Public Outreach and Stewardship (Stakeholder Engagement) Project for the Cabin John Creek Watershed

April 20, 2015

Cabin John Creek is a valuable and beloved resource that is enjoyed by residents of surrounding communities and is home to wildlife. In recent years, the Cabin John Creek Watershed has experienced tremendous growth and construction; the increase in the number of homes and larger homes with bigger roofs is likely a contributing factor to the frequency of flooding (roofs of single-family homes are the largest type of impervious surface in the watershed). Montgomery County encourages homeowners to capture some of the precipitation that falls on their roofs in order to slow the flow of surface water runoff and erosion and has named Cabin John as a priority Rainscapes Neighborhood in the watershed.

The Friends of Cabin John Creek, in collaboration with the West Bradley Citizens Association, the Cabin John Citizens Association, Cabin John Gardens Cooperative, the Riverhill Homeowners Association, and the Potomac District for Boy Scouts, has received a two-year grant for $42,000 from Montgomery County to help address these issues. The grant project is intended to reduce stormwater runoff in the watershed to improve water quality in Cabin John Creek and contribute to County and state efforts to clean up the Chesapeake Bay. Reducing runoff will also reduce or stop flooding of yards and homes in the watershed.

Key activities of the grant project include:


Grant funding is provided through the Montgomery County Water Quality Protection Fund.