April 1971

i |l T Vol. h- No. 8 APRIL CALENDAR Apr. 4 Opening of the clark gallery 3-7 pm 9800 Falls Rd. Potomac Apr. 7 Book Talk 7:30 pm Little Falls Library Apr. 8 Book Talk 10:30 pm Little Falls Library Apr. 9-18Spring Vacation, Clara Barton Apr. lO Easter Egg Hunt 2 pm Cabin John Methodist Church Apr. 19 Homemakers Meeting 11:30 am 7401 Arden Rd. Cabin John APr. 24 Spring Fair 12 – 4 pm Clara Barton Elementary School Apr. 26 Spring Recreation Program Clara Barton Elem, School Apr. 27 Citizens Asso. Meeting 8 pm Clara Barton Elementary School Apr. 28 Whirl of Fashions 12:30 pm St. Andrews Methodist Church Apr. 29 Kindergarten and 4 year old Round-up. Clara Barton 9-11 am May 1 Loyalty Day Dance 9 -1 am Post Hall, Great Falls Md. **** The Village News Staf ~ ******* NEWS’COLLECTION please call MrS. Janet Hutchinson :365-2144 ~ Mrs. susan vogt 469-6379 INTERVIEWS (doyouknow an interesting person in Cabin John?) Mrs. Barbara Clark 469-6731 RECIPE LADIES ( they may compile a Cabin John Cookbook). Please donate a recipe. Mrs. Mary McCusker .462-7~08 Mrs. Dana Cable j9~-3430 Mrs. M.W. Kandle ~69-8708 GARDENING GENIOUS (Help~ I need a volunteer~) Offer yourself at 469-6379 ///////////////////////////////////////// WE STILL NEED FUNDS. THERE WILL BE A GEN* ERAL CANVASS IN JUNE, BUT IF YOU HAVE NOT CONTRIBUTED FOR THE PAST YEAR WON’T YOU SEND IN YOUR DOLLAR TODAY?? THANKS. POTOMAC VALLEY HOMEMAKERS We had avery interesting program for our March Meeting presented by Mrs. Fenm ton and Mrs. Phillips. The subject was ~ Grief Adjustment. Our April Meeting will be at the home of Mrs. Joanne Whittaker. Please note the new time – ll:30am., Monday April 19. Newcomers please telephone Mrs. Whitaker t0make reservations at least a week in aavance at 365’4499. Dan Newman 8ec. COMMUNITY TIP SHEET AVAILABLE If you would llke to have the Office of Comm. Development’s Commun~Ity Tip Sheet mailed to you free every month, please call the Office at 279-1327 and leave your name and address. This is an interesting booklet concerning Montgom- ery County affairs and opportunities. April 1971 MR. PARRIISH AT MEETING On Mar. 2~, at the Cabin Joh~ ~: Park Citizens Asso. Meeting, Mr. S.W. Parrish, Director of the Dept. of Community Development, spoke about the history of the CommunityDeveloPment Office’s involvement inCabin John. The first contact with this community came in 1965 in connection with early efforts in obtaining paving for Carver Road. Later, Don Herdeck, then Pres. of the Citizens Asso. went to see Mr. Parrish and talked of his concerns about Cabin John. Subsequently a letter was sent to the Comm. Dev. office from the Citizens Asso. outlining areas of concern and requesting assistance from the Office in the form of a planner. This led to the assignment of a plannin person for Cabin John, and the allotmen of $15~000 to help with the cost of drawing up a plan. Because County budgets are drawn up so far in advance, the Office of Commun ity Development made some general estimates about possible costs involved in implementing a Cabin JohnCommunity Plan, should treatment be required; ~ Things like road improvements, public works, recreation areas, sewage dispo- sal, rehabilitation of private dwelling and meeting county standards inall a areas were considered. This led the Comm. Dev. Office to ask for I million dollars over fomr years for Cabin John~ of which ~66~,0OO would be federal funds, ,i I Mr. Parri~h stressed that only the most generalestimates were made and that Cabin John was in no way bound to the areas considered by the Comm. Dsv- elopment Office. “The philosophy of this office”~ he said~ “is to implement on a local level whatever program the people within a community wish”, i One specific type of Community plan was explained. Called FACE ( Federally Assisted Code Enforcement), it involves concentrated code enforcement and offer contr611ed development of the community Code enforcement is essentially perven- tative and is designed to stop deterior ation before something more drastic becomes necessary. The simplest and least expensive program, FACE does not include the power to condemn or demol- ish buildings, and would disrupt the community the least, according to Mr. Parrish. Whatever type of plan or list of priorities evolves from the Cabin John Community Survey, the Office of Commun- ity Development will assist in bringing the proposal into reality. For that reason it is especially crucial that all households fill out and return the Cabin John Questionnaire in order to get a real consensus on areas of con- cern. cABIN JOHN METHODIST CHURCH ……. The Cabin John Methodist Church wishes to remind people in Cabin John that Mother’s Day is Just around the corner. A special way to honor a mother, grandmother, aunt, or mother-in-law, is to have her remembered in the Church Bull@tin on May 9. To gent your special “mother” included, call the church at 365-5233. There is a dollar donation requested, the proceeds of which will go toward the unpaid mortgage. Easter week Church Schedule – Thurs. Apr. 8 Holy Communion pm Sunday Apr. II Sunrise Service 6am Sunday School 9:30, Worship llam YYYYYYYYY??????????YYYYYYYYYYY???????? VOLUNTEERS FOR THE HOME STUDY PROGRAM We are in immediate need of tutors to work with the Home Study Programs in Cabin John and Scotland. The services of men, women, and high school students can benefit children in elementary grades and Junior high school who need indivi- dual attention and the encouragement volunteers can glve. If you wish to spend a couple of hours a week (emenings or afternoons) in help- ing a child, please ~ call Miss Catherine Forman at 469-8642. In the summer, too, we will need volunteer assistance with various vaca- tion activities. Let us know what your talents and interests are, and we’ll tell !you how you can serve. Thanks. II!11111111111111111111111111111111111 t~ ****** Recreation Highlights ****** The Montgomery County Dept. of Recrea- tioniwill begin its Spring session of afterschool recreation programs at Claza Barton School beginning ~he week of Apr. 26. There will be programs for all elem- entary school children lasting for six weeks. The programs willbe held outdoors and for the most part will be sports,pro- grams. The popular Poise and Personality will return for girls in grades 5 and 6. More information on these programs will be sent home through the children the week after Spring vacation. A Plea for Help Dear Citizens, I have been working in the Cabin John area as a Recreation Instructor for over a year. Most of the programs we’ve con- ducted in the community have been suc- cessful but have come straight from the Recreation Dept. If our programs are to be a !real success, and a benefit to the community, we need more ideas from mem- bers of the community. Cabin John is a unique place with its own problems and needs. I would like very much to hear from individuals and group leaders to see what more we can do in recreation for the community. Please let me know your ~deas. Sincerely, Mrs. Carol (Guy) McGrath .. 652-2249 VOTER REGISTRATION Anyone 18 years or older may register to vote at Montgomery Mall on Thursday nights from 7-~ (near Garfinkles), or in Rockville (690 E. Jefferson St) from 8:30-5:00, Mon. thru Fri~ MYF YOUTH GROUP April is a busy month for this ” active group. On the ~th at II am several y0ung people ~ill be confir- med during the Sunday Service. On Easter Sunday, the MYF will conduct a Sunrise Service at 6am on the Worship Court. Refreshments will be served afterwards. The VFW will co-sponsor anEaster Egg Hunt with the Methodist Youth Fellowship on Saturday Apr. i0 at 2 pm on the Church grounds. Donations of eggs will be gratefully accepted. Please call Mrs. Marshall at 365-5742. The youth group meets regularly at 6 pm on Sundays. VFW NEWS The election of officers for the coming year will be held on Apr. 13. A Loyalty Day Dance will be held from 9pm to lam on May let. Buffet and set-ups will be provided for a SlO per couple admission. There is a 35 couple limit due to the. size of the Hall, so get your reservations in early. Call Mr. Tearman Marshall at 365-5742. And don’t forget the Easter Egg Hunt o~ Sat. Apr 10. /////////////////////////////////// CARDEROCK SPRING.S SOUTH NEWS The Carderock Springs South Home- owners Asso. held elections recently. Voted to another three year term on the Board of Directors was Mr. Lex K. Larson. Mr. Fermino Spencer was elected to a two ~ear term. Mr. Keith Woodard’s term has not expired. Also elected wree Mrs. Lonnie Pearson, Secretary and Mr. John Menkart, Treas The Homeowners Asso. exists primarily to maintain the commons for the grea- ter enjoyment of the Carderock resi- dents. However, it’s not all work: picnics are in the plans for Spring and Fall. The proposed cluster development of the Shapiro tract was approved recently for approx. 90 houses. How- ever, the State Roads Comm. deducted one exit to Persimmon Tree Rd., and m~ved the other two to coincide with Carroway Rd. and Cabin Oak Rd. CABIN JOHN PARK CITIZENS AC~SO. The March 23 meeting of the Citi- zens Asso. considered several topics. A nominating Committee was set up to consider next year’s officers. The Mar. 18 hearing on the proposed Pol- Inger tract development was discussed and the continuation date of Mar. 31 was discussed. Mr. S.W. Parrish spoke about the Dept. of Community Develop- ment’s reasons for involvement in Cabin John and the budget allotment for our eventual plan. Mr. Manzano read a statement he had prepared in connectlon wlth the proposed cluster zoning development of the Shapiro tract. THE SqUIRE OF S~JAINSON’S ISLAND There aren’t many people around today who ever heard of Billy Swainson. But thirty years ago everybody inCabin John knew him– and most of them feared him. Who was this Billy 5~ainson, a legend in his own. time? Where did he come from? How did he li~e? What. happened to him? Talk to a man who knem him well, Ralph Springmann, who has iived on Woodrow Piece for the past forty years. • ‘.we ~e.re. friends, BiI!y.and I.. The.. water wasn’t so good outon his isIand so he used to get it from my welI in big milk cans. There ,~s.no piped-in water then in Cabin John; everybody had wells. I. don’t know if he ever had any title to that islmnd; I think he ~s justa squatter. I.know that for years -the government ~ouId put it up for saIe fo~ the back taxes, but nobody ~ould buy it. They’d h~vs had a terrible time getting him off of there. Just about everybody around. was scared of him. “Squatters? Sure, there ~ere iota of them once° Before the.government bought ~t, the. Canai Company owned the Iand down by the osnaI and the river, and they’d let people live there. Lots of folks took Old street- cars, put them on cinderblocks and lived in the:,~. ~r’,d in hoJses ,~In,g the c in~I ,~n,~ the river° Biily~s house ~as actually between the canal and tFe river, ~ t~o-story frame hodse. ~!ut his g~rden und all his animals were cut on the island. He had plenty of animals; he’d t~ke any:thing anyLody ~ted to give him in that line. I remember he had three Russian wolfhcunds, ducks, geese, pigS, goats, chickens, cats. ” ‘ “It’s on the map cfficiaily like “thatnow–Swainsor,’s Isand–r±ght by Lock IC. I guess you’d h~ve tc ~gree ~t ,~as his isI~nd, even .i.f he didn’t pay for Jr, because he lived • ea.~t thirty, ther~ for so many ye~,rs, et ” m~yb~ more. “Up by Loc~ lO ~uu can still see the pilings of the bridg e h~ built to get out to his island. Matter uf r=ct, there’s a bridge no~ over the cor:~l IF~t the ~ark • Service rebuilt from or.~ Swai,~son put up. ori.g~naly. You had tc cross that bridge overthe c~nal, then gc ~oross a stretch of woods where his house m~s, then cross another bridge to get tc Smuinson’s Isiand. That is, ~f he knew you. If not, you might be met with ~ shotgun. I.mocIdn’t say he was over- friendly. He was pretty careful, you know, because I don’t thinkthere was much he did that ~as inside the law. “Like the woman who iived there on the island with him. She had a husband somewher~ else., hut that didn’t stup S~cinson fr~m spending alI her money, ~nd there was e good bitof it° They’re all dead no~, of course, “I cnuldn’t say when he first came to CabinJobr–couldn’t even guess. I came here Jr. l-g30 and he was already an institution. Everybody was cordial to him, you know, but they avoided any difficulty with him. He was a pomerfulman, not so tall but very strong and fearless. People didn’t cross hSm. He was a fairly well educated man. I .understand he once worked as an accountant for the ‘ Treasury Department. 8ut~hen Prohibition camein, he left that job and .started brinoinq ~hiskey down from Canada in his rattletrap truck that s~ayedfrom side to side as he careened along Conduit Road, He never held a .regular job after that, to•my knowledge, but ‘-he was always ~orking on things. “For instance, one time the mihd knocked over a big tree in my yard. ~ knew Billy burned e’iot of wood, and I asked him if he’d like to have the tree. He showed up next day with a truckful of teenage boys and some saws. They were ~eally u!ork~ng hard, with Bi.ly walkingaround giving directions. ‘How much are you paying these boys?”I asked himo ‘Paying the.._~m? Nothing° Their folks are paying m~eo I°m running a healfih cpmp out on the island this summer; this is their activity time°o – …. “You didn’t dare ~ent±on ~ny~hing..~u.: needed or admired–he’d bring it.to.yop, the’…. ..next day or two, if you were his friendo. Not that he bought it, you understand, just -. ‘borrowed’ it from someplace where he figured they didn’t need ito Once I mentioned that I was going to get a doghouse. Next day he had hauled out one of these toolsh@dsthe government used in the parks, and left it in , my yard. I had no way ofknowing where to • • take it back; he couid be very silent when he wanted to. .”He was a remarkable man in many ways.: . Physically, as I,ve said, he mas very …. impressive. At the time of the Big Flocd.o£i ‘ g36 he was quite a hero. That was:the worst flood that I can remember° TheCabin John ~ i ” firehouse eas turned into a reIief center– ;- the. Red Cross was running it–and the,cane!., – people mho were.:all flooded out mere,fed and sheltered there~ Well, there was an o!~ woman living eli by herself out on one of the I islands–there’s a.house still standing on that island–and the Coast Guard couldn’t get ” to her for fear theirboats would caps:i:ze. Or so the story goes. Anyway, Billy jubt jumped into the river, swam out there, ~nd . carried that woman back through the.,tre~ch’ . erous water. And he must have been nea~ly fifty then. “What ever happeoed to. him? Welii, one day he shot a dog that wandered ontb his island–he was an ornery guy sometimes-‘,and the dog’s owner, ~hen he found outabout, it, – went out to fihe island and gave Swainson the ~hrashing of his life. I expect thal may have been the first time he mas ever bea.teno’ Allen that. he changed, I don’t know whether from the shame of it, him ~ho had always forded-his way around Cabin John, orwhether there wasisome brain damage, but he sort of went crazy~ rarely left the isiand, wouldn’t talk to .. anybcdyo He.d~dn’.t even recognize me mhen I sam him one day on the tompath. He stayed om~” the islandunti he died a fe~ years later.o~ i. .Theft mas ~bout twenty.years ago. He must have been around sixty. “If he ever had any reiatives I never.. heard about them. There was a rumor that he. married the woman he rescued, from the flood, but I don’t know that. “Nnbody ever lived on the island after Billy. The buildings deteriorated and eventually the government tore damn everything. 9il)y S~ainson. was areaI character. I ~ish you had..known h~m.” So do I. ‘~ ‘. ii i ‘~.’ A WHIRL OF FASHIONS” This delightful afternoonis pre- sented by the WSCS of St. Andrews United Methodist Church at Golds- boro:and River Roads. There will be dessert served at 12:30 followed by a beautiful fashion show (professional models) done by the Endearing One of Little Falls Mall. Then will come bridge, or other card games if you de- sire. The place is the Social Hall of the Church, the day is Wednesday. Apri ! 28, and a donation of ~1.50 is requested. To make reservations, please calllany of the numbers listed below: : 229– 3663 229 – 6593 65% 1987 651+ – 4675 656 – 4258 -‘ ‘ BE THE FIRST ON YOUR BLOCK TO RECYCLE ‘ A collection point for refuse able to be recycled has been ~et up near Cabin John. The place is~ithe Safeway • Parking lot at 4865 MacArthur Blvd., and although newspapers may be deposited there at any time, several other types of refuse willbe collected on Sat, and ~ Sundays from 9 – 4 pm. The follow- ing things can be recycled for reuse: All glass: Separateby color (green, brown, or clear). Rinse out, throw away li~s and rings (like from twist- off beer caps). Forget the fables. AluminlumContainers: Things which do not adhere to a magnet for instance soft drink cans with no seams and molded bottoms, TV trays from dinners. Newspapers: Leave loose, do not tie in bundles. This is a concrete way to help cono serve our natural resources. One truck- load of newspapers saves 39 treesl There~will be volunteers at the Safeway during the weekend to help sort and carry items, ‘ ‘ i ! BROWNIES NEWS — The Brownies have been very busy lately, and have an even busier Spring planned. Recently they took a trip to the W@ndy Ward Charm School, and had a great time there. Soon the Brownies will begin cleaning upand planting in their plot along MacArthur Blvd. A picnic at Carderock and a trlp tP the Montgomery College Planet~rlum are also Scheduled. ,~. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII BOYS BASEBALL BEGINS The Montgomery County Recreation Dept. and the Kiwanis Club are setting up a Baseball team for boys born in 1958 and 1959. The seasonwill start on April 26 and will run until June 20 (approximately). There will be two gameseach week on Mondays andThursdays Each boy’s fee is $8 which covers Insurance, Tee Shirt and Hat. If~iyou arej~interested, ~ please contact Mr. Dick~Sponaugle at 365″2475.. . ~ ~ ! ” LITTLE FALLS LIBRARY The April Book Talkat the Little Falls Library will review the John Fowles book The French Lieutenants Woman. The April 7th talk will begin at—~/~.’3Opm and the April 8th one at 10:30 am. Copies of the book are available at the Library. For children aged 4 and up, there will be a series of Story Hours on Sat. mornings at 10:30 am. This Sat. there will also be a Penny Theatre. The StoryHours are of course free. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% KINDERGARTEN AND 4 YEAR OLD ROUNDUP Registration for next year’s Kin- dergarten and 4 year old classes will be held on Apr. 29 •from 9 to ll am in theAll Purpose Room of the Clara Barton Elementary School. All child- ren who were born in 1966are eligible for Kindergarten, while those born in 1967 may attend the 4 year old class. Parents who are interested in regis- tering their children should call the School Office (365-3014), so that forms may be sent to the home. The filled out forms should be returned to the office at Registration on Apr. 29. This year’s 4 year old program has been successful because it has had contributions of time and money from the parents of the 4 year olds involved If you are interested in seeing a program set up this fall for the children in the Clara Barton School• District, please register your child on April 29. Mothers from this years program will be on hand to amswer questions that you may have concerning the 4 year old set-up. On the 29th, an evening meeting in May for parents will be announced to make concrete plans ~ for next year’s program. If you want a 4 year old program next year, you must attend the meeting in May. Children who are already registered at Clara Barton for next year, need not come on April 29th. ** CLARA**BARTON**SPRING**FAIR ** Reserve Apr. 24 for a GREAT Spring Fair at Clara Barton. The hours are 12 – 4 pm, and there will be a variety of games, white elephants, bake goods, used toys and books, new handmade items and much more. There will be an attrac- tion for every age, so bring the whole family, • have a hotdog, and enjoy the showl The PTA is hoping to get as many peo)le from the Community involved as possible. If you have white elephants or used items to donate, Mrs. Peter Camplair’s house will be the collection point. Call her after 3pm at 365-0358. Mrs. Lori Glenn is in charge of the handicraft and sewing dept. Contribu- tions are welcome. Call her at 365-5865° The Girl Scouts need old stockings far st~ffin~. Can you help with that? 9Baked goods are needed and if you can help out with that please call Mrs. Roberts after 3 pm at 365-7468. Proceeds from the Spring Fair will be used for carpeting in the school library and other furnishings. So, plan to comel We’re going to have fun I| RECIPE LADY’S FILE This is Gramma Cable’s recipe from year’s age. While living most of her life in Conn., she and Grampa Cable did live in Cabin John for 3 or years. They’ll be comingback to visit soon. FRUIT COBBLER Preheat oven to 375 Cream together Sift and add Add Butter Sugar 1C Flour 2 tsp Baking Powder ~.c tsp Salt Milk Grease 9×9 baking pan and pour in batter. Spoon on top fruit or berries Sprinkle with ¼ to½ C Sugar. Over all pour i C Juice from berries. Bake about 30 minutes. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: TEENAGERS We can’t do without teenagers. What w would we have to complain without them? How could we manage to feel old, wise, and virtuous (well, the old part is easy} unless we couldpoint out the bad morals of long hair and the sheer foolishness of anyone’s ever hoping the world might be a better place. Seriously, let’s cast out the beam in our own eye, and be glad that some part of humanity still is willing to laugh at hypocrisy, and still wants to break down some of the barriers in this divided world. It would be a sorry place without GARDENING TIP Black Walnut trees are very valuable, and Dud late. Don’t let someone cut down your tree on the pretext that it’s dead. Protect your trees Dy pruning and inspecting them regularly. **************** **OPENING **** the clark gallery Apr. ~ 3-7 pm 9UOO Falls Rd. Potomac 299-73UO photographs J Anonymous PHONE: 365-0361 0 ‘ DorothyHelens BEAUTY SALON • ~ : 7630 TOMLINSONAp.f, 15 AVE. CABIN JOHN, MD. 20731 “PERSONAL HAIRDRESSING” ” ~ (resident agent) 7~14 NOI~gOLI~ AVE • m~HESOA, MD 2OO,4 e eL ~ 4S.~’¢ PLAZA DEL MEmCADO SILVER StainiNG, MD 20906 • 598 6600 AbOI /%i LE EAUTY  ALON  tTH BOUTI@UE CrSUL. 3 65-4 ~”/q /%FT ER, 6 pr~ NEWSY NOTES Speedy Recovers Wlsh0s to i Mrs. Margaret Barnes in Suburba~ Hosp. McKay Circle , Mrs. Kay Gilley in Doctors Hospital Formerly of 76th St. Mr. and Mrs. Tearman Marshall’s daughter and family have moved from 81st St. to Olney, Md. The Gildons who were renting in Cabin John will move!into the Kidwell’s old house on 81st~ Mr. Stuart Riddle of Arden Rd. andiMiss Pamela Keel were married in Arling- ton on March 20. Mrs. Riddle was from Lake Charles, La. Then newlyweds are honeymooning in Fla. before~ Stuart goes into the Navy in Pensa- cola~ Florida. Let me know your news~ Or that of ~our neighbor. Have you got new neighbors? Let the Village News welcome them. Keep me informed at 469-6379. Thanks. ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() Re. – Meanest Mother Scene: 3 young men remlnisclng and talk- ing to one mean mother: “Remember the plans we Used to make?” “Yes, but we never got to do those did we…” “No – we knew our mothers wereplay- ing bridge together and would check our stories.” Talk about inhibited, frustrated fellows? Well, these three young men are now marrieid, have llttleboys,* and are urging their wives to play brldge~i!toge~her; ;Why???? i uagny ~ewma n 1,c  i – s r.mOn Tree _( :PPITH- 365-2685 HOME MEATING OiL j Mon. ru at. 6am- 6pro A .,,- ?._ “*+ Z LiTVI.I: ~’ALn.a ~¢¢ =~ Sdm~a,~oro. ~. b.~t-.¢., M,..u I ~,'”,k,,,. SI.I btto*,~: 10am- 8 pm MoI~.-Fr”= • lOam- 6pro ~c~t. , 22g-q860 LTD. Harnmorttonl~rk” Bat~r~ySO0 Cr~ekefcer. R~f~j’s ITTL,E FAL CATEI~ER~ II Reasonablc Pates 229-5O5O loam- ~pm Mon.-~t. We cateJ” allevenf: W,=dd;,.~s t:~-;ons • _Rot Mitzvahs Por~i~s. cr~=¢s ,.,,I “ro=-= . ~.,’-.~ ALLWAYIi ,W.,IwcV TAN0-1)I-LUt(IA (;0UIURIR OI~|SSMAKlliG – ALIR4TI01M$ i|WIM& INSTRUIllOM TANO FABRt¢S- ~AIRN .! CREWEL +.¢ KIT3 ‘~’ .Z29 – 2.0~q .!i ¢I4NVAS. ~ ~S m’l’5 ~)i~ //, ~/ej:~c~;n~}+ 229-1434 PO rJi’m+Jr5 Mon.- Fri. 10 A.M. – 7 P.M. Sat Bv AoDf SERVING D. C. – VA. – MD. NICK GLEKAS 656-2508 QUALITY GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS KIMBERLY’S LITTLE FALL SHOPPING MALL 47OI SANGAMORE ROAD BETHESDA, MARYLAND 20016 ttq- II.LO re&all Silt’ $¢1’01¢00 4, Mw I~’~ t.tM, ses M0W.NIS. &IrI~nN0oNI ~o LrwNoN(rS @ 229 – 0 tOO THE INDIA ~kZA~ Where “lVest meets East” Pure Silk and Cotton Dresses :!i;~ : Printed, Embroidered ” .. ~.. Oo . .., o. Gold and “‘~.~.~ !!LI.” Mirror Work RUGS “”i”~ “I I JEWELRY BRASS “~O~P wol1″tQrt ~ SCARVES . se.~ hUl’. NOCt,Td V prt”t I our ~r’doI, Sl~o~ L 22~1~ BAZAA SPlro’s Barber Tel. 229-6260 Shop Adults ~~J~~ $1.75 ~Chmldren under m~-gs,’, ,~ $1.50 ~AILY 8 AM –“1″30 PM ,AT. B ~ – ~’00 p~ S~T, ALU H^IP, C~’S it 2. Fish Nes  lUeo ALL YOUR TROPICAL ptsN , EX0T~C BXR. ~MALL ~iMI PETS NEED =. V,/h.’YI,,IE DOG FOOD 2~¢~-,5057

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