side; intake works On the sh6re including the original sandstone control gatehouse; tunnels totalling 5,392 ft. in ” length; six bridges; numerous brick aii” vents; pump staiions at Dalecarl.ia.and Georgetown and the conduit itself. The. 12. mile .long. conduit was one of :the first great. success~es tbr the Army Corps’ of Engineers in public works construction. Built of brick, still intact today; still the In it he produced a 12. Acqueduct.stretches for.12 stone, and mortar, the main source of water, and mile underground masonry miles downriver to the circular tube is t~ inches in stillin overall good condition, conduit,, the old Cabin John Georgetown Reservoir. Since diameter, and is . often Designed by Montgomery Bridge (which remained the the 19th century, the. considered structurally better ” Cunningham Meigs, who longest masonry.arch in the Acqueduct has -been thai1 a parallelone built of engineered fortifications from. world until 1903), and the lengthened and expanded to concrete and installed in Philadelphia to Fort Wayne, Rock Creek Bridge, whose, provide for increased needs,’ 1920.-A.~:road constructed the Delaware Breakwater and arched cast iron conduit but although the outward .parallel to the conduit to Ultimately, the~ dome and supported thestructure, . appearance has changed:, it. facilitate, inspections and wings of the Capitol, he Beginning at .Great Falls, still includes: .a dam aq, ross repairs became known as Old -counted the Acqueduct as his • Maryland, near Lock 20″on.. the ‘Potomac at Great Fa(Is to (‘onduit Road,, and today- i.~ favorite project. :- the C i& O Canal, the divert ‘water to the Mary!and MacArth0r Blvd. reprinted courtesy.of The Potomac Current NFARBY TENT CAMPING AND TRAILER FACILI- ‘ .. TIES ‘ .Chesapeake & Ohio’.Canal r From Georgetown to Seneca~ Md.~ to Harpers FerrTf ,, West Virginia, 184 miles of beautiful scenery. Camping is restricted to designated areas o only. Tent camp~ing ‘is available arm”hiker – biker”campsitesapproximately every 5miles along the section from Seneca to Cumberland, Md. Campsites are availableona first-come first-served basis, have water, toilet s, pic- nic tables and firegrills. Drive in tent and trailer sites at McCoys Ferry, 15 Mile Creek, and SprSng Gaphave only primitive facilities. There are no hookups for trail- ers. Walk-in tent camping areas. Phone (202) 557-8990 or 299-3613. New Germany r Grantsville, Md. In Western Md., 175 miles from ~,~shington, 5 miles south of Rt. 40, I mile east of Grantsville. 30 improved campsites. Group camping. Fire- places, picnic tables, concession, play area, hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, inter- pretive program. Phone (301) 895-5~53. Catoctin Mountain Park~Thurmont,Md. Operated by the National Park Service. Located 65 m~les north of Washington. Main entrance is from Md. Rt. 77, three miles west of Thurmont, on U.S.~15 between Freder- ick and Gettysburg. Pa. Owens Creek Camp- ground open mld-April through October for family camping. Modern restrooms, tables and fireplaces. Five day limit. Trailers over 22feet in length are not permitted. Fifty sites for tents, camping trailersand small travel trailers. No reservations. Nominal fee. A prlmitivetent-camping area for organizations isavailable on a reserva. tion basis. Phone(301) 271-7447. NATIONAL PARK SERVICE EVENTS ” .Every Sunday the Lockkeeper’~ Lot Walk starts at 2:00 p.m. The ranger describes the life of a lockkeeper as he takes you through, the ruins of a lockhouse, ..April i3 th at 2:00 p.m. there will bet~nother Gold Mine’ Hike. On ‘April 19 – at 7:30 p.m. there will be A special slike program called “Th~ National Park Idea”. The. Bear Island Hike will be at 9:00 a.m. on April 20. A Wildfl~er Walk will be held on April 23 at 10:00 a.m. Children twelve years old and under are invited to participat~hin the Old Man River Walk April 27 at 10:00 a.m. (reser- vations only). YOU are invited to take part in the final leg of the hike which will commemorate Justice Douglas’ walk of Twenty years ago. Meet the hikers at Gr$~t Falls Tavern at 9:.00 a.m. April 27 ~ and Walk with them to Georgetown. This is sponsored by the Canal Association. For information and reservations for any of these events call 299-3613. , .MAIL VO REGISTRATION NOW i POSSIBLE i If you desire, you may obtain a postcard application form for voter registration from any Montgomery County library (main desk),, Or from any Of the following locations, i Office of Supervi’sors of Elections, 6~ i I Courthouse Square !, Rockville Mall, Monday through Friday, 8,30 a.m. to 5 p.m! or on Thursday evenings, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., .at any of the following shopping center ,i supplemental registrations, White Oak. I Shopping Center – Sears storsI ~eaton Plaza- Woodward and Lothr0p, south entranceI MontgomeryMall– upper levelI Silver Spring – The Hecht CompanyIVillage .Mail, Montgom@ry Village, Gaithersburg. / WANT ADS Wanted to .buy, Used stroller for tottler, old.-fashlon Goat tree, bed side stand or small table, and tall dresser 36 ins, or less. Call 229-1982, quote prlc e. Babysitter wanter: My home lla.m. – 5,30 p.m. Start two days/week; 5 days ~n ~uture. Boys 5 and 8 years. Call i Wanda, 229-5029. Professional artist wants to rent one large room with good light and heat. Call ~s, Glassman: 882-2790. Note: As we have received requests for information on rooms to rent and hom~s to rent or buy in Cabin John, next month, we will run ads for those who want to lease or sell in Cabin John for free. Advertise in the Village News first. . ((‘;Nc,.~oes” e.oC~V,L~/ t \ ReArO,V’AeL,E t~_~A~~” Village News Staff, Mary Ann® Wilson ” L Editor P.O. Box 186, 229-3397 Janet Donee – News 6503 76th St. 229-73~ Joann B, st,, mailing, 229-8789 Concord School – Collating and stapelin~ ………….. Hi i QUIc  . . sHoP ……….. ~. ~ 5~.. £) O LF,. ZAL.. ~,_~u,.; l ., =_.,..~ ~- .I ~,~ ..=:”-~. | d” • ; ,- ~ ‘~, ~. ,.,~?~ ~-,~5,~ ~

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