About the Cabin John Citizens Association

The Cabin John Citizens Association is an organization of concerned citizens dedicated to the addressing the concerns of the Cabin John community.

Since 1919, the Cabin John Citizens Association (CJCA) has worked to further the interests of our community and has served as a forum for discussion of problems and concerns. The CJCA’s fundamental goal is to preserve and promote our identity as a community.

CJCA Meetings

The Association meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month (except December, June, July, and August) at 7:30pm at the Clara Barton Community Center, 7425 MacArthur Boulevard. Meetings are open to all.

For further information please contact us.

Issues affecting CJ Residents that CJCA works to address, often in collaboration with partners.

  • Beautification projects (lobbying to plant trees along Macarthur Boulevard and bike path).
  • Pedestrian and traffic safety (lobbying for stop signs, pedestrian crossings, and bike path clearly separated from road by reflective poles).
  • Weight restrictions on Macarthur Blvd to protect integrity of Washington Aqueduct that runs underneath it. (In discussions with Army Corp of Engineer about improving enforcement of weight restrictions).
  • Noise from flights to and from the National Airport, and helicopters along the river. (invite authorities to speak at meetings).
  • Pollution of local water ways (Regular clean ups of CJ Creek and C&O Canal and River co-ordinated with various action groups).
  • Preserving C&O Canal (lobbying National Park service to maintain water flows that local wild life have come to depend on, reducing invasive plants that harm natives).
  • Stench from the vents of the sewerage pipe that runs parallel to C&O Canal from Virginia (lobbying to build adequate odor neutralizers and prevent pooling of sewerage in section near Lock 10).
  • Dialogue with developers who build in Cabin John (communicate neighborly concerns about issues such as tree preservation, drainage, and weight of trucks crossing aqueduct).