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NOTE: After 6 full years, FOCJC's monitoring program is currently inactive.

One of FOCJC's most active programs involves monitoring the biological health of the streams in the watershed. FOCJC's quarterly monitoring at eight sites throughout the watershed focuses on benthic macro-invertebrates and habitat assessment.

Need for this project is indicated by: (1) Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) data indicating degraded water quality conditions in most of the watershed; (2) DEP monitors it sites on a 5-year cycle; (3) recruiting, encouraging and training private citizens to engage in their own monitoring program is an excellent way to gauge water quality and raise community awareness and commitment. The goals of FOCJC's monitoring program are to:

1. Interest and educate citizens about their watershed;
2. Generate a water quality assessment (supplemental to DEP's or other existing assessments);
3. Submit comments to DEP's Cabin John Creek Watershed Restoration Study; and
4. Sustain long-term stewardship of the Cabin John Creek Watershed.

The monitoring data collected by FOCJC is submitted to Montgomery County DEP and posted here on our website. Analysis of the results of the data will influence what comments FOCJC submits to DEP on watershed restoration plans and future efforts of FOCJC.

New Stream Monitoring Schedule: Monitoring one day during the first 3 full weekends of the month in May, July, Sept and optional Dec-Feb. Date to be set by Team Leader. For details, contact Roy Seidenstein at the FOCJC.

FOCJC will continue to pursue publicity and recruitment efforts in order to maintain an educated citizenry and an active membership in all parts of the watershed. FOCJC intends to hold annual spring-time training workshops to recruit new members. FOCJC's past training workshops have been assisted by employees from Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, City of Rockville, and The Potomac Conservancy. While strongly recommended, attendance is not essential, and new members may join FOCJC's monitoring program at any time throughout the year without necessarily attending the training workshop. FOCJC also gives its monitors bug identification tests to help ensure good qualtiy data.

For additional information regarding FOCJC's monitoring program, please click on the links to our Data Table, Site Map, Photo Gallery, and Contacts.

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