April 1968

.~,”L ‘.”~ ,”” “‘” ‘” /’ q ?y i.,, >., – . ±~:3 a.. (:.h3 ,t~. • :’. Vol. II0_ i~o. 4 ” I  ‘A~ril 1988 -..E~TI.~.G ON COi’TSTITuTioF. !’~;)u_~uum~~ …… ~ T-~. C.’,~C~,o AND T.–I~ ~O)..:IU~’~-Y The meeting scheduled for 8 p.m., April 8, was postponed until this coning r~dnosday, April 24; at 8:15 p.m. The meetin;~ will be held at the ~rning Tree J~eraentary School, Boochtrcc Rd. at ~mry- ~qoll, instead of at the Cabin John Re- creation Center. ,’If rod L. Scanlan ~.~ll explain the draft Constitution for the State of iary- land and will answer questions at the end of the meeting. You are urged to attend The influence of religious faith in a co;.m~mnity is such that if all the reli- gious institutions wore re~..~oved, most • people ~zould soon be looking for another place to live. ~ven those who reject or oppose a religious faith derive the bene- fits of the positive influence in the c o~:~u ~i ty. ~he purpose of reli~jious faith is not only to give praise to the Creator God, h~t also to serve all of h~mnity in God’s in order to learn more about the proposed i(,ame. True faith d~mnds service. In Constitution and to clarify any doubts you the public worship of God, the benefit to may have regarding it. -the worshipper is not in “being satisfied” If you need a rid~ or have any questions about the. m~eting, please call Judy Toth at 469-8586. _,~.:~:..3.~-~ ~0 VOT.~ Oi’:i i ~CH 14 FOk the Constitution. ~.r. and. ilrs. Js~es Church spent a four day ~,y~ekon4 at “sst Point for Plebe- Parent Festivities. Also along.~ as g~sts of cadets ~:~cre ~iss Xaren Ricketts of }i’-27 Froude Circle, ~th the worshi p service, but in being able to GIVE of the self to God and hu” manity, in praise, fellowship and service. People who are not ready to put their pocketbook and energy “where their mouth is” have very little cause for Com~.'(~int. ~he co~mmnity ~.ithin general political boundaries has ~mch in cor~on with the processes of a religious co~mnunity, in that its life d~_nands giv~n~g in service for the good of the ~ole society. Apathy and ir/:4fferenco are destroyers. AS the church~an may ask of hh~self, “If all the and her friend Liz .ood of .,hittior Blvd., members were as dedicated as I sml, ho~.y 3ethesda. effective would our church be?” so the The festivities consisted of fo~ml citizen might ask of his place in the and somi-for~lal dances, a banquet and many co~mmnity. ~,hen church members SUPPORT other fun activities, their church they are VOTING to keep it Cadet Guy i~. Church is on the deans -~LLIVIE. ~en citizens of a c~mnunity are list at 7cst Point concerned ~¢ith its total life, enough to become responsibly involved, it ~¢ill most likely become an increasingly better place iirs. ~la Barrett, long time resident to live. of Cabin John Gardens, has sold her home and moved to the Bethany House in Rockville. submitte~ by Rev. I~rrup, Doth the neighbors and C~: .!’-oh will Christ i iethodist Church .~niss her energetic work and helping hand. The Dcthesda Co~.m~mnity Garden Club There has boon a lot said about what ~ll hold its 25th /~nual 3enefit Plant juv~@niles arc doing around to~.m a a great 3ale at the Fann Joi.~mn’s imrket, 7155 dcal of criticisiu. o thought it worth a Jlsconszn Avenue, .oethesda, on Thursday, reminder that many, if not most, of our neighborhood youths not only attend school (full timlo), but hold do~.m jobs as well. It is that s~mll z~nority of delinquents thathurt the ~aage of the rest. ‘e suggest “Ala¢d.in and !{is fondorful Lamp”, porfo~nod b2 the Adventure Theatre, Saturday and Sunday, April 20, 21 and 27, ~8 at 1 p.m. & 3:°0 p.m. at the :.oc!~5.11e Civic Center Auditorit~a,. ,Call 762-5400 ~Eay 2, 1968, freest 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. There ~.~Ii be a choice Collection of annuals, perennials, herbs, Vegetables bulbs, and shrubs. Proce0ds arc for the benefit of Fyle Jr. I Iigh landscaping and the Davis i)emorial Library D ev. Charles A. ~farford from KentucK~j ~ill hold evening services at the Glen !~ho Eaptist Church Vassar Ci’ecle, Glen Echo, from April 15 through 21 at 8 p.m. THE CABIN JO~.., DEe ~~IES TROOP 1775 The Brownies Troop 1775 are putting in a round shaped garden across fr~.n the fire house on i~cArthur Blvd. They are now planting rhodedendrma, pec{°les and azaleas and later • ~..~ll plant g~adiolus., zinnias, marigolds and dallas. The girls meet every ~*ednesday. afternoon after school. 2nd and 3rd graders ~,rho would l~e to join nek~t – year should sign up nox.r by calling Lrs. Diane Heflin at 365-0680. ” C,~ “mlT~. TT~%’r~ 7 ..~:_,-: ,~,.,.:u” P~X CITIZEI!S ASSOCLITIO~Z ..7~.e ne~c :ueeti~g of the Cabin John Park Citizens Association :.~ll bo held Tuesday, April 23 at 8 p.m. at the Cabin John P.screatio n Center. The slate of ne~.., officers for next year x.~ll be su~tted ” ~j the nominating cor~mittee. P.opresentatives of the i~ontgome~j County P~ecroation Department v@ll be at the meeting to explain plans for the hiring of a full t~uo recreation supervi- : visor for Cabin John. This area is a target area for planned recreation for our children and. their should be something for everyone ~j the end of the sm~muer. lie are going to continue discussing the problems of our local youth and i~r- ticipation by the mmfoers of d~e cmnaunihy an@. the young .people, themselves, :,;ould be constructive. Yloase t~I to attend. .c~.,-~ ~.~.,.=~ODI..~.’. CI~.CI – C.:…X= JOY iiacArthur Dlvc!. at 77th . Tel. – 365-5233 Sunday school 9:30 – Coffee fellmrship I0 : 30 – orship and nursery II: 00 – Youth 6:60 p.m. ii a.m. Sunday Torship Services .,a’~’ re.lone welc one April 21 “Singspiration Hour” of hmans and gospel songs, both choirs ~.~II sing, April 28: Guest speaker, adult choir i~ay 5: Children’s Ymy program ~j Sunday school children, “Train up a child” Lay 12: fother’s Kay, “Our Other i~others” childrens choir, flox.rers for the ladies .bay 19: Guest speaker, Dr. Theodore Bowen. fonaerly of Bethesda .:.iethodist, adult choir iJay 26: Yemorial Day ounday, “!~uat these stones mean”, adult choir, Christ Church is in the co’..~mnity as a visible sam~bol of faith in Jesus Christ. If you are ~.~thout a churcl~ h~ae or are not now actively related to the church, our church invites you to share in its worship, fellowship and service. Bey. n..’.{arrup, pastor ¢v – – ,~ o,~=.IJ~ CLUB FOIl CABIi~ JOi.h The Palisades ~m~ing Pool Associa- tion, Inc. is still planning On building a m:~m:~ing pool and club here in Cabin John. iiegetiations are in progress for a renewed oi~t~on of land north of kraC Arthur :31vd and west of Seven Locks i-oad, The Club ~&ll include an ol3nupic size pool x-&th an additim%~l diving area, a trebling pool for children, a ~.mding pool, tennis courts, beth houses, a snack. bar, a play area, a picnic area a mnple parl~ng. The po01 vrlll open in .,:ay, ~1969. Charter memborships are still avail- able and Cabin John residents are allm.md a lower membership rate. Financing of the mm, lbership can be arranged through the club and the Poto-,mc Y~ationul 2~nk, which is financing the project. if you would iJ/ce further, infon~m- tion of the ne~ sw~amming club, ,please call Yrs, Toth at 469-8586 after 6 p.m. or ~.~r. Irving i-losonthal at 654-8012. TUOf~£’ 3 D.ESTAUFA::,.’:T 7941 .~,acArchur L~lvd. Cabin John, i!id. ~.~:’~ 5 – 2070 • CSLPd~Y-OO-f ~VIC.,’i FOOD ….. ~” DOROTTF! HELEE ‘S B~{~UTY &~LOi.’, 7687 iic.<vt/~ur b~lvd, Cabin John, ~mryland Phone: ~.i 5-0361 As of ne~t “_.aonth, we ~,r~ll have been publishing for one year. Your support. has made this possible. Please renew your subscriptions now for the second year, ifore than ever, though, ~.:e need. your nm.rs items. This is your newspaper and “the only way that your news gets into print is if you send it in. . frite kits. Judith 2oth, 6611 80th Place,. Cabin John, i_:d, 20731. ,.~, ……. ATD .. • ~ , t., ct ,..’c ?:”::7 ” ‘.’-c ‘<r t ! :.v: .< ~. :.:.”.. m CAL~’,~DAR OF E~fENTS • “” tm DN.~.OCRA ,_ I~ PA~2TY April 20 – 6:30 p.m. Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner Dance, ~uerson Hotel, Balti- more. Sponsored byYoung Democratic Clubs of i~lland. Tickets are $10 per person, ~.~th,reserved tablesfor I0. April 23 – 8 p.m. Lieeting .on%he Consti- tution, sponsored by 3 Democratic and3 Republican Precinct Chairmen and 4PTA’s, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School. Con- stitution delegates ~-ffll spe~ on the new Constitution, April 25 – 8 p.m,’Eastern ilontgome~j D~o- cratic Club, Silver Spring Library. Sena- tor Faniel Drewster ~ill address. April 24, 8:15 p.m. T~.m meeting on 4 local precincts on ne~t constitution at Burning Tree ~ementa~j School. i iayl4, i.31ection Day iiay 18 – 6:30 Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner at the ~ashznoton~an. Sponsored by Young Dems in conjunction ~th D~uocratic Con- • ‘” ~J- tral Co~.~ ~tee. Hay 25 – 2 p.m. Federation of Democratic -lemon’s Clubs of Lent. County will hold an outside Chicken Bar-B-q at 3mokey Glen Far~. Free Deer. Cake ,Sale. $3 per adult. ‘$2 per child. Call 469-8586 for more information. :~ss i.~ren oha~., of 80~, i~cArthur received a Gold Ze3r .Q~ard for her ent~j in the i:%shington Scholastic Art ~n,;ards. She received Imblic recognition on oaturcay, Februar~j 17 in the Art Gallery at the 7!echt Company, do~.nqto~.m, i~iss ~aw is a senior at !.ralt !hih;mn i~gh. In addition to the Gold i(ev Award, “r,” ‘ S • ~aren i~: dra~rin~ ~,~as judged a finalist and ~,~ll be sent to i~e~.y York for ~ti0nal c orapetitiono People are really great – especially zn t~ue of crisis. 3o ninny of our local citizens contributed clothing, food and blaD/~ets to the needy riot vict~us of !~ashington. l~any took it upon th~uselves to collect from their neighbors andthen delivered the badly needed supplied di- rectly to the str~/~en area. C/UBIN JO:~.:i VOLUi.~T~R FIRE DEPA/{T~.:.~NT, INC. %~n_e following is quoted from a letter sent out by the Cabin John Volunteer Fire Department to the citizens of Cabin John. “7Cth~gh we miss the opportunity for personal Contacts that our door to door canvass provided. In the past years your generous response was a sincere in- dication of your interest in the depart- ment’s activities and o~ly through%he ~mil is it possible for us to get this infonuation to all of you. in our highly developed c omuunity. “~ring 1967, the Department con- tinued its full range of activity. :/e now maintain a paid fireman on duty around the clock and have a total paid fir~nan force of s~. In addition, we still have an authorized compliment of 54 volunteer members who carry on an active and important role in the Depart- ment. ~ile many of our volunteers have been ~th us for well over 20 years, there is a natural turnover and we are always seelcing new members who will take an interest in this vital community acti- vi%y. Zen of 18 years of age are eligi- ble. ,~ invite you to stop in for further inforzmtion if you are interested. “During the year ~e responded to 237 fires of which 163 were in our area and the r~m~inder in adjacent territo ~ ties, ~.~ere ~.~orespond on a cooperative basis. :/o also responded to 431 rescue calls of which 367 were in our area and 155 service calls which include lockouts, mubulance transports, fallen trees, etc. “The Annual Spring Drive Open }louse ~ll be held at Cabin John Fire Departa~ent on Saturday and Sunday, April 20 & 21. Your support of the Department through this activity over the past 3~ years has been significant. It enables us to pro- vide service over and above that we can offer from our tax sources.” There will be a dra~.~ng on Sunday afternoon, April 21 at 4:30 p.m. at the fire house for a color portable T.V. You may ~.i.,bybuying tickets from the volun- teers before the drawing. P~E$!To’ DO YOU ,~:,:0.~ YOUR C-~LDP~T~,I ~H:~ … ALL TI~ ~? DO~3’T YOU THIi~{ YOU SHOULD I~Z.”~O ~ :7 The CABI~ JOH:, VILLA~:~ …. ~. :,~, Vo!. I!, i,.~o. ~, Jave you noticed the gardens along is the monthly newsletter of the Cabin i:acArthur, i lost of th~1 (except for those John Park Citizens’ Association. dmnaged during the ~nter) are in full flo~er no~z and reflect the hard wor!- of our citizens. Let’s keep these gardens up. 11opefully, this year we can e~and the project so that eventually all of i;acArthur Blvd. ~.~ll look like a flower ~ardeno ~ Chairman of the Information Colm~ittoe: Lr. Don Herdeck Editor’ -~rs. Csa1~d Toth i~:ibers of the colm~littee” i~s. Chas. fowler :.~rs. Larry 7!eflin 11rs. Irving Bro~n iirs, Don Herdeck i~s, i!omnan ielson i~rs, 3arbara Xellogg Police – 7(t,!000 Fire – 424-3111 ~r~f±mc control complaints – HO-2-8000 In$~dents involvin~ juveniles – OL 2-7419 Our na~,~ issu~ ~rill appear Ju mid-iiy, If you have news ihOms or suggestions for the iz,~prov~lent of ot’,r us,~;paper please call Judy Toth at 46~:$586. T~S HOPE DON ‘ T ATTE~i,~D SPACE IS DUE YOU Af~ FOR~GST TO CAOlU TO LACX OF SU~/ITTFD ~JOYIiG TT{J~ VOTE 0: i 17,.Y 14T!i FOR J O}fi 7 P~71 CiTiZTiTS NEUS IT~iS TO SPP~IITO AS iUCH AS T!f~ i ~°JfLA ND ASSOCIATIOi~ :~ZTIITG –r’~ 1D EDIIO! …… i.~ K$~E …… C0;JSTITUTI01  ….. TV~SDAY AT 8 P.H.. Cabin John Village i~s 6611 80th Place Cabin John, ifd. 20731

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